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Artifice Page 41

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We have new Fan Art! It’s “Jeff and Deacon fanart” by ~geekypnai. Thanks, ~geekypnai! 🙂

And just when I think I can’t be any more stunned and surprised by your tremendous generosity, we hit a new speed record for donations this week! From $34 on Saturday morning to a full donation bar by Monday evening! Which means that this will be the fourth bonus page in as many weeks! Wow!

Please let me extend a warm, grateful welcome to new supporters Steven H. and Kirsten W. and extra special thanks to long-time supporters Jennifer B., Tanya A., Daniel M., Ariel S. & Danielle C. (donating two times in two weeks!), Brittany H. (donating twice in one week!), Alison T. (donating for the 3rd week in a row!), Sue T. (donating for the fourth time in a row!), Micheal B. (donating for the seventh straight week in a row! Good golly!) and Laura Beth W. (who donated for the 7th time in a row! Rock star!).

Big, big hugs to new friend Erika T. (for their $25 donation!) and also to long-time friends Cotina S. (for their $20 donation!), Larisa V. (for their $25 donation!) and Saxon B. (who donated $25 for the second time in two weeks! Holy cow!). And finally a high-five, leaping cheer and grateful bow to new friend Amber V. who put us over the top at 7:39 PM on Monday with a whopping $30 donation!

You all stun, amaze and humble me. Your donations help us put out pages in a very real way and, just as important, it’s a huge morale boost to know that you all are finding Artifice actually worth donating to, especially in these tough times. Thank you all so, so much!

So…regular update this Saturday! Page 42! 😀

Update 10/21/11 9:36 AM: DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! Good Golly! It’s Friday morning and we’ve already hit the donation target for the bonus page! Holy cow! All righty, then! After the regular update of Page 42 this Saturday, I will be posting up Page 43 as a bonus page on Wednesday, October 26! Thank you all so much for your generosity!

But what happens if we raise another $250 before then? Some very sweet and optimistic readers have actually asked me that, so I’m answering here. For lots of reasons, including maintaining my sanity and ability to respond to comments, I want to space out bonus pages. If ever I was going to post two bonus pages in a week, I’d want to put one on Monday and then the other in the “usual” Wednesday slot.

So, if we ever hit the donation target on a Monday or Tuesday before a “regularly scheduled” Wednesday bonus page, the answer is easy—I’d just announce a bonus page for the following Wednesday, just like I always do. But I do want to respect and honor your enthusiastic support. (Oh, my God, do I want to honor it—you have no idea what kind of a morale booster the past few weeks have been for me and Winona!) So, while I don’t know if I could do this forever, if the donation target is met before the Monday or Tuesday before a “regularly scheduled” Wednesday bonus page, then I would (after recovering from my heart attack) post up a 2nd bonus page the following Monday, making three pages of Artifice for that week.

Clear as mud? Awesome!

Then let me make one other thing clear: I’m not asking anyone to donate to make this happen. Winona and I are super delighted with just having the occasional bonus page on Wednesday. (Really delighted, actually!) But the whole point of these bonus pages is to show our gratitude and to add to the sense of fun for this comic. So right now, having things set up this way seems to make sense to my tiny little brain. But if it bums any of you out, then we’ll just keep it to one bonus page on Wednesdays no matter what. Kay? 😀

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Artifice Page 40

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Please forgive me, but I’m going to act like a fanboy of my own comic for a moment. Or at least of Winona’s part in it. 🙂

A major reason I started the Yaoi 911 project was to make comics I always wanted to see and the art on this page totally hits my fanboy buttons. I think Jeff is absolutely adorable in Panel 2. Great expression, great pose, great anatomy—just beautiful to look at. And Jeff in Panel 4! Those arms! That chest! The tousled hair! (Even that armpit!) And Deacon in Panel 3? His expression cracks me up every time. I think Winona just outdid herself on this page. I’ve been working on this comic for a long time, and when Winona sends me a page like this, it all becomes fresh to me again. I get to be one of you for a moment, experiencing Deacon’s story for the first time. And that is but one of 1000 reasons why I feel so lucky to be able to work with Winona on this comic.


We have new Fan Art from “Artifice: The Look” artist Lance! It’s “Artichibis” and, while I love all the awesome fan art we’ve received to pieces, I will admit this one fills my heart with a special joy. You owe it to yourself to check it out. Thank you so much, Lance!

Special thanks and hugs to long-time supporters Daniela F., Alexandra R., Esperanza V. (donating for the second week in a row!), Alexandra R. & Elyse B. (both donating for the second time in a week!), Christina K. (donating for the third time in two weeks!) and Laura Beth W. (now donating for a jaw-dropping 6th time in a row! WOW!) and a warm, grateful welcome to new supporters Karen H., Gabrielle R., Tristan M., Anna Z., Brittany H. and Erin H. for their generous donations over the last few days! Thank you all so much! 😀

October 17th, 8:40PM: DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! In super record time and thanks to your amazingly generosity, donations have just hit $250, so there will be a bonus page—Page 41!—this Wednesday, October 19th!

(And I’m actually super glad that it’s page 41 that will be the bonus page this week. When a reader first suggested the idea of posting bonus pages when donation targets were hit, it was actually Page 41 that I pictured in my mind as being the bonus page. So you all with your awesomeness are literally making my dreams come true! Thank you! 😀 )

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