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Artifice Page 42

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Huh. Seems Deacon likes Jeff’s hair too… We have new Fan Art from ~ksiazeAikka and she’s made two lovely pieces. The first is a drawing called “Jeff and Deacon cuteness” and the second is an adorable “paperchild” of Jeff. And… I love them (especially the “paperchild”!) Please be sure to check them out! In other… Continue reading Artifice Page 42

Artifice Page 45

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This special Halloween edition of Artifice is dedicated to commenter Alor_Laneau and The Great Pumpkin. And, of course, to all the fantastically awesome donators who made it possible in stunningly record time! ***THIS IS A BONUS PAGE!*** We have new fan art from long-time friend, ~ksiazeAikka. It’s Jeff offering Deacon a lesson in the ways… Continue reading Artifice Page 45

Artifice Page 47

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First contact—there is no starship mission more dangerous… We have Fan Art by Dougathor Destroyer of Worlds, a little mash-up that suggests a hidden danger for those bold enough to experiment with android sex. Thanks, Dougathor Destroyer of Worlds! And we yet again hit the bonus target, so there will be a bonus page—Page 48!—this… Continue reading Artifice Page 47