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  • Jojolightningfingers

    progress, progress…

  • Justin

    My heart goes out for the both of them. It’s too often that two people could very well be in a relationship if it wasn’t for one thing that should or shouldn’t have been left unsaid.

  • Nate

    Good answer! Now. HUG HIM!

  • fujoshifanatic

    Yes, now this is how you talk things out, boys. So glad these two are brave enough to openly navigate the tricky, sometimes dangerous (to the heart, at least) path to boodom. But then I would expect nothing less from these heroic young men!

  • Biippa

    *happy squeals*

    Y A S

    I have full confidence that they can grow from this

  • Fox

    I really like the way this is playing out, Spooky is being open and vulnerable, and honest and Kyle is doing the same, these kinds of discussions need to happen in most relationships. This is how you build a healthy foundation, by getting all of the insecurities and vulnerabilities out in the open and dealing with them.

  • Brad Majors

    I wonder if Kyle would have worn a different shirt if he had known they were going to have such a serious conversation…

    • davefragments

      personally, I like (sink deep into lust and impure thoughts) the contrast of the broad shoulders and strong arms with the rolled up sleeves saying I’m a tough guy offset by a cute, grinning koala bear over his chest

      • fujoshifanatic

        I was thinking the same thing, sort of! Between Spooky’s sad puppy face, Kyle’s puppy shirt, and all the puppy feels going on, it’s a veritable moe angst fest between two strong young men, and that’s hot!

      • Brad Majors

        As a reader, I really like the juxtaposition as well. In panel 6 in particular, the stark contrast in the expressions on Kyle’s face and the face of the puppy on his shirt gave me a much needed chuckle.

      • Klaus
        • davefragments

          Now I see it’s probably a puppy on the t-shirt — both puppies and koalas are cute and adorable (just like Kyle)

  • There may be a long way yet, before they sort out what ever kind of relationship that they will have with each other after this, but talking things out is a large step on the way to something more. I don’t mean sexual relationship alone, thought it may be a large portion of it currently, but how they will be as friends and/or a couple. If they even wind up to be one.

    To me, it’s clear that they have been close friends in many ways, example in supporting each other, and comforting each other, but still.. there is sooo much they haven’t *told* each other. Either out of 1) a kind of fear of judgment, 2) personal issues, or 3) being very private about certain events/emotions. How much of what varies between them, but I’d say for Kyle it’s mostly 1&2, and for Spooky it’s 2&3.

    A lot of untold things between them started coming out that day (a few months back in storyline), starting with Kyle’s hell-date and ending in a near death battle, and more has come out along the way. Also off-page, until the night they met to (finally?) have sex. A night that lead to new sharing of personal information, and opened up for new questions. Questions specially for Spooky, who found himself unexpectedly self-doubting after being triggered by Kyle’s words.

    Despite how much they have shared with each other, done for each other, it is not until very recently that they have begun to really *talk* to each other. Talk on a personal level they didn’t before.
    As sad as this convo is, because of Spooky’s doubt and pain, I’m so happy that he’s initiated this talk. It was needed.

    Even more, if they are going to become more than friends any time after this.

    • Kate G

      I’m really enjoying this conversation too (as much as makes me squirm in my chair.) We live in an age where we get judged more than ever and it’s very hard to conversations about vulnerabilities. Hell, I remember two weeks ago my mom asked, “What’s demisexual?” because I am demisexual and I said, “Google it” not wanting to get into it.

      Making Mom use technology: 1
      Keeping K-Shield 3000 (TM) intact: Priceless

      Yea, I don’t do well with taking down the K-Shield 3000. It’s pretty ugly in there. Full of ugly insecurities, traumas and this really ugly overgrown, hideous hyena that’s locked up in a cage named Ed. (Ed is a long story.) We all like our shields. Taking them down is hard, especially talking about the ugly stuff. Misconceptions about our reputations. Deep-seated traumas that were brought up when you – or one of your friends – might have said something. The really ugly stuff. But, it either breaks your relationship or makes it stronger.

      I have a feeling this conversation will bring these two closer together.

      • NoiseShaper

        Most of the difficult stuff isn’t really ugly as much as it takes a real willingness on the part of the other person to talk about it, mostly because it touches the other person’s personal boundaries as well, and it takes the right situation and the right attitude in the other person.

        Apart from really dark things most regular insecurities aren’t ugly, they’re just places where we feel vulnerable, and not everybody is great at dealing with other people’s vulnerabilities, especially not all the time.

        These guys actually seem better at it than most, all difficulties aside, but whether they’ll be good being together is still yet another question…

        • Kate G

          This is a great point, and it is so difficult!

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    I could actually “feel” Spooky’s words as I read them…..because… one point….after…..Dwayne died…..I felt like I would never find love…..and the look on Kyle’s face didn’t need words…..the message was loud and clear! Great art does that.

  • Kate G

    Is it group hug time yet? I feel the need to hug it out now.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Well, I’ll agree that this is an encouraging development.
    But on a purely personal level I’ll be hanging out to see whether Spooky’s angst has any basis in fact, and if so whether he’s exaggerating things all out of proportion.
    After all, even if he’s ‘being strong’ for the benefit of everybody else, the tagline “I’m Spooky Jones. And I fight monsters.” doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have any of his own, that they shouldn’t be fought, or that he has to do it by himself.

    • I’m sure he has personal ‘monsters’ of his own, and I don’t mean his little collection of demonic animals 😉

      It’s probably a part of why he’s so private about his past and current life. Not being able to remember all his past may also mean he’s more ‘protective’ of what he do remember, even if it’s bad. If that makes sense.

      • Nate

        The phrase “pokeballs of anxiety: just popped into my head after reading this post. And now I’m picturing something like:

        “Self-deprecation! I choose you! Use Sarcasm!”

        (It’s super-effective!)

    • William Clapie

      If he didn’t have “monsters of his own” he would not be a living, breathing character. The “perfect Spooks” makes a great front tho.

  • Shiny Gwilly

    there you go boys! now end with hugs (don’t have to end the convo right now, but hugs are definitely a good thing to do at this point)
    i’m glad they had this talk and so quickly, they both needed it

  • Mary Klemzak

    There! Its all out in the open. Healing can begin! Communication and honesty is so so so important, y’all. It may feel painful and raw, but it needs to be done.

  • Concerto

    Ahw D:

  • William Clapie

    What can he say now? Like many of us that he is a normal thoughtless dweeb that will never truly mature and will often speak without thinking? That of all things in heaven and in hell that the only thing he wants to repair or save is his relationship, love with Spooks?

    • NoiseShaper

      Everybody can screw up every once in a while, and telling Spooky effectively just back what Spooky had always presenting himself as isn’t really the worst thing, even if it may hurt him even so.

      In a way Spooky hurt himself with that shield he had put up.

      They both know the other wouldn’t want to hurt them, so just honestly talking about it should help.

      • William Clapie

        Hum. Admitted. In part. My persona has gotten my ass bit too. “Your so negative”. Nope, just tired of hurting and could use some folk to trust. I can count the ones I know on one hand. Haven’t run out of ringers yet. I am 57. I also stand by my statement. At just turned 18 and with his background of abandonment and guilt, Kyle is not gonna think of others feelings too much till he matures much more. This is a great step one.

        • William Clapie

          Nutz. I let real life get in the comics with me. Alex is doing something well isn’t he?

        • NoiseShaper

          Kyle does very clearly think of Spooky’s feelings; He was just apparently wrong about what those were.

  • William Clapie

    I love it! Signed By Alex as a proxy for Spooks!

  • David Welbourn

    I think this is my favourite page by Tana so far. I get the feeling that Kyle’s face is a bit tricky to get right sometimes, but that’s definitely Kyle I’m seeing on this page. Good job.

  • Chris Dangerfield

    The most important action in the pursuit of love and emotional happiness and healing is being strong enough to say “IT” out loud.

    To let your emotional self be known. Taking the chance on what your Kyle might say in response. One never knows when you open the castle gates if it’s a Duncan waiting outside them or a Spooky. Emotional communication is NEVER easy, but it’s the only road to possible happiness.

    I am so loving the writing and the art in this story. Thank you so much.

    • Fox

      I agree 100%. Thank you for saying this.

    • Klaus

      When looking at something like this from he outside, you may think: “How can this be so hard?” But it is. It is.

  • Adam Black

    Spooky seems clueless about the power of his own words!

    Kyle has massive guilt and shame attached to sex and spooky was supposed to help kyle let this go.

    Instead hes doing the exact opposite.

    Kyle needs to set this ship on fire and give it the Hell Viking Funeral.

    WHAT IF? This isnt Spooky. What if this is some villain or demon Impersonating Spooky?

    • Fox

      Kyle is not the only person allowed to have issues. He was treated badly and used and that sucks, that doesn’t mean Spooky can’t have his own hangups. Are you forgetting that Spooky spent a year in hell being abused and tortured in every way including sexually? That Spooky was lead to believe things about sex and love through that abuse that he is obviously still healing from? Spooky isn’t trying to shame Kyle, he’s telling him that his words hurt him and how they came across, thus explaining why they hurt him. I mean seriously, why does Kyle get a pass for having issues and Spooky, whose trauma was long term and violent, gets no sympathy at all? What is this determination to peg Spooky as a bad guy?

  • Dennis Grace

    This seems WAY out of character for Spooky. Clearly, he misunderstood Kyle’s intent. He needs to accept Kyle’s apology, apologize himself for making a mountain out of this itty-bitty ant mound, share a big hug, and move on.

    • You never know what words/sentense that can hit the inner demons (no pun intended) that another person has. What can seem small to one can hit a huge trigger in another. Spooky had one of his best friend imply and say something that hit his self-impression hard.

    • Fox

      Everyone’s feelings are valid, what seems like a big deal to one will seem small to another and vice versa. You can’t compare pain or say that what someone feels is small, which implies it’s wrong to feel that way, not if you want to have a healthy relationship. So, I highly disagree with this idea.

  • Klaus

    This raises the question: will Kyle’s puppy shirt be available from the web store?

    • Evan

      Its a puppy? I could swear was a bear xD

      • Klaus

        The script calls it a puppy.

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        • Try and read my replies tl NoiseShaper just below in this thread. I think it can explain your issue too with the email address.

  • Jason Moon

    Open mouth, insert foot. (Sigh, there are probably webpages for that these days)

  • D. G.

    I think it’s good Spooky is talking to Kyle about this now. It will determine what happens next between them.

  • Foye

    yeah you better be sorry kyle

  • John

    Go Kyle! With the feelings! And… stuff.

    Yeah, I suck at this sort of thing too. That’s why I’m blunt and brutally honest. At least other people know how I feel, and believe when I say ‘I have not a clue what to say to make this right. I really wish I did.’

  • bronakopdin

    I didn’t think Spooky would fall into anxiety that hard from only that comment, I feel bad for him actually but totally didn’t expect it… his facade works too damn well gosh O____Ô

  • T Dibbler

    Yay, conversation about important emotional and relationship things! I find that SO hard to do myself, but I love seeing it in stories, because it’s so important.

  • Snorlaxation

    being able to converse is one of the cornerstones of a good relationship.

  • Derkins

    Honesty hurts. But oh the intimacy of it.

  • fujoshifanatic

    My mind kept wandering from my homework, so I went ahead and updated the TV tropes page for TYP:

  • davefragments

    Hello Campers,
    Today was magnificent! One Tesla heading to the sun playing:
    And that says it all.

    • NoiseShaper

      That was done in style, indeed!

      • davefragments

        I knew the boosters could land but I’d never saw it land and those two boosters landed together. Biggest rocket ever launched.

        • NoiseShaper

          No, just the biggest currently being used!

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      The mention of “Major Tom” took me back to a 45 RPM record I had years ago……Major Tom (Coming Home)……by Peter Schilling……ahh the memories!

      • davefragments

        I watched every space shuttle launch that I could and I’m happy that someone is starting to build rockets capable of heavy lifts and taking men into deep space.
        “We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard;”

      • fujoshifanatic

        Oooh, that was my jam! Earth below us/Drifting, falling/Floating weightless/Coming, coming hoooome!

        Damn, that was a minute ago, wasn’t it?

        • NoiseShaper

          Indeed; Some nice stuff going on back then!

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Camping out tonight…..hoping the new page doesn’t take me to places I don’t wanna go!

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    thank you

  • I am setting up reminders so I hopefully don’t miss the Olympic Figure Skating times.

    • davefragments

      Thursday’s skating had more falls than I expected.

      But the opening ceremony has the half-naked Tongan repeating his flag waving. Cheap thrills in oil {wink, wink}

      • Yeah, I think it might be partially due to them competing in the morning instead of the evening. The skate from Uno was amazing as well as the ones that placed in the top four for Pairs. I was so happy that the Japan Pair skated to Yuri on Ice. ^_^

        • davefragments

          The time difference is a real beast. Some of my coworkers had to regularly visit Japan and Korea and they hated and complained about it.

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