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The Young Protectors: Legendary Chapter Two—Page 7

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So! Spooky has just put himself out there for Kyle, and gosh does it look like he needs a hug right now. How will Kyle respond to what Spooky just said? Will Kyle give him that hug? And will these two buddies ever be able to have fun together again?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

  • Brad Majors

    I wanna hug Spooky the way Spooky’s hugging that cushion. And what do you mean “Why?”, Kyle?!

    • Brad Majors

      After frantically trying to be the first comment, I casually researched the difference between a cushion and a throw pillow to make sure that the implication wasn’t that I wanted to hug Spooky with my butt. I think I’m in the clear (^.^)’

      • davefragments

        You got the first comment…

        And whatever that is — a cushion or a throw pillow — Spooky’s crushing the living daylights out of it to shield himself from hurt. It will never be the same!


  • Mary Klemzak

    I wanna gig both of them! Spooky, for putting it out there. And Kyle? Well, I don’t know.. Just because..

  • davefragments

    This makes me sad. Spooky wants more than a fun frolic and Kyle thought they were just testing out his fire hazard. Talk about miscommunication…

    • Klaus

      What did Spooky want? Did he even know?

      • davefragments

        Possibly not. When it comes to “affairs of the heart” in those young years, how many really know what they want?

      • Adam Black

        I think spooky wants whatver hes told he doesnt currently have.

    • Adam Black

      But They could have more… But Guilttripping Kyle when he did nothing wrong is the wrong way to say I like you

      • davefragments

        I don’t think either Kyle or Spooky is in any way emotionally secure… Both of them are seething masses of emotional insecurity. Neither of the pair had a “normal” childhood even for someone with “superhero” powers. Let alone a lousy dating childhood and emotional up-bringing. I didn’t have a clue until I was in my thirties so I’m willing to just follow along and see how badly they screw this up and how much fun it will be if they sort themselves out in the end.

        • Adam Black

          But a person making their own “seething mass of insecurity” the other persons problem, is wrong.

          Its a good way to destroy a relationship or the possibility of one.

          Spooky is being insecure, but then trying to pretend that his insecurity is caused by Kyle. ( and is Kyles )

          • davefragments

            Two somewhat immature young adults who are both raging vortexes of emotional insecurity suddenly crash together in a mutual self-pity, teen angst, and soul-baring sex…
            Kind of like the Moon Shot (pardon my age) or Higgs Boson (pardon my nerd) of relationship disasters.

          • Geekinator27

            That sounds like the plot of many movies, books, and prime time tv series.

          • davefragments

            Now that you point it out, yeah it could very well be a good plot to a story or movie

  • Laur Annie

    WILL Spooky get that hug?!?!?

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Last panel: Spooky needs hugs.

  • And there it is. The answer many hoped for 🙂
    Now the next page can’t come soon enough (luckily it’s only the 3-day wait and not 4), because I want to see how Kyle responds to this; after ‘everyone’ including himself has set this up, to *not* expect this feeling from Spooky.

    Kyle can screw this up royally right now (royally even fits, as a prince of hell).

    Aaand, I wasn’t even supposed to be here. I was going to show up later today, because I have an apointment in a few hours. Guess my inner reader wanted none of that and wanted to see this page on time-time (I was so wanting for this answer). I also woke up at my normal camp time an hour ago, so I can take a hint to myself *lol*
    Oki, maybe now I can go back to sleep a couple hours more now xD

  • Jojolightningfingers

    oh no where did spooky get that pillow. why is my heart breaking.
    i’m on tenterhooks rn.

    • Terry

      As truly awesome as it would be if he just spontaneously conjured a pillow for comfort, it came from beside him. It was leaning against the armrest. You can see the difference between panel 3 and 6. The armrest is a lot more solid in the last panel.

      • Jojolightningfingers

        yeah i’m well aware, it was a little funny that he didn’t seem to be making a move for it in any previous panel. It looked like it just sort of appeared in his arms.

  • Madock345

    Spooky feels so much younger here, the vulnerability is really getting to me


  • Klaus

    Just how oblivious can you be?

  • Shiny Gwilly

    but there it is, Spooky is finally truly putting it out there, that he just might not want this to be a fling between bros, and THAT’S why what Kyle said hurt him so much
    i hope Kyle takes a moment to think over his actual answer at this point, they’re kinda both cornered now; Spooky in the sense he’s talking more/about his feelings and Kyle in the sense that he just wants to say whatever will make Spooky happy, but Spooky isn’t having it
    this is overall an uncomfortable conversation for them both, for the same and different reasons, but it did need to happen
    ….someone hug Spooky dkfjgd

    • Nate

      If Kyle doesn’t do it, I will. 🙂

  • Klaus

    This reminds me of panels two to four of this page:

  • TwilightDreamer

    aawww…..Spooky 🙁

  • Roxie Contyn

    Sorry for the naive question but will Chapter 1 ever be updated with the NSFW panels, or will those remain for Patrons only?

    • Klaus

      It will not be updated here. They will be in the printed version.

    • As Klaus said, but a bit more specified:
      The NSFW pages will only be available on Patreon. Once the Legendary arc is all done, it will later be sold as a full printed/ebook comic. That will be with the NSFW version, so people not on Patreon can purchase that to see the uncensored pages.

      • Stephen Hutchison

        Incidentally, I believe this was a very bad business decision. If you’re going to be offering a “safe for work only” comic, then put the not safe for work stuff in a different place, especially if you’re accepting money via patreon to make both versions but charging more for the porn. What you end up with is a vastly uglier and less approachable comic for those who don’t pay for the nsfw parts.

        It did contribute to people withdrawing or reducing support, and the unavailability of a not-blatantly-censored version means that if someone underage would be inspired by this comic and the characters, they wouldn’t be able to buy, read, or sometimes understand what’s behind the black panels that fill 1/4 to 3/4 of certain pages. Hopefully that’s a learning experience and it won’t be repeated, and I’m confident that Alex can script upcoming comics to minimize the pay-to-play aspects of the story.
        (For instance, concentrating the “blue” content on one or two pages that get released for fee on Patreon but don’t interrupt the dramatic flow and character development too obviously from the “yellow” content.)

        • Maybe because I’m ESL, I don’t fully get what you try to say in your argument, but I will try to answer as best as I can anyway.

          1) Alex didn’t lose money on this on Patreon. In fact the pledges and amount pledged went up (maybe they will fall some when NSFW is over, but many continue to pledge as always, and some who signed up recently will continue to do so – even if some new/old patrons may lower their pledges a little it will stay highervthan before). Alex has gone from not breaking even, and spending this own savings on the comic, to putting a little back in savings.
          Only time Alex lost a larger amount of followers, it was Patreon’s fault, not Alex’s, when they talked about changing the payment options. It didn’t went through, but damage done. People who DO pay to see the pages get extras (NSFW). Those who don’t get the free SFW page. The paying readers make sure free readers even get a page to read.
          The point of the NSFW option for pay, is exactly to give Patrons more content than free readers here, on several pages, while giving the option to see the other version for free and..

          2) The NSFW option wouldn’t even be there if it wasn’t posted on Patreon, because Alex won’t show full-front nudity to minors. They’re not supposed to be seeing it, but I’m sure that most readers have a good idea what goes on behind the panels. All text is there. If Alex pulled out all those pages from the comic, most of chapter 1 wouldn’t be here.

          3) Alex isn’t accepting money on Patreon to make both versions. He makes money to make the Patreon version, he’s just nice enough to post the censored version here, to make sure free readers also has a chance to even follow this arc.

          • Stephen Hutchison

            You know what? I can’t answer this without wasting immense amounts of space on an argument that won’t make sense to you because your starting place is deep in mistaken-land. I’m giving up on commenting here.

  • Nate

    I’m pretty sure Kyle wasn’t expecting that. I don’t think he realizes just how serious Spooks is right now. In a way, the tables have turned… now Spooky is the vulnerable one, clutching that pillow and making me feel all protective.

    (Mad props to Tana for her body language here, especially that last panel. Excellent work!)

    Now, as long as Kyle doesn’t screw this up, we might just get a kiss out of this. Unless those dratted ninja robots turn up. 😀

  • wohdin


  • Yay, he said it. Now, does Kyle feel the same way? Would he be able to trust Spooky not to break his heart…

  • fujoshifanatic

    About. Freaking. Time! Now hug it out boys…then smooch it out…then…;-P

  • Earl Patterson

    Spooky and Kyle!! AWWWW!!! So sweet!

  • Laranaa

    Oooh! Spooky realized he likes Kyle…REALLY likes him, as more than a buddy who occasionally has sex with him.

  • unknownlight927

    There are so many ways this storyline could go and it is NERVE WRACKING!! Will Spooky and Kyle become an actual couple, or will Kyle decide he does not want to go farther then “friends with benefits” and let Spooky down. Whatever happens the two will still be friends, but lets face it, nothing will ever be the same. Only time will tell…. 🙂 🙂

  • All the hugs and cuddles for Spooky.

  • Jason Moon

    This is kind of a bit much to throw on Kyle, especially since he recently came out and his first relationship was a complete disaster. I’m not unsympathetic, but give him a chance to BREATHE Spooky!

    • Stephen Hutchison

      Nope. Kyle stabbed him in the heart with those words, and he needs to at least acknowledge that he was wrong and they could be something more. Even if that doesn’t happen right now.

      • Adam Black

        No Kyle didnt.
        Spooky knows damn well he has Kyle any time he wants and Kyles is basically wrapped around his finger.

        Spooky knows kyle was just distancing himself so they can be FB, like Spooky wanted.

        Kyle already apologized ( even though he did nothing wrong ) .

        Spooky knows Kyle loves him. Unless Kyles Love is meaningless to Spooky his heart wasnt stabbed.

        Spookys ego was bruised because Kyle was treating him as FB (until Spooky said otherwise. )

        Nows he demanding Kyle feed his ego, when Spooky cant even say if he would be interested in being BF ( with anyone ).

        I already miss Duncan.

        • NoiseShaper

          No, I don’t see this being about Spooky’s ego at all.

          It is just difficult to climb down from an emotional defense posture of Spooky’s kind.

          When he came back from hell as a kid he was pretty bruised and battered, and apparently not just physically.

          It must have been tough enough to become a mostly normal, sociable human being after all that horror, and putting himself into an emotionally vulnerable position by engaging in a close relationship can’t have come easy to him (see his previous not-quite-functional relationship with Amanda).

          So this may be his most serious attempt at it yet, and it takes its toll.

          Duncan as an exploitative manipulator in a lopsided pairing was less painful to watch in some ways, but then there was relatively little actual emotion involved. But wouldn’t it be more than just a little bit sadistic to which that back on Kyle…?

          • Adam Black

            If its not about Spookys ego being bruised by a slight,
            why did Spooky just reject all the praise and admiration Kyle offered him in the last page?

            That’s spooky disrespecting Kyles admiration, because its not perfect.

            The problem with your analysis is that it fits almost everyone all the time. We are all works in progress. Its not unique to spooky. it was even more true of Duncan.

            You arent wrong, it just doesnt justify this.

          • NoiseShaper

            If its not about Spookys ego being bruised by a slight,

            why did Spooky just reject all the praise and admiration Kyle offered him in the last page?

            That’s spooky disrespecting Kyles admiration, because its not perfect.

            Not at all. When you really want to have an emotional bond to somebody else it will hurt like hell to hear them telling you how “great” they think it is that you’re “totally above” such emotions.

            And it seems Spooky discovered how he really felt only when Kyle did in fact say it like that. He didn’t expect it to hurt (at least not as much), but it actually did, so it seems Spooky re-examined his real feelings more thoroughly that he had thought he wanted to, and now he’s trying to deal with what he found.

            The thing is that Kyle at least on the surface accepted Spooky’s projected image as a fallback because he thought it could never be more than that even though he would have wanted it to be and Kyle was still hurting about it, too.

            The problem with your analysis is that it fits almost everyone all the time. We are all works in progress. Its not unique to spooky. it was even more true of Duncan.

            You arent wrong, it just doesnt justify this.

            It’s not about justification, it is about each one’s actual emotional situation, and that applies even to Duncan with his own issues.

            There are no guarantees for a successful relationship at all. Maybe they can just help each other to grow as adults by taking each others’ feelings seriously and seeing if something can follow on from that, or not.

          • Adam Black

            “you’re “totally above” such emotions.
            But thats isnt what Kyle said. Spooky reinterpreted Kyles honesty ( in not knowing is Spooky could or was interested ) in a personal commitment, to being above love.

            Thats exactly the disrespect I meant.

            Spooky has already admitted knowing better.
            Then Spooky guilttripped Kyle into Lying. In context thats all kinds of wrong.

            “And it seems Spooky discovered how he really felt only when Kyle did in fact say it like that.”
            I agree, which is why his reaction is so shitty. Hes literally demanding Kyle know Spooky better than Spooky knows himself.

            Thats really manipulative as hell.

            “He didn’t expect it to hurt (at least not as much), but it actually did”
            Fine so far. That means what Kyle said wasnt wrong because Kyle had the same expectations.

            “so it seems Spooky re-examined his real feelings more thoroughly”
            and Immediately Guilt tripped Kyle becuase he wants more and is afraid to admit it.

            Spookys feelings arent wrong. How he is reacting to them, hiding them , blaming and shaming and guilting Kyle is.

            he had thought he wanted to, and now he’s trying to deal with what he
            Sure But its the way hes dealing with them is the problem. If this is how he reacts everytime he is vulnerable and has a genuine negative emotion, this ship ought to die.

            Kyles has been through enough and needs a good grounding. I thought Spooky could be that person, but apparently hes immature in ways I hadnt even imagined.
            I thought his EQ was much higher.

          • NoiseShaper

            I’m really a little disturbed how strongly you’re projecting a malice and manipulative intent onto Spooky for which the actual story pages have never provided even the slightest hint.

            I know that stuff like that does happen in real life, but even there there are indications – tells – for such attitudes which you can generally pick up when you’re paying attention.

            And in a story the author will take care to expose such hints if they’re warranted. But here? Nothing.

            Spooky is shown in the actual story as a guarded but sincere and well-intentioned person who does not have an overly developed ego beyond a bit of (mostly self-ironic) bragging on the same level as the others in the group.

            And from his side story we know that he’s literally been through hell as a kid which certainly has left its marks.

            And this page and the preceding ones also hasn’t shown the slightest hint of anything but a sincere insecurity about his own developing feelings which by his own admission he hadn’t expected to be there before they got intimate.

            Talking about one’s inner feelings is tough and awkward for most people in general, for young men even more so and for someone with a horrific childhood most of all.

            Their interactions on these pages are quite plausible and realistic without any ill intent or negativity, and there is no hint of any of that on the pages.

        • Jason Moon

          Actually I think Kyle DID make a mistake BECAUSE HE HAS NO IDEA WHAT HE’S DOING. So, yeah, he said the stupid thing to say. I think Kyle panicked because he’s afraid of a repeat like Duncan. The first relationship he had after just coming out was a disaster. THAT IS MASSIVE. In response to Kyle’s painful words Spooky asked for a firm commitment THAT KYLE IS NOWHERE NEAR READY FOR and I think Kyle’s going to drop the ball. MY CAPS LOCK KEY AGREES. 🙂

          • Adam Black

            Spooky didnt ask for a commitment! Read it over. Kyle asked Spooky if that was what he was interested in and he said he didnt know.

            Spooky already dropped the ball By guilt tripping Kyle when Kyle did nothing wrong. This was supposed to be a Hookup so Kyle could practice fire control. Spooky suddenly might want more and is guilting Kyle.

            Kyle seems far more ready here than Spooky does.

          • Geekinator27

            To be completely honest, I have gone back and re-read each of your comments here to put the new ones I see into context, and I’m quite baffled. The reasoning seems to keep shifting just enough that the disagreement doesn’t seem to stay on a singular topic, making it challenging for me to feel like I understand enough to respond in a way that addresses your perspective appropriately.

            Yes, it is true that the first sexual encounter between Spooky and Kyle was mutually agreed upon to be a test of Kyle’s fire control during partner sex. I’m with you there. Where I’m losing you is the transition from that completed and successful experiment to Spooks being manipulative about possibly wanting more than a casual sex partner. It’s perfectly normal for someone to go into a casual sex encounter thinking it will be just that, come out of it not so sure about wanting to continue the relationship that way, and make an effort to renegotiate the terms of the relationship. Spooky began to make small inquiries to that effect during that post-orgasm period, and got an earful.

            If Kyle simply wanted to keep things casual, he could have said just that. But he didn’t. He made statements about what he felt *Spooky’s* general relationship preferences are, not his own feelings about whether or not he wants to date Spooky specifically. Kyle can voice concerns and uncertainty about what Spooky’s relationship preferences are, certainly, and that’s not what he did at the end of Legendary Ch 1. He didn’t phrase anything in his monologue as personal concerns, nor did he invite Spooky to state his own position in that exchange, and so negotiation slid off the table until the present moment in the comic.

            The conversation going on here I think has multiple layers, one of which may be Spooky calling out Kyle’s overstep in speaking for Spooky rather than himself. Doing so may mean appearing to “reject Kyle’s praise and admiration,” and “frame things as ‘Spooky can’t love’” as you said in other comments, because Spooky needs to repeat Kyle’s words back to him so he can hear how they sound, and make it clear that praise and admiration doesn’t cut it when Spooks needs Kyle to understand that what he said to him after they had sex was problematic. There isn’t a crystal clear delineation between this possible layer and others in the dialogue, I will grant that. But I *do* think they are separate enough that it is reasonable to believe that Spooky is not being manipulative here.

        • Klaus

          “Spooky knows damn well he has Kyle any time he wants and Kyles is basically wrapped around his finger.” Why do you say that? All we have is Laampros’ statement that Kyle lusts for Spooky. Lust can be satisfied with nothing more than sex. For all we know, he may lust as much for Paul. And Spooky did not hear that statement.

    • Adam Black

      I am unsympathetic.

      Spooky had sex with a friend who has in love with him,

      Then the moment Spooky feels insecure he makes it Kyles Problem,

      then Gets crazy needy and manipulative.

      i thought this was for Kyle.

      Sppoky cant even admit whether hes even slightly interested in a regular dating commitment But is demanding Kyle tell him hes capable of it.

      The Honest answer is NO, per the definition of a commitment.

      If he wants to change thats on him. Its up to Him to convince Kyle this can happen. Its on Kyle.

  • Snorlaxation

    And now I’m all caught up. I had a feeling those words would come back to haunt these two, but I’m glad that Spooky is legit taking them into consideration.

    • NoiseShaper

      We’ve always known that he was dealing with his own issues below that cheery surface, and still no better time than now to get to those.

      • Adam Black

        I really wanted a counterpoint to the Duncan arc.

        • NoiseShaper

          It is: It’s about real feelings this time, and as far as we can see without any intent to manipulate anyone.

          That is pretty much as opposite to Duncan’s arc as it gets.

  • KatKaleen

    I’m melting, I’m meltiiiiiiing!

  • can someone resist to these puppy eyes? I can’t!!

    • Adam Black


  • just kiss him already

    • friendlymosquito

      They’ve done kissing, kissing will not help at this point until they establish an official romance.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    This is what I’ve been waiting for…….and I totally space out on camping last night!

  • lordavon

    All I can say is…YES

  • Jake McCoy

    The fact that Spooky started to hold a pillow is adorable.

  • Adam Black

    Just, wow.

    This is so, … sleazy and emotionally manipulative.

    Spooky, I expected Better.

    Kyle, end this. Now.

    • PFG9000

      I think Spooky does deserve answers considering the statement Kyle made previously. I dont think Spooky is being manipulative at all, just hurt and insecure. I think given how Spooky has been so physically close to Kyle in the past and given the epic kiss off life thing at the end of the fight that its clear Spooky has some pretty intense feelings for Kyle… Then Kyle pretty much tells Spooky that he is too much of a hero for a committed relationship. Maybe after their tryst Spooky realized his feelings for Kyle were more than just friends, then Kyle kinda slapped him in the face witn his view of Spooky’s ability to have a relationship. It was a shitty thing for Kyle to tell Spooky…. And I am starting to side with Paul, maybe this thing wasn’t a good idea.

      • Adam Black

        No, he doesnt deserve those answers from Kyle because thats a sleazy and emotionally manipulative thing to say. ( especially after a single hookup not meant to be more ) The only person who can answer those questions for spooky is Spooky, Himself.

        And if Spooky isnt honestly interested in that , as Kyle just asked him, then he doesnt even deserve those answers from himself.

        Kyle didnt slap him in the face.
        Spooky gave him an unfair guilt trip because hes ego was bruised that Kyle distanced himself emotionally for a hookup.

        Spooky has framed this an a really shitty way basically

        “If you dont think Im perfect at love in every single way, even though I know you love me — even ordinary committments Ive cant even admit ever wanting, or doing, then you think im worthless trash”

        Thats a crazy framing worthy of a predator or emotional abuser, Not a best friend.

        • NoiseShaper

          I can’t be entirely certain, but I’m pretty sure that you’re projecting intentions onto Spooky that aren’t really there.

          • Adam Black

            I’m judging his words , and his actions;
            And the overall scenario and what saying that means in this context IRL.
            ( what would Savage Love say ? )

            As for whats “really there” ….Its a comic , its fiction.

          • Klaus

            What should he have said, in your opinion?

          • NoiseShaper

            I’m judging his words , and his actions and the scenario and what saying that means in this context IRL.

            No, you’re inventing a scenario from scratch that is completely inconsistent with any attitude or behaviour Spooky has actually ever shown in the story on the pages.

            As for whats “really there” ….Its a comic , its fiction.

            “Really there” is what we can actually see on the published pages, and that doesn’t fit at all. If Spooky had those attitudes you’re claiming here, he’d either have to have shown evidence of them before or he’d have to be a total sociopath who had completely camouflaged his real feelings. And neither of these theories seems very likely in relation to the way Alex has been conducting his stories so far.

            The much easier and much more plausible interpretation which is very much consistent with the actual pages is that Spooky is in fact feeling more vulnerable than he had expected and he’s really trying to work out how to make sense of it.

    • Kate G

      I don’t think Spooky is being manipulative at all. I think he is being honest and raw for once. What I’ve noticed with Spooky is that his facade is being more laid-back compared to the more intense members like Tsunami or Paul. But really, he feels more than any of them because he’s been to Hell and he tends to err more empathetic, so he puts up a wall of cool to try to sever his feelings in a way.

      Here he is being completely bare and honest which we probably haven’t seen since Truth or Dare, just in a different way. He’s exposing himself to rejection by saying, “I want to be more, but I don’t know about you.” Kyle never said his own feelings; he just assumed Spooky’s by the outer facade he puts up for the world and that’s pretty hurtful.

      • Adam Black

        We know from Cannon that Kyle loves spooky.
        which turns your argument on its head.( IT was the climax of ETE. )

        Spooky isnt being empathetic. Hes priortizing his hurt feelings over an accidental slight, over Kyles.

        He isnt being honest. Hes holding to kyle to an impossible double standard, and he knows it. He is being dishonest with himself.

        But he isnt exposing himself to rejection.

        He is exposing his ego not his heart.

        Things got a little real for spooky, and he suddenly thinks its ok to toy with Kyles feelings post hoookup. Its Not.

        Its fine for spooky to share his feelings and ask for more, but not in a creepy, manipulative way that takes advantage of Kyles History. Spooky is disrespecting what they shared and why ( Kyles trauma, helping be ok with sex ) . Then demanding more from Kyle without offering himself.

        Yes spooky went to hell, ( and so did Kyle ) .

        does that mean he can be needy manipulative douche to all of his many lovers after hooking up ? I think the time limit on that may have expired. or can only be invoked on non hookups.

        • Geekinator27

          What we know as readers is not the same as what each character knows in the story world. From my reading of ETE, and the early pages of Legendary Ch 1, Spooks doesn’t know that Kyle has a crush on him. It seems like, after he pulled in all the souls of the victims in order to save them, he was unaware of what was happening around him until Kyle revived him.

          I agree that Spooks isn’t being super direct about his feelings here. It’s possible that Spooky himself feels mixed up inside, and that is why he isn’t being as clear as he could be. But in Legendary Ch 1, it is established that Kyle has had a history of dodging the dating question when Spooky asks. Spooky tried to indicate near the top of Ch 1 that Kyle has this pegged a little too shallow – yes, it was about helping Kyle feel comfortable that he won’t harm anyone during sex, and it was also more than that. Kyle was surprised by the news, but never really seemed to believe it was true. And that is what Spooks wants to know here. Will Kyle never believe that Spooky is capable of and wants a substantial love with Kyle? I don’t think Spooky is demanding too much by wanting to know the answer to that.

          • Adam Black

            “it is established that Kyle has had a history of dodging the dating question when Spooky asks.”
            I dont remember this.

            But Kyle has asked him point blank two times in two pages, and Spooky both times says he doesnt know and or deflects …to whether Kyle already knows whats spooky wants.

            look, Kyle asks him point blank and he deflects and makes that Kyles problem.

            Spooky is literally treating Kyle like hes a mindreader. Thats Fine with Amanda because she IS ONE but is manipulative, otherwise

          • Klaus

            Granted, Spooky is basically asking Kyle: “Is the face I have shown the world just a mask?” It is illogical to belive Kyle will know, but I don’t see that it is manipulative.

          • Adam Black

            Hes demanding Kyle know spooky better than spooky knows himself, or hes claiming thats an unacceptable insult.

            Either Kyle reads his mind, Lies or is hurting spooky.
            thats classic manipulation.

          • John Lemon

            So, I think you might be missing something really obvious here. Spooky isn’t asking “is [the face I present to the public/as a hero] just a mask,” he is REALLY blatantly signalling “[that] is a mask” and asking Kyle “do you really think that [that] is the real me.”

          • Klaus

            I really think it is a bit of both. Spooky is in doubt himself, and seeks confirmation from Kyle.

          • davefragments

            Well maybe with that “bring him back alive” episode with all the souls at the unbreakable cube, Kyle really did read Spooky’s mind…
            Or gain some slight insight.

          • Adam Black

            Well that woudl be an interesting turn of events.
            I forgot Laampros could read minds.

            If spookys whining here unlocks new abilities in Kyle it would be worth it .

          • Adam Black

            “Will Kyle never believe that Spooky is capable of and wants a substantial love with Kyle?”

            YESS!! And that is manipulative as Hell and wrong to do.
            Its morally wrong.
            They had one hookup , Spooky cant even admit he wants to date Kyle , and hes playing “paradise by the dashboard light on him” mind games.

            How could Kyle possible know this? No one could. Its unfair to ask predating.

        • NoiseShaper

          Spooky isnt being empathetic. Hes priortizing his hurt feelings over an accidental slight, over Kyles.

          He isnt being honest. Hes holding to kyle to an impossible double standard, and he knows it. He is being dishonest with himself.

          But he isnt exposing himself to rejection.

          He is exposing his ego not his heart.

          Things got a little real for spooky, and he suddenly thinks its ok to toy with Kyles feelings post hoookup. Its Not.

          I don’t see the slightest evidence for any of that in the actual story and that seems completely inconsistent with anything we’ve actually seen from Spooky.

          Are you sure you’re not bringing it with you here?

        • Kate G

          I gave this response some time to set in because I really didn’t want to react brashly because I tend to do that when I’m really quite ill (which I am. I’m still trying to conquer a sinus infection) and felt a bit hurt. I also honestly wanted to see other people whom I have talked with over the years would respond, because I know they might – and I wasn’t wrong; I do this because, due to Autism, I don’t always recognize other people’s feelings because I’m too busy feeling my own feelings that I don’t always know the names for. That’s why comics are awesome for me; I get to learn names for feelings that I have felt and can’t explain. It’s a bit like Inside Out on paper (or computer) for me (incidentally, Inside Out is one of my favorite movies because BIG FEELINGS I can figure out to put words to using Disney.)

          I’m not going to respond to your comment about my comment, as I think everyone below me (NoiseShaper, Geekinator27, Klaus and davefragments) have made wonderful observations and commentary. I don’t think I can add anymore to their comments. Instead, what I would to comment on is how I felt disrespected. You and I have had so many wonderful, respectful conversations and even some where we have had differing opinions but have held the same tone of respect toward one another. I felt my opinion was not valued or taken into consideration. That is why I felt hurt and waited. We have wonderful conversations and I wish this one could have been wonderful and respectful as well.

    • Klaus

      I find this very surprising. I don’t see it like that at all. Spooky is very insecure. He is not used to that at all, and doesn’t know how to handle it.

    • fujoshifanatic

      I’m not really sure which web comic you are reading, since I didn’t see anything in this storyline that would engender the reaction you have posted here. Even in your explanations below, you are citing actions, feelings, and motivations that are NOT in evidence from Spooky anywhere in this story, and especially not in his background revealed in the extras or on Patreon. I would be inclined to believe that maybe you are seeing things that are not there based on things outside this comic, or maybe you are trying to spark some lively debate? If so, can you go to specific pages and show us where you see this how Spooky’s true feelings about Kyle were know before they “hooked up,” and point to him being anything other than an earnest, slightly confused kid trying to sort things out with someone he loves in ways he is discovering are very deep indeed.

  • bronakopdin

    I don’t know…. somehow I don’t like the way this is going… or rather how I still wonder what Spooky expects from Kyle, as I said last page he should sort this out by himself first and maybe then just confess if he figured he really wants more from Kyle… but to make this depend on Kyle solely while he himself is this insecure still… I somewhat don’t like that ;___;
    then again He’s probably somewhat of a “beginner” when it comes to real love… for now we can just watch and hope for the best I guess

    • Adam Black

      Gotta agree 100%.

    • Geekinator27

      It’s definitely difficult to tell how Spooky feels exactly, and I don’t think it is out of the question to think that Spooky is trying to protect his own feelings from further hurt here. I think Spooky has made several attempts to be honest about wanting a labeled romance with Kyle, and each time Kyle has avoided the possibility that this is the message that Spooky is honestly communicating. It’s fair that something about the relationship depends on Kyle’s answer – if he truly thinks Spooky can’t love, then Spooks needs to know that so he can manage his own wants and feelings, and decide if he wants to continue with having a sexual dimension to this relationship.

      • Adam Black

        ( I agree with your first statements …. )

        Kyle doesnt “if he truly thinks Spooky can’t love,” thats just some bullshit Spooky made up to blame Kyle. Its Ugly too.

        “I think Spooky has made several attempts to be honest about wanting a
        labeled romance with Kyle”
        an exclusive One?

        They can have a romance. Spooky wants Kyle to feel committed when he hasnt. Thats manipulative.

        “and each time Kyle has avoided the
        possibility that this is the message”
        Kyle is in love with Spooky and is Not making his feelings Sppokys fault. Spooky is doing the reverse.

        “that Spooky is honestly
        ‘I like you and want to date you for real.’ Thats not hard to say. Especially when you know how the other person feels.

        “It’s fair that something about the relationship depends
        on Kyle’s answer ”

        Spooky cant even admit he wants to date anyone exclusively including Kyle. Until Spooky says “Yes” there is no where to go except where they are at: Friends, hookups and tryign things out.

        • Geekinator27

          I’m going to bundle my response to your three entries to me here.

          1. When did Spooky make up the idea that he can’t love and pin it as something Kyle said? Kyle had a substantial monologue near the end of Legendary Ch 1 in which Kyle himself, with no in-the-moment thought implantation from Spooky, says that he believes Spooky is one for dramatic flings rather than steady romances.

          2. I agree that the terms of monogamy vs polyamory in this relationship haven’t been discussed, but only because they never got past figuring out if they mutually want to date each other period. I noticed that in one of your other comments, you said something to the effect of Spooky knowing that he has Kyle wrapped around his finger and knowing that Kyle is in love with him, and I’m not sure that is the case on either count. As I said previously, and you agreed in your response above, it is hard to tell how Spooky feels exactly. If he doesn’t want anyone to be wrapped around his finger, he is unlikely to interpret anyone’s behavior towards him as indicating that. As I said in another comment, what we know as readers is not necessarily the same as what the characters know. Certainly, if all the characters know everything the readers know, then I would agree that the current situation between Spooky and Kyle is pretty squicky. But reader knowledge and character knowledge are two separate sets of information with some overlap, and I’m not sure that Kyle’s crush on Spooky falls in that overlap region.

          3. I don’t know about Spooky’s desire for lopsided commitment. Again, it goes back to their not having a discussion about the terms of a romance because they haven’t gotten to establishing that there is mutual interest in a romance. It’s entirely possible that Spooky would be monogamous if he entered into a romance with Kyle and Kyle indicated a strong preference for exclusivity. We don’t know. I personally don’t take Spooky’s flings as an indication of an unwillingness to commit to monogamy.

          4. I don’t know that Spooky is making his feelings Kyle’s fault. Saying he felt hurt by what Kyle said isn’t blaming him for anything, he’s stating the reaction he had.

          5. Yes, stating a desire to date a person when one already knows that person is totally interested is definitely easier than doing so when it is unknown if the person is interested. But again, we don’t know that Spooky knows that Kyle likes him, or if he does have some inkling about it, maybe he’s not confident that it is true. By the same token, if it is so easy, then why was that not one of the opening lines from Kyle in Legendary Ch 1? Sure, you could say that Kyle felt he already knew the answer, but in the interest of just laying it all out there and having his guess as to how Spooky will respond be at worst confirmed and at best he’d be pleasantly surprised that Spooky wants more and would like to discuss what that might look like, it doesn’t make sense that Kyle chose not to do that.

          6. I don’t fault you for not remembering that there is an established history of Kyle dodging the dating question with Spooky. It is a brief mention on Legendary Ch 1, page 7, panel 5, in Spooky’s first talk bubble.

          7. “It’s unfair to ask predating.” I’m not sure what you mean by this. Do you mean that because Spooky and Kyle have not defined themselves as dating and have not been dating for some time, that Kyle has no data to take a guess that Spooky is capable of commitment and loving Kyle deeply? If this is the case, then on some levels I do agree with you, and on others I feel that a friend would be able to take a decent guess at another friend’s likely behavior in a romance. This is a case where we as readers don’t have as much knowledge as the characters do – we don’t know the content of the conversations that Kyle and Spooky have had over their friendship of a few years. Yes, we know that there are tabloid columns about Spooky’s affairs, but we don’t know how those relationships came about, why they ended, how Spooky feels about them, and what he told Kyle about them, if anything. All of that is still unfolding for us as the readers, and many outcomes are possible. If I have interpreted your statement wrong, please let me know.

    • fujoshifanatic

      Spooky is only 20 years old, and most of his romantic experiences have been “complicated” situations at best, and outright exploitative if you count his inferences from his time in hell. So to say that he is a beginner at real love would probably be a very accurate assessment.

      • bronakopdin

        well yes that’s why I wrote this, yet not every beginner acts that way ^^
        sure he is special in mayn ways, yet I can still disagree with his attitude here, not saying he does anything on purpose, he just doesn’t know any better yet

  • Matt Lohkamp

    man I do not know why I haven’t learned to expect this comic to take a turn for the wholesome by now.

  • So many people are so quick to defend a Spooky/Kyle relationship lol.

    Person A: “Idk if this conversation bodes well for a solid relationship between these two-”


    In real life, relationships that begin with this sort of conversation simply don’t last. There’s too much doubt. Too many “maybe’s”. Spooky is clearly confused (about his feelings). Kyle is clearly scared (of getting hurt). They haven’t gone on any real dates. They haven’t done ANYTHING as a couple. Hell, they hardly see each other. I know you guys love your ships, but we all know deep-down that a relationship just isn’t gonna happen right now. Someday? Hell yeah maybe! But right now? It’d be a big mistake for them and you all know it.

    • fujoshifanatic

      I’m not sure why you are discussing the realities of a relationship between a boy who is half demon and can set himself on fire and live, and another boy who spent a year in Hell and can summon demons and magic to do his bidding. Since these realities exist in their world (and you don’t seem to be questioning them), then I think the reality of them being able to work their relationship out can certainly be on the table and discussed as a possibility. Just saying.

      • Klaus

        On the other hand, if superheroes are superhuman in every way, they become much less interesting.

    • Geekinator27

      I agree with fujoshifanatic here. Also, I don’t know if there is a solid “this doesn’t look good” camp and a “GET IT, SPOOKS” camp either. I’ve seen a range of opinions here, and much of what I have read is about wanting the characters to have a mature conversation where things get set straight, not necessarily that the ship does or doesn’t happen.

    • Biippa

      A few key points from my position, that may help in perspective:

      “… relationships that begin with this sort of conversation simply don’t last.” Relationship statistics are never a solid thing, because everyone is different and therefore handle situations differently. I see where you’re coming from on this, and I agree somewhat that this conversation isn’t exactly a good start, but I’ve known people who have started out with rocky relationships and they’re still together to this day. One such couple even got married and are expecting their first child in a few months. You can have a bad start, it just means you need to put in some extra work to make things functional.

      “They haven’t gone on any real dates.” I’ve never gone on a date with my SO. Many people nowadays enter into relationships without ever having gone on a date with their partner prior to calling themselves “official.”

      “…they hardly see each other.” Long distance relationships can and will work if you both put in the effort.

      That’s all I wanted to say, thank you and have a nice evening. Day? Whichever haha

  • Fox

    @Adam Black, having read your interpretation that Spooky is being manipulative, I have reread this from the beginning several times and I strongly disagree with that interpretation. To me this is how this conversation reads to me from Spooky’s end.
    Spooky: When you made that statement, it made me realize that I have deeper feelings for you and it also made me realize that I care a lot about what you think. Do you really believe that I am incapable of commitment because if you do, that would mean we wouldn’t be able to have a healthy relationship. I feel like I’d really like this to be more, but if what I’m hearing is really how you think of me then I don’t think this can work because you wouldn’t be able to trust me not to hurt you.
    Basically, I read this as Spooky clarifying if his understanding of what Kyle said is correct and wanting to know if that’s really what Kyle thinks of him. I don’t read this as him asking Kyle to know him better than he knows himself, I read this as him asking how Kyle sees him and thinks of him.

    • Biippa

      Thank you for writing this. I was about to write something similar but you beat me to it haha.

    • Adam Black

      Well , we can agree to disagree on some points.

      Thank-you for your honest well thought disagreement.

      What I find manipulative is spooky Kink shaming himself for non monogamy , literally calling it “not real love” and then implying instead Kyle said this. and believed it

      Then he continues this framing of non monogamy as “Not real love” on this page. Even after Kyle carefully explains he doesnt agree with this , and didn’t believe that.

      There is a few layers here where Spooky is demanding Kyle know whats in spookys heart and mind ( re monogamy ) before spooky tells him.

      Thats a manipulative psychological projection.

      Whats added onto it is Spooky has made it clear if Kyle says the wrong thing Spooky , will feel stigmatized and insulted again.

      Alex clearly understands this as he phrased this “ask me questions and Ill tell you no lies”

      There is literally no Honest way Kyle can answer what Spooky asked him, not without insulting Spooky.

      If Spooky was fully honest about his feelings first, this would be different.

      As it is, Kyle has to peel it out of him.

      Thats a 3 layer cake of dysfunction. Its totally on Spooky to be honest about his feelings, and Not Guilt trip Kyle for not being able to guess properly.

      If these are completely new feelings for spooky , he has to allow them space to come out without blaming other people for not reading his mind.

      If we disagee on these things its OK.

      I Promise i wont guiltrip you for not reading my mind like I believe spooky is with Kyle. or practice any of these dysfunctional patterns on you.

      Nor will I claim your honest found viewpoint ( however Incomplete I may find it ) is a personal attack on my ability to love ( or anything ) like Spooky framed it.

      Adam Errs:
      It had been Pointed Out correctly that I may have erred in assuming Spooky was fully informed about Kyles Feelings.

      I thought Laampros Threatening Spooky because Kyle was in love with him, would have been widely discussed and the whole team knew it. My judgement of Spooky was partly based on this.

      ( it would be Screwy for Amanda not to address this as Team leader as personal dynamics of romantic attachment can affect missions. Obviously not to shame anyone but just to discuss it address peoples comfort levels and and keep things even keel. It strikes me as strange as Everyone but Spooky knowing this )
      But I have to admit this isnt cannon on the comic page.
      SO i might be wrong.

      • Fox

        Adam Black, I’m fine with agreeing to disagree. I will say that when you point out all of these manipulative things you’re not going to do to me, that you feel Spooky has done, it comes across as hostile and threatening, is that your intention?

        I appreciate your willingness to admit when you have erred.

        • Adam Black

          Crap Im really sorry and didnt mean it like that.
          Obviously I dont mean it it any way at all .
          I was literally pointing out i think these things are wrong and should be avoided.

          I didnt mean that in a mafioso type accent.
          i may edit that or delete it

      • Fox

        Also, polyamory is not the same as having multiple partners over a span of time, nor is it a fwb relationship or a kink, it’s simply a different form of relationship. Polyamory involves more than two partners who have an open, committed relationship and all partners are aware of the status of the relationship. Finally, we have no indication that Spooky participates in polyamory or kink, so this argument doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

      • Geekinator27

        This bit about Laampros is an interesting hypothesis. I don’t think Spooky was threatened because Kyle was in love with him – as I recall, Kyle’s crush brought Spooky to Laampros’ attention, and then Laampros felt it was necessary to destroy Spooks because he is somehow “abnormal” – when Kyle revives him, it is revealed that Spooks has some sort of gap or refillable reservoir that other humans don’t have.

        I can see your reasoning that Amanda would want to address the revelation of Kyle’s crush on Spooky to manage team behavior on missions, but I think the timeline is that Spooks immediately left to clean up what happened after the demon portal opened, and when he and Kyle meet for their sexual encounter is on his first day or two back. Amanda might not have had time to arrange a discussion on the matter yet.

  • Starfighter comic updated.

  • Kate G

    I love that this page was my birthday page (I am officially 29! And my dog is 4! We share a birthday.) I couldn’t comment yesterday really because I spent 99% of my day in bed, trying to learn how to breathe through my nose. Ugh, sinus infections. Still feel a bit like death warmed over, but at least I can breathe through my nose today.

    What I really love about this page is Spooky’s body language. He is just so vulnerable here, as is Kyle. However, we are used to seeing Kyle vulnerable, not Spooky. Spooky comes off as cool and confident most times. It’s a persona he has built up to protect himself. Here we see Spooky as Spooky. Security jacket off and all. Trying to find himself just as everyone else in this world. Not quite as secure as we thought he was or maybe not quite as secure as maybe he even thought he was.

    That’s what I love about this page. Spooky is questioning himself. He wants something more and he’s a little scared about it. THAT is awesome.

    • fujoshifanatic

      Happy Birthday, Katie! And your fir baby! I hope you are feeling better soon.

      • Kate G

        Thank you!

        Well, if it counts, I can talk now (mostly), my throat doesn’t hurt and I can breathe through my nose now. If only my nose weren’t quite so numb from using so much tissue! HA HA HA. I guess it’s a minor inconvenience considering everything.

    • davefragments

      Happy Birthday, and many more

      • Kate G

        Thank you!

    • A late happy birthday.

      • Kate G

        Thank you, Danish!

    • Klaus

      Congratulations! And best wishes for a speedy recovery.

      • Kate G

        Thank you, Klaus! I feel much better today. I actually feel a bit human?

    • Happy late birthday Kate!

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        Thank you, Doki!

    • Adam Black

      Happy BirthDay @Ka@KateandZena:disqus

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    • Biippa

      Happy happy (late) birthday, from all of us to you, we wish it was our (late) birthday, so we could party too! *Confetti canons explode all around*

      • Kate G

        That is probably one of my most favorite movies of all time. Thank you, Blippa!

  • Kate G

    Thank you! I’m feeling much better, although it does feel odd having a numb nose from using so much tissue. I guess it’s a minor inconvenience. Still, is it too much to ask if I could feel my nose just a little? I’m sure I am getting weird looks by touching my nose every second to see if it is still there! HA HA HA.

  • davefragments

    Punxsutawney Phil-omena saw “her” shadow this morning and that means SIX MORE WEEKS OF WINTER

    • Biippa

      But but but

      I saw a robin with a heavy belly yesterday morning at work Dx She’s heavy with eggs, she needs Spring to lay them, wheRE IS SPRING

    • Kate G

      So did Jimmy the Groundhog AND Snow Lilly the polar bear. Sigh.

  • Justin White

    :_) Spooky sounds like me.

  • Biippa

    Deep breath in, eternal screams of the damned out.

    No really, I’m literally flailing because I honestly never thought one of my fan ships would be anywhere near close to being canon, and just look! Just look at the sweet little babs! They’re so precious and confused and self conscious, I love it! AAAAAAAAAAAAAÀAAAAAA


    On the other hand, it’s really frustrating because as much as my soul is dying for them to be a thing, I know in the universe that is Alex Woolfson’s creation, not everything is as it seems and not everything is just one layer, one dimension. There are still a lot of issues these boys need to work around if they want to attempt anything solid, but they also need to stop layering pressures onto each other. They may not be doing it intentionally or even knowingly, but they are. And it’s disheartening to admit that this isn’t a healthy start off to an actual commitment. They need to figure this out before they make any decisions..

    • Adam Black

      “And it’s disheartening to admit that this isn’t a healthy start off to an actual commitment.’

      YES all of this.

      • Biippa

        Well thank you for agreeing with my comment. I will say I don’t see eye to eye with you on the reasons for why it’s an unhealthy start, but I do see how you got your interpretation. Not everyone interprets things the same, and that’s okay.

        My interpretation is that both of them are fighting with layers upon layers of self image issues that they don’t always allow to escape, and in doing so, both have projected their insecurities onto the other, and that really and truly is unhealthy in a commitment because they need to be confident in themselves and in each other in order to have that trust, that safety.

        I know a lot of people like the whole “awwww, they’re both insecure, that’s so cute” thing but I’m not one of those people. One person with that level of internal struggle is bad enough in a relationship, because the other person would be having to constantly reassure them and that’s more taxing than people realize. Of course my interpretation is slightly colored by personal experiences, so I may be a wee bit biased, but I’m hoping that my reasoning is clear enough to be understood.

  • Kate G

    I think the worst is over, which I guess is good considering the only male in the house (and the last human) came down with the stomach flu today. At least all of us are sick together. XD I believe the saying goes, “Misery loves company.”

  • Concerto

    Like everytime I read all the comments here to see everybody’s theory and I must say I’m really surprised to see a lot of agressivity in the comment section. :/… But hey I’m really looking foward to the next page, and even if I’m hoping for kyle and spooky to be together I will be happy with everything Alex will give us :D.

    • Adam Black

      Hi concerto.
      I hope im not the overly aggressive looking one. I promise I dont bite!

      I admit i have stronger feelings than I expected. This isnt going how I imagined. I have an explanation above you

  • Adam Black

    Hello Wolfpack,

    Damn i would like this page sooo much— if It wasnt preceded by the last two!
    and if i didnt read them as a group!

    Everyone else probably had a week break, and took a breather.

    But i was profoundly outraged Spooky was framing ,
    that Neither Him nor Kyle know if Spooky is interested and can be monogamous alone as ,
    ‘Spooky is a loser and cant Love’

    Thats so profoundly manipulative, dysfunctional and unfair. Its OK for Spooky to feel this way, because feelings are never wrong. They just …exist

    But its borderline abusive for spooky to put all his negative insecurities onto Kyle. ( Kyle is reacting much healthier than i would. I would probably feel guilty and confused and get sucked onto something unhealthy )

    ( If they were dating there is a sliding scale for how much this is permitted and when , because your partner is also your emotional support. ) .
    Spooky is psychologically projecting his hurt ego onto Kyle.

    Spooky is kinkshaming himself for being nonmonogamous ….
    and then implying this is what Kyle did. But Kyle didnt.
    He was actually fully accepting of it.

    This is actually a form of self-hate from spooky.

    Its especially weird coming from spooky , as i thought he was more kink accepting.

    ( if you dont understand how this is true, imagine spooky implied Same sex relationships — rather than non monogamous ones — werent “real love” )

    Spookys argument relies in Monogamous Normativity.

    ( its a little disturbing how the Wolfpack commenters didnt pick up on this anti Poly messaging , and even repeated it. )

    The truth is Both Polyamoroaus relationships are and Monogamous ones are based on skillsets and abilities, and people arent naturally automatically blessed with both sets of skills.

    Spookys framing of nonmongamy as “NOt real love ” is a form of bigoted selfhate and very dysfunctional.

    I am actually surprised @Al@alexwoolfson:disqus put it this way, But I have faith as an author he will see this through in an affirming way.

    Many Young Men ( and older ones ) are especially bad at monogamy.
    There is no shame at admitting this and owning it ( as long as people are honest and not manipulative about it )

    I dont object to spooky being vulnerable and sharing his tender side.
    even after a hookup. * I do object to his framing and dysfunctional codependent reaction. Thats now way to start making a hookup into a dating situation or relationship.

    * I used to hook up with this sexy masculine Jock who would burst into tears after cumming without fail, and needed comfort. First time it was shocking.After that I learned to like it.

    • davefragments

      Your opinions went to “harsh” and could have been stated differently. The readers will get the point without it being so provocative and in your face.
      I think that the discussion between polyamory and monogamy was missed because of that. I will go and think about polyamory and monogamy in terms of 2018’s gay men as opposed to my experience. No promise I’ll reach a conclusion tonight.

    • NoiseShaper

      Luke: What’s in there?
      Yoda: Only what you take with you.

    • fujoshifanatic

      I am going to overlook your numerous grammar and spelling mistakes (which is very hard for me as an English major) and try to address some of the issues you put forth here, even though I feel at this point you are treading a very thin line between vigorous debate and trolling.

      While there is nothing wrong with polyamorous relationships, and (done in a mature, honest and communicative environment) they can work well for the individuals who chose to enter into them, it was NEVER established that Spooky and Kyle were in one, so I don’t know where you got that from. Polyamorous relationships are NOT about hookups or “friends with benefits,” (there is far too much communication, trust and connection needed to make them work) and for you to conflate the two indicates that you have not seen enough stable, long-term polyamorous relationships to know how they actually work.

      For you to assume nonmonogamy is a kink rather than to properly identify it as a type of relationship that can involve kink, but doesn’t have to, also indicates you may be seeing things that are not there in the storyline. Nowhere in the story has it been established that Spooky is into kink (or nonmonogamy for that manner), so he cannot be shaming himself for something he is (as far as we know) not.

      It seems you’re ignoring other people’s observations, experience, and outright knowledge from extra sources (like the fact that he was very much in love with people in his past and that the fact that they didn’t work out was because of a)work/friend complications or b)THEY DIED) to come to conclusions that no one else is seeing, possibly based (judging from your last paragraph) on the experiences you have had rather than the experiences Spooky is having in the story.

      You are absolutely welcome to your opinion, but the way you have been expressing them seems borderline combative and highly disruptive to the natural flow of the discussion here. Most of us come here to express our thoughts, share a little, have fun, and most of all enjoy this comic. We do not come here to try to tolerate commenters that cannot debate in a respectful way. Please keep this in mind when you comment here.

      • A little mod warning, if there’s any more/new to say in this debate. This is for everyone.

        Be careful about making replies too personal about another commenter or commenters. IF any “you” comments/replies/conclussions are made to the other commenter, rather than about what they say about the page content or a character, make it so that it is not a personal attack an any way. Several comments on this page has been close to

        (For fujoshifanatic: starting this reply out with commenting on/attacking Adam’s grammar was unnecessary. It takes something away from the good points you made afterwards)

        • fujoshifanatic

          Point taken Danish. I will be more mindful of my phrasing and sticking to the point. Anything I say should be to the benefit and defense of this community, and I do it no favors by not abiding by the standards we have set and maintain here. 🙂

    • Kate G

      In a weird way, I understand what you are feeling because you have personal experience. However, when we have such objectionable, negative views on a page, I feel sometimes the best thing is to step away from the computer and really try to analyze why you feel that way before commenting. Are you projecting some part of your past or feelings into a story? What part of that page made you upset, hurt, angry? Is it really about the comic, the author and/or the community?

      For many of us, I feel, the comments made by you were not only disrespectful, but also coming from a place of “I will not look at facts presented in the comic,” “I will not read another person’s opinion,” and “An opinion differing from mine is garbage.” I am not the first that has said it on this page. I will probably not be the last.

      What I know is that this isn’t the Adam Black I usually converse with, and if you need to talk to someone open minded and nonjudgmental, I’m always willing to listen.

  • davefragments

    Patreon Rumbles with Page 8

  • davefragments
  • Kate G

    We kind of laughed (hacked/tried not to puke) about it later in the evening. This never happens. Usually, one of us falls ill. Once the other recuperates, the next one. Maybe two of us will get sick at once. All three (well, if my brother still lived with us, four)? NEVER.

    The only difference is if my mom or I have to deal with my dad we basically make what he wants, inch it to his door, knock and run follow by liberal use of Purell. No one in their right mind wants gastroenteritis.

    • NoiseShaper

      I’m really sorry for you (and glad for myself that the internet doesn’t transmit at least biological infections!).