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The Young Protectors: Legendary Chapter Two—Page 6

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What do you really believe, Kyle?

A couple days ago, on the Patreon page, I posted a beautiful, SFW action scene with Flyboy and Cory. It’s the two of them embracing and fighting a giant robot! (Because that’s just how my mind rolls.)

Comments have included “Cory! This is a great pin-up – action-y, high quality art, awesome colors!”, “Alex, I love where your mind goes! 😂 Another awesome pin-up by Henrique and Alex Sollazzo, thanks guys! Love it ❤” and my favorite:”This looks great! I wonder if it’s ninja robots ;)”

Here a sneak preview:

Such pretty colors…

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So! Kyle just told Spooky he didn’t mean anything with what he said. Shouldn’t that be enough? Why isn’t Spooky letting this go?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

  • Hard questions.

    • davefragments

      My friends know never to ask me for “The Truth” because I have, on occasion, told them The Truth and as Nathan Jessup once said “You can’t handle the truth!”

      • Klaus

        And that’s the honest truth.

  • Spooky came out of that night, really doubting himself; questioning himself.

    I think Kyle’s view (and likely Fluke’s too) was so different in ways from Spooky’s self-view that he’s had to stop and think things over a lot. Spooky clearly (at least to me) has a side of vunerability and emotions that he guards hard, and I’ve suspected for a while that Spooky may be a ‘therapist’ for many others, but he hasn’t fully processed his own past himself.

    It took a slightly ranting monologue from his closest friend, to open up for emotions Spooky may never truly have thought about before – or re-opened an area he’s unsecure in, and haven’t earlier been in a situation where he could question someone about it. Someone, who in many ways know him well.
    Kyle’s talk hit Spooky where his biggest doubts/insecurities lie, and after the thoughts breweing for a week, he can’t let it go.

    I think Kyle’s talk showed how guarded Spooky has been about himself, and his emotions, for a long time, but at same time managed to open Spooky to areas of himself that he suddently questions from a different view: How he handles intimacy and commitment.

    • Geekinator27

      I agree with the idea that Kyle’s monologue showed Spooky how guarded he possibly has seemed to outside observers. Definitely in Spooky’s solo missions playing field counselor has been a necessary part of his gig when he has to rescue hostages, and the unprocessed nature of his own past was hinted at in the text story about Spooky and Amanda’s first physical intimacy experience. Out of the options of emotions Spooky has never thought about before or not being in a situation where he can explore them with someone, I feel like the second is more likely. The fences Amanda keeps up probably prevented such an exploration of Spooky’s feelings previous to this moment, and the ephemeral nature of his affairs while on assignment probably didn’t lend themselves to this kind of introspection.

      I disagree somewhat on the idea that Kyle’s monologue hit Spooky where his insecurities lie, or forced Spooky to confront his ideas about intimacy and commitment. The sense I got was that Spooky felt betrayed by Kyle’s one-dimensional and rather stud-like image of him despite the wealth of evidence that Spooky is very capable of deep attachment and committed to doing things that show such attachment, like hanging out with Kyle on a regular basis, being sensitive to Kyle’s personal growth position on things like romance, and insisting that he does not see Kyle as just a fun time. I think Spooky has been grappling with the question of “if my deep love for him never came across, then who have I been friends with all these years?” Yes, there are other questions too, like second guessing how obvious his attachment was to Kyle, but still. It’s likely really jarring to have carved out this special place in your life for someone, then have them say “oh, it’s okay. I know you aren’t the commitment type. I’m cool with this being a fun fling.”

  • Sapfo


  • Justin

    For some reason I didn’t realize how much I love that shirt on Kyle until this strip =p

    I wish I can give Spooky a huge hug right now…

  • Madock345

    I’m trying to think of anything Kyle can say right now that wouldn’t make things worse somehow..,

  • Brad Majors

    Besides wondering at Kyle’s answer, I wonder how Spooky will take it. Will he push back against Kyle’s perception of him, or will he allow Kyle’s opinion to reshape his personal reality? Kyle’s words have obviously plagued Spooky’s thoughts this past week, so his self-image may already be in metamorphosis.

    • Geekinator27

      I don’t think Spooky will doubt his own ability to love, regardless of Kyle’s answer. The reshaping of his reality might be about where his relationship with Kyle is going now.

  • Jeldenil

    Aww Spooky. That’s really a question only you can answer, hun.

    • Klaus

      Can he?

    • Geekinator27

      I’m with Klaus on this one. Spooky isn’t looking for Kyle to tell him what he is capable of. Spooky knows he is the only expert on that subject. He didn’t misspeak here – he wants Kyle to look him dead in the eye and explain his words from the week before.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Okaaay. This is heading in a direction that I’ve wondered about for the last few pages, but in such an incoherent and unsupported way that I didn’t want to raise it, not even as one of my dreadful ‘random bizarre thoughts’. What if Kyle’s monolog has raised doubts in Spooky.
    (It could be worse, of course. Let us posit some mystical curse reason – such as the one that took Spooky’s real name – that will not let him ever form a loving relationship.)

    • Biippa

      Sort of like how The Huntsman’s heart was removed from his body and placed in a box by the mayor Regina (also known as The Evil Queen) so that technically he couldn’t love anyone due to a literal hollowness in his chest? That kind of mystical curse reason? Tho, he did sort of start feeling /something/ for Emma (I think?) but the rules of Storybrook don’t apply to her, and in retaliation of that, Regina crushed his heart so he died. So he still didn’t get to actually feel love. Rip.

      Sorry if this made no sense, idek who has and who hasn’t seen Once Upon a Time, and I may have forgotten his name cuz I haven’t watched it in years.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        Something in that ballpark – but we have so little info about the exact circumstances of how Spooky got dumped in hell and what happened to him there. We don’t even know if it ‘just happened’ or if it was done to him deliberately.

        • Biippa

          Hmmm. Idea for another side comic hopefully? One that features young Spooky trapped in Hell? Hecc, would give all my paychecks for that to be like a mini series if Alex wanted to do it. Like, from when he first got there all the way up until he got out. Doesn’t have to go into every detail, but it would still be amaze.

  • Nate

    By all the gods and devils, Kyle… don’t say ANYTHING like “no” or “I don’t think so”.

    “I don’t know” is acceptable, if a bit heartbreaking. “Yes, of course” would be more preferable.

    “I hope so” followed by a kiss might be too much to ask, tho. 😀

    • Palpad100 .

      Mind if I ask you a question: are you a male bissexual?

      • Nate

        No, actually. I’m a male asexual. 😀

        (I find myself curious as to why you asked, however…)

        • Palpad100 .

          Your picture of someone hugging a child. It made me think you were a married bisexual father, and the child was your kid. Asexual but romantically attracted to both men and women?

          • Nate

            Ah, no. I’m single, and never quite worked out the whole “romantic orientation” thing.

            But I’m a cuddler, and an an avuncular sort, especially with kids. The avatar is just a stock photo I thought was sweet. 🙂

  • ウィル クインシー

    Kyle better not fuck this up with a stupid response.

  • Shiny Gwilly

    oh dear, here’s the real question Spooky’s been waiting to ask
    you better think about your answer carefully Kyle! he’s obviously very worried/panicked right now over this talk, he better not just blurt something out just with the intention to make Spooky happy. this is a heart to heart talk here, buddy!
    they both need hugs

  • Kate G

    Oh God, Kyle, just please say, “yes.” SAY YES. Not “no.” Not “I don’t know.” Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees Anything else is just crushing to the soul.

    On another note, Spooks only wearing a hoodie and pants…yeeeeees.

    • Klaus

      And please sound sincere when you do.

      • Kate G

        Yes, with much sincerity.

  • Klaus

    Not invulnerable indeed. Spooky is more scared than Kyle was a moment ago.

  • Earl Patterson

    Yes You can Spooky!

  • bronakopdin

    somehow I pity Kyle now , what is he even supposed to say ^^’
    like… whatever Kyle is thinking or saying…. in the end it is Spooky who is the one who should think about his own feelings and how he wants to commit himself… maybe, well, he just really didn’t find the right person to feel strong enough for to commit himself to… but that can’t or well shouldn’t be influenced by whatever Kyle might think or say now >////< Kyle is an observer but he also doesn't really know what's going on inside of Spooky so he could only talk about what he saw, though it doesn't mean it is absolutely impossible for Spooky to find his significant other… also Kyle just really tried to protect himself when he said that at that moment x'D

  • Jason Wexler

    IF Kyle’s assessment of Spooky’s life was accurate, then I think his conclusion was probably right. It’s hard and unfortunate of course, but sometimes some people are so important or their work so necessary that “love” has to be a secondary consideration or off the table.

  • Jason Moon

    Kyle barely understands how real relations work and now he has to answer a seemingly “make or break” question that he’s likely to screw up. Pressure much?

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Throwing Spooky into a dark place, a strange,cold dark place….isn’t nice. Now Kyle has to see if he can find the right words to bring him back and make him feel warm and fuzzy again……SPOILERS!

  • Rob Roy

    This artist is especially good at drawing body language It adds such an evocative layer to the art, to the dialogue and to the dynamic between these guys. It’s also interesting that Spooks is not giving anything away with his body language – and that also heightens the drama/ tension. Amazingingly good work from everyone.

  • D. G.

    This is such an important conversation. I hope Kyle doesn’t screw it up.

    • Biippa

      I hope neither one of them screws it up, both are in a precarious position as far as an amalgamation of self image issues, projected self image issues, and various other stressors that can easily make things super awkward for the rest of their lives if it ends badly.

      But I have faith that they’re both mature enough to figure this out and come to a good place, whether as friends or as more.

  • Biippa

    THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME THINK ABOUT THIS ALL DAY AT WORK ALEX. Heccy heccy hecckles, do you know how difficult it is to clean a room when all you hear in your head is your left and right brain arguing over the whats, whys, and hows of this situation that ain’t even real? I’m like… I GOTTA WORK BRAIN. BRAIN PLZ.

    But hey, it’s worth it. I will fight my brain to the death over this, but it’s worth it. Cuz these boys? They may just be in a comic on the internet, but they still mean a lot to me. So thanks. Genuinely, thank you for making something that makes me think.

  • Biippa

    Also, to all those who have advice to me about the stomach virus, THANK YOU. I’m almost back to 100% now cuz I’ve been following all y’all’s advice. Tho still sad that I can’t have my milk fix until after I know for sure that my tummy won’t hate me for it ene

    • Kate G

      You’re welcome. I hope you were able to get your paws on some Zofran. Seriously, that stuff is amazing. I’m currently living on it. (I have a terrible sinus infection. It has blocked fluid to my ears and down my throat making my stomach so queasy. Uuuuuuuugh, lemme diiiiiiiiiie. NO, I WILL GET BETTER BY WEDNESDAY! I MUST! IT’S A SUPER BLUE BLOOD MOON ECLIPSE….and my birthday. And Bree’s birthday. I shall be in fighting form. But, currently, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh.)

      • Biippa

        Happy late birthday xD

  • Kate G

    And so, Katie has come down with a sinus infection…two days before the Super Blood Moon Eclipse. Which is also upload day. Which is also my birthday (Wednesday.) Which is also Bree’s birthday. And horse lesson day.

    I will be better because, dammit, I will not bow down to a bloody sinus infection on such a momentous day. I need Spooky. He has to have something faster acting than Zithro and steroids. ugh. *coughs*

    • davefragments

      get well quick

      • Kate G

        Thanks a lot

    • Klaus

      Get well soon.

      • Kate G


    • Hope you get well soon. :}

      • Kate G


    • OH I hate those. I get those often. Get well soon!

      • Kate G

        I’m feeling a little better. My throat isn’t as irritated anymore, but my nose! Uuuuuuugh. I had to cancel my lesson for tomorrow because I’m literally running on 4 hours of sleep. -_- Ugh.

        See, my sinuses usually don’t bother me. I haven’t had a sinus infection since I was…5? 6? A very long time ago. I get ear infections. XD

    • Brad Majors

      Feel better soon, Kate!

      • Kate G

        I’m feeling much better!

  • Kate G

    Yep, crappy indeed.

  • davefragments

    Hello Campers,
    How’s it going tonight. I have snow all over my driveway.

    • davefragments

      Is my disqus working?

      • Saxon_Brenton

        It seems to be. Unless you’ve posted more than two messages today.

        • davefragments

          All I needed was the reboot.

  • davefragments

    Patreon Rumbles

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