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The Young Protectors: Legendary Chapter Two—Page 5

65 Comments on The Young Protectors: Legendary Chapter Two—Page 5

Hmm. What does Spooky think that Kyle meant?

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Here a sneak preview:

Such pretty colors…

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So! Kyle looked relieved for a moment there. But for some reason, his words don’t seem to be getting through to his friend. Where is Spooky going with this? And will Kyle be able to convince his buddy that what he said really didn’t matter?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

  • MITCH!

    OMG Alex that is an absolutely lovely piece of art!

    • Do ya think this might be those ‘famous’ ninja robots we finally get to see?

      • Michael

        If so, they’re a bit late. They were supposed to be here five and a half chapters ago.

        • Theyh wouldn’t have been very good at being ninjas, if we had seen them so quick 😉

          • Klaus

            So you are saying that they may have been there the whole time?

        • Someone gave them The Doctor’s sense of timing… (How many times did he either arrive early or later (usually later I think) than he was supposed to?)

          • Klaus

            Isn’t he supposed to be a time lord, or something like that?

          • A Time Lord that dropped Rose off a year after he took her instead of an hour, a week here, a month there… there are quite a few “oops you might have been gone longer than you were supposed to have been”

  • I love that Spooky is sticking to his conversational guns and not letting Kyle just brush things under the rug.

  • Kyle don’t understand yet, how much those words he said hurt Spooky. Spooky is really upset, and Kyle is just starting to realize, but not to which extend. I hope he will really listen this time, get things set straight, when he finds out ho important this is to Spooky.

    This time it’s Kyle’s turn to talk Spooky up, and out of a funk, if he can. He’s the one who put Spooky down in the first place.

  • Kate G

    Aw, Spooky. His face is tearing me apart. Turning me into emotional goo….and just about as I was about to turn into a puddle I heard Bree snort like a pig and the moment was ruined. XD

    (Panel 4 gives me all of the Spooky feels.)

  • Klaus

    Now Spooky really is hedging. Come out and say what you mean.

    • NoiseShaper

      Sounds pretty clear to me: He feels more than just friendship for Kyle; That’s why it hurt him for real what Kyle had said.

  • Michael

    Kyle, shut up and pay attention.

  • Nate

    Sounds like Kyle is getting a crash course in the different kinds of love. Personally, I tend to use the Triangular Theory in times like this, although it is not perfect:

    As an aro ace, my loves tend to be companionate, as my relationships aren’t all that passionate. Less burning blaze, more comfy fire. 😉 Kyle, on the other hand, seems to think Spooks is incapable of commitment. He’s either been blinded by Spooky’s public persona, or simply naive. I’m not sure which.

    • Might be a little bit of both.

    • Biippa

      I feel like it’s a mix of both coupled with his own insecurities, perhaps some that we haven’t considered yet or that haven’t been explored yet. You never know.

  • Steven Higgins

    Well, here’s a cheery thought. What if the reason Spooky has never had a relationship that lasted longer than two weeks was because THEY left HIM after the initial infatuation phase, the “damsel in distress syndrome”, passed and reality set in? Either because they where too freaked out by his powers or couldn’t deal with his job or something. And what if Spooky thought Kyle would be different but then this happened?

    • Adam Black

      Oh, that is a good theory.

      But, Amanda

      • Klaus

        That may be more of an on and off thing than a two week fling.

  • Laur Annie

    This is a distressing conversation, so instead I’m gonna just focus on how into Kyle’s hair I am on this page. Particularly panels 3 and 5? The height! Killin it.

  • bronakopdin

    Well I certainly understand Spooky’s point… It must have hurt to hear that… especially if he really has deeper feelings for Kyle (and I got a feeling that he has indeed >/////<)

    • Biippa

      Everytime I see one of your comments, I hear it in Hisoka’s voice and it just makes me smile. Thank you.

      • bronakopdin

        you’re very welcome x3

  • Shiny Gwilly

    it’s obvious to us to see what Spooky is getting at here, but Kyle still being young and just recently learning about relationships doesn’t quite see it yet…he’s getting there though? hopefully?
    i’m glad Spooky’s doing his best to stay in charge of the conversation and get to the point of what’s really bothering him, i just hope he does come out and say it, because at this point he might have to, even if Kyle is good at picking up clues/hints put out there

  • Jason Moon

    Oh no, did Kyle say the unforgivably STUPID thing?

  • I like where this is going (I think). I’m hoping Kyle’s backtracking is panicky/well-intentioned, and that Spooky doesn’t know where he’s going—because what Kyle said DOES matter—and it might take him a while to get there.

  • Brian Hopkins

    Interesting how Kyle is reaching out physically (a compensating move?) while Spooky does not respond in kind. “We’re having an important conversation here, don’t deflect by getting into the physical.”

  • Mark Cothern

    can we PLEASE get back to some super-heroics?

    • NoiseShaper

      We certainly will, but this is important, too.

      I like it better when the heroes of the story are more than just cardboard cutouts. Otherwise the heroics also lose much of their substance.

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      I wouldn’t mind going back to Kyle/Sameer…..that was just kind of “left there”…..gotta be more to that.

      • Klaus

        If this goes well, we may never go back to Sameer. Of course there is no guarantee that we will even if it goes badly.

  • Jojolightningfingers

    nnnngh. NNNNNGH. this is so hard to read. kyle. kyyyyyyyyyyyle. why are you like this.

    • NoiseShaper

      In his defense: Spooky had been pretty consistent, apparently, in projecting exactly that image of himself which Kyle then just reflected back at him.

      And as far as we know Kyle would very much have wanted things to be different, but he had to assume that there was no realistic hope of that, again based on how detached Spooky had presented himself.

      Seems like Spooky himself is now at the end of the rope with that approach.

      • Klaus

        That is very well put. Kyle is reflecting back the image Spooky is projecting.

  • Brad Majors

    I love that panel 4 takes center stage on this page. The clearest, most direct piece of dialogue paired with such an emotive and distant gaze from Spooky. That combo was a direct hit to my heart.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Is it Saturday yet?…..cliff hangers are killin’ me here!

    • Klaus

      Just keep asking. Eventually the answer will be yes.

      • Wayne Lunkwitz

        I know that Klaus…’s still the same amount of hours to wait….even though the little boy in me is screaming “Are we there yet?”

  • Biippa

    Weird question but does anyone know what to do if you have the stomach part of the flu? None of the drug stores near me have the right kind of medication, they only carry stuff for the upper respiratory part of the flu but I don’t have that part. I was told multivitamins and water by one of the pharmacists, which to me is a bs way of saying “sorry we don’t have what you need, you’re on your own kid.”

    A lot of people have dying from the flu in my state apparently, though I honestly believe it’s because they get pneumonia either right after or close to the end of their flu, when their imune systems are pretty weak and vulnerable. I don’t want it to get that far Dx I want to kick this before it gets to the upper respiratory part and then I risk giving it to my parents, who I know have an extremely high chance of contracting pneumonia.

    Freakin nursing home, every month it’s something. First it was the 24-hour stomach bug, then it was strep, then bronchitis. Now the flu. Fml.

    • I’m no expert,but I don’t really think there are any specific meds for the stomach flu. I think it’s something that usually have to go over by itself, just like a virus caused sore throat (where a bacterial sore throat needs penicilin).
      I think it’s about keeping hydrated while keeping the stomach calm. Drink plenty of water and chamomile tea (last helps calm stomach) but stay away from ‘acidy’ fluids like juice. Make sure to keep your sugar/salt balance and get vitamins. I know toast and bananas are good for settling a stomach along with yoghurt and maybe some rice or carrot or a bit of sweet apple. What you can keep down.

      • Biippa

        Hecc, thanks. I’m allergic to banana sadly… We have some amazing banana yogurt but I’m not allowed near it ;-;

        My only thing about the medicine is that a lot of the CNAs and my boss have been getting something that actually helps with the stomach part of the flu, and even my mom says there’s meds for it, but apparently the pharmacies here hate me .-.

        I’m not 100% sure it’s even the flu yet, I just woke up at two am needing to throw up and I did for like thirty minutes, then ever since then my body has been achy and. Well. Other things that I’m sure not everyone wants to know.

        • Derkins

          Stomach issue minus the fever? What you’re describing sounds like you’ve got food poisoning. Did you eat something possibly contaminated / old /or that had touched a chemical or soap? It’s hard to tell what did it sometimes. The good news with that is that it will pass quicker than a flu will, although it’s still awful to deal with. Just try to stay hydrated like Danish said. Water or the calming teas, or if you can handle food then crackers, soups – something really bland/basic that won’t upset your stomach worse. Call out of work, rest up, and you should be fine in a day or two – albeit a little weak. Feel better soon!

          • Biippa

            I didn’t eat anything like that at all tho, it’s been going around at work all week – some residents are getting it or getting over it, same with some of the CNAs. It’s always taken my body a while to get an actual fever but I can get symptoms for like two or three days before the fever sets in. Thanks though uvu I’ve been drinking Sprite and Water mostly

          • NoiseShaper

            Sprite doesn’t sound like a good idea under those circumstances (lots of sugar and acid, plus the carbonation).

            But good luck anyway!

          • Biippa

            I just take a sip here and there to settle my stomach – I can’t do ginger ale and Sierra mist cuz it’s always made me throw up for some reason, and we don’t have seven up in the vending machine here.

          • NoiseShaper

            Freshly sliced ginger in hot water makes a delicious ginger tea which has a great aroma and can help me feeling better overall (not just when I’m sick). Maybe you’d benefit from it as well.

          • Biippa

            I have ginger cubes? When we get ginger root, I cube it and keep it refrigerated. Would that work the same do you think?

          • NoiseShaper

            freshly cut is best, but you can certainly try if it’s good for it.

          • Derkins

            Aw, that sucks. Careful with sprite. Carbon can help settle the stomach but lots of sugar isn’t good when you’re actually sick. Tea with lemon is better. Definitely rest up and take your vitamin C and zinc!

          • Biippa

            Those are in multivitamins right?

          • Derkins

            should be, yes, but taking tons of extra vit c and zinc specifically is a good idea.

          • Lay off the sodas while you have a stomach bug. Drink it in small amounts. Where it can be good with sodas and fat food the day after a hangover and such, it’s not good for a stomach bug. No juice or milk either. Juice is acidy and milk can prolongue a stomach bug. Water, tea and perhaps something like a little gatorade when stomach is not so upset anymore. Y
            oghurt with probiotics, or anything with probiotics is good. f stomach is very upset, wait with the soups until it’s going a little better.

          • Biippa

            Like I said a while ago, the Sprite is just a sip here and there to settle my tummy when it starts tightening up again. I hate Sprite so don’t worry about me actively drinking it. Rip to the no milk tho, I like to have a cup before bed haha. Oh well, my milk fix can wait until I’m feeling better.

          • Hope you feel better soon.

        • Kate G

          Oh, you mean Zofran? That’s an anti-nausea medication but only available by prescription. I love my Zofran. Zofran is amazing when you have a migraine. But, yea, that’s the only thing I know that helps with nausea, unless you want to try Pepto-Bismal and that stuff tastes terrible.

        • means are the ends

          A great way to always have ‘fresh’ ginger around is to keep roots in the freezer. Then when you want some, just take it out for a minute or two and grate some off with a fine grater. I use it for tea and cooking, and wouldn’t be without it always at hand.

    • strangeangel24601

      Anything with ginger in it will help relieve nausea. Ginger ale, ginger tea, mineral water, applesauce, and saltine crackers all worked together to save my life when I had a stomach bug a few weeks ago. Basically just follow what DanishWolf said – rest, stay hydrated, try and eat stuff that’s very mild and easy on the stomach (no dairy, no rich or acidic food), and just let it run its course.

      • Biippa

        I didn’t eat anything like that at all tho, it’s been going around at work all week – some residents are getting it or getting over it, same with some of the CNAs. It’s always taken my body a while to get an actual fever but I can get symptoms for like two or three days before the fever sets in.

  • T Dibbler

    Spooky looks so beautiful and vulnerable in that central panel.

    (Also, that Patreon art preview looks amazing)

  • davefragments

    Hello Campers,
    Are we ready for the Friday Night Follies of Spooky and Kyle as they explore their love interest in each other? (Now that was a little naughty of me. I’ll spank myself later tonight. There will not be an audience.)
    Alternately, are we ready for another night of teen-angst between lovers?

    • Awake, just started ‘The man from U.N.C.L.E’ on tv, and I’m ready to camp and crash again when page is up. As for the page, I’m waiting to see if Spooky can make Kyle listen. With tye movie, I have seen the first 10mins of it before, but stopped after that. Wasn’t in mood to see it back then. Now it gets 2nd chance.

      • davefragments

        I just finished “Taking of Pelham 123” and started watching “Money Monster”

  • davefragments

    Patreon Rumbles

  • davefragments