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  • Uh ooh..or?

  • Michael

    yeah, totally not bad or anything, really.

    edit: Can I just say, a couple of pages in and I am really digging this art style. The bold inking, the shapes. It’s just really visually appealing.

  • Sapfo

    Easy Spooky! He is willing to cook for you. Don’t spook the cooking person I your life, they might burn your food!

  • Mary Klemzak

    Spooky sure knows how to scare a guy. Sheesh. Kyle can take it, though. He’s dealt with freaking demons, AND he’s the demon prince, so.. Oh wait, it might be FEELINGS. AHHH!

    JK. You got this, Kyle!

  • I said it on previous page, but after this page I want to know this even more: 1) what will Spooky say and 2) how will he handle this talk, this being all different now that their situation/relationship has changed?

    He may have to step lightly, no matter what. Kyle is already freaking out and Spooky hasn’t even said what this is about yet. The fact that he’s all serious and non-joking, is so unlike him in many ways that it’s probably only making it worse.

  • I wish everyone in this conversation luck and that effective communication happens.

  • davefragments

    This scene reminds me of an old song: FEELINGS

    • Michael

      Sexual Feeeeelings

      Oh wait, wrong song. 😛

  • Shiny Gwilly

    oh poor Kyle, he’s already thinking the worst and i don’t blame him
    and poor Spooky, i’m sure whatever he wants to talk about, he wants to try to do it as nicely as he can and make sure they come out of this conversation with no hard feelings of any kind…..hopefully he succeeds at that and Kyle understands what he’s saying
    but we’ll just have to wait and see lol

  • Kate G

    Oh, I hate when talks go this way, especially when it’s between good friends…or your parents. “Honey, we need to talk. Why don’t you sit on the couch? It’s nothing bad I promise.” Oh, it’s something bad all right. IT ALWAYS IS.

    I haven’t talked about my new dog, Bree, since we brought her home and I thought you guys would like an update. We got her spayed on Friday; we waited because we wanted her to feel safe. Dogs that are sterilized before feeling safe in their new home can sometimes have bad psychological issues (they can become afraid and insecure; it’s all part of the anesthesia really), and since she has so many behavioral and psychological issues as is, we waited. We hired a behaviorist to help with her issues and she’s been a freaking blessing. Bree is acting like a dog (for the most part) now and not like a mouse.

    Here’s a photo of her from Monday doing one of her newfound favorite activities – balancing on the back of the couch (which we try to discourage but to no avail):

  • Jeldenil

    Kyle, the best way to deal with this is to hear him out before you start talking

  • Brad Majors

    My sympathies go out to Kyle, but at least the conversation is happening in real time for him (though it might not feel like it to him). I think I’m the real victim here for having to wait until Saturday to see what happens (to be read as sarcastic selfishness, for reference).

    My heart actually did start racing while reading this, and with no answers or resolution to be found, I had to take a moment. I’m fine now; I just got caught up in the moment (credit to Alex and company).

  • bronakopdin

    “I’m pregnant”
    sry, couldn’t keep that one in as lame as it is x’D

    I hope it’s nothing too bad though D:
    I really feel Kyle on this one >_____>’

    • Madock345

      Plot twist!

  • odditude

    Can anyone tell me what Kyle means, when he says that Spooky is “hedging”?

    • Madock345

      He’s getting Kyle ready and describing what he’s going to say before actually saying it. Spooky is normally really direct.

    • Klaus

      First he says that it is not anything bad. Then he adds “really”.

  • Earl Patterson

    We need to talk. Since we had sex. I would love to have you as my boyfriend, that mean no more seeing other man sweetheart

  • Madock345

    “I lied about it being my favorite, I actually hate spaghetti”

  • Geekinator27

    I’m facepalming about Kyle’s reaction right now. It’s in keeping with how he was behaving in the first few pages of Legendary chapter 1 where he barely listened to Spooky and just kept saying his own stream of consciousness out loud, but really honey? Keep calm, hush up, and listen! Spooky can’t keep playing soothing tones for you while trying to be honest about his own feelings, and Spooky deserves a relationship with you where he can be honest about his feelings without your stream of consciousness verbal freak out.

  • Biippa

    Relationship communication is as important as sexual education~

  • bandanajack

    i think my abrupt way of saying these things would be like. cool your jets, bucko. tou know what ASSUME ing does, right.
    just my words…

  • So NOW he can read Spooky?! Maybe the post sex bliss tuned him out last time.

  • Jason Moon

    Now that he’s in a relationship that seems to give him time to think, he seems to be OVER-thinking.

  • Ken Spragg

    Oh shit, Spooky’s pregnant with Kyle’s semi-demonic baby.

    • LimpBiskit

      Shhhh there’s prolly a fanfic about that somewhere already..

      • Biippa

        Sadly, there is not. At least not in any of the sites I use for fanfics. Just mostly platonic-sexual one shots :/

  • Klaus

    If Kyle would just shut up for a moment, he might find out what Spooky has to say.

  • William Clapie

    “Stop”! I can’t take the bleedin’ pressure! WTH?I will stand with my first “guess”. Spooky will explain about “not” being invulnerable meaning to love I think. ( I hope) Ok, just a comic. Your point?

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Spooky is probably going to tell Kyle to “Let it go” and not be so “clingy” about it… was what it was…..but now they have to move on….the second worst thing a guy wants to hear about sex with anyone……the first would be “You suck in bed” which is especially hurtful when the only thing that was accomplished was a 69 🙂

  • Nate

    Kyle.. sweetheart… you didn’t put any points in your Empathy skill, right?

    Because it looks to me like Spooky is just as scared as you are, and you aren’t helping a bit. 🙁

    • Vaira

      It’s not lack of empathy. I lack empathy and even I know what not to say in such situation, because I can learn human algorithms and how do most humans work.
      It’s just being clueless and not looking past one’s nose.

      • Terri Sutton

        Please share your human algorithm with me.

        • Vaira

          Mostly it boils down to “they feel instead of thinking and you won’t fix that ususally”. Like the whole falling in love thing. They should get to know the person, tick all major and mutual priorities and only then, if they agree on things like children, religion and the shape of relationship, they can start feeling something more than “I like you and you look promissing”.

          As to what to do with them to not make them cry, sulk or rage:

          watch for reactions.
          If I tell them how do I understand them, like Kyle here, and the reaction is: “omg yes, you totally get me!” – it means yes. If it’s questioning look, furrowed brows, mouth as for a kiss but moved to one side, it means “partially yes, partially no”. If it’s sighs and “you really think I’m like this?” it’s “no”.
          Also – when I’m happily carrying on and the other person is mostly silent and doesn’t nod and say “uhm” every now and then, they disagree.

          If I say something true and unflattering about their looks, it will hurt them. The extend vary, but somehow it will. No matter if I think I’m only saying it “for their own good”.
          People care for things and people they like. If they don’t like something, they lack motivation for caring for it. That’s why it’s almost impossible to shame someone into loosing weight or sth – because if they hate their body, why should they care for it?

          People love their babies and children. I have no idea why would they love a screaming, useless bundle of poop, but they do. [no, of course I know, they are bathed in oxitocine and other hormons] And those screaming mosters must be treated with love and care to make reasonble humans one day. Personally I just try to avoid them 😉

          Hm, I have let myself go a bit 😉 If you have further and more precise questions, I may try to answer.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      you didn’t put any points in your Empathy skill, right?
      You know, I thinks that’s the key I’ve been looking for to explain that little quirk to Kyle’s eyebrows in the last panel. It makes him look snarky.

      So, like, Kyle’s dialog (and the description of the scene in the scripts made available thanks to patreon) emphasises that Kyle is freaking out. And he’s letting his mouth run off from him because he’s in shock. But it seems that he’s internalised way too much ‘witty banter’ from television, and I’m guessing that he isn’t quite aware that what he’s saying – and the expression he’s letting pass across his face – are probably making the situation more difficult for Spooky as well.

  • John

    I wonder how many of those past male liasons spooky has had were ones in which he was already emotionally connected with his partner? I mean, he and Kyle are FRIENDS already, after all.

    I thought before this situation may well be new to spooky as well.

    • fujoshifanatic

      Not likely. In the extra stories on Patreon, it was revealed that Spooky has had at least one intense love relationship with a boy, possibly two. Neither of them are alive any more. Plus, since he is demisexual, he would have had to have emotionally connected to them to be sexually attracted in the first place.

      • NoiseShaper

        Let’s hope there’s no causal connection there…

      • John

        Sure, but Kyle has been his friend for some time. So I wonder if this area is new to him for that reason.

  • davefragments

    Hello Campers,
    How are you doing tonight?

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      Page Four has 8 panels

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