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The Young Protectors: Legendary Chapter One—Page 36

80 Comments on The Young Protectors: Legendary Chapter One—Page 36

Good night, sweet demon prince.

Over on the Patreon page, I have a really fun, new SFW pin-up from Silverjow: this time of Fluke! It’s now one of my favorite Fluke pin-ups ever, and since Kyle’s other best friend is having such a strong impact on the current happenings in “Legendary,” I figured this would be the perfect time to share it! Comments have included ‘Silverjow does like all those muscles. Fluke is looking good!”, “hot dayum! Fluke *is* the member of the team that spends most time training/at the gym, so this is his extra fit self :)” and “This is amazing! Fantastic artwork!!”

Here’s a sneak preview:

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So! This time with Spooky has been everything Kyle has hoped for and more. And now he’s off to the sweetest of dreams. But is it truly enough?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀


  • This is so sweet, yet heart stabbing to watch/read.

  • Kyle it may be enough for you, but what if it isn’t enough for Spooky?

  • It’s amazing how they can be so close as friends (now lovers), so alike in their feelings and how to ‘protect’ them, and talk so well and openly together – and still manage to be so not in sync here.

    It’s that emotional protection of themself that does it. Spooky did it more before, Kyle do it now.

  • davefragments

    Spooky makes a nice pillow.

    • davefragments

      I have to fall asleep. Goodnight.

  • Zephyr10101

    I feel like Kyle is blatantly ignoring Spooky’s feeling

  • kuku

    He’s looking more vulnerable than invulnerable to me, Kyle.

    Lovely facial expressions in this comic. Spooky has lovely warm eyes.

    • I agree. He does. And Julie does a really great job capturing all the subtle emotions I’m trying to express in the scripts.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    My dramatic irony sense is tingling over that comment in panel 4, where Kyle says he doesn’t need Spooky to be anything other than what he is. Yeah, but what if that’s merely what Kyle thinks what Spooky is, rather than what he really is.

    Could this be what Fluke was warning Spooky about? I’m not sure, since I would hope that if Fluke could see the problem clearly enough to recognise it, then he should have been able to explain it, (OTOH, I know that explaining things clearly has never been my strong point even when I’m calm, let alone when I’m emotional.) And of course, going back and checking the pages, we never actually got Spooky’s explanation of what Fluke said.

  • Mary Klemzak

    Oh Kyle…. Ya big soft cinnamon roll. Who can possibly say no to you?

  • Shiny Gwilly

    oh Kyle, you are a big idiot, but we still love you, you’re just too sweet sometimes
    still, i’m really curious on what exactly Paul said….it makes me wonder if it’s one of two things; Paul also paints Spooky in the same way Kyle described earlier, in how he just can’t be in a committed relationship, or if maybe Paul was more generally warning Spooky to be careful of what he says/does to make sure he doesn’t hurt Kyle (regardless of either of their pasts)?
    probably more the first one is my guess, and Spooky hoped that Kyle didn’t see him in the same exact light…though that part didn’t work out and that’s why he’s more broken up about it
    i’m curious on what the next scene will be!

  • Klaus

    Methinks the lady does protest too much.

  • Karol Chmielewski

    He did jackoff Spooky but Kyle is still being a dick here :/

    • Madock345

      Spooky never finished

      • Sal Wolffs

        Didn’t he taste like ice cream?

  • bandanajack

    i may be alone in this, but i am super ready to be done with this super mushy/adolescent introspective stuff and ready to get on with the super/supernatural parts of the story? i am ready for some FLAME ON/TSUNAMI action, and some leather jacketed and spandex clad super hero action.

    • Machina

      This is actually the basis of the story, it’s kind of how this all began.

      • bandanajack

        that’s now the story i read.

      • bandanajack

        ddi seem to remember the beginning quite differently, a randy teenager just beginning to explore his sexuality with a surrender to seduction. and to a powerfully sexual older male. not much navel gazing introspection to that.

        • Machina

          There actually was. Anything with sexuality is “navel gazing introspection”.

          • bandanajack

            in this we disagree substantially.

  • Nate

    Cuddles! Yay!

    Kyle is still an idiot, tho. He’s put Spooky on a pedestal as a Hero™, when it would be much better to have him as a friend, if not more.

  • Brad Majors

    While we don’t see the hurt on Spooky’s face on this page, why do I feel like it’s the first thing we’re gonna see on the next? Also, it sort of looks like Kyle could be cuddling up with a Spooky Jones body pillow rather than the real deal. And Alex, you can totally feel free to steal that idea for merchandising ;D

    • Klaus

      Does the Spooky Jones™ body pillow come with a Spooky Cap™?

      • Megan Staples

        I’d buy that!

    • I agree. I feel kind of sad for Spooky. 🙁

    • Snorlaxation

      i think it might be a mix of that, but also introspection. Obviously some of the guys in the group rub one another the wrong way with their tendencies (which makes sense), but to have two of his friends now tell him things that basically amount to him being a heart breaker, I think he might be on the road to evaluating himself and his actions.

      I heard this in a speech class once, but it’s not so much the message you send that matters, as how it’s received. Spooky is a good boy, a great one, but his actions speak louder than he does.

  • Klaus

    Starfighter updated.

  • xLizardx

    Looks like it might not be Kyle’s heart we need to worry about being broken, this time! 🙂

  • Saikkusukka

    Yeah, keep rubbing it in, Kyle.

  • Trisha

    Kyle’s a demon. He should learn to uses his manipulative powers, then he could get anyone he wants. XD

    • Keneu

      Uh, no thanks. (Does he even have manipulation powers? Afaik his are just firebending.)

  • Matt

    My prediction is that this sequence ends with a reversal of the flashback we saw in Truth or Dare where Kyle was spooning Spooky and kissed his back, only this time it’s Spooky with an oblivious Kyle.

    Wondering how oblivious Spooky was that first time now.

  • Jason Moon


  • Klaus

    Wait. Haven’t these two slept arm in arm many times before?

    • fujoshifanatic

      I don’t think it was in such an intimate position. Usually it was in a spooning position, which is not as intimate as face to face—or face on chest, as it were.

  • Sapfo

    Things might change sooner then you think…. but first cuddle time! ^^

  • D. G.

    I gotta admit, I’m loving the cuddles. Maybe Kyle will satisfy Spooky sexually next time.

    • Biippa

      Yee. One step at a time, in the meantime cuddles are a great filler

  • Jeff Baker

    Now THAT was nice!

  • Klaus

    Not that it has anything to do with this page, but I found a clip of Cory on Youtube:

    • davefragments

      He’s trying to win a Darwin Award.

  • Kyle Hamilton

    …until someday Kyle realizes that it’s not.

  • Stephen Hutchison

    Drive the stake in harder, Kyle. Spooky’s heart isn’t completely broken yet.

    Exiled to the Friends With Benefits zone forever.

  • Kate G

    Man, I missed two pages in my quest to make Doffyn the best Caroler of all time. Who wants to see my Carol of the Bells costume for Doffyn the Horse? (I know Dave does so no else has a choice. LOL) I was one of five in that contest and it was a five way tie for first and I can’t blame them; all of the costumes were so cute; one of the private horses named Charlotte (a grey pony. She is SO CUTE) was dressed as a Christmas Present and her hooves were painted like Candy Canes. I can’t believe I never thought of that! She had fake poinsettias braided into her mane and everything! Ugh, so cute!

    This was Charlotte (LOOK! SO EFFING CUTE!):

    This is another private horse that I love to pet and give treats to named, aptly, Karma. She is owned by the girl you see and her sister. She was dressed up as a reindeer which was undeniably adorable:

    This was Doffyn, the horse I dressed up. The reason I actually chose Doffyn is because he is a retired Chicago police horse and police horses are typically trained to put up with anything…except Doffyn did not like his costume! He was such a jerk! He kept trying to go into a trot with all of my beautiful little bells. Sigh, horses. He was VERY LOUD though which I was so pleased with. I’m so sad you can’t see his hat very well. He whipped it off sometime in the arena and it was never found. LOL (it was only $3. I’m not sad.):

    Apollo and Ice were super cute too. Apollo was a present too and I can’t remember what Ice was, but they were all so stinking cute. I also did Simon Says (bareback), Trail Riding (saddle), Barrel Racing (saddle), Walk/Trot (saddle), Walk/Trot/Canter (saddle) and Ground Poles (long stirrup, so saddle.) I got first in Costume (tie, obviously), Barrel Race (35 sec.) and Walk/Trot. Placed 4th in Walk/Trot/Canter as Kadena thought she could be Secretariat. I was sooooooo tired by the end that I fell asleep in the car!

    • They all look really nice. ^_^

      • Kate G

        They do! I loved all of the costumes. Mine broke down really quickly as well. Took me two days to do; 10 minutes to take off. U.U;

    • davefragments

      Very Christmas. Very good.

      • Kate G

        Ah, I wish you could have heard it. He sounded like sleigh bells. I cackled so hard and terrorized my family while making it. It was so much fun.

  • Is it enough for Spooky? I’m worried HE’s getting his heart broken here.

  • damn, paul..
    ..silverjow’s really doing your character model the proper justice it deserves!

    watch out, gordon!

    • Snorlaxation

      I’m in love with that art. He did a great job with him.

  • Concerto


    • Klaus


  • Justin White


  • Foye


  • Snorlaxation

    I’ve been in this situation before. It can be enough, but if Spooky gets into any kind of other relationship like this one or more serious, Kyle’s going to be aching.

    As for Spooky, it’s like I said before. Sometimes it hurts to see how those close to you see you, and the conclusions (whether right or wrong) they draw.
    Even so, I hope Spooky is savvy enough to realize that even if it’s Enough for Kyle to be happy, even if it’s all he NEEDS, it’s not all he wants, and that’s an open door Spooky can choose to cross through.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Random bizarre chain of thought: Starting with ‘That Silverjow pic of Fluke looks good’ I ended up at ‘Is Harry Potter depicted as wearing a trenchcoat in the YP universe?’ So, how did I manage this train of inane logic? Allow me to explain…

    Of course the Silverjow pics looks good. The man’s been practicing his beefcake picture skills for years. (And look, it’s even got the near ubiquitous ‘one raised eyebrow expression’.)

    Then I thought: You know, that’s probably roughly how Fluke gets depicted in the fan art, in-universe. As the ‘buff one’. Because Fluke doesn’t have particularly visually flashy powers. Unlike Red Hot or Tsunami, would can conjure up flashy elemental effects, or Flyboy, who can fly around while holding up heavy objects. (Commander is an interesting exception that proves the rule, because over the decades of being depicted in comics book fiction, telepaths have been given conventions of either being shown as having light flash around their heads to denote to the audience when they’re using their using their powers, or ghostly overlays of their features when they’re communicating over distances. I’m guessing that in-universe fan art gives Commander these visual light flashes even though her powers are actually invisible to observers.) By contrast, luck manipulation is such an uncommon superpower that as far as I know their are no particular standardised conventions to give it a ‘consistent visual indicator’. And then we get to Spooky, who not only produces visual flashes of light (often but now always green) when he’s using his magic, but he wears a coat with lots of dramatic swirl potential.

    And then I thought: How much has Spooky’s presence as the only known sane magic user affected the perceptions of wizardly attire in the YP universe? IIRC, we don’t actually have a date for the Grey Working, but I’m guessing it’s only been in the past few decades. There are probably pre-existing fashion clichés for magicians, such that pre-modern/psuedo-medieveal wizards like Merlin or Gandalf would still be depicted as wearing robes and pointy hats and shoes with curly toes. But modern urban fantasy characters… How do they get depicted? Are there still trends for the tuxedo’d stage magician hiding in plain side (the traditions that characters like Zatanna and her father Zatarra come from). Or has the unique situation of Spooky in the superhero community caused the fashion archetype for mages to be redfined in his image? Do fictional magic users in the YP universe default to wearing trenchcoats unless their creator specifically decides to subvert the trope? Dare we ask the burning question: What did Rowling decide to use for the school uniform of Hogwarts in the YP universe?

    • davefragments

      I’ve been thinking about costumes and various “magicians” or “superheroes.”
      — I always thought of the “formal” robes in Harry Potter as being derived from ecclesiastical or collegiate robes. Medieval origins.
      Longcoats and Dusters to me have American Wild West origins.
      — Harry Houdini wore either tuxedos or tails and his real pictures show a longer length waistcoat from Vaudeville. Houdini was, after all, a vaudevillian.
      — Bram Stoker’s Dracula wore a cape both in the original stage play and the movie with Bela Lugosi from 1927/1931. That image of Dracula remains true of vampires to this day. Interestingly, the original vampyre was Nosferatu and he wore a waistcoat.
      — Superman with a cape appeared in 1938 and I think set a standard for superheroes or villains to wear capes.
      — Gandalf was not in the public’s mind until 1954. Tolkien’s vision was pseudo-medieval.
      — Dr Strange (and the Cloak of Levitation), Dr Doom (caped and fighting spandex), Professor Xavier (spandex X-men), were created 1962/1963.
      None of these seem in any way “old” traditions except for the Medieval robes.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        Excellent points.

  • De’y

    This was really cute.

  • davefragments

    Hello Campers
    Are we ready for Page 37 and possibly the inevitable, sleep-interrupting crisis of either a) more adorable bed talk, or b) ninja robots with tiny lasers?

    • Some day we’re hoing to see those ninja robots. When we least expect them.

      • davefragments

        Maybe like Jonathan Winter’s story of the mad doctor who builds tiny robot men and unleashes them on the world… When asked what they were looking for, he answered “little women, you fool.”

    • Doki wasn’t able to camp due to cookie making and wrapping.

      • davefragments

        oooh, fresh baked cookies!

        • Peanut Butter just came out of the oven, the chocolate chip are next. ^_^

  • Whoops. I’ve been around for nearly 45mins. Maybe it’s time to say Hi All *waves*

    • Madock345


      • Hi there. I’m not even sure I should be here this early morning, since I only slept about 2 hours and have to get up again in 3½ hours (taking nap again after).. and yet I ended up camping as always. Have a long, busy day ahead. I will sleep like a rock tonight, and I’m kinda over-giddy right now. Sign I’m tired *lol*

        …I may have to cut this camp a litte short, if it’s much longer xD

    • Morning Danish!

  • davefragments

    My disqus is messing up and not updating posts.

    • Same here, though it might have fixed itself now, after I refreshed a few times. Waiting to see if it last, or if the gremlin is still temporarily loose.

  • Oki, I have to cut this camp short. I have to get up again in 2½ hours. I need a little more sleep before that. Will be back then to see the page.

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    Patreon Rumbles

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