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The Young Protectors: Legendary Chapter One—Page 34

91 Comments on The Young Protectors: Legendary Chapter One—Page 34

Kyle, your eyes are so pretty. OPEN THEM AND REALLY LOOK AT YOUR FRIEND.

So! Kyle loves Spooky just the way he is. And it seems like Kyle has a pretty clear idea of what he thinks that means. Is he right? How do his words make Spooky feel? And would Spooky be willing to do what they just did again?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there!

  • Sargon

    Spooky doesn’t seem so happy even though Kyle said he loved him the way he is.

    • Machina

      Because “the way he is” is really just the stories people say about him. But that’s all they are, stories.

      • Nate

        Agreed. Kyle needs to see the man behind “The Legendary Spooky Jones™”.

        (Serious points to Songbird for linking this back to the title of the arc)

        Otherwise, he may very well lose him. And Spooks has lost so much already.

        (Hey, Alex, if Kyle doesn’t get Spooky, can I have him? I promise to be very cuddly and perceptive. 😉 )

  • Songbird

    Oh this is hard to watch

    • Songbird

      I’ve always had to the feeling that Spooky was a prisoner of his own legend.

      Wait. Legend. Legendary? Is the title of this chapter referencing the interplay of personal versus public perceptions of a hero? Legends leave out a lot of details about their subjects in order to focus on the ideals.

      • Nate

        Oh! NICE catch!

  • davefragments

    Kyle, you’re a blockhead

    • Stephen Hutchison

      I can hear Lucy Van Pelt saying it in that Christmas Special voice.

    • Kate G

      Ahem, “You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch…”

  • Stephen Hutchison

    Kyru no baka.

  • Kyle… you are painfully dense right now. D:

  • *hugs the Spooky while glaring at Kyle*

  • Machina

    I knew it. There is more to him than the description Kyle says. I don’t think Kyle knows who Spooky really is, just what the legends say about him.

    I think that he wants more than just an affair, but since he is “the guy you call when no one else can solve it” he might not want to get too attached to people because operating on that level is dealing with massive threats. I think something happened in Hell that made him wary of getting close.

    But yeah, Kyle is an idiot and I knew Spooky was like “is that really what you think”? Now I want to know more.

  • Gregory In Seattle

    Spooky seemed really disappointed that Kyle was not going to go all puppy-love on him. Is it because he is used to playing with groupies? Or is there some loneliness that he’s been hiding and was hoping Kyle could help address?

    I hope this becomes another story line.

  • Brad Majors

    Over the last few pages, it has felt like Kyle is reciting a speech he has practiced in his head, but he’s not gauging the audience’s reaction at the right times. He thinks so highly of Spooky, he can’t even perceive the hurt he’s causing him.

  • Cman65

    Do it again, with you? Hell YES

  • TwilightDreamer

    Kyle, I think you need to stop and listen to how Spooky himself feels…

  • Concerto

    Kyleeeee what the hell?!

  • I manage to programme my alarm clock completely wrong, so I missed camp completely, and first thing I did after waking was looking at this page. It’s a heart breaker.

    I want to hug Spooky so bad right now… and tape Kyle’s mouth shut. Kyle has learned a lot of new wisdom and self-knowledge in the past few months, but at the same time he is still an unexerienced teenager.

    Brad Majors also say something like this below: it’s like Kyle has already decided not to expect too much from Spooky, in regards of a relationship, so he’s giving him an almost rehearsed speech about this.
    Giving them both a ‘free pass’ that will protect Kyle’s own feelings as well – making him miss some of Spooky’s in the process.

    Kyle has spent years knowing about Spooky’s sexlife, from magazines, tv, whatever media who followed it, and then again a few years living on the sideline of it. Something that has build a perception/image of Spooky in that one area that even Kyle can’t look past. As much as they’re close friends, Kyle also idolize him as almost a ‘living legend’, pretty much what Kyle call him.
    He’s Spooky Jones!

    On top of that, in the last months after the big battle, he’s heard at least once ‘don’t count on too much from Spooky’, from some of their closest friends. We saw Paul and Mitch say it to him, before Kyle visited young Duncan (DunKid) in prison. Only building on top of what Kyle has come to believe.
    They have the same (idolizing) view on Spooky too when it comes to his sex-/lovelife: he’s a flirt and not a steady thing. We saw some of it on the very first pages of Engaging the Enemy, when they made jokes about him showing off for some girls while saving people from a fire. They nearly expect if from him.
    Kyle and Paul has been influenced by every kind of past history and each other. Mitch as well, but I also I think he’s still so new to the team that he hasn’t had time to pick up on Spooky’s much more private sides.

    Sadly ALL of them, maybe (partly?) except from Amanda, has gotten a view of Spooky which is wrong when it comes to his feelings about love and love-interests. Some of it from the loads of various media, painting a one-sided image of Spooky, and some of it from Spooky himself.
    That’s the danger when you’re very private about your own emotions while being a very public figure.
    We have seen it on the last 500 pages, following the team in a timeline that spans over maybe 6 months. As close friends as Spooky, Kyle and Paul is (with Kyle being the one closest to them both individually), Spooky has a lot of things he *still* hasn’t told either of them.
    Heck, the most recent *big* thing was revelead just prior to this night-scene: Spooky has slept with a few men before.

    In some ways I can’t fault Kyle for being totally off about Spooky. He might even have been spot on up until recent time, depending on how Spooky has changed/matured over time – or how he’s come to feel about Kyle. Spooky also managed to ‘confirm’ his fear/expectations, before they had sex, by saying sex could also be a part of friendships and not love. Something that may have sparked the ‘rehearsed’ speech for Kyle, about not expecting too much.

    Still, I want to yell at Kyle here, because he’s so certain of the expectations for this night, and his perception of Spooky’s view on this, that he misses what his ‘speech’ do to Spooky. How it makes Spooky feel.
    Irony is that as close as they are this night, they’re still miles apart when it comes to then outcome of it.

  • Will Parkinson

    I get Kyle was screwed over by Duncan, but this seems out of character for him.

  • bronakopdin

    omg I wanna hug Spooks even more than before >//////<
    If it's true what Kyle says about Spooky never being able to have a long lasting relationshipp then I can see how he tries to keep himself safe from heartbreak but then again those other lovers seem to have lived wherever far away and long distance is a big problem in a lot of realtionships, while Spooky would constantly come back to Kyle, maybe it WOULD be worth a try!!!

  • Tawan Lariviere

    Kyle hardly knew Duncan and slept with him and no surprise he was a villain so that didn’t work out. But to just dismiss Spooky as a true partner because of his past is wrong. Maybe Spooky always cared and wanted to wait until Kyle was old enough to let him know. Spooky looked heartbroken.

    • JozefAL

      “Hardly knew?” I’m sorry. Duncan, at least, made an effort to woo Kyle before they “slept” together. You know, to make Kyle see beyond what he “knew” about Duncan.
      So, you think Kyle and Spooky should just get together DESPITE what Kyle has known about Spooky for a couple of years at least?
      That’s pretty much the definition of “repeating bad patterns.”

  • Nate

    Kyle = Face + Palm.

    Red, I love you like a brother, but you definitely need a drastic session with a clue-by-four. I mean, Spooky’s reaction was not “Oh, you accept who I am! That’s GREAT!” It was “THAT’S who you think I am? A shallow celebrity?”

    He looks almost heartbroken. 🙁 Even if your statement of continued friendship offers a glimmer of hope.

    And then to follow it up with “Wanna do it again?” Seriously?

    At this point, I would not be in the LEAST bit surprised if Spooky says no….

  • Karol Chmielewski

    This is just painful in the best way possible I just want to slap Kyle and hug spooks :/ the artist really shows there emotions in this page kudos

    • Jeff Baker


  • Vaira

    Kyle: Spooky, I really love the vision of you I have in my head, which I have created out of what I have seen, read and noticed. I don’t love you enough to try to actually know you and listen to you, because that’s not what angsty-teenagers do, but I will be all Adele-forgiving, because this makes me look cool.

    Spooky, don’t worry, you’re better off without Kyle for a few years, untill he matures a bit.

    • JozefAL

      Way to be judgmental.

      Have you forgotten what happened the last time Kyle just “ignored” what he’d “seen, read and noticed” with a potential relationship?

      Kyle chose to ignore all the bad things about Duncan (he even hid that relationship from everyone) because he believed Duncan could change and was being honest with him. Obviously, Duncan had an ulterior motive BUT, right up to the very last moment, he made Kyle believe they had a REAL relationship. And, to a degree, it did seem that Duncan cared about Kyle. But we saw how badly used Kyle felt; he couldn’t even feel any genuine sympathy for L’il Duncan.

      Kyle’s already been heart-broken once. By someone who was deemed a “villain” by society at large. Maybe, he’d rather not go into a situation with a guy who, BY HIS OWN ADMISSION, is pretty pansexual and has NOT really been actually “involved” in a REAL romantic relationship.

      Maybe it’s SPOOKY who needs to “mature a bit.” He IS the older of the two but he’s never considered his “reputation” before Kyle mentioned it? That doesn’t sound like the hallmark of a “mature” individual to me.

      • I think I would be more than a little miffed if someone who was supposed to be my best friend sprouted all that crap at me. However much truth their may have been in all the stories, I would hope that my bestie would be able to see that there is more to me than that. I would be deeply offended that they thought of me as someone not capable of being absolutely devoted to someone who calls out that devotion in me. Just because I have not had a lasting relationship does not mean I would be absolutely incapable of having one.

        While Kyle is correct to have concerns, he is not addressing those concerns in a way that isn’t offensive. Though hopefully this resolves itself with a little thing that can solve a lot of things called EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION and leaving assumptions about each other out of it.

      • Vaira

        I think Spooky is aware of his reputation, yes. But never having done something doesn’t mean never wanting to try. They are all young, of course most of them have never had any serious relationship. Every person is at this stage at the beginning.

        Spooky can decide that for him being free and open is more important than being commited. Kyle can decide that he doesn’t want it that way. But so far it seems Kyle has decided that if Spooky has never had any serious relationship, it must mean he doesn’t want one. Well, I think Kyle has never gone to university, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to.

        All I say is Kyle should make an informed decision, and informed means also asking the other side for their view. What he does with the answer is his decision, but without asking he only sees his part.

  • Mary Klemzak

    Kinda want to cry. Kyle just wants FWB, but is Spooky Jones all in, with loving his hot best friend, who loves and appreciates him the way he is?

  • fujoshifanatic

    Oh Kyle, you had ONE JOB here; ask the question, “How do you feel about me, Spooks?” and just LISTEN to the answer! Lord knows how long it will take for these two to sort out the problems this conversation will cause them now. With Kyle having thrown that emotional stink bomb between them, and knowing how Spooky must feel right about now (Really Kyle? You think I’m a playa with an adrenaline junkie dick? Okaaay), I almost couldn’t bear watching them have sex again. But I did say almost! X-P

  • Kolby

    I feel like Spooky really didn’t get the chance to talk. Kyle kind of dominated the conversation and said some things that maybe made Spooky feel hurt that he sees him that way.

  • Concerto

    I really want them together damn, but of course it’s not going to be that simple, right? Now I understand why it will take 3 chapters xD. I think Kyle is in love with spooky but don’t understand who is friend really is. But I can’t blame Kyle because it don’t look like Spooks was talking a lot about is feelings to his friends. I just hope that in the end they will be happy together. I will sink with this ship. ( damn I’m not confident with writting text so long it must be full of grammar mistakes and all please tell me if there is something that is burning your eyes it will help me getting better in english )

    • Connor

      I completely agree.
      (And the only grammar error I see is that you’ve written “it don’t look like” instead of “it doesn’t look like.” But even then, that depends on your dialect and how formal you are being.)

  • Terry

    I honestly think Kyle is doing the right thing. He has observed that Spooky has shown patterns of being a serial monogamist. Kyle is not looking for a short relationship with Spooky (one that might ruin their friendship and their working relationship). He wants to enter a relationship with the expectation that it will last.

    I’m seeing some confusion on Spooky’s part and I’m interpreting this as “I never thought of myself this way and am really interested in a relationship with Kyle… but thinking back, it’s really hard to argue.” I think this might be a wake-up call for Spooky. If he really wants to have a relationship with Kyle, he needs to change some habits.

    It seems that Kyle is suggesting a friends with benefits thing. I don’t know if that is a good idea. If Spooky wants to have a meaningful relationship with Kyle, I think it should start off honest. Spooky should say what he wants and then work toward making changes that will make Kyle more comfortable that he won’t be hurt and they should avoid a physical relationship until they can prove that Spooky can stay committed to the relationship long-term and and that Kyle will be willing to consider a long-term relationship at all. This won’t prevent hurt feelings, but they will be better able to hold their emotions in reserve until they are sure they want to really try dating.

  • Connor

    Alex, why do you do this to your characters (and audience)? You’re killing us!

    (Yeah, yeah, dramatic tension and whatnot. You’re trying to tell a good story. But just once I’d like to see beloved characters NOT screwing up their lives.)

  • Geekinator27

    Spooky’s face in panel 2 is so heartbreaking. I don’t understand at all why in panel 4 Kyle says that dating Spooky would change Spooky. What is this weird savior complex speechifying that Kyle is going on about, that he’s being a big person by saying he’s okay with having no-strings-attached sex with Spooky because “that’s who [Spooky is]”?

    Kyle is paying attention to what Spooks has done out on missions and calls that “the real Spooky Jones” and is neglecting what has happened right in front of his face. As Spooky said on page 6 of Legendary, he’s made time to hang out one-to-one with Kyle almost every week for years. And now Kyle is implying that the commitment there, all the memories they shared, the very set of experiences that led Spooks to say that in many ways they are closer than he is to Amanda, isn’t who Spooky is just as much (or maybe more than) who he is on mission. If I were Spooky, I would feel like Kyle had just slapped me out of nowhere. We don’t have a transcript of everything they talked about, and I would be surprised if Spooky hadn’t been open about his feelings on various subjects with Kyle during those hangout dates. To hear his willingness to be honest about the relationships he formed while on mission be used to make sweeping statements about who he is and what he’s capable of is a pretty big breach of trust from where I am standing.

    I feel that Spooky might be looking at Kyle and wondering if this is who *Kyle* truly is – a person whom he trusts almost more than anyone, but who hasn’t been seeing Spooks for who he is, even though he’s been standing in front of his face the entire time.

  • Earl Patterson

    Let’s do again!

  • You can see the exactly moment Spooks’s heart is broken

  • D. G.

    Spooky seems so heartbroken. I hope he opens up to Kyle and maybe change Kyle’s opinion. It’d be nice to see them as boyfriends.

  • Jason Moon

    Open mouth, insert foot.(Although, these days there might a kink around that)

  • Biippa

    Just letting you know, I just screamed and shouted “MY HEART, FUCKIN NIPPLESACKS DICKBISCUITS MY HEART HURTS” and now everyone is looking at me like I’m unstable. Also it made me cough a lot. Thanks for the emotional strain Mr I-Want-My-Readers-to-Question-Everything

    On the plus side, I still love this and still ship them even tho they’re apparently both emotionally constipated.

    • Some great love stories come from the emotionally constipated… or at least slow-burn/angsty love stories (which are still probably great)…

      …I think John and Rodney would probably qualify, though John is emotionally constipated and Rodney is… maybe not emotionally constipated but chronically socially inept? Precious little irritable grumpy PhD PhD that would would do his best to save everyone that he is. Rodney is a sweetie, just really really horrible at being nice/polite to most people.

  • Shiny Gwilly

    Kyle has obviously really thought this out, he’s planned this whole speech out in his head, but he’s not reading Spooky’s reactions closely enough…Spooky on the other hand isn’t taking charge of the conversation and actually talking about his feelings (more just making little hints here and there rather than just putting out there what he thinks/feels)
    this is Kyle’s second superperson relationship, with his first one not going that great, i don’t blame him for wanting to be careful and not jump into things, especially considering Spooky’s past….however, he’s too focused on that part, he’s not looking at Spooky as another guy, he still thinks too highly of him to take a step back and consider what Spooky might be feeling about this whole thing
    i can understand where Kyle’s coming from, having a huge crush on a friend makes you put them on a pretty high pedestal, and it took me a while to truly see how it’s not all how i thought it was
    i’m glad to see that Kyle’s matured….bbbbut he still has some growing to do lol, but that’s to be expected

  • Aitsuki

    Kyle, sweetie….. STOP. You put your foot any further in your mouth, it’ll start poking out your ass.

  • Foye

    Wow, I am disappointed in you Kyle. What a dick!

  • Brad Majors

    I agree with Kolby that Kyle dominated the conversation on this page, and while his feelings are valid, he definitely could have conveyed them more gracefully. Now the ball’s in Spooky’s court, and we’ll just have to see how good his ball handling skills are ;P

  • Fay onyx

    Face palm. Kyle, sweetie, loving someone for who they are means actually paying attention to who they are, not some cartoon version of who you think they are.

    • Madock345

      Why do I feel like Kyle has the complete series box set of the Spooky Jones cartoon on DVD?

      • Brad Majors

        That’s probably the DVD they were discussing as an alternative to sex on pages 3 and 4.

  • Klaus

    Does Kyle really think that he can say that without changing their relationship?

  • Sapfo

    Thinking of a fanfic idea: locked room guarded by robot ninjas not letting these guys out until they both start talking for real… yeah…. only talk…. maybe some other things as well, but mostly talking

  • Matt Lohkamp

    kyle doesn’t see spooky the way spooky sees spooky.

  • Morgan

    Happy Hannukah, everyone!

  • davefragments

    Hello Campers,
    I do have cake tonight — marble with white icing and green and red garland and plastic lights to make it festive. Have a piece while we wait for the next page and the next opportunity for Kyle to be a blockhead.

    • Thanks for the cake dave!

    • Saxon_Brenton

      I have leftover ham from yesterday’s family dinner, along with roasted potatoes, sweet potato and beetroot wedges, and gravy. That should help keep you warm during the northern hemisphere winter.

      • davefragments


      • Kate G

        Mmmmmmmmmmm, ham. I LOVE ham, as long as it’s not sweet!

        • Saxon_Brenton

          Well, this was cooked with a honey and mustard glaze. Fortunately it was a big ham, so you might want to take one of the deeper cuts, and avoid the crackling.

          • Kate G

            Oh, sweet ham! I tend to find the glaze does penetrate the whole ham so I really don’t like sweet ham. (Southern style ham, no thanks!) I love hickory smoked ham best!

  • Kate G

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    We’re doing a holiday show this Saturday and I’m doing five mounted classes, but my coach, Kristi and my mom roped me into making a costume for a horse (a non-mounted class/activity); I really wanted to leave many of the non-mounted activities for the younger people because that’s for whom they are geared, but when Mom enters you….I retaliate by getting noisy. I decided after I couldn’t do Santa Claus (no bright red blankets; I picked out a forest green one) that I’d go with “Carol of the Bells,” aka a Christmas Caroler. I bought Doffyn (the horse I’m dressing up; a former police horse so he can basically handle anything) a white knitted scarf, a little sequined top hat that clips into the hair (it’s itty bitty and so cute) and I’m going to sew on jingle bells around his blanket and sew on two felt bells and a ribbon bow on each side on the blanket and finish it off by popping out the lenses of my super old glasses and putting them on him. He will be cute AND SO NOISY. MWA HA HA HA HA/

    • davefragments

      Scarf, gloves, down jacket, and padded pants/slacks…
      No room for the wimpy out there tonight!

      (stay warm)

      • Kate G

        Oh, I’m definitely inside for the night. I was out of the house running around or doing my lesson from 13:30 to just about 21:00.

        • davefragments

          The costume for the caroling horse sounds nice. I like that. If you ever post a picture of that, let me know. It gives me a nice warm feeling.

          • Kate G

            I have to get ink and jingle bells tomorrow, but I’ll probably post WIPs on my Instagram like I always do. My dad will 99% take pictures, so I will probably get a few pictures to show. If he doesn’t….he will know I will be most displeased.

    • Stay warm!

      • Kate G

        Oh, I am very, very warm. I am under a heated throw blanket currently. 🙂

  • Concerto

    Haha i’m only going to bed now ( 5:00 in France ) I will have to wake up in 3 hours haha I’m going to die :D. I have so many hommeeewoorkks. Good luck campers

    • Kate G

      Guuuuuuh, why you up so late?!

      • Concerto

        XD studies… In 3d animation. I’m working really slowly >.<

  • I am here. Sort of. Looking in small intervals, but otherwise studying the skye since I woke up.
    Tomorrow will be the climax for the biggest meteor shower of the year, but from tonight and til friday there should be shooting stars.
    Problem: it’s partly/completely heavy clouds this year… again, again *sigh*, so this night with part clouds on/off may be best chance. So now that there’s a hole in the clouds, I’m off for a bit in hope of seeing a few.

    Btw, it’s the Geminids. If you live anywhere where you can spot Orion on the skye during the night, you should have a chance to see shooting stars. The outbreak origin springs from a little to the side of Orion but spreads wide.

    • davefragments

      Orion is part of the winter sky show.
      I’m not sure about your attitude but where I am, on a clear night, one can see the giant or great hexagon starting with Sirius the brightest star in the sky in Canis Major, Procyon in Canis Minor, Castor and Pollux (Twins) in Gemini, Capella in Auriga (I was taught it as The Crown), Aldebaran, the red eye of Taurus the Bull, and Rigel (the foot of Orion) to bring us back to Sirius the Dog Star.

      And when you look at Orion, look to the belt and the sword that hangs from it. That is the Orion Nebula that is the famous picture – The Pillars of Creation – from the Hubble Telescope

    • GDI. Turned out that hole in the clouds were smaller than it looked, because it’s quite windy.
      The time it took to write original comment, get dressed and go outside was enough for the skye to be all white again with a thick layer of clouds.

      I’m hoping for other short views of the stars during the next days. Then I’m just hurrying out to see if I’m lucky in between the clouds and rain/sleet/snow.
      Dang! 🙁

      • It is also quite windy here, but I think I can see Orion from my window.

        • Then you should have the chance during the nights/dark times outside the next 2-3 days. Tomorrow is high peak, and it should be extra active this year. The less light polution, the bigger chance of a great view.

    • Kate G

      You know, I’m really starting to hate my cable provider. No commercials about the National Dog Show and I get no wind of astronomical events either. GIVE ME BACK COMCAST!!!! (I’ve raved and ranted about this with my family for hours. Comcast is not available in Wisconsin yet.)

      I doubt I’ll be able to see much though. It is very cloudy here.

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        Yes, a poll post for favorite panel. It’s starting though.

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      Now page 35 rumbles Patreon

  • Nooo! The hits just keeps coming this morning, with the new news that there won’t be a YaoiCon in 2018. It’s taking a break til 2019 ;_;
    I didn’t make it this year, which now makes me even sadder, so had all my hopes up to make it for 2018. Currently won’t have any chance at all to make it to an earlier con, that wouldn’t be BL themed, so this is horrible. Even if it turns out I couldn’t make it in ’18, it still feels sad that there won’t be a Y-Con at all next year (BishounenCon won’t return).

  • For those that want to watch an Elf pole dance to “All I Want For Christmas”….

    • Snorlaxation

      Hot, and Very cool.

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