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  • Kyle is adorbs and wise… but is he right?

  • Bei Dawei

    “It’s not me, it’s you.”

  • Shiny Gwilly

    aw….i feel like Spooky is learning about himself here lol
    still though, is Kyle completely right about this? sure they’re best friends and i’m sure they know each other very well, but the fact still stands is that he’s NOT Spooky himself
    all in all, i appreciate that Kyle really has thought this out and he’s reassuring Spooky “nah man, it’s ok, i’m fine with it being this way because i know you”
    also damn, i’m super early lol

    • Machina

      It’s more like he’s shocked by how Kyle thinks of him, not that he’s learning about himself.

      • Shiny Gwilly

        most likely true! as much as Kyle is/thinks he’s being nice here, it could be seen that way as well

  • davefragments

    I’m beginning to understand Spooky. He hasn’t grown emotionally from his time in the demon realm. He defines himself as the demon fighter and takes that as his mission in life.
    Very few people in this world decide at a young age what they are going to be in life and then grow into it. Spooky had demon fighting shoved onto him and he’s decided that’s all (or nearly all) he will be. He’s a gift to the world — a demon fighter, a problem solvers, a magical handyman who solves those mysteries that no one else can solve.
    Kyle sees him as a teammate and as a friend and right now, a lover who deserves to let himself love. Whatever happened to Spooky didn’t leave him much love in his life. His sudden passage and his years in the demon realm might have stunted any thought he has of feelings deeper than sexual congress.

    • Klaus

      Some are born to demon fighting, some achieve demon fighting, and some have demon fighting thrust upon them.

      But seriously, that is a very interesting analysis.

    • Machina

      That’s a lot of speculation based on little to no evidence.

      It’s more likely that due to the nature of his abilities and the duties he does, any attempt at love doesn’t last very long (much like long distance relationships). So those “affairs” could have been attempts, but since he is away so much they probably didn’t last.

      I think Kyle is making him to appear as more of a “god” than he actually is. I know I’d give someone a sideways look if I just heard them speaking like they think they know.

      • There’s a lot of very interesting discussion on this page. Very interesting speculation on Dave’s part, and very interesting response from Machina. Fun for me to read. 🙂

        • bandanajack

          and its all your fault…

  • Sometimes it isn’t a good thing when the new bed-buddy know you well. Sometimes that will bite you in the ass. Whether Kyle’s deduction of Spooky’s past lovelife.. or sexlife, is correct is up to debate, but he has made that conclussion.

    Now it’s up to Spooky to figure out if that conclussion is the right one, or if life has changed (matured?) him enough to want something else this time. It must be kinda weird hearing your past relationships put into words like this.

    For once Spooky seems really questioning, of himself and Kyle’s view of him, and.. vunerable.

    • Machina

      I think that’s wrong.

      I think spooky knows what he wants, but he’s just looking at Kyle thinking how he could have crafted such a story about him without getting his thoughts.

  • Madock345

    Keep waiting for spooky to get pissed. Thought he would blow up this page. Now I’m really waiting for it next one.

    • Nichelle Haliday

      I don’t really feel an angry reaction will be happening. Kyle is someone Spooky obviously trusts and respects, and I think his reaction will be far more hurt than angry. If there is any anger, it may be more self-directed. After all, it’s Spooky’s actions that have caused Kyle to see him this way, even if it’s not something Spooky intended.

  • ouch

  • Madock345

    So Kyle very clearly has idolized Spooky so much that he doesn’t really see him as a real person anymore. The exact phrases that sounded so nice at the beginning of the chapter are basically a slap in the face now, and show that there’s something seriously wrong with Kyle’s perception of the situation.

  • Klaus

    Can Spooky change? Does he really want to? Would Kyle loved a changed Spooky?

  • Kate G

    Kyle points out a great point here. Spooks has never had a long-term relationship. Why? It could very well relate to his past. As far as he knows, he has never seen a stable, loving, and healthy relationship. The only relationship he’s had that was loving was his relationship with Amanda; if you think about it, that was a hero-victim relationship. Amanda saved Spooky from his mind because she could relate to him because she was the first one he met with crazy powers too. This is how all of his romantic/sexual relationships/encounters have thus been modeled after as far as we are aware. He’s never had a, well, healthy relationship.

    Kyle knows this. Aside from the one person we saw in the Epilogue of Engaging The Enemy, we know Kyle himself hasn’t had any healthy romantic/sexual relationships or encounters either. In a way, Kyle could be protecting himself by saying he’s probably not a good match for Spooky. He needs someone more stable, who knows about healthy relationships (Mitch comes to mind, but he’s spoken for.)


    Guess what, y’all? Bree made a momentous breakthrough! She discovered THE WINDOW. I know some may be thinking, “What?” but this is a dog that is thoroughly not a dog. She is a scared little thing that spent all of her life in a kennel. The fact she learned that, omg she could watch the neighborhood by looking out of the window? She has learned what it means to be Dog. Well, a little bit. So excited. We still have a lot of issues to work on with her though, but it’s slowly, slowly coming together.

    We got Zena’s ashes back on Saturday and I thoroughly bawled my eyes out. I miss that dog so much. She had such a personality and we’re waiting for Bree’s unique personality to come out. We know it’s going to take time, but sometimes I just wish I had Zena and that quirky, silly personality RIGHT NOW, y’know? Guh, I could cry thinking about it.

    Oh, and I had my lesson (Well, Tuesday) today. Kadena thinks she’s Secretariat. I thought I was going to die as I was cantering her and she wouldn’t stop. “Whoa” meant “go faster” to her today. Holy smokes. Someone put caffeine in that horse today. >.<

    • bandanajack

      kate is right on point, to me. i was the one who thought moving in this direction was a bad choice. and this conversation adds a half dozen more reasons why.

  • bronakopdin

    Spooky sure isn’t happy about what Kyle says x’D

  • Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if Kyle went to all of this effort to tell Spooky how he was only to have Spooky say, “Um, no”? I confess, there is a part of me that finds Kyle’s presumptuousness annoying. He seems to be assuming that he knows Spooky better than he knows himself. I’m also of the opinion that if Kyle felt this strongly then he should have avoided sex in the first place.

    • Geekinator27

      I agree that Kyle’s presumptions are off-putting. As said in other comments, Spooky is getting to know more of what is going on in Kyle’s head. It’s unclear if Kyle really believes this, or if this is a story he is telling himself to protect himself from certain feelings. Yes, Spooky has had his share of short-term relationships, and he has also been incredibly patient and compassionate towards Kyle in their current long-term cuddly (and possibly romance tinted) friendship type deal. It’s heartbreaking if Kyle thinks that if he agrees to be romantic with Spooky, Spooky will quickly get bored and discard him, or that Spooky’s contracts with ExSec make a long-term relationship impossible for Spooky. It’s one thing if Kyle feels that unpredictable absences are not something he can tolerate in a serious relationship right now. Maybe Kyle is monoamorous/monogamous and feels that Spooky polyamorous/prefers open relationships and is worried about fidelity, but just come out and own that concern. Don’t say that having boyfriends/girlfriends just isn’t who Spooky is. Also, it’s not selfish to want a serious relationship with Spooky given the reality that he is on ExSec speed dial, as the middle bubble in panel 6 suggests Kyle might be thinking.

      Argh! Kyle, don’t end the conversation before it has even started!

      • These are both very interesting, thoughtful reactions. I’m really enjoying the responses on this page.

  • So he is the James Bond of Superheroes? Maybe Spooky hasn’t met anyone worth the investment yet.

  • Karol Chmielewski

    I’m really sad for spooke :/

  • Will Parkinson

    Can someone please slap Kyle?

  • Ruben

    Shut up red hot. Let the guy talk about it himself. You’re smothering this far too quickly.

  • Jason Moon

    Kyle, you’ve just had your first relationship which has ended in absolute disaster and a de-aged supervillain, and all of a sudden you’re Dr. Phil? I don’t think so.

    Maybe he’s holding out for his first love after all?

  • Toli Bera

    can’t help but feel the ouch here.

  • Jim Philbrick

    wow… it always seems when the month ends.. My Patreon subscription goes blank and I lose access…. extremely annoying

    • Hey Jim,

      Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. But I think last month the issue was that you just needed to log in again? If I’m not remembering correctly, let me know, and I’ll get Patreon support involved. Thanks!

      • Jim Philbrick

        Yes… you are correct… a simple signing in again solved the problem … I forgot that’s all I had to do…

        • Ah, good! I’m glad it was an easy fix. 🙂

          • Stephen Hutchison

            At least until we decide how much Patreon is now ripping us off… Still gonna subscribe here, but if you find a better aggregator, please let us know. Kickstarter might be doing it.

  • Brad Majors

    I’m glad that Kyle is voicing his concerns (communication is key,) but I wish he would do so in less absolute terms. Being half-demon doesn’t make you all-knowing.

  • Snorlaxation

    absolutes and blanket statements really aren’t the best way to go, especially with topics like these. But at the same time, Kyle’s been right there, closely watching the guy he’s not only best friends with, but has been in love with for quite some time. it doesn’t really sound nice, but sometimes it takes someone else’s view of your past to make you realize certain things about yourself.

    It’s pretty likely the only other person who knows spooky as well as him is Amanda, though I wonder how she’d put it if she had to give her 2 cents.

  • Concerto

    I wanted them to talk and now I’m not so sure anymore XD

  • Nate

    Kyle, you IDIOT.

    Has it occurred to you that the reason these “romances” always end is because Spooky didn’t have the person he REALLY wanted?

  • Sal Wolffs

    Yeah, Kyle is making some good observations, but drawing totally the wrong conclusion from it.

    It’s not that Spooky can’t have someone he keeps coming back to… he just can’t fully commit to a single person. You can totally have him, and hold him, so long as you hold him loosely enough that he can go off and have an adventure, possibly have an affair, and come back. Since Kyle basically stated he admires the way Spooky deals with sex, I expect he can deal with an open relationship… or Spooky could give up that part while still adventuring.

    Bottom line: No, Kyle, Spooky isn’t incapable of having a relationship, he’s just incapable of settling down. You can totally have him, as long as you can share him with the world. I think you can, given what you admire about him.

    And I really hope Kyle isn’t destroying their relationship by getting this so simply but radically wrong. I hope Spooky can set him straight on this without losing his attraction to Kyle, or making Kyle blame and hate himself for getting it wrong.

    • Snorlaxation

      It could also be that Spooky has those epic romances because he hasn’t had someone to come home to?
      Don’t know what Spooky’s dating life has been like when he’s home, but maybe that’s also the issue.

    • What is this obsession with making their relationship open or polymorous, just because Spooky has been for the majority of the time having one night stands, or casual relationships at best? That’s not having an open relationship, or being polymorous; that’s called being a bachelor. Spooky is obviously prepared to have a committed relationship with Kyle, but because it’s taken so long, or the subject has never come to light, has just continued on living a bachelor lifestyle; so Kyle has of course gotten the wrong end of the stick, because Spooky hasn’t actually expressed anything to him about what he’s actually thinking of wanting until now. Or, he’s actually starting to notice how Kyle actually felt for him more than sexual feelings.

      Kyle and Spooky have been both flawed in this situation, because both have assumed what the other wants, it’s just that poor Kyle here is beginning to accept a situation to please what he THINKS Spooky has wanted (casual relationship), and not what Spooky is actually thinking of wanting.

      • Sal Wolffs

        Wow, that’s a very stung reaction to a post suggesting that this *might* work out to an open relationship. I did note a closed relationship is also possible. Not everyone who considers the idea without dismissing it outright is obsessed with it.

        Also, I’ve been a bachelor, I didn’t do that. Honestly because it would’ve been difficult for me to accomplish, and it wasn’t a priority for me. Spooky can clearly pull it off, and enjoys it, and has a very heroic lifestyle to match. That’s not just being a bachelor, that’s being a magic sex god.

        Kyle is going to have to at the very least accept that Spooky keeps having heroic adventures taking him away from home a lot. That may or may not keep going hand in hand with sexual adventures, and Kyle may or may not actually prefer if it did.

      • Fay onyx

        For me it is not that I see Spooky as definitely being polyamorous, but that he has many traits that are very common among polyamorous people. Spooky seems like someone who is very open to connecting with lots people sexually and many of the people like that are polyamorous. It is not definite. You are right that there is a lot of assuming going on. We don’t know whether or not Spooky has been dating multiple people at the same time, but it seems like polyamory is at least a relationship structure that might work well for him.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    I love Spooky’s utterly baffled “I can’t?” expression in panel 5.

  • Kyle — just allow me to prove you wrong

    (And put me back in your mouth, so you don’t continue making an ass of yerself


    and.. ..done.

    You’re Welcome.

  • Aitsuki

    Well….. Now we’re reminded that Kyle’s just 18. He think’s he’s an adult and SUPER mature and all that jazz…. but he’s really still just a kid. Things are super easy to put into boxes when you’re young….. He needs to LITERALLY open his eyes and see the hurt he’s doing…. I mean, Spooky looks flat-out insulted. Kyle’s describing his relationships in a way that sort of makes Spooky sound like the hero-world’s bike….

  • JohnInCA

    Ah, to be young and in lust in love hormonal. Screwing things up and saying the wrong things is kind of part of the deal.

    • JohnInCA

      As a side note, that Kyle views Spooky as un-romanceable as this kind of explains why he didn’t think there was anything weird about going out on dates with guys while waiting for Spooky to return from his epic adventure.

      Kind of a dick move to say “sure, we’ll talk when you’re back. And now that you’re out the door, loading up Grindr…”

      • Snorlaxation

        well to be fair, I think Kyle needed that kind of experience, to be with someone in a normal setting and reclaim what was tainted.
        And I don’t know if he actually had sex with that guy he met or any others he might’ve gone on dates with, since he’s still learning to not go Flame On the minute he climaxes.

  • Nice Spookysplaining there Kyle.

  • Midwestmutt

    I am keeping my Patreon for this comic for now but I am not happy with their new terms. Other comics I used to support have added a link to Ko-Fi . You might consider that yourself.

  • davefragments

    Hello Campers,
    I discovered that the supermarket has pints of “Mango Sorbet” for sale. I’m in dessert heaven for the next eight says!

    • Hello dave! Care to share the sorbet?

      • davefragments

        Two sorbets – – Mango (which is sweet) and
        Raspberry (which is tart)

        Party tonight

  • Stephen Hutchison

    Kyle? Why are you speaking in nonsense? This is a real person you’re talking about, not a freaking archetype.

  • davefragments

    everyone is quiet tonight

    • Snow lethargy?

      • davefragments

        Possibly… It’s just cold here. No snow.
        There might be snow Sunday and Monday and if there is, I think that north of Pittsburgh nearer the Great Lakes will get it.

  • davefragments

    Patreon rumbles

  • davefragments
  • Fay onyx

    It kinda seems like the actual issue is that Kyle thinks that romance and love need to be monogamous and Spooky is kinda polyamorous.