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The Young Protectors: Legendary Chapter One—Page 32

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Love happens, yo.

So! Kyle says he knows Spooks better than anyone. Do he know Spooky better than he knows himself? And where is Kyle going with this?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

(Oh, and Happy Birthday to long-time reader, Sapfo! I hope you had a really great day! 🙂 )

  • Deep talk.

  • Bei Dawei

    With all that thrusting, Spooky should have a six-pack by now.

    • Vaira

      This is the case for one of Menage-a-3 characters 😉

  • Is Spooky about to have an epiphany or two before this night is over? Maybe realizing patterns/reasons to something he already was aware of, but not why?

    His past history may work against him here, especially with Kyle who knows much of it.

  • davefragments

    I get the impression that Spooky doesn’t realize how much Kyle saw when he brought Spooky back from whatever oblivion he was in after the “souls” were returned to their bodies in the last story.
    I hope that makes sense.

    • Klaus

      It makes perfect sense.

  • Rapiret

    The people feeling like they’re missing out might be at least a little happy to know that there is no uncensored version of this strip, this is exactly what Patreon users saw

  • bronakopdin

    Ah well… as I am really bad with the affair topic myself since I was betrayed before I understand Kyle completely >/////<

  • Aitsuki

    AH. This is why Paul was upset…. Spooky gets around, he Paul knows that Kyle needs someone a LOT more committed….

  • HannahDJA

    In other words, even though Kyle kinda hoped that it would be more, he know it won’t be because Spooky isn’t one to keep the love to just himself and one person.

    Kind of a really nice way of saying that Spooky’s a hoe. Lmfao.

    • Stephen Hutchison

      Nah. Just saying he can’t do open relationship right now.

      There is NOTHING WRONG with being monogamous, or with wanting to be.

      • HannahDJA

        I don’t know how you possiblu misconstrued what I said but as someone who is in and only ever will be in a monogamous relationship, that’s not what I was saying at all. Lol.

        • Stephen Hutchison

          My reply was to the “hoe” thing. He’s not saying that, either.

          The second line was not to you, but others in the conversation stream. (I’ve seen it showing up once or twice elsewhere.)

  • Mersharr

    Ever heard of open relationships?

    • Kate G

      Of course he probably has, but not everyone is open to an open relationship. It could be the fact there are too many variables within an open relationship or the fact they are just rather serious people and take relationships seriously. Kyle tends to take his relationships – platonic and romantic – rather seriously, so it would not surprise me if he were preferred closed relationships (monogamy) over open relationships.

  • Sapfo

    Thank you Alex!!! Did have a great day even if it was not a Wednesday or Saturday 🙂

    • bronakopdin

      happy happy birthday 😀

    • I’m very glad to hear it, Sapfo. 🙂

    • D. G.

      Happy birthday Sapfo.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    A thought occurs:
    Okay, on the one hand, we’ve been getting a pretty good idea that Spooky isn’t the type of guy to be in a committed monogamous relationship. But on another hand, his use of the phrase, “Things get intense. It just seems to happen.” makes me wonder.
    We know from the Spooky Jones text stories that Commander has an intense erotic reaction to Spooky’s healing touch. This doesn’t seem to be a universal reaction, or even a particularly common reaction. But what if it’s common enough that some people are intensely attracted to Spooky because of it? And unlike Commander, most people aren’t telepaths who’ve trained to know their own mind and the minds of others. So in addition to gratitude for being rescued, plus Spooky’s charisma, a lot of people might end up with an erotic attraction as well – and that might explain these short, intense relationships Spooky seems to fall into.

    • Kate G

      Hmmmmmm, this is a thought.

    • An interesting theory, Saxon. 🙂

  • Kate G

    Here we are in the middle of a very serious and thoughtful conversation in the comic and I’m laughing my ass off because Bree is snoring so loud I swear Ohio could hear her. I’m trying so hard to wipe the grin and stop laughing so I can take this seriously like I’m supposed to. I wish I could take a video of this for you guys; y’all would be laughing with me. It’s beyond funny. Just when I thought I would have a quiet dog for once. – cackles – NOPE. She snores worse than Zena. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not!

    It’s interesting that Spooky seems genuinely surprised in those last two panels, almost like he didn’t expect for Kyle to know about the affairs he’s had when he goes off adventuring. It appears Kyle bringing back his soul allowed Kyle more access than we originally anticipated.

  • Saikkusukka

    Flip heck, this was way more mature of a convo than I thought. Both being completely honest, not trying to mask or hide anything.
    A lot of couples out there (fictional or otherwise) should take example of this!

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying this conversation. Writing the sex was fun, but it was very important to me that this part of the story felt real and compelling. These are the kind of interactions I’ve had in my life, and I don’t always see this in these kinds of stories.

      • Saikkusukka

        Exactly, the balance of erotic interaction and communication is extremely important and I love how it’s mended together so seamlessly. It also makes the saucy bits even better since you are reminded of who the people interacting like this are.
        Everyone deserves partner(s) like this, who can be vulnerable and open with you. The portrayal is very nicely done!

  • Palpad100 .

    So, Spooky can’t commit to one person? Is that it?

    • Klaus

      That would seem to be it. Or what Kyle thinks, at least.

  • Vaira

    What I think they should discuss now: are those flings just adrenaline-fueled results of stress, or honest, emotional involvements? I think the first one, nobody gets seriously attached in a week. So Spooky gets some actions and duly comes home. In that case there would be no danger to their relationship, because Spooky’s heart would stay with Kyle, only his penis would visit other places. And it’s unlikely he would catch an STD or impregnate someone with his heeling abilities, so… If Kyle is able to do an open relationship, he can try.

    • JozefAL

      Really? Considering the last time that Kyle got into what he thought was a relationship was with a guy who used him to open a portal to Hell, do you think Kyle would be ABLE to do an “open relationship?”

      Duncan did all the traditional romance and wooing you expect in the early stages of a relationship–even being “respectful” enough to refrain from sex–and I can’t imagine Kyle could possibly come from THAT completely able to say yes to an open relationship.

      The real problem that I see is there’s such a difference in “experience points” so to speak. Spooky’s admitted he’s had a number of different partners (short-term, presumably) but that’s still far more than Kyle’s had. If I were Kyle, I’m not sure I’d be ready to deal with a guy who–by his own admission–is liable to “hook up” with pretty much anyone at any time when I’m looking for something and someone more committed.

      Open relationships are usually (though not always) achieved when BOTH partners have been “around the block” a few times and feel a strong commitment to each other but accept that one or the other is likely to “stray.” I just can’t see Kyle being able to do this–at THIS point in his life.

      • Kate G

        Someone else mentioned an open relationship and this bothered me as well. I don’t think necessarily both parties have to “be seasoned” but I think it’s more your core personality. Kyle, while he has a very fun sense of humor, he takes his relationships very personally and seriously. This is in part due to his past before Duncan, but it’s also his personality. He’s very loyal. Open relationships have a sense of loyalty, but not total loyalty and that’s just not Kyle’s style. He chooses his friends above family he never knew about (complete loyalty to chosen family), so I just feel an open relationship hits too many of those things that leave a sour taste.

      • Vaira

        To be honest, I’m not sure how regular humans function when it comes to feelings. I’m rational to the core and don’t have unregognized feelings, mood swings or other non-explainable things, so I usualy just suggest what seems the best option and see if the other side likes it.

    • Raymond Saint-Pierre

      Using “heel(ing)” is a lovely Freudian trip!? Lol

      • Vaira

        Oops. I’m not native, so some things slip past me sometimes. Glad it played nicely 😉

  • Kit the Coyote

    Friendzone with privileges?

  • Nichelle Haliday

    The thing that interests me the most about Spooky’s answer is that it makes a lot of sense to me. A lot of the experiences we feel during intense situations like heart beating rapidly, time slowing down or speeding up, etc…are things we can also experience when falling in love. So it makes sense that during these hectic times, two people who are involved in them may assume that they’re also falling in love when it’s mainly a reaction to the situation. And if those are the main relationships Spooky has been in, maybe Kyle’s right to be concerned.

  • Maybe things would go differently if Spooky was already in a relationship before those saving people missions?

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Personally, I think Kyle is right to “keep his distance”, because the last thing he needs is to be in a situation where his thoughts turn to things like “That was awesome, but was he thinking of me when he did that or was he thinking of someone else?”. My “first time” was strange , in that way……the guy insisted on doing the deed with the lights off….thus ….looking back…..I’m thinking… my mind ,he was making love to whoever was in his fantasy at the time… body was just a vessel for that and the last thing he wanted was to have to feel guilty.

    • Auntie Mumpsimus


    • Kate G

      Why do I even bother liking the Starfighter page when I have Doki as a reliable alarm system for updates?

    • D. G.

      Thanks again doki.

  • Brigid42

    Bond. Spooky Bond.

    Come on, I couldn’t have been the only one thinking that!

  • Jason Moon

    As Tsunami once said, “Apparently, EVERYONE wants to sleep with Spooky.” (He was mocking the fact the team had all confessed to an attraction to Spooky and I am NOT looking up the page)

    • Klaus

      At the time, only Amanda had admitted being attracted to Spooky.

  • De’y

    It’s been a while since I’ve commented but I’m still loving every page.I love seeing them together but I’m not sure if they’ll work out good as a couple.

    • Thank you, De’y! So glad to hear you’re enjoying our work! 🙂

  • Snorlaxation

    And THAT’S a good reason, too!
    I didn’t even consider that (possibly because I didn’t know about it).
    Kyle probably wouldn’t be okay with that stuff happening, but knows that Spooky enjoys getting lost in the passion.
    Kyle doesn’t want to share.

  • D. G.

    While I am enjoying the conversation, I’m a lil disappointed that Spookys sexual needs are not being addressed. I wanted the pleasure of their first experience to be mutual. But this could just be a conversational delay.

  • davefragments

    Hello Campers…

    I had a thought. A “what if?”
    What if Spooky, like Kyle, is a child of the “other world?” That is, half demon and half human?

    • Well, any parentage could be possible with Spooky, as unless it was mentioned neither in the comics or in the blurbs under the pages, I don’t think Spooky’s parents where ever mentioned in a definitive way.

      • davefragments

        I couldn’t find any info ob Spooky’s parents

  • davefragments

    I had a goofy day – – – – It rained all day, light, wet, drizzle
    An inquisitive friend who I had to teach how coals are ranked and how energy is sold in the USA,
    all sorts of strange news stories – some of which just make me want to hide in my closet and whimper softly because they are too ludicrous for real life,
    I had a wire rack installed under my kitchen sink so I didn’t have a total mess under there. It had to be assembled in place because of the water pipes. That was fun with a klutz who doesn’t read directions.

    And now, the dessert, the cherry on top the cheesecake, the sparkling firework above my celebration of crazy — page 33 —

  • ‘Morning from Denmark. Slept like a rock and had a hard time waking – and making my brain work so I spell the right words xD

    My horrible sore throat seems to be over (thank gawd). Had last day on penicilin yestetday, but I’m still coughing some, my chest is sore, and have a runny nose at times. This and the ‘usual’ attack of tinnitus when I get a bad cold, it feels like nothing compared to the throat.

    • davefragments

      I’m happy to hear the you are getting better

      • Looking forward to this being all over, and hope it’s the last cold of any kind for a while!

    • I’m sorry this has been such a bad illness, Danish, but I’m glad you’re starting to feel better.

      • Thank you. This year has been rough on my body, one thing after another.

  • davefragments

    Patreon Rumbles

  • davefragments
  • William Clapie

    Saw the new page up. Eeeek! Is Kyle going too intellectual for his budding relationship with Spooky? PS> An Aside note for Alex. Thanks for putting up with me.