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The Young Protectors: Legendary Chapter One—Page 28

98 Comments on The Young Protectors: Legendary Chapter One—Page 28


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So! Looks like Spooky has a great throwing arm. Like Kyle has a thing or two to get used to if he and Spooky are going to be doing this. And like not everyone on the team is on-board with what Kyle and Spooky just did.

Paul is one of Kyle’s two best friends. Could there be trouble in paradise?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀


  • Saxon_Brenton

    Well, there’s a plot twist.

  • davefragments

    Fascinating, they actually discussed Kyle’s ability to orgasm without fire. Not something that ever came up in any of my conversations with other guys.

    • Stephen Hutchison

      Do you have a fire-demon for a father? If not, you may not have inherited this. If you DO have a burning sensation whilst orgasming but not a demon father, you may want to see a doctor.

  • Mary Klemzak

    Cuddle time!

    Happy weekend, everybody!

    • davefragments

      have a good weekend

    • Saxon_Brenton


  • Brian Hopkins

    Very effective change of the expression on Spooky’s face when he goes “out of the moment” and talks about Paul.

  • Cman65

    Paul could be right Kyle is falling for Spooky

    • Kyle *has* a crush on Spooky. Laampros shared that with the whole team earlier.

  • TwilightDreamer

    uh oh….tension is coming….

  • LOL… I know this may not be all that funny, but I laughed. Well, Kyle’s sexlufe isn’t all that private anyway xD

  • bronakopdin

    As much as I like the fact they talk about it, I still wish there’d be more cuddling xD

    I get Paul though to be honest, this could have gone very wrong and if we think about the the “Kyle certainly likes Spooky, we are not completely sure about Spooky’s feelings” thing then there are a few things that might turn the wrong way >////< but I guess we all still remember Sameer so actually I am a little unsure how to even sort this in x'D I also wonder if this happens before or after that date!

    • This takes place after the first date with Sameer.

      • bronakopdin

        I like the “first” in that 🙂

  • Kate G

    Oh Paul, why do you always have to be a sour puss about Kyle’s dating and sex life? Lighten up, dude.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Perhaps not so much a sour puss as taking things too seriously. After all, this is (at least) the second time that Spooky and Paul have disagreed on how to help Kyle when Kyle had a problem, and both times Spooky has advocated the lighter touch with more human interaction.

      • Derkins

        And with Kyle’s gentle personality, tough love really isn’t what he needs. He needs someone like spooky, who he can be vulnerable around; so he can grow confidently from a place of strength support, and understanding – rather than fear and inhibition (which had a large place in his life up to now).

  • Nate

    “He shoots! He scores! And so does Spooky!” 😉

    I find it somewhat odd that Fluke, of all people, doesn’t want his best friend “getting lucky”. 😀

    (But I suspect that’s chapter 2, right Alex?)

  • I am unsure what to think on Paul. He reacted better than Tsu-Tsu did when he found out about Kyle’s orientation, but this is the second known time he has tried to interfere with things that will help his supposedly best friend. I am not amused Paul.

    • NoiseShaper

      Looks to me more like Paul doesn’t want his friend to hurt himself by falling too hard for Spooky. Paul is pretty relaxed about it otherwise.

      • Eh, so far it doesn’t seem he brought up his concerns with Kyle, only with Spooky. If he was really that concerned he would have talked to them both. I also think that Paul forgets that this is something Kyle had to do first in a safe environment before trying it out with a non-powered human. Kyle’s choices for a safe trail run are limited. Would Paul rather have to deal with a broken Kyle because he got busy with someone and they got burnt to ashes because Kyle didn’t make sure he could have sex safely first? Possible broken heart versus possible guilt from killing an innocent. I think I would take the broken heart.

        • NoiseShaper

          I think the next page will clear things up a bit there. But I don’t expect any serious issues between them.

    • Connor

      I definitely read it as Paul being over-protective of Kyle.

  • Saikkusukka

    I absolutely enjoy their relationship right now. They could keep the sex part of it intense and comfotrable at the same time, and go back to talking as friends right after. It’s such a breath of fresh air, I’ve never seen anything like this in other comics or such.

    • I’m glad you like that, Saikkusukka. It’s certainly something I’ve been wanting to see more of in the stories I read. 🙂

  • Jason Moon

    Just wait a few minutes. They will eventually be capable of more complicated thought.

  • Connor

    Wouldn’t have noticed Spooky’s magic disappearing arm if it hadn’t been pointed out. But now that I’ve seen it… I kind of don’t want it fixed.

  • Concerto

    I think I can understand Paul on this one. I juste hope Kyle will not be heartbroken. I personally like the idea of them together but spooky don’t look like he is in love with Kyle. :'(

    • I have a feeling that Spooky fights against being in love with anyone. He’s had multiple sex partners, and with some it’s been really intense, but never a long term relationship. I kinda think Spooky *do* like Kyle a lot. Maybe not in love just yet but like-like.
      Question may rather be if Spooky can/will try to incorporate a relationship into his independent/free life, not to mention a life where he is doing so many things outside of being a part of the YP team.

      Some people just don’t do well in relationships, either their personality and/or their (busy) lifestyle, or another reason.

      Personally I suck at realtionships. I like people and being amongst them (to a degree), but at same time I crave personal time. Can sometimes happily go days without seeing/talking to another person, where any possible contact can be via internet/phone. If I don’t get my needed alone-time, I withdraw from people, and I’m really bad at having to continously fit/plan my time to anyone elses. I get restless no matter how much I like the guy.

      • Klaus

        Maybe not only Kyle but also Spooky was looking for someone less vulnerable that your ordinary guy.

        • Good point. That may be a plus for Kyle.

      • An interesting analysis, Danish. And I think we’re going to learn more about Spooky in this regard in “Legendary.” 🙂

    • Gregory In Seattle

      I would be inclined to object because office romances can cause no end of problems. Kyle and Spooky work together, and lives hang on them being able to work well together without distraction.

  • Back to look at the page, after a short look this morning. Page is still comical to me.

    1) Spooky’s casual dismissal of the cloth after wiping Kyle off. No stickiness, and no staining the sheets, so who cares where it lands? That’s just funny.

    2) Probably my dark humor, but there’s just something comical to me that Paul and Spooky discussed this night ahead of this. Very first reaction (having just woken up) was laughing when I read last panel. As I said below, Kyle’s sexlife is so not private.

    Paul and Spooky is Kyle’s two best friends, and I know there’s more serious reasons behind them talking about this, but that they *did* is certainly something.. and them still helping Kyle. They just don’t always agree on how to do it. I think Paul is scared what the aftermath of this night will be, if Kyle and Spooky isn’t on same level about it – given that the whole team now knows that Kyle’s had emotions for Spooky for some time.
    I’ve been wondering how Spooky would handle that situation.

    • Kate G

      You know, I kind of giggled at that too before I went back and really thought about it (I’m the person who goes back and watches House, MD and still laughs at all the morbid jokes House makes though. – shrugs – House MD is life.)

    • Derkins

      They are both his best friends but it seems pretty clear that his relationship with spooky has been a lot more intimate, and since they’ve had some similar types of trauma, they relate to each other on a very deep level. Spooky ultimately knows Kyle better. They way the two friends reacted when they came to pick Kyle up after he was violated by Duncan is pretty indicative of that. Paul was making Kyle feel worse I think, while Spooky helped him actually cope with what had just happened. They both meant well of course.

      • Nice analysis here too, Derkins. Fun for me to read. 🙂

    • I am pleased you got the AlexHumor of the tossed cloth. (It’s also very Spooky.) I was wondering if someone would mention it.

  • Gregory In Seattle

    I want to say that I appreciate that Spooky is a bit on the husky side, he looks like a normal guy rather than a porn actor or gym rat. Representation matters.

  • Klaus

    But scene is set in Spooky’s office. This bedroom is part of his office suite, according to the script for page one.

  • Brad Majors

    I just started reading The Young Protectors a few days ago. Now I’m all caught up, and I’ve come to realize just how spoiled I was, being able to binge-read up to this point :'(

    • Klaus

      Welcome to the comments section.

    • Welcome to the comic and comments 🙂

      ..and yeah. Now it’s waiting for the new pages. Luckily it’s twice a week. If you’re around there’s ‘camping’ here in the comments before every new page. Pages are up during tues- and friday evenings in Alex’s timezone (EST).
      Otherwise we’re around all week too.

    • Welcome! Please feel free to join us for camping while we wait for new pages to upload! ^_^

    • Brad Majors

      Thanks so much for the warm welcome! I look forward to joining this awesome community.

    • Derkins

      lol at least you got to enjoy it! I started reading this comic when Kyle was fighting with Anni outside the gay bar! First scene!

      • I came in when they were talking with Laampros in his home.

    • Welcome, Brad! The new page will be up in just a bit. 🙂

      • Brad Majors

        Thanks, Alex! It’s an exciting phenomenon to be interacting directly with a creator whose work I greatly admire (*^_^*)

  • Stephen Hutchison

    Too late, Formerly Silver-Haired NotReallyOld Man was Kyle’s first.

  • Stephen Hutchison

    People. If Paul thinks this was a bad idea, and his power is based on luck and the balance between good and bad luck, and he trades the really BAD things that happen to him and his friends to get the good things to happen…

    That might mean that this is an immensely good thing for Kyle. Which might mean that Paul’s power won’t be able to do GOOD things for him, but might instead try to balance things out.

  • Paul is absolutely straight… plus what Stephen said.

  • John

    Ooh, I wonder why.

    Actually I don’t, I just wonder which one of a number of good reasons he used to justify his position

  • nwavincep

    Just want to say, Alex…. I appreciate that Spooky is depicted as a not-so-perfect physique…. so, Thank you!

    • You’re welcome, nwavincep. Showing that different body types can be beautiful is important to me. Glad you like that too.

  • Snorlaxation

    There are a few valid reasons why.
    Having sex can already lead to so much confusion on it’s own, nevermind sex between friends, let alone friends with potential romantic chemistry, and that’s not even taking into account Kyle’s lack of confidence or possibly ability to fully control himself with your average guy, and even THEN there’s the fact that Kyle was not that long ago taken advantage of by someone he came to trust….

    Basically that math word problem is full of tricky landmines, but i think conversation and honesty is the best way to navigate themselves through this.

  • Derkins

    I find it interesting that it was even discussed with Paul. I kinda assumed this would be a pretty private thing that was going on.

    • Squishy

      Well, Paul told Kyle he didn’t think Spooky was a serious commitment sort of guy. He probably had a similar conversation with Spooky.

  • Derkins


  • Morgan

    Evening all! How are we tonight?

    • davefragments

      Resting quietly. How are you?

      • Morgan

        I’m well, baby’s asleep so I’m resting and enjoying the quiet.

        • davefragments

          One of the neighbor “boys” visiting with his 10 month old and his brother’s 5 year old daughter the other day. I had forgotten just how much attention to little ones require because the daughter made it around the house and to the back before I realized it.

  • D. G.

    Its so cute the way Kyle is blushing. I think it is a bit risky for them to be having sex with each other while both being on the team. I hope they can maintain focus when its time to be heroes. This could be why Paul was against it.

    • Kyle also has feelings for Spooky beyond friendship, and the whole team knows it.

      • D. G.


    • Madock345

      Maybe Paul is worried about what might happen to him if Kyle gets *this* lucky. He should be on the lookout for falling meteors

  • davefragments

    I like these man-to-man conversations between them. They sound real to me and much better than I did at that age and even though college.

  • After Danish Region- and Commune election day yesterday, and me being up way to long last night to follow the results, I am ready for camp – tired but in a good mood 🙂

    • davefragments

      Our local elections were Nov 7.

      added: I should say “my” instead of “our”

      • In Denmark there’s elections for all 98 communes, and the 5 regions they sort under, on the same day.
        When the result are in, the number of mandidate seats that a party get in each commune is sorted out. We have several parties and some of them only made seats in one or a few communes. When mandates are sorted out, it is decided who is now mayor, vice mayor and more. We have more parties, but they’re still devided in two political sides: left (usually red) and right (usually blue or green). Which side gets majority in total usually decides the mayor of the commune. Choice is usually top candidate of the biggest party of the winning side. Usually, but not always. There’s been surprise ‘coups’ a few times.

        Several communes switched color to red this time, or stayed red but got an even better election than last time in *many* communes.

        • davefragments

          We elected state judges, township council and county officials. Next November will be Congressional elections and many of the elected officials in Pennsylvania State.
          I’m not sure if PA has a national Senate election because those are every six years and staggered so the entire Senate doesn’t get selected all at once.

          • I wonder if this election could be a hint to the Danish national election next time, a lot of local politics going (some places much-) more red, though much can happen again within the next two years. Currently our government is blue.

          • davefragments

            I’ve given up trying to figure out “hints” to the national election. That’s why I went back to writing stories and posting them.

          • Heh! Speaking of coups. This seems to have just happened in one commune. One elected candidate switched side in the middle of the night’s negotioations, in who they supported as mayor. He heard a quarrel between who was to be the new mayor, and other mandates in the new blue majority, thought *F that*, and switched his vote to the candidate on the red side.
            Means that the previous mayor, who last night thought he lost his job for sure, suddently found himself re-elected mayor in the commune. Slap in the face for the guy who got to be new mayor for a few hours xD

          • davefragments

            I’ve got a few stories like that.
            sort of poetic justice …
            or being foisted on their own petard

    • Madock345

      I won’t even try to understand danish politics, I can’t even make sense of my own country’s. But did you like the results?

      • For my own commune, very much, and over all pretty good too. Even in many communes that stayed blue, their majority shrunk from before. And a party I really don’t support got a worse election in 70 out of 98 communes.

        • Madock345

          Well I’m glad you’re happy and that things seem to be going well somewhere in the world. 🙂

  • davefragments

    HBO’s new movie was “The Great Wall.” It’s an OK movie just unbelievable and rather culturally stupid about China in the years before Marco Polo visited.

    • Only seen trailer. Made me skip movie.

      • davefragments

        I decided that tonight I would watch the old movie “Fantastic Voyage.” I have better memories about it. A case where reality disappoints.

    • Bei Dawei

      What was unbelievable about it? Was it the dragons?

      • davefragments

        The characters seemed off to me.

    • Madock345

      I remember that movie, some friends and I went and got asked to move because we were laughing so hard. It was so silly while somehow taking itself so seriously.

      • Bei Dawei

        Unlike, say, “10,000 BC,” which won acclaim from historians for its recreation of the building of the Great Pyramid by wooly mammoths.

        • Madock345

          That sounds amazing. Definitely adding it to the bad movie night list

      • davefragments

        It’s enjoyable but some of the scenes are laugh worthy and just plain not altogether inspiring.

        • Madock345

          The idea of weaponized bungie cords by itself could be a comedy sketch. Then you have the jumpers be dressed like elf cosplayers, have them be totally ineffective and suffer massive casualties, and then just keep doing that several more times for no particular reason.

          As someone who enjoys watching bad movies, that one is really something special.

          • davefragments

            Oh yes, and didn’t that General wear a really tight uniform that showed off her breasts and girlie figure?
            It’s a wonder that the Chinese didn’t invent high heels with gunpowder.

  • Michael

    Good afternoon all. Am I in time for camping still?

  • davefragments

    Patreon Rumbles

  • davefragments

    New Page is Up:

    {hint and tease: Naughty boy, naughty boy!}