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The Young Protectors: Legendary Chapter One—Page 20

83 Comments on The Young Protectors: Legendary Chapter One—Page 20

Yeah, it is!

Uncensored (and extra-sexy!) version of this page available for $5+ Patrons here. 🙂

And over on the Patreon Page, the Patrons made their choice of which of the panels they wanted turned into a special pin-up: and they chose Page 16, Panel 1!

It’s just Spooky having a good time. But it’s a really good time. $5+ Patrons get to download a wallpaper of this pin-up for their desktop computer immediately. $10+ Patrons will be sent a high-res version with well over twice the resolution on the 10th of November.

I wonder what Panel the Patrons will pick next?

So! This isn’t Spooky’s first rodeo. But even though Kyle’s a rookie, it seems he’s a natural. (Or, at least, Spooky likes how Kyle performs in the ring.) But it can’t all be kisses and sixty-nines, right? What’s next for these two?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

  • Yes he is learning fast.

  • Weeee!

  • Bei Dawei

    Confucius say: Blow job makes your day, but anal sex makes your hole weak.

  • davefragments

    “too much teeth” now that’s an common remark for beginners

    • davefragments

      Of course, In the Broadway play version of DRACULA (the 1977 revival) staring Frank Langella played Dracula as ultimately sexy and had women swooning all over Broadway and 42nd street every night for three years.

      They never said that he had too much teeth.

  • davefragments

    I really like Panel 4

  • For the censoring: Kyle’s penis in panel 1, and in last panel they have returned to doing a 69.

    • D. G.

      Thanks Danish.

  • Zephyr10101

    Ah memories

  • fujoshifanatic

    Can I just say how adorable panel 3 is? Between what Kyle is saying, and his facial expression, I was taken right back to freshman year in college. Ah, good times! Kyle has so much ahead of him, and Spooky is the perfect person to start that journey and explore with him!

  • davefragments

    I’m falling asleep. See y’all tomorrow.

  • They are so adorable. ^_^

    • Jeff Baker

      I agree!

  • bronakopdin

    I really love the kiss x3

    • D. G.

      I do too.

  • I also love watching Spooky, but every time I see one of these last pages, I can’t help smiling from Kyle’s enthusiam and joy.

    This is not the insecure Kyle, who jumped at the opportunity to be with the first man he shared his secret with, the first man who showed him attention. This is not (let’s face it) ‘desperate’ and vunerable Kyle who wanted love and intimacy.. and to have an orgasmic release and sex!!
    (I still believe that is why Kyle was so easily seduced)

    I know he had a good time with Duncan too -up to the point where it all literally went to hell- but that was more insecure and ‘following’ Kyle. This is a Kyle with bigger confidence, a Kyle who takes more initiative, an exploring Kyle who’s now ‘out’ and eager to learn and have a good time. He’s Spooky’s equal here for a lack of a better word.

    This is a happy Kyle.

    • Michael

      Well said.

  • Trisha

    Maybe Kyle’s just naturally hot…you know, because he’s a demon. XD

    • He does run hotter than usual. We were told that earlier 🙂

  • unknownlight927

    These sex scenes have been incredible and I can’t wait to see more, although part of me wants it to be over because I want to see where the two go from here. Kyle clearly had romantic feelings at first, but shoved those feelings aside to go along with Spookys “friends can have great sex” scenario. It would be interesting if Kyle gets comfortable with “friends with benefits” only for Spooky to start falling in love. That would make a great twist!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Geneva150

    I can’t get over the art style, it’s nit picky I know, but they look sooo young. It kinda weirds me out…

    • Laur Annie

      No, I feel the same. Doesn’t even feel like canon, right? I have to close my eyes after every page and try to reimagine what it would look like with their usual selves, just to try and convince myself this is really them and really happening.

      • Adam Black

        I agree, But Im not sure why.

        Do you think the script or the backgrounds somehow support the Naive View ?

        I tried to picture some of Adams differnt older looking style, and I still didnt feel as connected.

    • Kate G

      @laurannie:disqus @Geneva150:disqus, it’s one chapter. I just want you to think about something; all of the people who work on this comic do look at these comments on every single page. I want you to think of how Julie must feel right now considering how on every, single page she has gotten comments like yours. Comments about how they all want Adam back, how they dislike the art, how it’s not canon, et cetera.

      Both of her works (Truth or Dare and Interlude 2) are both canon. This is canon. Think of how hurt she must feel. This whole arc didn’t have to happen, but Alex listened to us despite how uncomfortable this still makes him feel. He chose an artist that makes him comfortable while Adam took a break and yet you bite the exact hand that is feeding you by complaining about a choice he made.

      • Geneva150

        Artists are (or at least should be) used to criticism. I’m an artist and a writer, I get criticism also, it’s part of what happens when you chose to put your work out in a public space.
        I didn’t say the work was trash, I just said I wasn’t a fan. Art is subjective, people will have opinions about it.

        • Kate G

          Well, that wasn’t quite what I was getting to, so I’ll make it a little more simple.

          I’ll break it down: there is two kinds of criticism – constructive criticism and destructive criticism. Constructive points out faults and offers practical advice
          without attacking the person. It aims to help improve
          quality. For example: “I think your art is beautiful, but your characters look a little young for the ages you said they were. Elongating their lines will improve the art dramatically.”

          Destructive criticism aims only to point out faults and attacks a person directly. It is aimed to show a person has no worth or validation and aims to hurt other people’s feelings. For example, “I can’t get over the art style because they look so young.”

          As with anything here in the Wolf Pack, we desire respect between ourselves and to Alex, Veronica and to whomever our artist may be, whether it’s Adam or Julie. This means using constructive criticism language. It’s fine if you don’t like something, we all have that right here, but then you must be constructive about it. That’s part of the comment policy — be respectful.

          • Adam Black

            @laurannie:disqus @Geneva150:disqus @KateandZena:disqus

            In all seriousness, Kate, under the standards you just set, How is your criticism of @Geneva150 and @Lau
            “Constructive” and Not destructive?

            “I can’t get over the art style because they look so young” is an honest opinion about Genevas personal feelings.

            I honestly dont believe there is a way to phrase this that wont be condemned.

            Geneva150 did Not make any ad-hominem arguments. ( at least that I see here ) .

            Under this standard, readers Must be full time professional artist coaches, which strikes me as ridiculous.

            For example, the Idea that Joe Nobody or myself is Going to teach Julie or Adam how to do art strikes me as absurd and a way to shut down all criticism.
            ( Please Nobody do that!! ) .

            Do you honestly believe Julie expects to be taught how to do her job by casual readers ?

            But If you personally posses such artistic coach talents I definitely bow to your skills. I cant do that. I can neither coach how to draw, nor draw freehand professionally.

            For the record I thought Truth or Dare and Interlude 2 were Great! I loved them both.

            BUt none of the characters looked criminally underage and were having sex. If readers keep saying “X character looks drawn underage and that makes me uncomfortable” that is to that degree, a fact.

            A numbers of readers, myself included said Kyle looked drawn 13-15 in the Opening panels.
            I think this has Improved a lot , since he disrobed.

            ( Although Adams style isnt necessarily perfect either. I think Julies
            Depiction of Mitt is much more age accurate. And Adams while very sexy,
            makes him look 20 ish and OK to sexualize. )

            But for some reason I’m also having trouble seeing This Kyle as the same character that just ended Engaging The Enemy.

            I feel like he is a lot more Naiive and innocent, and thats effecting my ability to connect with the character.
            Its almost like this takes place Before He was with Duncan ( which is why my brain is rejecting it )

            I dont know if the drawing style is effecting my viewing of the Dialogue and script, or both are different.

            I personally Value that other members of the Wolfpack are allowed to different opinions without unnecessarily shaming them.

            But Ive read every online public comic that Alex has posted on Young Protectors ( over almost a decade ) and this is literally the first time My Brain cant make it real.

            If other people who disagree can invent a headcannon or headstyle that makes Legendary seem real to them, Then I’m jealous.

            The uncomfortable Truth is that Yaoi means “Boy LOve” and has a lot of problematic tropes, both in drawing and writing. Yet for the most part Young Protectors until now skirted them.

            Ive been much less active recently as a reader and commenter because of these feelings of disconnection. But I feel hopeful when I see other readers have similar feelings. That means I’m not alone.

            As long Respectful dissent isnt shut down and marginalized there is a place for me to connect with other readers, even I am unable to relate to the current story.

            The Fandom laerned to respect Opposite views of Kyle/Duncan pairing, Im sure we can do the same here

          • Kate G

            @disqus_FidZAwLkzS:disqus I love ya, because sometimes you bring me down the peg I need nicely [and give me a good kick in the behind at the same time.] Coming from someone who is autistic and has that history of bullying [among other things], it just gets hard to differentiate after a while (especially with just text!), so thanks for whacking me upside the head.

            Can I give you an e-hug for gently reminding me for not being a Platinum Priestess?

          • Adam Black

            Well, I only do Full on Bear Hugs, the kind you don’t forget….

            ( The kind some people find weird. Nothing half hearted ).. I don’t a fake hugs.

            The Truth is in English in print , we are all a little Autistic. English is Radically isomorphic.

            The Tone and Intent of text is near impossible to properly decode. For anyone.

            We need about 100 new Marks just to properly express the tones and inflections of spoken English. I don’t even know all the words for them. But it’s intuitive.

            Granted you might not hear 100 plus on the spectrum, but you probably hear 30-80.
            ((I’m just guessing. Maybe you hear 500 and and it’s extra confusing guessing why people choose any particular one ))

            The more details a person hear the confusing it is when they flatten to 3.

            ((And No , **Guys on Scruff** I’m not going to learn emoji. If I wanted to learn a pictographic language I’d already know Mandarin….
            Guys on Scruff. Can’t you jerk me off without making me take an anthropology course. Is that a wolf or a Fox? Why are you posting Foxes….oh!!! I said it out loud.
            Fox You and these insider jokes as tests.. Why make crazy odd Cliquy tests, to hook up? Learn Phonics .
            What happened to the old Days when busting the “Dollar Bill test” got me to Front of the Foxline ?))

            We need a Yaoi comic on the Dollar Bill test!!
            You got lengths and Widths… separate the Boys from Menz… If the ends dont meet,
            It’s time for a greet.


          • Kate G

            Even then, emoji can be so difficult. I mean, we can’t even bloody agree what emojis mean! LOOK AT THIS! “International Language.” Puh. We, as human beings, are screwed on ever making a universal language. We might as well use Minionese.


      • Laur Annie

        I actually don’t dislike the art, it’s very cute on it’s own, and in general I would absolutely read a comic with this art style, it’s the dichotomy of styles that makes it hard for me get into the story. Not anyone’s problem but my own, though I don’t think I should be chastised for simply having a problem in the first place? I suppose your issue may be more with my expressing that negativity, à la Thumper the rabbit, than the negativity itself? In which case, I assure you, it won’t happen again.

        I’ve literally never commented on any of these comics before, even though I’ve been a long-time fan. Thank you for making my first experience with it a condescending public scolding! I will endeavor to be more positive, or at least more silent, in the future. If you’d like to continue this conversation, I’d much prefer we do so in private.

        • Kate G

          I wanted to apologize for being such a butt now that I am back home. I have a lot of problems interpreting text (or even words in life) and sometimes fly off the handle without fully stopping to think and fully understanding all of the ways it can be interpreted. This is a problem I am constantly and consistently working on thanks to people here and in life. It’s not an excuse for flying off the rail, but I should have asked what you meant.

          I’m very sorry and I hope you have fun here in the forums. It really is a fun and safe place to talk.

          • Laur Annie

            You were correct, and my original comment was inappropriate, though admittedly I did take exception to your tone… But I wasn’t being flip, it really won’t happen again. I got way too defensive way too quickly, and I apologize for that as well as being publicly negative in a space that really doesn’t need any of that. Hope there are no hard feelings.

          • Kate G

            Seriously, no hard feelings. Line drawn under the sand and everything. I do hope you stick around! We never did say welcome! It’s a tradition here! Welcome to the Wolf Pack comment thread! Grab popcorn, sit back and have fun!

    • Snorlaxation

      well, truth be told aren’t they kinda young anyway?

      • Kate G

        They are. Kyle is 18. That is, well…young. God, I never thought I’d see the day where I’d say that. HA HA HA. I distinctly remember saying as a 17-year-old, “But 18 is being an adult. I can do whatever the hell I want.” 28-year-old me (which is how old I am now), “Uh, no. You are way too young for that shit.” XD

        In a post-industrial world where 40 is the new 30, 18 is very, very young. They are drawn their age. In all its awkwardness (man, 18 was so awkward for me.)

        • Snorlaxation

          for some people, maybe even most, that’s very true. Other than some experiences like car accidents and insurance (and what dick bags they can be) my life hasn’t changed much since I was 18 (26 now). It really depends on what you’ve been through, and just what kind of attitude you have (i’ve met a few 20 years olds with a way of dealing with life’s hurdles that I totally envy).

          But wow, the average 18 year old just has no IDEA what’s in store, what life can be Like. It creates this desire in me to protect them from that oncoming ‘train’, while at the same time want to push them so they can better understand the pain of the impact.

          • Kate G

            See, I was a very jaded 11 year old. I had moved 11 times by 11, seen my dad deployed twice to two war zones, was thrown into mainstream school when I was 5 when I really wasn’t ready, I’ve had multiple life-threatening seizures…I was very jaded yet I was still pretty naive in many ways. I knew nothing about how to be authentic because of being in the military. I can deal with quite a bit, but being authentic was something I’ve really learned these past few years. I’ve been shedding all of those military skins.

            But so many youngins are so innocent. Like, no idea. XD Most have never been out of their own town and that completely boggles my mind.

          • Snorlaxation

            the biggest issues I dealt with were loneliness (lost a couple of friends and some family relationships were negatively affected by my being a gay dude), dealing with insurance companies and some serious pain from 3 different car accidents, and that’s pretty much it. I’m a pretty passive person, taking things as they come, but then worrying about them and anything oncoming related to them after. The experiences controlled by others really shape a lot of how we look and deal with the world long before we’re truly a part of it.

          • Kate G

            Oh yeam I dealt with lots of loneliness and I still have some issues that lots of children from the military deal with like abandonment. I was once a very passive person because that’s how the military says children should be – seen and not heard – and it’s very hard for me to understand and process things because of the autism so I’ve always been quite quiet (I’m actually partially mute.) Since I’ve started riding though, I’ve become quite vocal about certain things. I once told a mom during one of my NFP’s horse shows she’s not allowed to tell her daughter how to do things, even if she asks in the arena. I was so mad that she did this because it’s not fair to the other riders in the arena competing so I pulled up my boots and just gave it to her…nicely. My mom looked at me and said, “I have never seen you do that.”

            I was just peeved, okay? You don’t do that to other people.

            And don’t even get me started on insurance companies! I think we can all agree insurance companies are assholes.

  • D. G.

    Its nice to see them be comfortable in discussing what they are doing. Its sweet and honest. Nice work, Alex.

  • Nate

    “Is this a kissing book?”

    “I don’t mind so much.” 😉

  • Kate G

    I leave tomorrow (today? My head is in a tailspin.) So much to do. o.o

    GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Okay, let’s just focus on the beautiful human beings here. Breathe in. Breathe out. We’re okay. – screams and runs around house manically –

    • Klaus

      Good luck! And remember to enjoy the experience.

    • davefragments

      You’ll be OK. You’ll do good.

    • Good luck! Have fun! Stay safe!

    • Michael

      Good luck!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Deep breaths – you can do it!

  • davefragments

    I saw EQUUS at the Pittsburgh Public Theater yesterday. Very high drama onstage.

    And tonight, I’m camping out for page 21.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      My sister saw Daniel Radcliffe in that!

      • davefragments

        I’ve had PPT season tickets from 2003 and I don’t remember any nudity. It is basically a two person drama and a very intense drama at that.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          The nudity might depend on the production choices of the director, I’m guessing.

          • davefragments

            No. It’s in the original stage directions. I remove when it premiered in 1973 and the fuss it caused because Peter Firth, the first Alan Strang, was only 17 y/o at the time.

            When those six barn doors open at the back of the stage and the six “horses” appear, it’s all surreal and in the mind of Alan, who is mentally disturbed.

          • stickfigurefairytales


          • davefragments

            “Nugget” the stallion and his companions walked the edge of the stage several times
            and I have first row seats so they are arm’s length from me.

      • davefragments

        I checked, like the original, Radcliffe was only 17 or 18 y/o when he performed it. Just like Peter Firth. That is the age of the character in the play. It is the stunted and juvenile self-image and childish substitution of “Equus” in the image of God in the lead character’s mind that drives plot.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Hi everybody! Sorry I’ve been away for so long – it’s been a combination of being too tired to stay up for camping a lot, and issues with my house’s wireless connectivity being very spotty in my bedroom.

    But now I’ve got a signal booster, so hopefully I’ll be good from now on. It’s great to be back! I’ve missed you all!

    • davefragments

      Hi Stick,
      Yay signal booster. You were missed

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Thanks, Dave! It’s good to be back. 🙂

    • Good to see you back. Hope the connection booster works perfectly.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Thank you, Danish! Fingers crossed!

    • *snuggles with stick* Good to see you back.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Doki!!! *snuggles* It’s great to see you again!

        • Doki has been on and off sick and had a good sleeping schedule for a few days before it went all whack again.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Awww… *hugs* I hope you feel better soon and can get back on a good sleeping schedule. Being sick sucks.

          • I was going to bed at 7-8 at night, but I was at least sleeping uninterrupted all night.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Uninterrupted sleep is the best. I hope you get it again regularly!

  • Looking forward to what next page brings. I love how ‘playful’ they are and want to se what they come up with next.

    • davefragments

      Six panels with various expressions of pleasure?

    • Morning Danish!

  • Brrr… it’s storming here, and I can feel the draft of wind being pushed in through the vent-holes in this old house I live in (no to mention various cracks leading air around inside some walls). I love my apartment, but sometimes I’d love less ‘air conditioning’ xD

    • davefragments

      A blanket help?

    • Klaus

      Have you seen the weather forecast? Hurricane force wind gusts tonight.

      • Yup, and northern winds. I’m not home tonight, but that is going to be fuuun >.<

        • Klaus

          This weekend the political parties are putting up their posters for the election on the 21st. A collegue of min e is doing this. I hope he is not blown away.

  • davefragments

    Patreon Rumbles

    • Michael

      reading the script has only made me that much more excited for the page. I have a feeling this one will be memorable.

      • davefragments

        It’s a good one

        • Klaus

          Even though something got left out in panel two.

  • davefragments
  • Jason Moon

    One cannot stress enough the value of HANDS-ON practice in all things.