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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Title and Credits

129 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Title and Credits

“Engaging The Enemy” is a multi-chapter arc in the superhero comic The Young Protectors written and published by me, Alex Woolfson. Pencils are by Adam DeKraker and colors are by Veronica Gandini.

I very much hope you enjoy it!

Some navigation tips:

At the bottom of each comic, there is a navigation menu giving you the choice to go to the First, Previous, Next and Last pages. (Or if you’re feeling non-linear, there’s even a “Random” page option.) You can also click on the comic page itself to go directly to the next page (that’s what I like to do). And you can use the following keyboard commands:

  • Left Arrow: Previous Page
  • Right Arrow: Next Page
  • Shift + Left Arrow: First Page
  • Shift + Right Arrow: Last Page
  • Shift + Down Arrow: Random Page


If you particularly enjoy any of these pages and use Facebook, please click the Like button on that page. It’s useful to know what’s working and it helps me get the word out!
  • Woohoo! Superheroes! Okay, so the only super hero thing I’ve really dug was The Incredibles, which was really an espionage flick. Well, time to take a dive into the deep end of genre. 😀

    • I love The Incredibles to pieces myself. One of the few Blu-Rays I own actually. Great writing, great characters, great everything, actually. And you’re right—it was very much an espionage flick (and family life metaphor)—with super powers!

      • Ewout van Sabben

        I just hope they make Dash gay in the sequel…. One step for Disney, one giant step for Disney World!

  • Yay~ OMG YAY 😀

  • Mark Locy

    Hi Alex, what’s the posting schedule for this comic?

    • Aikka

      There was info about that under 84 page of Artifice 🙂

      It will be updated on Mondays, and when Artifice will end, it will be changed to Saturdays.

      • Mark Locy


  • Henrithe9th

    I this a new story? is it related to Artifice? I am an avid reader of the Artifice-comic, and got a mail on this comic 🙂 Is there a connection?


    • It is a new story! And it’s only relationship to Artifice is revealed on page two. 😉

      • Donald Burch

        A relationship I noticed immediately and fervently hope to see eventually.

  • Jenny Blue

    woooohoooo!!!! new comic!!!! yay!!! 

    • Yay! 😀

      • Jenny Blue

        no words to express my ecstatic-ness! 😀 EEEK!

  • Fabiana Nonato

    New comic made by Alex? 
    YAY! Let’s read! *crazy fujoshi face*
    I love superheroes! :B 

    • 😀

      • QuantumKid

         Dear Mr. Woolfson, please help me. I am poorly confused. What days does you’re lovely comic update? I can’t quite solve this baffle. Really sorry to bother you.

        • No bother. Saturdays are the regular update days and if the donation bar reaches $400 then the next page is posted early on Wednesday making two updates for that week. 🙂

          • QuantumKid

             Thank you, sir! 😀

  • ithilloke

    Yay! I love sequels!

  • AnyOtaku

    Yay! I’m sure that this comic will be amazing, so let’s see how is it!

  • -jumps- Even though Artifice is finished, I have this to look foreard to <3

    Thanks again Alex! <3

  • Leigh Nelson

    Random question, sorry, new to all this stuff. Are you still writing Tough as well?

    • Hey Leigh,

      There have been delays in the art of Chapter 3 that have kept me from being able to release it, they’ve been going on for a long time and they show no signs of changing. One way or the other, I will absolutely finish that chapter—and I would like to continue telling the story of Mike and Rob, as they are dear to my heart—but until further notice, the writing is on hold for Tough. :/ I’ll definitely make a lot of noise about it here and on my blog if that changes, though…

      • Leigh Nelson

        Hi Alex!

        Thanks for getting back to me, it’s always exciting getting feedback from an author you follow! I’ve actually never been into Yaoi before, but I saw the adds for Artifice and had to try it. Now yours are pretty much the only webcomics I read. I was really enjoying Tough, and I’m sorry to hear about the delays – I can’t imagine how frustrating that must be! I will definitely keep checking for news about Tough, I was just worried it was discontinued and I hadn’t heard.

        • Thanks, Leigh. I appreciate your understanding and I’m glad you’re enjoying the webcomics!

  • justwantalogin

    I’m a new reader too, just want to know when the regular uploads are? *.*

    • You’ll find the answer to that question and others in the FAQ above. 🙂

      (The short answer is Saturdays are the regular updates, but sometimes I will post pages up early on Wednesdays as well.)

  • Yay! More Alex stories!<3

  • Alex Woolfson. Once again averting stereotypes and proving that gay men can be charming, confused, shy, strong, intelligent, brave, nervous, masculine, and any number of other conditions, all at once. <3

  • Jill Wilson

    I like this comic. It’s fun and not predictable. Thank you!

  • ManicThrifts

    This has got to be about the eighth Friday in a row that I’ve re-read the whole comic in preparation for camping. 

  • This is really great. I can hardly wait for a new page. I found it tonight and I’m already hooked.

  • AlpineBob

    I’m not into yaoi, but I do like great characters and well-done stories, so I’ll be checking back.  One suggestion:
    If you ever update your site, the feature I would like most is a home page with the current comic on it. Most comics I follow do that.  It’s nice, since I can bookmark the home page and just check in whenever the comic updates and see it.

    • Howdy AlpineBob,

      Sorry for the late reply. Other folks have asked for that feature, but as a reader, I actually don’t care for that on other comics, because it almost guarantees a “spoiler” for me if I visit them and I have very strong feelings about spoilers. So that probably won’t happen.

      But I can see the advantage of having the bookmark. I have been looking into just having a Most Current Page link that folks could use, but so far, that’s been beyond the capabilities of my webcomic app. But someday…

      For right now, the fastest way to get to the most current page is to hit Shift-Right-Arrow on your keyboard once you land here. That will get you to the latest page very quickly. And many readers report that they like using one of my subscription options because a link to the most current page is sent directly to them at the time of update.

      Hope this helps!

      • Poppyjaz

        I always enjoy hitting the ‘latest page’ button.. It’s the ‘will it be there or wont it be there’ new page wait for me… lol Besides if I can’t read for a little bit, it’s like Alex mentioned it’s like a spoiler seeing the newer pages first.

  •  Very nice comics! I had  found this page today and it was amazing to
    read an original stoy about superheros! I hope the story don´t go by the
    easy way….I´m waiting for the new page!!!

    Ah, and the other story….WOW! VERY NICE!!!!

    • Thank you! 😀 (And don’t worry, I rarely go the easy way…)


    i googled ‘guitar hero yaoi’ and got a page of Artifice.

  • ARTIFICE just arrived today and I was surprised at that it was oversized. That makes the artwork stand out. the heavyweight paper makes for a great read. Good color rendition to the page. Good job on the book.

    • Thank you very much, Dave! I’m glad to hear that you like it! Thank you for letting me know! 😀

  • Doktor Bob

    Gay Super Heroes are awesome.
    I blow all my money on other projects but at least I will recommend this to my friends.

    • Thank you, Doktor. I’m glad to hear you like what I’m trying to do here! 🙂

  • dezree

    Alex have i told you yet today that i love you and your writing makes me believe the world has moral intelligent people in it again?
    PS i LOVE LOVE LOVE the questions this is leading into. *grins* what is good or bad anyway?

  • Guest

    Oh and FYI a few months back i got my Artifice book, loved it but the edges were a little banged up. The protective cardboard was about 2cm smaller than the book… you may want to ask your shipper to use sheets of cardboard in the envelopes that are greater than the size of the book for TYP when it ships…
    PS if i can cover all my bills with my next pay cheque i am SO backing TYP!

  • Poppyjaz

    I have noticed a lot of people suddenly popping up and mentioning that they have just discovered this comic; but are familiar with your other work. Did you start advertising somewhere new, to catch everyones attention?

    BTW.. I’d dying to see how Anni has his ‘lair’ decorated since it’s so warehouse on the inside. And if it is all romantic..will Kyle lament the fact that he’s probably about to incinerate it all? … heheehee

  • Dan

    This book was featured on for their Kickstarter progress. That is where I found out about it. Most likely a lot of others did as well

  • Stubbylegs

    I wish I had discovered this comic earlier- I’d totally have backed the Kickstarter if I had found out about this more than a few hours ago :/. Having said that, I love the comic and can’t wait to see where you take all the characters :).

  • .:.サスケ.:.

    Hey, Is it just me or does the red head, (I am horrible with names), remind anyone else of Wheeler from Captain Planet? *shot* Sorry but he just reminds me of him (way he looks) God, I’m such a nerd.

  • Sandra Monica

    … and … the phone rings.

  • Emiko

    I discovered this comic and your work, I believe it was off an ad on I’ve read Jeph Jacques’ comic for a couple years now and I noticed your ad that said “superhero, supervillain, it’s complicated” or something like that. 🙂 AND I AM SO GLAD I FOUND IT.

  • KryX

    I know I’m shallow but, the damn copy-write print palatially covers the
    perky little bit of Kyle I need to see. In times of great stress, I
    always turn to sex.

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  • Very glad to hear it! Thank you! 🙂

  • Guest

    bold italics stroked underlined

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  • Guest

    After what what happened when what what?? o_O Say what?

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  • You’re very welcome, Armando! Glad you’re enjoying them! 🙂

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  • LaKeisha Renee Harris

    I love this comic!!!! it so engaging I’m on edge!!!

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  • Saxon_Brenton

    So after thinking about Amanda’s “poisoned half” comment on the bus trip home, I’ll point out: (1) cute and ice-breaking, and (2) she is so lucky that she’s a telepath and is probably able to tell that Spooky has not had that trick played on him before. Because you just know that in some universe where Everything Went Wrong(tm) that some demon did give Spooky the poisoned half – either for coercion or just for the lulz – and Amanda’s comment (careless in that instance because she didn’t check) caused Spooky to completely freak out, in the process ruining any chance of getting him to co-operate.

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  • Jose Carlos

    wow I loved it, hope you can continue it. I’m so sorry I can’t donate some money for this project but believe me I would love to.

    • Thank you, Jose! I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying The Young Protectors! 🙂

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  • Lyle D Stafford

    I stumbled on this comic by doing a search for Bel Shamharoth, a Cthulhu related creature from British humor author Terry Pratchett… so I thought you would get a kick out of seeing that the comic comes up even obsurely referenced. BTW, I LOVED the character backstory. So many relationship or sex strips are dedicated solely to the act and don’t get the characters out there. Love it!

    • Ha! That’s awesome, Lyle! I wonder what the exact connect is between my work and Bel Shamharoth…

      Anyway, glad you’re liking the backstory! For me, the relationships and “the act” don’t have much appeal unless I feel like I really know the characters involved, so backstory is important to me. And, while I want the romance parts to be fun, my primary goal is to tell a compelling story, so expect to see a lot more of me “getting the characters out there.”

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. Hope to see you again here!

      • Lyle D Stafford

        >I wonder what the exact connect is between my work and Bel Shamharoth

        Alex, your penultimate sex scene has Duncan chanting some rite to summon the Demon… This includes the word ‘Cthulhu’ which is the inspiration creature behind Terry Pratchett’s Bel Shamharoth. 😛 It cane up for me on an image search in Google with safe mode off. 😀 I am so glad it did. I just finished reading your other comic as well. I can’t wait for more of your stuff, it’s wonderful!

        • Well, thank you for the explanation and the very kind words. Glad to have you with us! 🙂

  • redblisskid

    Hey Alex,

    I love reading your work, especially TYP, but one problem I have is that I like to wait a while between readings so that I get a good chunk of story all at once and when I do that, I have to scroll through the whole comic to get to where I left off. Is there a way to go right to a page or chapter? I don’t like to start at the end and go backwards, because then I’ll see the last pages before reading the previous ones. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

    • SofiaT

      Hi redblisskid!
      What I like to do is bookmark the latest page. I delete it and bookmark the next, when the comic updates, but it would work just as well for someone who likes to read in chunks.

      Alternatively, if you remember which was the last page you read, you can go straight to it through Archives (drop down menu above). Hope that helps!

      • redblisskid

        Thanks! I hadn’t noticed the drop down menu before! :/
        I always mean to do the bookmark thing but I never remember when I’m through.

        • SofiaT

          No worries! 🙂
          Hope you’ll join us for the update tomorrow!

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  • Skyjumper

    Hey Alex !
    Why is there no end fight and a happy ending?
    I was realy realy upseat as this comic didn’t go on:(
    I wanted to know if there comes more.
    It’s such a GOOD and wonderfull comic!
    Please answere!

    • Thank you for the compliments, Skyjumper. Not to worry, this comic isn’t over. In fact, it is still updating every week and tonight there will be another update!

      Hope this helps!

  • Oh yay another comic of yours I just discovered! Weeeee!

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  • You have that log for awesomeness! Thanks for sharing amazing web comics ..I so loved it!

  • Jeffrey Jacobson

    Oops! While we were talking they finished the ritual…

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  • bandanajack

    hey alex, that rendering of PP is spot on. excellent work. i like the idea, too, of offering different artists a chance to strut their stuff for an appreciative audience.

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  • Guest


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  • Philipp

    Hey Alex!

    I just purchased Artifice and TYP this past weekend at San Francisco ComicCon!
    Let me just tell you, I finished both in a couple of hours. I even read TYP more than once alread. I was hooked and could not put them down till I finished!
    I’m so glad to have stumbled upon your booth!
    I’m honored to add your books to my collection! I can’t wait to read more from you.

    Thank you,

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  • motordog

    I can see the Platinum Priestess now; watching this on her big crystal ball, reclining on a fainting couch and drinking a big glass of gin in one gulp before pouring herself another then muttering something about ‘meddling kids’…

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  • J_the_prodigal_son

    Hi love the comic been reading for a while just bever commented. I came by to see the new page and was pleasantly surprised to see the new cover page

    • Thank you, J! Yep, I’ve been meaning to do that for a while. Glad you like it!

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