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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Truth or Dare—Page 3

403 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Truth or Dare—Page 3

And how do you feel about that “two guys in bed… whole night… skin-to-skin” thought, Mitch?

(And, for my next burning question, could Spooky look any more adorable in that third panel?)

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So! Seems Fluke’s not the only one dying to know more about how Kyle and Spooky spend their nights together and now Kyle is getting asked questions. How will he respond? And what more could he possibly reveal to his friends?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

  • stickfigurefairytales

    “I dare you to prank call the Secretary of Defense!”

    • stickfigurefairytales

      (Totally changing the subject)

    • davefragments

      Congrats. Another blue bar just as I get ready to post.
      But Danish wasn’t far behind.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Thank you! 🙂 I admittedly cheated by having a comment ready to cut and paste ahead of time.

        • davefragments

          So did I but I seem to be a split second late.
          Each time.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I’ve been there before.

      • I would have been VERY dissapointed in you peoples’ hunting skills If I had gotten this one >.>
        I’m at my parents place and using this slow loading old-ish computer. It’s also set for Danish as main language so I’m having red lines all over my comments while I type + the spellchecker trying to correct Things (but I see most before posting). Always interesting, as in the annoying way.

        • HA WE FINALLY HAVE THE WOLF’S SECRET!!! Send her to her parents house if we expect to be first on the page. Mwwaaaaaahahahahahahahahah….. The truth at last!! 🙂

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Hooray for not being an utter disappointment! o/

  • davefragments

    I hope this is like discovering that your love is the Dread Pirate Roberts

    • Michael

      If you mean to equate Kyle to Buttercup, there’s a slight problem of anatomy.

      “There’s a shortage of perfect asses in the world” doesn’t quite jive in a potential suicide scene.

      • davefragments

        More like discovering that the fellow you thought was so vanilla turns into kinky fun.

  • That’s my Spooky 🙂

    Fanservice to the max.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Sharing a bed with somebody who’s wearing shoes sounds uncomfortable. As does wearing shoes to bed, actually.

    • Klaus

      They share a bed so that he will not need to keep his shoes on.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Oh, gotcha! I see that now.

  • DC

    Poor Paul gets the couch

    • Poor Paul is clearly no a guy comfy with touching his best friend… under the covers… at night. Amirite?

      • davefragments

        sounds right to me

        • Well on Patreon you can see Paul’s “first time card” and he’s soooooooo close to first base… but getting that lucky on his ‘first time’ will probably cause a volcano… so….

      • Adam Black

        It actually sounds a lot more suggestive because its “under the covers”

  • Ha! I knew it.

  • *giggles* I love you Mitch

  • I think he may like Spooky better than you Paul. Or maybe Paul snores.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      He kicks, that’s the problem.

      • Tosses and turns.

        • Michael

          Or maybe the problem is Kyle wanting to toss but not being able to?

        • Golly… you all talk like you know all about these issues?

          • These are issues to deal with during a sleepover.

          • True that! (well that and pizza!)

          • Mmmm, pizza.

            I stood and watched the pizzas for maybe 2-3mins yesterday when I got groceries, but I resisted. I will blame you all if I can’t resist next time!
            Evil, evil people.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Now I desperately want pizza too.

          • davefragments

            When I make pizza with remade shells, I coat each shell with olive oil, thyme, basil, oregano (or marjoram), a pinch of salt and a touch of pepper. Then I halfway bake it alone before I put the sauce and cheese on it. Makes the pizza crispy at the bottom.

          • *Whispers softly* Evil, evil people…

          • davefragments

            But well fed.

          • Tyler Griffin

            *ominous crowd chanting in the distance, but moving slowly, inevitably …closer*

            Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. Pizza…

          • Really really easy to make from scratch. And think of the left overs.

          • Dave is a bad bad man… who makes a damn fine pizza… clearly.

          • Seduction by PIZZA.

          • Do not resist the pizza. Pizza is easy to make at home. Real easy

          • Saxon_Brenton

            You’re a lot stronger than I am. After the mention of pizzas in Alex’s commentary on the previous page, I had a craving all the way home, so I stopped off and got one for dinner. It was like, I wasn’t even *looking* at them, and I still couldn’t resist.

          • RULE #1: DO NOT RESIST THE PIZZA!!!

          • davefragments

            Elbows, that’s one of the most disruptive things in sleeping togegther.

      • davefragments

        Sharp toenails or drools. Either is not pleasant.

    • Or Spooky asked.

  • syllibub

    Mitch looks so unbelievably adorable in Julie’s style, it’s fantastic. (All of them do, really, but Mitch is the standout with Kyle a close second.)

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I want to cuddle them all. And yes, Mitch is definitely the most adorable!

      • syllibub

        I want to smush in between Spooky and Amanda like “Sup, peeps. This is cozy. Don’t mind me, keep doing what you’re doing.”

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Casually putting an arm around both of their shoulders.

          • syllibub

            Oh yeah, that’s a given. “Oh, are we taking clothes off? I’m gonna get rid of this bra, then. No, don’t worry, I can do it without taking off my shirt!”

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Haha! Excellent.

          • (No Spooky honey leave those clasps alone, I’ll get that… it’s tricky)

          • purplefoxglove

            Chris, I really don’t think any of the women here would try to keep Spooky from fiddling around with their clothing, no matter how long it would take him to master any clasps 😉

          • I’m sure there’s a magic tentacle for that anyway… 🙂

          • purplefoxglove

            Shhh! Don’t reveal our secrets!

          • I’m not sure how experienced Spooky is with the ladies~ but being as perpetually suave as he is, I’d imagine he’d have no trouble with clasps at all, regardless of whether he’s undone them once or 100 times before 😛

          • Aaah, that is truly a great moment every day.

          • purplefoxglove

            That’d probably make someone’s brain explode 😉

        • HA! Perfect.

  • Michael

    Somebody looks interested…

    Also, Kyle is TOTALLY trying to hide a boner with his free arm.

    • Cydney Sabin

      Wouldn’t you in his position? I know I would.

      • Michael

        What do you mean, be interested, or have to hide a boner? Yes to both, anyway.

  • davefragments

    The Couch is always cold because of how the heat is distributed in any house.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      It sounds rather ominous when you capitalize The Couch like that.

      • Michael

        He’s on to us! Quick, fetch… The Comfy Chair! *dramatic organ music*

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Poke her with the Soft Pillows!

        • Tyler Griffin

          But don’t turn your back on The Ottoman,

          • Okay, now that really sounds scary…

          • Michael

            The Empire, or the furniture? Or the Furniture Empire?

          • Tyler Griffin

            The Empire of Furniture?

      • davefragments

        I didn’t intend anything just held the caps key too long.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Haha, I figured as much, but it’s still funny.

  • Why did I just know that Kyle knew about the Spooky-cold-touch-thing before the Veritas curse. I just did. He was shy last page of revealing what he thought were secrets. D’awwwwwwwwwwwww. And of, course what is a more acceptable reason — THAN HELL REASONS — to let his hero/friend touch him.

    Sometimes, when you are working your way out of the closet, just having male friends willing to touch you means more than anything in the world.

    • syllibub

      It’s pretty depressing how, at least in the U.S., even platonic physical contact between men is discouraged (unless it’s done in the spirit of roughhousing or some other ‘NO HOMO’ activity, never just touching because human contact is a nice thing). Not to mention the flak guys catch if they try being emotionally intimate with one another. It’s really awesome to see Spooky being so chill about it.

      • This is a fantastic article that our Admiral turned me on to about how homophobic fear has led to all men being punished by lack of human touch. It also talks about how heterosexual women are equally punished by having to deal with men who fear touch. It’s beautifully expressed…

        • syllibub

          Ooh, I’ve read this and it’s really insightful! Thanks for linking to it.

        • kuku

          It really struck me when I was in China 20 years ago, and rural east Africa about 10 years ago, that you seldom saw men and women touching each other in public but you would see 2 men or 2 women draped over each other’s shoulders or holding hands. I think it might have been accepted in part because actually being gay was unthinkable – but it was still nice to see that ease of what the article called platonic touch.

          • kuku

            And way back around 1979 -80 there was a male folksinger with a song with the refrain “It’s that old homophobia, in the locker room, in the gym, it’s that old homophobia, that keeps me from touching my friends.” Wish I could remember who sang it – Charlie Murphy? Fred Small?

          • Terri Sutton

            I found it, Homophobia by Geof Morgan.

            I found it here if you are interested.

          • kuku

            Oh yeah, Geof Morgan! Thank you, that was a great article. The song was on his album called “It Comes with the Plumbing.” There was another album out around then called “Walls to Roses, Songs of Changing Men,” with some great songs like “It’s a Gay Spirit” by Charlie Murphy and “When Will the Ignorance End” by Blackberri. It was the same time that lesbian-feminist music was a really powerful force for a lot of women coming out. And just before the AIDS epidemic hit.

          • Adam Black

            Actually that was the ‘peak’ of the HIV , and probably AIDS epidemic , in the United States .

            You had the highest infection rate, highest viral loads, lowest tcells counts with minimal deaths.

          • kuku

            In 1979? Do you mean more people were infected then, before it was at all reported? If so, I didn’t know that, and stand corrected. I was thinking of awareness of the disease, and awareness of deaths from it, which began a couple of years later.

          • I saw that same thing in Africa and India. It’s astonishing to see teenage boys hold hands and hang on each other and it’s not a gay thing AT ALL… it’s almost a gang thing. This is my buddy and he’s got my back so DON’T start. It is shocking to see though. To my western eyes, it looked so publicly easy/casual and gay.

            The public hand-holding left me green with envy, even knowing it wasn’t the same. It’s one of those things I’ve always wanted… to be able to do it without thinking twice.

            I remember being at gay-pride one year. At the after-festival and there were two adorbs YOUNG (18?) Latin gang boys, in full on huge white t-shirts, baggy jeans, the certain sneakers. Both cute as a bug’s ear and HOLDING HANDS in an almost aggressive way. You could see that this was probably the first time they’d EVER done this and you could see the whites of their eyes.

            I smiled (but I was so cheering them on inside). It was awesome.

      • Michael

        Agreed, it’s especially awkward for a grey-asexual, because everybody reads so much into an innocent gesture, assuming all sorts of things that simply aren’t there.

      • It’s kind of funny, I have guy friends that I’ve grown up with who have always been fairly touchy-feely and totally cool with it because they’re comfortable/confident in their (hetero)sexuality, and I’ve been the one uncomfortable with touching because of being insecure about my sexuality.

        I remember at a party once (a few years after high school and coming out and all), a friend was drunk and commenting on the fact I’d never been kissed before, and decided that he wanted to give me my first kiss. LOL well you can imagine how awkward that made me feel, especially in front of our other friends there. I tried to decline politely, making excuses, but he insisted, and did kiss me. Except it was like a peck on the lips, a grandma kiss, and the first thought that came to my mind was, “That’s it? That’s what I was trying to avoid? Sheesh, now I feel like a right fool”. XD Good times~

  • I don’t know why, but I’m having this feeling that Kyle hotter than normal (no, no double pun this time, just the body heat), and that his place might not be heated as much as needed.
    So poor Spooky will be so cold on that couch when he sleeps over. His own place must have quite a heat bill.

    Could be plausible, and/or I’m trying to come up with a good answer for Kyle 😉

    (as well as trying not to feel sad for Spooky when he’s sleeping alone.. since I can’t join him)

    • So does this mean that Spooky saves on his heating bill when Kyles sleeps over at his place? He implies Kyle sleeps in his bed when at his place.

      • Could be, could be.. or that is just something we leave out so it won’t be questioned much 😉

        • I am just imagining Spooky having the heat on even in the summer…or he just pretends that is A/C keeps breaking and blaming it on magic

      • Michael

        Maybe Kyle saves on air-con as well. Kyle must sleep hot, and with Spooky sleeping cold, the two would be perfectly balanced.

      • Danny

        Here’s a thought: How often does Spooky sleep alone? Under the assumption that the skin-touching perception of comfortable temperature isn’t limited to Kyle, I can’t help but wonder how many bedmates, platonic or otherwise, he has had since returning from Hell. And I’m sure he wouldn’t have too many difficulties finding willing volunteers, by the looks of the comments.

        So, in summary, his heating bill might not be as high as might be thought.

    • Kit the Coyote

      I’m laughing because I’m bouncing around an idea in my head for a Star Trek romance story involving a gay Vulcan. One of the ideas I have is to have him drop the double pun about Vulcans being hotter for exactly the same reasons, body temperature without realizing the possible other meaning.

  • Mary Klemzak

    Mitch is my baby. I’ve decided.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      You might have to fight Doki for him, though.

      • Mitch is Doki’s ^_^

        • Phyre Storm

          That’s it. I’m hosting this fight.

          Get both of your butts in the ring and 3…2…1…GO!

          • Mary Klemzak

            I’m a lover not a fighter. We can share?

          • Tyler Griffin

            Every Mitch has two sides, everyone gets cuddles

          • I get him for 6.5 days a week and you get him .5? ^_^ 😛

          • Mary Klemzak

            Uh how’s that fair? 3.5 or nothing. :p

          • LOL, I have no problems sharing Mitch, but who ever said it would be fair? LOL 5.5 and 1.5?

          • Mary Klemzak

            4 and 2, that way he can have a free day to himself to recover from two crazy fangirls.

          • I guess I could settle for only 4 days.

          • Doki is suffering allergy sickness and calls for Deimos to stand in for her.

          • Phyre Storm

            Just wait for Mary to get Praxis to fight for her…and didn’t I just write that?

          • Heh, but you won’t write this fight scene and Deimos will win.

    • Eve

      I know! He’s so adorable in the last panel, like a cute little plushie. I just want to give him a big squeeze.

  • Paul vs. Spooky’s bed situation: Somehow I think Spoky asked where Paul just went with the couch – or Spooky simply just put his things in the bedroom and acted like it was a set thing, and Kyle never felt like saying no to that, especially if Spooky mentioned being cold.

    Sheesh, why so many questions, Paul? It’s obvious!

    • Tyler Griffin

      You know, SPooky is totally the kind of person who just walks in and puts his stuff in the bedroom and asks, “Which side do you sleep on?” Just never even leaves it open for uncertainty

  • YangYueLan

    Its called HOLDING HANDS!!!!! Sheeeeeesh!

  • I do love Spooky’s expression in Panel 5. There is Kyle trying to pass it off as if no big deal, but Spooky’s like: no need to be embarrassed. Again, I do love how easy Spooky is with his affection.

    • davefragments

      Spooky is so open about this. I wonder if it is because they will all forget or I wonder if he just doesn’t care. After all, he was raised with demons chasing him or trying to do (let me be obscure) dirty deeds to him.
      It is an interesting choice.

      • Well, he does just glomp onto him after they pick him up the warehouse. He also just slung his arm around him in the warehouse too.

        Maybe Spooky made the choice to not let what happen to him affect how he acted. To hide from human touch. So I don’t think he actually cares?

        • davefragments

          I think Spooky is naturally touchy-feely and that is mostly taught out of guys when they turn into teens. He spent his teen years (or most of them) in a Hell dimension and didn’t get that “not touching” reinforcement.
          Alternately #2, he might actuallyy have made it with a demon or two and after that, guys are nothing special
          Alternately #3: he simply doesn’t care who see how he acts with anyone. It’s his actions and not theirs that concern him. It’s just the opposite of “what would the neighbors think”. . .

          • I like version one! But I also think it’s a bit of version three. I don’t think he worries what others think of him.

            Edit: Dammit, hit post too soon.

            I think that makes him what he is. What makes him so special. He’s not concerned with how people see him, but he is concerned about other people and how they are.

          • davefragments

            This won’t sound nice of me but once you perform toilet functions in a world of demons that might want to see that, who cares anymore what anyone would think?
            Got to be life-changing for a kid to experience that.

          • I just bet. Can’t care much after that.

          • Adam Black

            For all you know the demons were disgusted by a human body and demanded Spooky cover up.


          • Also thought to put this here. Chris shared it below. It really is a great article talking about the being taught not to touch and such…


          • davefragments


          • 🙂 Welcome!

          • Klaus

            That was one year, his first as a teen. But after that he worked as a witch hunter. Hardly a typical childhood.

          • purplefoxglove

            Alternately #4: He knows he’s super-famous and an uber-role model, resents the “no touching” rule, and sees it as his responsibility to show touching is OK. Goes hand in hand with him being naturally touchy-feely, because I think he’d not make body contact with anybody if he felt uncomfortable with it.

          • Hmmmm… I don’t know the proportions, but I read this and think “E = All of the above” in different amounts for sure (some way more than others).

            Even if we just focus on being 13 (for heavens sake), THIRTEEN and in hell for a year… that’s more than enough to give him an entirely different view on life … on existence even.

            Then he was amnesiac when he met Amanda (thank you all that’s holy) and he had to rebuild himself from all kinds of half remembered (or newly found) bits of things like Raymond Chandler and such things. All while being helped by Amanda to become whole again.

      • To your point, if anything would make you focus on what’s important in life… that experience could!

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Spooky is so gorgeous. *sighs*

  • Spooky is such a snuggle bunny. I don’t mind that one bit when it comes to him. I could even be a snuggle bunny with him all the time ^_^ *volunteers eagerly*

  • The initial adrenaline kick of a new page is slowing down, and my body tells me it’s time I go back to bed.
    Thank you, Alex and Julie, for yet another great page. I highly enjoy this bonus comic, and it’s so what’s needed after weeks, months, in horrible tension about what’s going down in the main comic. It couldnt have come at a better time.

    Now I bid you all a goodnight again from here.Oki, technically a good morning, but it won’t be morning in my head until after my nap.

    • I’m very glad you’re liking the Bonus Comic, Danish… and the timing. I figured y’all could use a little bit of fun at this point. 🙂

  • fujoshifanatic

    And the cavalcade of cuteness continues! Spooky looks adorbs in every panel he’s in, with panel three reminding me of the happiest Buddha statue ever (please no one take offense; I have the utmost respect for Buddha and his various depictions and I mean it as a compliment to compare Spooky to Buddha)! Kyle’s expression is also sweet; that little crooked smile speaks volumes about how much he cares for his cooly quirky friend. 🙂

    The second to last panel also has some lovely expressions by these two boys, with Kyle looking like he reeeaally just wants to change the subject and Spooky glancing over to make sure his friend is okay. I concur with the comment below that intimated Kyle might be casually trying to conceal some minor bonage. And can I say that I find Spooky’s pit plumage to be oh-so-sexy? Rawr! 😛

    And once again, you have murdered me with the lethal dose of cutage

    • Michael

      Fun fact: “Happy Buddha” isn’t Buddha at all, but Budai, a deity from traditional Chinese folklore.

      Regardless, I agree that the expressions in this comic (not just this side-story, but the comic as a whole as well) are just amazing. It’s incredible how much emotional subtlety and nuance the artists can express in these characters.

  • Phyre Storm

    Mitch, buddy, you do realize your obvious interest in this matter is just setting you up for someone to ask “Are you into guys?” when it’s your turn, right?
    And Spooky, you’re a total cutie, but getcher armpit outta Kyle’s face. That’s gross.

    • Not a fan of armpits I take it? Does make you hope he used deodorant though. If not, I so do not envy Amanda.

      • I hope she does also! But, then again, I’ll bet Spooky has a bottle-spell to take care of stinky people.

        • unwashed male has a distinctive unpleasant odor to my nose, sweaty unwashed male (by unwashed I mean days or weeks since last shower) is akin to wet dog in unpleasantness to my nose. Considering how badly I handle unwashed dog…

          • Okay perhaps you should re-read your post. I’d suggest that the issue isn’t male. Nor, conversely, would it be female. Nor wet dog. All possible, but not really the issue, in and among themselves…

            I would suggest the ISSUE is where you suggest, “(by unwashed I mean days or weeks since last shower)”

            I can’t really think of many beings (including unwashed Kontari), with whom I’d want to snuggle, if they were unwashed for days and/or weeks.

            Just a thought… 🙂

          • It is unfortunately a smell that I smell too often thanks to my brother, and I sometimes catch it on the guys I am seeing. Completely ruins the mood yeah?

          • Phyre Storm

            Ewwwwwwww! FFS, have you two seriously been talking about armpits ALL NIGHT?

            You’re both yucky poopy heads! D:<

            *hides in a corner with Tsunami*

          • And liking Praxis is better? 😛

          • All right and with that I am closing this thread. Joking, teasing, or not, I’m asking everyone to move on from this.

          • Phyre Storm

            Wow, really? I know it’s silly, but we ARE just kidding. 😐

          • Yep, really. In my experience, name calling, even in fun, leads to things that become a lot less fun in the comments. Often involving commenters who were not in on the original joke.

            My comment policy is here:


            Whether you think this is an over-reaction on my part or not, I am asking everyone to move on now.

          • Sorry Alex, I just automatically responded to her like I always do when we talk.

          • It’s no problem, Doki. I know y’all were just having fun with each other. Thank you for understanding. 🙂

          • Phyre Storm

            Yeah, of course, because everything is always my fucking fault.

            Yeah. OK. Sorry. Done.

          • *hugs*

          • Phyre Storm


          • I’m teasing (a little). My younger bro was a Marine. He dropped off copters into the jungles of Laos looking for MIAs and all that. Days without showers. (I couldn’t do it for a minute).

            What’s funny is that now he’s a dad (you know, with kids) and mostly normal (ahahaha, yes I tease him as a big brother should).

            Still, me and my man, regular showers, deodorant and occasionally some decent cologne… and his kids honestly say, “DAD… why can’t you smell good like our Uncles?”

            Heeeeeeee…. oh lord he gives me grief for that. I just remind him that, apparently, HE IS THE STINKY YOUNGER BROTHER.

            One day your brother will want to smell nice for someone too. OH AND TELL the guys you are seeing that the DOKI requires the clean!!! Good guys will tidy it up for a lady or you need to toss them back in the ocean. 🙂

            Dads! Boyfriends! Straight guys! HA!

    • As a fan of a really attractive armpit, a clean one, attached to someone I like, with a nice bicep and shoulder on one end of it, and a great torso on the other end… well I think Spooky’s armpit is just swell.

      My head canon says it’s clean, adorbs and smells slightly like Irish Spring. IMHO most body parts appeal to someone. Nice calves, great hands, the back of Kyle’s (ooops, I mean someone’s) neck. So, I think most of the time when one gets all ‘Ewwwwwwww’ about a certain body part, it just means one hasn’t found that particular body part connected to a person that they just can’t resist… yet… After that happens, desires and attractions can change.

      But to each his own. I’d have NO PROBLEM cuddling up under Spooky’s arm. That’s a mighty cute pit in my book. But, hey, that’s just me.

      • Klaus

        They come just from a battle and has not had time to change.


          (Mmmm… Irish Spring…)

          • Klaus

            According to the story Demons, Spooky always smells good.

          • Erm…….. YEP, that’s what I meant to say. Thank you!

  • SleepingDragon

    I kinda wonder about Amanda here. The way Paul is teasing the guys isn’t really, you know, uncommon between teenage boys, especially if they know each other well*. Is she just being the mature person here, protective of Spooky (on the one hand they have some history and she knows him at his most vulnerable, on the other he hardly seems to be one to let such a thing phase him) or… does she know that Kyle has this whole closet problem and starts to feel increasingly uneasy and defensive about the direction this is heading (even though the thing between him and Spooks is, I’m pretty sure, entirely nonsexual)? She could be just a good judge of character and with the hero telepaths I’m kinda used to the Prof X standard of not invading people’s privacy but…

    *I’d like to NOT start a heated debate about the homo-teasing issue if possible.

    • Samurai Jack

      Purely speculation, but we’re seeing the same thing that we’re seeing play out this week in X-Men. It must be hard for Kyle not to think about his secret, and it’s probably hard for Amanda not to read his mind, given the highly emotional nature of the subject. If anything, she’s protecting the boys from Gordon…

      • Funny, I just kept thinking Gordon is sulking. So it made me wonder what he’s afraid of being asked.

        • Adam Black

          I think we all want him cut down a little.

          At this point I’m expecting him to be a villain in a future story.

          • See… I’m the opposite. I’m expecting that we’ll find Gordon is getting over his own trauma. I know a guy I thought was homophobic for a long time (okay a couple of years), but the truth was that he was abused by a neighbor… When he got over it all, he realized he WAS gay and that the abuse was nothing but damage he had to work out.

            It was sad… so I’m projecting that all over Gordon. However I don’t ‘feel’ like he’s gay, just that he’s got “ISSUES”.

            We shall see. Ha.

          • Adam Black

            I agree , he has “issues” .

            He’s also in a half-way house to prevent him turning villain. ( or is he? He is a Guardian after all?.
            Well he was rejected by other teams so he must have issues )

            So all of his attitude might be foreshadowing.

            When he finds out Mitch is gay I think it will drive a wedge between him and the rest of the team.

            He is also likely to be resentful to any negative result for going into combat, when he was against it, and blame Amanda.

            I dont think he will take responsibility for his failure in combat to secure Duncan.

            I think hes likely to blame spooky.

            or Blame Amanda for having Flyboy patrol which put spooky in that position.

    • Tyler Griffin

      I guess that I just assumed that she knows all about pretty much all of it. From the profile information that she has available to her from the military, to the odd really strong emotion or thought that she catches unintentionally just being around the guys, to things she has learned, or guessed based on factoids picked up during times that she was in their head with their consent, to things they have just confided in her over time. I was reading her hesitation as protectiveness all along.

      • I agree. Amanda says in the bonus comic that she can read minds just fine…

        …and, if Kyle was anything like me, his closeted brain was set on “GAY” and projecting it loudly for a number of years. So, I’d be shocked if Amanda could block that bit of info out if she wanted to. I’m just head cannoning that Spooky is older and smarter and gets it.

  • EscherEnigma

    Well I suppose this explains why Kyle was so calm about Spooky giving him that thorough naked magic scan thing before.

    • Klaus

      Spooky was acting very professional. Just like when you need a doctor to examine parts that you would blush to uncover most other places.

      • EscherEnigma

        Comfort isn’t about knowledge. It’s about, well, comfort. I *know* that no one is paying me any mind when I strip in the gym lockerroom before and after a workout. But I’m still *very* uncomfortable doing so after years of it.

        • Klaus

          We are all different. For some a situation like this, where you are expected to strip, makes them comfortable. Some it makes much less uncomfortable. Some not so much. Though I think it rather likely that even you are less uncomfortable than if you for some reason had to strip in a shopping mall.

          • EscherEnigma


            Response #2: Actually, if I had to strip in a shopping mall, that’d probably be pretty awesome. At that point I’d go over the self-conscious/absurdity curve and have a baller of a time with it.

            Response #3: Gee, it’s almost like I was projecting or something.

          • Klaus

            OK, OK. You are not different. But the rest of us are.

  • Adam Black

    Why isnt kyle afraid of BBQ Spooks while sleeping?

    • Tyler Griffin

      Wet dreams don’t count? *shrugs* not a clue

      • Adam Black

        bout as wet as a bushfire

    • da da DAAAAAAA… IMHO, ’cause Spooks has a method for dealing with it. Kyle just hasn’t had the thought (or the courage) to tell/ask him yet. Spooks is smart… Kyle’s gotta put it out there and own it.

      (and not to put to fine a point on it, but are most of us done with the old nocturnal emission thing earlier than 18 years-old?)

      *Or maybe Tyler is correct… not a clue. HA.

      • Klaus

        Most of us are were not as abstinent as Kyle at 18.

        • Good point… and let’s be honest… NONE of us were as abstinent as Kyle at 18.

          • Jason Wexler

            I was… technically I guess I still am.

          • I wish you the best and hope that is just as you wish it to be. Thanks for the reminder.

          • Jason Wexler

            I am going to tread carefully here, as I recognize your good intent and that while my statement was true it was also tongue in cheek. Thank you for your good wishes, I do sincerely appreciate them, I would say I neither want nor reject my situation, I am resigned to it. In many respects “I don’t know what I am missing”, on the other hand 20 years ago when I was his age I would have jumped at the opportunity that Duncan offered Kyle, out of social conditioning.

          • fujoshifanatic

            *Poke* Er, I was…but not at 19. *scampers off*

          • Yep, that was probably a stupidly phrased comment. My apologies. I think that Klaus and I were focused on Kyle’s inability to even pleasure himself safely without burning his world down. If I’d been unable to masturbate, I do think I would have spontaneously combusted between the ages of 14-18.

            But then Alex would have had to invent a different hero-protagonist, since my sad suburban story would have been all over the news.

            During most of my teens, I only dated girls at school (who thought I was the ‘nicest’ guy). I was unable to identify acceptably gay (aka attractive & willing) men until I got out of the sticks where I lived.

            However, unlike Kyle, I could ‘take care of myself’. So that was the part I was referring to.

            Of course many people don’t choose partners until later in life, if ever. It’s a very personal and natural choice.

            I just hope you and others are happy and where you are by choice. It actually took me a LONNNNG time to get into a happy relationship.

          • fujoshifanatic

            Hope you had a lot of fun while getting there. ;-P

          • Thank you for the well-wishing. Honestly, I did, but it was a very mixed basket. The good and the bad.

            Life. Eh?

          • Adam Black

            Nocturnal Flamethrowers

          • Nice. Best handle yet!

        • Adam Black

          But he touching spooky while they sleep!
          Flyboy is right.

          he cant control what his body does while he sleeps

  • somebody

    awww they are all so cute! xD i really like this bonus comic :3
    and it’s good to relax while reading, not being tensed because that super evil woman wants to kill them all………

    • Klaus

      But she does. She still does.

      • somebody

        yeah Klaus, I know…. I’m just trying not to think about it….

  • TwilightDreamer

    lol, oh Paul, stop teasing 😛
    They’re sooo adorable ^_^

  • Columbine

    Nope Spooky couldn’t look more adorable. (He works at it).

    Sweet little Flyboy looks so damn innocent asking that question, much more so than Fluke who’s just giving out a ‘man this is hilarious’ vibe. And now I have a mental image of Fluke teasing Kyle remorselessly about his taste-

    • You mean such delicately phrased Fluke lines as… in panel #3.

      Paul (to Kyle): “I know what you’re saying and it’s even stupider than you thinking a guy called the Annihilator would be a fun date!”

      Our best friends do just sort of SAY IT, don’t they. Go figure.

      • Terri Sutton

        If you can’t be an arsehole to your best friend, just who can you be an arsehole to?

        Remember friends tell you what you want to hear, best friends tell you what you need to hear.

        • Klaus

          But remember the absolut most important rule of being a superhero:

          • Terri Sutton

            That is something I can absolutely agree with and complain that particular statement is vague as hell (limbo?).

            What about being a shit-stirrer, a sarcastic little bongo, or like myself people who just haven’t been introduced to tact (many people in my life have tried to introduced me to tact, but zhe just doesn’t want to say hello).

          • Klaus


          • Terri Sutton

            Thanks it was bugging me as to why that looked wrong.

          • Adam Black


            Hypothesis 1
            You are a commenter on Doa and humorously adopted bongo ( I am hoping )

            Hypothesis 2.
            Bongo has spread from DOA into the wider verse

            Hypothesis 3 @alexwoolfson:disqus has added the same word filtering system, in complete disregard for the Bongo Appreciation Society guidelines , of not using “bongo” , as a stigmatizing word and slur.

            I will test Hypotheis 3:
            “Only in Internet commenting systems is a female dog ever accidentally called a ‘bongo’ instead of a ‘bitch’ “

          • Terri Sutton

            I am a reader of DoA. I find bongo funnier than bitch (an less of a gendered slur as well).

          • Excellent!

        • Well as has been said, “Your good friends will stab you in the FRONT.”

      • Columbine

        Yeeeeeeeeeeeeah. Kyle was totally asking for that one.

  • Nate

    And Mitch hits with the eager puppy eyes….

    • purplefoxglove

      …and it’s super effective!

      • Nate

        They’d work on me, I know that much….

  • Toli Bera

    oooh Mitch you Thirsty 😛

  • jreed3842

    This art work makes me squeal in delight! Mitch looks super adorable!!!!

  • purplefoxglove

    Mitch smart boy. Me approve 🙂

    • That is why our braniac-boy figures out what his deal is when he’s 15. Some of us, unfortunately, took a good bit longer. Fortunately, for Mitch he had some buddies who he could look up to and figure out that it wasn’t the end of the world. Lucky dude.

  • Shjade

    Guys, guys, this isn’t how Truth or Dare works! You have to take turns! >:|

    • Butt this is an important round!!!! You always slow down for the big issues… even I remember that!

  • Fabulous Alien

    Meanwhile, I’m picturing Tsunami with his fingers in his ears singing “nanananaNANANANANA, I Can’t hear you!”

  • Holy crap Alex and Julie, this page is a deceptively packed with yummy comic goodness…

    I’ll just start by saying these subjects and emotions may seem light and trite to some, but between Julie’s deceptively sweet and simple style (which carries a serious punch of emotion in the subtlety of the body language and the emotional communication of the expression… and Alex’s tackling of a subject that is primal for LGBTQ people. We are getting so much for our page here.

    Panel #1: The expression(s) AND the dialog says it all. Paul dishes out the standard BF line, guys in the last 50 years are trained to dish out… “Duuuude you touched him????”

    GENIUS Spooky just bats that ball right back without blinking an eye, using the kind of logic that tends to kind cock-block those tired bro-jokes right out. Look at Spooky’s expression. Look at his eyes. He’s got Paul’s number. He’s prepared, unfazed and that look in his eyes is daring Paul to continue being a doofus. It’s great. (Where was my ferking Spooky when I needed him?? So unfair.)

    Panel #2: Paul is a sweetie, but not the quickest gun out of the holster and he keeps going… to the point that Amanda is getting tired of this round. Paul to his detriment is not listening.

    Panel #3: My favorite panel (I love the last one too, but he’s 15 so it has to come in second, lol). First Spooky is blasting that tired old tease right back at high speed and best of all… he adds the DIG… “Where do YOU sleep when you’re at Kyle’s?” Not only is he NOT playing, but the dig is a great riff on, ‘I’m the better friend’, so I get to be comfy. Spooky knows what’s being implied, but he dumps all the stupidity back in to ‘poor’ Paul’s lap, who is just NOT getting it.

    Now the next BEST thing is Kyle’s slightly sly expression!!! AWESOME. Not only does his hero have is arm around him, but he’s being well protected for once from Paul’s teasing. That is a sly happy face of a shy guy being taken care of for once. Heaven.

    In this panel, Paul refers to Kyle as having been the youngest of them all despite chronology (in Panel #2 below):

    So, this kind of play could be very difficult for a shy guy in the closet. I just love the look of Kyle, protected for once and liking it.

    Panel #4: OMG how cute is Mitch absorbing all this. Paul is a sweetie but he’s clueless and he is also reading right off the script they teach guys in our culture. So instead of seeing Kyle being razzed, Mitch is seeing Spooky be ultra cool and doing what he thinks he might like to do also.

    Amanda is more than ready to get off this subject. Veritas forgetting or not. I wrote it somewhere else, but my Head Canon reads that Kyle’s gay is about all he thinks about most of the time and she can’t help but have absorbed some of it, even if she keeps it on the down-low. So, if Kyle and Mitch are the ‘young’ types. Then it makes perfect sense she would feel protective.

    Not to mention, that Kyle is painted as a shy gentle guy, but everyone has limits. If he explodes. HE EXPLODES. Not a good thing. So I think she’s right to divert. When you manage a bunch of Super hormonal teens, you keep a tight rein on subjects that are going to blow someone’s mind. It also seems that growing up a super has it’s traumas. They all seem (including Amanda) to have overcome stuff regarding learning about their power (they haven’t gone south like Duncan and I think that’s a major part of Amanda’s purpose in creating this group). In Kyle (and later Mitch) we see they’re overcoming both issues, super and gay. Not easy.

    Panel #5: OMG both these expressions hath slain me. Kyle’s, “oh please make this STOP.” and Spooky’s look of intense protectiveness. Spooky or Amanda or, perhaps, Gordon would have jumped in here I imagine… if…

    Panel #6: …OMG (2nd fave panel) our amazingly adorbs Mitch has been soaking up this whole convo like a little gay sponge and he focuses on the ONE THING that has meaning for his hormonal little 15 year old body — SKIN TOUCHING!!! BOY SKIN TOUCHING!! THE WHOLE NIGHT BOY SKIN………….. Yep our lil dude is focused.

    Again thanks Alex and Julie. The dynamics of these two pages are both important and adorably and sweetly written and illustrated. Great job of showing lots of differing viewpoints and life experiences that are so universal to the LGBTQ world. I can’t say Brava(o) enough. Applause for the great smart fun!

    • Fabulous Alien

      Awesome play-by-play, as usual.

    • I LOVE this play-by-play, Chris! Good analysis, insight, and fun reaction. You’ve put a big grin on my face! Thank you for it. 🙂

    • heh….I can just see it now, Mitch starts having dreams about Kyle and Spooky, not really knowing why, and then The Interlude happens and makes his dreams a little more…graphic/detailed?

      • Erp! You may be very wise m’lady!!!

        • Though does he insert himself into those scenarios or is he a voyeur?

          • Or both?

          • If you are asking ME… at 15? It was both. But never a clearly understood thing. Porn isn’t possible, but that’s not something you understand at 15. Film magic is film magic.

            Porn is full of sex-athletes and camera work. Everyone’s penis is impossibly huge. Everyone on the bottom is so easy and welcoming of the telephone pole being inserted. None of it is real.

            No one has scars, pimples, freckles, etc… Everyone is perfect. I think PORN is poison. WE ARE NOT PORN. There is no love in porn. It’s the most misleading thing a young person can discover.

            Do you have porn-boobs. I know I don’t have a humongous porn penis. Fluke may have porn abs, but he’s a super hero, so it’s allowed ( he had to kick a lot of minion ass). 🙂

            So, I hope our Mitch finds love and happiness and if the guy he finds looks a tiny bit like a porn star… then all to the good. I’ll be happy for him. 🙂

          • Adam Black

            I was told I did.

            So when I was 20 and broke and living in Hollywood I answered an ad for auditions.

            I was accepted!
            But I was told I needed to shave body-hair and get a tan.
            I never went back.

          • Khun David

            No one has scars, pimples, freckles, etc…
            But they all have tattoos.

    • Adam Black

      You are right!

      this is why Amanda wanted to put the Kibosh of this convo.

      She knows How it will effect Flyboy . A ‘lie and you die’ coming-out process could be fatal

  • larry

    Skin to skin indeed. This page, and a recent issue of X-Men has me wondering if Commander always knew Kyle was gay. Like how Jean Grey used her telepathy to know Ice-Man was gay.

    • Terri Sutton

      Are they going with that? I remember being ticked off that they decided to put down the “Iceman is gay” rumours by having Northstar state that he isn’t. (Because apparently being a gay mutant automatically means you have the super power to determine if other people are gay just by looking at them.)

      Seriously, I would have loved if they have left it alone. Those rumours were started buy Cloud (an ex of Iceman’s) who switched between a female and male form, I haven’t quite yet figured it out if they were going for a transgender/non-binary gender storyline or a homosexual storyline because of how clunky it was written.

      • larry

        It’s weird. Apparently young Iceman is gay, but old Iceman is straight, but young and old Iceman are still from the same timeline, and not alternate time lines. I don’t get it. But anyway, I’m thinking Commander already knows Kyle’s deal at this point.

        • Terri Sutton

          Just think if it wasn’t for the bi-erasure thing that Marvel creative seems to have going on, explaining that older Iceman is bi but has a preference for female partners but young Iceman is more willing to have male partners because it is a more accepting time would make so much more sense.

    • Adam Black

      Ice man is gay?

      I was always in to him

      • Khun David

        Jean Grey is back?
        Of course, when you are an avatar to the Phoenix, you’re going to come back at some point.

  • KiannaLeigh

    Okay … I’m shipping them a little. As like a “best friends who just happen to have sex because they’re super close and chill like that”. Not romance, but something even more intimate. Like Broamce with occasional blow jobs. Yep … I wanna write a thing.

    • Terri Sutton

      Hand-jobs surely. “It’s just like a good old-fashioned wank but using another person’s hand, and you return the favour because it is only polite.”

    • Michael

      “It’s guy love, that’s all it is!
      Guy love, he’s mine I’m his!
      There’s nothing gay about it, in our eyes…”

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    It is interesting how this is coming together…..but I’m still chuckling over the thought of the two of them even needing a blanket to stay warm….Kyle is a human heat source,

  • Hey @alexwoolfson:disqus I was just reading your blurb for this page, and I was wondering who Deacon was? *giggle*

    Also, just a couple questions about Patreon;
    If I join and pledge today at the $10 level, will I get the high-res art for this month (and only this month)?
    And do we need an Amazon/Kindle account and/or device for the e-book, or do we just get emailed a PDF?

    • Deacon is from his other comic Artifice. ^_^

      • OH! OF COURSE! OOPS! 0///////0
        I thought it was a typo!
        Hahahaha haha ha ha /embarrassed laughter

        • No worries… that just means a re-read is in order. NOM NOM NOM… Artifice is nothing if not super delish.

          • Indeed! When I get my hands on the e-book… 🙂

          • Which you will if you pledge the $10. Just make sure to keep the $10 plege, at least until a few days into the next month – after the plege has been withdrawn from your account on the 1st of next month (that’s when pledges are withdrawn). When Alex get the payment from Patreon, he’ll send the high-res + the eBook of Artifice, but to be sure to get it you have to stay on the pledge amount some days after that.
            If you keep giving $10 a month you do nothing, but if you need/want to adjust the pledge up/down for the following month, you have to wait until after you get the email with your pledge rewards. It’s quite easy.

            I had already downloaded Kindle to my computer before the eBook was sent to me, so when I downloaded it from Alex’ link in the email, it was automatically inserted into my Kindle library as well.

          • Yea, I was guessing this was the case, but thanks for the confirmation Danish 🙂 Easy as pie.

    • Yep, as Doki pointed out, Deacon is from my first webcomic, Artifice. 🙂

      In answer to your questions:

      1) If you pledge at the $10 level, you will get the high-res art for this month and only this month.

      2) I send an actual Kindle version, not a PDF, but you don’t need an Amazon account to enjoy the Kindle version of Artifice that I’ll send you via email. The Kindle app is free and is available on pretty much any device including for Windows and Mac computers. You’ll just need to “sideload” the file which you can find instructions for on the Internets. 🙂

      • Thanks Alex! Just wanted to double-check 🙂 New patron coming your way soon 😉

        And I can’t believe I forgot Deacon’s name! My bad 😛

        • No worries about Deacon. We all have moments like that. 🙂

          And thank you very much for your awesome Patreon support! You rock!

      • Seriously… just go to on any device you’re on and type in “Kindle AP” and it WILL tell you how to download the FREE Ap to any device.

        They WANT you biz!!! 🙂

      • Adam Black

        The only problem with PDFs is they are unreadable without “wordwrap” or “textflow” , and most ebbok readers bizarrely and incompetently ( including Google ) dont have it.

        A few do ( like Montano Reader , including the free one ) .

        But if you have old PDFs, I suggest using it.

        • Actually any device SHOULD be able to read a .pdf file for free. has a free Adobe Reader for almost every computer and operating system I think — in existence. They created the the .pdf to be a universal document distribution file type.

          Go to It will know if you are on an Apple or a PC device and send you to the reader you need.

          FYI — The ADOBE READER is free (and small) and reads only. (Adobe Acrobat is the larger and paid for software that allows the creation of the files.) Unless you want to MAKE .pdf files… all you need is the FREE Adobe READER.

          Good luck.

          • Adam Black

            I think you misunderstand what I meant by “reading’ . We are talking about different things.

            I didnt mean the device or program couldnt read the file.

            I mean the program doesnt process the file into something that makes it practical to use at all ; to read from as an ebook.

            I was talking about the actual process if a human sitting down and reading a a book or ebook.
            ( Human reading, not file reading )

            When there are so many pdfs, and it has been around forever, why would someone chose read a kindle or ( another format ) over PDfs ?

            @chrisdangerfield:disqus have you tried to read pdfs on a small smartphone ? …
            ( Maybe Apple has a built in fix , so you never noticed? )

            NO, you dont just need the free adobe reader.
            Its awful! ( at least on android for reading)
            So is Google Books and the majority of ebook readers.

            This is because PDFs are an image file. To be read properly as an ebook, the program needs OCR.

            ( or it displays each page as an image, instead of as a wordwrapping book file )

            It actually needs to read the characters from the image, and then turn it into flowing ebook with wordwrap.

            For some lazy reason, the majority of PDF readers and ebook readers dont have this feature. Without this feature you have to laboriously resize the each page as you read it, or you can get a magnifying glass.

            I mentioned Montano reader , because even the free one has ( wordwrap/text flow ) .

            With textflow PDFs are easy to read , even on a small screens.

            I’m telling you this as someone whos tried 20+ mobile ebook readers and mobile pdf readers.

            i know you are big into fanfiction:
            For people you know who use android, I would promote because it makes pdfs into readable ebooks .

            a lot of free culture still uses PDF files. Montano makes them useful even on small screens.

          • Klaus

            PDF is not an image format. You can copy/paste bits of text from a PDF reader. Copy as characters, not as an image. You don’t need OCR to word wrap.

            But a PDF file specifies exactly where on the page each character is to be shown. PDF readers don ot normally do word wrap because those decisions were made when the file was created.

          • Got it. I totally misunderstood Adam’s point. MY BAD. He is correct.

            I’m going to repeat now (TOTAL TL:DR) what he said as my brain understands it, then I’ll shut up… so skip now if you already hate us and this convo.

            The confusion here is that Klaus and I were comparing the Patreon ‘editor’ as a tool to read the Spooky stories vs. AW’s downloadable .pdf document.

            At this time Patreon doesn’t have the AO3 capability of taking an original body of text (such as a Spooky prose story) and downloading it in all the various formats for the iPad, Kindle, Nook, etc…

            Conversely as Adam says, a .pdf is very limited as it was originally designed as a means to preserve all the elements of page appearance (like a snapshot) and the text fonts, font size, style, colors etc…

            I create ebooks for myself and other writer friends for just the reasons Adam states. So much easier to read on variable screen-sizes. Particularly if you read a lot for work or play. So, I understand the point and there is some labor involved in making prose documents available in all e-reader fonts, if you need to do it manually.

            I’m guessing (and Alex can correct me, if necessary), but I think he has a staffing issue. The staff in his Shipping Department, who I hear are currently working on getting all the Kickstarter materials ready to ship is the same staff who are in charge of Milestone-Prose-Formatting issues.

            Thus, at the moment, the only options are to go to Patreon and read that TYP prose story on screen (not bad) or download the .pdf version, which, as Adam correctly mentions really doesn’t work well with reading on a tablet or phone due to the small font.

            All the programmers out there will remember the days when you couldn’t create a document and be assured it would look exactly the same when received on the other end. With .pdf that (i.e.) brochure from (?) Jaguar Motors will look exactly as the designers executed it. Pictures stay where they were put, Text is the same.

            Still that’s not so great for long prose. When your eyes get tired and you want bigger fonts etc… .pdf says NO as it was designed to do (long before ebooks were a THANG).

            I don’t use .pdf for reading text if I have a choice. I will actually do my own export to iBooks (EPUB) or Kindle (MOBI), so I can change, read it like a book, change font size (or even the font itself) and it automatically repaginates the entire book to my specs, but that’s home brew. I run things through a couple of programs if I want to create the same document for iPad, Kindle, Computer etc.

            Interesting side note: This is a whole different convo for something like ARTIFICE, a graphic novel where each page has it’s own artistic purpose and integrity. Having the visual and text not sync would be BAAAAAD…

            So prose is definitely it’s own beastie and this issue gets more important the longer the prose piece is.

            So, SORRY for the confusion… shutting up now…

          • Adam Black

            But like said, Montano lite reader makes PDFs painless, even on 4 inch screens.

            It auto resizes the text, and with a single swipe, will resize the text of the entire book.
            You cant change its font, but you take notes.

            Its the best mobile PDF reader I have found

  • TwoWayStar

    Someone please hook me up to where I can read TYP fanfiction I’ve been dying to read some!!

    And goodness gracious…they’re such close friends<3333333 Hehe, knowing what we do about Mitch I wonder if he's…picturing it eh? *waggles eyebrows*

    • Don’t know if you already have, but if not then sign up to Patreon and become a patron for Alex. It’s not fanfiction, but Alex has three really great Spooky prose stories posted on Patreon.

      You can just sign up for a month (at the $5 level) to read them, if you can’t afford pledging on a monthly basis. The good thing about Patreon is that you can adjust your pledge to what yu can afford, but also that you don’t have to be a patron every month if you can’t. Just edit your pledge shortly after the 1st in the following month if you need to.

    • Klaus

      Have you considered writing some?

      • TwoWayStar

        I have! But…I’m so terrible at keeping people in character ;( I’d rather more talented people do it haha

  • Frater Gymnos

    When I was Mitch’s age I would’ve had a superboner by now.

    • Erm… no kidding. (Excuse me I need to go to the bathroom for a mommmmmment…….. *fleeeees*)

  • Alt+F7

    I love that we get to vote for the couple pic, but I am sad that the best couple in your comics will not be featured. *sigh*, maybe next time we will get Laamprox X Maven, maybe next time.

    • I am uncomfortable with that pairing and I am unsure why…

      I do know it isn’t because I fear them teaming up..

      Maybe jealousy? Laampros is my other cuddle bunny.

      • Alt+F7

        Well Laampros wouldn’t object to being shared, and I don’t think Dr. Maven would be the territorial type, she would want to analyse you though…

        • LOL…..I always wondered what would happen if a psycho doctor was let loose in my mind…. I wish her luck ^_^ I wonder if it would make them go insane as I always imagined it would?

      • EyeDontNo

        I picture it as Maaven sitting there with her notepad, jotting down answers as they discuss ‘their’ children, Deacon and Kyle.

  • Kate G

    The third panel?! What about the fifth panel? I’m gonna melt from sheer adorable-ness!

    And Mitch is completely and utterly clueless. He’s like a lost puppy in a dog store. HA HA HA. Poor Mitch. (Of course, when I was that age, I was like that too. I was super clueless.)

    AND IN THIS EDITION OF HORSEBACK RIDING: Katie rides a pony that is a little short for her! I am 5’2.5″ which works out to, what, 62.50″ (someone check my math, I’m horrible at it); Chance the Pinto pony is 12.2hh which is 48.8″. I nearly laughed at the mounting block because I was practically standing still after I swung my leg over him to get on the saddle. It was pretty funny. I may be a tiny bit too tall for Chance, but Scooby was booked up for my make-up lesson (I missed Wednesday as I was super busy and so I slept right through it. Oops) so it was nice to try something new.

    What I can do much more easily on Chance is post in a trot. He has a nice smooth gait, compared to Scooby’s klutziness (yes, I have a klutzy horse to match my klutziness. It’s a cruel irony.) I can also muscle Chance around like a big bully when he’s being naughty, except that one time he ran himself into a wall to investigate and I couldn’t get him to not investigate for the world (horses, seriously!) Two point is very hard though because I can’t move the reins down far enough because I am TOO DARN TALL! (When did you ever think I’d say that?!)

    Oh, and dismounting is really not dismounting. It’s more of a, “Oh, I tripped and the ground is there” thing. HA HA HA!

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    As is my habit, I’ve let my mind wander to see if there’s anything that my subconscious wants to write about, possibly even write a mini-essay about. And after 24 hours the only thing I’ve got is worrying about Spooky wearing flannel pyjamas, with woolly bedsocks, and curled up in a bed with flannel winter sheets and under at least three dooners and he’s still cold – all because what he said on page 1 about needed to wear layers only covers “clothes” but not “bedclothes”. And I keep rationalising: ‘You do realise that if that were the case he’d be wearing t-shirt and shorts, and then pyjamas, and then a tracksuit over top’. But, nope, still got it into my head that Spooky freezes when he sleeps alone.

    I give up. You’re not going to get anything sensible – or even interesting – out of me. I’ll see you all at camping on Wednesday.


      (chris fleeeeees in panick as he is pursued by another bout of death by visions of super adorbs spooky! chris gives saxon a stern look as he exits)

    • You just had to specify it more >.< I was trying to not focus on this (a little hard due to thoughts of Spooky cudling in a load of blankets).


    • EyeDontNo

      Electric Blanket (or two) set on Highest Heat.
      Nuff said!

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    Of course adorable Spooky in panel three would be reason enough but Mitch in the last panel with those big interested eyes ^^ reminds me on kids who look up at you asking a question and are totally curious on the answer, expecting whatever, you see the excitement in their eyes 🙂

    Paul the tease 😀 then Amanda the mom ^^ Kyle the justifier xD

    I bet Tsunami still sits in his place arms crossed making a grumpy face ^^

    biggest question of the day: how exactly are Kyle and Spooky touching?!
    I vote for Spooky being an uncoscious big spoon ^^

    • Klaus

      Spoon but no fork.

      • Fork? Well then we get into the pointy bits, and this is the sweet TRUTH OR DARE part. Probably shouldn’t go there (well not outside my head). LOL.

  • Just below, Saxon mentions how he visualized the way Spooky was sleeping alone. Until now, I tried to not focus on that part. Instead I kept my focus on the thought, and question, of HOW often Spooky is sleeping with Kyle? – And I don’t mean anything sexual here.

    From these pages it’s clear that at this point only Amanda and Kyle knows about Spooky and how he always feels cold. Whether they’re still the only ones knowing, we don’t know.

    It makes me think that sleepovers have happened often between Kyle and Spooky, and between Kyle and Paul, but maybe not much as a group. While Paul is good friends with both of them then, and the’ve most likely hung out several times, it hasn’t been a nightly event. Also that it doesn’t seem like anyone but Kyle (and Amanda) has slept over at Spooky’s place.
    (I don’t know about Gordon, and his participatation in any hang outs, but Mitch is clearly still new-ish in the group here and is still learning facts about the others)

    I’ve speculated that there’s a good chance that Kyle might have a higher body temperature than the others, and that might be why Spooky ‘goes for him’. Others have speculated that maybe some part of Spooky is drawn to the demon side of Kyle, after his year in hell. Could be a mix of both.

    That some of it is also probably about comfort between two friends, both orphants and traumatized, who don’t have that many others to lean on is something I try not to think of much, but it can’t be left out it. I want to focus on
    good thoughts, but I can easily see how the sleepovers started as a sort of therapy for Kyle. How Spooky showed up so Kyle wouldn’t be alone (since we know Spooky also works with traumatized people). But it’s also been a self-help for Spooky.

    Yeah, I think that there’s more than one reason why Spooky and Kyle have had frequent sleepovers, more than Paul has had with Kyle, and I think there’s reasons to why they (so far) have done it alone. Night time, and sleep, is when you can’t hide.

    • Thanks Miss Wolf. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who worries about these issues. xo

    • A nice, thoughtful analysis, Danish. Very cool. 🙂

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    • HA… that is so true. You and me both. I’ve pretty much moved through the entire cast, at one point or another. I want our little nuclear half demon to be happy. Well said.

      • Dave Nguyen

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    • Alex, a master of fan service 🙂

    • 🙂

  • I knew it.

  • This page has really got me thinking about something I’ve been wondering about for a while… now how do I put this delicately.
    We know that the first time Kyle touched himself, at the moment of climax he accidentally burnt the house down because he could not control his fire powers. So since then, as far as i’m aware, he’s not touched himself again because he’s scared he cannot control the fire. Part of the allure of the annihilator was that he was invincible to fire and could take him somewhere where it didn’t matter if things got firey.
    so my question is this, if he never pleasures himself or has sex then he must get very sexually frustrated. Wouldn’t he have wet dreams and would his fire powers get out of control then?
    Because if he’s sleeping with a nice, warm Spooky clinging to him, and has not had an orgasm in ages… you can see where I’m going with this.

    • Klaus

      Some men and boys get wet dreams, some don’t. We don’t really know why. Statistically a man or boy who does not masturbate is more likely to have wet dreams. In other words, a man or boy who has no wet dreams is more likely to masturbate. What is cause and what is effect is not known.

      I imagine it would be very uncomfortable for Kyle to share his bed with Spooky. I did not say sleep, for I don’t think he would get much sleep.

      • Yes, I guess he is one of those that doesn’t have wet dreams. I don’t think he get much sleep when he’s in bed with Spooky either! 😉

    • It IS a good question, and something that’s been speculated on more than once. I’m not 100% sure, but I’m almost sure that that Alex told someone in the comments (a while back) that Kyle doesn’t have wet dreams.
      Had it been so, I think Kyle would have needed a fire-safe room until he got more control xD

      • Ha yes, I think he’d be too afraid to go to sleep if he did have wet dreams!

    • Adam Black

      I thought the same thing.

      But since Spooky can survive in hell , he might be fireproof .

      Remember even Duncan was in danger of burning up in hell.

      • Yeah, maybe he is fireproof, that would be handy. Or maybe he could cast a spell that would either make him fireproof or help Kyle another way.

        My two fav pairing are Kyle and Spooky or Kyle and Flyboy. I wonder how Flyboy would cope with the fire dilemma? He has super-hearing, super-flying, and super-heavy-lifting. Is there any other powers that might protect him from fire?

        I am wondering how Kyle will get around his fire control problem in the future. Maybe he will learn to control it. Or perhaps he’ll end up with a guy who will not be hurt by it.

      • But was he in the fiery part of hell?

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      • davefragments

        He is enjoying himself. I doubt it is schadenfreude.

        • Klaus

          You have to answer questions you don’t want to answer, or the curse will kill you.

    • davefragments

      And he seems determined to create some real embarrassment. Perhaps that’s by design.

    • That is so true. Here we are on page TWO already, and NO ONE HAS DIED YET!

      That is so wrong. Except, I think Paul is the one who keeps asking dopey questions that are slowing us down here. I mean like… what?

      Is Paul worried there might be some GAY smexy stuff happening behind his back (incidentally a place known to be gay and smexy in general) between Spooky and Kyle. That would be terrible. Simply horrible. I’m afraid I’m gonna have to turn the page… well I need coffee first and then I’ll turn the page… like maybe later tonight, over smores… Irish Coffee… and–

      — HEY… Wait a minute? Why does this cup of coffee in front of me have no IRISH in it??? Yeahhhhhh… “Camping: 24/7… it’s the new black.”


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