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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Truth or Dare—Page 24

266 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Truth or Dare—Page 24

Oh, this is such a double-fake. He’s totally going to say Flyboy.

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Map to Prism Booth
Map to Prism Booth

I’d love to get a chance to meet you, so if you’re there, please stop by and say hi!

Also, earlier this week, over at the Patreon page, I was able to post the final version of Kyle’s Full Monty Pin-up with its painted background by Marccus:


I really like the scene Marccus has created here. Nice and romantic and cozy. And I like imagining how that fire got started. Fun!

Curious exactly how much of Kyle’s hair is red? All Patrons regardless of pledge level will be able to download the mobile wallpaper version of this! And since this is a new Full Monty image for July, $10+ Patrons will be sent high-res versions of this image after their payments have been processed for this month (which should happen in the first week of August). And the high-res Full Monty images have over double the resolution! 🙂

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So! Now we know why Fluke would choose to put a ring on Kyle’s finger. But why would he want to throw sweet Tsunami off a cliff?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • Sapfo

    Kyle and Paul! Well I should get a dress then 😉

    • Steal a V and run, huh?

      • Sapfo

        I did not run. I am still here…..

        • 😛 So you are. 🙂

          • Sapfo

            Oh, you wanted me to run. well if it makes you happy, I should be doing some breakfast. So I might run out to the kitchen and back a few time

          • Of course NOT. Who would want to Strawberry Goddess to run? You said you were getting dressed and I thought and I’m very bad at teasing so I’m going to go over there and eat a plate of cookies.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Ooh, what kind of cookies? Real ones or just metaphorical?

          • Sapfo

            Dont joke about cookies! They are all real! O_O

          • mexican sweet bread kind that are as big as a plate?

          • Sapfo

            I think I should get some cloths on. boss kind of wants me to not be nude at work for some reason o.O

          • stickfigurefairytales

            So uptight.

          • Probably not. Though I’m sure the patients would find it exciting. 😉

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Nice work, Sapfo!

    • Dangit LOL .. I accidently clicked the big Patreon picture link while scrolling down. Had to wait for that to load and then go back.
      Now you have 33, and Doki can make a correction 😉

      • Sapfo

        Yes Please Doki! Make it a big 33, and with the next one it will be my age 😀

        • stickfigurefairytales


          • Sapfo

            Jupp very sweet.

            Wish I had been there for the start of the game. But Morpheus and Hypnos was with me

          • You were there almost from the start. The game kinda really DID start because you noticed I’d started to hunt V’s here too along with those I hunted on TH (and SF sorta).

          • Sapfo

            Yes the V hunting game. But I was more thinking of the game on the last page.
            Hunting V´s on SF is to hard

          • Ah, that game 🙂 I missed the first round of the game two pages back. This 2nd round was a challenge.

          • I kept it to those with 6 and above because most with 3-5 would take forever to guess. There are 12 of them and I am not sure even half of them would be guessable.

          • Agreed. And is probably a while ago, and not active commenters anymore.

  • Yeah, that’s no secret! Of course this could be a twist.

  • Wait.. whut?

  • stickfigurefairytales

    I bet he’s going to say Mitch.

    • DC

      I hope he says Mitch.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Me too.

        • timemonkey

          What do you guys have against Mitch?!

          • Because Mitch is the cop-out answer, the “safe” answer.

          • timemonkey

            But this is Truth or Dare or you’ll die if you don’t do it properly. You don’t use bullshit answers when it’s life or death!

          • I know.

          • timemonkey

            Then we are agreed, Gordon goes over the cliff and Mitch gets the hugs.

          • Yes. ^_^

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Nothing at all! It’s just that he can fly, so pushing him off a cliff wouldn’t endanger him at all.

          • timemonkey

            No, but it would endanger Fluke.

  • DC

    He’s looking at Tsu?

    • Keneu

      He looks kind of angry, too.

  • davefragments

    I think Tsunami is getting PO’ed right before the answer.
    IT might not be him but the ego of Tsunami definitely believes that now.

  • Sapfo

    OH Alex!
    Throwing mitch of a cliff will only be fun. He likes it XD

  • stickfigurefairytales

    I guess the biggest question here is whether Paul’s answer about Amanda was enough to satisfy the curse (in terms of being something he really didn’t want to reveal). If not, then he probably is going to say Gordon for the cliff answer.

    • I think it was. While he might have admitted it to Kyle and Spooky if asked, he was obviously nervous about telling Amanda. So nervous he almost forgot to breathe while giving the reason.

  • Paul likes red heads and girls. And it isn’t a secret he wants to throw Tsu-Tsu? I sense a bit of antagonism there.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      We definitely saw them fight earlier/later (earlier in the comic, later in the timeline) when the team was on their way to try and stop Duncan and Sircea.

  • dereule101

    Say Tsunami! Call him out for his morale crushing prickery.

  • I’m still giggling about the strange men joke, Paul aimed at Kyle having sleepovers with Spooky xD

    As for the cliff.throwing, I wonder how Tsu-Tsu will respond to that one.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      (Kyle, not Mitch though)

      • I already edited that. I saw it as soon as I posted 🙂

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Oh good. 🙂

  • Soirbleu

    “You’d have to stop sleeping with strange men”?!?
    Paul doesn’t know the half of it!

    • At that point Kyle still hadn’t slept with Anni yet, not even kissed him outside the bar. The irony is big at this point though.

      • Soirbleu

        Yeah I know, but it doesn’t change that he *desires* to sleep with strange men apart from Spooky, and that he will, in the future (future from this page, to clarify).

    • Soirbleu

      EDIT: there go my hopes dashed, for Fluke secretly being jealous with all that talk after the disaster date about “if all the guys you could have dated” and “I’m sure someone great likes you.” (Whoo! Awkwardly constructed sentence!)

      Don’t get me wrong. I’m totally on Ship Firefly. This was just a tiny flicker of hope, but I guess not, not now anyhow!

  • I don’t think Spooky qualifies as strange….

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I would say that he’s strange but not a stranger.

      • Michael

        I would say that he is well-named, and at times can demonstrate it.

      • I would prefer odd or unique to describe Spooky.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Agreed. 🙂

        • Same, but that wouldn’t fit with the joke Paul made. Odd perhaps, but not unique, and strange still suits the joke better 🙂

        • Klaus

          I think he is spooky.

    • Terri Sutton

      You say that as though describing Spooky as strange is bad. I happen to prefer the people around me to be a little strange.

      • strange sounds so….common, Spooky is anything other than common.

  • dereule101

    Then he asked me to be his bride
    And always be right by his side
    Felt so happy I almost cried
    And then he kissed meeeee

  • davefragments

    Look at Mitch’s eyes and expression — it’s like “I’m not gigue to laugh, I’m not going to laugh!” an attempt to be so innocent of the war about to erupt around him.

  • I hope it’s not a trick. I really really hope it’s not a trick. I wanna see the reaction. Although I would offer a bet, if it’s not a twist (please don’t be a trick), that somehow Tsu might just be a bit hurt.

    • Michael

      “Don’t worry, Gordon, I’d at least throw you a parachute first”.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Or send Mitch after him.

        • Michael

          Mitch would do the right thing. But I think Paul might hesitate a bit before sending Mitch.

          • Soirbleu

            Oh. ‘Cept, Mitch can…fly….

            I can’t believe how long it took me to realize…I mean it wouldn’t matter if Mitch was thrown off a cliff, right?

          • Michael

            It’s more about the intent and the message than practicalities.

            I think the rest of the team are also protective of Mitch, but in a healthier brotherly fashion rather than Gordon’s controlling authoritarian style. And I think Gordon’s ranting and revelations have probably raised a few brotherly hackles against him.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      I want to see Tsunami’s reaction too. If only because I’m still betting on Tsunami having enough self-awareness to recognise that the others won’t like his ethical positions even though Tsu thinks its correct and will stick to it no matter what. In short, I’m half expecting Tsunami to calmly respond with an “Yes, of course you’d want to throw me over a cliff.” Maybe not a full passive-aggressive persecution complex, mind you. More of a calm resignation.

      • Michael

        Really? I’d be expecting a long-suffering sigh and a passive-aggressive “of course you would. After everything I’ve done for this team, why wouldn’t you?”

        • Saxon_Brenton

          Heh. I guess that would be more consistent with his behaviour that we’ve seen so far. Maybe I’m projecting on Tsunami my need for him not to be a complete goober.

          • Michael

            If wanting someone not to be a goober made them not be a goober, the world might be a little kinder and a little nicer a place to live.

      • I’m sure he probably does expect it. It should be interesting.

  • Michael

    Gotta love Paul’s sense of humour, that’s definitely one of his stronger character traits.

    Kyle’s face in panel 2 is adorable, although not quite as adorable as Spooky’s fake-innocent “who me?” grin, or Mitch’s face in the last panel.

  • Cman65

    would that be a Big-Wet cranky pants going off the cliff?

  • Saxon_Brenton

    My first though after reading the final panel is an amused, “He’s looking at you Mitch”. Then I noticed that Paul has a frowny face on and decided he was referring to Gordon. And then I thought, “No, maybe Paul is trying to fake out Mitch.” And then I read Alex’s comment and I’m all: “Maybe it’ a double-bluff on the author’s part!” I dunno what to think.

    • Considering that the first comment by Alex says Mitch and his parting comment says Tsu-Tsu…..

    • Exactly! It’s a triple-fake! BUT WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?! XD

  • Morgan

    My bet is on Mitch. But look at what an innocent little cutie he looks like in that last panel. Awwww… Mitch!!!!

  • Fabulous Alien

    The whole exchange between Paul and Kyle is genius. “I’d marry you although you are a guy because you are awesome and have red hair, but you would have to stop sleeping with other guys.” sounds like a grand declaration of love.

    And the confrontation between Paul and Tsunami in the last panel, with Mitch’s innocent expression makes me want to read the next page right now! Who knows? Maybe I’ll sleep a lot and Friday will come sooner…

  • KezzieZ

    Ouch. That is one pointed look over at Tsunami. Can’t blame him for looking miffed at that, but it will be Flyboy since, you know, flying.

  • Mitch in last panel: “Uhm, do I want to sit here in the middle right now?”

    • Toli Bera

      “Are you two gonna start making out?”

  • DC

    At first I wanted Paul to throw Mitch of the cliff because Paul seems like a kind hearted guy and Mitch wouldn’t be at risk of being hurt. But I can see Paul might choose Tsunami because of some tension between them. Also Paul knowing Mitch wouldn’t let anyone get hurt, he knows Mitch could save Tsu.

  • DC

    But Paul can you even pick Gordon up?

    • Well if he were having a streak of good luck??

      • Chris Dangerfield


    • Michael

      Weight ratios aren’t as important in things like judo/kung fu throws and takedowns.

    • It could be about grabbing an arm, turning around fast and let gravity throw/sling him off a cliff. No need to actually pick him up.
      (Now why did you make me think that through?)

    • Klaus

      Paulis the most fit, All that training has to pay off somehow.

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      If a person is angry their strength can be more than normal.

  • I want to stay longer for the comments, but I’m about to doze off here at the desk. Haven’t slept yet, and it’s now 7am. About time, and now my room is cooled down a little.

    Main reason I haven’t slept is not the weather this time though. No, that was because of a daddy longleg spider that decided to talk a walk right next to my pillow as I was watching tv in the dark before bedtime. I saw it in the light from the tv.
    That can wake you up again, and fast, I tell ya.

    The 2nd worst thing, after having it walking right next to me, is that when I got up in a flash and grabbed a book to smack it, I’m not sure if I ever got it. I smacked the book down and out, so whether I hit it or not, I guess it went flying somewhere. When I finally got my light turned on there was no sight of it – and belive me, I checked and double checked around/on/under my pillow. At times like this I hate having a gray floor carpet xD

    • Michael

      Daddy longlegses aren’t a problem, though. They’re the friendly sentinels that are harmless to you, but hell to other spiders. they keep the bad spiders out. Have you ever seen a living nasty spider and a daddy longlegs in the same room? No, because the nasty spiders are too scared and/or eaten.

      • I’ve actually let a couple daddy long legs live in my apartment in the last couple months, even after spotting them, as long as they ‘follow’ my internal rule and stay up at the celing and/or in their corner. Walking right next to me, and on the path to walking ON me.. neither is close to accepting xD
        They may not be the biggest of spiders (not including the legs), but they’re too big for my phobia, and my apartment has almost had a small invasion of them recently .. and 2 of the 10+ I’ve smacked of them in the last week alone had an egg pouch when I got it D:
        That’s what I get for making them live, so until I feel I’m back to a little control again, I’m smaking most of those I see.

        • spiders. nopenopenopenopenope… nope…. hell to the NOPE! Don;t care if their mouths aren’t big enough to bite human, nope to the daddy long legs too. nope nope nope nope …. did I say nope?! I’m 35 years old and still scream like a toddler when I see spiders *hides*

          • Adam Black

            Spiders arent that creepy.

            These guys are fast, hard to kill, and actually grosser dead than alive.


            I killed one once , only to have it spurt gross green guts in an explosion that went in my mouth.

            It was worse than those pictures.

          • SKB

            In 1902, C.L. Marlatt, an entomologist with the United States Department of Agriculture writes in Circular #48 – The House Centipede: “It may often be seen darting across floors with very great speed, occasionally stopping suddenly and remaining absolutely motionless, presently to resume its rapid movements, often darting directly at inmates of the house, particularly women, evidently with a desire to conceal itself beneath their dresses, and thus creating much consternation.”

            I hate those things so much. They’re the only things that make me scream like a terrified child and run from them! I wouldn’t mind them, but it’s the way they have only two speeds, stop and full steam ahead, and have long creepy legs in the same way as my big phobia – Tipula paludosa ( ) – which scares me so much I can’t even make a noise!

          • Michael

            That… that’s not a phobia (*”irrational fear”), but a healthy reaction to demon-mosquito-things.

            I have a rational fear of European wasps. Those things are nasty, short-tempered, and hover in an extremely disconcerting/uncomfortable way.

          • SKB

            Sadly, it really does have to be called a phobia. Tipula paludosa are not dangerous, they don’t bite, they’re absolutely harmless to me.
            For all that they look like super-sized mosquitos, they’re nothing like
            them. The adult form doesn’t even eat, it exists only to pass on its
            genes. The larvae consume decaying plant matter, and occasionally do
            agricultural harm, but that’s about it. The benefits they bring to the eco-system are broad, and include proper breakdown of leaf-litter, as well as being a good source of food for many species of fish, reptiles, amphibians, and birds.

            But I’ll agree with your rational fear of European wasps. Those things are genuinely aggressive in defending themselves and their territory. I don’t much like the American species of wasps either.

          • Michael

            In contrast, for a surprising change from the normal trend, almost all species of Australian native bees either lack a stinger entirely, or have a stinger too small to sting humans with. Almost no specie s are aggressive in any way, and only 10 species (out of approx 1500) of native bee are social, forming hives or nests. The rest are solitary.

            It’s like nature counted all the spiders and snakes and things and thought “y’know, there’s probably enough dangerous things”.

          • all bugs are gross! except rolly pollys. Specially big bugs! EW NOPE!

          • Chaos

            I go “awwww cute!!!” and try to take it outside with a cup and a piece of paper, cuz even cute things bite if they’re scared. I once spent a couple hours wandering around a store with a gigantic elderly fly on my hand. I say elderly cuz it was huge, slow, and calm.

        • Adam Black

          They are not spiders

          • This kind is. Daddy long legs cover more than one kind of spider/insect. The kind I have is also known a cellar spiders.

          • Adam Black

            oh, ok.
            Still better than House Centipedes for Ick factor

      • Chaos

        I heard they’re not even spiders, something about the sectioning of their bodies. I’d google it but meh. Also, centipedes eat roaches and unlike roaches they stay out of your way most of the time……they really don’t want pettins.

        • Michael

          From brief research, the term ‘daddy longlegs’ appears to be applied to three different groups, the true spiders (pholcidae), a group of crane flies (tipulidae), and a group of non-spider arachnids called harvestmen (opiliones).

          The trick to working them out is that the true spiders have tiny bodies, long legs, and are almost always alone in their territory; the harvestmen have larger, fatter bodies, often appear in groups (I call them “terror swarms“), and massive scary legs all over the place; and the crane flies have wings.

          • Chaos

            Ah the ones we had in the basement were prolly the true spiders then, they had tiny bodies and legs so thin and long it was rare to see one with all 8, still completely harmless tho.

          • Michael

            Yeah, opiliones don’t like basements from what I’ve read; or at least, they don’t live in isolated hermitages the way cellar spiders do.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Oh no! D:

  • Maus Merryjest

    Yeah, I’d probably throw Tsunami off a cliff, too XD

  • Toli Bera

    Paul: “And it’s no secret who I’d throw off a cliff if I had to pick.”
    Gordon: “… >:(”
    Paul: “Flyboy, because he’d land safely.”
    Mitch: “Hey! D:”

    • Hamish C

      If Paul manages to pull that joke off believably, he deserves a massive high-five for causing Gordon’s expression.

  • Melinda M

    Spooky laughs, but he knows he’d marry Kyle withOUT him being a girl. >> (Unless my mind is not real life? That’d be no fun, though…)

  • Klaus

    Where it not for the the first line of Alex’ comment, that is exactly what I would have expected.

  • Precious

    He’s totally going to say Mister water bender there

  • kamishiro

    the staaaaare

  • Kate G

    Spooky? Strange? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. He’s cute and cuddly wuddly like a big teddy bear. Only he’s equipped with magic!

    • Nate

      Now I’m thinking of Spooky as a Care Bear, with his logo on his tummy. 😀

      • Care Bear Stare!

      • Kate G

        And his logo would be the one on his hat. 😛

        • Nate

          Precisely. =)

  • bronakopdin

    Kudos for Paul liking red heads 😀
    and holy mother of !!”§$”&…. will there ever be any page in this bonus comic where Spooky or Mitch do NOT look like the most adorable things in this world?!?

    So Tsunami it is… :/
    Now let’s see whats the story behind this! If it’s no secret it must be major >_>’

    • Pikinanou

      I’m afraid we are all doomed to melt over and over again, for as long as this comic exist 😀 these boys are just too cute for their own good 😛

  • Jeldenil

    Now, Paul, ain’t you sweet. But don’t toss Tsu or I’d be cross with you.

  • rob

    I thought this took place a month before the engaging the enemy arc… Kyle and anni havent happened yet.

    • Nate

      He’s not talking about THAT kind of sleeping. Remember the revelation about Spooky and Kyle?

  • Hours Left

    One day I’d really love to go to SDCC. It’s like nerd heaven.

    Have fun Alex! 🙂

    • Nate

      If you ever go…wear comfortable shoes. Trust me.

      (I haven’t gone for a decade or more, and it’s only gotten bigger)

  • Abbi Orenstein

    last panel: shit just got real!

  • Aitsuki

    XD Of course he’ll say Flyboy; since nothing bad would happen!!

  • Columbine

    Awww I really love Fluke’s summary of while Kyle is a great catch (and the dig about sleeping with strange men lol!).

    (Perhaps it’s cos I’m older, perhaps it’s cos I’m bi but I think I’m reading too much into the ‘if you were a girl’ thing. Anyone else?)

  • Alt+F7

    Nice to come back online to the warm fuzziness of this page! Fluke is so much sweeter than I realised and adorably bashful Kyle is adorable. Marrying Kyle is simply the best option, even just from a practical approach, save a fortune in matches.

  • Plot twist:

    He’s talking to Flyboy since that boy can fly.

    terrible and thoughtless joke, i know.

    • WiseDragonQueen .

      My thoughts exactly XD

  • Maybe Paul wants to throw Tsu-Tsu because of the consequences of the DQ Incident?

  • David Boccabella

    Hmm.. If thrown – would Tsu-Tsu splash.. or splat..
    That is the question

  • Nate

    This is a nigh-perfect page. Blushing Kyle, smiling Paul, grinning Spooky (oh that grin! *melt*. Did he take lessons from Jeff?), and Flyboy still rocking the puppy-dog eyes (*hugs*).

    Even Gordon looks a bit less angry than usual! Tho I still agree with Paul. Tsunami needs an attitude adjustment (not the wrestling move, unless it would actually help 😉 )

  • this is a triple-fake: paul would nominate himself, of course

    his power is based on Luck, yeah?

    • Klaus

      At the end of chapter 2, Kyle would nominate himself.

      • it is too bad that in life the “bad” people can’t all be Universally Unattractive

        that’d save us all much heartache.
        i speculates.

        • Chaos

          I think “good” people have Universally Unattractive cornered. I don’t even think about the hot ones, cuz to me hot = bitch. And not in the fun way.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Oooh, good idea!

  • Mary Kelleher

    Flyboy, ’cause he wouldn’t die. He’d hover and go “why?”

    • Chaos

      My thoughts exactly, tho if he wasn’t available……..tsunami better hope there’s water at the bottom of that cliff.

  • Jojolightningfingers

    just kick me in the teeth these guys are all so adorable.

  • Paul D’Arbonne

    Can’t… stop… imagining… hot red-head and black boy… love… AHHHHHHH!

    • Klaus

      I am sure Google can find something.

  • Chibi

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    only 8 more days to contribute time is running out please help!

  • Kate G

    You know what? Now that I’ve had the night to rest and what not, I’m bothered by one line: “If you were a girl.” I get that Fluke (his real name is escaping me) is heterosexual and the question is a total hypothetical, but the question is about the people in the room as they are CURRENTLY, not if they changed sexes.

    It’s just we live in such a gendered world that the first thing we notice is people’s subscribed gender first before we notice anything else. This comment really proves that. It doesn’t matter if Kyle is reliable to a fault or easy to hang out with or even a redhead, he’s still MALE and him being make renders him ineligible even in a hypothetical situation. I find this both interesting and sad. It’s both a compliment to Kyle….and an insult. He can’t change his sex and even in a hypothetical that should be accounted for.

    I’m sure Fluke didn’t mean anything, but for someone who took so many classes on gender and LBQTIA inequity classes (especially in literature), it’s just something that stood out to me.

    • moneyfields19

      How is that sad?

      Fluke is only physically attracted to females; it’s not that big a deal, or a surprise.
      It’s just the way he is.

      • Kate G

        It’s something more based on the subtleties you see in the panels. It’s hinting that Paul has a suspicion that Kyle is gay and Kyle is getting that feeler.

        In gender studies, you learn to sort of look for this subtle clues to clue you on in situations and you look for communication bits. It’s interesting that in this case Paul is doing a very female thing. He is building up Kyle’s confidence by saying he loves redheads, Kyle is reliable to a fault and is fun to hang around….and then destroys him by saying, “yea, but I’d only marry you if you were female.” The last bit is actually a mix of male and female communication.

        Most males will rely on their masculinity when cornered. Paul isn’t being cornered but he wants to reaffirm his heterosexuality to the group by saying, “IF YOU WERE FEMALE.” This also clues me in that Paul is a little suspicious of Kyle and his sexuality. He just wants to say, “I’m off limits” which is a little insulting because Kyle hasn’t really done anything wrong. Really insecure heterosexual men also will use this kind of language around openly gay men just so they don’t feel so “gay.” (Maybe my gay men can chime in and reply if they’ve experienced this.)

        Again, I am probably reading way too much into this for MOST people, but I am someone who did study gender and sexuality in literature. I feel an need to look at things that bug me and find out WHY.

        • KatKaleen

          Very thought-provoking and interesting. Maybe Alex wanted to show how such an off-hand comment can hurt.
          But… haven’t we all been there? Too tall, too short, too fat, too skinny, wrong hair color, wrong eye color, “you’re just not my type” and, well: “you’re not my preferred sex”.
          Rejection never feels nice, but the reason for rejection lies within the other person, not yourself. I, personally, HATE, HATE, HATE it, when Metal guys cut their hair for their girlfriend, or women get a boob-job because their boyfriend wants them to. BE YOURSELF. And go find somebody who loves you that way.

          • Kate G


        • Connor

          I don’t think Paul would ever make that comment if he were consciously aware of Kyle’s sexuality. He cares too much to risk hurting his feelings that way. I’m sure that his conscious mind is meaning “If you were a girl I’d go out with you, given the choice of the whole world as opposed to just this room.” But at the same time, I’m sure that Paul has subconsciously picked up on subtle clues as to Kyle’s orientation, and so feels the underlying need to reaffirm his heterosexuality. Unfortunately, that ended up coming out in a way that’s probably going to be a little ball of pain bouncing around in Kyle’s head until he forgets in the morning.

        • Maus Merryjest

          I… think you are honestly reading far too much into that interaction.

          • Kate G

            The great thing about literature is that we are allowed to read as little–or as much–into something as we want to through as many different literary “lenses” as we wish. I tend to look at things through a few lenses: the feminist (aka gender) lens, psychoanalytic, archetypal (aka narratology), and the queer lens as I’ve studied those most. The others, especially Marxist, I struggle with most.

            Each lens provides a different reading of your text. Do I always analyze what I’m reading? Of course not! Reading would be a chore then!

            Comics are a wonderful for a few reasons. One, they are art and literature combined in one. This means you can combine art theory AND literary theories IN ONE GO. This means you can have a hell of a lot of fun when it comes to interpreting things. I have a lot of trouble with social cues, so this is where I both learn social cues….and dissect them.

        • Adam Black

          Of course he a little suspicious of Kyle.

          He just found out Kyle sleeps with spooky.

          so what?

          “He just wants to say, “I’m off limits” YES , but you misread this.

          Hes saying he doesn’t plan on Sleeping with Kyle.

          Hes saying this because he Fluke is merely affirming his sexuality , or making it a point that Fluke is not coming out as gay or Bisexual right now.

          I have to guess your gender studies classes didnt cover how often men make statements just like this before jumping in bed with each other.

          If Fluke was genuinely an insecure straight man, He wouldnt have chosen to hypothetically marry Kyle, and make such a case why he would be a perfect partner for him.

          That was a profoundly gay thing for a straight man to say. You are jumping over that like it has no meaning.

          All that we can conclude is that Fluke this this comment is not evidence he is coming out, right at this moment.

          Thats it. It doesnt even confirm hes straight.

          I respect that you are looking for subtext, but i think you lack the experience to find the right context to pick the right one.

          In the case of this being a YAOI comic, one where 4 of the main characters have come out as non-straight , you are probably picking the wrong one.

          When a man tells another man : “We can do W, but we better not do X and Y and Z”

          IT very often means “When we are alone in the dark, Give me X and Y and Z, and give to me hard”

          ( You may have to take my personal experience on that one )

          If you want more evidence of Gordons tolerance we have have him chastising Kyle for picking the wrong man ( and most of us suspected he meant himself )

          and that Gordon was the one who found and shared the Yaoi comic of them having sex in the last interlude.

        • Adam Black

          “I feel an need to look at things that bug me and find out WHY.”

          It might be because you were trained to.

          Feminism ( and by this I mean Professional Feminist Philosophy, published and criticized in Philosophy Journals , and following the Continental Traditions of Existential Phenomenology and Poststructuralism , NOT the political female empowerment movement who’s goals of gender-equality I support ) …

          Feminist Philosophy takes a critical stance toward expressions of male sexuality and any gender-essentialism whatsoever, especially where that may lead to female exclusion.

          That might be right in certain limited contexts, but its strong medicine . A little goes a long way.

          However we should also be critical toward this critical stance , lest it devolve onto Bigotry also.

          If you dont think it can, all you do is need to read the words of Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists or read the History to see how Terfs allied with the reactionary right wing, to get Trans-medical treatments removed from Healthcare in the 1980s in The United States.

          This erasure of difference, is why I dont identify with the inclusive sounding label of “Queer”.

          More specifically, The Dominant Ideology in Gender Studies , “Queer Theory”
          ( If this has changed, you can educate me )

          Doenst describe my sexuality and gender , seems to make great pains to exclude it, and then insultingly labels me just trying to live my own life “as a performance” . ( “Screw that!” …. see link below… )

          (( “What is Queer about Queer studies now?”.[16] Using Butler’s critique of sexual identity categories as a starting point, they work around a “queer epistemology” that explicitly opposes the sexual categories of Lesbian and Gay studies and lesbian and gay identity politics. ”

          Does that sound familiar? ))

          This isnt a valid philosophical position .Thats just condescension taken to an art-form.

          What Emily says in todays QC says exactly what I feel about “Queer Theory” :

          “Its like “Screw You for thinking I’m ‘random’ ”

          ( Insert “queer” * / “performance” / teaching people our lives are merely a camp show / purely and only a constructed rebellion against heteronormative categories etc. )

          “As if being myself is a calculated act.”
          “A defense-mechanism. I’m happy with who I am and how my brain works.
          And if thats makes you uncomfortable its your Problem, not mine”


          I demand the rights say that women sometimes look very , very, sexy ( especially when they intend to ) , because my brain is hardwired to see it; without being slut-shamed for a chaste view, as “male-gaze” .

          And then the right to turn around and screw as many guys as I want to , and not have to hide it or be made ashamed for it , or told “it doesnt matter” or “why should it matter?” . and having my gender identity and sexuality dismissed as “a performance” . and having it certainly doesnt make me bigoted against women.

          And I demand the right to publicly celebrate awesome complementary Female-Female pairings , while being male , ( like Marigold and Jane in todays Octopus Pie

 ) without being made to feel like a creeper for being born male, and just appreciating a same-sex pairing .

          ( Which actually happened to me very recently in the comics of another comic ! Even worse, this was said to me by someone else “As a queer person” . Both silencing my voice and excluding me from displaying a proper “queer” voice due to my gender. )

          This is dismissal and silencing.

          Until Gender Studies and Feminist Post-structuralism, repudiates such toxic ideology , it doesn’t deserve my support. It deserves my principled opposition.

          Please dont see this as an attack on your major, just an ally whos tired of being silenced and excluded, by people supposedly speaking for him.

          * Ironically, was OK with the word queer , until I read how it was being used in Queer Theory.

          • Kate G

            Actually, I’ve always been this way. I’ve always been very critical of my own thoughts. Why? It could be I was raised that way.

            Queer theory, to my understanding (it’s been a while since I’ve been in school), is looking at a piece of literature/movie and seeing if they are undermining LGBTs or supporting them or how they are portraying them. For example, if you remember Si and Am from Lady and the Tramp, in queer theory we would see those as a lesbian (or gay) couple. Disney portrays them as deviants and therefore something that society is disgusted with. Feminism and queer theory have gone to go hand-in-hand with one another now from my understanding. (Again, it has been about three years since I’ve been in school.)

            Feminist theory is very layered just like the feminist movement itself. It’s not critically looking at how men undermine a woman’s position, it’s how men undermine men, how women undermine women, and how women undermine men and all of the reverse (how women praise men, men praise men, men praise women, etc.) It’s looking at how we create a culture of where women are considered victims of rape through literature (which is vastly interesting) or how men are told that there is no so thing as “male rape.”

            Yes, there are people who swing waaaaaaaay to the extreme side like you said. That’s because they only look through ONE lens. When you take these classes though, first you have to LEARN the rules before you can bend them. I bend them very easily now and look through multiple lenses at once.

            Let me tell you something, I am totally against color blindness. I am totally against washing out someone’s sexuality or someone’s disability because hell, I’ve been there. I hate it when people say, “but you’re not disabled.” Um, dude, what do you call Autism? A freebie? No. Repeat after me: A DISABILITY. You can say it dude. You can also talk about the lupus, epilepsy, asthma, trichotillomania and migraines whenever you want too. They aren’t going away. They are there for good. Just do me a favor: talk to me about them and not around me. I hate that. I do not want to ruin my minion toys from Toys R Us by throwing them at you because you refuse to ask me shit to my face.

        • moneyfields19

          I doubt Paul was intentionally insulting Kyle because he thinks he’s gay.

          That would be way out of character and needles cruel of Paul.

    • S+

      Kate, you are like my favorite person right now because I can easily imagine the goodness in your heart and the desire to break the world out of its confining ways when you write what you wrote. But I hate to tell you, one of the things Sexuality Studies academia just doesn’t seem to get at all is that the rest of us don’t live in Sexuality Studies academia; we live in the real world. In the real world, the vast majority of men (at least, I can’t speak for women because I haven’t had the conversation with as many of them) just don’t think that way at all. And not just think; their bodies don’t work that way.

      Actually, Fluke isn’t noticing Kyle’s “gender.” He’s noticing his sex. Kyle is biologically male. Fluke apparently just isn’t biologically wired to be interested in a biological male as a marriage partner. Fluke apparently is biologically wired to be sexually and romantically attracted to somebody he can make a baby with. That wouldn’t be Kyle. (Too bad, I might add. They’d be a cute couple.)

      I understand that Sexuality Studies academia often says that humans ought to be essentially different than other animals; we should not have any sort of wired in sexual/romantic attraction orientation, but most actual humans seem to think that’s just not how the world really works.

      My field of studies is not gender or LBQTIA inequality (is the G missing because of a typo, or is “non-G” a specialty study I don’t know about yet? If so, do tell. I love to learn new things.), so there is a lot I don’t know. I would really like to read your corrections and expansions on my thoughts, especially as they apply to the two actual persons under discussion (yes, I know they aren’t real people, but we’re pretending and, I assume, talking about them as if they were actual persons).

      • Kate G

        Oh, I know that’s how they think and work. It’s just something I thought of and wanted to write about to see if anyone was thinking the same as I was.

        Yea, I forgot the G in LGBTQIA.

        I actually think I entered the wrong area of study. When I first entered college, an Associates in Gender & Sexuality wasn’t available and frankly, I wasn’t even interested in such things. I chose to get an Associates in Arts, which I’m still working on (6 years later. It’s a long story.) It was when I could choose to do a conjunction of Women’s in Lit and Gender & Sexuality in Lit to replace English Comp II (ugh, formal comp classes. Just, ugh) that I took them just to feel it out….and got highly interested. I have now basically wiped out all of the gender studies in the English department out (yes, I took ALL OF THE CLASSES) and I took the Sex, Gender and Sexuality for psychology credit (which meant I wiped out the entire Sex, Gender & Sexuality department.) I essentially have taken all of the gender classes at my school at the time (I’m not quite sure if they added more) because I got that hooked.

        Honestly, if I went back to try to complete my associates, I’d get my major changed to gender & sexuality studies. I’m completely fascinated with it.

        • S+

          You took ALL OF THE CLASSES? My hat is off to you. 🙂

          And thank you for writing, both your original post and your reply.

          • Kate G

            Um, yea, the ones at the time. They’ve since expanded and made more classes to make the Gender & Sexuality studies more well-rounded. At the time, the school only had Sex, Gender and Power, Women in Lit, Gender and Sex in Lit (or something like that), International Women’s Literature. I wiped them out. That was…three years ago.

            I’d like to go back to school but even going to community college is expensive now (less expensive than state or private, but it’s still expensive.) I can probably only do one or two classes at a time anyway since I get tired easily from lupus.

          • S+

            Well then, may I respectfully urge you to take one or two classes at a time. Or one class every couple of years. Do it slowly, do it whatever. When it comes to education, just do it.

      • Ant-Man

        (. Fluke apparently just isn’t biologically wired to be interested in a biological male as a marriage partner.)

        -yeah, yeah_ BUT- the question asked was, ‘who would u marry?’__ he answered Kyle…….but then he went on 2 qualify it with the ‘if he were a girl’ bit. so fluke is actually saying he wouldn’t marry kyle- cause kyle is a guy.
        – he didn’t answer the question asked- he lied or qualified the answer- so does that mean the CURSE isn’t going to be lifted or whatever.
        —- so besides being a sort of offensive answer or back-handed compliment__-he also is not meeting the requirements of the CURSE_____so i think the curse should turn fluke into a flaming queer- to make his answer true- that he would marry kyle- regardless of sex/gender/species/etc

        • Adam Black

          Back-handed Compliment?

          It sounds like a pure compliment to me.

        • Kate G

          You have a good question. Did Paul meet the requirement for the curse by qualifying his answer? It is the honest truth, but it did change the circumstances which changes the question a bit. I think only the comic can answer that.

        • S+

          True, but if the question had to answered exactly and precisely, the first two questions could have only one possible pair of answers: Amanda or Nobody. Having answered Amanda to the first, he arguably had to come up with another person for the second; so, even though he would not marry Kyle the Male, he answered the question honestly given the context.

    • Adam Black

      It Doesnt make him “ineligible even in a hypothetical situation”.
      Thats the point. Its the inverse, in a Hypothetical situation Kyle is both eligible and chosen.

      Its not in any way an insult to Kyle.

      Expecting men to erase their sexuality, gender identity, and gender preferences will inevitably lead to Bigotry to Gay men.
      It does.

      You should be aware the erasure that you think is preferable is precisely the way that homophobia actually manifests.

      “Why should matter?” Is The Mantra of Heterosexism everywhere.

      Saying “It shouldnt matter” is a demand for a sexuality-blind society when that society is still bigoted and prejudiced. Thats a recipe for institutional bias, one that we ought to fight.

      This is akin to conservatives demanding MLK dream of a Color-Blind society, while society is sharply tilted in favor of whites with institutional racism .

      There is nothing wrong with men, Gay, straight and Bisexual ; displaying their personal sexuality and gender preferences.

      Fluke even answered in such a way that that ignored his own sexuality.
      Instead of seeing this as praise , you think there is a hidden insult because he didn’t erase his sexuality.

      Freedom is to be had in having the same rights to visibility as everyone else. Not suppressing everyone equally.

      The answer to Gay and Bi erasure, isnt straight erasure.

    • zunden

      As a preface, I intend this comment in the spirit of philosophical and scientific discussion, and I apologize in advance if it comes across as anything other than that at all. I am not intending to say anything that in any way implies anything about you as an individual. I bring this up because sometimes I can’t see my own tone very well, and don’t notice when I accidentally imply something I don’t mean.

      We live in a gendered world, because gender exists. Please note that I do not mean that “all girls love pink and Barbies” is a given of human existence; I mean that “girls exist” is a given of human existence. We ascribe unnecessary correlates to gender and give these correlates bizarrely high importance for questionable or even despicable reasons, but erroneous assumed correlates and undeserved attention do not mean something ceases to exist. Generally speaking, I notice that gender is often written off as 100% social construction and education. This is not possible–if it were, not only would transgender people not exist, all of the sex reassignments performed on intersex children shortly after birth would be successful. Trans people, however, do exist, and many of the reassigned intersex children later protest their assignment as incorrect. There is something going on at a lower, more primal level than education and socialization that causes gender identity.

      My argument (based on several fMRI, DTI, and other studies) is that the trait we call gender is, in fact, the brain’s body map. Seeing as you have to have an accurate understanding of your own body parts in order to move them effectively (imagine trying to walk if you didn’t know how long your leg or big your foot was) and integrate your own sensory information, you do require a relatively specific understanding of what your body looks like. Based on that understanding, you form a map of your body’s form, even if you can’t see that form. Knowing the map’s layout tells you whether you are a boy, a girl, or something else. You have a sex, which is based on what your body actually looks like, and then your gender is whatever your brain expects your sex to be, even if that’s not actually your sex.

      Using that base trait, people identify with gendered cultural standards and adopt norms, but the norms/standards themselves are not the cause of the identity, and removal of the norms/standards would not cause the identity to cease. Removal of the norms/standards may cause the trait to be treated with less importance, but it would still be a trait that exists.

      Likewise, while many people do experience their sexual orientation as fluid, malleable, or open to a wide variety of body types, many people do not. Frankly, I haven’t looked into the underpinnings of this as much as I have for gender, but I’m aware in general of correlations between size/shape of some sexuality-associated areas of the brain and sex/gender preferences in sexual partners. So, realistically, your personal range of potential sex partners is limited by the neural mechanisms you have for recognizing people as potential partners, as dictated by your brain development. As I mentioned, for some people, this seems to be more malleable, and for others, it seems to be less.

      As a bottom line, I don’t think it’s particularly fair to criticize Fluke for, in essence, being a heterosexual man. As far as I’m concerned, both of those things exist outside of his realm of control, and attempting to control them would only serve to make him miserable (as years of people trying to pretend they’re not LGBT+ has demonstrated). I would also argue that, “You’re perfect, except that I’m not personally attracted to you,” is a highly valid reason to say no to a potential partner. The fact that Fluke is self-aware enough to recognize the “rules” that govern his sexual attraction is not a fault, nor is he obligated to bend or break those rules if he doesn’t want to.

      • Kate G

        Again, it’s just something that I observed as someone who has taken cultural anthropology and classes dealing in gender and sexuality. On top of this, I’ve also experienced a lifestyle that very few people actually experience, at least in America. All of this allows me to form opinions that may not be agreeable to others, but I hope it gets others to think.

        Gender is very much a cultural construct (some cultures have up to five or six genders) while sex is biological. Sexuality (and this isn’t just about which way you swing, but how you perceive sexual acts, things like menstrual cycles and like), in my opinion, very much ties into both how you are culturally raised and your own biology.

        Had it been me answering, I would have answered the question simply. If I would have picked Amanda to marry, even though I am female and heterosexual, I would have said something to the effect of, “I’d pick Amanda to marry because she’s loyal, can keep me on my toes intellectually and is honest with her opinions.” And I’ve said something like that before.

        • zunden

          I, too, have experienced a lifestyle that very few people do, as well as having a strong background in psych and neuroscience, and some history with biology courses. Everyone has life experiences, and if my education has taught me one thing, it’s that you can’t assume yours are adequate for deriving universal truth without first confirming your observations through empirical research. Hypotheses are meaningless without data to back them up.

          Let me rephrase: Gender exists the same way that color exists. There is an observable physical phenomenon which underlies our perception, but that perception is then defined by culture and experience. Just as there are cultures with 5 or 6 genders, there are cultures in the world that do not recognize blue and green as separate colors, and (I believe it is) Russians separate our “blue” into two completely different colors. None of this means that light does not have a wavelength that we learn to categorize into boxes, just that the lines we lay out (red = 620-750 nm) are actually arbitrary. In a purely objective sense, there is no such thing as color, because “color” is a percept that we individually form and socially condition each other into agreeing about. However, in a practical sense, color absolutely exists because it is 1) (imperfectly, but nonetheless) based on wavelength, which is an objective and extant physical phenomenon, 2) something which we have generally agreed falls into certain categories, allowing us to more easily discuss and specify what part of the undeniably existing spectrum we are hoping to reference.

          Sex actually has a similar existence: The existence of a wide variety of intersex people (and even androgynous non-intersex people) demonstrates how it actually falls along a continuous spectrum, even though we like to place it in two boxes. These boxes are a social construct that sits on top of several observable physical realities: Genes, anatomy, hormone fluctuation patterns, and the like. Acting like sex is somehow more biologically objective than gender is actually a bit ridiculous. In fact, sex is just as non-objective and confusing as gender if you bother to account for everything that anyone uses to calculate it. Even narrowing yourself to the biologist’s definition (relative size of gametes produced), you still end up with problems (what is a person who makes no gametes?).

          Sexuality does have elements of social conditioning, sure. For example, your specific standards of beauty have a lot to do with how you were raised–hence why different cultures conceptualize beauty a little differently. However, there are still underlying standards. For example, people whose faces are more symmetrical and which adhere more closely to the golden ratio are considered more attractive regardless of which culture is doing the judging. There is a basic programming which suggests what is a desirable and acceptable mate, and then you are socially conditioned into refining that definition to suit your cultural standards. If you have basic standards for the face and body as a whole, why would basic standards for sexual characteristics not also exist?

          Let’s put it this way: We’ll assign the female sex (has all markers of female sex–genes, hormones, gametes, etc.) to 0 and the male sex (all markers thereof) to 100. 50 is a perfectly androgynous intersex, having half the female markers and half the males ones. If Fluke is only capable of recognizing people with values from 0 to 40 as potential mates, it’s not unfair for him to count Kyle (who is probably at least in the 80s or 90s, if not a full 100) as NOT a potential mate. He doesn’t have the programming for it, no matter how much social conditioning you put him through. This is a basic fact that has already been demonstrated by the numerous attempts to turn gay people straight: You can’t alter the basic programming.

          If you’re willing to marry someone you do not count as a potential sexual partner, that’s great for you. You’re entitled to do so, and I sincerely hope for your happiness and wish you the best in that endeavor. Truly, I do. However, many people can accurately judge ahead of time that a marriage without sexual attraction would likely result in failure for them specifically. Fluke could reasonably fall into this category, and be acting on the fact that a marriage to Kyle would ultimately not be fulfilling for him due to Kyle’s maleness, even if Kyle is the best overall choice of partner in the room at the time. Qualifying a forced choice decision’s applicability outside of the forced-choice situation doesn’t mean Fluke has done anything wrong.

          • Hey guys!!

            This is really an interesting discussion here, I just wanted to peek in and remind everyone to be careful of the “you” statements so the conversation can stay fun, interesting, and on track. 🙂

            Your friendly neighborhood Admiral!

  • Scotti Jemison

    this fill in story is fun and all but IT IS KILLING ME! what’s going on with Butch McHottie & his silver fag hag? helloooo? upper hand much?

    • We’ll should be back to the main story very soon. The ToD comic is almost over.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    “IF” you were a girl…..kinda kills the mood….but then there’s that “Look” he gave Gordon…….I could almost see the firey daggers…..I think Gordon is not too popular among the boys right now.

    • Klaus

      She is either testing or teasing him. Not very smart to waste time on that. Much better to just kill them when she has the change. I don’t know what he will answer, but I do know who she would most want dead. Spooky has been a thorn in her side for some time before the others became active. And as far as we know the damper does not work on magic.

  • KatKaleen

    Sorry if I’m killing the mood, but… all the while I’m enjoying this comic and then, all of a sudden, I hear PP asking “Which one should we kill first?” in my head. *SHIVERS*

  • I know the emphasis was on strange and spooky men, and that this is all hypothetical, but I find it amusingly ironic that Paul would need Kyle to stop sleeping with men before he considered marrying him. Stop “sleeping” with men, and I’ll let you sleep with me, after we get married, of course. Umm Paul, I think marrying a dude is as gay as it gets. ;P

    • Terri Sutton

      I thought it was more of a joke along the lines of; “stop sleeping with other people and I will go out with you”.

      • That’s probably what the intent was, I just interpreted it differently/my way when I first read it.

  • andraknoby

    And now I have a OTP!

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    It’s been a tough three days of chaos. I had some work done at my house and had to live in the middle of ceilings being fixed, dust and destruction, lights being replaced, and insufficient peace and quiet.
    TYP is like an oasis of calm (Along with the deer and squirrels in my year).

    • Kate G

      I hate when my peace and quiet is disturbed. I also dislike when people are messing with my sanctuary, even if it is necessary. I have to sanctify it again (really, it’s just some dumb little ritual that I do to bring peace and order back but I cannot be at peace until I do it.)

      At least your home is pretty now, right?

      • davefragments

        One bathroom had small holes where I punctured the plasterboard from a roof leak and the other bathroom had a hole about fifteen inches by 9 inches where the air conditioner leaked water. Plus they replaced some leaky faucets and mounted three lights for me. It was worth it but I had to run to the kitchen sinks to wash my face in the morning — that type of chaos. Next thing I have to get done is the interior and exterior of the house painted. And I am already under contract for a new driveway.
        It’s the summer of chaos 😉 😉 😉

        • Kate G

          Your house has turned in Chicago. Construction!

          • davefragments

            The sad truth is that thanks to all the rain, when the sun comes out and dries everything, every road from my house and quite a few that connect to them are under construction with asphalt patches, resurfacing, storm drain replacements (always bigger), and one that nearly washed out and requires two monstrous hilifts and a dozen dump trucks filled with big stones to shore up. Don’t forget, it rained almost every day from June 10th to July 10 (today) and road crews are go crazy when the sun shines. Anyone driving on the roads has to plan for multiple construction delays.

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    • It’s a very large state. Which part did you drive through?

      • Chris Dangerfield

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        • Well the last time I drove through Texas, was in ’96 on the way the National Andalusian Horse Show (I believe at the Roy Rogers Convention Center) in Dallas/Fort Worth and we had a cooler filled with snacks (and miniature snickers, the real little ones) so we didn’t have to stop much. I don’t think we ate BBQ. No, wait. Our barn did stop at some place, but I just remembered chicken fried chicken. Ha!

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        • Yup the long ways. It helps if there is more than one driver.

          • Tyler Griffin

            Yeah, tht would have helped. lol. I did the one man non-stop marathon

          • Oh man my sympathy for sure!! I can remember one of my shifts. It was ten o’clock and we had to find a motel because my eyes literally crossed.

            And then the semi’s. Those bastards like to ride up your ass with every freaking light on. Assholes everyone of them.

          • Tyler Griffin

            Actually I had very little trouble with traffic of any kind, but I think that had to with my timing. I left Alabama at 7:30pm and so it was only 7am when I crossed the boarder into Texas, and missed all the rush hours after. And after Abeline, TX it was perfectly normal for me to be the only vehicle in sight going through the oil well districts and deserts

          • Lucky you. Those big rigs can be a real pain. Not a lot of traffic when we were driving, but those guys get on the open road and damn you better get out of their way.

          • Tyler Griffin

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          • davefragments

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          • Tyler Griffin


          • Yeah, they like to travel in groups, helps to keep an eye out for the cops as they speed along.

          • Tyler Griffin

            LoL, does it say anything about my driving that every time I encountered one of those clusters on the way home I started cussing because they slowed me down 😛

          • There might have been a police car nearby. 😛

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          • From what I remember there are some hilly roads, nothing big, just enough to drop your stomach as you’re speeding along at least between nowhere and D/FW

          • davefragments

            I’ve never driven Texas. Frankly, I hope never to drive Texas. It’s a thrill I can do without.

          • Tyler Griffin

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          • davefragments

            I like the Appalachians.

          • It’s definitely a take it or leave it. A lot of nothing really. A lot of “Don’t Mess with Texas” merch, which is funny because it was actually a campaign to stop littering.

          • Tyler Griffin

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          • davefragments

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          • Probably

          • Tyler Griffin

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          • davefragments

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        • Tyler Griffin

          Slow cooker chicken and rice with mushrooms/cream of mushroom soup

          • davefragments

            I’m going to make a steak and mushrooms tomorrow night.

        • I made a gumbo-style stew.

          • davefragments

            That sounds good

          • Yeah, but I didn’t realize I was out of mango until the last minute. Oh well.

          • davefragments

            Interesting. Every so often I make Mango Ketchup. It’s so much better homemade than what is in jars (plastic squeeze bottles) and marked as ketchup.

      • Sapfo

        Do you have some for me?

        • If you don’t mind chicken parm-ish

          • Sapfo

            I can take a plate with no chicken on it 😉

          • So sauce and Parm cheese?? Well there is a bit of salad.

          • Sapfo

            Yes please! ^^

          • *passes plate and bowl* The sauce is a little spicy

          • Sapfo

            Yes ma’am!
            Please a lot of sallad 😀

          • All you can eat!

          • But save room for dessert. Brown sugar ice cream or rice pudding. 🙂

          • stickfigurefairytales


          • Oh indeed indeed!

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Also my sister made Vietnamese Iced Coffee popsicles if anyone would like one of those.

          • Nom nom nom!

          • Sapfo

            I am going to be one fat little strawberry 😀

          • Shouldn’t strawberries be fat? XD

    • Saxon_Brenton

      I’m working in my sister’s backyard, digging up rocks. Fortunately the winter sun means I don’t get too uncomfortable from sweating. I’ll burn some of the deadwood later this afternoon.

      • davefragments

        I thought the lawn service was going to mow today. It drizzled all day. So maybe tomorrow it will be sunny.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I just got back from watching a baseball game with my family. Our team won!!

      • davefragments

        Great. That’s always fun.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Yup! ^_^ How are you doing? Is the work on your house finished?

          • davefragments

            Inside is done. I need peace and quiet for a few days. I told most of the story to Jane below in the comments. I have to schedule days for the inside painting and the exterior painting. I dread having to move all this stuff I have around.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Well, I’m glad that at least the inside stuff is done (apart from the painting). Best of luck with getting ready for the stuff that remains when that comes!

          • davefragments

            I have to find out the schedule for getting an asphalt driveway. That’s going to be a siege of four or five days.

  • I’m in for camp, now that I used 20mins making it through loading pages a very busy site to read the Starfighter double-page update xD

    Hey everyone. Making it it to two camps in a row, thats a monthly new for me. Guess it helped getting past June *lol*

    • Tyler Griffin

      Good evening Danish

      • Good evening to you and good morning from here. Damn, I’m happy that TYP’s site don’t crash after an update. What a struggle to make it through the stampeed when it is.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Welcome, Danish!

  • davefragments

    time to chase the rabbit down the rabbit hole

  • Evening all.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Hello! You’re just in time for the new page.

  • Ninhursag

    “You’d have to stop sleeping with strange men before I even thought about proposing” that cracked me up.