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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Truth or Dare—Page 2

469 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Truth or Dare—Page 2

Looks like Spooky isn’t the only detective in the room…

(And are you confused what the “Veritas Curse” is? Then make sure you read the prose prologue to this comic in my notes on page 1!)

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So! Spooky and Kyle have sleepovers! I remember sleepovers. They were the best thing ever. That’s one of the few things I miss from my childhood — sleeping over at your best friend’s house, like, all the time. Grown-up sleepovers have their charms, of course, but they involve a lot less pizza, D&D, and staying up until dawn talking about science-fiction movies. I wonder how often Spooky spends the night at Kyle’s. And how many pizzas they get to eat.

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 🙂

  • Yaaaaay

    • You got it 🙂

      • Seeee… I tripped over my dog and landed on my keyboard and… well… it just happened. (dumbfounded look) I’m as amazed as you are. 🙂

        • syllibub

          Go tend to the dog!

          • Is that a euphemism?

          • syllibub

            Only if you want it to be.

            And if you do, you’re awful. (LOL)

          • Okay…………. Purina health chow… only. 🙂
            (okay, I am aweful, but I cannnnn help it)

        • davefragments

          by seconds. My mouse was hovering over “post” and the blue bar came on

          • Same here!

          • I was replying to Starr on previous page, so I was out for this one, but thought I was in because I came to a 0 comment page – until I refreshed again and there was 3 comments xD
            I’ve learned not to count on anything about a V until a refresh or two.

          • Yup. I thought I had it the other day, but a quick refresh…

    • Sapfo

      You? A virgin hunter? When did that happen?
      Congrats to you for this might page V. You get a shitles Spooky 😀

      • Shitles or shirtless… I’ll take Spooky any way he comes. 🙂

        • Sapfo

          Oki, I am so doing a editing of that comment. To early in the morning. And I think it was shirtless XD

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Good work, Chris!

    • Congrats, Chris!

  • davefragments

    So THAT is how he stays warm! Ha Ha, LOL, Thanks be to the Department of Redundant Redundancies.

  • Naughty Naughty 🙂

  • Uuh.. I’m so happy this will be shirtless Spooky all the way.

  • *giggles*

  • OMG… that is the best truth or dare set up ever… “under the cover” I remember when that was a whooooooo hoooooo… Love it.

    Also love Kyle and Spooky’s faces. So damn sweet I could just roll over and die.

  • syllibub

    They’re all so freaking adorable — my teeth hurt from the sweetness.

    • You and me both. It takes me back to all that longing. OMG… so much longing that I thought could never be confessed. Love them for that.

      • syllibub

        I see what you mean. I really, really love Kyle’s face in the second-to-last panel, kind of embarrassed but delighted. Makes me wonder if he went a while without even platonic, affectionate touch — painful to think about, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true.

        • Yukiness

          According to his conversations with Anni I can suspect that was the case. The trauma and deep seeded fear of possibly hurting someone for a momentary act of natural relief probably kept him at a safe distance from others for a while. Befriending Spooky and having that skinship must have been a miracle from Kyle’s perspective.

          • I suspect you are both right and that made him ever so much more vulnerable to Duncan’s manipulations. Human touch is such a primal need.

          • Ihatehimihatehimihatehimihatehim

          • Mr. Pointy has spoke. That. Is. All.

  • DC

    Nice touch there Spooky.

  • I do wonder if Spooky ever actually kinda maybe suspected about Kyle’s genes.

    • I think that’s a BIG yes!

    • purplefoxglove

      I do wonder if Spooky ever actually kinda maybe suspected about Kyle’s sexual orientation – and is flirting right now. Then again, with Spooky’s naked torso, my thoughts can only run in one direction…at the speed of light.

      • True. Can’t think much beyond that hand on Kyle’s neck. 🙂

  • Yukiness

    I like the potential of this new ship and shall call it Hot an’ Spooky (like hot and spicy, pun intended)! Also wondering if Spooky’s nationality is Japanese.

    • omg I am such a perv… all I could think of was a hot ‘n spicy Spooky roll.

      • davefragments

        Now I could just eat that up!
        (I didn’t say that in public, did I ? ? ?

      • Yukiness

        Like a ebimaki roll with extra wasabi and a little ghost shape cut into the nori. (this gives me ideas)

    • According to the Bonus comic where we first meet Spooky, he’s suspected of Chinese background

      • Dumplings are very good too……….
        (nom nom nom)

        • Now I’m hungry.

        • You are *this* close to make me go start the oven to make spareribs here at 6am ^_^

          (bread seems so boring right now when I’m hungry and you talk about good food)

      • Yukiness

        Thanks for the reminder. I was simply wondering because of his posture in panel 2

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Aww, I wasn’t expecting the new page to be up for a while yet – I missed camping. 🙁

    • But you are here now. Yayyyyyyyy!

      • stickfigurefairytales

        You’re right Yayyyyy!

    • But you’re here now. Besides camping didn’t have much chance to start.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        I am here now. Yay!!!

        • And now camping can properly proceed!

          • ‘zactly!

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Are we gonna marathon camp from now until Friday?!

          • Uhhhh… Maybe?

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I suppose people might have to go to work eventually.

          • davefragments

            I’m going to try to listen to an audiobook tonight and see if I can avoid watching garbage on TV.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Cool, have you decided what book?

          • davefragments

            I going to try an easy book first — Roll your eyes now, please — Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Sounds like fun!

          • davefragments

            There’s parts of it that I just want to hear out loud.

          • I re-read that last year and it was so much better than I remembered.

          • davefragments

            I read it years ago and when the movie came out, I had a friend who grew up speaking Italian and knew it more than I did. I never spoke Italian to my parents or grandparents but I understood it a little. In high school I had German and Latin as languages. So it wasn’t as mysterious as it can be when the characters launch into another language. However, I asked my friend what the last sentence meant and he had a rather meaningful take on it that I haven’t seen in print. It sounded thorium more like vulgar Italian than latin.

          • davefragments


          • Oooo! What was your friend’s meaningful take on that last line if you don’t mind my asking?

            One of the things this book did was familiarize me with various heresies (along with a couple of other books). After I re-read it I watched “The Milky Way” by dir. Luis Bunuel and knew almost all of them. That was satisfying since I don’t have much of religious background.

          • davefragments

            I don’t mind. . .
            Stat rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus
            It is a single line shrouded in obscure meanings. It isn’t enough to know the language because this is Latin in a centuries old vernacular. It also is vulgar Italian and takes on a meaning like an onion. As you peel away the layers of an onion, eventually all that is left is nothing but onion in the air and in your eyes. The same with a rose. AS you peel away the petals of the rose and look deeper inside, eventually nothing remains but the naked rose or what I believe Eco means – – the memory of the rose.
            Consider what has happened in the story. The deaths. The book. The fire. Consider that Adso has lost his only mundane love. When he looks back as an old man, all that remains is memory of a plain and vulgar incident. A book of comedy is lost. Innocence is lost. A library is lost. And yet it all remains as the essence of the rose remains.
            There is one school of thought that finds this phrase in an earlier poem that refers to Rome (in Italian ROMA) and that Adso misspells Rose for Roma. That adds another meaning in this, the post-modern world of science — that Rome of the emperors and Avignon at the end of the Holy Roman Empire has passed and is merely a memory – like the books, like the book of humor, like the abbey, like the physical love and the changes wrought in the world. What is left is only the Rose. . .
            Remember Eco is a semiotician and this last line is symbolism and semiotics.

          • Oh yes, I do remember that Eco is a semiotician.

            I like this explanation. Everything is lost but memory remains. If you take it further, when we are lost, there is nothing. So this makes me think that this is one of the reasons why humans are driven to immortalize themselves in some way: children, art, fame, infamy, etc.

            Thanks for the explanation. Hope the audio book was good!

          • Klaus

            “Evigt ejes kun det tabte” we say in these parts. Eternaly owned is only that which has been lost.

          • … watch out for the draco who cometh in futurum to gnaw your anima!

            Awww hell, I watched Daredevil on Netflix. (DON’T JUDGE ME!). LOL.

          • Klaus

            Rolling rolling rolling …

          • (did it work?)

          • davefragments


          • (chris bows in respect to such an awesome display of willpower)

          • Noooooeeeeeeee

          • Sigh. I suppose.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Or school in some cases.

          • True. Just life in general. Boooo!

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Yeah, life. Always getting in the way of things!

          • So so much! I mean each time I want to have fun or anything life just ruins the party. 🙂

          • Okay… I won’t shower or clean or feed the dogs until Friday…

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Noooo, doggies must be fed! And walked!

          • Okay, then I’ll adjourn and be back for the next camp. Take care you all!!!!

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Take care, Chris! Pet the dogs for me!

  • This is just too cute!!! *squishes Kyle and Spooky together tighter* Hooked on this side comic already….

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Poor Kyle seems very, very nervous here (what with still being in the closet at this point). I feel bad for him, but this is also so adorable I can hardly stand it.

    • OMG… I’m gonna go all cheek pinchy ’cause he’s sooooooo cute!

  • I have been shipping them from the beginning and AW drops 8 million hints that Spooky and certain Commanders are gonna end up together and so pages like this make me vibrate. Shipper’s shakes I think they call it.

  • Keneu

    I love how Amanda insists that Spooky doesn’t have to do the dare if that makes him umcomfortable. And Spooky and Kyle being adorable, of course.

    • It’s even better that Spooky, as the spell expert, reminds her that Tsunami is right… YES HE DOES HAVE TO DO THIS… or the curse kicks in. Spooky is the man and he lifts the responsibility for his well-being off Amanda, since there is nothing she can do to help her friend. GOOD Spooky!

      • Keneu

        I was reading it more along the lines of consent and making sure no-one’s forced or pressured into do something they don’t like, but of course I forgot about Spooky’s coolness factor. xD

        And they could have just changed the dare, couldn’t they? Or once the question and the penalty are decided, the curse kicks in and it’s settled?

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Well, that escalated quickly.

  • Sargon

    does anyone find it interesting that Kyle knows more about Spooky than the Commander? I would have thought that she would know more about him than Kyle. would there be a story showing why kyle seems closer to spooky in the truth or dare?

    • davefragments

      I think she is a mass of secrecy.

      • Methinks you are right and our Amanda doth know too much!!!!

        • davefragments

          I think that she can read minds anytime she wants. I also think that no one knows that about her. The possible exception is Spooky.

          • Michael

            I think Amanda is too good to abuse her power like that, though. I think she would only read someone’s mind a/ in a battle/disaster situation, or b/ with permission.

    • Nirgal

      That’s why his hair is so big, it’s full of secrets.

      • Toli Bera

        Oh you 😛

    • I think Amanda knows all about Spooky feeling cold. She’s already showed concern about how he’d feel feel about some questions.

    • Oh, I suspect Amanda knows all… and is threatened by nothing… IMHO.

  • Toli Bera

    awww,. I bet Spooky’s the lil spoon when they cuddle. XD

    • Yukiness

      I smiled so hard reading that I think I hurt myself

      • Toli Bera

        careful dear! D:

    • Michael

      I disagree, Kyle seems much more the little spoon type, personality-wise. Spooky’s more likely to take charge.

      • Toli Bera

        curl up to him like a cat at a heater instead of wearing him like a blanket?

    • Klaus

      That would make it hard for Kyle to keep his secret.

      • Toli Bera

        A lil tuck’n’cuddle never hurt anyone.

      • Yeah… for some of us… GAY was the secret that was no secret. Heh.

    • Everyone is some spoon at sometime… just depends on who needs the cuddle most. LOL.

  • Sapfo

    Is this happening? Is Kyle and Spooky canon? Please, please!!!

    • Yukiness

      Hot an’ Spooky! Join the ship!

      • Toli Bera

        Spiced Noodles?

        • Yukiness

          Nope, Hot maki rolls. but spiced noodles sound like fun

      • Tobyan

        *Invocation of patronus* Always !

    • I think Spooky may be knowing Kyle better than anyone else, even not knowing for sure that he’s gay xD

      • Toli Bera

        maybe… maybe spooky can sense his demon heritage from his time in hell and is kinda drawn to it?

  • I giggle like silly, reading this whole page. Reading it a 2nd time didn’t change that *lol* Page is so freaking sweet, funny.. and sexy <3
    Amanda. It's so sweet how concerned about Spooky, even knowing that they'll soon all forget what's been said during the day. Though maybe, through that concern, some of it is for herself too. Just a little bit. One thing is knowing you'll all forget and another is say things anyway.. and I see how she's looking at him (or not looking at him) on these two pages. Still, she's very protective of him.
    Kyle. He's the one making me giggle while reading this. Maybe it's just me, but I also read a 'let me get a blanket, to hide my possible boner coming' – besides his natural friendly concern about Spooky, and wanting to avoid topics coming up.
    Spooky. Now, I want to say something (somewhat) intelligent about him, but I'm a bit distracted about shirtless and his casual touching. I have no doubt that the sleepovers have been nothing but good friends talking and supporting each other – also during sleeping time – but my mind is still making up endless possibilities of smexy scenarios.
    It IS my mind after all, and even almost innocent moments can be hotness!
    I can see how Kyle has come to know about Spooky feeling cold all the time, during their sleepover talks, and as a comfort to both their could have been hugging before/during/after sleeping. I can also imagine that there has been a nightmare or two here and there, so comfort and good friendship.
    And it would still possibly look super hot from a bystander view. And on another angle of it, I don't think Kyle has been too sad about blanket snuggling either xD

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Oh man, I think you’re right about the blanket motivation! And Kyle’s superhero outfit would be really bad at concealing any…involuntary reactions.

      • Ha. So true. ‘Spandex’ … a teenage boy’s arch nemesis!

        • stickfigurefairytales

          The ultimate supervillain.

    • I wonder if the sleepovers were part of the reason why Kyle didn’t want Spooky there during chapter 2… He might have felt he’d been taking advantage of his friend, or Spooky would wonder if something else had been going on.

    • Thank you for the fun analysis and reaction, Danish! 🙂

    • Danish, one thing you say that I hadn’t thought about (lost in Kyle and Spooky as I was) is that, sure Amanda is worried for Spooky in an automatic personal way, but this IS A CURSE. A curse with potentially lethal repercussions. Our Amanda is always concerned about her team’s safety and is NEVER a lady who likes things out of her control. I suspect, in that sense, she’s very much her mother’s daughter, and she won’t be happy until this whole thing is over.

      Nice observation.

  • TwilightDreamer

    oh man!!! XD poor Kyle!!
    Feel bad for him, but it’s soooooo cute!!! *squeals*

  • Finzz

    Alex this art is an adorably precious rendition on your characters. Please thank Julie even moreso, I love it! xD Your characters are completely there, but with an awesome toon look. Can’t wait for more!

    • So glad you like it, Finzz! I’m having a lot of fun working with Julie on this! 🙂

  • Okay Alex and Julie you guys are a hit. This is way too much fun to be allowed!

    P#1: Love how cute the always cute Spooky is. I also love Amanda laying down the law that this is not going to hurt her Spooky. There is an age regression in this style that is visually more than the month suggested, but since it is applied equally to all of them it simply WORKS and seems fun and young and a perfect match for the plot of this interlude. So I really like it.

    P#2: I love serious Spooky giving up that the stinky Tsunami is actually right in this moment. Now look at Kyles expression. OMG SO PERFECT I’M GONNA DIE. Julie is awesome.

    P#3: I love the POV here with Spooky relaxing with his feet on the table and the strong focus of his hand on Kyle’s neck. That is VERY sexy. Well I would like that, but still it’s very sweet. I also love the odd rule about Spooky touching ‘someone’ else’s skin. Of course, being the Hot & Spooky shipper I am, I wonder if it’s the fact that it is Kyle’s infernal skin that helps(?) … well I want it to be that. Still it’s massively adorbs regardless. And the back of Spooky’s cap!!!! So cute, WANT WANT WANT!!!

    P#4: OMG… I’m so Kyle I can’t stand it. Cluck cluck cluck, run away from what you want most… Still Spooky makes everything okay. A joke that’s safe and a little salty. He makes Kyle safe. OMG it makes me crazy. Julie wins the internet for these expressions. They are so perfect for this delicate moment. I remember way too clearly how hard this kind of thing was.

    P#5: And again… Spooky is my hero. That happy face. That casual arm around his friend. And Kyle’s adorbs look of joy and embarrassment for how much that touch means to him. I remember that so so very well. Alex, you and Julie did a perfect job on this one. Thanks for that. I WANT WALLPAPER! (oh sorry for shouting… it just sorta popped out).

    P#6: Oh yeah… only Paul would nail this. Stinker. I’m so glad he’s Kyle’s “best friend” because that IS how BFs are. They always get you, even though they love you.

    This is a super duper fun page and I can’t thank you AW, or you Julie enough for it. I will anxiously await the next page day. TRUTH! And I dare you to do another one! Thanks!

    • And this was a super-duper fun reaction for me, Chris! You’ve got me grinning here. Thank you!

      (And yep, I too remember running away from what I really wanted… Quite well..)

    • Klaus

      Chris, you are as perspicacious as you are munificent

      • Ahahahahaha… Thank you for the nice compliment my friend. Only you can manage that and make me go, “HEYYYYYY… WHATTHE… oh thank you!” with those tricky fancy words. 🙂

  • andrea

    man they just WANT to be shipped they’re begging for it

  • EldrinSMP

    Someone remind me, is this before or after Kyle came out to the team? Because it’s feeling like after, but the timeline doesn’t fit.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      It’s before.

    • This is before. Actually, I believe it’s before the building fire.

    • Read Alex’ notes under the pages of the side-comic. It tells you the timeline and what the set-up is. This will make things much clearer.

  • Cman65

    Somebody has a happy, a great big rock hard happy! Pass that boy a pillow 🙂

  • OMG I ship them so bad… >.<

  • Next page is just *screaming* for Spooky to make a double pun about Kyle being being a hottie.

    Kyle is hotter to him than anyone else.

    • Klaus

      But not than to everyone else, judging from the comments here.

      • Double pun, Klaus, think double pun 😉

  • Airboy Obsessed

    This is also actually set before Kyle is 18, too, right?

    • Yes, Alex notes under the pages of this side-comic tells you the timeline and set-up for this scene.

    • davefragments

      yes. Kyle turned 18 the day of his meeting with Duncan at the warehouse.

  • Lilly Amadu

    This is just hitting all of the tropes and I love it and it’s only on page 2. Truth or dare, do it or die, Kyle mentioning getting a blanket…So so so looking forward to more. And being a geek, I don’t know about your slumber parties, but mine tend to involve pizza, D&D, and staying up until dawn still…

  • Stubbylegs

    And again, Kyle’s face in the second panel screams “don’tgetabonerdon’tgerabonerdon’tgetaboner.”

    • Klaus

      How much more difficult this must have been under the covers.

      • Yukiness

        Those were the days he was the little spoon. Knowing Spooky though, he wouldn’t have made a big deal out of it.

    • Ummmmm… that pretty much describes my face from the ages of 13-18. LOL.

  • I do love how utterly easy and comfortable Spooky is about touching his friends. I love how he just glomps onto Kyle in these panels. I wish we could see more of this in society, to see such easy and casual affection.

    Spooky, you’re my hero.

  • Yukiness

    Quick question: Is Spooky’s design loosely based off of Short Round from Indiana Jones?

  • Sorry I missed camping.

    OMG this page is so adorable! I LOVE panel three and that angle which shows us the close up of Spooky’s hand on Kyle’s neck. It’s a gentle, easy touch.

    Can’t wait to see what the next round of Truth or Dare holds, Alex!

  • Michael

    I am shipping Kyle and Spooky so hard right now. harder than ever before. This is just so adorable. Nobody does bashful better than Kyle.

    Thought: why are they all in uniform still? Didn’t they get a chance to change before going to the cabin?

    Also, is the comic completed, or is there scope for audience suggestions? >:)

    • Kyle does do bashful quite well, huh? 🙂

      In answer to your questions:

      Since being hit by the Curse, they haven’t had a chance to change. They came straight here.

      And the Truth or Dare comic is completely written, so while you’re welcome to throw in suggestions, you’ll have to wait until the next time they play Truth or Dare for them to hear you… 🙂

      • Michael

        Aww. I’m sure it will be awesomely fun and adorable and just a little mischievous, all the same.

        The only thing Kyle is missing is a faint hint of a blush on his cheeks…

      • (chris gleefully writes “NEXT TIME THEY PLAY TRUTH OR DARE” in his infernal book of irrevocable promises — it’s like the runes on Duncan’s arm, if Alex doesn’t come through, BAAAAAAD things could happen. LOL.)

        • You mentioned Duncan, and now I REALLY want the next TOD to be with Duncan and Sircei. Now that could be evilish interesting.

          I almost wrote Laampros in there too, but then thought of it a 2nd time and deleted him from the villain version. I’m not sure I want to know anything there >.>

          • What’s wrong? You don’t want to know Laampros’ recipe for “Human Ragout?”

          • Uuuh.. There’s things I’d like to know (a lot), but somehow I think I’d regret asking.

  • Alt+F7

    this is just, so sweet. SO so sweet, perfect to cut through the dark mood of the comic proper right now.

    • Michael

      I’m suddenly questioning the timing of this comic. Is this part of a “life flashing before their eyes in their dying moments” montage? D:

      • The timing of the comic is described in my notes under the last page. 🙂

        • Michael

          Allow a fellow his conspiracy theories, would ya? Makes life more interesting.

          I hope you guys enjoy a bit of a break in and around prepping for the next chapter.

          EDIT: P.S., I wanted to say I’m sorry had to withdraw my patronage (patreonage?), but I lost my job last month and I won’t start getting welfare until June, assuming don’t find work before then… Meanwhile, money’s a bit tight living on savings. I’m missing the bonus stuff, for sure.

          • You’re sweet to let me know that canceling your patronage wasn’t because you weren’t enjoying the rewards. Of course, I think you totally made the right choice—the whole reason I have the Patreon is to make things sustainable, and I want the same thing for awesome readers like you. Not to worry, there will be definitely be other fun rewards in the future. I wish you good luck and am sending good thoughts your way . 🙂

          • Michael

            🙂 I’ll be back on board as soon as I have a regular non-welfare income again, I can tell you that right now. Your patreon rewards are definitely worth it, and I think this is definitely a project worth supporting.

          • Thank you, Michael. Hugs! 🙂

          • Hey, good for you on the priorities front. EATING IS GOOD! Dead fans make lousy Patreons. So we’re all wishing you good luck. 🙂

  • Alann Scharich

    ok, I ship it.

    • Yukiness

      Welcome to S.S Hot an’ Spooky. Here is your complimentary tee shirt and binoculars

      • Hot an’ Spooky is good, but Hot an’ Cold actually works pretty well here too 🙂

        • I don’t get it. We had “Hot an’ Cold” and all “Cold” did was to take “Hot” to hell, just so “Cold” could live forever.

          Needless to say, I wasn’t pleased. 🙁

        • Danny

          How about “Will o’ the Wisp”? (The ghostly, nay, spooky, fires seen in forests and swamps, for those who don’t get the semi-obscure reference.)

  • I should say something intelligent, but all I can think of is “Aah! Cuuuuute….” 🙂

    • Klaus

      Well, it is.

  • jreed3842

    The art work is adorable! I absolutely adore it! 😀

  • Klaus

    No wonder Kyle did not take Spooky’s “I’m not goint to bend over in front of you to grab the holy water” seriously.

    • Well sure, I’ll bet Spooky would like to be on Top sometimes too? Who wouldn’t?

      (and again that was on the first cup of coffee ladies gentlemen. *chris bows*)

  • Saxon_Brenton

    On the first page of YP: Truth or Dare Spooky said that he would be “very, very chilly” – but that’s obviously just an off-the-cuff quip because straight away he reaches for his favourite hot water bottle/comfort blanket. Now with that in mind, does that grin on his face in the last two panels look like a kid snuggling his favourite teddy bear?

    Anyway, on more serious matters. In panel 3 he explains how all things infernal have rules, so he doesn’t feel cold as long as he’s touching another’s skin. That sounds a lot like it’s something that was done to Spooky while in hell, like his loss of memory of his personal identity. As in, it isn’t just that he got used to the higher temperatures of hell and hasn’t been able to reacclimatize to the Earth environment. Rather, Spooky has some sort on ongoing magical ‘condition’ (“Do you have any magical allergies?”). Makes me wonder what other conditions, prescriptions, injunctions, allergies, Achilles heels and invulnerabilities he might have – such as not going insane even though he uses magic?

    As ever, waiting for the Powers cards.

    • OMG… “his favorite Teddy Bear”… I haven’t even had coffee yet here and Saxon done hath slayed me with cuteness overload. I’M DEAD. Oh and thanks for that. 🙂

      Well, I say two guys with Infernal maladies, such as constant chilliness and nuclear orgasms might just be a couple made in the heavens. Goodness, what else might they have wrong with them that requires them to get together. Now I’m excited to find out. Hell might not be well-intentioned, but its clear that, when it comes to Shipping, the higher powers doth indeed work in mysterious ways. Heeeeeeeeeee…

      • Saxon_Brenton

        Oh crap. Have I gone and killed Chris with cuteness overload again? Sorry, sorry. It’s a bad habit that I’ve been trying to give up.

        • (wants to reply but fingers are getting stiff and cold due to adorbs-a-mortis. shipping vampirism may not set in for another few hours yet… after which chris will be immortal and able to SHIP FOREVER! mwaaaaahahahahahaha)

          [bet you didn’t see that plot twist coming did ya?] XD

    • Nice analysis and good questions, Saxon.

      And yes, that grin does look a lot like that, doesn’t it? 😉

  • Kabbalist

    Oh…oh NO! I’ve reached the current page. That means I’m going to have to actually wait for the new updates just like everybody else! Oh, the horror…the horror.

    I’m enjoying this interlude so far, but I want to mention something I already touched on elsewhere: who SAYS that grown-up sleepovers can’t involve pizza, D&D, and staying up until dawn talking about (or watching) science-fiction movies? All you need is a bunch of grown up nerds/geeks who get along well. Granted, a truly all-night marathon doesn’t happen as easily as it used to…

    • *giggles* Camping for the new page begins Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, depending where in the world you are. Same for Friday/Saturday. Feel free to come hang out with us. ^_^

    • That Guy

      All night marathons of it all still happen for me! One night a week for work (I am an alpha tester for a new tabletop) and one night a week for fun!

    • HA… it’s kinda like a bunch of adult nerd/geeks staying up late, eating a lot of impractical unhealthy food, and gossiping online all-hours until the new page is posted. Golly that only happens 2x a week around here. AND YES THERE IS OFTEN PIZZA — MWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA — and sometimes even BEER!!!

      (oh the terror) HA!

  • That Guy

    *is in mid-thirties* wait….staying the night at a friend’s house as an adult ISNT supposed to have pizza and D&D? ….we’ve been doing this wrong…gonna keep doing it wrong.

    • ANCIENT MYSTICAL PROVERB #563.b — “Pizza is NEVER wrong.”

      • purplefoxglove

        Oh, now I get it – the Mayans were counting down to the invention of pizza?

        They still miscalculated. Lucky us.

      • Wise man say “Forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza”.
        ~Michelangelo – TMNT

    • Definitely keep doing it wrong for as long as you can, my friend. 🙂

  • Ohhhhh Kyle/Spooky, now you have to answer truthfully or the curse won’t be lifted!!

  • Nate

    Regarding my earlier comment about cuddling Spooks:

    Touching bare skin is NOT a problem. In fact, it’s a preference. 😉

  • Columbine

    You know I was sort of always hoping for Kyle to end up with Spooky and those couple of panels make them look so darn lovely. Spooky is just such a nice guy and he seems so at ease with himself and the world, I think that would be really good for Kyle. I don’t think that’s where the comic’s necessarily headed (in part cos I don’t remember any hints about Spooky’s personality and in part cos as at ease as Spooky is/seems that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s ready for a relationship after Hell and all) but damn it’s a great image and a brilliant handful of panels.

    • You know I’ve always felt the same about shipping Spooky and Kyle. Feeling that Spooky needs a dude who is gentle, true and unfailingly honest, and that Kyle needs an older, confident and true-blue guy who can help him trust himself. I also see neither of them dealing with their issues in an instant fashion. So, it’s the type of couple I could imagine being strong for each for the long haul.

      Who could better deal with a Father In Law who is a King of Hell than Spooky. Crap, that’s like TV situation comedy all its own, right there. HA.

      That said, I didn’t see hints that it was necessarily headed that way, EXCEPT for HELL-reasons… on both sides, but this bonus comic and some of the prose makes me realize that if anyone suffers enough HELL-Reasons, it was Spooky… a real need to take it slowly and have someone who would unfailingly take care of HIM also. These two both do. There is (and may always be some PTSD issues both have to deal with re their pasts). Honestly, life is rough for anyone on the LGBTQ spectrum. Most successful couples I know have to help each other struggle through stuff at some points. That’s when we realize how much our partners matter.

      It’s a real life comparison, so I know it makes no odds, but the best thing about my partner is how much our strengths and weaknesses are different and so we cover each other well. Spooky and Kyle seem much that way to me… so I project all over them. HA.

      It’s clear that Spooky’s sexual preferences slide the scale more obviously than we been led to believe Kyle’s do (although K. is so young and inexperienced that I doubt Kyle knows much about himself in that sense yet). However, in the past, having dated men who were much more ‘bi’ than myself, I’ve learned none of that really matters as long as the love and attraction are there. Living happily together takes a long time and a lot hard work to make happen. Sex is just an important part of it… but the making each other laugh and being happy bit… well, few things are as important as THAT either.

      As usual Alex has left himself more options than a matchmaker at a country barn dance (scratches head wondering where THAT analogy came from). It sure is fun to imagine where this might go. LOL.

      • Very good comment. I agree with it all (and like how you can make a real life comparison).
        As for the analogy, I think that one is pretty obvious, or maybe it’s just because .. isn’t it? Maybe I’ve read too many historical romance novels xD

      • Columbine

        Wow thank you for such a long and thoughtful reply! That was awesome. And you’re totally right about Spooky/Kyle being long-term. I somehow can’t picture Spooky as a one-night sort of guy.

        Me and my partner………well we’re both very similar and while we likely agree on most things similarity can lead to it’s own problems. Thinking about what you’ve said about relationships it’s occurred to me that most stories focus on getting the guy/gal. It’s much rarer to see a romance that lasts and couples growing together, working out how to live together and going through those struggles and tough times. And that’s a shame cos it is a great and important part of relationships.

        Also……I need sleep or coffee or both.

      • Phyre Storm

        “It’s clear that Spooky’s sexual preferences slide the scale more obviously than we been led to believe Kyle’s do”

        Wait, hang on. I have absolutely no gaydar, but couldn’t this scene just be Spooky joking around and maybe teasing Kyle a bit (as well as actually trying to get warm?) Or did I miss something earlier? The only hint about Spooky’s orientation that I recall is his comment about showing off for some girls during the tenement fire scene.
        Or maybe I just want him to be straight because I ship him with Amanda.

        • Sorry… that bit of knowledge came from the third Patreon Spooky back-story “DEMON.” Admittedly, he’s only 15 years-old in that backstory and anyones preferences can settle in (what?) 5-6 years? But, as you mention, early on in this book he is flirting with girls–

          And here on this page he’s getting comfy with Kyle. It is only my humble opinion, but I don’t think Spooky runs to playing games with a false front. A person who has been through what he has and is a confident as he seems to be; well, he just seems to me like a very WYSIWYG kinda guy.

          So, while the back-story made it all to clear he had NO trouble with at least one specific woman and one specific cute demon, and here his adult self seems to have no trouble flirting with his fans and on this page he has no problem with touching Kyle or being teased by Paul… I’d guess he’s on the fluid side of gender preference. So, for him it will be more about the right partner than what sex, color or nationality they are.

          Yes, I completely understand that I’ve just nailed the jello to the wall with total personal guesses based on my gut feelings about the comic to-date… and nothing more (you may roll your eyes now). LOL.

          • Phyre Storm

            Ah, I missed that since I’m not a Patron. Spooky being bi fits fine with what I’ve seen too, and I also like the idea.

          • Phyre Storm

            I forgot to say I like the idea because it means Spooky can have fun with the other guys if he wants and still end up with Commander, and I also appreciate it when bi characters show up because all too many straight AND gay people seem to forget we exist.

  • ProudPlatypus

    It is decided, kyle and spooky is mah ship.

  • purplefoxglove

    *stares at comic*

    *fans self*

    *reads comic*


    *fans self even more*

    Uh…yeah. Can’t think of anything intelligent to say. Only glad I managed to refrain from reading the new comic until after my mum finished her call. She would have been worried about the noises I made am making.

    • “So, chris and purplefoxglove, now that you’ve examined and discussed, last nights comic reparté? Can you describe what you enjoyed most about it.”

      purplefoxglove: squeeee!
      chris: squeeee!
      purplefoxglove: squeeee!
      chris: squeeee!
      purplefoxglove: squeeee!
      chris: squeeee!
      purplefoxglove: squeeee–

      “–Excellent. Well I’m glad you have analyzed things thoroughly and know where you stand! Next on our show…”

      • purplefoxglove

        Your blanket fort is making odd noises 😉

        • I think there’s more than one blanket fort making squeee noises 😉

  • purplefoxglove

    Wait…if Spooky’s plan was to touch Kyle from the very beginning as protection against the cold…how would he have explained this to the team without mentioning him getting cold easily etc.?

    There is NOT WAY they would not have noticed almost naked Spooky flopping down next to Kyle and immediately grabbing clutching touching him.

  • Klaus

    How does Kyle dare to sleep under the same blanket with Spooky? Isn’t he afraid that his friend will get burned? And his home as well.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Such a cute page! Even with the bit of seriousness in panel 2, this page screams adorable! I don’t remember if Spooky’s actual birthday is mentioned, but I’m even more inclined to believe he is a Taurus. Most that I know (including myself) are on the comfy side of body types, are very easy going, have “sweet spots” in their neck regions (panel three is giving me life!) and are totally happy when their creature comfort needs are being met. Amanda has So. Much. Self control not to be hopping onto that little Spooky-Kyle cuddle pile, especially with such a sweet, contented expression on Spook’s face!

    Poor Kyle–if Spooky only knew what he was doing to that boy! I wonder what Mitch is thinking watching Kyle’s reactions to Spooky? And Fluke raised a great question, which leads to a better question; if during those sleepovers Kyle and Spooky snuggle under the covers, and there is skin touching involved, how could Spooky have not suspected that Kyle might be gay? I don’t think many teenaged boys have that kind of self control, and Spooky does not strike me as that oblivious. Looks to me like this game of Truth or Dare will get more interesting than I thought…

    • Great post.

      Just to say that regarding what Spooky did or did not ‘suspect’ re Kyle’s sexual preference… IMHO, if one is an older friend and a little more experienced (AND Spooky is very wise at this point compared to his age) then one often knows your friends are gay, and just have to wait for them to bring it up. Having been there myself (closets are self imposed and only we can bring our own down). We know that our closeted friends need to ‘come out’ when they are ready. It’s not a one-size-fits-all thing, but usually if we let loose on someone before they’re ready they get scared and retreat and it just takes longer.

      I’m not overtly, outwardly, screamingly gay in real life (some things might have been easier if I was), but I had some friends who were like, “FINALLY, we’ve been waiting forever for you to accept that you were gay…” (chagrin = me). The nice thing is they didn’t confront me… they just invited me to be myself with them, and pretended not to notice, until I burned my closet to the ground and it was simply funny.

      • fujoshifanatic

        All great points. I guess I raised the question because my gaydar was very hit and miss even at Spooky’s age, and even moreso when I was Kyle’s age. We’re talking “I had no idea Boy George was gay when I was a teenager” clueless. So much so that one formerly closeted friend told me that before she came out, she thought I was being mean to her by touching her all the time when I was just being my normal, affectionate and slightly clueless self. I don’t think Spooky’s that dense, and I know he’s not being mean, but I wonder what Kyle thinks about it all.

        • Oh, I so understand. I wasn’t really replying TO you, but to the Disqus ether… LOL… I was the opposite. I had exquisitely fine tuned gaydar (and all related ‘dars, Topdar, Bottomdar, etc…), BUTT… simultaneously I had the super power of DENIAL. Wonder-chicken power ACTIVATE… The more I thought someone was gay at a certain age, the more butch and remote I’d get. I missed more opportunities back in those Mitch-aged days than I can say.

          I also agree that I don’t think there is a mean bone in Spooky’s body. I want to think he knows and he’s just helping a good friend (at the least), but he might not and I’d still buy it being Spooky just knowing that Kyle is touch-starved because of his fire issue. I also hate that no one will remember this issue about Spooky, cold, and touch after the STOOPID curse kicks in (lousy inquisition).

          If I were to guess, Kyle is a muddle of desire and making a huge effort not to think too much about any of it in front of everyone. However, that’s just me, projecting me onto Kyle.

          I still love Spooky for being so generous, even if Kyle won’t remember it… (darn).

    • Tobyan

      I’m not sure that Spooky suspects Kyle might be gay. But he might suspect his bounds with Hell. I don’t know, this ‘I touch skin and suddenly I can’t feel cold from Hell’ magic trick is too simple… Any skin or just skins with 50% DNA from Hell ?

      Or maybe he suspects nothing but they have discovered this during a sleepover… (hop, mind -> gutter)

      • I’m just incredibly impressed your mind wasn’t in the gutter immediately… you must be some kinda saint or something. Good for you. 😀

        • Tobyan

          No. I actually live in a gutter. But sometimes, I’m going up to take a breath. This was one of these moments :).

    • I think Kyle has been guarding his ‘gay secret’ extremely. Earlier pages has suggested that Kyle has been internally freaking out about losing his current ‘family’, his best friends, if they found out.
      (Sadly, one can only wonder what gave him that fear -_-)

      As for reactions during sleepover. That will happen to ANY teenage boy, gay or not, so that’s not a sure sign of anything. And with Spooky’s relaxed reaction, and them being great friends, I think it’s become a thing that isn’t focused on a lot.
      Most of the awkwardness around nightly boners is gone, but it doesn’t mean that Kyle wouldn’t be very embarrased about it happening in present company >.>

  • LL

    Whooaa. Well. That is a ship I did not know I had until now.

  • Pikinanou

    …by looking his nipples, we know how chilly he is *insert pervert troll face here* 😛

    • HA. Yep, some things just go erect at the most inopportune times. [insert another equally pervy troll face here}

  • “…. as long as I’m touching your skin, I’m all good”

    “Oh. O.K. I didn’t know that”

    Am I the only one who has Kyle mentally continuing that sentense with: “… and I’m SO happy that I didn’t know, and I’m SO happy I won’t know tomorrow either!”

  • Alex below: ” …, you’ll have to wait until the next time they play Truth or Dare …”

    I can already say now that I’d love another TOD with the team, no matter what comes up next, but now I REALLY want a TOD with our two supervillains too.

    I did think of adding Laampros to the wanted villain TOD, but I have a feeling I’d regret asking him anything. There’s questions I’d liked answered from him, but it’s all the additional talk I’m not sure I’d want to hear xD

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Something I thought about on the way home but forgot about until now:
    As we close in on the team-up pin-up (less than $2 as I type this) Alex wrote, Do you think Jeff could be one who finally deserves to win Kyle’s heart?
    While Kyle and Jeff might make a cute couple, I can’t see Jeff dating someone else without Deacon being out of the picture. This is not so much because Deacon strikes me as probably being a jealous boyfriend, but because I think Jeff worries about things and wouldn’t want to see Deacon emotionally hurt.

    • Okay Saxon… you win today’s internet for worrying about the most adorable thing I NEVER would have thought of. That is awesome.


    • *lol*.. I love thoughts about how the other imaginary part of a pairing would feel if there was a non-canon pairing happening.
      I haven’t hidden my opinion in how I think Amanda should be in it, but I had also overlooked that the next would be a pairing pin-up image.

      Now I’m rooting for an Amanda/Spooky pairing for several reasons:

      1) As I said before, and still feel, Amanda almost always seems to be forgotten during votings. I know it’s a gay themed comic, but still. Would be nice to see.
      2) The Demon prose-story makes me want to see a scene from there so much!
      3) It would be nice to get a pairing that we haven’t gotten before, and Kyle/Anni (or a few Kyle/Spooky) ALWAYS win unless the options can’t happen – and we’re about to get a handful of posters coming with them soon, especially Kyle/Anni.

      I have to admit that I’ve lost a little of the fun with votings because of reason 3. I’m kinda at a ‘why even vote when the result is pretty much a given from the start?’. I do vote every time anyway, in the hope that one day ANY other result will happen. Even without the reason being that it can’t happen.

      • Do you know the oddest thing about reading this post (which is great btw) is that, due to her extremely disciplined professional character, I have a hard time seeing Amanda have a temporary pairing with anyone on her team. (WAIT WAIT DON’T HYPER-VENT, hear me out).

        • She seems very much like a leader who wouldn’t play around with any man or woman who’s not her equal.

        * I can’t picture her with Sircea on any level — although the battle with @syllibub:disqus — would be awesome. So it would have to be a woman we don’t know yet if it’s a woman.

        • I can’t picture her with any of the guys, BUT Spooky (they’re all too much like boys in relation to her. Tsunami also for some reason. I think he’s the same age as Spooky, but he doesn’t feel as solid for some reason.

        * The only man in the group who seems even close to her in strength of character is Spooky. However, she has a long and complex relationship with him. I have a hard time picturing her staying with the group — with him as her partner (honestly, I don’t know why, I just do).

        • I can imagine her and Spooky heading out as a Duo to (sayyyyyy rescue Anaado or something), but that’s more of them as a two-person team than as co-leaders of TYP. (I could be way wrong about this?)

        • So then it’s about finding Amanda a female or male partner who is her equal and that seems like it wouldn’t be easy. Clearly Spooky as a defacto family member would have to approve of the guy, as would probably the entire team… YIKES! Talk about meeting the relatives.

        So — WHO — is a very interesting question when it comes with Amanda. It would be fun to ship her with someone awesome. I just wonder who that would be.

        Thank Ms. Wolf.

        • Yup; I agree about Amanda and any of the team besides Spooky – which is why I’m rooting for her and Spooky *lol*
          And you’re right. She is very disciplined in her current age of 22. Almost to the point of a stone control… and THAT is exactly why I’d love to see her in a situation where she’s letting go.

          There’s nothing like seeing someone who’s usually the image of discipline give themself up to times of passion (I don’t want to go all poetic here, but you know what I mean).
          Of anyone if the comic, male or female, Spooky is the only one I can ‘see’ her doing this with. The chemistry is there, but I think they have a silent agreement about not letting it out (at least not in public). Their friendship and te team is most important.

          But.. if just for one art piece, I want to see it happen 🙂

      • Marie

        Also, for Spooky/Amanda, because people forget about bisexuality.

        Edit- that said, on the comments below about Amanda, because of her professionalism (and because it could potentially jeopardize them), I have trouble seeing her date anyone on the team. That doesn’t mean she couldn’t have a crush though.

  • davefragments

    If you go back to the first pages of Chapter Three, it is obvious from the discussion between Fluke, Kyle and Spooky that they don’t know about Kyle’s gayness. His reveal about his “date” with Duncan surprises both Fluke and Spooky. That’s why Fluke tells Mitch to stay with the car.
    So whatever is revealed in this “Truth or Dare” (if it is revealed at all) has been forgotten by the effect of the magical spell.

    • Yeahhhhhhhhhh… blarg.

    • Whoa there Big Dave! So I just went back to the beginning of chapter three and I gotta say. Paul looks flummoxed a bit… more about Duncan than about the gay thing, but I could see him being surprised. However, as far as I can tell EVERYTHING that Spooky says and does reads to me like the classic case of a friend who knows (or guesses), but can’t say anything until Kyle does.

      Spooky seems just instantly cool with it. Teases Kyle. He doesn’t SAY he knew, because Paul is there and this isn’t really a willing confession, but a case where Kyle is falling apart. Still, I couldn’t see a panel in quite a few pages where he actually looked truly surprised (please point it out if you see it differently), but he looks fully prepared for ‘gay’ part and has his jokes and his speech ready.

      So, even if it’s revealed in the truth or dare, that doesn’t mean that Spooky (and probably Amanda) didn’t already know about Kyle being gay prior to the Veritas curse. So it’s not something they’d forget. Kyle already knows about Spooky’s ‘cold’ issue, so he’s not going to forget that… although everyone else will except Amanda who previously knew also (backstory#3), everyone else will forget.

      Now it seems clear that Kyle DIDN’T know that skin touch helped Spooky with the ‘cold’ issue. So, it makes sense that he’ll forget that detail. The curious question is if Spooky crashed at his place would Kyle have avoid letting him touch him at all, because he’s scared and in the closet, or would it have come up a different way… and Spooky would have made it easy, as he does here with the old “arm around a bro” thing(?). And Kyle was so starved for that he would have trusted Spooky and allowed casual touch.

      So based on pages or backstory that we’ve seen to-date, Spooky’s warmth – touch thing most seems like something everyone but Amanda will forget.

      • davefragments

        That’s possible.
        I might be interpreting those pages in the wrong way.

        • Or, I might madder than burlap bag full of honey badgers… but thanks for the tip. It was fun to read that section again. 🙂

  • Woot Woot. The Patreon just reached another milestone goal 😀

  • Okay let’s mess with everyone’s brain and have a pin-up of Deacon tossing Duncan over his shoulder to carry him off… WHAT? I think our Duncan has been waiting 40+ years for that to happen. (duncan just needs to let out his inner disney princess… snort)

  • Connor

    I love how Amanda just completely doesn’t care about seeing Spooky in his underwear. Although, I imagine she’s seen much worse inside all of their minds.

    The hazards of telepathy are real.

    • Tahir Raines

      I like to think it’s b/c she and Spooky have already seen each other in their underwear. I admit it. I ship them a little.

  • bronakopdin

    on the first page already but now even more we can see how Kyle is actually a little uncomfortable… in a good way though ^^
    as this is prior to the awful coming out it’s even harsher for him to listen to all those jokes I bet, yet for us and the others there it’s hilarious x’D
    I’m so sorry Kyle, I really am… a little…

  • Lol! Fluke, you are too smart for Kyle’s own good! 😉 I love this page. So adorable and cute. Poor Kyle, though.

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    Hey, those are still what my adult sleep-overs are totally like. DnD and pizza.

  • ….So, Just how many of us play D&D?

    • davefragments

      Not since August 17, 2983.
      wink, wink. . .

      I got the giggles when I exclaimed: “my sword of destiny conquers your Lance of Blood,” and then turned beet red at the giggles and smirks.

      • I am suffering D&D withdrawal….

        • Derkins

          I know the feeling

        • Tyler Griffin

          Same, 1/3 of my play group is in Basic Training atm, and when he graduates 2/3 of it are moving to their first base assignment in Texas. *le sigh*

      • HA! I actually read your original date as meaning that you were NEVER going to give up your precious D&D. Not until the next millennium anyway!!! LOL.

        • Guest

          oops, sorry.
          Blame my fumbling fingers.

        • davefragments

          Ignore that, please, ignore the post that just preceded this.
          I type the date wrong above.
          My mistake. Twice.
          The date was 1983.

          • I was almost a month old.

          • davefragments

            My birthday is this Sunday, BTW. At that time, I was 33 y/o.

          • Happy almost Birthday Dave. That is very cool. Are you both wiser AND older. I’m hoping for that combo-pack myself. LOL.

          • davefragments


      • Klaus

        Ih have played RPGs since a few months after that date,

    • Michael

      I want to, but I am impatient and introverted. So I play Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights.

      • being introverted is fine, and being impatient can be worked with. ^_^ I like NWN. ^_^ It is fun, but I need a better graphics card on my computer to be able to play it. *pouts*

    • Derkins

      2nd edition only 😉

    • Saxon_Brenton

      [puts up hand]
      It’s one of the systems that the we use as we rotate between different gamesmasters’ campaigns.

      • Yes, I remember you, I always end up pouting whenever you brag about game days… 😛

    • Madock345

      I do! 3.5 and Pathfinder. Some other tabletop systems too, mostly Mage: The Awakening, and recently Dungeons: The Dragoning 40000 7th edition. That one’s a lot of fun. It’s this rediculous parody of gaming that still somehow functions as a game system.

      • Tyler Griffin

        3.5 FTW!

    • Klaus

      I have played Basic D&D (the one from the set that ends with immortals), AD&D, D&D3, many years ago. And a little bit of D&D4, which I did not like at all. The RPGs I have payed most are Rolemaster and Harnmaster. Currently we are playing Numenera.

      • Ah, Rolemaster. Dear to my heart. 🙂

        • Klaus

          We actually played every thursday night (with exception, of course) for four years. By far the longest campaign I have played in.

    • Kiri

      I played D&D back in the early 80’s when I was younger. Does that count? I don’t play it anymore but I look back on it fondly.

    • purplefoxglove

      Well, not D&D, but the German version of it 🙂

    • I made my first friends in high school when they invited me to join them in a D&D game. After that, I played a bit of everything from Gamma World to Top Secret, and Rolemaster. From Vampire: the Masquerade to Marvel Heroes, and Mutants and Masterminds. My current passion is Pathfinder. My writing sim uses game mechanics to keep characters and powers consistent in-story.

    • Archidel

      I’ve only played D&D once, a long time ago. I was always more of a Warhammer kind of guy. Unless you’re talking video games, because in that case… Neverwinter Nights, Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment, the lot of them.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I’ve never played, but I kind of want to.

  • Derkins

    Thank you, Fluke. I would also like to know the answer to this question. @.@

    • …. me too, but then we’ll both forget it. I think only Alex is immune to the Veritas curse. NO FAIR! 🙂

  • Sanbai

    Gosh, can I gush about the art style??? I LOVE IT! So cute and well-toned and expressive! Thanks for coming aboard, Julie!

    …C-can I….develop a crush on your art…?? =-= <3

    • Sanbai and Julie………. that is a complex ship. But if anyone can do it. This group can. GO FOR IT, I SAY!!! 🙂

      • Sanbai

        *blushes furiously*

        I-I…w-want…TO GO FOR IT!!!

        *covers face and dodges into the ladies’ room*

        • You GO FOR IT. We will cheer for you all the way. Julie is an incredible artist and it’s such a joy to have her work in this interlude. You are right to admire talent like this. Yayyyyy.

        • Michael

          Only one problem. Sanbai isn’t the senpai. And Sanbai-kohai just doesn’t sound right. 😛

          Julie-senpai is definitely worth swooning for, anyway.

  • Danny

    Y’know, upon rereading this page, I almost expect Fluke to say, on the next page, “What gives? You make me sleep on the floor when I come over!”

  • ….I just commented on EMR that Superman was probably a Peter Pan fanboy….because of the similar posing…

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Hahaha, I can see that!

  • larry

    This page is just too cute! But seriously,Spooky, answer the question.

  • Mikki

    I wonder if Alex would ever animate himself and try to sneak his animated self into one of his stories somehow (like as one of the hostages), just to see if anyone would notice??

    • HA! A lot of directors do that. #117th person in the horrified crowd that is blown apart by the descending alien spaceship… He would definitely be following a long and time honored tradition. LOL.

      • Even saw Peter Jackson as one of the folk walking the muddy streets of Bree in the second Hobbit movie.

  • davefragments

    Tomorrow we will take a step deeper into the TRUTH OR DARE of teenage boys.
    There are only a few things on Earth scarier than the minds of teenage boys! This might get truly weird and eye-poppingly shocking.
    Why do I like that?

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    How much trouble could they get into if Kyle…..umm…..”accidentally” overheats?

  • Do they look like cold blooded killers?

    They are just tooo cute! I want to hug them and squeeze them and love them forever and ever.

    • Klaus

      Don’t touch any bat you meet. They may carry various diseases, Rabies e.g.

      • ….spoil sport…they are STILL absolutely adorable and cute and why my evil liar is going to have lots!

        • Terri Sutton

          Don’t worry, the bats in Australia don’t have rabies.

          Which makes them one of the few things in Australia that isn’t actively trying to kill you. Why do I feel that a deity somewhere is laughing.

          • That’s Australia… the land where spiders are as big as dinner plates and terry pratchett says the sheep are vicious and poisonous… but there, the bats are safe. Oi. 🙂

          • Terri Sutton

            Sheep aren’t poisonous, but they will quite happily stampede and crush you to death like a teeny-bopper at a Bieber concert and devourer your flesh.

          • davefragments

            Monty Python had a Flying Sheep sketch that still leaves me ROLMAO.

          • Well that sounds so much better… (LOL). No I was just being silly and referring to the late author, Terry Pratchett’s, Discworld series story that included his version of a “land down under” where absolutely everything was poisonous… including Sheep. What can I say, he’s funny.

          • Terri Sutton

            And I was joking about how we Australians have taken that joke and have run with it (that even if it started there).

            Telling people jokes about Hoop Snakes, Drop Bears and redheads should never come into contact with the sun or they’ll explode, is much better than telling truths like; “the most poisonous spider in Australia live almost exclusively in the Sydney area”, opiate based pain medication won’t reduce the pain of a platypus sting” or “that Australia has 4 times higher rate of skin cancer than any other country”.

        • giant spiders too?

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Your evil lair will have an excellent bat colony. Have you decided what kind of bats they will be?

          • …..I plan on having several….my evil lair will be massive

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Niiiice. Can I come visit you? I’ll bring cookies. Uh, evil cookies?

          • yaoi cookies?

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Oooh, DEFINITELY yaoi cookies!

      • Archidel

        He’s right. While bats are indeed not at all scary and in fact rather cute, they commonly carry transferable diseases. They also DO NOT do well in captivity at all. Some bats may live for as much as 30 years in the wild, but they rarely survive for more than 1 as a pet.

        • Which is why in my gigantic evil lair they will have their own habitat, so they wouldn’t really be pets….I have so many plans for the absolute best evil lair EVER.

          • Klaus

            What will your “%in lair” be? (or “% in liar”, as it was printed in the first edition of D&D)

          • Kit the Coyote

            One of my fantasies, usually after watching ‘You only live Twice’ was not to be the hero or the villain in Bond type world but to the Architect to the villain! Lairs, Inc. We build real deathtraps!!

          • So then, sorta of an architectural Edna Mode?

          • Kit the Coyote

            Blowfield, Darling, any common villain can make examples by having a muscled oaf crack heads but you darling want to do it with style. Picture this with me baby, a pond fills the entrance way to your office and everyone who enters and leaves has to do it by this graceful arched bridge. But the pond is filled with deadly piranhas or snakes or sharks with lasers on their heads, whatever turns you on baby. And when the poor sap you want to make an example of walks over it you push this pedal and down they go to feed your pets. And the beauty of it, once word gets around every minion and enemy will be quaking in their boots to be called into your office. And for you, Darling I can do it for a 5% discount.

          • HA!

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Very good advice, but I can still pretend that I can pet them! Just can’t actually do it in real life.

    • DC

      I clicked the link. Scrolling, oh very cute, wait what was that about Tequila – ‘Bats help pollinate a variety of fruits, and are actually instrumental in the large-scale production of tequila.’ – yes very lovable, necessary animals.

      • The most sensible thing written in this entire thread… 😀

        • DC

          Note to self, never ask a computer scientist or chemical engineer to explain anything. When I was 17 I would of understood. But now I’m just thinking 1 tequila 2 tequila wat 4 wat five whatever I thought these ^^ were cat ears 3 tequila 4 tequila hello floor is that a Kontari? they can’t handle alcohol either isn’t Fibonacci a cheese?

    • Klaus

      To mosquitoes they do.

    • davefragments

      Eeew! I have both Chiroptophobia and Arachnophobia.
      Hug those things to ME! HUG THOSE THINGS TO ME!
      AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaGGGGGGGgggggggHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Adorable little bats!! I want to pet them. <3

  • Klaus

    We are now just one patron short of a nice round number. There are 111111111 (base 2) patrons. One short of 2^10.

    • That’s Kontari math… right?

      • Klaus

        No idea how Kontari numbers work. Balanced trinary, perhaps?

      • davefragments

        Just think, if we didn’t have index fingers, we couldn’t pick our noses.

    • o_O … I’m lost. I get the 2^10 part (and that is a +1 now), but the 1’s base 2?? Then, parts of math has always been my achilles heel.

      • Klaus

        In base 10, which we usually use, 111 is 1 + 10 + 100, one plus ten plus a houndred. Each step to the left makes the number 10 times as large. In base 2 each step to the left is twice as large, so 111 is 1 + 10 +100, one plus two plus four, seven. And with 9 ones you get 1 + 2 + 4 + … + 512, or 1023. 1024 is 1000000000.

        To a programmer like me, 1024 is a very round number indeed.

        • …aaand, you’ve enterede the part of math where my brain just goes ‘huh?’. I kinda almost get it, and then at the same time I don’t.

          But what I DID get out of that -while not getting it – is the comprehension of why a Mb is 1024 Kb (or a GB is 1024 Mb and so forth) instead of 1000.
          So, I did get something out of it even while I don’t get it LOL

          • Kontari! (as in Klaus is from Kontari and in deep cover.)

          • davefragments

            Your explanation is simpler than mine.
            Although, I really considered invoking Fibonacci Series but I thought that might be considered “showing off.”

          • It would have… but it would have been entertaining I’m sure!

          • davefragments

            Wait until he explains it in base 8. Now that’s a real head trip – – better than acid (As we used to say in the Age of Aquarius).

          • I’m thinking ACID might help at this point. (chris rubs his brow and is glad he didn’t choose to study higher mathematics…)

          • davefragments


          • davefragments

            I came back.
            2 times 1 = 2
            2 times 2 = 4
            2 times 2 = 4

          • davefragments

            In base ten (we count in base ten because we have ten fingers – lucky us) . . .
            The first place is called “ones” the second place is called “tens” the third place is called “hundreds”
            So when you write in BINARY NUMBERS then:
            the first place has only two numbers — on and off or zero and 1. The second place has two numbers that comprise the “fours” but still only 0 and 1.
            See the same pattern between base ten and base 2?

            PS computers thing kn binary – 0 and 1 or “on” and “off”. . . except Windows ten which requires the definition of “Off base” and “never on for you, dear” . . . LOL

          • That 2^10 I did get (as I said), but it’s the base-thing factor and what that means – there I’m slightly lost.
            Like, I almost get what Klaus explained, and know it’s something with binary numbers, but there’s no way I could set it up myself, and even less explain it xD

          • davefragments

            try below

          • LOL.. that just made me more confused. I’ll just stick with the tiny bit of it I did get, and go with that: I have a sort of ground basis of why 1024 means something, and why it’s used.
            I’ll just stop with the fact that I know what ^(some number) means. Yay me! 😉

          • davefragments

            They try a TRUE MATHEMATICIAN – – Tom Lerher as he explains the new math


            I guarantee you will understand this

          • I LOVE Tom’s new math… 🙂

            Edit: I thought only the Kontari could embed images and videos into this Disqus stream… first Klaus? Now you too, Dave?

          • davefragments

            Lehrer is so much fun. Youtube embeds in odd ways. I’ve never had it show the video when I post a youtube link. However, Disqus does that for everyone else but me (boo hoo). . .

          • I think it’s a disqus glitch that stays as long as you don’t refresh the page. Doki also had a gif-image below a little earlier. Not that I have refreshed, to see comment edits, it’s all back to being links.

          • I’ll watch it, but I wouldn’t guarantee anything. I’m pretty good at remembering numbers (calculating/arithmetic), but my brain seems to have a malfunction when it comes to learning formulas and anything beyond easy algebra.
            Much to the despair of my math teachers. I’d get top grades in arithmetic, but fail math in general (I failed my written math tests in college).

          • davefragments

            I do sympathize. . . I was trying to help my neighbor home-school her son. He had a head of stone for math but he was a great graphic artist. He never made it out of algebra and into differential equations.

          • Yeah, I got extra help during study sessions, but it just wouldn’t sink in. It could look logic on paper, and when I got a little help to do it, but as soon as I had to try any more complicated equations on my own, it failed.
            It’s the damn formulas and when you add letters/weird math signs to the numbers. Also became a problem in business class where you had to remember formulas to do something. Failed my written exam in college in that class too xD – I passed the orals, but barely.
            I really cussed about not choosing the French class instead of math.

          • davefragments

            That I understand. Don’t feel bad about it.

          • Klaus

            I am a master of sciende with math as my minor. I only got the very most basic differentlial equations. That is difficult to me,

          • davefragments

            Chemical engineer, here. I used to turn dirty black coal into dirty black oil and then to clean white gasoline.

            ADDED: If work would have let me, I would have learned hindered diffusion in catalysts and happily done experiments forever.

          • Klaus

            My major is computer science.

          • davefragments

            My first course in computer programming was ALGOL with Alan Perlis. Not to brag, but we have more in common than you think.

            Added: it was on punch cards.

          • Klaus

            I had Peter Naur as a lecturer in my second year. Famous for the ALGOL report, but his task was to teach us Fortran. We spent the first year with Pascal, so yes, we have quite a bit in common. (For those not in the know, Pascal is a stripped down version of ALGOL originally intended as a teaching tool only).

          • davefragments

            I had to learn Wat-FOUR and Wat-FIVE to which I said: “what for?” and giggled. My freshman year the great computer advancement for the computer people was partitioning the IBM 360 into two partitions so it ran two programs at once. . .
            I took Pascal, learned a little Assembly Code for work. Learned a little C and C+ for work. Picked up a book and taught myself HTML. this was between agglomeration, hydrogenation, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, and other much more fun topics.
            Now I’ve declared no more programming. No more college. Sunday, I officially hit retirement. I will declare myself old. Although, my brother has grandchildren so he is old now before our birthday. wink, wink

          • davefragments

            I remember that name. However, PASCAL came after me. I was onto learning Unit Operations and Thermodynamics.

          • Klaus

            1022 actually.

          • davefragments

            Then I am missing a term.

          • Klaus

            You are missing the 0th power, 1. If you add that , you get 1023, one less than 2^10. So it is with every power of 2. The first powers, any number, add up to one less than the next power.

          • davefragments

            Yes, I’m rusty with math after being retired ten years. I said that above.

          • Damn, now I’ll stop to try and get this, because I would have thought it was 2+2+4+8… etc. When it came to how to add the numbers together.

            As in the first 2 counted as the 0th power as it was the basis number (and why not multiplied with 0 so it =0), but the reason it became a 2 again the 2nd time is that 2 in the 1st power is still 2. Then the numbers fit with 1024. Now you talk about 1023, so before I get lost again, I back out of this ^_^

          • davefragments

            Two to the zero power is 1.
            Any number to the zero power is 1.
            That’s a definition.

          • Oh dear. 14 years after I graduated, and I’m back in math on a Friday night. I don’t know if I’ve learned something or got myself more confused based on the little I knew and remembered.
            At this point I’m proud that I knew that 2^10 is 1024 LOL

          • davefragments

            Did you listen to my silliness of NEW MATH with Tom Lehrer? I guarantee a laugh.

          • First I sat here and thought new math was brillant… and then he went and did that base 8 thing (now I get the being on acid comment) and I was waaay lost and just sat here with a stunned look on my face LOL

          • davefragments

            It’s the missing thumbs that left me in hysterical laughing.

          • Klaus

            2^1 = 2
            2^2 = 4
            2^3 = 8
            and so on. When you increase the power by one, you double the number. In other words, if you decrease the power by 1, you halve the number.

            Now extennd the table above upwards

            2^-2 = 1/4
            2^-1 = ½
            2^0 = 1
            2^1 = 2
            2^2 = 4
            2^3 = 8

            One step down the table gives you twice the number, even if you start with a negative number. It is not just an arbitratry definition, it is the only logical definition.

          • No.. 2^10 is 1024. That much I know, or what are you talking about? Oh god, don’t make me more confused than I already am LOL

          • Klaus

            So it is, but the addition above gives 1022.

          • Aah, right. Oki. I am no longer baffled on that one 🙂

          • davefragments

            Sorry, I forgot the formula for the sum was 2 to the (n+1) power minus 2.
            It’s been a while since I retired from work and I’m a little rusty.

        • Archidel

          And now I’m tempted to throw some hexadecimal (or base 16) math in there just for the heck of it. 🙂

          • Oki, that’s it. I will run away now – and not only because I was about to leave anyway 😉

          • davefragments

            After spending a small fortune on an education at a very good University, I went to work and about five years later had to work for a dingbat that had me learn worthing he programmed in assembly code base on hexadecimals. IT was an amazing disaster of code. Every mistake that created the Y2K disasters (that had to be fixed ahead of time) was in that code. And Me who learned from the very first piece of programming in ALGOL and to read and make sense of those “go to” statements and branches that the coworker insisted saved time and address space. His programming sucked the behind of a rather large white elephant.
            So that’s a long way of saying, please never speak hexadecimal to me.

          • ……


            *hugs* You poor thing….

            ….is that the real reason Hexadecimal was the/a villain in Reboot?

          • davefragments

            I was told by the most eminent and world-renowned computer professor and programmer at the time (that was AJ Perlis) that computers wouldn’t need to be programmed and would simply run a program for the masses. That was in 1968. Programming in assembly and hexadecimal was not for us. That was a snobbish attitude but consider Windows and Macintosh OS, it has proven to be true. There is no need to scare anyone anymore with that “elite” attitude of I can program and you can’t.

        • Michael


          … you ain’t never caught a rabbit, and you ain’t no friend of mine! 😛

  • Well, this almost turned into a math club, and I’m kinda surprised it didn’t make me run away. But now I think my brain is fried, trying to understand Things, so I’ll withdraw and go to bed. It’s time for that before I start camp.

    Thank you for TRYING to make me understand things, though I’m afraid it was a failure (on my part) ^_^

    *Yawns* I’ll be back later. I think I’ll go read a bit before sleeping. I have numbers in my brain, and I don’t get half of them *lol*

    • Klaus

      And that just because I wanted to point out that we were about to cross a round number of patrons.

      Good night. I have guests coming over to play board games tomorrow, so I have to go to bed now too. And I will not be able to comment as much tomorrow as I usually do Saturdays.

      • davefragments

        Have a good rest. . .

      • Yep, sometimes you unexpected say something and get the weirdest/funniest convos started (I still remember when I made a comment and suddently half the campers were singing lines from Disney movies).
        Sleep well, and have fun with the games.

    • davefragments

      Have a good rest.

  • Ily Spooky.

    In other news, this page is a great way to tease Spooky/Kyle shippers.
    But I have this feeling that was the intention :P.

    • You are so right. Knowing @alexwoolfson:disqus, whaaaatever it is… is the INTENTION! Humph. 🙂

  • I have applied the KONTARI translator to the various mathematics explored in EXCRUCIATING detail below… and thus… MASSIVE WOOTAGE:

    Number of Patreons = 1025 ($7,585.05 per month)

    All of your collective awesomeness continues! (your awesomeness calculated in KONTARI-4D and base-26)

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Ahh, it’s a beautiful night for camping!

    • davefragments

      How is it going?

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Pretty good. I got my hair cut today! Just a trim, though – nothing dramatic. How are you?

        • davefragments

          Good, thanks.

  • Good morning/afternoon/evening, everyone!!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Good evening, AJ! How’s it going?

      • Evening, Stick! We’re watching Secret Life of Walter Mitty (the Ben Stiller version) and he’s on his way to his first adventure.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Ooh, is it good so far?

          • So far. I’ve seen bits of it before, but we finally got it on bluray and I wanted to see all the places he traveled.

          • stickfigurefairytales


          • Ben Stiller is a hit or miss actor for me. He has a tendency to go too far, but so far in this he’s managed to keep it toned down.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Nice. I have to admit that I greatly enjoy his going too far in the case of Zoolander, though.

          • Ha!

        • davefragments

          I keep seeing that movie advertised but I haven’t had the get-up-and-go to see it.

          • We finally bought it, it was on sale at Target, plus we used the Target Cartwheel and so it was relatively inexpensive, under $10.

            But I think it might still be at Redbox. It’s not renting on Amazon Prime or Netflix yet.

          • davefragments

            Cinemax has it until 8/31 or I have to go to PPV. I might do that in May or June.

          • I think it’s worth it. 🙂

          • davefragments


  • Friday night sushi and camping!

    • Onion rings!!

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Ooh, I’ll take some of those. 🙂

    • davefragments


    • stickfigurefairytales

      Welcome, starr!

  • *Grumble, mumble, yawn*
    ‘Ello.. are we there yet?

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Good morning, Danish! No, seems like we’ve still got a ways to go yet.

      • Oki *yawn*

        Are we there yet? Or can I go back for a nap?
        *looks for sights of Alex and a possible early page*

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Hmm, no Alex sighted off the port bow. Anybody got an eye on starboard?

          • davefragments

            No sightings starboard or aft.

          • Michael

            I’ll keep an eye on the port, cheers.

            Or maybe the sherry, it’s all good.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Arrr, keep your head clear o’ grog, matey! The Alex has breached the waves!

          • Michael

            You can keep the clear grog for the lads, I don’t want to be able to see the bottom of the cup.

    • Um…. I’m fighting the auto-parent response to that. 😀

    • stickfigurefairytales

      THAR SHE BLOWS! Alex sighted, port side!

      • stickfigurefairytales


        • stickfigurefairytales

          (Wait, is it “weigh anchor”? Well regardless, do the thing!)

          • (Yes, it’s weigh anchor)

          • stickfigurefairytales

            (Thank ye, Admiral! I knew I could count on you to be of proper nautical bent!)

          • (welcome welcome)

          • “Bent” being the key word. Heeeeeeeeeee….

          • Michael

            (I thought it was “anchors aweigh”, like in the Gene Kelly/Frank Sinatra/Donald Duck production)

          • (Huh, will need to look into that.) 🙂

  • Not long now…

  • Don’t forget to vote for TYP and Artifice.

  • Michael

    Happy camping day, everyopne!

    To the Australians in the audience, happy ANZAC Day. I hope you watched or went to a Dawn Service, and have donated to your local RSL.

  • And once again, I’m answering a comment as there’s a new page up:

  • Stubbylegs

    Panel 2: don’tgetabonerdon’tgetabonredon’tgetaboner
    Panel 3: Boner Defenses….failing……
    Panel 4: …failing….
    Panel 5: …gone….

    For someone who’s probably a 4 or 5 on the Kinsey scale, I sure talk about boners a lot.

    • I think (if you’re a dude, I’ll let the ladies chime in for themselves), that we talk about boners a lot no matter where we are on the K-scale. LOL.

      You are NOT alone! Heh.

      • Stubbylegs

        I am, in fact, a woman. Penises are just too funny not to mention once in a while.

        • Yes, TOTALLY AGREE and I have a theory that penises hypnotize gay men. (YES I SAID IT AND NO, I’M ONLY MODERATELY CRAZY).

          Once, a number of years ago, I went to an art gallery showing where they had wall-papered all the walls, floor under lucite and ceiling with 8x10s of super close ups of a million different penises. OMG it was one of the funniest things I’d ever seen. The P’s stopped even looking like the all important wiener around which the universe revolves. Just strange looking funny creatures in every shape and size configuration. Nothing you can imagine looked less like ‘porn’ than this exhibition.

          I realized two things. You are correct, out of the ‘nom nom nom’ context, they ARE the funniest thing ever. The secret, I discovered, is that (as a gay man) you have to let yourself get close enough for the penis to telepathically hypnotize you and suddenly that odd being becomes super sexy and awesome, creating it’s own irresistable gravitational field.

          So, totally agree with you. I think being a woman who appreciates penis-humor gives you extra awesome points. (*applause*)

          Oh and to be totally fair, for many years I had no idea (until I did some research) how many different names there are for the various regions of the terrain that makes up female genitalia.

          While I don’t have to concern myself anymore… I have straight friends who honestly need a small map tattoo’d, say to a woman’s thigh, that basically shows an arrow or something, and says, “You are here. To your right and left are the Mountain Ranges of the Labia Majora. If you’ll look North, on a clear day, you’ll see the sacred peak of the Mons Pubis… now proceed…”

          So I find us all a little (okay a lot) funny. 🙂