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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Truth or Dare—Page 12

348 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Truth or Dare—Page 12

Then what is the secret, my young friend?

I have some site news! For almost two years now, SofiaT has been helping me out (along with Admiral Jane) as one of the two awesome moderators in the Comments Section of this site. The mods take a huge chunk of work off my plate which allows me to focus on the writing and art, and Sofia has done amazing work helping folks out in our forum and helping to maintain the tone of respect that makes our Comments Section what it is. And she’s just had an amazing opportunity come up with her job, one that I’m super-excited for her about, but also one that is much more demanding of her time, so it will mean that she will have to lay down her mod duties here on the site. I’m sorry that she’ll have to step down from the mod role, but I’m delighted that it’s for such a happy reason. And she has let me know that she will still continue to be a good presence in the comments here. 🙂

I want to extend my deepest thanks to her for everything she has done—it really has been a lifesaver for me. Please join me as I wish her great luck with the new position!

It’s also my pleasure to announce that I have asked commenter DanishWolf if she’d be willing to step into the vacant co-moderator role and she has agreed. Danish has been a long-time contributor to our Comments Section and has had experience moderating forums before. Please join me in extending a warm welcome to her new role here on this site and my thanks for helping us out!

In other news, Patrons have already unlocked the Full Monty Tsunami-over-white pin-up over at the Patreon Page and we’re now less than $60/month away from also unlocking an alternate version with a full-color background!

Here is what Patrons who have seen the Full Monty Tsunami painted by Marccus have had to say so far:

“I really like this! The confidence is really nice! I, too am a fan of his chest, and ya know what other part I really like? I, for whatever reason, am very fond of that little bit of “side-butt” that we get to see! This is very well done! My hats off to you, Marccus!”

“Tsu-Tsu’s chest is my fave of this art piece. Marccus has done an awesome job making those tattoos look their best on a well toned chest. It is H.O.T.
Marccus really knocked it out of the ballpark!”

“This is a masterpiece. Marcus has made Tsunami into something Michelangelo would have been proud of. The facial expression, the stance, all of the musculature, as I said a Masterpiece.”


If you become a Patron now and pledge $5 or more, you’ll be able to download the whole image as a digital wallpaper right away. And $10+ Patrons will be sent a high-res version with over double the resolution, once payments are processed at the beginning of June!

And, because I got a couple emails from folks who said they misunderstood that $10+ Patrons were going to get high-res files of The Annihilator pin-up last month,I’ll also be including high-res files of the Full Monty Annihilator as well for $10+ Patrons, both with and without background, just for this month as well.

The Annihilator Full Monty Pin-Up by Rum-Locker
The Annihilator Full Monty Pin-Up by Rum-Locker

Over 1100 of you have already become Patrons in the last few months. There are lots of great benefits to being a Patron, and you’d really be helping me out if you became one too. If you’re enjoying our work here and would like to see it continue (and would like to get access to all kinds of special benefits!),

please take a moment to watch the video on my Patreon page and consider becoming a Patron.

So! Flyboy has a secret! Something he needs to get off his chest! I wonder what it might be? And I wonDer if there are any other fOlks out there who would liKe to know more about thIs young hero?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀


  • Oh no Mitch! What are you up to??

    • Damn, my page didn’t want to load when I logged on and opened the new tab, so I thought something was going on and reloaded, and there it was xD

    • davefragments


    • Sapfo

      Good work on that V aj XD

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Way to go, AJ!

  • Right time to show up 🙂

    • Yes apparently the perfect time! Well almost! 😀

  • Jen Roberts

    Grats to both SofiaT and DanishWolf! 😀

  • davefragments

    Oh my stars, I’m horrrrrrrrified. Mitch was freelancing his power to help people! Gosh, Golly, Gee Whizzies! That means the world will end tomorrow. . .
    Oh wait, the world will end in a few months, well, maybe, possibly,
    wink, wink

    • Keneu

      Maybe he put himself in a dangerous situation and the superhero group paid the consequences for his actions? Everyone’s so worried about underage heroes getting hurt in this world.

      • Michael

        Or saved the life of someone who went on to sue for damages? A la The Incredibles?

        • Keneu

          “Now, we will review the Platinum Priestess vs. Universe case. The prosecutor asks for 1,000.000 goats in damages and destroyed dimensional barriers.”

          • davefragments

            That’s a lot of goats. Too many for one sacrificial purge. However, I know a few countries that might consume all those goats in a year – – think open flame, garlic and barbecue sauce.

  • Michael

    OMG. That lower lip in the last panel. I just wanna hold him and stroke his… hair… and tell him everything’s gonna be alright.

    … Wait., He was kicked off a superhero team for being too heroic?

    • Terri Sutton

      How dare people need rescuing outside of the M to F 9 to 5!

  • Toli Bera

    Is he gonna confess a Fireman’s dilemma? aka causing problems so he can solve them?

    • timemonkey

      I suspect he’s still saving people during off hours.

      • Toli Bera

        *Wonka Voice* Oh no, Stop, The Scandal.

        • *hugs* Pssst you might want to specify “Wilder” Wonka or “Gene” Wonka for the young’uns who might be confused thinking “Depp” Wonka.

          • timemonkey

            I don’t think Depp Wonka is anyone’s immediate Wonka.

          • Toli Bera

            “Real Wonka” vs “Knock of Michael Jackson Wonka”

          • Michael


            I don’t know where people get the idea. Johnny Depp wasn’t old enough to be Wonka when the movie was filmed!

            Nope nope nope.

      • Michael

        A secret tryst with one of the interns he used to shower train with?

        • timemonkey

          Maybe he’s been hooking up with a villain behind everyone’s back? Wait, no, that’d just be silly. XD

          • Toli Bera

            who would be a silly-billy and do that?

  • Sapfo

    Oh cute little innocent Mitch is a little bad boy. He is so sweet ❤️

    I wish Sofia good luck with job, keep on rocking!

    And hello mod Wolf! I know you do a good job gal 🙂

  • timemonkey

    Still doing it, aren’t ya Mitch?

  • jreed3842

    AHH! I’m in suspense! I need to know more!!!

    • Michael

      I’ll be doing the pee-dance for the entire rest of the week, now. 😛

      • davefragments

        Can I sell tickets?

  • Michael

    I just want to say — reiterate, again — that I really like Julie’s grasp on perspective and positioning. There’s never any confusion about where the characters are relative to each other and the room, even when the “camera” moves around and takes different angles.

    Second to this, I also really like the way Julie employs lighting and shade to really make a strong sense of the direction of the light source and how it plays off the textures and lines of the character’s clothes and skin and hair. It’s very technically impressive artwork., and consistent throughout the while bonus story.

  • Cydney Sabin


  • From a new mod to the ‘old’ mod, thank you, Sofia, for the time you’ve used to help make TYP comments a great place to be. I hope I can fit the mod shoes well after you left them 🙂
    Best of luck with the new work opportunities!

    • Michael

      Congratulations and good luck, Sofia! And you too, Danish!

    • SofiaT

      Congrats, Danish!
      It’s a good community with not much trouble. But it will help a lot if you and AJ communicate often with each other; I remember when we first started, I’d tell her when I was taking a shower and she’d let me know when she was taking a trip to the grocery shop! Oh, our green days on the job… *nostalgic sigh*

      Anyway! I’m actually on a quick break from a meeting so need to head back before they send out a searching squad. Good luck!

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Yes, thank you so much for all of your great work Sofia, and I’m so thrilled for you about your new opportunity! I hope it goes wonderfully! 🙂

        • SofiaT

          Thanks Stick! 🙂
          We’re budgeting for the next financial year at the moment and it looks like my boss expects me to perform wonders… It feels like diving in deep waters. Plenty of room to roam around and do your thing but you’re crossing your fingers you won’t turn into shark snack before you reach the shore. O.0

      • You two were busy bees back then, in the kickstarter days. It’s more calm now 🙂

      • purplefoxglove

        Thank you for being such an awesome mod, and congratulations on the new job 🙂

        • SofiaT

          Thank you, purple! 🙂

      • b3nc0

        I know I’ve been absent from the comments for far too long, but this is quite the opportunity to come back if not for good at leastto say hello…
        Thanks a lot for helping making this place a pleasant one to be a part and proud of!

        Good luck on your searching-squad avoiding skill training ;°)

        • SofiaT

          Thanks, b3nc0! 🙂

    • Keneu


    • stickfigurefairytales

      I think you’re the perfect person to step into Sofia’s shoes, Danish. You both have been such fantastic and important members of the TYP fan community.

      • Thank you for that, and thank you all.

    • b3nc0

      I just sent you a lil’ congrats/thank you/good luck gift to let you know this is important to us that you’re there with AJ to ease Alex’s job.

      PS: don’t check your emails, it’s your physical letterbox that’ll soon be filled‼

      • YAY! I’ll be stalking my mailbox in a couple days! I have a pretty good idea what it is, but not how it looks *lol* Excited to see. Thank you so much 🙂

  • davefragments

    I have another thought. Alex seldom includes details that don’t resonate within the story. Almost never. So here is a detail that I doesn’t reach back in time. Perhaps it reaches forward in time.

  • Congrats to Sofia on her new opportunities. I really happy you’ll still be around!

    Congrats to Danish! Yay! A worthy successor to Sofia.

    • Yay! Congrats Danish and TY so much to Sofia for all her countless hours of hard work!!!

    • davefragments

      I agree. Congrats and good luck.

  • Mitch is so darn adorbs! Working overtime to help people in his off hours (and probably still doing it).

  • I want to wish Sofia good luck with her new position! You were a great partner! 🙂

    And of course, Welcome, Ms. Wolf! We got this! 🙂

    • Yes, we do 🙂

      • jreed3842

        I say we have a Going-Away party for Sofia, and a New-Moderator party for Danish! Who’s with me? *runs to go get the Malibu rum and pineapple juice*

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Let’s do this! I’ve got Schapps and vodka!

          • I got… cookies 🙂

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Hell yeah!!

          • jreed3842

            Okay. This party is officially “Off the hook!”

          • stickfigurefairytales

            XD I just thought the exact same thing. Do we have unlimited juice though?

          • Michael

            I’ve got sour jelly bears! Soak them in vodka and you’ve got a chewable martini right there.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Ooh, nice!! I’ll take some!

    • SofiaT

      We were a good team 🙂
      Now you have a new partner and I feel like a retired cop from Lethal Weapon: “I’m too old for this shit”. LOL!

      • Ha! Indeed! 😀

      • Michael

        “They’re beautiful, aren’t they? Stars. I never look at them any more. But they actually are quite… beautiful.”

  • Saxon_Brenton

    But will SophiaT remain in the “Annihilator msut be redeemed at all costs, even if he finds it painful – actually, especially if he finds it painful” faction of YP fandom? 🙂

    • SofiaT

      Short answer: yes. Always! 😉

  • Oh Alex, so clever of you! ^_^ *hugs* That was brilliant!

    • Yay! Doki, I’ve missed you.

      • I was actually supposed to be in bed a couple of hours ago but I was reading this newly found HP fanfic…

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Haha! Well, I’m still glad you found the time to come by here too! 🙂

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Also, hi Gryphon!

        • Hi Stick!

          • stickfigurefairytales

            How’s it going?

          • Going very well. I’m having a good week so far though it is only Tuesday. *reaches out with good thoughts*

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Yay! I hope your week continues to be good. I’m very excited right now because the sports team from my city beat the sports team from the other city and gets to go on to compete for the championship in Sport.

          • That is so awesome! It appears my good thoughts from today and yesterday have helped this Sport thing along. Maybe.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Thank you for your help! 😀

    • 🙂

  • Sanbai



    **Sanbai apologizes in advance for a mix of wine and PMS for her outburst**

    • Well, I can only think that it was a lovely outburst 😉

  • JesBelle

    Congratulations SofiaT and DanishWolf!

  • DC

    Would he think practicing powers (launching) in secret that the others don’t know of yet a problem?

  • kamishiro

    ooooooooohh !! can’t wait for the next page. How adorable he is trying to help people 🙂

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Aww, I missed camping. But my team is going to the NBA finals! Whooooooo!!!!

    • davefragments

      Good news!

  • And just when I thought I wouldn’t be able to love Mitch any more than I already do….

  • stickfigurefairytales

    His secret is that he illegally uses his powers to rescue puppies and kittens and find them loving homes.

    • davefragments

      That would be a completely “adorable” overload.

  • Tahir Raines

    The Antici-

    • Tahir Raines

      -pation is killing me!

      • Michael

        But maybe the rain
        Isn’t really to blame.
        So I’ll remove the cause…
        But not the symptom!

        Sorry, that just jumps into my head whenever someone pauses in the middle of the word ‘anticipation’.

  • I have possible reasons popping up in my head, some more plausible than others but I’ll share anyway:

    1) He accidently hurt someone during his off-hours hero work.
    2) He has used his powers to get to know the others better, maybe things they haven’t exactly shared – since Mitch both has a better than normal hearing/sight, not to mention being a computer expert.
    3) The more personal and delicate reason that he was ‘caught’ having an interest in a teammate -because he’s gay, and they might not have liked that – but another reason was needed to boot him.
    4) He’s still giving technical support (and possible info) to someone, or has contact with someone not TYP-team.
    5) He either wasn’t too pleased at all, having to join them, or he made sure to end up on the team on purpose.

    Just to mention some things the secret could be, and they’re probably all wrong xD

    • Madock345

      My guess was that he didn’t stop freelancing at all.

      • This page hint that direction a lot.

        • Madock345

          I know, and *that* makes me suspicious that it’s going to be something entirely different. Maybe I’m just paranoid. XD

          Congratulations, by the way. I think you’re going to make an awesome mod.

          • Alex is good at throwing those curveballs 😉 Also why I suspect that maybe none of my theory suggestions are correct.
            And thank you, I’ll try my best.

      • Michael

        OR he’s secretly teaching/training some flight-powered kid in the middle of the night.

  • WOW! Love this story!

  • davefragments

    Good page. But now, I have to go to sleep.
    I’ll be back tomorrow.

    • Night Dave!!

    • stickfigurefairytales


    • Night! I’m about to start a long day here in the ‘future’.

  • gahocleric

    Congrats Danish! Been a follow of many a comic and I frequently see you in the comments sections (of those that have disqus anyway)

    • Thank you 🙂 It’s always nice to come across familiar ‘faces’ on various sites.

  • Congratulations @DanishWolf:disqus sweetie on becoming the new mod for TYP.

    Thanks @disqus_P2huBPd9nS:disqus for being a great mod and good luck/have fun with your new work position. ^_^

  • Mary Klemzak

    Hmm Doki, you have anything to say, since he’s your precious son?

    Also, I’d like to know why the rest were rejected? Seems kinda weird to have a rule to help someone outside of the system. After hours. Isn’t it their business? As an adult, maybe, but I guess rules four younger ones are more strict, as they have to balance school, as well as superpowers and helping the many citizens who need help every second of everyday.

    Congrats Danish! You’re super nice and I’m sure you’ll do a fab job!

    • With Spooky, it was because they were afraid of him, and didn’t trust him early on. He’s however the one who’s later been propositioned but has turned the offers down. He’s staying with the team he and Amanda created.

      With Kyle, we wee told in chapter 2 that he’s applied more than once, but has been rejected every time because of his psychological profile:
      I guess his tramatized mental state, as well as lack of control, got him rejected.

      Fluke was rejected because of the unpredictability of his powers. We’re told in the same scene I linked to that the professional teams believe he’ll do more harm that good. It IS hard when your good luck is based on bad luck before or after.

      Mitch, we’re now being told about. Gordon’s reason, I don’t believe we know yet (maybe this ToD will share that info), and I’m actually Amanda is a reject. I think she and Spooky decided to go solo team, and take on those others wouldn’t take. Young people with powers who can still be of use, despite not making the cut for a team, and who would be bad to leave on their own.

  • Seeing this before bed is the best Bday gift i could get 😀 but always leave me wanting more >.< lol

  • Madock345

    Mitch is about to get a court order to stop being so damn adorable, at least until he turns 18 XD

    He’s endangering the public morality! Tempting thousands into sin!

    • That’s my Mitch. ^_^

    • Fabulous Alien

      But being the little rebel that he is, he will continue being adorable and cute, and keepin people frustrated *sigh*

  • Terri Sutton

    I want to offer good luck to both Sofia T and DanishWolf.

    • Klaus


  • If it’s been said sorry, but what’s with the weird caps in the teaser? Seems unlike Alex.

    • Jeldenil

      Yeah, was wondering the same.

    • Klaus

      What could the letters D, O, K and I mean?

      • Madock345

        Yeah, I mean, what or who could that possibly be referring too…

      • well, i’m not sure thus the question. I know Doki Doki, but I wasnt sure if it was a reference from prior or an acronym.

        • Doki is a well known commenter in this community, and a HUGE Flyboy fan.

        • Jeldenil

          perhaps our sweet @dokidokibaka:disqus has a special interest in Mitch. I saw someone referring to that elsewhere in the comments.

          • ^_^

          • Jeldenil

            @Dokidokibaka, I think you’re cute. Just wanted to let you know *blush*

          • (●´艸`)ヾ

        • Klaus

          Doki is a great fan of Mitch.

          • If Doki had a Mitch doll she would take it everywhere despite being almost 32.

          • Klaus

            Somebody please sew Doki a stuffed Mitch. Or crotchet or whatever.

      • Yes I wonder….. ^_^

  • Jeldenil

    *cheers for Danish and Sofia*

  • Klaus

    Congratutlations with your new opportunity, Sofia. And thank you Woolf, for taking on the work.

  • alexyoshida

    Danish! I remember you from Teahouse, you always did such a good job there, especially with how worked up some people could get. Glad to see you still at it!

    • Thank you! I loved being a part of the commenting community there (despite the various trolls), and I’m loving being a part of this community as well. I hope I’ll always do a great job with my new position 🙂

      • My late ‘condolences’ on Teahouse, I still cry when I think of them, and a big hug welcome to your new cap here TYP. 🙂

        • I’m over the crying (if I don’t think too much about it in a sad moment), but not the mourning. I miss it. I cried.. a LOT the first couple weeks after it was cancelled. Anytime it was even mentioned I had to go find a handfull of tissues. It was a sad, sad day in the webcomic world when it was announced, but I wish Em and CC all the best with their careers.

          • Kitkat822

            Awwwh why did you go and mention teahouse, now I’m sad all over again! What a lovely comic that was 🙂

            Congrats Danish by the way!

  • Aitsuki

    D… O…. K..??? Eh?

    • D..O..K..I.
      You forgot the last letter 🙂 If you look at the various commerter names here on the site it will make sense.

    • bronakopdin

      thIs 🙂

  • bronakopdin

    What a roundabout way to start that secret’s backstory, Mitch xD

    kinDa teasing us here ^^ and really nOw I guess poKing us like ths makes more than one person curIous about the real secret 😀

    So happy for you SofiaT!!! Success in work is always nice 🙂 congrats!
    also glad for you Danish! Seeing you around a lot anyway si it feels totally natural to hear of your stepping in there 😀

    • LOL I was wondering who else spotted that! ^_^

  • Columbine

    So……Flyboy got kicked out for being too nice?

    • bronakopdin

      I guess more like because he ignored direct orders to not do sth out of supervision or sth? don’t forget he’s a minor ^^’

      • Columbine

        Good point! I suppose we all broke curfew at some point right?

  • Nate

    As far as I can tell, his secret is that he’s weaponized huggability. *cuddle*

  • Becky

    Kyle is such a nice boy. Reassuring everybody even when the whole point is for them to be uncomfortable, haha.

  • Arias

    Kicked off superhero team for helping people too much #superheroproblems

  • Pikinanou

    Mitch: “I’m… secretly a brony.” XD

    • Jason Wexler

      Tsunami: “Big deal, so what, I think we all are.”

      • timemonkey

        No wonder the world’s going to hell.

        • Jason Wexler

          Well technically I think I meant that just the guys in the Young Protectors are, but I like your interpretation better. Save for the fact that I am suddenly trying to match the boys to a Pony now…

          Clearly Spooky is Rainbow Dash, and Mitch is Pinkie Pie… Tsunami is probably Apple Jack…. Paul and Kyle I am not so sure about neither of them really scream Rarity to me.

  • Szymon Brycki

    Oh my godness, I just realized… in the last panel they have ELVEN EARS 😀 😀 😀

  • Nichelle Haliday

    Flyboy as a freelancer; this I never expected. But on the other hand, it makes sense that the reason he’s on this team has less to do with his powers and more to do with attitude. Unlike Paul and Kyle, whose powers are dangerous or unreliable under certain circumstances, Mitch appears to be in perfect control.

    The freelancing itself both makes sense and is confusing. In a world of superheroes and especially involving children, it makes sense for the teams to be regulated in this way. But I also have trouble believing that any real hero would ignore someone in trouble. Flyboy honesty reminded me of Superman when I first saw him; with his coloring and powers. This only enhances that comparison in my eyes.

    All in all, great page, congrats on your new job Sofia, and looking forward to Saturday’s page.

    • timemonkey

      He probably went out looking for people to save.

      • This is a bad thing?

        • timemonkey

          When you’re unlisenced, in training, and under instructions not to use your powers without permission, yes. For the same reason ordinary people aren’t supposed to try and save people from burning buidings, they’re not properly trained and could make things much worse.

          • Somebody had better get Peter Parker on the phone ’cause he was about Flyboy’s age when he started making “unlicensed, untrained, and without powers” rescues. The point of being a superhero is being there, able and willing to act before first responders arrive. What happened to “with great power comes great responsibility”?

            Oh, sure, in the real world I prefer my rescuers to be trained professionals but face it, during emergencies I’ll take a good samaritan over nothing. Punishing a kid for being there for other people “off the clock” seems counterproductive and smacking of insurance company/legal department “cover your ass” bureaucracy.

          • timemonkey

            Spider-Man? The guy who got his uncle killed by acting unproffesional? The guy whose life if complete shit because he can’t handle himself (and most of what’s wrong with his life is his own fault).
            These are different worlds with different rules. Here being a superhero is something you need to be trained for. Because being a vigilante is illegal. Spider-Man? Is a criminal? Batman? Criminal. We’ve just been conditioned to root for them our whole lives.

          • “Conditioned to root for them our whole lives”? I suspect we might be on different pages here. In real life, I support training and experience for first responders. In fiction, the presence of amazing super powers levels the playing field.

            Exactly how is the gov’t supposed to help young Peter Parker when the Gov’t has no training and experience to offer? Don’t forget the common trope of comic books. “If the gov’t catches you, they will dissect you.” Peter Parker would spend most of his time in gov’t labs getting poked and prodded. If he was sent out it would likely be in a capacity as a gov’t agent. AKA “shut down this nuclear reactor” or “Take out these spies in such a way that we aren’t held responsible for their demise. Oh, and if you get caught we don’t know you.”

            Frankly, the idea of rules and laws for superheroes strikes me as unnatural. They would all be gov’t agents held apart from working with the public. How exactly is that helpful? It is–for the gov’t. That takes me back to Flyboy and his feeling ashamed about and being punished for “sneaking out” to help people.”

            Firstly, his sneaking out supports my idea that the gov’t reserves its “agents” for jobs it deems worthy of their power level intervention. This means, saving the cat in a tree a la Superman is a big “no-no” save as a carefully orchestrated PR campaign to smooth over relations when something goes bad.

            Secondly, punishing a young man for his desire to help the common people is in no way constructive to either the agency or to the young man in question–unless the agency in question wants to keep its agents on a tight leash of control. Perhaps, in his world Alex makes it work but as a student of human nature, I have serious doubts about the altruism of any gov’t agency stepping in to offer training and support. Gov’t is simply too greedy and paranoid to look after anything but its own interests. Why do you think so many of the original comic book heroes went “vigilante” in the first place?

            The need to maintain one’s freedom and privacy is a quintessentially American quality. Spider-man messes up, sure. He is largely responsible for his messes but it is his life, he is responsible for his mistakes, and with great power comes great responsibility.

            Thank you, Timemonkey for the opportunity to think on the topic. I appreciate your perspective. We might not agree on certain principles but that in no way lessens my respect for and regard toward your intelligence in the matter. It’s one reason why I love this fandom so much. So many great people to nerd-brain with! Thanks again!

            –Don, aka “The Donling.”

  • Michael

    Random question for you guys (And possibly Alex)

    Was Duncan lying, or did he ignore the ‘rules’ in favour of his mission? Once this gets out, is anybody going to (try to) swiftly deal with Dunc? Is Kyle going to go vengeful hellspawn on the despicable duo for “messing with” the underaged YP kids?

    • Nichelle Haliday

      I don’t think so. On the next page, Duncan mentions self-defense. Since the team attacked him and PP while they were working, they can claim self-defense and get out of trouble. At least, that’s what I think.

      • Michael

        I was more thinking about the date rape thing with Kyle, as that pretty well counts as “messing with” as junior superhero.

    • timemonkey

      Keep in mind the Earth is about to go to Hell and they’ll be the rulers of what’s left and immortal.

  • andrea

    i wanna know so bad *w*

    • Klaus

      “Patience is a mayor virtue”, we say in Danish. I have no idea what that means, but we do.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Congrats SophiaT and Danish Wolf! May you kick ass and take names at your new opportunity, Sophia! And Danish, I see you on so many webcomic comment threads being your super-smart self, I’m sure you’ll do an awesome job here. 🙂

    Aww Mitch baby! Don’t look so concerned. You are so sweet and earnest, no one will have a problem with anything you say. 🙂 And it’s terrible that you were penalized for wanting to do extra credit work–that usually counts for you, not against! >:-(

    Alex is so cute with the clues! I pretty much guessed Mitch’s #1 Fan (Hi Ddb!), but I wonder if he is also referring to the nature of Mitch’s secret? Will we start barfing rainbows between fits of squeeing when we find out what it is? That would be so nice. I would even like finding out that Paul and Mitch are part Vulcan/Romulan, judging from the last panel. 😛 Looking forward to finding out; it’ll be a nice break from studying for my midterms.

  • Chris Dangerfield

    I missed camp… blarg. Real life has been unreasonable and has interfered with my TYP time. So deeply unacceptable! I’ll have to return to talk about this swell page. Thank you Alex and Julie.

    I just really wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to SofiaT , Admiral Jane for the huge gift of their time and attention. Nothing like being too busy to camp to make one think about the fact that our two moderators have been gifting this community with massive amounts of their personal time and attention.

    If I think about Patreon as allowing Alex to spend more time on this great project, then Sofia and AJ have been one of those ‘corporations’, matching our Patreon contributions dollar-for-dollar. Their time has allowed each dollar to provide us with just that much more Alex-time™. That was and fortunately still is, a fantastic gift. Thank you both.

    Congratulations Sofia. I hope this is an exciting new step for you and I wish you great success.

    Admiral, thank you kindly for carrying on the good fight. I seriously think that without being constantly pelted with Muffins, Fritters and the occasional rolled-up newspaper, I might become overcome with ennui… and expire. So thank you both! 🙂

    Now, welcome to the Wolf! Thank you Alex for picking another Moderator who is as big a fan of this comic as Sofia and AJ are… it’s such a great thing when the Mods are very much, one of the gang.

    Finally to both of you and Alex Woolfson — thank you so much for working so hard to make this forum such a calm relaxing fun place. The comic here is one of a kind, but the smarts and humor found in this forum has me checking in on those long dark days between pages (cue: sad music) to enjoy a chuckle or a fun idea. There is no question that this is possible due to the work all of you have put in. Thank you for this.


    • Thank you, Chris. For your very kind words, your amazing support, and for also helping to make this community such an awesome place. It’s all very much appreciated! 🙂

    • Thank you, Chris 🙂

    • *offers huge gift basket of fritters* 😀

      • Chris Dangerfield

        Only the VERY best from the Admiral. Thank you!

  • Marie

    Three guesses:
    – He is now, but he knows Amanda won’t remember
    – He was helping gay youth
    – He was discovered doing off hours stuff due to an illicit affair

  • Klaus

    A very cavalier way to treat a young and eager superhero.

  • AseretZone

    Sorry I missed camp, was really exhausted. Baby is still not out, hopefully he comes out today or tonight or even tomorrow. :/

    About the page, it’s a shame that Mitch got in trouble for helping people after-hours! But what is his real secret? He looks so worried about what they’ll say!

    • *hugs* Hopefully soon! Though I can sympathize with him. I was apparently a bit reluctant to come out myself. Or maybe it was just me being difficult for the fun of it. Luckily for my mother I was a pound and an ounce smaller than my older sister. They keep saying I came out butt first when it would be more like I came out feet first.

      • AseretZone

        Well, luckily my Nate is pointed the right direction so he’ll be head-first. :p I have no idea how much he weighs, but I’ll be sure to let you guys know when I know. I was so eager to get out into the world I came two days early and got delivered by a nurse!

        • I’ll be thinking about you and sending lots of positive thoughts your way! 🙂

        • Michael

          Good luck! It’s definitely a good sign that he’s lined up properly. I was a hand-and-footling, which was certainly a surprise for the midwife.

          All the best for a swift, safe, and relatively painless delivery. 🙂

    • davefragments

      Best wishes.

  • bergulme .

    Connecticut Cavaliers… that is not the most impressiv name for a superhero team. Where were all the other guys before the “The Young Protectors”? The Pennsylvania Persecutors? The Idaho Intimidators?

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    I wonder if his secret has something to do with wanting to “Start a fire” with Kyle?

  • Sofia and Danish; thank you, congrats and good luck! Always a pleasure conversing here with you both. 🙂

  • Jason Moon

    While it seems like a jerky thing for the Cavaliers(All the cool names must have used up) to do to Flyboy, it kinda makes sense. Alex has taken pains in the story to establish that there pretty firm regulations concerning supers in this universe. Remember the Commander’s insistence at the beginning of the mission that they were only acting as a rescue team?. I suspect that jurisdictional boundaries between conventional police/military forces and super team are clearly and inflexibly defined. Despite Flyboy’s actions being laudable, it would have probably opened up the Cavaliers to all sorts of litigation.

    It’s one of those “word of the law vs. spirit of the law” things.

    • I might be old school but isn’t litigation a second reason for wearing MASKS, behind “protecting my loved ones from vengeful attacks”? I get the heebie-jeebies at all this talk of regulating teams with bureaucratic bean counters and Federal Regulations. In the big comics that crap started “Civil War.” Remember Henry Peter Gyrich and his disastrous turn with the Avengers? Gov’t + superheroes = BAD.

      Addendum: Save for Canada. They can’t seem to do any wrong. Go Canucks! Disclaimer–I’m native Floridian.

  • Terri Sutton

    Connecticut Cavaliers, why am I now filled with the urge to offer some suggestions for team names?

    • Go for it!!

      • Terri Sutton

        The Sydney Stormtroopers.
        The Melbourne Bunyips.
        The Perth Kurdaitchas.
        The Darwin Cyclones.

        • Michael

          Be serious now, you KNOW any Melbourne-based superhero team are going to have to call themselves the Stormclouds, or Stormfront, or something similar (because of Melbourne Storm, you see).

          Or possibly, a bit tongue-in-cheek, the Batmaniacs.

          • Terri Sutton

            Melbourne only has one sports team that makes fun of their shitty weather (that I know of, I’m not a Melborunian or even a Victorian) and to be perfectly honest it not really that funny of a joke.

            I kind of expected to be blasted for calling the Darwin team the Cyclones.

          • Michael

            I didn’t even notice that! I was just focused on finding a Melbourne name that is more realistic for Melbournians to use.

            Problem is, I don’t think a superhero team would name themselves the Melbourne Wotchulookinatcunt, or the Givsaciggiemate.

            Speaking of terrible sports team joke names, we have a team down here called the Dandenong Rangers. So called because the suburb is quite close to — get this — the Dandenong Ranges.

          • Terri Sutton

            One of the rugby teams in my town has the nickname “The Old Men” real name the Cyms (have no idea what that is).

            Although I really love the idea of a team being named CanIbumafagmate.

          • Michael

            I believe CanIbumafagmate is the name of the Didjabringabeeralong hockey team. Their cricket team is the Fighting Avagoyamugs 😛

          • davefragments

            I’m laughing too hard at those names.

            I keep thinking of Colin Farrell in “Seven Psychopaths” or “In Bruges” just more than slightly bent off his rocker.

          • Michael

            That’s nothing compared to the Frankston footy club – the Frankston Fukinsmashyuzcunts. They have a proud tradition of shouting the club’s name at home games, and immediately before and during intoxicated fisticuffs.

          • davefragments

            Years ago, my Aunt told a story about going to METS games in NYC (the real name of the METS is Metropolitans, BTW) and in one inning the man in front yelled “youfuckinbumscan’thitshit” in a thick Brooklyn accent at a strikeout and the very next inning the same man yelled “thatsmyboy” when they got a home run.

            Several baseball and football teams have trouble with too much beer and alcohol being consumed at the games. Especially when they have tailgate parties and go inside the stadium half drunk, already.

            I once was royally dressed-down by a visiting Australian Scientist who objected to ME having put my mailbox opposite my driveway (a regulation of the Postal Service). I thought he was going to hit me or something for not standing up for my rights. (roll your eyes) . . .

          • Michael

            Sounds like a bonzer bloke, that Brooklynite.

            What do you mean “opposite your driveway”? Like, on the other side of the street?

          • davefragments

            Yes. AT that time, the rules for Rural Delivery (RD #1,2,3 addresses like that) required the mailboxes all be on one side of the road so that the delivery car or truck didn’t have to weave across the road. The US Postal service bought right side steering wheel cars and trucks to deliver mail.

            Apparently Bruce (he was really named Bruce) objected to that little bit of regulation and to my submitting so meekly (in his mind) to it. A right properly rude bloke. . . He did fit the old Monty Python sketch about the Australian Club for men named (Forgive me in advance) “Bruce-But-No-Pooftas”. . .
            Fortunately for Australia, I met several more scientist and families from Australia and they were much nicer and more polite than he ever was.

          • Michael

            Makes sense, if it’s a one-way road. Our posties have little motorbikes that they ride on the footpath.

            Funny thing about bruce, did you know it’s at once a noun, an adjective, and a verb? And that until 1998, it was illegal to bruce yourself in public? And that the plural of bruce is bruce? A flock of Bruce is called a mob.

          • davefragments

            Pennsylvania had the endearing habit of building “rest areas” on the limited access highways with no buildings – – no gas station, no porcelain facilities, no buildings of any kind (not even work sheds — so the trees and shrubbery or guard rails that offer a modicum of privacy were often Bruced.

            There were several bars a block away from the University of Pittsburgh’s high rise dormitories in Oakland near the Cathedral of Learning (Height of Ignorance, Pitt Penis, etc…) affectionately called Ajax, Babbo, and Comet.
            Even they didn’t have troubles with public Brucing . . .

          • davefragments

            I wouldn’t say “Bonzer,” just “drunk”…
            The early days of the METS baseball team they sometimes lost more than they won over the course of 160 games a season. “cheering the Mets” meant various things to people who hated the NT Yankees. There was also a “penis envy” type thing going on between the older and more stately Yankee Field and Shea Stadium.
            Cheering losing teams (I get much practice in Pittsburgh) is an art. We have Pirates, Steelers, and Penguins professionally. Panthers, Lions, Kilties, and Dukes, collegiately. I won’t even try to name High School teams, too many.

          • Michael

            That was sarcasm 😛

          • davefragments

            oops, you guys speak funny English,
            wink, wink

  • Adam Black

    Good Page…
    I hope it goes on long this for a few weeks….

    Fluke/Paul: “Wait so your Father was a dragon and your mother was an alien, who used magic to become human”

    Flyboy: “Well sure, but thats not my secret”

    Kyle: The Annihilator is your evil half- brother” ?

    Flyboy: “yes, but thats not my secret”

    Commander: Your gay and you have been having a secret relationship with spooky, In a dream reality while you sleep, that he forgets every night”

    Flyboy ” Well yes, but thats not my secret”

    Spooky : “You have a side business publishing Yaoi comics of us having sex, that the commander draws?!”

    Flyboy: Well yes, but thats not my secret…”

    Fluke: “Whats your big secret?”

    Flyboy/Mitch: “Remember Last week when I saID I didnt eat all the Pringles…”

    Paul: “NO you didnt?

    MItch : “NO, I didnt. You see they were eaten after a secret mission where we were all mindwiped,

    Kyle: “You werent mindwiped?
    Flyboy: “Of course I was I was’

    Tsunami?: ‘secret mission?’

    Flyboy: “Planet Fruglia , extra-dimentional rift… its not important now”

    Commander and Tsunami ( together ) : “wait you cant be mindwiped?”

    Flyboy : ” No, thats not my secret. Of course I can be mindwiped.
    My second head is impervious though.

    Spooky: “You have a second head?!”

    Flyboy: Of course I do. But its invisible, but thats not my secret.

    Paul: “Wait, Who ate the Pringles then….”

    • “Who ate the Pringles?” is indeed a most serious question that needs answering. RIght up there with “Why is the Rum gone?”

      • Chris Dangerfield

        Dokidokibaka: OKAY PEOPLE… I’m only going to ask once! WHERE IS THE BOTTLE OF PREMIUM RUM THAT WAS IN THIS CUPBOARD? Yes… the bottle with the yellow sticky on it? The one that had “DOKIDOKIBAKA” in red letters written on it… ANYONE?????

        • Adam Black

          The Rum said “Pounding Pounding Fool ” on the label ?

          Was that some form of truth-in-advertising, or is this a ( throbbing Idiot *) test?

          * offered as an alternate translation by GTranslate

          • LOL: Not much is lost this time in GTranslate. ^_^ When I went I went to create my name I thought otaku would be fairly well used, so instead I chose a roundabout way of saying it. Doki doki is often seen in anime and manga to denote an accelerated heart beat do to contact with a possible love interest. Baka is fool/idiot/stupid/etc. So don’t worry, it was quite intentional! ^_^

      • Adam Black

        Who, Ho , Ho, and a bottle of ( censored )

    • But what is the secret?!?!

      • Tune in next week, same TYP time, same TYP channel.

        • Michael

          *theme music*

          *jazz hands*


          • Noooooooooo…

          • Michael


          • Sapfo

            *elevator music*

          • Michael

            *checks phone*

            I didn’t realise there was an elevator in the descent into madness. I always took the stairs.

          • How do you think the decent into madness happens? Always elevator muzak.

          • Michael

            Good point. Might be why I never got there by taking the stairs. Eventually you just keep going round and round like an MC Escher person.

          • Well, the stairs are their own set of issues. 😀

          • Michael

            At least they don’t move around like the ones in Hogwarts.

          • This is true. I would rate Hogwarts stair cases up there with elevator madness

          • Adam Black

            being Kicked down an Up-escalator,
            that smacks you in the face repeatedly as you tumble to oblivion …

            the musak part is spot on though

          • That’s a rough way to go.

          • Sapfo

            *elevator music*

          • Michael


        • Klaus

          Na na na na na na na na na na na na Flyboy, Flyboy, Flyboy.

      • Michael

        A shitty wish-fulfillment “self-help” scam that promises you will get things just by thinking really hard about them?

      • Klaus

        The secret is that it was a lie that she was an alien. She was actually a hamster.

        • Adam Black

          No hamsters were harmed in the writing of this story.
          ( Shhh PETA is listening )

          • Michael

            Because the hamsters were actually guinea pigs.

          • Adam Black

            Thats just what they want you think

      • Adam Black

        After 15 more weeks, @alexwoolfson:disqus offers this as Patreon-only Break-out goal , content .

        It’s not included in our viewing of interlude , as Mitch has revealed enough to pass the curse.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Okay… that is fantastically insanely awesome. Monty Python meets Yaoi meets Marvel meets Raymond Chandler meets Yoda meets… well just extreeeeeemmmmely awesome.

      The secret of course is that Mitch has been aged up due to that last trip through and dimensional rift. MITCH stares intently at KYLE… as he begins removing his clothes. Amanda rolls her eye yet again.

      (chris goes to check his Patreon, because he KNOWS he’s going to want a High-Resolution version of THIS puppy)

      • Adam Black

        Amanda puts down her pencils and admires her work:
        “What happens in Dream-Reality Provincetown , doesnt stay down”

      • Adam Black

        Well if you ever need a script-doctor ,
        ( or just a scene doctor, or even sexy script-nurse )
        I just need frozen espressos and opiates to work …

  • Michael

    I woke up this morning with a fanfic in my head, but I have too much else to do to write it.

    Gist of it was, Mitch was “officially” thrown off the team for freelancing, but the real reason was that he was caught fraternising (wink, wink) with one of the older young hero interns, Jack, AKA The Jackhammer. Jackhammer was thrown off as well, but became bitter from the relentless and continued prejudice and (in only a few short weeks) changed his name to Buzzkill, a short-lived, currently-imprisoned supervillain whose schtick involved collapsing bridges and cracking concrete structures with his supersonic fast-twitch muscle movement (creating vibrations with his body at such high frequencies as to loosen bolts/fasteners and destabilise rigid brittle materials like glass and concrete).

    I so want to write it, but I have no time and too many assignments. 🙁

    • Michael

      I realise, in hindsight, that the NSFW shipping potential of a character whose power is vibration might be a bit too much even for the TYP crowd.

      @alexwoolfson:disqus , feel free to use him in any sexy flashbacks or daydreams you might want to explore. 😛

    • For a moment there, when I started reading, I was afraid you were going to change the name yet again from Buzzkill to just Killer (who we know). I had a sigh of relief there *lol*

      • Michael

        That would be too much of a stretch. Plus the ages are all wrong. Killer’s easily in his mid 30s at the youngest, why would he have been an intern at the same time as teenaged Mitch?

        Plus, I don’t know about you, but Mitch/Killer is one ship that will not sail for me. Very unappealing.

        • Oh, I missed the intern part (blame it on me not fully awake yet) + that’s why I was relieved. It was SO not a ship for me either.

  • Klaus

    Is the Connecticut Cavaliers one of the two regional teams? What is the other? The Vermont Vigilantes? Isn’t Connecticut a bit small to be one of two regions?

    • davefragments

      Obviously, you’ve never heard of Quoque and East Quoque on Long Island.

      • Chris Dangerfield

        gesundheit… 🙂

        • davefragments

          More like Shinnecock and Algonquin names.

          I also forgot Amagansett – – add that to the list of things you announce in Grand Central Station

      • Klaus

        You mean the other team is the Quogue Questers?

        • davefragments

          The announcement was made in Grand Central Station that (at that time, and maybe yet to this day) trains east from Grand Central Station changed in Jamaica and passed through Babylon, West Islip, Mastic Shirley, Quoque, East Quoque, The Hamptons, and Montauk.

          With all of the echoes in Grand Central Station, and a slight Brooklynese accent on the PA, that list was a tongue twister.

          Think of the possibilities – – The Islip Ruggers, The Hampton High Hats, the Babylon Babes, (behave Dave, BEHAVE!) or maybe the Mastic Shirley Submarines

  • About Mitch being knocked off a team for helping people after hours. At first I thought that was a big reaction, JUST because mitch was helping more people, and then I thought about it and it makes sense.

    I think the comic has hinted more or less directly that there’s a tight control of the people who has powers. There’s even rules among the meta-people, no matter if hero or villan. They’re not just left completely to themself, and I guess there’s very specific rules to how/when they’re allowed to use their powers in ‘free’ – unless they have gone the villain way and/or rebelled. Making them most dangerous.

    I kinda feel it could be the origin of why TYP was created. Rejects with strong powers, not trusted on hero teams and yet they’re being allowed to help under restrictions.

    I can imagine that when people with powers beyond the ordinary first showed up, it must have been scary for the ‘common’ people. Here’s a whooole new kind of threat, and it’s beyond ‘us’ in the evolution. Who knows what these people could do? ‘We’ are not in top of the food chain anymore.
    There’s only one thing to do: make sure they’re being controlled.
    It might even explain some of that trans-world crisis thing that both the heroes and villains are away attending in the main story. Control. Of themself and possible other-world interference.

    Now add the fact that at least the governments (of the world) know that there’s some times also demons making their way through portals, to walk the earth, and the fear of powerful being – meta people or otherworldly – makes even more sense.
    First step that could possibly make a powerful meta-human like Mitch go rogue, could be if he was trained to perfect his powers, but still left to do what he wanted on the side.

    He might just develope a god-complex .. you know, like someone else we know 😉

  • Kate G

    Awwww, Mitch, he’s such a softie. He just can’t help but help people, even off hours.

    I love how we’ve been seeing new, vulnerable sides to these characters, but then I LOATHE how none of these characters will remember anything! A part of me really hopes that Spooky got the “you will forget all of this” bit wrong and that’s why Fluke was so understanding back in Chapter 2 (?) or 3 (????) when Kyle was raped? Maybe it’s tucked away in a part of their heads and revealed upon certain triggers? Ehhhhhhh, my hypothesis may be a little skewed because I can’t remember the entire time line (I’m normally good at this. I can squirrel away details like you can’t believe. Been working on too many things so my detail oriented stuff for comics isn’t as good as it normally is.)

    Therapy Balls vs. Katie
    Therapy Ball: 2 Katie: 1

    Yes, I whacked into another therapy ball. I mean, is it not common sense to look at what you want to avoid and steer the other way? Apparently, you aren’t supposed to do this in horseback riding as it will only lead you into whacking into what you are trying to avoid. Scoobs didn’t get whacked (yea, isn’t he precious?), but I got whacked IN THE FACE with a therapy ball. While trotting. I won a point because I avoided the next round of balls. Them balls are out to get me!

    • davefragments

      When I was taught to drive a car and when I have to give advice now to someone just learning, one of the rules is that “you drive where you look.”
      So if a car is coming toward you with its bright lights on at night, the driver shouldn’t stare at the lights because you unconsciously turn the car that way and then crash, bump, crunch, and things like that.
      Horses must be the same way.
      Look to where you want the horse to go and no where you don’t want the horse to go. IT sounds counter-intuitive but it works in my car.

      • Kate G

        Ha ha, pretty much. It’s not hard, it’s just new as my choir director likes to say. It’s also against basic human instinct…just like keeping your heels down while your going faster than you know you ever could. I can’t run without having an asthma attack. Trotting is a lot of fun, but it was scary those first few times. The need to put my toes down was high. Actually, I nearly flew off my horse because of that a few times. Always fun to go nearly flying off your horse.

        • davefragments

          I don’t fly well without a plane.
          And remember, John Wayne says: Hang on tight and point them that toes down partner!

    • With horses it’s such a complicated mixture of knowing where everything in relation to you and at the same time ignoring it to concentrate on where you want to go. Plus, horses ears make a useful sighting tool. 🙂

      • Kate G

        OH MY GOSH, horse ears. They are like my dog’s. SO DISTRACTING. I get distracted by them because they go everywhere like a satellite dish homing in on a sound and I find that adorable because my dog’s big satellite ears often mimic horse ears in how they turn (or do the horse ears mimic my dog’s?) So, I get caught up in the horse ears and start forgetting I’m supposed to be looking up and get caught by my instructor. Ha ha ha.

        That’s how it feels though! You’re supposed to know where everything is…but ignore it at the same time. When you drive a car, you are supposed to be fully aware of everything at all times; forgetting where everything is means you can die. Horses….you have to know but at the same time forget.

    • Stubbylegs

      They all get flashy-thinged, then we return to canon!

  • Connor

    Why do I have this horrible feeling that a whole lot of ships are about to go up in flames?

    • Klaus

      It is the battle of Red Cliff all over again

      • bronakopdin

        I read this and am totally continuing my DAI game now xD
        though I doubt your Red Cliff is my Redcliff?
        Or well? Ships in flames? It might be!

        • Terri Sutton

          The Battle of Red Cliffs is also know as The Battle of Chibi, it was a famous battle from the Three Kingdoms period in Chinese history.

          • bronakopdin

            I didn’t know 🙂 I thought of the Dragon Age game series where in the first game you have a battle in the place called Redcliff and afterwards put all the dead in boats, send them on the lake and ignite them to bury them in the lake (it’s a cut scene) so it was at least a possibility xD

          • Terri Sutton

            Would have made DA:I more interesting.

          • bronakopdin

            Though I do like DAI as it is 🙂 But somehoe the beginning is more intersting than the end… and with me doing everything possible each side quest and whatnot I was kinda disappointed on the final battle… it was too easy when you already killed 10 high dragons >_>’
            Though admittedly I played on the normal mode, will be interesting how it turns out in nightmare x’D since I need to do that for the platinum trophy ^^’

          • Terri Sutton

            DA:I felt like a MMO for me. The only reason I completed it was the story and the characters. And then I have only done around 60% of everything.

            Cory-syphilis was very disappointed (and am very sad that game reviewers haven’t mentioned that) he has a set level instead of scaling his level to yours. There were levels of the world that are set at level 30-40 and Cor-set-a-bus is level 20. I was 3 levels above him and took half his health off in one blow.

          • bronakopdin

            exactly my point, I was L24 in the final battle… figures if the last of the high dragons was L23… I love the story though while at the same time I hate it, they really force you to make the most horrible decisions…
            which proves the awesome script!

            I didn’t take Cory-feces half health that easy but it was still no comparison to some of the dragons which is why I’m disappointed with the end, though story wise HOLY SHIT!
            I can’t believe about Flemeth an Solas and… urgh… it’s all too awesome, I need the continuation already xD
            Though I disagree on the MMO, of course there is the multiplayer option but the main game didn’t feel like that for me, it just had loads of sidequests which are possible and I persoanlly love this stuff ^^

          • Terri Sutton

            I found all the side quests so annoying. Take away the voice dialogue and those quests could easily have been from vanilla WoW or CoH/CoV.

            The side quests in DA:O and in DA 2 added to the world around them, added to the lore and your understanding of them. I got more understanding of the world in DA:I from listening to a single conversation than I did from 10 side quests.

          • bronakopdin

            Well that’s true! But I’m the completing lover type so I don’t mind lots of side quests ^^ and it’s not with each side quest! There are some that give you new info about the world and/or certain happenings
            even if it’s a totally unconnected small side story about characters you never met I think it adds to the feeling, how the world is: mostly cruel in DA:I though
            As I never actually played any WoW or whatever I can’t compare it to that but I guess in the end it’s about what people like or not ^^

    • Terri Sutton

      Should we all start singing Dido’s White Flag in solidarity?

      • dee gee

        heya doki. 🙂

      • Connor

        That’s a good link to keep handy.

  • dee gee

    hi. its d. garrett. ive had some computer and internet complications, so ive been gone for quite a while. missed everbody! oh and 1 helluva cliffhanger regarding the battle! and wats the big secret??? cant wait for the new page!!!

    • Klaus

      Welcome back.

      • dee gee

        thx klaus.

    • Indeed welcome back!!

      • dee gee

        thx a.j.!

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Welcome BACK! Yes, you’ve returned to “cliff-hanger” central. Your timing is perf. Hope you have your computer beaten into shape. Take care!

      • dee gee

        thanx chris. comp is dead. so i got a new tablet. unfortunately i am severely tech challenged and my oldest brother (he works with comps) is assisting me. u take care 2!

    • Welcome back! JesBelle was getting ready to send out a search party! ^_^

      • dee gee

        thanx 4 the welcome doki! search party would have had to extend to las vegas as that is my new state of residence for now. alot has changed for me over the last few months. but im feeling more stable now thankfully. how r u?

    • JesBelle

      Great to see you back. : )

      • dee gee

        thx jes! 🙂

    • Welcome back! 🙂

      • dee gee

        thanks alex!

  • Saxon_Brenton

    I’ve been thinking over Flyboy’s revelation that he was kicked off another team for doing heroing after hours, and how this fits with what we know about him. And here’s an interesting point I don’t think anyone’s brought up yet. Remember back to chapter 3 page 80, where Flyboy tells Tsunami: “I’ve seen the movies where the stupid kid screws everything up by ignoring orders and trying to prove something. I’m not that guy.”

    Yeah. But after this page, I’m thinking that at one time Flyboy *was* that guy, and now he’s Learnt Better.

    But at the same time, that seems to be something that Flyboy applies when personal safety is at stake. The “I’m not that guy” page is one example, the page where he agrees to stand guard outside the warehouse in case Annihilator returns is possibly another. But we know from the way he snuck back to look at the porn on the computer in the first interlude that he’s perfectly happy to disobey *some* orders, and I’m guessing that Flyboy differentiates by personal safety not being at stake in the case of the porn. (Or maybe Tsunmai’s warning about the porn messing Flyboy up was interpetted by him as meaning that the only personal safety being at stake was Flyboy’s own, and Flyboy figured that he had the right to decide for himself whether his own safety was put at risk, and acted accordingly.)

    And with all that in mind, I throw out this piece of fanfic. Flyboy wears that nice bulky jacket. Wouldn’t it be interesting if his noseiness caused him to put his hands in his pockets all casual-like, and turn on the recording function on his mobile phone, and then experiment with his teammate’s reactions to revealing… oh, I dunno… maybe that he’s attracted to guys? And he’d know he’d forget along with the rest of them at the end of the Veritas Curse, but also knowing that he’d rediscover the recording and listen to it later. Unfortunately after going back through art for YP: Truth or Dare, there are no scenes where Flyboy has his hands in his jacket pockets. But then again, the setup for that sort of situation would have happened before the first page, probably as they were entering Spooky’s cabin in order for Flyboy to linger at the back of the group, yes?

    • Chris Dangerfield

      What an interesting devious sneaky idea Mr. Saxon. Very worthy of you, I must say. My first thought was… that’s funny. After they all exit we could see Amanda pull out a tape recorder (hey? the inquisition didn’t have them back then). We think, of course the Commander WOULD. Then, of course, Spooky slyly pulls one out. Well, he WOULD too. Then, then, then…

      Okay it made me laugh. Except for the fact that I’m not sure it jives with what happens next with Kyle. So Kyle WOULDN’T…

      However, it’s a fun idea. Remind me not to play cursed Truth or Dare with you… wayyyyy too devious. 🙂 BTW… has anyone warned your game-night colleagues about this? lol.

    • A very cool and interesting analysis, Saxon. And a provocative idea for that fanfic… 😉


  • Chris Dangerfield

    [So sad… this started out to be short…]

    Hi Alex and Julie! Just a short thank you before you the next page goes up on the jumbo-tron! I know AW has it all automated and so he is probably sunning it up in the Canary Islands or something with a gaggle of studly boys, but what the heck…

    Love the canted framing and particularly the way Mitch stays pretty much the focus of the entire page and yet, even with the camera moving quite a bit, I still feel quite comfortable with the geography. IMHO, this page is nicely balanced and that’s not always easy to achieve with so many things and characters to focus on.

    Apropos of nothing — I was reading some slightly older big brand comics. Of course some of those books are works of art. However, the one I was reading however had SO MUCH DETAIL on each page, indeed each panel, that often I felt there really was NO conscious uber-focus. I’m always appreciative that there very much IS such a focus with TYP. A focus to each panel (no matter how many characters) and then one that speaks to how the panels add up to create a visual focus for the entire page. It’s an often overlooked component that I feel is very effective in zeroing the reader in on what is important.

    I’d also like to go out on a limb (since of course I don’t know for sure) and say that I think this speaks to how much time Alex and our artists spend working together through the phases of each page. On Patreon, when I read the script page, then see the roughs, then see the pencils… sometimes there is where I’ll see visual adjustments in framing and character placement. Often I immediately see that the change wasn’t essential, but it WAS clarifying or intensifying. That really speaks to the fact that Alex prioritizes his time for the artists and thus, the two or three of them work closely throughout the stages, so we get that little extra “bit” of quality. That ease of read that makes these books better than your average bear. Thanks for that art-peeps… the effort is noticed and appreciated.

    Last, I noticed the camera moving on this page and thought, I wonder if it’s good that I ‘noticed’ that. It’s my personal opinion that be in a Graphic Novel or a film… it’s more successful to moved by the gestalt of the scene and not left free to notice separate details. Of course that’s very hard to achieve. That said, thinking this made me realize we’ve been sitting on couches with them since the beginning. The ULTIMATE lack of action and movement. Everything in this interlude is in dialog, expression, style and revelation. AND I HAVEN’T MISSED ACTION ONE TIME BIT. Oh bravo!!! That’s pretty amazing. Sure some of that is the relief of the contrast to the last battle which was almost constantly in motion. However, the other part IS this very smart careful placement of characters, camera and looks that makes us readers feel like we’re right in the middle of the EMOTIONAL action. Again… so WELL DONE. Thank you both.

    Panel #1: HA. Does anyone get the feeling that the Commander is ready for this party to be “over.” She’s being kind because of Mitch, but I can almost imagine her spinning her hand in that, “move on with it already” motion. I also love that she asks so specifically for, “the least difficult, but still satisfies the curse” revelation. HA! Specific much Amanda?

    It also works that the camera makes ‘us’, Mitch. Amanda is ‘almost’ talking to US. Another nice example of the way this interlude subtly includes us IN the story in a way that doesn’t actually break the fourth wall. Nice.

    Panel #2: Again like the flying car ride, this nicely shows an element of the team-dynamic. Poor Mitch, they do (in the kindest protective way) treat him like the ‘young one’. Paul is so ham-fisted in his 17 year-old way… not on purpose, but still not taking Mitch as seriously as he should. I remember 15 that way. No one understanding how important I was (*stomp*), and I spent much of that year outraged at everyone for being so thick. HA!

    Panel #3: Mitch looks so old and world-weary in this shot. Not that his drawing-style has changed. It’s all revealed in Julie’s wonderfully executed expression.

    That world weary expression just speaks to me of having to talk about something that he really wants to forget (and never will). Actually, as one gets older we all gather a few more of “these moments.” Ones that we really want to forget and NEVER will. Hopefully they happen less and less often as the years pass. However we humans do screw up, and some of our eff-ups hurt more than others. I love that Mitch can’t look at them as he talks. I do that when I’m about to admit to a screw-up. Poor guy.

    Panel #4: Again a really emotive expression speaking to the pain with eyes closed. Alex, I really like this line. I won an important internship in college. It was in my field and involved working with MAJOR successful people. It was highly sought after. It was a huge thing. I remember being so frightened for the first month, imagining all the ways I was going to screw up. So, I invest myself into Mitch here: I had that official internship with the Connecticut Cavaliers, right?” OFFICIAL INTERNSHIP. Sorta says it all. He thought he was on his way to success and in some way he screwed it up. I don’t know about everyone else. I remember every failure in huge red letters and forget each success like it was yesterday’s news.

    Let me humbly suggest that when anyone settles down with a partner… make sure they are ready to remind you of all the successful things you’ve done in your life (remind you repeatedly). Something to whip out (hey!) when you’re down and can’t remember your achievements for yourself. It’s hugely helpful!

    Panel #5: It’s so sweet that Kyle’s trying to help, but NOPE, buddy you don’t get it. Re my comment about focus, here is almost everyone. Amanda is riveted. Gordon’s expression is hysterical. He has NO IDEA what his little buddy Mitch is on about. Notice Spooky’s feet on the table. Typically, Spooky is still relaxing. Also notice that after all those very Spooky heavy pages… we don’t see him on this page. Focus again… Kyle and Mitch are leaning in. Poses supporting dialog. These are the active guys in this panel. Nice.

    Finally, I love that Mitch’s revelation is a, “WAIT? WHAT?”

    Panel #6: Paul is such a “GUY” (doof) “Really?” All happy… “REALLY?!” Even better though is Mitch’s, “But that’s not the secret.” … that is SO Alex. Zag left in the last panel. Humph. 🙂

    Thank’s Alex and Julie for proving that just because it’s not a sex question, the fun and excitement aren’t necessarily over (well hopefully, lol)!

    (tl:dr extra:) I’m so excited that today is page day that I’ve written Doki and asked her to do a courtesy squee for me (I mean it’s like a full page of Mitch here, after all).

    Very much looking forward to tonight’s revelation. I mean Mitch may be adorbs, sweet, innocent, closeted and a future super hero stud boy… BUTT if we find that he dropped a house on an old lady and her cat… the gang is going to be a bit shocked. Hmmmmmm… we’ll just have to see. Can’t wait. Erm…? Is the page up yet? rofl.

    • This is an extra-special, super-duper fun and interesting play-by-play, Chris. I almost want to give you a play-by-play of my reactions! But I’ll just say this was way cool and I was grinning throughout. 🙂

      Ok. I’ll say one more thing:

      the one I was reading however had SO MUCH DETAIL on each page, indeed each panel, that often I felt there really was NO conscious uber-focus. I’m always appreciative that there very much IS such a focus with TYP.

      You’ve honed in on something that is super-important to me with comics storytelling—clarity—and in particular, I wanted to avoid those huge splash pages with complicated layouts and every character, villain, and their dogs thrown in that can be sold dearly as pin-ups at Cons but, IMHO, can stop the flow of the story dead because they take so long to parse. I want folks to enjoy the fact that they are reading a comic, but ideally to also forget the fact they are reading at all and just be caught up in the story. While in webcomic form, that’s a little tough because of the mechanics of webcomics; but I write to be read in book form and that guides my choices in how I want to tell this story.

      It also guides my choices in the art direction (as you point out) and in my choice of artists. Adam, Vero, and Julie are all on the same page with me about focus and clarity and that’s just one of a thousand reasons it’s such a pleasure to work with them.

      Some people really like complicated layouts and dense panels in comics—and I bow to them with respect—but you’ve put your finger on something that I consider a signature part of my “brand” and I’m glad it’s something you appreciate. 🙂

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    *sigh* I hate that I gotta miss camping tonight…. Stupid night shift.

    But! I have new two possible jobs interested in me. One is wanting a physical interview with me sometime next week, and the other wants a phone interview with me sometime this week (and hopefully I can land a physical interview with them too!)
    *fingers crossed*
    I’d love to finally get a day job…. Then I can hopefully move on from there and start finding theater work in the evenings (because with my work schedule now, that’s almost impossible!) Sacrifice some goats for me! I need all the help I can get. 😛
    And enjoy camping tonight, everybody!

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          • If you’re not careful all you’ll get is hagis

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            See, Kyle got the Demon Dad, but I got the Archangel Mom… which means I’m so sweet and holy that I practically have rainbows shooting out my…

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          • In this case, yes.

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          My bad. I’ll get you another sign…. someday. Ta!

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  • jreed3842

    *sigh* I hate that I gotta miss camping tonight…. Stupid night shift.

    But! I have new two possible jobs interested in me. One is wanting a physical interview with me sometime next week, and the other wants a phone interview with me sometime this week (and hopefully I can land a physical interview with them too!)
    *fingers crossed*
    I’d love to finally get a day job…. Then I can hopefully move on from there and start finding theater work in the evenings (because with my work schedule now, that’s almost impossible!) Sacrifice some goats for me! I need all the help I can get. 😛
    And enjoy camping tonight, everybody!

  • Klaus

    My secret is that I am such a gossip. Oh, and I am recording this.

  • Aw! Sweet, Mitch! I hope he didn’t mess up on one of those freelance jobs. Working by himself, I hope he didn’t run into any trouble that he couldn’t handle. Gees, I hope they didn’t kick him off for that. I mean, his mistake (if he made one) could have been something he learned from, like: “This is why we work as a team.” Kicking him off seems harsh. 🙁

  • Chris Dangerfield

    Hiya — okay, I’m quite sure Alex or someone here has mentioned this and I’m just the only person who didn’t track the fact, but on the off chance you didn’t know…

    Our excellent Julie Wright (ooookay, she’s actually got her own studio and is only ours for a moment, because she’s swell, but this interlude has been so cool, I think we can act a little proprietary, lol) and Amanda Gomes started a Kickstarter for their “RIVEN SEAL : Volume 1”

    Go take a look at their video. If you’ve gotten addicted to Julie’s style, like I certainly have, then you really want to. OH! And, under additional rewards there is a thing called “a demon tea set.” I don’t really know what that issss… butt… *drools*… D-E-M-O-N. T-E-A. S-E-T.

    I’ll just leave this right here… 😀

  • Saxon_Brenton

    I’m leaving for a RPGing day, and will not be around for camping. I will see you in about 7 hours, when I will help you be all agog at Flyboy’s secret.

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      I’m sorry I missed you, Doki! I hope the camping trip ends up being fun. (Bring your Ace Attorney games with you for when you want to avoid people!)

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  • Punkpoemprose

    I missed out on camping yet again, but I have to say now that the new page is up I’m super curious as to what Mitch is going to say. It can’t be anything too bad, I’m sure of it. He’s our perfect cinnamon bun too precious, too pure for this world.

    • Adam Black

      Hes gonna says hes my Boyfriend,and hes too pure for you . and you need to look at him through cinnamon bun glasses , lest you spoil his swirl .

  • Danny

    Hey, I just noticed, upon rereading the page, that in Panel #4, the first part of Flyboy’s speech bubble doesn’t end with a period, and I was wondering about it. Is that on purpose? My apologies if someone else has already pointed this out.

    • Doh! Good catch. Thank you. I’ll fix that one for print. 🙂

      • Danny

        No problem. 🙂 I’m glad I could help!