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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Truth or Dare—Page 11

240 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Truth or Dare—Page 11

Good, respectful hearts. That’s our boys, all right. 🙂

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So! Looks like Mitch wants to be asked the next question. Will he get his wish? And, if so, what will Commander ask him?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 🙂

  • Awww! Mitch doesn’t want to go last. I don’t blame him. But Tsu is absent.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      OMG… I so agree. He is too adorbs. (That would so be me… not LASSSST!)

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I’m really curious to see what Tsu will end up having to do.

      • Toli Bera

        Seducical chairs.

        • davefragments


      • Me too!

    • Congtratz, and yes this is interesting.

      • I find it extremely interesting that they’re not showing Tsu at all. I mean really not showing him.

  • davefragments

    that’s a good excuse, Commander, a really good excuse. . .
    (we call them rationalizations)

  • Chris Dangerfield

    Okay, I love Paul. OMG … our heads. Indeed. How wonderful. LOL.

  • Adam Black

    early tonight

  • Ah…. where’s Doki…. This should be good!!!! ^___^

    • Doki passed out asleep about 9 pm. Still working on trying to get back to a “normal” sleeping schedule.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Awww, boys! And Amanda. <3

    I just barely missed camping – I was coming home from the baseball game and I saw my Patreon email saying that Alex had posted the new page. Darn it! But at least this is a wonderful new page.

  • Chris Dangerfield

    Thanks Julie and Alex. Lovely sweet ending to Amanda’s revelations. She has such a great heart and it really shows why the TEAM works, even with them so young. Super fun page. I’ll have to hold off on TL:DR… my dude is home today so it’s like the weekend came early.

    Wishing everyone a good weekend!!

    • Amanda has long been one of my favorite characters (and why I rooted for her in votings despite option of more hot guys). She has strong powers but makes sure not to abuse them, and she makes an awesome leader.

      Have a good night/weekend with the dude.

  • Toli Bera

    I bet Tsu is Loving this! XD I wonder, if he had to who of the guys would HE choose for a night of pin the tail on the donkey.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I had never heard that euphemism before, but I love it.

      • Toli Bera

        I wanted to go with an unusual one that was still evocative, yet innocent.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Well, I don’t know about “innocent,” but I guess that is the nature of euphemisms.

          • zunden

            I think referencing a children’s game is probably as close to innocent as you can get with sexual innuendo.

  • timemonkey

    Mitch is super cute in this artstyle.

  • Keneu

    And now we know what Amanda would have had to say if she learned of the Annihilator grooming Kyle beforehand.

  • TwilightDreamer

    awww, very sweet moment between them 🙂

  • DC

    Spooky’s hand has made it back to Kyle’s neck 🙂 Lovely page as always Thank you.

  • Hours Left

    Congrats on reaching the next Patreon goal Alex! 🙂

  • syllibub

    Aww, so nice to hear the guys are good eggs even in the relative privacy of their own heads.

  • Sapfo

    Good morning, good people, good page! 🙂

    • Good Morning, Ms. Strawberry!

    • davefragments

      good morning

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Good morning, Sapfo!

    • Adam Black


      • Sapfo


  • Adorable Mitch, disturbing the force 😉
    Meaning, if Amanda pick him then it will be either him or Paul who ends up asking Gordon something. Now there’s a game changer in what could be asked.

  • Fabulous Alien

    So the last few pages were sexy-sexy-sexy and now, wham!, super respectful and mature reactions. Considering the ages and personalities of the team, I could have expected a few more intense reactions.

    Also, adorable to see Spooky’s hand back on Kyle’s neck, where it rightfully belongs…

    • Choreocrat

      Well, we still haven’t seen Tsunami yet, post sexy-scene.

      • Klaus

        Tsunami only heard the words, he did not see the picture.

        • Choreocrat

          Given his reaction to the fan-art before, the words might be enough to squick him out.

  • I’ll be back later to say more. Missed camping by half an hour, but felt really sick last night, and I’m still not feeling good again. Feeling good or not, I just had to be around for the new page, and I really like it.

    • Klaus

      Get well soon.

    • Feel better Danish sweetie!

    • I’m glad to hear it and I hope you feel better very soon, Danish! 🙂

    • purplefoxglove

      I hope you get well soon 🙂

  • Looks like Kyle’s finally relaxed with being touched.

    • AseretZone

      Wasn’t he always okay with it?

      • He was okay with it, but he seemed far from relaxed about it. At least relaxed in front of the others.

        • AseretZone

          Maybe talking about it helped him relax. 🙂

  • Terri Sutton

    By the rules of Truth or Dare as I have had them explained to me and played with, that means that Mitch should absolutely be asked next.

  • David Welbourn

    I wonder what question Amanda will ask Mitch. “What’s your computer password,” perhaps? Like, it’s gotta be something he wouldn’t normally want to answer, and it seems like a safe nonsexual question, doesn’t it?

    • Connor

      Maybe something to do with his family? Spooky and Kyle don’t have any families, but I don’t think we know anything about the other YPs home lives. I can’t imagine it would be something as trivial as a password.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    I am still not sure where this is headed……

  • Klaus

    Being last would mean that he did not get to ask a question. What is that question he is so keen to ask, and who does he want to answer it?

    • Tyler Griffin

      Or, maybe he doesn’t want to end up at the mercy of someone not Amanda?

      • Klaus

        That would be Paul or Gordon. Who is he afraid of?

        • Tyler Griffin

          he’s 14, 15? and so deep in the closet he’s growing a christmas sweater… He’s afraid of EVERYONE, just least afraid of Amanda

          • Klaus

            Yes, he is 14 or 15. In the now of the main storyline, he has recently turned 15. This is shortly before. Could be either.

  • Klaus

    It is now 7:50 Saturday morning. The page has been up for 3 hours. There are only 43 comments. Where is everybody?

    • Maybe playing the Starfighter game?? It’s 10:49pm here in California

      • Klaus

        That’s it, of course.

    • Tyler Griffin

      1:23 here. I’m just sitting and drinking and feeling like crap

    • zunden

      Well, it’s still Friday to me, so… Maybe some people just haven’t noticed yet?

    • AseretZone

      I just got home from my parents for Friday Night Pizza, and it’s still Friday to me. :p Timezones, dude.

      • Klaus

        But the page has been up for four hours now in every timezone.

        • AseretZone

          Yeah, but some people could be asleep. XD Or eating dinner.

        • fujoshifanatic

          Not to mention that over here in the States, it’s a long holiday weekend, so lots of people are spending their Friday night on their way to someplace nice for the weekend, and will probably check in once they get to where they are going. 🙂

          • Klaus

            Here too, actually. Whitsun Monday is a holiday here. Whitsun a.k.a. pentecost is always a Sunday, so to make a holiday of it, the 2nd day of pentecost, as we call it here, 2. pinsedag in Danish, is a day off.

          • Fabulous Alien

            Fun fact: Monday is a national holiday here in Argentina too. Just thought I’d share that with you guys…

    • Saxon_Brenton

      I just got back from a Saturday RPGing session (and one that ended early, at that).

    • I apologize for letting you down Klaus. I got distracted by trying to get this next novel finished in time.

      • Klaus

        So that is where you do your worldbuilding.

  • AseretZone

    Ah, Amanda. So sensible. 🙂 Very sweet, too. Love this page, the expressions and art is very nice. Mitch, what’re you hopping up and down with your hand in the air like a puppy for? What’s got you so excited?

    (Still no baby, but due date is NEXT WEDNESDAY! AHHHHHHH!)

    • Klaus

      So you will miss camping?

      Seriously, congratulations.

      • AseretZone

        I’ll see what Nate decides. He may come then, he may come earlier, he may even come later. I may or may not be there but unless Nate keeps me from it, I’ll be here to camp.
        Thanks. 🙂

  • Michael

    Aww, group hug!

  • fujoshifanatic

    Amanda will always be Commander, even when she has blown her team’s minds with racy revelations! And it’s a credit to her leadership that they remain respectful, even after such disclosures. 🙂 Nice to see Spooky getting a little chilly again. X-D And Mitch was smart to ask that Amanda quiz him next; Since she will most likely stay within the realms of appropriateness, I don’t think he’ll have to deal with any subject that’s too far out of his comfort zone, But since he indicated to Kyle before (on our timeline) that he seems to be a bit more comfortable with his sexuality than Kyle is, it will be interesting to see how much he is willing to share…

    Lovely page as always, Alex and Julie! You can see in both their expressions and dialogue that they are all happy and honored to be not only colleagues, but comrades as well. And that last panel! Mitch is so adorable that I still want to scritch him under his chin to see if I can get him to purr. Nyan! X-D

  • kamishiro

    Next it’s Mitch’s tuuuurn :333

    And i love how Amanda is so respectull and the boys are so understanding. Normal teenagers would go cray cray and make silly jokes.

  • andrea

    they’re such great friends i cant!

  • Columbine

    I’m pretty sure that as a teenager I wouldn’t have had the……vocabulary (I guess?) to express those sorts of thoughts/feelings with anywhere near the maturity Amanda displays. Then again I think the Daily Mail might have been accidentally responsible for most of my knowledge of sex back then so it’s probably not surprising.

    • Amanda, Spooky and Tsu-Tsu aren’t teens.They are 20-22

  • Nate

    Awww… I’d never pick Mitch last.

    Fave panel? Spooky getting a bit of skin contact in panel 4.

  • Amanda’s definitely being the team leader here – she’s not just reassuring them that she knows the difference bewteen fantasy and reality, and the stuff about them stays inside her head, she’s reassuring them that she trusts *them* to understand the difference between fantasy and reality.

    And yes, Mitch is so, so cute in that last panel. 🙂

  • bronakopdin

    true, fantasy is fantasy ^^
    but Amanda talking about the age gaps now, having Kyle and Duncan in mind I wonder what she thought about that when she heard >_>’
    or well to be precise from this current point when she’ll hear x’D
    And wondering what Paul THOUGHT that Amanda read in their minds? ^^

    anyway I’m totally looking forward to what she’ll ask Mitch!
    Or maybe she’s a tease and will choose someone else anyway? xD
    naaah it’s not how she rolls I guess ^^
    but the way Mitch is raising his arm totally fits into her school fantasy with Spooky… Ok enough xD

    Lovely to see Spooky touch Kyle’s neck so casually inbetween again 🙂 and both smiling like that ^^

    • Klaus

      Is it Paul who has some extreme (in his own judgement) fantasies, or is he convinced that some of the others must have?

      • bronakopdin

        interesting, so who do you think he’s having in mind there? ^^

    • Chris Dangerfield

      bronakopdin — I saw your fun note about , “…what Paul THOUGHT that Amanda read in their minds? ^^” Now, I’m only guessssssing but, considering he’s 17… mmmmm… I think it was…


      But that’s just a real guess. 😀
      Best, ChrisD.

      • bronakopdin

        pfft….doh of course, I wanted more concrete thoughts Chris xD
        who with whom, where, when, how it came to it 😀

        what do you think Paul’s fantasy is capable of, eh?

        • Klaus

          Who did what and to whom and with what.

          • bronakopdin

            now that’s my question 😀

        • bronakopdin

          just wondering myself where the limits of publicly discussing this are x’D

        • Chris Dangerfield

          (teasing… ME TOO!)

          • Klaus

            Right. Paul’s fantasy is no doubt capable of teasing.

          • bronakopdin

            you tease :p
            even if I knew… you totally got me there… good job xD

  • Pikinanou

    Aw, I kinda wanted her to pick TsuTsu just for fun 😛 But Mitch is ok 🙂

    • Chris Dangerfield

      If I were Mitch, I’m pretty sure I’d want Amanda to ask me a question to (or a Dare). Well, you know, ‘young men’ being so sensitive and thoughtful (and grumpy) and all… LOL.

  • Jason Moon

    Mitch looks so NEEDY in the last panel.

  • somebody

    uuuuhhh I’m curious about his question!
    I would probably ask something stupid about his ability
    like, have you ever put on a superman suit and flew around pretending to be him, even thou I don’t think these guys know DC…
    or: were you ever flying around naked, or did you have a race with a falcon
    but that won’t be questions you don’t wanna answer so they probably won’t work…

    • Klaus

      That would depend on the answers.

  • Alt+F7

    I feel like I’m saying the same thing every week, but this mini comic just fills my heart with squee. It’s really keeping me sane for the last few weeks of semester.

    • Glad to offer you that relief, Alt! Good luck finishing up the semester! 🙂

  • Sarah314159

    Awwwww. This page is so sweet. Amanda’s showing her motherly side in such an awesome way.

    I bet that besides not wanting to go last, Mitch wants to get his question from Amanda, who is sure to be as gentle as she can be within the constraints of the curse. Especially since the other two possible questioners are Gordon and Paul. We don’t see Gordon’s reaction to Amanda’s disclosures (which on the one hand is disappointing but on the other hand would surely detract from the warm fuzzies of this page, so probably a good artistic choice), but I’m guessing that he’s got his arms crossed and his teeth clenched in stoic silence. If I were Mitch, I’d be scared of that face right now… And the way Paul zeroed in on Kyle and Spooky’s bed-sharing would have to make a closeted gay boy nervous.

  • Sarah314159

    The exchange between Amanda and Paul has interesting implications. If Amanda picks up stray thoughts from those around her, she must catch a lot of hints of the icky, objectifying ways in which many men look at women sexually. Worst of all, since she’s a strong woman who threatens the worldview of macho, insecure men, some of those thoughts would be about deliberately demeaning her and “putting her in her place,” putting her safely into the role of subservient sex object instead of badass crimefighter. Think of the kind of men we saw in the bonus comic. Think of the kinds of sexual thoughts *they* would have about Amanda. Then go bleach your brain because ewwwwww.

    Paul has probably had sexual fantasies about Amanda. Plain old healthy teenage thoughts about what a fantastic body she has and how hot it would be to get it on with her. Here, he’s hinting at the embarrassment of knowing that she knows that he has those thoughts… And Amanda says, yes, she’s caught some hints of Paul’s and other team members’ lust, but instead of being disturbed, she’s grateful because none of it is the demeaning kind that she’s glimpsed in so many men’s minds. Doing the work she does, she must meet so very many hostile men that it must be a blessed relief to retreat to the team headquarters where all the men around her like and respect her and where any lustful thoughts that are aimed her way aren’t the hurtful kind.

  • feeditskittles

    I bet there’s one of them who isn’t cursed and they remember all of this. Also if she gets the stray thought, does that mean she knows Kyles gay?

  • JozefAL

    Alex, while I appreciate the work you (and the rest) have been doing, and I get the request for the Patreon deal, I’m a bit curious as to the status of the Kickstarter deal. I don’t usually frequent the Kickstarter pages and it’s been a while since I’ve seen any update (I think the last one had you standing in front of the pallets of books) either here or via e-mail.

    • Howdy Jozef!

      I actually have been posting monthly updates about the status of all the rewards in the Updates section of the Kickstarter page, which you should have been receiving as emails. (I also have been sending out a ton of your digital rewards that way too.) But your email makes me very concerned you haven’t been getting those updates.

      If you haven’t received those emails, please double-check the email address you are using for Kickstarter. This is very important! When the books are ready to ship, the only way I’ll be able to get your current shipping address is by sending you a Kickstarter survey and that’s sent to your Kickstarter email!

      In the meantime, you can find all the updates (which include all your digital rewards that have been sent out so far) here:

      Hopefully, this answers your question. Please let me know if you have any more. And thank you very much for your backing! 🙂

      • JozefAL

        Thanks much, Alex. (My week’s been so crazy I wasn’t able to check in here again till today…………..Le sigh…..)

        I did check the Kickstarter page and then double-checked my e-mails and, sure enough, the last one I got was Update #106 from February. They hadn’t gone to the spam folder so, best guess is they took a wrong turn on the web (and got ate up by the nasty spider in control).

        But, I’m caught up and if I don’t see an update in my inbox in the next couple of weeks (give or take), I’ll check Kickstarter.

        • Cool. And yes, if you haven’t seen another update in the next 2 weeks, then definitely check on the site. (And maybe reach out to Kickstarter. I want to make sure you won’t miss that Shipping Survey!)

          Thank you again for you backing! 🙂

  • Chris Dangerfield

    Alex and Julie, thank you both for this lovely conclusion to Amanda’s section. That she’s been more reserved (‘dignified’ might be a better word for a born leader) in the book so far, has made this interlude’s revelation even more lovely as it rounds out her character. So nice!

    Panel #1: At first I thought her line here was rather ‘on-the-nose’ (sorry Alex), but then I thought about the fact that she has great power (and with it comes yadda yadda…) and that Kyle, Paul and Mitch are technically underage and very vulnerable at this moment, and this is her way of making sure they’re fully reassured (teenagers… lots of small clear words… I remember) that she has real concern about their well-being. That she cares for them greatly.

    I remember being that age. Sex is something that consumes you and yet, until you get some experience, it’s very scary in some ways as you are continually confronted with an endless number of new ideas and experiences. Some VERY intriguing and some… “ewwww” at the time. I remember being VERY glad that people couldn’t see into my murky head in those days.

    It’s like that classic saying: “Don’t worry, it will only seem kinky the first time.”

    Panel #2: Kyle and Paul’s expressions are perfect in this panel. Very sweet and vulnerable. I love Kyle’s line. This is only a month before his first visit to a gay bar and then the ‘kiss-blackmail’ by Duncan. So HE knows he’s gay now (or some form of it), but he doesn’t know what he’s going to do about it yet.

    I’m going to guess the impulse for the line is WHO his intimate thoughts of the past couple of years have been about. If he’s fantasizing about his colleagues, he may be feeling terrible — not having any idea that Spooky would understand or that Mitch is already starting to discover similar issues within himself.

    So, the idea that these thoughts aren’t necessarily wrong has to be comforting (again how awful he won’t remember this). Paul’s line seems to me just the obvious need for comfort that a boy that age needs. As I said, I remember my mind at that age… yep, a swamp — before I ascended to the purified gay-state I currently hold. (*snort*)

    Panel #3: I just like that Amanda reaffirms her telepathy-ethics in case anyone is feeling scared by all this. It’s sorta like finding out your Aunt or older sister has a sex life in her head (OMG). Not as bad as walking in on your parents in the act (shivers), but still. Amanda lets them know, that as far as she can tell, they’re good people. Well, what teenager doesn’t need to hear that, again and again and again. I feel sure it’s sincere. I don’t think she would have taken a seriously bad person onto her team, but they need to know that. Even when revealing personal information, she’s still a real leader and has care for their well-being. How not to love that?

    Panel #4: I AGREE ABOUT SPOOKY’S HAND ON KYLE’S NECK!! (I know someone else mentioned this). It was almost the first thing I saw on the page and it made me feel so good. LOOK at that goofy-happy expression on Kyle’s face (hey, my buddy, Spooky, is still touching me… excellent). That is so sweet I could pull off a Doki-squeee.

    OKAY! It is so VERY Amanda that SHE knows she met the requirements for the spell. She doesn’t remotely need Spooky’s approval when it comes to her contribution. Must be nice to be so self-assured. (Again Stick, said it: “When awesome grows up it wants to be Amanda.” FACT!!!

    Panel #5: How cute is the relieved Amanda to be done and to take charge. Now, Alex always surprises me, but given how tired Amanda is of sex-talk. I’ll bet you anything that her TRUTH or DARE is about anything BUTT sex! (see what I did there?) LOL (we’ll see).

    Panel #6: I agree with Mitch totally. I wouldn’t want to go last either. And, can anyone deny that cute face anything? QUESTION: Did someone figure out how a DARE satisfies the Veritas curse? I understand that Spooky might not have preferred to take his clothes off… but how would THAT have provided the Inquisition with any useful information, except maybe the shape of Spooky’s penis (not that that’s not good to know)? Just wondering? So, I hope that Amanda has either the perfect question or the right DARE for our Mitch (so adorbs).

    This continues to be a super-fun interlude. Thank you both. And there is still LOTS of room for chaos and shenanigans as Paul and Gordon get in the mix! Not to mention what innocent question could little Mitch ask that upsets the apple-cart? Clearly, plenty of thrills left to come. Can’t wait for Tuesday!

    • Thank you for your super-fun play-by-play for the page, Chris!

      And you’re right about Amanda’s motivations for being “on-the-nose” in that first panel. While she doesn’t look down on them, she’ll likely always feel she can’t 100% be a peer to the younger guys — they are always under her protection.

    • Klaus

      The curse requires the question to be asked in a framework of rules. They chose truth or dare as that framework, The dare did not satisfy the curse. Spooky had to answer a question later, even though he took the dare.

      • Chris Dangerfield

        That makes sense. I guess I saw his offering up of the information as a voluntary Spooky-thing and not the critical component of satisfying the spell. Makes sense. The Inquisition was after information, not getting people’s clothes off… LOL.

    • It’s interesting you brought up about Kyle and the gay bar and knowing he’s gay.

      It’s been a thought in my head recently, but to me, that night he’s standing in front of the bar, it seems to me that he’s in some way fully coming out to himself.

      If that makes any sense. Yes, he knew he liked guys, but it was that moment that it settled in his mind. That he took charge of it. Not enough to come out to anyone else, but there in that moment, he fully admitted it to himself.

      Of course, I could be totally wrong and what do I know.

      • Chris Dangerfield

        Alert — It’s 2:30 AM and this is an “I can’t fall back asleep TL:DR reply that follows.” Consider yourself warned. LOL.

        Admiral, it comes as no surprise that you (yeah, I said the ‘you’ word) actually know a lot. I think that’s a very reasonable way to put it.

        It’s an interesting question and and one that is unique to almost everyone in some ways. It’s a questions, that I think speaks a lot to where/how any gay person grows up and what their family lives were like. Due to the all pervasive cultural hammering of our 90% straight majority during all of our youths… it can be very hard to learn to accept yourself as being so different and it just takes time and maturity (if you had it easy, bess you).

        (Note: I’m speaking as one who grew up pre-internet and that makes a huge difference.)

        There are also graduating stages of self-awareness as you age and one can transition through those stages for a time.

        I formally apologise to all the girls I dated in highschool.

        Below is a (super-short) blog post by a young woman that I thought spoke honestly and well to the idea of a graduating self-awareness re how she learned to think about what ‘gay/lesbian’ meant to her:

        I was so isolated growing up that, even though my private thoughts and fantasies totally leaned to men, everything around me said “that would never be an option” and so I was afraid to bring it up.

        Definitely a reason why I invest so emotionally in Kyle’s character. It wasn’t until I moved out and into a city that I started meeting men that fit what I saw in my head and accepted a “happy life” could be found (again, remember all before the internet).

        I knew what I was thinking about in my head… I just thought, Why talk about what I can’t have? So, it took me a long time to say, out-loud, to a friend, “I’m gay”. (Who said…….. “okay” I was all outraged. This was such a big deal and all he could say was ‘okay’? LOL.)

        Now, my life-partner of many years was the opposite. He says he ALWAYS knew his story and exactly what was going on. That said, he grew up in the city and had a much older gay brother and had gay friends in high school, etc… His big issue was saying it out-loud to a Catholic mother. (Sturm and Drang long ago and now they are best friends).

        So, you are right. There is a difference in ‘knowing in your heart that you’re gay’ AND then there is ‘feeling strong (brave) enough to say it out loud’. To admit it to anyone (most importantly family and close friends) and take what comes GOOD and bad. And eventually, I did feel like I got one of every possible reaction from family, friends, acquaintances and work colleagues. LOL.

        When you read different ‘coming-out’ stories, it’s fascinating how different they all are. Some HAVE to blurt it out young (sometimes it’s fine and sometimes they regret doing it), others have to wait until they feel safe and secure. There isn’t a ‘right’ way. Just what’s right for the individual.

        And, after the dust settles… IMHO… it’s all good. Living a secret is NOT a good thing for the soul (unless you are in physical danger). I will also make one observation that after having worked with various types of artists for years… (I’m strictly making a very personal observation) If one is a creative person, coming out and being proud and true to who you are entirely frees your ability to create (any type of art). It may sound painfully obvious, but having watched before/after enough times. I’ve seen people fundamentally change for the good by accepting themselves. I hope it’s true for all.

        This is partly why I related so deeply to this shot of Kyle coming out of his first bar in triumph (before his triumph is interrupted by Duncan):

        And then the satisfaction of actually having a ‘gay’ conversation with a hot man… (huge):

        So (totally my head interpretation), I absolutely think Kyle ‘knows’ that he’s gay long before this starts (during this truth or dare interlude) … but until the prolog, he may not feel that he can speak or act on it.

        Just my head thoughts in relation to Kyle. (Obviously Alex’s backstory may be quite different). Crap… now it’s time to make coffee… 🙂

  • Kate G

    You know, Mitch, if you said “pick me,” I wouldn’t pick you next. LOL.

    And the sad thing is, NOBODY IS GOING TO REMEMBER AMANDA’S ANSWER….except us. The amount of intellectual depth that went in and how vulnerable she made herself and now NONE OF THEM WILL REMEMBER. For me, that’s such a tragedy as I often think the boys see her as more aloof and impenetrable so she’s hard to go to for advice (which is why we often see Kyle go to Spooky.) These are the things that not only reinforce her as a leader, but show her more vulnerable side to show her as someone who you can run to when your day has been nothing but one bad thing after another.

    Strong women aren’t just tough-as-nails and calculating, they’re also not afraid to get more vulnerable (at least, in my book.) Amanda is incredibly strong in a lot of areas, but I feel like she has a hard time getting vulnerable. I think a lot of that comes from her mother, who isn’t the one to have vulnerable moments with her daughter either (considering what we saw in Spooky’s back story.)

    (Side note: Spooky’s hand on Kyle’s neck looks so natural. Can that look ANY CUTER?!)

  • Jessica

    Can you make a page like a character profile sheet for these guys? For the life of me, I can’t figure out who’s who, I don’t know three of their names at all, and I totally don’t understand their powers. I love this comic but it’s frustrating not even knowing the characters’ names.

    • Here is a bit of a cheat sheet. Hope this helps. 🙂

      • IamM

        Quick power summary:
        Young Protectors:
        Tsunami-Manipulates and animates liquid water in his vicinity.

        Commander-Telepathy. We’ve seen mind reading, mental communication, and psionic stun blasts.

        Spooky-Occult knowledge and magic. Apparently can summon demons, cast and maintain one spell at a time, and has a stock of various magic potions hidden in his overcoat.

        Redhot-Creates, controls, and absorbs fire. Maybe due to demonic ancestry.

        Flyboy-Mostly flight, appears to control motion or momentum to propel his body and objects he is touching up to at least a few tons in any direction with little sign of weight or inertia. Apparently capable of very hi speeds and of launching objects. Also mentioned enhanced senses of sight and hearing.

        Fluke-Some form of luck manipulation allowing him to semiconsciously send good or bad luck to those nearby and convert misfortunes occurring to him or his friends into a store of good luck to dole out.

        Annihilator-Invulnerability. Super- strength, speed, and agility. Rapid healing. Impressive leaping ability. Smart, devious, and manipulative.

        Platinum Priestess-Powerful sorceress with thousands of years of knowledge and experience. Only current magic user besides Spooky who’s not totally insane. Uses magic items and substances, casts various spells (haven’t seen her do more than one at a time either). Can overhear telepathic communication. Pretty spry. Smart. More devious and manipulative. Utterly ruthless.

        • Spooky is also a healer. He can heal himself or others.

          • Chris Dangerfield

            And me anytime… I think I have a paper-cut… right over here.

          • *Looks at own hand with it’s four paper cuts and a nail wound* I’ve been on a cleaning spree for the last day (still not done), and I could really use some Spooky time with his healing hands.
            Yup, maybe he could kiss it and make it all better.

  • Klaus

    The names are listed on chapter one page one

    In addition, on every page, just below Alex’ comments, is a list of the characters featured on the page. Click on a name to get a list of pages this character is on.

    If you mean their real names, their first names are

    Comander: Amanda
    Tsunami: Gordon
    Spooky: unknown, even to himself. Goes by Spooky
    Red Hot: Kyle
    Fluke: Paul
    Flyboy: Mitch

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Nice! Thanks.

  • Suhndog

    Although I’m not a comic artist, I noticed something both wonderful, and ‘alarming’..

    An artist [also in photography, and movies] will ‘put’ or add what are called ‘eye-lights’ on a face. Eye-lights can do amazing things..

    Take a close look at all of our characters’ eyes… you’ll notice one or two of these eye-lights generally on either side [or both] of the pupils..
    They connote subtle emotional ‘cues’ to the reader [or onlooker]..

    They can add what we call ‘sparkle’ or a happy apperance – they can also direct your gaze in a particular direction.
    If you ever notice a face without eye-lights, it can definitely make a person look mysterious, sinister or even ‘dead’..

    Ok.. With all this in mind, there is something interesting in the 4th. panel!

    Look at Spooky’s eyes!!!!

    He is looking at YOU! – not the other characters..

    Is this intentional?

    If so, I found it a bit dis-arming… kinda like I’m being INCLUDED in their ‘circle’!
    – then, on top of that.. and if that’s the case … heh – think about it! [wow!]

    • I cannot be unseen! That’s pretty cool (the whole thing, including you explanation).

      Wait! Wait! Spooky’s looking at me! ME!! *primps in the mirror*

      (post # 9000 for Admiral Jane here on TYP)

      • Congrats for post 9000, AJ! 🙂

        • I’m trying to decide if I talk to much or am just that awesome! 😀

          • You’re just that awesome, AJ. 🙂

          • Ha! Thanks!

          • Chris Dangerfield

            Is that a rhetorical question or are you just asking for a heckling? HA! (Awww, muffin throwingly awesome…)

          • 😛

    • Adam Irving

      That’s a really neat observation. Thanks for sharing!

      • Suhndog

        Hi Adam,

        Having worked in TV and other things, lighting can, in itself, make or break a scene. You’d be amazed how many [or few at time!] light sources are used. Lighting is an art in itself! The original “Outer Limits” series comes to mind… it was a black&white series.. ahead of its time in many ways.. They did a great job with lighting!
        Frankly, while reading the above page, I unconsciously did a ‘double-take’, and went back to that 4th. panel… and then it hit me.. Spooky’s eyes!
        Talk about being ‘drawn in’ to a story! heh!

        Alex – your comics are top notch! [and so are you!]

        • Klaus

          And comic book artists have an unlimited lighting budget. They don’t need to build contraptions like the galadrilight to get the effects they need.

        • Thank you so much, Suhndog! I’m really glad you’re enjoying our work! 😀

    • Chris Dangerfield

      If there is any character with the “sight” to break the dimensional wall at a precise moment (author’s intention or not…) it is Spooky. Thanks for the cool share. Let me add a musical sting for this slightly cool and ‘spooky’ thought…


  • purplefoxglove

    Right now, Amanda sounds SO MUCH like Alex when he’s talking about or to us in the forum – it’s almost as if he’s Amanda and we’re the team 😀

    • Ha!

      While I do try to give each character their own “voice,” I’ll admit each one does let me express a different part of myself. It’s not surprising that Amanda’s “leader” voice is similar to my voice here as a “leader” of sorts in this forum. 🙂

      • Chris Dangerfield

        [teasing] Welllllll… I suppose that works. I mean THE COMMANDER does have a bit of an Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove approach… lol… yep. I Buy It.

  • Where is Doki’s comment “YASSS, PICK HIM!!!” ? ;D

  • A lot of people seem to be roughly of the opinion that Mitch doesn’t want to be last because he has something he would like to ask either Gordon or Paul. I see it as more of a he is always last because he is the youngest type of thing. That can feel quite exclusionary even if it isn’t meant that way. This way he can actually feel a part of things instead of an afterthought.

    • Klaus

      Or it could be all three. The third option being that there is at least one of Gordon and Paul that he does not want to ask him a question.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      That’s a great reason. I also thought that, given his coming out in one month, he really isn’t ready to deal with a sex question. Hell… me at 15? I might have lied… and died? It’s a scary time and a truth you aren’t ready to speak to yet can be very frightening.

      I’m very glad he’s in Amanda’s hands.

    • My thought as well. He’s also the ‘new kid’, the one who’s not as tight with the others yet. It’s not easy being both the newest and the youngest (by almost 2 years) in a group where there’s already deep friendships between various members.

  • dartist123

    Spooky finally put his hand on Kyle again- I’m good, guys, I’m good.

    • “Ahhh. That’s better.”

      • Chris Dangerfield

        HA. You guys are so speaking my language. (It’s always the simple stuff that’s so darn sexy.)

  • Klaus

    The patronage is rising fast these days. If this continues, we may reach the next milestone before the next page is up.

    • YAY for Alex!.. Oh diggity darn for me xD
      Means I may have to try and find a way to come up with those $10 for next Patreon payment at the end of this month anyway (since I’d like the extra big high res. image with background sent out to that pledge level). Looks like both will be out this month.

      • Klaus

        Good point. I just raised my support from 5 to 10 to get the high res pictures. If 10 other people do the same, we reach the milestone.

        • I had settled with/decided only to save for the one with the background, since I expected them to possibly be in two different months (and I might have had more money next month), but who knows – we’re so close to payment day now that there could be a chance that Alex might leave the one with the background for next month as well, if we do hit it before pay date. That way people have more than a couple days to change their pledge if they want it.

    • Chris Dangerfield


  • Chris Dangerfield

    We could all offer up prizes in a raffle to try and raise money to get to the next milestones… erm… for example…

    As a prize: I will offer my services (gratis of course) to take Spooky out on a romantic date (’cause I’m a giver). [hey my public radio station does this sort of thing on their annual fund drive so it’s got to work… right?]

    Anyone else?

    • Michael

      If that’s how it works, then I will offer my services to give Kyle a massage.

  • Chris Dangerfield

    $50 away from a non-grumpy NSFW Tsunami against a background possibly in Hi-Def… THIS IS LIKE A STEAL KIDS!

    WANT. (That. Is. All.) 😀

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      Tsk. You jinxed it Chris. It dropped down to 8,186 and is only now crawled its way back to 8,191.

      • Chris Dangerfield

        I feel SHAME. I retract my Woot. (chris mooches off stage left…)

  • Michael

    A little early for camping, maybe, but I want to know what Mitch’s question is.

    *sets up tent and sleeping bag*

    • jreed3842

      I’m a bit early too, but I’ll be in and out tonight! I’m doing a bit of cleaning. Most of the the cleaning is done and I’m just doing laundry, so while laundry is getting done I’ll be able to camp!

      In the meantime…. Who would like a s’more?!

      • Michael

        Nah thanks, I’ve got a bucket of sour jelly bears.

        I’ve got some good news this week, too. Just last night the polls closed, and I won the writing competition on a little old-school forum (old-school meaning from the era of BBCode message boards). 😀 My prize is a mystery box of goodies from America.

        • jreed3842

          Fantastic!!! Congratulations!!! That’s awesome!
          And enjoy those jelly beans! Those sound good too!

          • Michael

            Bears. Have you heard of Sour Patch? Like a cheap knockoff of that.

          • jreed3842

            Oh. Yes. I totally have, I just read that as “Sour jelly beans” lol.

        • Congratulations, Michael! That is good news! 🙂

          • Michael

            Thanks, Alex! Means a lot coming from my favourite paterfamilias. Pater…webcomic…lias?

          • “Godfather” is fine. 🙂

          • Michael

            Yes, sir! Now that’s a title I can’t refuse! 😉

        • Congrats on winning! Hope it ends up a good prize!

          • Michael

            Mystery Boxes from this guy are great. I won one in 2011, it included a fancy pseudo-moleskine notepad and pen, miscellaneous American sweets (Reece’s Cups, etc.), and a TMNT shirt.

          • Cool!! Mmm, Reece’s peanut butter cups….

          • ….which TMNT?

          • Michael

            The only good one, i.e. the 90s cartoon.

          • ^_^ I loved those. ^_^ I also liked the first two movies. Though the second one might have been because of Keno. He was cute.

      • Michael

        Good luck with your cleaning. I had to go through our laundry pantry last week, as everything was just shoved in anywhere it would fit. Turns out we have a dozen boxes of 40 bags of ‘rooibos and vanilla’ tea.

        Nobody in our house drinks tea.

    • Terri Sutton

      Do you want to swap ideas?

      “Why don’t I have a cool Bird based code-name?”
      “What is the meaning of life?”
      “What is the true threat of North Korea?”
      “In a hypothetical context, what are your opinions on working with a homosexual teammate?”

      • Michael

        Amanda wouldn’t ask something so blatant as the last one. I think it will be something like “what was your favourite childhood toy”, or something equally ‘safe’ but still potentially embarrassing. Favourite superhero when you were a child. Current favourite superhero.

        • Terri Sutton

          You asked for Mitch’s question did you not? Not Amanda’s.

          • Michael

            “Mitch’s Question” can equally refer to the question that Mitch has to answer. If I take a driving test, for example, I might say “I passed my test”, but that doesn’t mean it’s a test that I set for someone else.

            It’s a form of the genitive, which in English is unfortunately indistinguishable from the strong possessive.

          • Terri Sutton

            Sorry it just I was basing this off the weird verbal rules of Truth and Dare that I always played with, where you ask the question is was called your question and when you answered the question it was called your answer. It saved on confusion and arguments for us as kids.

          • Michael

            Ah, I see. I never played, least of all in an American context, so I didn’t know about that.

          • Terri Sutton

            I don’t know about the American context either, it could be different in America but my friends and I did learn how to play from American media.

          • Michael

            I apologise, I have a habit of assuming most people are American, unless otherwise specified. As an Australian I’ve been caught out a few times making culturally-specific jokes only to have to explain it to an American who doesn’t watch non-American television.

            Like, a new thing (fad? meme?) for Aussies to get out of awkward situations is to point into the distance and say “what’s that! it’s a Mitzi?!”, which comes from a car ad that has been playing relentlessly on Australian television for the past few months, but nobody who hasn’t seen that ad woul get the joke.

          • Terri Sutton

            Aussie as well. Those ads are so annoying, I have never heard anyone call a Mistubishi a Mitzi, nor I have ever seen anyone get that excited about one.

            What ever happened to the gold old days of Aussie ads; “It’s hard to have a gaytime by yourself” or “Try nibbling on Nobby’s Nuts”.

          • Michael

            The thing I don’t get about those ads is, the people always sound so surprised. Like Mitsubishi is ordinarily incapable of designing a good-looking car. Hardly a ringing endorsement of the brand.

            My favourite ad will always be the National Tiles guy. I went to high school with his nephew, who could do the voice perfectly. It’s a great example of the south-east Melbourne accent, too. HULLOW! FRANK WAWKER FROM NASHUN’L TOILES!

          • Terri Sutton

            “BAM! AND THE DIRT IS GONE!”

          • Michael

            Ironically, Bam actually made my place filthier. 🙁

          • Terri Sutton

            My personal motto is never buy from a “shouty” ad.

          • Michael

            Unless it includes a set of free steak knives.

            Why your free steaks need a separate set of knifes from your purchased steaks, I’ll never know.

          • Terri Sutton

            I have never seen a shouty ad that promises 3 streak knives, that it something that I have only seen in infomercials.

          • Michael

            Shouty infomercials.

            We actually got a really good deal from a shouty infomercial, we got two sets of Ninja blenders for a discount rate, and they’re really good. My brother took one of them when he moved to the country.

          • Terri Sutton

            Trying to imagine what kind-of fuckwad decided to combine shouty ad with infomercial and can only conclude with that I honesty don’t want to know as those sound like the soundtrack to Hell.

          • Michael

            shotymercials are the original form, that diverged into shouty ads and infomercials. Don’t you remember Beardy McWaitTheresMore, the godfather of shoutymercals?

          • Terri Sutton

            There was no shouting in those, was there? It was just that bloke repeated saying that phrase over and over again.

            Shouty ads are the ads where someone is constantly shouting at you.

          • Michael

            Are you suggesting that Billy Mays didn’t shout?

          • Terri Sutton

            I asked did he shout, I have an hearing impairment, so am honesty unaware if he was shouting or not, I just remember that guy just being overly excited about something stupid and then would constantly turn to face the camera and say “but wait there’s more” and proceeded to be excited about something else. Are we thinking of different people? All those infomercial types tend to blend together for me.

          • Michael

            Billy Mays did shout, that was his default setting.

            I have a hearing impairment as well, but I’m lucky enough that it isn’t worse than “mild-moderate”, and I have hearing aids to compensate.

            Hey, since I’m talking to a real, live Australian, have you tried the new Cadbury’s with Vegemite? What did you think?

          • Terri Sutton

            Please tell me your joking and that is not a real thing.

            I have not heard of that until now. Chocolate with vegemite!?

          • Michael

            It’s a limited edition thing. Others in the same ‘release’ includes pretzel&peanut, and salted caramel.

            The vegemite-chocolate is just wrong, as in a fundamentally abhorrent combination.

            And I never thought I’d say that about Vegemite. or chocolate.

          • Terri Sutton

            Whoever came up with that idea should be given a swift whack on the upside of their head.

          • DC

            I love the salted caramel. I love Vegemite and I love chocolate so had to try it, but not a taste combination to love.

          • davefragments

            No, no, no, NO vegemite!

          • DC

            Yes, yes, yes Vegemite! You’re just not eating it right. Did you see Hugh Jackman change Jimmy Fallon’s opinion of it?

          • davefragments

            MY tummy so hates food that I am afraid to try anything new. Vegemite is just one of those things (like blue cheese) that might cause no end of trouble.

          • Michael

            On the other hand, I don’t think Mitch would be brave enough to ask about hypothetical gay team-members. it would lead to too many dangerous (literally, in the context of the curse) questions.

          • Terri Sutton

            But it has been stated that they will forget when the curse ends. Teenagers are known to be impulsive (the things that I did or said when I was a teenager make me wince now, but at the time it seemed completely sensible), the situation could embolden Flyboy to have a “trial run” of coming out.

          • Michael

            I dunno, I would and could never have taken that opportunity, even if I knew that nobody would remember or that I would never see those people again. No matter how safe the secret would be, it would still be too confusing and embarrassing and potentially painful to try.

            The closest I ever came to admitting anything to myself as a teenager was during a school counselling/therapy session when I admitted that I was scared of being diagnosed with an emotional disorder because I didn’t feel anything (for anyone) when everybody around me was falling and and out of love, and doing the usual teenaged hormones thing.

            Granted, asexuality and homosexuality are completely different, but the overwhelming sense of being different or wrong, and the fear of not being accepted, was overwhelmingly powerful when was a teenager.

          • Terri Sutton

            Before I found out about Asexuality I came out as homosexual in high school, it was really weird, it was like; “I have no desire for guys, so I must be gay, the reason I don’t have desire for girls is because I don’t accept myself, so I should come out.” I was a stupid stupid kid.

          • Michael

            I think every asexual person goes through that at one point. I had an online boyfriend when I was 19, until I reenacted Dracula’s dramatic scene from Van Helsing:

            No! I have no heart, I feel no love. Nor fear, nor joy, nor sorrow. I am hollow…

            Which of course broke the poor guy’s heart, and I was very sad for him, but there was just nothing there. I just don’t do romance.

          • aromantic?

          • Michael

            Complicated. I believe the common term is ‘grey’.

  • davefragments

    I just remembered – – tonight is update night. Yay!

  • In for camping. How is everyone!

    • Terri Sutton


      • Just alright?

        • Terri Sutton

          I’m cold but otherwise fine, hence the question mark.

          • I’m cold too. Been home for more than a week now and I’m still not used to the fog and chilly weather.

    • davefragments

      I was Samson today and got my hair cut.

      • Oh but doesn’t imply that you lose some of your strength too?

        • davefragments

          No, just some hair. I dislike hair on my ears and in my eyes. And that fuzziness at the back of my neck drives me crazy.

    • Hiya Gryphon!!

    • Michael

      Good! How are you?

      • I’m doing well. Finally done with this jet lag. It’s a short week for us so I’m happy about that.

        • Michael

          Jetlag? Where have you gone?

          • I went to Japan with @smsif:disqus on the BL-Teafighter Tour a couple of weeks ago.

          • Michael

            Cool, sounds like fun.

          • It was super fun! I was told dealing with the jet lag on the way back would take at least a week. So true.

    • jreed3842

      I’m fantastic! Glad to have ya here for camping!

  • davefragments

    The page is ready for y’all to read:

    • Michael


  • aygusu

    yay ^-^

  • Ant-Man

    why is the commander being so forceful in her getting across that she doesn’t violate their privacy with her mind-reading_ & how all her fantasies are consensual_ doth the lady protest too much— overstating her innocence & purity of intention_ cause she’s a slutty-slut-slut_ who is constantly in their heads & having s&m fantasies of non-consensual porny activities

  • Sassafrassery