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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Truth or Dare—Page 1

446 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Truth or Dare—Page 1

So the “Truth or Dare” Bonus Comic begins!

While Adam and Vero work on rebuilding our buffer of pages, I’ve brought in guest artist, Julie Wright, to work with me on this canon, The Young Protectors story. Here’s a little bit of information about her:

Julie Wright is a graduate from CCAD and co-creator to the fantasy-punk webcomic, Riven seal (formerly called Ianua). She also works as the colorist for Lora Innes’s “The Dreamer” and is the primary penciler for Eric Menge’s “Snow by Night“.

When not dabbling in redesigning religious symbols and figures, she is often engulfed in the gaming world and drawing many fandoms on her tumblr.

Because I wanted to start this comic right with the action (and needed to keep the number of pages from being too crazy long), I’ve decided to share the set-up with a prose summary. If you really want to be able to understand what’s going on (such as what the “Curse” is and why Spooky is taking his clothes off),  please be sure to read this. (And if you want to actually see Spooky fully naked in all his glory, I just posted up the Full Monty Spooky Jones Romance Card Art over at the Patreon page for $5+ Patrons… 🙂 )

The events of this “Truth or Dare” bonus comic take place a month before the Prologue of the Engaging the Enemy arc and are set in a safe house that Spooky put together years ago. The Young Protectors have just arrived together at Spooky’s cabin, fresh from a mission that had taken a dark turn.

Instead of engaging in their usual search and rescue efforts, The Young Protectors had done something very different. For the first time, Spooky Jones had requested his friends’ help to take down an insane and dangerous mage he’d been tracking. It was their first combat mission as a team and it went surprisingly well, except for one thing: as the mage fell into the Pits of Limbo, he was able to hit them all with the only deadly spell he knew – the Veritas Curse.

On their way to the safe house, Spooky had explained what they were up against: “The Veritas Curse was developed during the Inquisition and its rules are very specific. You have to answer questions in a ritual setting. Questions you don’t want to answer. If you answer those questions absolutely truthfully, the curse is lifted. If you don’t, you die a horrible and painful death by sundown. No exceptions, no loopholes.”

But there was an upside to this particular spell: the Inquisitors didn’t want you to know what you had revealed. So as soon as you’ve complied with the terms, you forget everything that’s happened from the first light of dawn on the day the spell was cast.

“All of us were cursed,” continued Spooky. “That means that the moment we’re all ‘cured,’ we’ll forget everything that was said and done during the ritual.”

“So no consequences!” Fluke was still high on their first win as a team against a bad guy. “This should be easy!”

The rest of the team was not so sure.

As they entered the cabin, Spooky continued to describe the history of the Curse and that it was designed to be flexible: all that was needed was a formal structure to make it clear that honest answers are expected, something with clear rules and punishments.

“You mean something ‘easy,’” said Tsunami. “Like a torture session, with a rack and thumbscrews.”

Amusement lit up Spooky’s eyes. “If you’re a traditionalist…”

It was Fluke who suggested a novel approach to the cure: that they ask their questions in a game of Truth or Dare.

“It’s got a clear structure with rules and penalties. Hey, if we have to do this, no reason we can’t have some fun with it, right?”

Spooky agreed that that would actually work, but Commander immediately set down some ground rules:

“Just because there won’t be any memories doesn’t mean this is harmless. I’m declaring some topics off limits. We don’t ask about people’s sex lives. We don’t ask Spooky about his time in Hell.”

Fluke cocked an eyebrow. “If we can’t ask Spooky about his sex life or his time in Hell, that pretty much eliminates anything he hasn’t already shared with the whole world.”

Spooky shrugged. “You can totally ask me about my sex life, guys. I don’t have a problem with that.”

“Oh, hooray,” Tsunami said.

Spooky soon determined that they only needed to answer one difficult question each to be cured. And then, because they’d forget about everything that happened that day, Kyle wrote down a short note describing their win against the mage and why they all came to Spooky’s safe house. That way they wouldn’t be confused when it was over.

Fluke started off the ritual by asking Spooky a classic Truth or Dare question:

“So, Spooks, out of everyone in our little community of superheroes and supervillains, who would you want to shag, who would you want to marry, and who would you want to throw off a cliff?”

Spooky frowned.

“Paul, I’m sure it’s a great question, but I actually don’t think there’sanyone I would want to throw off a cliff…”

“You could take the dare…”

Fluke then dared him to spend the rest of the game in just his underwear.

Spooky took the dare and our comic begins.

So! The gang’s all here. Some of them have already learned a little something intimate that they didn’t know before. And Spooky’s going to be in his underwear for the rest of the game. And that’s just the first page! I wonder what we’ll find on Page 2?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! I hope to see you there! 😀

  • Spooky gets cold easy. 🙁

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I volunteer to help out by cuddling with him!

      • ….I have a feeling he will soon be the center of a fujoshi/fundanshi cuddle session. ^_^ I think @chrisdangerfield:disqus has his spot reserved…

      • I don’t think “launching yourself like an ICBM at Spooky” is what the word “volunteer” means,,,,

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Pfff, semantics.

    • And YET… having seen the NSFW… there is NO demonic Spooky SHRINKAGE… I think magic must be involved. Mwahahahahahahahaha…

      • psssst did you notice they left in Spooky’s underarm hair?

        • Are you kidding… perv that I am, that’s the first thing I appreciated!!! 🙂

          • …..*looks at floor*… was also something that I immediately noticed….my v getting comment was almost about that…

        • A special request from the writer, in fact. 🙂

          • My favorite writer in the whole wide world… well today, unless he requests different stuff in the future, and then we’ll have to re-discuss. WHAT? You know we’re talking armpits here… this be important stuff!!!!

            Good job writer/director… keep it up! 🙂

      • davefragments


    • Congrats, Doki!

      • ^_^ Like I was going to miss getting the V on the first page we get to see Mitch again after he almost died? Hmmmm, though I guess it is more of a Spooky page and maybe should have gone to Chris, but oh well. ^_^ O:-)

      • I know right? Doki has totally killed me with this page. I’ll never be able to tease her about Mitch again………. (until next time).


  • davefragments

    This is going to be rather like a screwball comedy.
    My secrets in a hot tub time machine with an animal house fraternity as neighbors.

  • Tsunami, so grumpy.

    • I know. Someday Alex is going to write a “happy Gordon” story and we’ll all be shocked!

      • There is one image from his youth… 🙂

        • You are so right!!! That wave-ride is the serious awesome. He would be the most popular cousin in the family. So the question IS… where is THAT Gordon today? Okay, now I want another back-story. LOL.

      • Adam Black

        Gordon probably had to trade his happiness for his powers.

        He was cursed by Polynesian beach-combing migrants for leaving a poor tip at the family restaurant.

        He has power of the waves, but can never smile or wear a closed shirt again. ( No shirt, no shoes, no service )

        • Tyler Griffin

          THAT. Is hilarious

  • I seriously suggest everybody read the background posted by Alex, or it’s going to be confusing.

  • Mitch is just too darn adorable on this page! ^_^


    • stickfigurefairytales

      Isn’t he great?!

    • Keneu

      He is!

    • And he only gets more so as the comic continues… 🙂

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Now I’m trying to imagine how his adorableness can continue to increase, and I’m picturing Mitch suddenly holding a tiny kitten. And then on the next page, it has become two kittens.

        • It will be just like the Trouble with Tribbles. But with Kitten-Mitches.

          • davefragments

            There’s a “kitty-cat” story on the Huffington Post that amazing. It seems the photographer in Lahore Pakistan was sitting out in a game preserve when a male lion came around. Great pictures but the lion also notices the photographer. I think he should name the lion “cuddles” …


          • I second the name of Cuddles.

          • Yikes! 🙂

          • davefragments

            Great picture but that certainly is one kitty-cat you CAN’T cuddle with. . .

          • ….yes you can, you just have to also be cuddleable

            …I would

          • davefragments

            The photographer named the picture “The Ghost and the Darkness” which was a book with a history (and IMHO a lousy movie). It is the story of two game hunters called on ti kill man-eaters and they name them – The Ghost for the way it hunted, and The Darkness because that was the last light you ever saw if you came upon it.

          • You will not cure my Elmira tendencies by telling scary stories of man-eating kitties….

          • davefragments

            I wasn’t trying. However with a cat that big, there is a fine line between a “cuddle” and a “snack.”

          • I would die happy, in loads of pain,but happy. ^_^

          • Tyler Griffin

            Actually, seriously, male lions are legit giant kitties, they are the most laid back and calm large cats around. The lionesses can be a bit more highstrung, because they are hunters in the dynamic, but the males are totes cuddlebabies as long as they don’t feel threatened

          • davefragments

            I will leave it to you to tell those fangs that you want to cuddle.

          • OMG it’s treckie-cuddles… we are DOOMED!

        • *giggles* by the end of it all you see is Mitch’s eyes peering out from a what would look like a kitten mountain.

          Not adorable enough you say? THEN THEY START PURRING….Mitch too.

          • purplefoxglove

            Mitch in kitten-costume-pj’s..?

        • HA! Shortly it’s “KittenGeddon!”

        • Klaus

          The eyes of an eagle, the ears of an owl and the kittens of a … what?

  • Stubbylegs

    Kyle is having a blast in this comic….I wonder why….

  • stickfigurefairytales

    *starts singing “You Can Leave Your Hat On” to Spooky*

  • davefragments

    That left hand couch with Fluke, Mitch and Tsunami looks like they are sitting a cell in Alcatraz. I don’t think I’ve ever seen three grumps like that in a few years. There’s “I don’t like it” , “I like it even less” and “Who’s said I might even think this could be fun!”

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I dunno…Mitch looks pretty cheerful to me.

      • HA! There is the mask you put on before you even know about the closet. Then there is the mask you put on when you are completely confused about the whole ‘closet’ thing. Finally, there is the mask you put on when you don’t like the idea of any closet whatsoever.

        It’s a complex time of masks… for sure.

        • Adam Black

          Fluke is literally, hot under the collar.
          —like the 20th visual pun in Young Protectors )
          ( First…looks very Gay…)

          Mitch is checking out Spooky’s torso
          ( Definitely Gay .. per Canon ) .

          and Douchy Mc Gordon cant even stand to look at another male torso,
          —even while hes totally allergic to shirts! Talk about double-standatds.

          Yeah, kind of Doubly Gay: Exhibtionistic ;
          and homophobic yet suppressed homosexual urges )

          Must not look at sexy spooky. There can be only one torso in this comic….

  • “the primary penciler for Eric Menge’s “Snow by Night“.”

    I thought the style looked familiar! Wow, scoring some major talent there, Alex!

    • Thank you, Mik! I’m really enjoying working with Julie! She’s awesome! 🙂

      • It has been a TYP embarrassment of “art-riches” so to speak. Thanks to AW for making that happen. I like being spoiled.

  • syllibub

    I’m really digging Julie’s art style — everyone looks so great! It’s awesome to see another artist’s take on the characters, their appearances and body language. Kyle looking a little flustered and rubbing his neck where Spooky touched him is fantastic, and Mitch is so cute in the last panel. This is going to be such a fun interlude.

    • Yay! Glad you think so! 🙂

      And it’s a lot of fun for me too to see the characters with a different style. So interesting to see the different interpretations artists give to the same folks — both what’s different and what’s consistent.

      And one thing that crucially important to me is how an artist handles subtle “acting” beats (the body language) — and I think Julie does just an outstanding job with that. 🙂

      • What’s nicest, for me anyway, is that they still feel like OUR characters. I feel like they are all “THEM”, if that makes sense. Great work and great choice in Julie. Thanks Alex.

        • That totally makes sense. Glad you think so, Chris. Thank you! 🙂

    • SofiaT

      And Amanda pretending Spooky is not sitting next to her, half-naked…

  • Stubbylegs

    In Kyle’s last panel, it looks like he’s trying to will himself not to get a boner.

    • Ummmmm… mebbe… (been there, got the t-shirt).

      • Adam Black

        what it say?

        • Klaus

          “been there, got the t-shirt”

  • Adam Black

    Shouldnt there be a rule: “no unnecessary questions” ?

    Arent they threatening Spookys life with every extra question they ask?

  • SofiaT

    Kyle has his own place? Even though he’s not yet 18?

    • Well, that might be why Spooky has sleep overs. Kyle is probably a very good personal heater…

    • “The Young Protectors have just arrived together at Spooky’s cabin, fresh from a mission that had taken a dark turn.”

      • stickfigurefairytales

        No, I think she was referring when Spooky said he’d slept over at Kyle’s place.

        • And it seems to be somewhat regular thing?

          ….Do Kyle and Spooky have a schedule? or is just ‘Kyle, I crashing at your place tonight.” a few days a week here and there?

          • davefragments

            It would explain Kyle’s reaction when Spooky got hit in the battle at the end of Chapter 3. However, Kyle said to Duncan that he never had sex, not even masturbation, after he burnt the family house down. The reason was that he loses control and flames sprout everywhere. (oh good Lord, did I type that?)

          • Crashing doesn’t imply sleeping together? I don’t imply anything untoward ever happened.

            However, with Kyle’s affinity for absorbing and releasing fire, his body temperature is probably a little higher than normal. I can just see Spooky not being able to get warm and asking Kyle to be the human equivalent of an electric blanket. Spooky gets the heat he wants and Kyle gets platonic cuddling time.

          • davefragments

            Yes. That’s what I meant. They are buddies, like brothers are buddies.

          • “Spooks, sometimes I feel like you are using me as your own personal heater.”

            *mumbled* “Shut up Kyle and go to sleep.”

          • davefragments

            quit belching and pharting. . .
            BTW – I was in a fraternity and we used a common sleeping room. Someone always opened a window because twenty college men in one room was too much to seal up overnight. I got used to sleeping under blankets in all weather.

          • Thank yew… and that cooled things off nicely. 😀

          • EEEEEEEEE-Gaaaaaaaddddd… stop you two!

          • davefragments


          • Liar liar pants on FIRE!

          • (chris is now dying. doki has killed chris with her kyle-spooky warmth logic… I must go wash the dishes now or it’s going to be trouble… ha)

          • Tyler Griffin

            Wash those dishes, yeah. Rub that grease stain REALLY firmly, Grasp that butterknife.

          • HA!

          • Adam Black

            Can he release heat without fire?

          • Hmmm…I don’t think of it as “releasing” heat, just calling on his fire to regulate his body temperature to be a little bit warmer.

          • Ohh oh oh… it’s magic…

          • Tyler Griffin

            cuddling: The art of discovering how much “accidental” butt wiggling it takes to induce a boner from your partner. You KNOW Spooky would do it, just for the laugh

          • Yes Dave, yes you did. AND WE LIKED IT! So HA!

          • Adam Black

            Unless it happens tonight and he got mindwiped!

          • All this mindwipe talk… have you been at the Roofies again?

          • Adam Black

            The YP have.

            We are going to know things that they wont know, in the next chapter.

            This can end in a giant “consequence-free” orgy .
            ( prob wont, but it could be patreon-only )

          • Julie probably charges a lot more for a Patreon orgy… that’s a serious milestone… LOL.

          • Tyler Griffin

            $10,000/month we can raise that in a few days, look at how quickly we broke that 7,000

          • Adam Black

            he wouldnt be the first person to pretend to be a virgin

          • davefragments

            One Saturday night back at college, one of the brothers who slept on floor two came back down to the mixer looking quite stunned. It seems when he opened the door to the sleeping room to get his PJ’s, he found a couple finishing the (what shall I say) horizontal mambo with glee. They were in his bed. They got up, thanks him and left. he wandered down to the party to find the president of the frat in a quite stunned and bewildered state.
            Imagine the nerve of people!

          • You say that like one who knows?

          • Tyler Griffin

            Maybe he just doesn’t REMEMBER! Spooky magic, lol

          • You are killing me with this scenarior… (keep going).

          • Tyler Griffin

            And just how many memory charms has Kyle endured? Maybe THAT’s why he seemed so naive and accping regarding the annihilator, residual effects of repeated use of the Forget Me Stick

          • …..just as long as it wasn’t a malfunctioning Forget Me Stick….Not sure if that made Lockhart better or worse….but it at least got him out of the school…

          • Tyler Griffin

            LoL. I kind of pictured something more along the lines of the Forget Me Stick in Megamind. But that works as well, since it at least stays on topic.

        • Okay… see I already have f*ck-tons of head cannon on that scenario even before we start this game… ummm… excueeze me.

      • SofiaT

        “Kyle just knows that from when I slept over at his place.”

    • Keneu

      That makes me wonder if Kyle has ever contacted his parents or his sister after what happened, if he’s living now on his own.

  • For some reason I was imagining that Spooky would be in briefs.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      For some reason I was imagining that he would be in his white-with-red-loveheart boxers from the trading card.

      • Hush… the Admiral said ‘briefs’. NEVER argue with the admiral about undergarments. LOL.

        • 😛

        • Tyler Griffin

          Speedo style. Maybe mesh material…

      • that would have been acceptable.

  • ikeamonkey89

    Great story and I’m really loving the art. Great job, friends!

  • TwilightDreamer

    Love it so far, bonus comics are always so much fun 😀

  • Keneu

    I really like pannels 4 and 5. Amanda, Spooky and Kyle’s expressions say it all.

  • LL

    Commander oh so subtly looking away in panel four…

  • WarGoddess

    Awwww not that Kyle isn’t always cute, but he looks even more squeeable in this art style. So adorbz. 😀

  • I’m really liking Julie’s take on the Commander. Reminds me a bit of Wonder Woman.

    The guys are just adorable! I want to pinch all their cheeks. Well, Tsunami I just want to pinch for being so grumpy. Okay, Spooky I want to snuggle. He looks very snuggley. (DON’T JUDGE ME!!)

    • stickfigurefairytales

      We wouldn’t dream of judging you, Admiral my dear.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      The art (particularly in panel one, and particularly on Mitch and Kyle) reminds me of the style used for the various Power Pack miniseries that Marvel put out in the late Noughts. Yes, they all look so young and cheek-pinchable. Huh, now I’m wondering what (not if) objections Gordon would make to being drawn chibi-style in the fan arts.
      [edit] Checking my digest copies indicates art by Gurihiru.

      • Ha! Serious Tsunami is serious. Must not have the cute!

        • But doesn’t that make you want to pinch Gordon’s cheeks even more. Heeeeeeyyyyyy… boooo booo… (smoooch). Just to mess with him? 🙂

          • No. I’d pinch his side. Give him something legit to be grumpy about. 🙂

          • Admiral is tuff… ouch.

          • Of course, that’s how you become the Admiral. 😛

          • Tyler Griffin

            He’s totally that guy at the gym whose ass you slap at any opportunity simply because it renders him paralyzed with horror and impotent rage.

    • HA!

  • I like that there are a lot of different facial expression in that first panel. I really want to slap Gordon though. >:-(

    Gordon: revulsion…. seriously dude, take a fu*king chill pill, you see worse at the beach or pool or even the freaking locker room. *glares*

    Mitch: ….might be checking Spooky out? Or just being completely chill. Probably the most chill one other than Spooky.

    Paul: pensive?

    Kyle: concern

    Spooky: being his chill Spooky-self

    Amanda: …looking at Gordon?

    • Phyre Storm

      She’s checking whether he needs slapping.

      • Tyler Griffin

        Mentally AND physically… Ooooooo. That give me a though, how many times has Amanda resorted to a Mental Bitch-slap (sorry for the gender slur, just couldn’t think of a better one) instead of a physical one when arguing with idiots (not necessarily her team, she seems like too good a leader to resort to such tactics, OTHER people however…)

        • Phyre Storm

          As a certified bitch, I have no objection to that “gender slur.”

          • Tyler Griffin

            Oooooo! The “Gibbs Slap” I should’ve thought of that!

  • Hours Left

    Bonus comic time! 🙂

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Hmm. Malicious random thought: Spooky gets cold easily. We can imply from this that he sleeps in flannelette pyjamas – for those times when he has to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom – rather than sleep in the nude under layers of blankets.
    In a twisted way, this probably counts as a mental image that you will try and fail to unsee. You’re welcome >:-P

    • davefragments

      footies with bunnies on them

    • You are so adorable Saxon, but I’ve had that mental image for a few chapters now and I haven’t even tried to un-see it. (looks down) And I didn’t even feel bad about not trying… 😀

    • Tyler Griffin

      You mean the ones with the 2 button easy access port-I mean trapdoor on the butt?

  • jreed3842

    Ahhh!!! I’m totally excited!! 😀
    And the art is fantastic!

  • …..the fireplace is bothering me.

    It looks more like it is used as a doorway for visiting demons than its intended purpose.

    • Uh oh. The last couple of days when I think about things like that I remember that part from the “Follow that Bird” review:

      “And he said jump! And he said No! And he said jump! And he said NO!” The best part is Big Bird is holding his foot up.

      I always laugh so hard. A deep, belly laugh that shakes me to my bones.

    • Tyler Griffin

      Or a connection with the Floo Network?

      • ….even those fire places are usually used are fireplaces, being used to Floo is secondary

        • Tyler Griffin

          Except in the Ministry where the Fireplaces were rather large and ornate, and obviously intended for uses beyond simple climate control. I would imagine many a Pureblood or wealth have highly ornate and formidable looking fireplaces

          • …..the Ministry….instead of Ministry of Magic, it should be Ministry of Misery/Denial/Idiots….not even in most fanfics does the MOM come off as positive, even in the post war ones. Heh. There is one were the British MOM sentences Harry to Azkaban for pretty much defeating Voldy without their permission. -_- Harry with the help of the Goblins and the Americans gets a retrial in front of the ICW (? … The International panel of wizards). The British MOM is so screwed after that scene when practically every representative recognizes the life-debt they owe Harry for his defeat of Voldy. *giggles* Harry gets his British citizenship revoked and he gets taken in by the yanks, meaning that the Brits no longer have any claim on him or his magic. They can no longer ask him to save their a**es. ….I probably get too much pleasure out of watching the British MOM burn.

    • Eve

      I think it looks just like my in-laws’ fireplace, so it works for me.

    • Phyre Storm

      How else is Kyle’s dad supposed to play?

      Actually, you know what? Never mind. Parents shouldn’t be involved in these things.

      • HA! (and high above the cabin George Finnegan Eyeball slowly orbits and watches……….)

    • Eagle eye Doki… mmmmmm… a portal. Maybe it’s the one that cute demon from the bonus comic uses to visit Spooky… (chris’ head-cannon once again goes into tawdry overdrive)

  • Klaus

    He could throw Mitch off a cliff.

    • From the sofa? Come on Klaus, that seems a little extreme, even for a Dare?

  • Danny

    From experience, taking off a sweatshirt without knocking off a hat is rather difficult. Clearly, Spooky has done this before.

    • I thought that also, but I’ve gotten pretty good at taking one off while keeping my glasses on, so I just went with it….. LOL.

      • Danny

        Same. But a hat is definitely a level of difficulty higher. I suppose it just goes to show how talented Spooky is.

  • Klaus

    Anybody care to answer the questions? If I had to throw someone off a cliff, it would be Mitch. As for the two first questions, I am not telling, but I do know just who (if only I was fireproof).

    • Phyre Storm

      I’d throw Sircea off a cliff, shag Commander, and marry Spooky.
      “Who should we kill first?” HOW ABOUT YOU.

  • This is going to be fun for sure 🙂

  • Tyler Griffin

    Ok, so “Last page is still dropping me off at Mitch getting blasted out of the sky, but I just learned something else interesting, hitting previous takes me to the last comic page that I was on, rather than to the last comic page chronologically? Is that a bug, or a feature?

    • It’s a sign that you should delete your browser’s cache. 🙂 That should fix the Last page issue. You can tell that you’ve successfully deleted your browser’s cache when the URL for “Last” links to

      If the URL is anything different than that for the Last link, then your browser is still holding onto cached pages from a couple weeks ago.

      Now that I’ve changed the Last link to this dynamic URL, then even if your browser caches pages, it will still work correctly. 🙂

      • Tyler Griffin

        Actually, what was confusing me was that I kept clearing my cache and it would fix the problem until the next time I closed and reopened my browser, which meant that the old cached data was being restored somehow. However Danish pointed out something that I had not thought about, with the old bookmark and thumbnail links, and THAT seems to have fixed it.

        • Ah… Thumbnail links. Hadn’t occurred to me. Yep, that would be a separate thing. Glad y’all were able to figure it out! 🙂

    • Don’t know if this will work for you, but it did for me. Do you have the Title page as your bookmark for the comic, and have you had it since before page 109?

      If so, then delete your old bookmark for the Title page and make a new when you’re on the Title page. It could be because your bookmark was made before the site updated between page 108 & 109. A clearing of the computer browser was what DID make my computer go to page 109 again and again. As if the old bookmark didn’t want to go further than page 109 and forgot the new site update every time the browser had been cleared.. When I hadn’t cleared the browser it worked with Last going to newest page, after I manually put in the new page-address (something I’ve always done due to camping and refreshing the page sometimes).

      Don’t know if it will work for you, but try making the bookmark again (if you have it), and if you don’t already have a bookmark then try to make it – so that your computer remembers after a clearing of the browser cache.

      • Tyler Griffin

        Actually that was exactly the case, both my bookmark and the link I had thumbnailed in the tabs page were made before the new website went live. Deleted and recreated both and it worked perfectly this morning.

  • bronakopdin

    Oh Alex, you sure know how to fanservice xD
    and of course I totally remember the artstyle from the “anime-like” wallpaper!
    Welcome Julie! It’s a pleasure to have you, I really love the wallpaper from the patreon 😀

  • Greg Skudlarek

    I was just about to give up on Kyle and Spooky, but after that side-eye and embarrassed neck rub my hopes have been restored! Great choice of artist, Alex! 🙂

    • Thank you, Greg! I’m having a lot of fun working with Julie! 🙂

    • Kit the Coyote

      I would think if he is perpetually cold, spooning with Kyle would the ideal sleeping arrangement. My wife feels cold most of the time while I tend to feel hot, a condition she describes as cold and hot blooded. She says I’m the best electric blanket there is. *laughs*

      • Tyler Griffin

        I have been told that I must have a coal burning steam furnace in my family tree based on the amount of body heat I put off in bed. I have also been told this is a good thing, shortly before the other person attempts to do a fusion with me, lol.

    • From your lips to Alex’s script!

  • Spooky is so damn cute.

  • Columbine

    It’s great seeing the guys in a new art style. They all look……..well I was going to say ‘younger’ but perhaps ‘their age’ is a tad more accurate. I love their expressions, great job there. A lot of them seem more slender as well, I’m not sure why. I think in the Commander’s case it’s the jacket.

    They look good.

    • Eve

      I had the same thought! First, I thought are they younger? Then I realized they actually look like they’re teenagers or in their twenties. It’s a refreshing change, although I can’t wait to get back to the main story.

  • Didn’t make it to camp (migraine hooray), and there’s a lot I want to say about the page, but I want to save it until headache is gone. I want to enjoy writing it.

    I just HAD to come see the page, now that I made it out of bed for a short time. Now I can go back to bed and relax.

    • I look forward to hearing what you have to say. Feel better soon, Danish. 🙂

    • Klaus

      God bedring.

      (No, that is not religious. Literal translation: good bettering. That is, get well.)

    • somebody

      Get well soon!!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Poor Danish. I hope you feel better soon!

    • purplefoxglove

      Sleep tight, if you can. I hope you get well soon 🙂

  • Rauron

    Oh man, finally a dude without a six-pack. Nice to see~

    • Tyler Griffin

      So far, we are all in utter agreement that we love our slightly chubby Spooksman

    • 🙂

  • Kiri

    This is lovely! I’m going to love this. 🙂 Awww for Spooky, I hope someone turns up the heat to make him more comfortable…
    Turns up the heat…. hmmm… I think that’s your job Kyle!
    (I’m not shipping Kyle and Spooky, really I’m not…)

    • Klaus

      Is that fireplace just for show?

      • Nope, Doki has convinced me that Spooky has set it up as a magic portal to his office… so he doesn’t have commute. 😀

        • Tyler Griffin

          I’m tellin ya, Floo Network and some Magical Old Money

    • Oh good, because neither am I. That would just be TOO MUCH SYNCHRONICITY for one comic. (spooky and kyle sitting in a tree… snoggi-n-g like mad)

    • LOL. Glad you like it! 🙂

  • somebody

    aaww they look so cute! xD
    can’t wait for more ^^

  • Punkpoemprose

    Ohhh shirtless Spooky, definitely a happy birthday to me!

    • Eve

      Happy birthday indeed! I love how he looks like a regular man, no six pack, and he’s still a cutie.

      • Punkpoemprose

        Right! He’s an awesome blend!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Hooray! Happy birthday!!

      • Punkpoemprose

        Thank you so much!

    • purplefoxglove

      Happy birthday! 😀

      • Punkpoemprose

        Thanks! 🙂

    • Happy Birthday!

      • Punkpoemprose

        Thank you! 🙂

    • And a Happy Birthday from me too! 🙂

      • Punkpoemprose

        Thanks so much!

    • Happy belated Birthday!!

      • Punkpoemprose

        Thank you!

  • Klaus

    So in this world, there are prepackaged spells with a very clearly defined effects.

    • fujoshifanatic

      If it works for the Harry Potter universe…

      • Sure… Potterus Explanitorum and BAM you have an instant plot solution. Go look it up. I hear Dowling used it heavily. 🙂

    • It does interestingly remind us that Superheroes are a relatively recent happening in this AU, but that magic has been around as long as Sircea (or reasonably longer). Veritas >< Inquisition. Spells and the Catholic Church. That's an oddly interesting combo.

      It magic is such a known thing… then it makes one wonder why modern day ExSec would be caught somewhat flat-footed in dealing with these "crazy" magic users. They were able to russle up a dampener that works on everything — butt — magic, but not something to help them deal with the crazies. I'm not sure what, but there is something interesting in all that.

      • Tyler Griffin

        Magic and the Catholic Church is not at all that unusual a combination in modern gothic fantasy settings, the theory being that simply because it is one of the oldest organized religious institutions, it would have encountered virtually every spiritual, magical, and supernatural idea in every culture it encountered as it spread across the known world before and during the Dark Ages.

        Exorcist Priests would have cataloged and studied those that actually worked, and as the Church prevailed against those cultures, their secrets would have been recorded and stored at the Vatican for research and appropriation by the church. As for ExSec being unprepared for magic, if the RCC really is the larges single repository of magical knowledge outside the crazies themselves, and ExSex is a secular government institution, then it would make sense that the RCC would not feel inspired to admit to it’s knowledge, let alone share it.

        • That is good thoughtful stuff.

          Reading lots of fantasy fiction, I’ve often observed that writers LOVE to create fantasy adventures using the cast and rules of the Catholic church. For all that church’s challenges for people who attempt to follow it in our Real World, it is by far one of the most historically theatrical of the western religions. Great story. Great characters.

          I mean, now can one not be fascinated by the complex ranks of angels… It’s like Pokemon on steroids.

          (I say Western, because the minute one discovers the Eastern pantheons/writings…

          …they realize how relatively simple the West really is regarding their religions.)

          Wayne Barlowe wrote one of my favorite Catholic-based books of all time (it’s set entirely in hell) titled, GOD’S DEMON.

          All about one of the ‘fallen’ who decides he going to see if “eternity” means exactly that or if redemption is possible. And, very much like corporate politics, there is a large faction in Hell determined to prevent him from showing both demons and human souls that there is a choice and wish to maintain the status-quo.

          The book is Catholic theatrics at it’s best. Loved it. (warning: it’s not a cuddly book, but it’s a dramatic, hopeful and very good one)

          • Tyler Griffin

            That sounds interesting, almost similar to the Spawn Comic book. The RCC really DOES lend itself very well to virtually any fantasy setting. It just has so many secrets, and rituals, and theatrics. And it’s sordid and problematic history in real life, just adds that much more intrigue and layers tot eh tapestry.

          • SPAWN is a good example. Exactly.

        • Very nice analysis, Tyler! 🙂

  • Pikinanou

    aw the art is great, I like it! and boy, I’m melting at Spooky here (though I wouldn’t have minded learning who he would marry you know? :D)

    • Klaus

      My guess at his answers: everyone, no-one and no-one.

    • Glad to hear you like the art… and Spooky!

      And to get your answer, you’ll just have to invite him to play a game of Truth or Dare with you sometime… 😉

  • Kit the Coyote

    Mitch in the last frame looks so young and cute, you want to give him a lollipop and pat his head. Brings out all the paternal/maternal instincts.

    • Klaus

      And in the first frame too. These drawings really remind us how young he is.

      • I guess a month prior to being 15 is a lot in proportion to 15 years….

    • fujoshifanatic

      Though I must admit I was staring at his six-pack for a minute there. FWIW, I felt (a little) bad when I caught myself. ;-P

      • Thank goodness I never do such inappropriate things. (whispers: more than 3-4 time a minute)

    • So you want to spit into a handkerchief and scrub the smudge of his cute little cheek, embarrassing him in front of his team-mates? (Wait I’m channeling my Grandma… sorry… carry on.)

    • And there’s more where that came from in upcoming pages, Kit… 😀

  • Klaus

    How do we celebrate when we reach 1000 patrons?

    • (chris begins an extensive list that all seems to involve work for Alex… hmmmm… that can’t be right — shrugs — okay “backstory on the Kyle-Spooky sleepover”, and……….) 🙂

      • Tobyan

        Yeah ! Moar SpooKyle is always the answer !!

        • HA… It’s like the letter “C” on a multiple choice test. When in doubt. Check! Moar Spooky!

  • fujoshifanatic

    Yay, and the interlude begins! Such an awesome premise for this mini-arc; I can’t wait to see what transpires! What a perfect way for us to learn about TYP without any lasting (?) consequences for them. Hopefully there will be as many juicy dares as there are truths! *eyes Amanda and Spooky longingly*

    Love Julie’s art Alex! You really have some top-notch talent bringing your characters to life! Like someone said below, I love the fresh take on them, but that they still are the same characters that I know and love–even Grumpy Gordon! 🙂

    And like everyone else, if I were Spooky I would have spared my nips (and everything else) the cold and thrown Mitch off a cliff. And while I’m very glad he took the dare, I suspect it was because he was more worried about answering the first two questions than the third. Plus, I think he might be a bit of an exhibitionist (and very deservedly so!), despite his sensitivity to cold. 😛 This might also explain his sexy padding? More insulation against the cold?

    Lastly, oh my God Mitch! If he were any cuter, he would spontaneously erupt kitten ears himself and punctuate his sentences with “Nya!” He looks every bit the adorable adolescent he is, even as I’m (guiltily) ogling his mighty fine six-pack. I wouldn’t mind seeing him and Kyle do a particular dare, especially if it makes Gordon’s head pop right off. X-D

    Fantastic start, and welcome to the TYP Creative Team, Julie! Looking forward to more! 😀

    • Now sweetie, if you are going to go and have him with kitty ears then how the heck do you leave out the tail??? heh…..*starts remembering some of the manga she has read with cat boys…..goes off into dreamland*

      • (chris looks about and wonders if he’s wandered into a different AU) LOL.

      • Tyler Griffin

        If Mitch gets Kitty Ears, then Kyle gets Dog Ears and a necklace of beads…. “Sit BOY!”

        • Why do I feel like you and Doki are starting up a really unique animal shelter? … LOL.

        • *giggles* I always thought Inuyasha was adorable/cute, but his half-brother Sesshomaru….mmmm buddy….I don’t care if he is full demon and hates humans and has a MAJOR superiority complex….I would trade places with Rin any day.

          • Kit the Coyote

            I loved Inuyasha and Ranma 1/2. I mean my anime roots go all the way back Speed Racer and Starblazers but a cross over of IY and Ranma was my first inspiration towards trying my hands at a fan fiction. My guilty pleasure was a bit Yaoi fun with a grown up Shippo and the original character that is my avatar here. If you could see he has coyote ears and a tail. Inuyasha was his inspiration but with an American twist.

      • fujoshifanatic

        You are so right Doki–how could I forget the tail? *follows you right into dreamland to chase some cat boy tail* ;-P

    • Yay, so glad you like the premise I came up with and Julie’s art! I feel very lucky to be able to work with such awesome artists, and Julie has been a lot of fun to work with on this comic. Her style is perfect for this Truth or Dare comic—and I agree she makes all the characters extra adorable, while still keeping them who they are. 🙂

      Thank you for such a thoughtful and fun reaction, fujoshifanatic!

      (Oh, and Spooky an exhibitionist? Perish the thought… 😉 )

  • purplefoxglove

    What I find really interesting about the Intro is that…

    …AFTER Paul already knew that Spooky wasn’t going to answer the questions, he dared our all-favourite magic user to drop his clothes. I feel a new ship coming up, guys. 😀

    Also, does that mean that Spooky slept over at Kyle’s several times, but never crashed at Paul’s place? Or has the topic of Spooky getting cold easily simply not come up when he was at Paul’s?

    • Hmmmmmmmm…… (vedddy interesting!)

    • Good questions, purplefoxglove. 🙂

      • Tyler Griffin

        Worth some exploratory kickstarter patreon rewards, eh? EH? *Eyebrow wiggles*

  • I just like the terms of the curse… I predict there is going to be “forgotten snogging” by the next morning!

    • Tyler Griffin

      Spooky, being savvy and good at reading folks, already has Kyle’s sex life secrets figured out and DARES him to a make out session… Kyle freaks out initially, because even if no one will remember this, it’s still AGHHHHH! Gordon flips his shit, because “EW, GAY” and “MINOR!” but eventually gets over ruled by Flyboy (who is now fantasizing about the idea) and Kyle (who is also fantasizing, but also has come to the lust fueled leap in logic that going along with it is really the best way to “play it cool”).

  • purplefoxglove

    I think I’ve finally gone bonkers. Last night, I dreamt that during the face-off with Team Silver, TYP could summon us readers through some kind of dimension-crossing pokeball. Spooky managed to summon Chris Dangerfield and Admiral Jane before he was taken down – my respect for them has increased in direct proportion to the havoc their dream-selves wrecked O.o

    • I like that dream. AJ and I would kick some serious ass. (chris imagines introducing himself politely to Duncan and as we shake hands he deftly slips that dampener gauntlet off him — glow dies — and AJ whacks him REALLY hard across the back of the head with a large frying pan.)

      Still working on a solution for Sircea — just give me time. Maybe one of those bottles of Spooky’s that have scattered all about!!!!!!


      • Tyler Griffin

        AJ: Oh, MY! The ANNIHILATOR! I can’t believe I’m meeting you in person, at LAST! Here, HAVE A MUFFIN! *Bonks Duncan into oblivion with a giant baked good*

    • My dream self is always glad to cause mischief! 😀

      • It is a dream — thus the Admiral can arrive carrying THE SHOVEL OF ULTIMATE POWER and when Sircea is all snooty… she can level the shovel at her and blow her into the trees. (Remember: Magic is not dampened… the irony will be delicious.)

        So we need a frying pan with some heft to it and THE SHOVEL OF ULTIMATE POWER and the Admiral and I can keep any of our kids from being killed.

        purplefoxglove — gets all the credit for saving the day in dreamland. XD

        • da da da DA!!!

        • purplefoxglove

          Actually…I remember that flails were involved, and you also made use of some other blunt weapons. I thought those were warhammers, but now I see that it must have been the Shovel of Ultimate Power and the Spade of Doom 😉

    • You mean I wasn’t the only one? Just to let you know, that was *my* boot.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I am SO JEALOUS of Chris and AJ right now. 😀

      • purplefoxglove

        I don’t quite remember all of the fight that followed, but I’m pretty sure they were wielding flails. Obviously, Spooky supplied them with some nifty weapons. 😀

        • stickfigurefairytales

          So cool!!!

  • Sapfo

    Thank you Julie for this new art style. I am sure that Doki is drolling over cute little Mitch.
    So… Spooky likes it warm. So do I. We have so much incommen 😉
    AND Spooky without a shirt, it must be our lucky day 😀

    • purplefoxglove

      Not only is he without his shirt, he’s also without his trousers 😀

      Do you think it would be against the rules to share a blanket with him? I’d be totally up for playing his life-sized hot-water bottle.

      • It is VERY warm in my blanket fort. Spooky is entirely welcome. NO! Really. Anytime he needs a timeout. 🙂

        • Sapfo

          Blanket fort? I think I should give you a timeout and make sure Spooky is every warm with me 😉

          • I just added a room to my blanket fort, especially for Strawberries… drop by any time. 🙂

          • Sapfo

            Your blanket fort have more then one room? I love to drop by one day 😀

        • purplefoxglove

          If you have place for me in your blanket fort, I’ll bring homemade cookies 😀

          • Oh wow YES. In fact why aren’t you here already. All you have to do is crawl through the coffee table tunnel and you are in the official cookie room. SO AGAIN… YES!! XD

          • purplefoxglove

            Yay! *crawls in and brings a big pate of chocolate chip cookies to share*

  • Klaus

    I wonder if Spooky’s stay in Hell has left other lasting effects. So far we have seen amnesia and sensitivity to cold.

    Is there a cold or ice themed villain out there? Or could Sircea do a blast of cold?

    • Tyler Griffin

      Well, based on the Spooky’s Kiss story, it certainly left some memories.

      • I know… I’m still all verklempt about Spooky’s cute Demon boy. I’m hoping we can convince Alex that we need a Milestone story where Spooky and Amanda go and rescue him. (of course I don’t know a damn thing about him, or if he even CAN be rescued, but he’s too sexy to give up on until we know for sure and I’m just that shallow!) XD

        • Tyler Griffin

          BTW, you dun messed up boi. You posted a link that told me how to find your tumblr, muahahahahahahaha

          • Awwww that’s adorbs, but everyone knows how to find my Tumblr… So consider yourself warned, it’s pretty eclectic and only fun for me and (WHAT?) a touch silly.

            Set your expectation on low and you’ll be fine. LOL. Most of the smart stuff on there I reblog from smarter members of this very list.

            Now the Tumblr you want to go look up is Rum-Locker’s … erm … for REASONS. XD

          • Tyler Griffin

            What’chu talkin bout? I dun HAD Rum-locker, lol. I am thoroughly enjoying yours though.

    • I think if one of your 13th birthday presents is an unexpected year-long trip to hell you sure as heck SHOULD get some highly positive lasting after effects. Hey, I mean it would only be fair. Right?

      • Klaus

        Such as the ability to use magic, e.g.?

        • Well sure that’s a good start… now lets see where we go from here. (no surprise, chris is still fixated on Spooky’s need to stay warm and a ‘certain person’ who can help him with that)

  • Klaus

    Why is Mitch wearing a jacket indoors, by the way?

    • Well see when he was in hell… WHAT? It will all come out and be forgotten during the Veritas curse. I mean who HASN’T been to hell.

    • purplefoxglove

      To fuel Doki’s imagination?

      Sorry, stripping Spooky totally got my brain into the gutter. Don’t see that one improving anytime during the next few weeks…

    • They did just come from a mission and the jacket is a part of his outfit. ^_^

      • Klaus

        That should not keep him from taking it off when he walks in the door. He is also wearing it in the interlude, so it is what he usually does. But why does he think it remarkable that Spooky does the same?

        • Tyler Griffin

          I dunno, in february I tend to get so used to wearing a jacket/coat that if I go anywhere except my own house I tend to forget to take it off, even to the point of sitting on a couch and sweating from heat.

          So if Mitch wears it a lot, which makes sense with his flight powers just like motercyclists tend to wear jackets in all weather, then he’d just get used to not taking it off.

        • Maybe he just wonders if Spooky has any other outfit? Or is his closet all beige trenchcoats, hoodies, and jeans?

  • Suhndog

    Being a huge fan of anime, I love the new style!
    What a great ‘blend’ between anime and the original look!
    Wow! I didn’t need coffee this morning to warm up!!
    I’m a real sucker for anime guys!
    Mitch is really …….. whew …. mmmmmm : 3

  • Okay….I thought this was odd last night, and I still find it odd. Spooky gets to choose from ALL the supers, heros and villains. I would have thought that with Spooky’s distaste for a specific Platinum thorn, she would have been an obvious choice for that. She really wouldn’t like it, and it probably wouldn’t work, but you would at least have the satisfaction of being able to throw her off a cliff at least once. I would think this takes place after his run in with her. Or is Spooky unable to want to throw anyone off a cliff?

    Though a safe answer would have been Mitch because Mitch can fly, even though Spooky didn’t think of it, as Alex has said.

    Or he latched on to that one so he wouldn’t have to answer the first two? Spooky just what are you hiding? As you opened up the can of worms saying they could ask about your sex life.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Hmm, you’re right. The first time I read it I thought the question was just about members of the team, but now I see that it does in fact include all the superheroes and supervillains. Interesting…


    I’m just realizing how much I needed this fun interlude after the tension and angst of the battle (which I loved… butt).

    I was thinking about Alex still working enough to get his savings back AND writing/directing/producing with both Julie, and with the Milestone and Kickstarter artists, and with Adam and Veronica. Two pages a week, which is intense. He keeps up this site, manages all the physical material (books, cards, shipping, etc…), keeps up with Patreon posting, Tumblr posting, etc, etc… That’s a lot and burnout (which is not at issue TODAY… is a long-term thing).

    So, it’s worth preventing if we can… especially if we can help that while encouraging more interludes over the long-term.

    I also thought about when his computer bwoke in Texas and thought that there will always be hardware costs in a technological undertaking as complex and detailed as TYP+.

    Okay… so I got to fantasizing (i know, dangerous right?). I’m already digging this interlude so much after one page. I loved the earlier Spooky and Amanda bonus comic and the way it has meshed with the Spooky prose stories. Sooooooo…

    What if over the next year(s)+ enough new fans could find $3/month to jump into Patreon — such that Alex could set new Milestones that allowed Julie (and other artists) to just gently and continually work on these shorter bonus interludes?

    Then Alex, Adam and Veronica could plan reasonable breaks long in advance a couple of times a year (like any of us do). The interlude artists could stretch their work out, while also dealing with other commitments, thus keeping costs manageable. And thus, over time, there is a bit of an art-bank for AW to pull upon.

    Okay just some long-term what-if-ing. I’m just having too much fun reading this already. I get $-issues. I was so poor at University that eating was a major decision. So, maybe as people’s circumstances change over time and becoming a Patreon ‘becomes possible’ there continues to be clear advantages for all of us TYP lovers to turn new fans on to the benefits of being mad fans and supporting the journey. Thanks.

    I’m done now. PROMISE. Shutting up… LOL. XD

    • Tyler Griffin

      I think that’d be awesome.

  • Madock345

    Lol, that first panel is great. Kyle way too obviously averting his eyes and mitch just soaking it in. XD

    I wonder how many sleepovers Kyle and Spooks have had, and why, and what happened. We need another bonus comic just for teenage hero sleepover shenanigans!

  • A warm welcome to Julie! I always enjoy seeing great art from artists that are new to me. I’m finding this version of Spooky particularly attractive! Well done, a great page overall!

  • Tyler Griffin

    For some reason, the ellipses is Spooky’s comment seem to indicate that there is MORE tot hat explanation…

  • LesserKeyStudios

    Hello everyone, Julie here. Thank you all so much for the kind words on the first page of the short story. It’s great to know that my style is received well by the western comics community. I hope everyone likes what we have in store!

    • SofiaT

      Thanks for your work, Julie!
      Really enjoying the different version of the team! (They also look younger to me, and that seems to fit perfectly a game of Truth or Dare, which brings me back to my middle school days!)

    • Thank you for doing the bonus comic! Like Sofia said, loving your vision of the team!

    • Ceiling Chair

      I thought the style here seemed familiar!
      I love your work in Snow by Night, so I’m kinda excited for what’s to come!

    • Like I said, I’ve been a fan of Snow By Night for a couple years. I’m confident in your talent and great style.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Can’t wait to see more! 🙂

    • It’s not just the West Coast that’s enjoying your art! Hello from Australia 🙂

  • Nirgal

    Welcome on board, Julie!
    The style is a really interesting blend: Mitch in the last panel looks 100% anime, while Kyle in panel 3 looks like old-school Disney, Spooky looks kinda Brother-Bear-y, and Amanda in all panels looks every inch of her awesome self. You NAILED Amanda and Gordie abso-fucking-lutely.

  • blkwhtrbbt

    This version of Flyboy is sooooo cute!

  • Klaus

    Several people have asked for PP in the sexy milestone picture coming up. But who to partner her with? I suggest the character in the upper right of panel 1 of this page:

    • Tyler Griffin

      Does she really NEED a partner? I mean, it IS The Platinum Priestess. Unless Sylibub wants to sit for a portrait with the wifey?

    • Excellent choice you matchmaker, you… but do you think it he can trust Sircea. I just mean that she does have a bit of a black widow (eat her partner after the fun is over) type of quality about her. I’d be concerned if I were it him. LOL.

    • Who asked for PP? Some of us have been rooting for Commander to be picked, and she’ll still get my vote 🙂

      And we’re only to pick one, but it can be from any of Alex’ comics.
      GO AMANDA!

    • Phyre Storm

      GUH! AAHHH!!!
      You ASS! >_<

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Another random thought. Was the fight against this mage and his Veritas Curse being used as a training exercise?

    I don’t mean that it was a set-up by Spooky and the Commander. I don’t doubt that the mage in question was a real mage, genuinely insane, and almost certainly doing something dangerous. But as we know from other sources that Spooky has been fighting dangerous opponents for several years. And he’s got enough bravado in him that he wants to go after the Platinum Priestess in the YP: Spooky: Choices text story even after being warned off by Agent Hastings. Let’s further assume that the mage in question was dangerous enough to warrant the involvement of the full team.

    So imagine this scenario. Commander has been training the Young Protectors for a while, and even though they are “only” a search and rescue squad, that still occasionally puts them in dangerous situations. Moreover, even though most of the Young Protectors are rejects from the official intern projects, she knows that once they have shown that they are competent that there’s a good chance that some of the guys will move onto one of the fully sanction hero teams. Spooky comes to her and outlines the situation with the current mage that he’s tracking, points out that although he’s dangerous enough to warrant more than just Spooky’s involvment that the mage is not totally beyond the YP’s wherewithall. Spooky suggests that a bit of real life training against a supervillainous opponent.

    For meta reasons we can infer that Commander agrees with him. After all, the current fight with Team Silver is taking place because of a tight time constraint to put a stop to a literal end-of-the-world situation. By comparison the mage at the start of YP: Truth Or Dare is probably someone whose antics aren’t quite so urgent – so if he was genuinely beyond Spooky’s abilities but at the same time someone who Commander didn’t want the YP team going up against (for whatever reason), the mage could reasonably be delegated to another super team. Under the circumstances the Commander probably didn’t require much talking around by Spooky.

    However, you can bet that Commander was was a bit put out by the irony of the situation at the start of chapter 3 of YP: Engaging The Enemy. Her team had only just started training against supervillains, and almost immediately they get thrown into the deep end to go up against the Platinun Priestess and Annihilator.

    • Great ideas. The only question I had, that really just requires me to re-read the 3rd story is that I don’t think ExSec has access to magic users other than Spooky.

      It sounded like there is Sircea (not good), Spooky (good, but not in the government’s pocket and fully under control and being that governments tend to be full of control freaks, they struggle with that) and then the rest of the magic users are the Crazies and unpredictably dangerous.

      It does sound like Sircea has pounded out some sort of control over the crazies, if only via a fear of death. So, I assumed if ExSec needed Spooky to go on this ‘Veritas’ mission, it was due to lack of options on their part.

      Okay (yadda yadda), I’ll do a re-read tomorrow and see if I’m remembering that right. Thanks Saxon.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        Your recollection of Choices pretty much tallies with mine, but lie you I can go back and re-read.
        However, it hadn’t occurred to me that ExSec might have sent Spooky after the Veritas Curse mage. I mean, they might have, but IIRC at the time of Choices Spooky’s usual MO is to track down mages on his own initiative, take them out, and call in the others to help with the mopping up.

        • Okay, cool stuff Saxon,

          That makes perfect sense. So in that case it all comes down to Amanda’s autonomy and ability to set the missions for her young ‘team’ and her agreeing with Spooky that going after this mage is not only essential, but requires all of them.

          It’s interesting, we know that Amanda and Spooky teamed up long before TYP was ‘a thing’. While she IS the Commander, it’s clear that Spooky is the ‘silent’ #2 and that at some point Gordon stepped into the more open aspects of that role (I’m guessing a #2a), which works because Spooky is so outwardly easy going.

          So, if all that is true and Amanda is allowed to commit her team as she thinks best, then whatever she and Spooky agree upon is going to be the plan.

          Then, as you mention, what’s interesting is the Veritas Curse itself. Was it a random last ditch effort to harm them by an accomplished (but losing) crazy mage? Or was it something that Sircea had a hand in bringing about for some nefarious purpose?

          Alex is a mastermind with hooking up the bits and pieces, but I don’t want to over-think it. I mean, sometimes a cigar IS just a cigar. LOL.

          You’re already in the future, but I must sleep now if I’m ever going to GET to tomorrow.

          Best, C

  • Oh, one last thing, am I just a colossal dork (rhetorical question please) because I didn’t think about the fact that all our stud puppy Kyle needs to have smexy times with anyone… is his own convenient bedside power-dampener? He doesn’t need Duncan to have sex if he has that(?)!

    Set the alarm, turn on the dampener (make sure it’s plugged in for hell’s sake), turn out the light, roll over and… (cue: Barry White music)

    Okay sorry, I really hadn’t thought of that… mebbe they could even make him a portable dampener (belt buckle size) for dates and unexpected assignations? Oh wow…

    • DC

      I had not thought of that either. An iDampener (I would TM trademark that if I knew how) to wear on the wrist, about the size of one of those fitness band thingies.

  • Klaus

    I just finished the story Demons, aand is raaises this question: do aall demons haave double a’s in their naames?

    • HA… well Klaaus, since I clearly have NO “a”s in my name AT ALL, I can’t help answer that (as my holiness quotient is way too high). However, perhaps The Aadmiraal or Aalex are sufficiently demonic and so can help you with that question. Good luck. XD

      • Klaus

        Right you are Mr. Dngerfield.

        • Touché Sir Klaus… touché! LOL! (but like Anaado, I’m a super cute gay demon, ha!)

      • Kit the Coyote

        Well there is no ‘a’s in my name but then I’m only a half-demon.

    • Maaybe.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        So guys named Aaron are actually demons?!?!

        • Yup. Why do you think they have that miraculously shot refractory period and yet never replace the empty rolls of toilet paper…? Demons. The good and bad. 🙂

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I have to admit I have not made a thorough survey of Aaron in these regards.

        • Klaus

          Ever heard of Erasmus Montanus?

          • stickfigurefairytales


          • Klaus

            It is a play by Ludvig Holberg. A peasant’s son is attending university, and is now back home for a visit. He dazzles the people of the village with the logic he has learned. “All demons have double a’s in ther names. Aaron has a doble a in his name. Ergo Aaron is a demon.” is just such a syllogism as he would use.

          • stickfigurefairytales


      • HA!

      • Keneu

        I have two a’s in each of my names. Should I start questioning my parents?

  • Nate

    Can I just say that I would have ZERO problems cuddling Spooky to keep him warm?

    • That’s good to know in case you ever need to be pressed into service. 🙂

  • Klaus

    999 patrons. If you want to be number 1000, you need to act now.

    • OMG, the sun hasn’t even risen here and now I’m singing…

      999 patrons on the wall
      999 patrons!
      Take one down and pass ’em around and
      998 partons on the wall…

      (continue singing until parents threaten to throw you from the car)

  • Kate G

    Oh, Spooky, I so sympathize with you. I have Lupus with Reynaud’s Syndrome (if you don’t know what this is, basically, when I get cold, my toes and my fingers go from a normal color to red to white to blue/purple really quickly. It’s very unpleasant looking, but not painful per se) and so I get cold REALLY easily. I used to be the person who would not get hot or cold easily….now I just get cold! It can be 75 degrees out and I’m still carrying around a sweater. Oh, and grocery stores? I always have gloves! ALWAYS. Beware the freezer aisle, BEWARE.

    Oh, by the way, I won first place in my class at the horse show. Just thought all of you should know. I had one other person in my class (unassisted walking which is Class II.) Now let’s see if I can this darn trot down.

    Mitch and Spooks are soooooo cute in this version!

    PHOTO for all the lovely peeps (and yes, that is Scooby, who actually listened to me…for once.):

    • congratulations! That is a lovely horse!

      • Kate G

        Thank you. He is a very beautiful horse, but stubborn. Luckily, I come from two lines of very stubborn families. I am so stubborn that I refuse to hand over a pickle jar that was given to me to open up that I can’t open until I open it myself (and I loathe pickles.) Scooby Doo…he’s a pickle jar. He’s a more enjoyable pickle jar though.

        • davefragments

          My Brother has a bunch of horses and gives rides to kids. Every year, he shows me where the nice horses bite him out of affection, or try to step on him, or push him over. I just listen to his stories without (once more) calling his horses “large smelly beasts.” wink, wink. . .

          • Kate G

            Aw, your brother sounds really nice. Apollo is very affectionate but I don’t ride him anymore because he’s way too tall for me; he’s 16.5hh (66 inches) and I am 62.5″. Some shorties can handle a horse that big, but I can’t as he also overpowers me. Scooby Dooby Doo is 14.5hh (58″) so he’s better suited for me but he can muscle me around if I’m having a bad day with my Lupus.

            I’m still trying to get Scooby to see me as the “Hey, I will trot for you” person, not the “Hey, I will give you hell” person. But, I guess it’s all fair if he does that for everyone.

          • davefragments

            He’s good with horses. He had a stallion that pulled his cart for rides and he could trust to deliver the groom for certain weddings. The horse listened and was just beautiful – – all white almost. It knew when the camera was on and posed. His granddaughter at 4 years old once “walked” it. It was the funniest thing to watch because the horse was so gentle with this kid even when she didn’t walk a straight path (what 4 year old does?)
            However, it was blind but trusted him. I could watch and that horse was great with people and kids.
            They have ponies for little kids up to full size horses for the big kids.

          • Kate G


            They have ponies and horses where I go for therapeutic riding. The littlies mostly ride the ponies; teens and adults are on the horses. All of them had former lives doing something else before becoming therapy horses and ponies. There’s a really cute red chestnut pony named Red Rover. Every time I see the the little fella I want to say, “Red Rover, Red Rover, send Red Rover right over.” Ha ha ha!!!! He’s so cute. He has a cute little blunt bang cut too. Oh so adorable. The little ones love him along with Chance who is a Pinto pony.

    • Klaus


      • Kate G

        Thank you!

    • purplefoxglove

      Congratulations 😀

      You know, your horse looks like he’s sticking his tongue out at us 😉

      • Kate G

        HA HA! He was chomping his bit. He’s actually not mine (I can’t afford one), but he’s the one I use for riding. He belongs to the place where I do therapeutic horse riding.

        • purplefoxglove

          Aw, semantics. I know from experience that, when you ride only one horse for a long time, not matter if he belongs to the stable or not, he’s your 😉 You kinda adopt him.
          I hope the two of you will get along well in the future (I’m sure you’re going to out-stubborn him sooner or later) and then, you’ll make a great team 😀

          • Kate G

            This is true. I’ve only been riding since February 25. Later today will be my 10th lesson. It feels like I’ve been taking them forever when I’ve only done 9. And yet, I’ve yet to have a lesson where I can wear short sleeves. UGH. GO AWAY WINTER!!!!! (Today’s outlook? A high of 53 and lots of wind. GRRRRRR!!! IT’S APRIL PEOPLE! I WANT THE 70s!)

  • You know what I like about Spooky…? That he’s a little soft and squishable. He’d be like a teddy bear to hug. The other guys are so cut and muscular, and I totally love that too, but Spooky is the “Every-day-guy” of the group. Except that he’s probably the bravest, most powerful, and has the best attitude of all.

    • The really funny thing about the way we all talk about Spooky’s dishy bod, is that he is in pretty damn good shape, it’s just real-world ‘good shape’ as opposed to Super Hero Ultra-Cut, Spandex shape.

      I totally agree with you Marina, I like both. But as with so much of this comic, it’s that we get the best of both worlds.

      So for making such an excellent observation (and to balance out the real-world) here is a gratuitous shot of Kyle’s awesomely illustrated posterior. Enjoy. ©

      All posteriors found herein are © Alex Woolfson 2015 (snort)

      • Thank you for the reminder of that awesome and yummy page.

      • Kate G

        Oooooooooh, I had forgotten about that page.

        And I think of Spooky as a human Baymax. Squishy and cute.

  • purplefoxglove

    We’ve just reached 1,000 patreons! 😀 Congratulations, Alex – that took only four months 😀

    • AWESOME! Congratulations to Alex and everyone. We’ll just keep collecting Patreon’s and demanding more excellent side and back stories from AW. This makes my week! XD

    • Thank you so much, everyone! I’m just blown away with your generosity! You’re making it possible for me to really focus on The Young Protectors without feeling the huge pressure of burning through savings and going into deeper debt. And that’s a huge weight off my shoulders.

      There’s a lot more I’m looking forward to doing with the Patreon. But right now, all I’m feeling is how y’all made a huge difference in my life and that I’m so grateful to each and every one of you! 🙂

  • The Tsunami dost protest too much, methinks – Shakespeare

    Well, he totally would have said it had he known Tsunami. 😀


      Paul: I pray thee now, tell me
      for which of my bad parts didst thou
      first fall in love with me?

      Gordon: (reluctantly) For them all together;
      which maintained so politic a state of evil
      that they will not admit any good part
      to intermingle with them. But for which of my
      good parts did you first suffer love for me?

      Paul: Suffer love!
      a good epithet! I do suffer love indeed,
      for I love thee against my will.

      Gordon: In spite of your heart, I think; alas,
      poor heart! If you spite it for my sake, I will spite it for
      yours; for I will never love that which my friend hates.

      Paul: Thou and I are too wise to woo peaceably.

      • Don’t make me google.

      • Kiri

        That’s fabulous Chris! (AJ – Much ado about nothing, near the end).

        • Thanks Kiri!! I think I now recall this scene from the movie between Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson.

      • Keneu

        I’ve also been pairing Fluke and Tsunami mentally, but because they are complete opposites and their interactions would be hilarious. *shrugs*

        • Okay good to know, because I keep thinking it would be one of those really juicy tempestuous relationships. It would be delicious because our troubled Tsunami wouldn’t be able to deny his feelings and Paul is every bit as tough as you would need to be to deal with Tsu.

          They’re both such yummy troublemakers. I just re-read the scene with Spooky, Paul and Kyle in the warehouse and Paul is so great with his eye-rolling at Spooky and his grumpiness at Kyle for even thinking they wouldn’t love him regardless. It’s just brilliant and would be so damn fun.

          • Keneu

            Agreed! Both are stubborn and specially Tsunami is a hard nut to crack (pun totally intended). I hope we can learn more about them in the upcoming pages.

  • Klaus

    Less then $50 from the nice pin up. We all want it nice, right? Right? I think I am going to vote for Anaado.

    • And I love you for voting for Anaado! Awesome.

      (some fab artist out there already has a finished Spooky or Mitch – or someone – all done and ready, and just read Klaus’ comment and said… ‘SHIIIIIT… back to the cintiq table.’)

    • AMANDA! (Though Anaado would do for a 2nd choice *lol*)

  • Klaus

    I should probably post this on Patreon, but I find Patreon difficult to navigate. Beside, who would see it if I posted to a page from a week or more ago?

    The latest Spooky story starts with 15 years old Spooky eyeing a 2014 Ford F-150. I do not know how old the car is meant to be, but this places Spooky’s birth at 1999 and the now of Engaging the Enemy at 2019 at the earliest.

    • Gather round Klaus and I’ll tell you a story of an AU… AU? That’s an alternate universe. You know, sometimes in an AU there is magic, or super powers, sometimes women (and men) in spandex can bend their spines so as to show both pecs and butts simultaneously, sometimes animals talk (so far the Flying Robot Ninja Pigs have not shown up, so we don’t know about that one).

      However, in an AU that might mean we are in the future or it might mean that a 2014 Ford F-150 has the ability to travel back in time.

      So lets ask Mr. Wizard… @alexwoolfson:disqus — can cars travel back in time? Now we just sit back and wait for the WOG to happen and all will be well (snort).

      Good damn catch by the way. I totally slid right by that. 🙂

      • davefragments

        There is one car that can drive back into the past and it’s a Delorean.
        I know a fellow who had rides in a Delorean. The brushed aluminum was subject to scratching and he described it as sitting 4 inches above the ground on a chaise lounge with the hardest tires and no suspension. He said VW Beetles had more suspension. 9and I know from owning a VW Beetle that they were kidney crunchers.

        • Well this makes sense considering that John DeLorean’s of said Motor Company, eventually did his time for drug trafficking.

          The Volkswagen peeps probably just did a lot of Pot in those busses they had back in the day. 🙂

    • Or it could be a writer whose brain just sailed over that little issue. But I knew nothing would slip past you, my friend. 🙂

      Good catch. I’ll make an edit to that when I have a moment…

      • DANG! (okay, well cars can fly, but they can’t time travel… humph…)

  • davefragments

    I’ll be back in an hour and a half for camping.

  • Hello everybody!!

    • shhhhh! trying to catch a quick nap before more cute Mitch, I need to be in top form for him.

      • *gives Doki cucumber slices for her eyes*

        • *giggles* I didn’t say i needed beauty sleep, I just need to make sure I will be awake later! ^_^

          • That’s to make certain everything comes out perfect. But if not I can give you a plain sleep mask.

      • Awwwww he loves you as you are!

        • I cannot gush properly if I am tired and grouchy!

    • Keneu


    • davefragments


    • Saxon_Brenton


    • Hi AJ!

  • davefragments

    I almost went shopping today. However, my phone chirped weirdly and insistently. Second before I entered the garage, the phone remembered that the company was coming for my yearly air-conditioner checkup and the furnace boiler clean-out. I no longer hate my phone and its odd chirps and weird rings.
    Although, tomorrow, I’ll probably say nasty and vulgar things to it when it changes my wakeup alarms and doesn’t talk to my WIFI properly.

    • me: Who is Dave talking to?
      friend: Oh just his smart phone. They’ve got a special relationship.
      me: oh.

      • davefragments

        It heeds my cursing and swearing when I’m alone.

    • Kit the Coyote

      *TV announcer voice*
      Is your phone dull and boring? Does your ring tone put you to sleep? Well do we have a deal for you. Do away with dull and blah with the Confuso Phone! The Confuso Phone uses patented ‘Quantum Chaos Theory’ technology to change your phones settings and configuration at random intervals.

      No longer will you have those predictable ring tones telling you who is calling, Confuso Phone brings back the mystery and excitement of answering call!

      Tired of long term phone company contracts, the Confuso Phone automatically changes your provider at least once a day!

      Learn to make more effective use of your communications as you endeavor to get all the useful information in before the randomly set power saver kicks in!

      But wait there’s more! Buy now and get a RANDOM number (from 1 to 100) of extra Confuso Phones for the price of one! Just pay shipping and handling plus a small service fee.

      • davefragments

        Perfect. Those damn things have minds of their own.
        They are taking over.
        Somedays I feel like that that’s exactly what my phone does.
        In May, I get a new one.

  • Won’t be able to sleep tonight… tomorrow is Starfighter Eclipse Beta release day O___O It is here!

    • rub it in rub it in

    • Are we in danger?

    • davefragments

      That’s a game?

      • Yup the Starfighter comic Kickstarter BL game that was funded last year… is almost out 😉

        • davefragments

          I don’t play those things at all. Never had an interest in games.

          • Ahahahahahaha(coughcough)… “Naaaaa… and you know what else I hate? Kids on my lawn. I takes the hose to ’em I do. Don’t like tater chips neither! Get’s ma fingers greasy. Now I do like my stories… watch ’em every afternoon. But other than that… I got no time for silliness and never HAVE! Now you fan-kids git… git I tells ya!”

            Old Man Fragments stomps back to the rocking chair on his front porch… from where he can spray any kids with the hose who stray onto his lawn… Needless to say, his house get’s TP’d every year on Halloween. DAMN kids.)

          • davefragments

            How many ways is that wrong?
            1) Kids on my lawn slide in the deer flops. Ugh! Stinky!
            2) Potato chips give me the hershey squirts.
            3) Video games just were never my thing.

          • [teasing, teasing]

  • We’re going to have an earlier update tonight. 🙂

    • syllibub


    • You have summoned me.

      • syllibub

        Seriously, this is uncanny.

        • LOL .. actually I had set my alarm for 20mins ago, so I’d probably have gotten myself out of bed around now, no matter what. It was just a funny timing.

          • You now you can only use that ‘accident’ story so many times before we all smile indulgently at you and roll our eyes you sneaky wolf! 🙂

          • *lol* I usually set my alarm for 4:45 or 5:00 on camp nights, unless I have a big feeling it might be an early update then I set it for 4:00 or 4:15. How many times I hit the snooze button (every 5mins ) decides when I do show up after that xD
            Last night only took 3 times, and my usual bathroom detour, before showing up minutes before Alex’ notice. I didn’t mind that timing, but it didn’t give me a lot of time to fully wake up and read comments LOL

          • Seeeee? You always make it sound so reasonable that I just know you’re up to something sneaky (chris checks his wallet… yup, stilll there) Mmmmm… sneaky wolf! XD

        • IKR? It was like a Danish Genii in a super-fan lamp… wow.

    • HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX!!!! (put on an old thread so it’s not obvious and it doesn’t clog up the current one)

  • Morning! After migraine/headache and not being home with a good computer, I am able to camp again today 🙂

    • Yay! *hugs wolf tight!*

      • YAY! I’m home again until friday. Then I go back to my parents for a some days again, so next camp will be from their old computer.. always an interesting experience 😉

    • Excellent news!

    • syllibub

      I hope you’re feeling better. Migraines are no joke.

      • No indeed… I have at least four friends who suffer from them and it’s BAAAAD… so yay for you Danish… may it be a long reprieve.

      • Yes, much better now. I was down for the count for over 24 hours -_-

  • Ninhursag

    First panel: Tsunami doesn’t look amused.
    OMG, Mitch looks so cute ^^

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  • azoreseuropa

    Disappointment: I like Adam DeKraker as penciler. I don’t like Julie’s art at all!!!! SIGHING!