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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 9

168 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 9

I suppose that would add rather a sour note, wouldn’t it?

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So… it looks like The Annihilator saw Kyle go into the gay bar. I wonder what our hero will say to that? 🙂

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  • melinda stumpf

    I can see the sex now right in an ally to

  • … That was a stupid question.  If he was going to kill you, kid, he’d have just let you fall.  Rather than engaging in all the impressive acrobatics to catch you.

    • Aikka

      Unless he thought that he plans something worse for him. 😛 I mean villains in general do many weird things before killing their opponents -giving them a chance to win at the same time- xD

  • AnyOtaku

    Yay Carrying princess style =D How cute. He doesn’t look like a very bad guy, I found him rather nice.

    • The Annihilator thinks you have excellent taste. 😉

  • Ditzite

    Hehehehehhe! All I could do was sit in my chair flailing back and forth singing “I wanna take you to a gay bar!” Oh jeez! XD Love it as always and wish I could donate right now, but payday isn’t for another week and a half! XP Mark my words I shall donate then!

    • LOL. You know I’d never heard of that song before and thanks to the comments on this page, I just checked out the YouTube video. That’s hysterical. And very catchy…

      I’m very glad you’re enjoying the comic, Ditzite! Thank you for the love (and the music tip!)

      • Ditzite

        Glad I could help get it stuck in your head! XD Its hard not to love such awesome characters! So glad you do Saturday updates! I will get an update on my b-day! Yay May 5! *Goes back to boogying*

  • Aikka

    No fanart this time?
    Hmm…. Maybe i shoudl do something about that…
    (But i do not promise anything o..o)

    I think i have not post a proper comment up to now here…
    and maybe it’s not the time to do it yet ^-^”
    But i wanted to say that i even if i do still need time to know the characters more and all, there is something in it that makes me interested. That’s good 🙂

    But what’s between panel 4 and 5?
    Annihilator’s right hand is free and left is used to hold Kyle.
    Then we see his left hand free… o..o

    • ErykaSoleil

      He let go of Kyle and took a step back before delivering his last line?

    • Of course, I’d love to see some more fan art from you, Aikka. 🙂

      And I know we haven’t quite established the stakes yet, so I’m glad that you’re still finding this interesting so far. Thank you for letting me know! 😀

  • I suppose the Annihilator could have deduced that this was Kyle’s very first visit to a gay bar by his exultantly yelling “I did it!” and triumphantly shooting off flames in the alley. But now I’m wondering whether it was a coincidence that the Annihilator happened to be there lurking in the alley in the first place. Is he a regular patron of the bar in question? (Or possibly in the habit of avoiding potential problems with supervillain-phobic customers or staff by occasionally hanging around outside to see if anyone who interests him comes out?) Or was he intrigued enough by what he’s seen of Kyle’s performance with his “team of junior do-gooders” to follow him there to see if he’d go in? 

    This entire incident could be some kind of bizarrely convoluted pick-up attempt. After all, the Annihilator is a supervillain–and apparently an old-fashioned enough one to both come up with elaborately complicated schemes (as Aikka suggested) and get a kick out of the idea of having a Silver Age Flash and Rogues Gallery, or even a Catwoman and Batman (silver fox and baby dragon?)-type frenemy-ship/flirtation with a hero. 

    • All very good questions, Margaret. 

      And “Silver Fox and Baby Dragon”?  Hilarious. And also a martial arts film I’d love to see… 😀

  • *giggle* This last panel makes my day! 😀

  • He’s just so sparkly and shiney and dashing! 

    Why is he a villian?? 

    I don’t care. I love him.

    Panel 4 made my night! Thank you!

  • Bealtaine

    Ok I’ve changed my mind about the Annihilator seeing as he’s quite witty 😛
    The fourth panel looks like they’re dancing together!

    • Hehe. The Annihilator is nothing if not chivalrous… 😉

  • Midwestmutt

    Poor Kyle! First time out of the closet and he’s already getting blackmailed. That takes some of the shine off of sparkle-dude.

  • Mournless

    Mister shiney man saw what you did there, Kyle. ;D

    Oh, this is so exciting! First you finish Artifice and you start up something like this! <3 You and your artist friends are amazing, Alex! And I'm looking forward to this series!

    • Yay! That makes me very happy to hear, Mournless! Thank you! 😀

  • iTVXQ

    Mr Sparkles has a very gay feel to him. Must be the bling bling on his clothes.

    And the fact that he runs around teasing people behind a gay bar. 
    Great page, but I didn’t expect anything else guys 😀 

    • Thank you very much, iTVXQ. Glad you liked it! 🙂

  • …the Annihilator needs to rape the fuck out of Kyle. Right now. Please let this happen at some point. Please. Please. Please.

    EDIT: OK. That came out so thoroughly wrong the first time. I didn’t mean it in an erotic way at all. I meant it like…it would make the Annihilator that much scarier and I wanted him to give Kyle a thoroughly serious reason for being scared aside from reputation alone. I typed without thinking and the way it came out made it seem worse than the way I meant it.

    • Jen Roberts

       Um. No?

      • The way I wrote it was not the way I intended it. I typed without thinking and I apologize.

    • Not Cool

      • I realize that the wording was not correct and I apologize for typing without thinking and posting without re-reading.

    • why would you want someone to get raped

      • If you’ll check the edit to my original comment you’ll see what I meant.

    • Howdy and welcome, Dylan! That’s actually unlikely to happen in one of my comics, but it sounds like you like these guys and I’m glad to hear that. 🙂

      Just a reminder for commenters: Everyone who has responded to this has been cool so far, but rape is a provocative topic (to say the least) so I’d just like to put a reminder out that my comment policy allows for discussion on most any topic so long as you keep it about the ideas and never make it personal — so no personal, ad hominem attacks ever. No character judgements about other commenters either. “I” statements are great. Be very careful if you start a sentence with “you”.

      Many of my long-time readers know that I, both as a creator and as a reader,  don’t find non-consensual sex erotic. In fact, there are some fantastic artists out there whose work I can’t read because of the non-con. But it’s a common trope and two extremely popular M/M webcomics (Starfighter and Teahouse) make use of some form of it. That’s going to inform some commenters’ experience and expectations—it doesn’t say anything about what they’d find OK in real life. 

      While I would not love seeing my comments section filled with comments calling for rape, it would make me feel far, far worse to see any form of personal attacks here. I’m very happy to have Dylan as a reader and if folks choose to respond to this comment, I expect everyone to continue with a tone of respect.

      Which, because you’re all amazingly awesome, I know you will. 🙂

      • fujoshifanatic

         Excellent response to potential kindling for a flame war,  Alex! While I can tolerate an amount of non-con in certain works where it “works” (namely the two you mention), I’m really glad to see you state that it’s not part of your narrative aesthetic. Now I don’t have to worry about any of that stuff coming up in this thoroughly enjoyable comic. 🙂

        While Kyle is quite the cutie, I am loving the “amused menacing” style (great description Jen!) of Mr. Shiny McVillain. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, he intends to do with the knowledge of Kyle’s explorations. Judging from the last panel, it should be wickedly fun to watch! 😀

      • …I wrote that comment without thinking and regret doing so, I apologize for my lack of tact and for offending anybody, and I shall from now on think thoroughly before commenting.

  • Yukiness

    Wait, there’s a whole team of them?! I hope all the other ones are just as adorable as Kyle. And panel 5 just makes me grin from ear to ear. Is it me of does the Annihilator seem especially shiney-er on this page?

    • Yep! You’ll get to meet the other Young Protectors in Chapter 2. 🙂

      Glad to hear the new page gave you a smile! 😀

      • Yukiness

        *inserts grinch like emote grin here*

  • DavidHoulihan

    His size compared to kyle’s size… It scares me… And possibly turns me on. ^^

    • Heh. Yeah, Kyle’s not exactly in The Annihilator’s weight class…

  • The Annihilator is just too awesome and sparkly for his own good xD I really like the story so far!

    • Thank you, kati_mtl! That makes me very happy to hear! 😀

  • Jen Roberts

    I love the coloring on this page. (Okay, I love the coloring on all the pages, really!) The details in Kyle’s hair in that 2nd panel…man. Love it. Love the pencil line quality of it, too. I can’t even explain that, I just like it.

    And the Annihilator’s expressions are fantastic. Really fantastic job of the subtle air of …amused menace. He keeps invading Kyle’s space, very alpha male, very obviously in control of the situation and knows it. I can really empathize with Kyle – he’s got to be feeling really scared about now. Can’t wait for next page to see how this all plays out!

    • Howdy, Jen! I’m really glad you’re enjoying Vero’s and Adam’s work! (Yes, I also really like how Vero does Kyle’s hair…)

      A “subtle air of amused menace” is a great way to describe The Annihilator’s vibe in this scene. It definitely sounds like you’re getting what we were going for here—and yes, Kyle is certainly very scared!

      Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment! 😀

  • “Do-Gooders like you keep idiots like and out of my way.”  I feel like this is something he would say.  XDD  Also, I’m with all the speculation on why he’s even THERE in the first place, because if this is an elaborate flirtation, I’m gonna piss laughing.  Seriously.

    • That might indeed be something The Annihilator might say… 😉

      And I’ll be interested to hear your reactions to upcoming pages… 😀

  • Annihilator has officially won my heart. I think I’m going to greatly enjoy his personality

  • ForeverForking

    I really wish I had the skill to draw muscles like that~<3

    • Yeah, me too. Adam does a great job with that, huh?

  • Now we’re taking

  • GIRL

    • LOL. Before these comments I’d never heard of that song. Found it on YouTube and now can’t get it out of my head. 😀

  • Gaz Hawkins

    I think our Hero will say, “get your kit off and do me, daddy!!” oh no, that’s what I would say… er….. he’ll try to deny it then they  will both go back to the bar so Annihilator can remind him of all the sexy undressed guys he saw then they head back to hero’s place for some super fun and naked, hairy manonman sex 😉

  • Michele M.

    Well the way he is holding Kyle doesn’t look innocent to me. It looks like The Annihilator is putting the moves on him. Which is sexy as hell!

  • Andre Yunker

    I’ve got to say… If The Annihilator is a bad guy, I don’t think I’d want to be good!

  • Dex X.

    THAT’S THE FACE FOR A PROPOSITION. at least in my imagination. 

  • Feverfew_M

    Uh-oh, do I see blackmail on the horizon?
    A very sexy page, btw. 

  • This page is amazing! I can’t get enough of Annihilator’s grin…I’m very excited to see where this goes! Also, I’ve never really found facial hair attractive before but Annihilator is rockin’ it! 

  • …That is the BEST face ever to go with that line.
    (Referring to the last panel, of course.)

  • ThatOddGuy

    Last panel: Troll face.

    Hmm, so Kyle is ALREADY on a team….but what does Silver Fox–I mean, you know– Want with him? and If Kyle knows of him, why would he attack him ina way that was sure to be futile?! *Waits*

  • Araceli Rodriguez

    last panel=best panel.

  • ToryKasper

    I really love the art style for this. Again I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out. I love the character designs, haha. I love the Annihilator’s facial structure (he’s oddly adorable). 

    • I’m glad to hear you’re liking the art, ToryKasper! (And The Annihilator is a bit adorable in his way… 😉 )

  • Amerou

    Annihilator owes me a new coke, because I was drinking mine when he said the gay bar line, and let me tell you, withstanding carbonation up your nose ought to be a superpower.

    • LOL. I’m glad we got a chuckle out of you, even if a coke had to pay the price. 😉

  • Chaucer59

    “Yeah, kid, I caught you because I want to kill you and didn’t trust gravity to do it right.”

    Why do I see this whole confrontation with Kyle injured and Annihilator saying, “No. I am your father…

    …’s significant other.”

  • Erica

    ah ha ha ha ha hah aaaaaa omg! i love the fourth panel XD
    they’re totally dancing. that’s what it is! XP XP

    • And from reading the comments below, apparently they’re dancing to this “Gay Bar” song… 😉

      • Erica

        omg lol perfect.

  • kiebeau

    I did wonder if it was the Gay Bar that gave him fire hands.

    He heads into the Gay Bar, comes out some time later and starts
    practising in the ally.

    Mister bad guy spots him and thinks ‘fresh meat, time for

    I’d like to stick with this plan, realisin g your gayness
    gives you supper powers.*nods*

    • xLizardx

      I think he flamed up in celebration of finally daring to visit one. 🙂

  • SigmundReimann

    I just had an excellent vision of the Annihilator, in street clothes, showing Kyle how to have a good time in the local gay bar. Thinking about it, if these two are destined for a relationship, it would be immensely fun to see how differently they act together ‘out of work’.

    Well, whatever is and whatever’s not; I look forward to it.

    • I’m glad to hear it, SigmundReimann. I’m really happy to have you onboard. 🙂

  • He just saved him.  HE JUST SAVED HIM!  😀 I knew I liked this bad guy for a reason!  That and the gay bar comment, this guy just wow’s me.  Way to go Alex!  Awesome character you’ve created, awesome, awesome, awesome.

  • Zane Marvin

    Rather realistic. Superheros are the only real dating option that Supervillains have. Since other Supervillains are never trustworthy, and the exchange of secret identities means that they have a little protection that a normal person couldn’t give them.

    Not to mention that based on that crotch bulge and his ability to throw fully grown men around like paper… He probably has problems with hurting people who aren’t super.

  • Fabiana Nonato

    Really, I Start to love Annihilator. Kyle’s face in the 2° panel it’s the best! 

    • Glad to hear it, Fabiana! (And yes, I like what Adam did in the 2nd panel too. 🙂 )

  • Okay, the one man A-team has done a very good job of making me like him even more.  The catching was very very swoon-worthy.

    • Hehe. The Annihilator bows in your direction with pleased humility.

      • Humility doesn’t seem quite appropriate to a man who wears an outfit that leaves virtually nothing to the imagination…

  • Krista Parizek

    Ooh! Lookit the last panel, he has throwing stars. Would that make him a super ninja?

    • The Annihilator eats super ninjas for breakfast.

      • Krista Parizek

        That makes him even more awesome! 😀

  • Sarina Culcasi

    The way I see it, the Annihilator saw a cute boy who just came out of a gay bar and went to flirt. The pyro powers probably turned him on, but if you look at his expressions, he isn’t being hostile, just seductive! Kyle gets startled (don’t know if the Annihilator is someone Kyle recognizes yet or not) and reacts. All the bad guy did was go on the defense and when Kyle kept trying to use force, he got annoyed and tossed him in the air! Buuuut, he’s still a cutie so he saves him and starts flirting again. XD I love the Annihilator! They would make an interesting couple! ^_^

    • That’s for the props and the very interesting analysis, Sarina! I like the way you’re thinking about this. 🙂

    • xLizardx

      I think there’s supposed to be some history there – it might be the first time Kyle’s meeting him, but his reaction was far too hostile for the Annihilator to be somebody he has no prior knowledge of. From the mention of Kyle’s “team of junior do-gooders” I’m guessing that Mr. A. is like Slade/ Deathstroke to Kyle’s Teen Titans. HOWEVER – I agree: Annihilator clearly wants to flirt, blackmail, or better yet both. 😛

      • You’re right that Kyle has prior knowledge of who The Annihilator is (and knows that he’s a villain). Reading the comments on the last few pages makes me think I might want to add an additional word balloon to the first panel of Page 4. Something like:

        A) KYLE: The Annihilator!

        B) KYLE: Holy crap!

        Can’t hurt to name The Annihilator up front and it would probably make the stakes in this scene clearer. It’s also a bit more traditional superhero comic style to have characters shout out another character’s name when they first appear. I shall think on this….

  • KBatty

    Don’t trust that panel five smile, people. He’s up to something.

    • Are you suggesting that the world’s most dangerous supervillain might have ulterior motives?

      • KBatty

         Me? Never!

      • KBatty

         Oh, and also… I have a lovely story for you, Alex.

        I was talking about your work to my mother. We were talking about reading comprehension and how many audiences seem to be losing the ability to follow along with stories if they become complex. I then began talking about graphic novels and the various online audiences I’ve encountered, which is how your work came up.

        Eventually I was asked where I had found this Artifice comic I was talking about, and I stated that it was on Rather than let my beloved mother take to google to find out what yaoi was (because she would have), I defined it for her.

        She now thinks I live for gay man-on-man internet porn.

        • LOL! I think there are T-shirts you can get that say just that…

          I’m glad to hear you’re talking about my comics to other folks. And who knows? Perhaps if she does explore this on the Internet, you’ll awaken a passion in her for the guy-on-guy comics as well. 😉

  • krissdevalnor

    /like!!! 😀 I’m not much for the superhero-theme but I like this development^^ supervillain-teasing-young-hottie – yes! 😀

  • I like the “wait- what? What?” development here.

    So GSM wears that outfit when he’s out clubbing? Not sure if being recognized as a super villain would make him too intimidating, or if he’d still get lots of wolf whistles? The first thing Kyle thinks GSM is going to do to him is kill him, so he must have a damned frightful record.

    I’m so confused. I mean, that outfit doesn’t conceal his identity at all. How can a known criminal simply stroll into a club that doesn’t have some sort of, er… shady connections? Makes me worried Kyle is getting into something he shouldn’t…

    Speculating is fun! 😀

    • Hehe. I’m enjoying your speculation as well. (And for what it’s worth, The Annihilator does have super speed as one of his powers. A quick change would not be out of the question, either. But as you mentioned, there are other possibilities… 😀 )

  • Orange_Narcolepsy

    Not sure how to send this to you, Alex. And it isnt much, but i thought it was funny :3 

    • Hehe. That is cute. May I post it up here? If so, how would you like to be credited?

      • Orange_Narcolepsy

        sure, have at it! i wasnt too sure about it cuz all i did was re-write it. um i dont have any sites registered under orange narcolepsy. . . I suppose just give a link to my DA? not sure how you wanna do that, but here it is: 

        • Thanks! So would you like me to credit you as “BloomyLiahona”?

    • ErykaSoleil

      That is hilarious. 🙂

  • Ryn

    Wat? first we go this way, now we go that way.  Talk about fast lane changes, my head’s spinning.  that look on his face in the last panel is wicked and oh so smug. Oh, what wicked plan’s are in store for kyle? 😀

  • Bianca Simone

    ALEX!!!!!!!!! I <3 you 🙂 I subscribed to Yaoi 911 so that I could read your other comics and I flew through them in under a few hours.  I mean FLEW!  Your writing is so phenomenal and the best part is that you work with different artists to get a different "feel" from every story and have its own uniqueness AND YET there is still something definitely "Alex" about it 🙂  Consider me a lifer!

    Also, Kyle's face in the 2nd panel cracks me up.  Part shock and part "I totally could have saved myself dontchaknow" 😀

    • Wow, thank you, Bianca, for your very kind words! It really is a privilege that I’ve gotten to work with such talented artists—I feel very lucky about that. I’m very glad to hear you’re a “lifer”! 😀

  • Well that adds a whole new aspect to the comic.

  • I just love both your online comics. They are both very distinct, but at the same time you “feel” that they are written by the same person. Which in my eyes is a good thing.

    I really like the story so far in YP. It already has a nice mix of “aww” and action packed moments, which I think is a good mix for a super hero comic. And while we haven’t gotten very far yet, you have already managed to impart quite a bit of information about both characters. So can’t wait to see what will happen next.

    But I did have one question, are there any banners for YP? I looked all over the site, but I couldn’t find any.

    • Thank you, Nieke! I’m really glad you’re liking my comics! 😀

      And as for the YP banners… it’s definitely on the to-do list. Actually it’s on the really-important-to-do list. I’ve just been so swamped I haven’t been able to jump on that. But once this big project finishes for my day job, I shall do so! Thanks for reminding me! 😀

  • Guest

    ahaaaaa busted!! I’m liking this guy…his haircolor was utterly disconcerting at first and now I’m used to it. LOVE his facial expressions.

  • Silver Fox = smoothest playa that has ever played an innocent young thing. 

     Don’t break his little pyro heart~ Or, at least, break it prettily. 

  • cauorek

    Aww…. I really love your webcomics Alex <3

    They always leave both a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart and an anticipating shake of excitement for the next page~

    Your way of telling a boy love story brings a new meaning to the word yaoi, It's so fresh compared to the many cliches of Yaoi stories :3

    hope to read more of your works in the future! can't wait! XD

    • Aw, thank you, cauorek! I’m really glad you’re enjoying them! 😀

    • It’s probably refreshing because Alex isn’t a teenage girl or main-stream manga artist from Japan.. that’s female 😛

    • KBatty

       Agreed. It’s amazing what an actual gay man can do when it comes to telling stories about gay men (funny how that works, amirite?)!

      In all seriousness, though, I’d pick the work Alex does immediately over most of the other yaoi I’ve encountered. I do read a few others, but I don’t necessarily find myself engaged in the stories and I can’t honestly say I always agree with some of the themes introduced.

      Alex’ work is tasteful and intelligent, even when it stumbles into an occasional cliché or trope. I mean really—who else is going to break out the kind of tongue-in-cheek humour that makes the gay character have flaming abilities? Still makes me chuckle.

      Yes, come along Saturday~ I would like new page times.

      • ErykaSoleil

        -Gasps!- How did I not catch the flaming ability joke before now? My brain must be rotting. :p

      • Thank you, KBatty. I’m really glad you found us and that you’re enjoying the work. 🙂

    • ::blush:: Thank you, cauorek! I really appreciate the very kind words! Glad to have you onboard! 😀

  • Erica

    ; ^ ; saturday needs to come now… I’m depressed because my sister tried to get me in trouble for spending 200 bucks on something I really really have wanted since i was in 9th grade and I got a 79 on my history exam ; ^ ; im one who is used to high As shocked at low As. I’m in a corner crying and drowning in self-hate.

    • Syreen

       …may you never have bigger problems than receiving low As

      • Erica

        it’s a major boo on me cuz i really want to get scholarships for high academics. i mean im not lazy, or at least severely, but im also not athletic. ^^; that’s what happens to someone who spends her time drawing, gaming, and computering ^^; too bad my drawing wouldn’t win me scholarships either D: i tried hahaha….

        • ErykaSoleil

          If it makes you feel any better, when I was in college -cough-aboutfiveyearsago-cough- a single bad grade here and there wouldn’t lose you scholarships unless they were through a private organization with rules stating such. Most of them (especially if you get them through the school directly) have a period during which you can redeem yourself if any of your grades fall too low for a semester.

          • Erica

            yeah only reason why i wanna make it like super high is cuz JU gave me an academics scholarship for earning As and Bs It was $11,000 for 4 years. That’s not enough for my boarding, books, and classes. Private schools are terribly expensive >_O

          • Speaking as someone who graduated ::cough:: about five years ago now, yes, private schools ARE heinously expensive.  Hang in there.  I also recommend you try and earn as much money as possible before you go and throw it into a savings account.  It will save you a TON of trouble if you have a financial emergency.  FAFSA, fill one out!  I got work-study and that helped enormously!

          • Erica

            i’ve filled FAFSA out probably 10 times. 😐 They refuse to give me one because I have a pretty average paying family. My family as a whole isn’t financially distressed not to mention the whole military business – _- i swear that’s why I’m not getting one =

    • Gosh, I’m sorry to hear you had such a rough night, Erica. I too had high standards for myself in school so I can understand why that was upsetting, especially combined with the trouble with your sister. A bad test grade like that could feel like the end of the world to me—even though, as it turned out, in the grand scheme of things it never mattered, not to my overall academic success and certainly not to any success I had in life later.

      I’m sending you big hugs and I’m hoping that this new day is a much better one for you. So, what nice thing are you going to do for yourself this weekend to make yourself feel good? Making mistakes is human. You’ve been a wonderful presence here in the comments and you deserve to be happy. 🙂

      • Erica

        ahhh thank you thank you! This weekend I’m working D: I think I’ve spoiled myself enough this year cuz I’ve spent $200 on my very first BJD and $406 on a trip to Cali to visit my best friend this winter. I’m just so shocked about that grade but I think I can get over it… just a hit to my ego cuz I was so sure it was going to be better by like… 11 points ah ha ha… oh well… >_< just gunna read a new chappie saturday when i get home from my crap job XP that's a gift to me as it is hahahaha

        • ErykaSoleil

          I’m sorry you were having such a bad time, but thank you for mentioning BJDs–now I know what they are, and they’re amazing. 🙂

          • Erica

            omg, super amazing. I was looking at like… a $400+ and it didn’t include a faceup >__< i have a layaway full of tanks and a pair of pants and it's still less than what the total cost of the shoes, pants, tank, and wig XD

  • Thanatopia

    Especially since the score is heading in a less-than-melodious direction already.

    Besides, kiddo, he wouldn’t chat you up like this if he was going to kill you. He’d have knocked you out, strapped you to an elaborate death trap and THEN chatted you up. That’s just how it’s done.

  • For one reason or another, this comic grabbed my attention faster than Artifice did.  I think it’s because I’m such a superhero fan at heart.  >o>  The Human Torch is by far my favorite [-cough- especially when he works with Spider Man. -shipshipship-]…so factoring in Kyle’s lovely incendiary abilities…baaw.  u>

  • Still got me wondering whether ‘Annihilator’ is more of an anti hero than villain… His efforts remind me of ‘Blackjack’ from Dick Tracy with his no-kill ethic.

  • ErykaSoleil

    Figured I would come by and throw in my two cents (or five cents, to allow for the inflation) before the new comic posted.

    Since this page posted, that last panel has had me worrying about whether or not Kyle’s teammates (and/or the populace in general) know that he’s gay. If they don’t know, how would they respond to finding out? If they do, how would they feel about him wandering around at night visiting gay bars by himself, when he’s not running around being a hero? Either way, how would it effect Kyle if The Annihilator were the one to “let it slip”?

    Speculation time! 🙂 Is this leading into some sort of blackmail situation, or is it just going to be Kyle popping back into work the next day and saying, “Man! So, I finally worked up the nerve to visit a gay bar–You know that place downtown? Yeah, that one. So anyway, I came out to go home, and guess who was there? The Annihilator! And I tried to flame him, but he totally pwned me and tossed me into the air like a dog throws his chew toy. And then he caught me, and we had a really great conversation about life and the horrible state of politics these days.”

    • samae

      ^ this. 

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    That last panel……*asplodes*

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    Dun Dun DUNNNNN!!
    My Blackmail Senses are tingling!!

  • Camping.  Just had my true moment of realizing that I am now a true resident of the PNW.  I walked outside without a jacket while it was raining and windy, while drinking a jamba juice.  I’m obviously nuts.

    • Kel Z

      I accidentally bought two pizzas, both of which are not the favorites of my housemates. If you would like to have some pesto artichoke heart chicken pizza, here’s some for camping! (darnit, I was trying to buy a pepperoni, chipotle, and cashew one and somehow screwed it up!)

      • Oh my GOD, I will eat that ENTIRE pizza, if you don’t want it.  

        • Kel Z

          Hah maybe I should have sent some with my husband down to Portland! :: giggle ::

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      • I’m Portland.  Ish 😛 I certainly wouldn’t call it “top secret” but yeah 🙂

        • Kel Z

          Hah hilariously enough, my husband just left for Portland about 20 minutes ago! He’s headed down to the Stumptown Comics Convention. I would have gone, but I have  theater meeting today (oh blah) and plus our house is trashed so I figured I’d actually get some cleaning done. Heh. I’m totally up for lunch or dinner sometime when I make it down there next if you’d be interested. 😀 I’m in the fine city of Covington, WA.

          • Heh!  Fans of Artifice and YP UNITE!  I would be up for this, indeedy!  I wonder if there are any other people who also live in our fine, rainy area?

  • 3 hours until saturday!!! i have been waiting for this for like a week, and yet it feels like a month!

    I really love your comics. they are a breath of fresh air to MOST of what is found as gay comics. Finally something with SUBSTANCE! not just, “I’m a guy… you are a guy… you are HAWT…” *insert smoochie sounds here.*

    keep up the great work alex!

    • Thank you, Michael! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my comics! Thank you for letting me know. 🙂

      And… new page up in less than an hour…

  • As tomorrow is my birthday, planning on posting the update a bit early tonight. Stay tuned. 🙂

    • Happy BirfDayz!  Now on with the snarky bad guyz!

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        • Happiest of birthdays, Alex!  May it be full of fun, food, and lively company!

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      Happy birthday, Alex!

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      HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!!! :: hugs ::

  • If you thought Gaybar was hilarious, check out High Voltage. Annihilator’s codpiece ain’t got nothin’ on the one in THAT vid. lol!

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    look at how pristine Anni is in that last panel!

    i’ve never seen a guy be more stellar in my entire life.

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