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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 7

125 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 7

Hmmm… Apparently flight is not one of Kyle’s super-powers…

First, some news!

There is less than 1 hour remaining in the Artifice Graphic Novel Print Drive Kickstarter Project. I’m going to get the book out to backers first before making it available on this site, so if you’d like to get a printed copy of Artifice, this will almost certainly be your last chance this year. And your only chance to get the Artifice bonus comic—at least for some time. So, if you’d like either of those things, now would be a good time to pledge. 😀

And… The Young Protectors‘s donation widget is now live! Special thanks and very warm hugs go out to Barbara B., Ammon T., Chukwudum O. and Virginia H. for starting us off with their generous donations over the last few days! Y’all ROCK!

In other news, as Artifice was wrapping up, some of you were interested in me starting a forum for y’all to discuss my comics but also to have a space to chat about whatever with the awesome members of the community we’ve formed. I’d like to find out if there is still interest in me setting that up. My plate is pretty full with creating future comics, so I’d need a few potential forum moderators to step up—commenters I’ve known for some time whom I could trust to maintain the respectful tone of our discussions. People who could commit to being active moderators for at least six months. But if there’s strong interest in a forum here, I am willing to put in the work setting it up (after my brain stops smoking from this Kickstarter thing… So a couple weeks from now…) Let me know in the comments if that’s something you’d all like and especially if you’d be up for taking on the hours of work of being a moderator.

So! Another page! And like many of the pages before it, not a lot of dialogue on this one… 😀 As a reader pointed out to me on Facebook, whereas a page like this would make this scene feel very quick when read all at once, as a webcomic that updates once a week… well, because it doesn’t move the plot forward much, it can actually make things feel slower and more “decompressed” (even though I don’t think this actually is decompressed storytelling). When you’re updating a page a week, a page chock full of dialogue (or at least several panels) will, I imagine, feel like more of a “meal”.

That said, I’m not sure I’d do anything differently here. Ultimately these pages will be read in one go and this feels like the right pace for that. But I figured it was worth calling out and I certainly appreciate your patience. We’ll be back to my usually wordy panels in couple pages, I promise. 😉

Anyway! Please enjoy the art! And the screaming… 😀


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  • YangYueLan

    You raised the extra page target…was it because 250 was too easy to hit and wound up doing two pages all the time? (just me thinking out loud, not meant as a complaint or anything negative.)

    • Nah. If I could have kept it at $250, I totally would have, even with all the extra work of double updates. Doing those double updates might have been a bit exhausting, but they were a lot of fun for me, too. 😀

      It’s actually that with two artists my expense per page is significantly more with this comic than with Artifice. (If you check out my notes on the last page, I talk a bit about this some.) Not ideal, I know, but the bonus pages were such a nice way to say thank you for the donations and it was the only way I could think of making it work…

      • YangYueLan

        Oooooh, that is a very good reason. I totally did not notice that you have 2 artists let alone new ones >.> I tend to forget to read information. 

  • *giggles* I find this page irrationally funny! And I’m loving the flash of flesh 😉

    • Hehe. Glad you like the AlexHumor. And the flesh… 😉

  • Hahaha, maybe I’m a horrible person, but I love the expression on Kyle’s face!

    (And for what it’s worth, I’d absolutely be interested in a forum.)

    • You’re not a horrible person at all. It is meant to be a comedy beat. 😉

      And thank you for letting me know you’d be interested in a forum!

  • Is it odd that the first thing that came to my head was ‘I believe I can FLYYYY’

    • No, because I had a “scuse me while I kiss the sky” moment after I stopped laughing long enough to think 😛

      • What’s truly funny is for years I thought that lyric was ” ‘scuse me while I kiss this guy”.

        I liked my version of the song better. :p

  • Knowing full well that this is not going to end in our hero’s untimely death, I feel just fine about laughing, “AHH HA HA HAHA HAAAA” at this panel. Oh my gosh haaaaa.

  • …I should NOT be as amused at this page as I am.  I guffawed.  Just putting that out there.

    Also, am I the only one who’s noticed that our lovely artists have managed to ensure Kyle’s showing a little bit of torso skin every time he moves?  He’s got a nice belly.  I hope he doesn’t flop on it when he lands.

    • ErykaSoleil

      I hadn’t noticed his torso showing a lot, but I did notice right away in this panel that he’s not wearing socks. Oh, the strange things my brain latches upon . . .

    • xLizardx

      I was actually thinking “hmm, he must be cold, his stomach does show a lot. He really needs a longer shirt, this isn’t the 90s after all…” But then again, with sockless feet and chinos, if he was also wearing a long shirt, perhaps he’d begin to look rather too much like a hipster. [It’s not THAT great a leap… you’d just have to add on a few tattoos and thick-rimmed glasses…] 😀

      • Stop touching my kink for nerdy guys, xLiz 😛  I’d go for Kyle even harder if he wore glasses.

    • I am pleased that you are amused by this page. AlexHumor… 😉

      And yes. Nice belly. Hopefully no flop.

  • I have a love-hate relationship with these kind of pages in webcomics. On one hand, they’re perfect when read in one go (especially in this case, because you have the almost-movie moment when time slows and you really see the horror on our hero’s face as he peaks and begins to fall away from the camera), but on the other, it’s agonizing as a reader because I want to know what will happen when he lands. u_u

    In a more page-relevant comment, I wonder if he’s gonna try to fly (or at least slow his fall) Human Torch-style or if he’s too scared to think of it.  

    • Yep, that’s a good way to draw the distinction in reading experiences here. One of the challenges of writing a webcomic, for sure…

  • ErykaSoleil

    Small child seeing this through apartment window: “Daddy! Daddy! A man just flew past our window!”

    Parent (not actually looking up): “I told you we shouldn’t have let the kids read so many super-hero comics . . .”

    This page made me smile. The only faults I really see here are that Kyle’s left eye looks a little odd where the crease would normally be, and it kind of bugs me that he seems to make eye contact with the fourth wall so much. Other than those two gripes, everything else looks awesome. Good job, Adam and Veronica. 🙂

    Alex, I would certainly check out a forum if you set one up. Might I suggest having general areas for related thread topics? For example: Current news, politics, coming out of the closet and follow-up thereof, non-sensical rants, omg-isn’t-this-thing-awesome, and the ever-popular “misc.” for everything else. I would volunteer to help out if I weren’t already behind on promised editing for a friend of mine. :/ And to answer your question on the previous page: Yes. I put the futon into couch mode, and drape a blanket so it’s taught between the front edge and the top of the back, and then she has a really nice toddler-sized tent to play in. 🙂

    • xLizardx

      And Music! Don’t forget a music thread! And maybe a fanart/ people’s own art one! 😀

      • ErykaSoleil

        Ooo, good ideas! Maybe one for tv and movies as well? Club scene? Fashion?

    • Thank you. 🙂

      If there is enough interest (and enough folks willing to moderate), I’ll definitely be taking suggestions for forum topics. Coming out stories, an art thread, an “other people’s comics” thread—those all seem likely. I’d be hesitant to start a pure “politics” thread as I’d like the forum to be somewhat connected to comics and guy-on-guy stuff (and also because having a “politics” thread seems like it might be inherently divisive). But I might create a Y911 Pub thread for folks to discuss “whatever”, including politics if they really wanted. 

      Hmm… Maybe I’d name that thread “Pearl’s” based on the 1st page of this comic. Then again, maybe not. 😀

      Futon camping sounds like fun. When I was a kid, I was all about building “forts” with a bunch of blankets and several chairs. This was an activity that was only grudgingly tolerated by my parents—which had a significant impact on the war effort as you might expect…

      • ErykaSoleil

        I understand your concern about the politics. When I suggested it, I was thinking of things like links to petitions for knocking down bans against same-sex marriage, updates on the fight against the anti-sodomy laws in some states (yes, they still stand, despite the Supreme Court ruling), etc. I also forgot momentarily that my friends who can have lengthy, calm political debates with me, without making personal attacks or losing their tempers, are probably in the minority. :p

        And as for the camping, my parents (esp. my father) would periodically build big tents/forts for me to play in, either in my room or in the living room. And once, when I had “camped” in the living room overnight, I woke up the next morning with a -horrible- case of Chicken Pox; my parents were nice enough to just let me stay in the tent until I got better. 🙂

  • grinsekatze

    He looks so cute even when he flys through the air (and that not very gracefully) hahaha xD
    I love the comic so far and can’t wait for more pages. You really have wonderful ideas and characters in your head, Alex!!! 🙂

    • You’re a sweetheart, grinsekatze. Thank you! I’m glad you’re liking things so far! 😀

  • Aikka

    Haha XD
    [ok, i know i shouldn’t be laughing… but i am :P]

    But, i just noticed that Annihilator from that perspective without much details…
    started to look like an owl to me o___o”

    ekhymm… anyway, as for the forum idea, i cannot guarantee i would be good at it and really able to help etc. but if you will need any help with the forum feel free to ask, whenever it will be moderating or something else that you need. Even when i shouldn’t, i do visit comments on BOTH comics a few times a day now, so… *sigh* it’s not like i will forget to check it.

    • It’s all good, Aikka. Ideally, you should be laughing. AlexHumor. 😉

      And thank you very much for your offer to moderate. That’s one….

  • KBatty

    Kyle’s not wearing any socks? He’s gonna’ get stinky sweat feet of grossness… especially with the bursting into flames and all.

    And now, I give you, Wall-O-Text (for only 99.99.99!):

    As for the notion of a forum—forums are only as good as their most vocally ill-behaved members. I’ve moderated a fairly large forum in the recent past, and it can be very challenging to get everyone to play nicely once they’re presented with a less condensed venue to voice their opinions.

    Allbeit the target audience I was moderating was much younger than it is here, with most users being between the ages of 13-18 (with a meagre handful of outliers between the ages of 19-30), so odds are many of the same issues will not arise. That being said, I have no doubts that discussions regarding sexuality will be an inevitability of the forum. Being that such a thing is a highly personal topic it is entirely possible that disagreements will arise, tempers may flare, and feelings might get hurt.

    If you have the capacity to be unbiased during disputes and are willing to devote your personal time to the Yaoi911 forum, I strongly encourage you to put your name in the hat. Even if you’re busy, you may be able to assist as a Mini Mod to take some of the weight off of the Full Moderators and Administrator(s). If you just want to do it to say you did it, then you may want to think on it a little more before jumping in.

    I want to make it abundantly clear that I am not putting a kabash on the idea whatsoever. I think many users here would agree that having a place to go to talk about those matters together is something everyone could benefit from, but I want anyone interested in moderating to remember that it comes with a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Sure, it’s “just the internet”, but with communal trust comes communal vulnerability and all users involved deserve to feel safe with the forum and with each other. Making that happen is part of the moderator’s job.

    That matter aside, great page! I sure hope Kyle can fly, or that The Annihilator will take mercy on him and save him from the impending splat. I know it’s far more likely that a hero will swoop in now and save him, but I think it would be interesting to watch the boy struggle with his morality while under the tutelage of a villain. The Annhilator should be trying to recruit the kid to his cause while his abilities are still under-developed and malleable. Perhaps striking terrible fear into Kyle’s heart is the way he intends to bend our poor flame boy’s will to his own purpose. Poor, poor Kyle.

    • Aikka

      Well, in general whenever there are people involved there come problems and many times unexpected x_x sometimes i really think people just want to complicate their life as much as they can xD

      As far as i never moderated a big forum, [just some very small ones that shouldn’t really count as any experience here], i am an administrator on a page that serves as hm… just tradelists for items in some online game. Sounds harmless, but one feature -> feedback given after trades was enough to create so many conflicts and weird things people did that many times i felt like just dropping it x_x sometimes they went to a point of impersonating the other side of their conflict and attacking themself just to make that person look worse in admin’s eyes [even if i could cleary see that they did it and in the end they made it worse for themselfs]

      But, if only Alex have time and will to do it, i think it would be worth to try, there are really great people here, even if i did not talk with all of
      them, i always love to read the comments and there are so many things that everyone here could discuss, but simply not want to start random topics under each comic page.

      • KBatty

         Yeah, feedback/review sections are hellish sometimes. They make me want to clog all the internet tubes.

    • Hey KBatty!

      Thank you for sharing your experience as a moderator. And thank you very much for the props about the new page!

      And we’ll just have to see if there is any swooping… 😉

      • Kel Z

        I want to say “swooping is… bad…” but I don’t know if anyone would get the reference (although there’s got to be some gaming nerds around here somewhere, yeah?).

        •  Thank you Alistair!

          • Kel Z


          • ErykaSoleil

            I’m a bit of a gaming nerd, but don’t get the reference. Source?

          • Oops, nobody sauced you.  It’s something Alistair from Dragon Age says in his adorably retarded way; it’s about three-quarters of the way through this vid.

          • Kel Z

            Yep! That’s it right there. It’s quite the inside joke with Alistair fans. 😉

          • ErykaSoleil

            Ahhhh! O.k. I somehow missed that line in all the hours I spent watching my husband and various family members play Dragon Age. 🙂 Thank you.

          • Kel Z

            And if you haven’t seen the bit about lamp posts in winter… you should. 😀

        •  ILU for this reference.

          • Kel Z

            😀 I live to serve!

    • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

      Having moderated a very vocal, very coarse forum of adults who really ought to know better, I have to second this. Moderating a forum is not for the faint of heart, it can get out of hand fast, and it can be very hard to keep your temper when other people start taking out their frustrations with each other on you. I’d noticed that on that forum, as soon as a mod got involved, both parties forgot their differences and started “railing against the establishment”, which makes it very challenging to moderate without seeming heavy-handed. Moderating is not easy, but if you can do it, and you might be interested in moderating a forum for Yaoi 911, please do consider it.

      Personally, I’m sick to death of moderating. I won’t be touching forum moderation for a few years after my last experience.

  • lol, the screaming here is great.  And while I think a forum would be awesome, I’ve met me.  I am flighty at the very best of times.  As much as I’d like to throw my name in the ring, I haven’t got the temprament to be a mod, but I really, really hope it happens.  ^_^

    • Hehe. Thank you. We’ll see if enough folks step up to moderate. I can see why a forum would be appealing…

  • AWESOME page! Woah, I’m stunned! That’s a hard angle to draw! Congrats to the artist (Adam DeKraker, right?)

    Awww I want more Young Protectors! I’m getting anxious to know more about… Well, everything!

    • Thanks, Alis!  Definitely a fun one to draw!  Glad you’re enjoying everything so far!

    • Yay! Glad you liked the art of the page (me, too!) and that you’d like to see more The Young Protectors! Thank you for letting us know!

  • Alex, I love your work soooo much!

    With that said, I have a bit of a question for you…Have you ever read the book “Hero” by Perry Moore? I’m gonna give you the description: Thom Creed, the gay son of a disowned superhero, finds that he, too, has special powers and is asked to join the very League that rejected his father, and it is there that Thom finds other misfits whom he can finally trust.

    It is a very, very good book.

    • ErykaSoleil

      Looked it up on Wikipedia, and added it to my list of books to check out. Thanks!

      • No problem. 8D I just want to spread the word about an awesome book~

    • Thank you, Kristina! I really appreciate the love!

      And… I know people really dig Moore’s Hero. So… I tried my best a few times to get into it. But after 170 pages, I just didn’t connect with it, so I stopped. But like I said, I know lots of folks love it, so must be just one of those weird things. 🙂

      • Aw, well, that happens! I’m glad you gave it a shot though! 

  • Kel Z

    I feel like this comic is really starting to hit it’s stride and ramp up fast – it’s jumped right in and already leaves a lot of questions, which makes me want to see more to get the answers! 😀 It’s really sparking my curiousity.

    I’m also enjoying the art and coloring! Adam does some great action stuff, and I’m liking it. I’m also really appreciating how you work with your artists; it felt like Winona was perfect for Artifice, and Adam is perfect for this. And I can’t leave out Veronica’s excellent coloring in that, either; it’s wonderful work that goes great with the art. I’m fine with it being just a picture and not a lot with words, it’s a great page just as a piece of art, and part of a comic is the art! It’s all part of the big picture.

    Looking forward to seeing where this is going. Who are these two? I want to know! 😀

    I’d like the idea of a forum, very much; we have a lot of times that we end up BS’ing about stuff here, and it can clutter up the comments now and then. I don’t have time to be a moderator sadly, but I’d be happy to help spark positive discussion and such. 😀

    • Thank you, Kel! And yes, I do try very hard to match the artist to the story. And in the case of The Young Protectors, I even turned what I intended to be a short story into a multi-chapter arc based on my experience of working with Adam. After seeing his art and getting a chance to work with him, he made me want to tell a much longer story with these characters.

  • I am in love with the art on this page. The angle is awesome, NGL also love the stomach showing lol, this is the first comic I’ve actually seen start up so I’m dying wondering where it’s going to go.

  • Bianca Simone

    Forum, three words: YES, YES, YES!!!!!!

    Is it strange that I love Kyle so much because I have a brother named Kyle AND because my future hubby looks like a darker haired version of this Kyle? 🙂

    After reading KBatty’s post, I think it would be neat to be a moderator, but I’m always that day-late-dollar-short forum poster.  I also seem to find that ONE PERSON who knows the rules really well and can piss people off regularly without breaking any “real rules”… just rubbing everyone the wrong way.  If the job of a mini-mod would be like a help-the-mods-by-reporting-bad-behavior-that-seems-to-go-unnoticed, I would like to do that 🙂

    • Bianca Simone

      Could I mod the camp?  I bring good snacks 😉

    • Let’s face it—Kyle is an awesome name for awesome people. And your future hubby sounds very handsome. 😉

  • Ryn

    flap like a birdie!~

    depending on his trajectory, he may end up getting hooked by his pants/belt on the fire escape. Or crash through a skylight into the gay bar.

    and did he not have clean socks to wear? really, how wants stinky, sweaty feet when meeting your potential love-hate interest. perhaps we have discovered the real reason A tossed him up there.

  • Yukiness

    That’s it, I’m a solidified fan of Adam and Veronica. Not only is the sense of high altitude beautifully demonstrated here in a non-cliche way, but there is a sense of weightlessness with Kyle right now. I love heights (everyday I dream of flying and I have pet birds) so this image fills me with both delight along with concern for our young pyrokenetic. Another great plus is the pure terror in Kyle’s eyes. What makes them is not the dramatic size of his irises yet the knotting of his brows. It’s subtle enough; Kyle now has life to me. The only thing I would have to say that throws me off a bit is the lighting.

    Astounding job you guys.

    • ErykaSoleil

      Re: the lighting. In film, we call that “cheating”–if you didn’t cheat at least part of the time, things you want the audience to see would be obscured by bad lighting, furniture, other people, etc. I’ve been on sets where we deliberated whether or not to cheat, and/or how to do it, for several minutes per camera angle.

      • Yukiness

        Yeah, I know what you mean; I’ve done it myself from time to time with paintings. Sometimes it can’t be helped, but this page is so awesome I can forgive it.

    • Thank you, Yukiness! I think Adam and Vero did a great job here too. 🙂

  • Krista Parizek

    Ok what will happen next? The Annihilator catches him or Kyle uses his fire to make himself fly/slow his fall. Any takers? Doesn’t need to be money 🙂

    • ErykaSoleil

      Can I place my bets with Girl Scout cookies?

      • Krista Parizek

        hehe yea 🙂

        • ErykaSoleil

          One Trefoil on Kyle rescuing himself, two Thin Mints on the Annihilator catching him, and one Trefoil on the outlying possibility that someone as-yet-unknown-to-us may swoop in and save him.

  • I need to see more. Like, all of it. lol

  • Myrtu

    The art is beautiful and the coloring is amazing. There is a very genuine and grounded comic-book feel to this, and I love it. It matches the comic well, just like Artifice’s look and feel matched the story. I’ve already told you this, but I need to say it again! There isn’t enough comic yet for me to start discussions, but I am excited to see what’s up next!

    As for discussion forums… I’d really like that! I’m not volunteering for anything though, because I don’t know if I can handle any more commitments. BUT, that would be nice, if it ever happened 🙂

  • This is the first time I have dared to place a comment here… I have been following Artifice since the beginning, pledged for a book and now this. I was so happy when I saw that this new project had started!

    Oh and this page… The lack of dialouge is not really an issue when the visuals are this spectacular. You can spend at least 15 minutes just admiring the highlighting, the colouring and the details in the background. Awesome work and I will keep checking this out! <3

    • Thank you, Klara—for both backing my Kickstarter project and for your kind words about this page. 🙂 Very glad you’re with us!

  • Okay OKAY, I’m reading this XD bookmarked it and everything…..tried to resist but it grabbed hold of my interest lol

    I don’t typically like superheros, in fact (with some exceptions for batman) I tend to strongly dislike super hero comics…buuuuuut I decided to check it out as I do quite like your other works and well, I can officially say I am finally enjoying a superhero comic (my father would be so proud, only took 23 years XD)

    I must admit, the art had a lot to do with this, it’s gorgeous, and soft, and the expressions are wonderful. Nothing looks rushed or hurried, it’s neat, great job to both penciler and colorist!

    • ErykaSoleil

      Batman isn’t technically a superhero (which just makes him even cooler), but welcome to the wonderful world of superhero comics anyway. 😉

    • Yay! Glad to help you enjoy a superhero comic! And yes, I’m really enjoying the chance to work with Adam and Vero—they do such a great job. 😀

  • I love the detail of this page~ Right down to the little belly button <3

    Cant wait for mooore :3

  • Oh, and as a late entry into the moderator discussion; i may not have time to wear the tallest and fanciest of mod hats (depending on the ultimate size of the forum and the raucousness of the occupants, heh; from months of reading the comments, though, i doubt there would be too much raucous-ing) but i can definitely do some mod work and have done so several times in the past.

    I can also be of some use with setup, so if you still need bodies, tap me! 

    • Thank you, Sola! I think that’s two people who have offered now…

      •  Then let’s put this forum thing on the truck and roll out.  [manly pose.]  xD

  • *giggle* He’s so cute when he flails. <3

    • strangeangel24601

      Ha ha, “flail” is a fun word! And you don’t hear it nearly enough in everyday conversation!

      • ErykaSoleil

        Ah, but if you heard it all the time in everyday conversation, it would begin to lose its appeal.

  • Ambler

    This guy looks like he belongs in Footloose…

    • Now I’m not gona be able to get the song out of my head lol

      • Ambler

        Loose, footloose, kick off your Sunday – YAAAAAAAAAH!

  • Just started this comic today… like what you have so far, looking forward to more! Oddly though, I read the Annihilator’s voice with a Sean Connery accent… Then again, Annihilator is good looking! I have a thing for older men. Haha!

    • Hehe. Glad you’re liking what you see here, Darren. And sure, Sean Connery would make a very good Annihilator, actually…

  • I really like this page 🙂

    Annihilator: -sigh- “Haven’t you finished falling yet?”

  • Bealtaine

    Please let Kyle be caught  by someone!It’s going to be a short comic if he dies after being thrown in the air :{)

    • ErykaSoleil

      Not necessarily. I can think of at least one storyline that started out with the main character being killed in the first installment. But I suspect Kyle will probably be fine. 🙂

      • ThatOddGuy

        *Wants to read ‘Watchmem’ again* XD

        and Kyle is too cute to die….

        • ErykaSoleil

          Oh, yeah.

          . . . I was thinking of YuYu Hakusho, but Watchmen will work, too. [Edited to correct my punctuation error.]

          • I LOVED YuYuHakusho!  

    • Tell that to FFX Auron, for him dying served no other purpose than to piss him off 😀

  • ErykaSoleil

    Yaaaay! It’s Friday! Time for me to start checking in here every few hours. 🙂

  • dezree

    *clicks refresh*  …. *dies a little inside* ….. *clicks refresh*  … Aww come on! *clicks refresh*  ….. I need to know if he lands on his feet or his shorts! 

  • Midwestmutt

    Unfortunately my job does not allow me to camp. Happy landings Kyle.

  • Campity camp camp, check out cute redhead belly, refresh, campity camp. 🙂

    • Krista Parizek

      😀 I got my swedish fish on the Annihilator catching him.

      • I really couldn’t say what will happen next, but if you would give me some of your fish, I will give you a cookie!

        • Krista Parizek

          Gladly! 😀 *shares her bag of gummy fish*

          • ::noms on fish, hands over a cookie or two::

          • Kel Z

            I have a box of chocolates! :: bounce ::

      • Kel Z

        OMG SWEDISH FISH?!? :: points to mouth and cries ::

  • Yukiness

    *Pitches her artiface tent, which now has young protectors scribbled under the name with magic marker, while cuddling her giant Deacon daimakura*

    I wonder, if I ask nicely, will Kyle roast these marshmellows for me?

  • ThatOddGuy

    *First camp*

    I just found you people two months ago, and have been quietly stalking you all. I’m so excited for these comics. As a newly gay teenage boy, it’s sorta nice seeing gay character represented as human beings with layers, and not just effeminate stereotypes. 

    Ever though of making a ‘It get’s better’ themed short comic?


    P.S I got meh Turkey spam! *opens can*

    • Yukiness

      Welcome Mitch! I have marshmellows, Krista has Swedish fish, and Summer has cookies! You are officially one of us!

      • ThatOddGuy

        Yaaaaaaaaaay *Noms* 

        • Welcome, TOG 🙂  I hope you don’t mind the nickname!  Welcome to campity camps!

    • ErykaSoleil

      Welcome! I’m not really able to camp much tonight, but I’ll try to check back in. Welcome Mitch!

      • ThatOddGuy


    • Welcome, Mitch! I’m glad you found us! (and that you like what I’m trying to do here 🙂 )

      I don’t have any plans right now of doing an It Gets Better themed comic, but that’s a good idea.

      Oh, and the new page is up!

      • ThatOddGuy

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