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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 6

155 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 6

I find the art in that first panel kinda groovy… 🙂

We have two new pieces of Fan Art this time! Lizard plays with the “Pepper-Spray Cop” meme while Lance plays with the concept of “camping” (which, as we all know, is half the fun of following a webcomic). Please check them out!

There are only five days left to pre-order a printed copy of Artifice—after that, the next opportunity will be in 2013. So, if you’d like to have a printed copy, especially a signed printed copy of Artifice, then please make your pledge at my Kickstarter campaign very soon! 😀

Now that Artifice has finished, I’ll be moving The Young Protectors to Saturdays. And, by popular demand, I’ve created a new bonus page donation widget just for The Young Protectors!

For people who aren’t familiar with how that works, this is something that was suggested by a reader in the comments of Artifice on one of the early pages as a way to show my gratitude for reader donations. Here’s the deal: no matter what, whether I get any donations or not, The Young Protectors updates for free every Saturday. Those are the “regular updates”. But you’ll see below that there is a widget right above the comments with a nice, yellow Donate button and a green bar above it. Folks who’d like to support what I’m doing here can use that button to make a donation of any amount to this comic using their credit card through PayPal. And as a special thank you for reader donations, when that green bar hits $400, I will post an additional page of The Young Protectors the following Wednesday—a “bonus page”—which will mean there will be two pages of The Young Protectors posted that week!

With Artifice, I set that donation target at $250. But with The Young Protectors, I’m working with two artists and my per-page expenses have gone up, so I’ve had to raise the donation target to accommodate that. I hope y’all will understand—even if we hit the target every week, I still wouldn’t be breaking even with my costs to create these pages, so this isn’t about me looking to buy a villa in Tahiti—but it does make it so I can afford to put out the extra pages, even if it becomes a regular thing (such as it did with Artifice, much to my surprise!)

And, as I said above, no matter what, there will be a new page of The Young Protectors up every Saturday. The “bonus pages” are really meant just to be a fun way to say “thank you” to the donators. Because you’re awesome. 🙂

All right! Enough business! Kyle just tried to BBQ The Annihilator’s face and that doesn’t seem to have had the effect he intended. What do you think is next for our young hero? 😀


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  • ha!

  • Pfffft, that went about EXACTLY the way I expected it to!  XD  The toss was an amusing surprise, although it was more surprising for being an actual toss, rather than the absolute pwnage it epitomizes.

  • Becky

    Wow, so the Annihilator is super fast, super strong, super smarmy, AND flame-retardant?  Geez.  Somebody’s working hard for an A+ in supervillainy.

    • He’s probably going to have a really silly weakness, like kittens or something.^u^

      • What kind of monster wouldn’t have a weakness for kittens? They’re adorable!

        • ErykaSoleil

          The kind who likes dogs better. 😉

  • Dear Annihilator; it’s not fair (but IS totally awesome) that you’re nigh-invulnerable, have the power of super-suggestive lines, and can throw a decently built guy up two stories of a building.  Your mundane name better not be Gary Drew.


  • Alley-oop! (I’ve never actually seen that spelled anywhere…)

    Welp, the first battle was a bit anti-climactic. Hopefully Kyle lands somewhere relatively soft. :]

    • ErykaSoleil

      You got the spelling right on “alley-oop”, if you were wondering. 🙂

    • I vote for The Annihilator’s arms!!=3

      • Good landing spot, but they look anything BUT soft :

    • Krista Parizek

      What makes you think he’s done with the redhead?

  • ErykaSoleil

    What’s next for the young hero? A headache, it looks like.

  • ‘Whoohooowwww!’ is what I want to say. ♥

  • KBatty

    The Annihilator is so non-chalant about it all.

  • xLizardx

    Aw, the donations target is a higher amount than Artifice 🙁

    • Yes. Alas. 🙁 I talk about that in the note underneath the page.

      • xLizardx

        Ah, I do apologise for not not noticing! Yes, I guessed it might might be something to do with having more artists – I didn’t realise you produce the pages at a deficit though! I feel really bad now 🙁 

        • Oh, please don’t feel bad! I myself have mixed feelings about raising the target. I tried to think if there was any way I could stick with the previous target, but I’ve run the numbers and this is the minimum I could afford to do it on a regular basis. And I still wanted to keep it as an option as a fun way to say thank you to those who donated. 🙂

          And yes, I do produce these pages at a significant deficit, but the way I’ve set things up so far, I’ve been able to afford to keep doing them. And, at least in terms of Artifice, thanks to the Kickstarter campaign pledges (coupled with everyone’s generous donations!), I can definitely say that I’ve broken even and I’ll maybe even wind up with some compensation for the hundreds of hours I’ve put into that comic.  The rule of thumb is that webcomics aren’t profitable for the first five years, so that thought is obviously very, very exciting for me. And I feel very, very grateful to you all for making that possible. 😀

          • Sanbai

            Oh Alex, will you please stop being so wonderful…?

  • Aikka

    Haha xDD Poor Kyle ^-^”

    I think my friend may like this page as she is already a fan of the Silve… i mean The Annihilator

    But, question about the updates Alex:
    As they are moved to Saturdays now, next update is this or next Saturday?
    As we already got a page for this week today, but next one would make almost a 2 week break… o.o

    • The next update of The Young Protectors will be on this Saturday (4/7/12)—which I guess does make for two pages this week! 😀

      • Aikka

         yay! :> thanks 🙂

  • Quick! Now use your flame powers like booster rockets and fly and show the Annihilator you mean business!

  • Yukiness

    I love the “bitch please” face in panel two. You know the Annihilator is one fabulous BAMF because he’s not even missing an eyebrow after panel one.

    • ErykaSoleil

      Ha! For a second, I thought you were talking about Nightcrawler when you said “BAMF”, and I was confused. XD

      • Hehe. That’s awesome. 🙂

        • Nightcrawler totally IS a BAMF 🙂

          • ErykaSoleil

            He’s the Original BAMF. 😉

          • Yukiness

            I love you all so much for this right now.

  • Haaaaa! XD I love how The Annihilator just throws Kyle up in the air like “Pshh, and I haven’t even had my spinach yet!”

  • DemureDesire

    Is it bad that I like the bad guy best? 

    • The Annihilator thinks it’s totally OK that you like him best and he, for one, hopes that you will welcome your supervillain overlords.

      • KBatty

         He can annihilate me any day.

        (Oh come on; how long did anyone really think that would go unsaid?)

  • JLJones

    Ha!  I love it.

    I want to be able to fling a ginger D:

    • ErykaSoleil

      What if I bake you gingerbread men? Would those count?

  • Fwagh.  Okay, I know he’s a supervillain, but DANG he is awesome right there.  Fly, Kyle, fly!

  • Dex X.

    xD lol i like this page. Too bad I can’t pre-order Artifice. 🙁

    • Glad you like the new page!

      Why can’t you pre-order a printed copy of Artifice?

      • Dex X.

        I’ll be moving to college in a couple months, so I don’t actually know what address to put. It would definitely NOT be a good idea to have it sent to where I currently live, so I’ll just have to wait patiently for a year+ *cries

        • Actually, I’m not getting the shipping addresses from folks until just before I mail the books out in October for just that reason. It’s in the FAQ on the Kickstarter page, but not everyone saw that. Alas.

          But regardless, you’ll have another chance to get a book once I ship out all the copies to Kickstarter backers. 🙂

  • Wait speed AND strength? Man, this villain’s looking pretty broken.

  • Up in the AIR, it’s Junior Birdman! Up in the AIR, see Birdman FLYYY! Up in the AIR, it’s Junior Birdman! Flap your wings and fly, FLY, FLYYYYYY!

    Can’t wait to see where Kyle lands. 

    Also, our villain is kinda hot.

    • KBatty

       The Annihilator is subtly sexy, yes. I was thinking that this morning, actually.

      • xLizardx

        “Subtle” is the first word I would use to describe him 😀

        • KBatty

          XD Hahaha, well only his looks really. Otherwise he’s got all the subtlety of a brick through a window, and of course by “brick” I mean “Kyle”.

          Although I am now second-guessing the entire statement. Can I really in good conscience call any man wearing shiny armour and spandex subtle?

          The Annihilator innocently says: “Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just going to put on this skin-tight uniform that clings to every last inch of my well-sculpted body. Carry on about your business. Nothing to see here.”

          • xLizardx

            I think everything about him is “in your face” which is awesome, haha. His costume is sooo detailed as well. 🙂

          • Especially the crotch portion.  ::stares while trying not to stare::

  • iTVXQ

    Flipping tables turned into flipping Kyles….

    Made me giggle a little though, great page! 😀

  • SPANKING!  Damnit I got that in my head and it won’t go away >.<

    • Ha ha! Me too! Which is totally my kink, I’m sure that’s not what’s going to happen, but that won’t stop me from making it so in my head =D

  • Sean Kleefeld

    Wow! Can we get a “huzzah” for Veronica? She did a fantastic job on this page!

  • Ryn

    straight into the dumpster…

    man; super speed, super strength, and fireproof. A’s got all sorts of tricks in the bag, doesn’t he? this guy could kick Superman’s ass. his hair isn’t even singed! or he’s got fire retardant hair gel. I think Kyle needs fwooshing lessons from Richard.

    • Chaucer59

      Looks like he uses the same tailor as KISS, sadly. That and he appears to have spray-painted on his hair and beard.

      • Sam

        I lawled so hard at your comment just now.  The Annihilator is channeling a little Ace Frehley, isn’t he?

        • As a proud member of the KISS Army, the comparisons to Ace Frehley leave me nothing but warm inside.  I have to say I don’t think Alex or I saw any KISS references coming our way from readers when we were coming up with the look of The Annihilator, though. 🙂

      • ErykaSoleil

        I have no problems with a hot guy in KISS-type gear, myself . . .

        • Sam

          I could go for the leather and spandex.  Not the makeup, hair, or seven inch leather heels, though.

          • ErykaSoleil

            -Snorts.- You’re making me want to pull out photos of me from back before I had kids. 🙂

  • fujoshifanatic

    Poor Kyle! I guess he has to learn the hard way not to mess with the Annihilator. Speaking of which, our super villain was smoking hot before, but after this page…;-P

  • Sam

    This was my reward for getting through my busy day 🙂

    And man.  Fourth page since he’s been introduced and I’m still fascinated by the Annihilator’s crotch bulge.

    • It’s like David Bowie’s codpiece in Labyrinth!  One cannot…look….awaaaaay!

      • ErykaSoleil

        The Annihilator says, “Eh-HEM. My eyes are up -here-.”

        • “Great!”  I would reply to the Annihilator.  “Then remove the eye-magnet from your crotch and I’d look up!”

          • ErykaSoleil

            The Annihilator feels disrespected and violated.

          • Sam

            Ach.  I’m gonna get tossed in the air, too, aren’t I?

            …and why am I okay with that?

          • He shouldn’t!  It’s a compliment!  A horrible horrible compliment that I get a lot when I wear a low-cut shirt, but dammit, would you just LOOK at his crotch?!  It DESERVES a stare!

        • Ryn

           sure is too bad mine are down here.

  • Chaucer59

    Well, can’t say he didn’t ask for that. Annihilator’s may be a villain, but as far as I can see, he hasn’t done anything to provoke the little hothead.

    • xLizardx

      Unless you count all those double entendres, and sheer extreme shininess 😀

      • Chaucer59

        That’s it. Guilty of premeditated glinting in a secluded alley followed by first degree smugness, Kyle sees that the only reasonable response is a lethal dose of napalm.

        • You roll twenties with this comment. 😀

  • Aaaaaaaannnndd I’m sold on this comic.

    I can already tell GSM (Giant Shiny Man) knows how to deal with situations like a BOSS.

  • Oh yeah. There’s something totally sublime and groovy about the first
    panel, man. It’s like, deep. Like a tie-dye shirt or something radical
    like that, dude. Far out! 

  • The Annihilator? please don’t say he is going to be the object of gayness. Sure he looks okay on the third square but his hair is straaange ><

    • ErykaSoleil

      Why can’t he “be the object of gayness”? What does his hair have to do with what sex or gender he might prefer?

      • KBatty

        Is his hair not “gay” enough, somehow? lmao. That’s okay. He can be straight. Throw the straight, female readers a bone, Alex (No pun intended, but AHAHAHA—cracked myself up)!

        …and yet, I suspect my plea will fall on deaf ears. Can’t imagine why. It’s not like I’m on a yaoi site or something… ;]

        • ErykaSoleil

          He could always be bi, or pansexual. Or maybe asexual, and thus unattainable for everybody.

          • One hopes not unattainable for everyone.  Still, he is an interesting looking man.  One also has very few complaints about his body.  I think he’s actually buffer than Deacon, and I didn’t think that was possible!

    • SigmundReimann

      Does he have to look ‘okay’ anyway (even though I think he looks better than okay)? Plus, I like the potential of supervillian/superhero romance. The possibilities of angst are endless!

      • ErykaSoleil

        Kyle: “Why can’t you just give up crime? If only you could stop being evil, we could BE together!”

        Annihilator: “Have you -tried- being evil? Have you felt that rush of adrenaline when you totally crush your enemies and rend their dreams to pieces? How could I ever give that up?”

        Kyle: “I thought we had something special!”

        Annihilator: “We could, if you would just stop raining on my evil parade with your goody-two-shoes crap!”

        Kyle: “RRRRRGH!” -Storms out the door in flames of rage, looking for some kitty to save to help calm his nerves.-

        Annihilator: “He’ll be back . . . He always comes back . . .”

      •  Maybe I’ll get used to him :3

  • Annihilator reminds me SO much like a more lighthearted version of Deathstroke the Terminator. And I am totally cool with that… 🙂  Now, unfortunately, our “hero” Kyle reminds me of Wheeler from Captain Planet. *facepalm* Can’t wait to see where this goes. 

    • …well, our powers as commentators in this forum ARE combined…

    • ErykaSoleil

      Ahahaha! Omg, you’re -right-. Now I really want to see him with a ring pop. 🙂

    • I actually hadn’t heard of Wheeler before but after finding the Captain Planet Wiki, I can totally see why you’d say that. 😀

  • SigmundReimann

    The comments on this page made it so much better! Haha.

  • Krista Parizek

    He’s toying with him! XD I swear when I first saw him he had to have been like “Aw how cute a noob, I’m gonna have fun messing with him.” 

    I wanna see what he’s like when he gets serious 🙂 

  • I confess I’m not really into this comic yet.  I don’t find either character attractive – which can be a problem since it’s a comic!  I feel like the visual emphasis is on their bodies, particularly the hyper-masculine body of the “bad” guy.  Furthermore, it’s very superhero-esque (duh!), what with the silly costumes and the exaggerated bodies and the “good” versus “evil.”  But we are only six pages in, and Artifice has been my favorite web comic, period.  So I will continue for a few pages more 🙂

    But something about this comic feels more geared towards gay men (and obviously, that’s perfectly okay), so I feel a bit mystified and left out.

    • My thoughts exactly 😀

    • Hey Bridget,

      I’m sorry to hear you aren’t connecting with this comic yet. On one level that makes sense—folks don’t really remember this, but at least based on the comments I was getting, it took over 30 pages before many were really into Artifice as a webcomic, especially the relationship with Jeff and Deacon. (Many said that no matter what, they could never buy into a relationship between the two of them! Obviously, some folks changed their view on that as the story developed… 🙂 )

      But you bring up a different issue which is whether this comic is more geared towards gay men than Artifice. I can certainly say it’s not intended to be. In terms of its creators, we’ve got a bit more testosterone (Adam and me and Veronica make for 66 2/3% boyishness instead of the 50/50 split it was with me and Winona on Artifice), but my intention was to make this just as accessible to everyone who likes guy-on-guy romance as I did for Artifice. And my “beta reader” is a woman and she says she connected with this story even more than Artifice

      But I hear that so far that’s not been your (or Maeglin’s) experience. Certainly I can understand if these guys aren’t your physical type. That can definitely have an impact on how much one enjoys a comic with romance elements. 🙂 But I am curious to hear why it’s feeling “more geared towards gay men” to you.

      Is it the more buff, manly appearance of The Annihilator? (vs. perhaps the more cut/hairless appearance of Deacon?)

      The fact that it starts out with something from the gay male world (a gay bar)?

      That it’s playing with the superhero genre instead of the sci-fi genre?

      Something else?

      What things are mystifying you right now?

      Just like with Artifice, I know The Young Protectors won’t be for everyone. And I understand it might ultimately not be your cup of tea. But of course I’d love it if you stuck around for this next ride. 😀

      Thank you very much for your kind words about Artifice and for being willing to give me the benefit of the doubt for some more pages. As with all my comics, it takes a little while for the stakes to get established and for things to get cooking. And any patience you’re willing to give me as I set up the characters and this world is greatly appreciated. 😀

      • Aikka

        I know i won’t be helpful with that, but i did have the same feeling as Bridget here, so probably there is something in it o.o but i can’t tell you the reason it’s just an… overall impression up to now, hard to say really o..o i did not really think about the reason…

        • KBatty

          I think the art style has a great deal to do with it. Winona’s style was very androgynous, particularly in the facial structuring. Androgyny is not something you find in a lot of yaoi: there are often pre-defined “types”. Unfortunately, when it comes to super-hero comics, there are also expected character types.

          It may be that many people are feeling the “gay comic vibe” because on a subconscious level, they are realizing a parallel between super hero and yaoi character types that otherwise isn’t often highlighted because the two genres don’t generally cross or mesh.

          Just a thought.

      • Well, for me it’s mainly the superhero genre (I don’t feel the comic is geared towards gay men any more than towards women). I find the genre too unrealistic and ridiculous even, and also visually unattractive most of the time. However, I do read/watch superhero genre whenever I come across anything decent enough because I secretly want to have superpowers xD

        As far as Artifice is concerned, I liked it from the start because it was Sci-Fi (I’m a trekkie), it had an actual and a very interesting story, and the artwork was wonderful. The characters looked just right: Jeff was cute, but didn’t look like a girl, and Deacon was masculine, but didn’t look like an ape (or Annihilator). Generally speaking, there just seems to be a lot more sophistication to Artifice.

        Still, I will continue reading The Young Protectors. It seems fun 🙂

      • I didn’t even notice it was a gay bar lol No, it’s not that.  

        Yes, I think it’s the art style and the comic book aspect.  The older guy’s outfit is very comic book-esque, and that just makes me uncomfortable for some reason.  It makes me feel like I somehow got stuck in a boy’s club (whether gay or straight).  It just has a sort of “ladies not welcome” feel to it.  I think of comic books as being so obsessed with the Body, whether it’s the male or female body.  And that’s what this feels like.  

        Even though I started reading Artifice when it was almost complete, I connected with the story immediately.  I was curious about Deacon long before Jeff showed up, and I think I would have followed the story if it were just about Deacon.  He was in a sort of baggy jumpsuit that didn’t REALLY highlight his body; the emphasis in a lot of the panels was on Deacon’s facial expression and hand movements (I loved when he would wring his hands nervously).  I took a class once on science fiction where the theme of the class was “What does it mean to be human?” When I realized that Deacon had fallen in love, I started to pick up on that theme, and I was so excited.  I’m also a big lover of science fiction.

        I guess Deacon is approachable to me on both a thematic and a visual level; he is not threatening; he is relate-able.

        I’m not sure I have anything in common with this very macho-looking, wavy-haired comic book hero yet, and his opponent is downright off-putting (super masculine, etc.; he makes me uncomfortable).  But don’t worry; I’m not going anywhere yet :p 

    • JJLis

      Well, I thought the same way, until I read a few pages of The Authority, by Warren Ellis. Maybe you just have to warm up to the characters a little bit, give it a chance. These characters are not the type of “eye candy” I like, I used to be a lot into japanese yaoi, but then I learned to give characters a chance before turning them away. There’s nothing like a well-written gay couple hahahaha.

    • ErykaSoleil

      Is it that you feel it’s more geared towards gay men; or simply that it’s more geared towards comic book and/or superhero fans, who have traditionally been male more often than female? (Even now, I still see WAY more guys on the comic scene than women. -Sighs.-)

  • JJLis

    Alex, I have to say that I liked your Artifice characters enough to make a Disqus account, so I can comment on The Young Protectors haha. Don’t know what to expect yet, but I’m begining to dig this pairing 😀

  • Vik-Thor Rose

    Loving it!
    Will you be putting The Young Protectors up on top web Comics, like you did Artifice?

    • Glad to hear you’re loving it, Vik-Thor Rose! 😀

      And hmm, I probably should do that, shouldn’t I? I’ll add it to the list! 😀

  • Looks like he’s getting flying lessons for his trouble.  >u>  

    • He flies through the air with the greatest of ease, our daring young man on the flying trapeeze…

  • New Stormwatch today, and I got to read another page of this… Day made better by gay superheroes.

  • ErykaSoleil

    The more I look at this comic, the more I’m wondering: Is the Annihilator actually wearing a helmet of some sort? The shading just looks wrong to be hair.

    • Aikka

      As far as i know it’s hair.
      A few people asked about that before xD
      Under page 3 and 4 and maybe somewhere else too xD

      • It’s his hair, folks, it’s his hair!  I’m pretty sure The Annihilator keeps some amazing super human hair products in those pouches on his belt! 🙂

        • ErykaSoleil

          Sorry–I just started really hanging out at TYP on this page, so I’d missed any comments on it from previous pages. :p

          It’s just that Kyle’s hair is so lovely and detailed; but when I look at The Annihilator, my brain can’t tell if he’s got the military cut going, or if it’s slightly longer and slicked back, or what. Adam, your penciling is beautiful; and Veronica, you do a wonderful job with the coloring on every page. I think everything looks great except The Annihilator’s hair (and his fighting stances while dodging Kyle–but I know not everybody has formal training, and even formal schools disagree on things).

          • Hey, no need to apologize Eryka!  So happy to have you reading!

  • I am loving the art on this page^)^. The amused, slightly sardonic look on Annihilator’s face in the 2nd panel is made of *win* Why must the bad boys always be so appealing?
    Poor Kyle looks like he’s the ball in some amazing trick shot.
    Annihilator: Look, eyes closed,over the shoulder and into the dumpster.
    Kyle: AHHHH! *Swish, nothing but dumpster* 

    • Thanks, Cotina!  We’re happy with this page, too.  I really love what Veronica did with our fire in that first panel!

      • ErykaSoleil

        That reminds me: Veronica! You do wonderful, mesmerizing flames. 🙂

  • ErykaSoleil

    I think some of you will appreciate this article, especially in light of many of the comments on Artifice’s last page:

    • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

      Thank you for the link.

      • ErykaSoleil

        You’re very welcome.

  • Ambler

    That man’s beard is unnatural. Well, obviously that isn’t the only ‘off’ thing about them (shooting fire and whatnot), but good lord. Not a hair out of place.

    • KBatty

       He’s wearing razor-sharp ninja stars on his outfit. Pretty sure he shaves those deviant facial hairs a million times a day.

      Or maybe he had laser hair removal. *snicker* Never know, it might be one of his super powers. Laser vision + mirror = perfection… or possibly blindness if he happens to sneeze at the wrong time.

      • Ambler

        Or Voldemort syndrome, being forever without a nose.

  • smolder

  • need a good long haired hero

  • singerblooming

    I really love the second panel. “oh please”
    poor kid— doesn’t have a chance xD

  • man your villain is awesome!!!! he’s hot, got nice muscles, very nice bulge….*if you know what i mean lol*, cocky attitude and the moves to back it up……i think i’m in love!!!!!!

  • KariRedlock

    I throw superheros in the air sometimes
    Has no effect-oooooh

    ….first thing that came to my mind when i saw those last couple of panels
    can’t wait to see where this is going 8D

  • ErykaSoleil

    Soooo, update is tonight/tomorrow, yes?

    • Yep. Should be posting the next page sometime tonight. 🙂

      • ErykaSoleil

        Yay! It was really funny this morning, because less than 5 minutes after I thought about checking in here, my daughter decided to play Camping on our futon. 🙂

  • The villian…me gusta~

  • Found a new comic to enjoy~! I was heart broken when Artifice ended, but now I have something to love just as much~! Thank you so much for making wonderful comics!

    • You’re very welcome, xundeadxunloved! It really is my pleasure. I’m so glad you’re enjoying The Young Protectors!

  • Camping!  Around what time do you think you’ll update normally, Alex?  Artifice (long may it wave) pages usually went up at midnight…

    • It will be up at midnight or before. Maybe even a couple hours before if I can motor through some technical challenges. 🙂

      • Sweet!  I have cheese filled crackers, good tv going, and thou 🙂  We’re good.

        •  I have candy goodies for springtime! Chocolate rabbits and Cadbury eggs, anyone?

          • I’ll take one of those eggs, thanks 🙂

    • Krista Parizek

      *has the marshmellows and rum* 🙂 

  • ithilloke

    LOVE the 3rd panel! “Takin’ out the trash…*yawn*”

  • oh for pete’s sake, whatevs homeboy imma just let you fly for a sec brb gettin a snack

  • Hot Annihilator is HOT!

    • Kid Chaos

      I need some hot stuff baby, tonight…

  • voodoobrownie

    haha xD 
    ‘oh, for pete’s sake’

  • That, my friends, is how you flip a burger… or… well, a person. Into the air. With one arm. MMM. 

  • Air Combo Sequence initiated.

    17-hit Annihilation imminent.

    +89,521,104,000 points

  • DarkFeanix21

    … Hahahaha! Oh, that last panel cracked me up. Definitely *not* the reaction I was expecting.

  • Mathew Cole

    Tenth floor: haberdashery, ladies’ undergarments, boots for teenage superheroes’ asses the kicking of…

  • Celestia’s Snout


    Also, rearrange the words in panel 1. “Get me OFF!” There you go, Kyle. Now you’re being more honest with yourself.

  • Holly

    Re reading Young Protectors for fun, and I just realized that I’m not positive on Duncan’s powers.

    Is it like Super strength and invulnerability? Is there more than that?

    • Dakejev

      Super speed too, don’t forget that. Though you probably need both the super strength and invulnerability for that to be a healthy power to have.

      *re-re-re-re-re-reading the comic for the bazillionth time*

      • camolot the creator

        So he’s like an FISS, but without the flight part?

  • LillianEvans

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  • That Long-Haired Creepy Guy


    “Spooky Jones! Jones! Calling Spooky Jones!”
    “Spooky Jones! Spooky Jones! Wake up now! (WAKE UP NOW!)”