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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 5

76 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 5

Hmmm. Something tells me this might not be a fair fight…

Oh, look! We have new Fan Art by geekypnai! It’s called “Power Within” and features our fiery-hero-who-has-yet-to-say-his-name. Do check it out!

And please allow me to remind you about my Kickstarter Project. If you’d like a printed copy of Artifice, making a pledge to that is the best way to get one (and other cool stuff like art prints, etc.). 🙂

And new page! With more interaction between our hero and the supervillain! Even though I’ve been swamped with the day job and comics stuff, I’ve been loving reading all your awesome comments. Please let me, Adam and Veronica know what you think of the new page! 😀


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  • Oh Silver Fox is a bad guy! *le gasp* There’s an interesting twist. And I bet that’s how Kyle knows him. The redhead’s not a spazz, he’s brave! Maybe he’s kinda stupid for attacking Silver Fox instead of running, but bravery earns some serious points with me.

    And if Kyle has yet to say his name, how do I know his name is Kyle? *ponders* I guess I read it in previous comments by Alex.

    PS: THERE’S the left hook I was waiting for!

    • SigmundReimann

      I know his name is Kyle because it was mentioned in a blog that included character designs for this comic when it was first announced. 

  • Erica

    he he he, i can’t wait for more! i really really reallllly wanna know more development!! D: D: 

    • melinda stumpf

       Erica look at the background on the last panel

      • Erica

        yeah that’s the “now showing Artifice 2” lol i commented and was like “does this imply that there will be A2?!” lol

        • melinda stumpf

           I hope so

          • Erica

            he told me that he was thinking about it. i told him that he totally should cuz everyone would support it hahaha i wanna know more about deacon and jeff and life AFTER the Da Vinci project i’ve been trying to think of what it could be.

  • calmandsilence

    I feel like a page was skipped…. the conversation kind of jumped a bit…

    • Becky

      “Careful, boy, you’ll bring down the Police AND the Fire Department.  Then I’d have to hurt them.”  No skipping.  Just bad-guy threats.  As in, “The Law can’t help you now, kid, I’m too badass for them, MWAHAHAHA!”  😛

  • melinda stumpf

    you made me think he was going to kiss him

    • Mwa ha ha.

      • melinda stumpf

         I just saw whats playing at the movies *ignores the fight and goes waits in line to go see Artifice*

  • I love the new art style! Really looking forward to this new comic. 

    BTW, just a question, if ever I get to purchase a printed copy of Artifice, will there be steamy scenes in it? XD

    • Yay! Glad you like what you see!

      And there won’t be any additional steamy scenes of Artifice in the printed book. But one of the art prints I’m sending out to backers is pretty steamy. And if the Kickstarter campaign goes crazy well, there’s a chance I could afford to commission Winona to create an additional flashback “romantic scene” on Da Vinci Four—which in addition to the steamy would also answer the question about how Jeff got—well, don’t want to spoil here—let’s just say how he got what he needed in the end.  And that would be sent out as a PDF to all backers.

  • Excited overenthusiasm versus cynical experience.  I have a feeling I know how this battle’s going to play out…XD

    •  Age and treachery; there’s really nothing like it.  If only it could be bottled. 

  • I have this overwhelming urge to pinch Kyle’s cheeks and bop his nose in that first panel ^.^

  • Yukiness

    Is it wrong that I want to stroke the Annihilator’s fuzzy head? And I feel a little bad for Kyle right now. All that dodging can get very annoying.

    • Yukiness

      Just noticed that Artifice 2 just disappeared from the marquee (I can’t spell people)

      • Dex X.

        I just noticed too. It made me sad….

        • Sorry, y’all. My bad. Missed it when I was lettering this page. Thank you for pointing it out. Fixed. 🙂

          • Yukiness

            Horray! (^A^)/

  • Thoughts on the page from a critical artist standpoint: Second panel looks a little plain  since it’s there without background, and the character has little movement.

    If I was planning this scene (This is just my opinion. I’m sure everybody else here loves the page just the way it is!) I would have had a closeup of our ginger’s face giving a death glare with the focal point being the eyes narrowing, as GSM (Giant Shiny Man) said, “And you wouldn’t want THAT, would you?” That way it’d lead to the build up of the punch.

    (Critic sleenks away.)

    (Sleenks back.)

    The action scenes, anatomy, and backgrounds are very good in this comic!

    Relationship comment: Ummm… I can hear the wedding bells already?

    • gumboluvr

      I can’t say the art appeals to me.  I’ve never been big into the bara-style (no pun intended), unless it was muted (which it’s not here imo).  It’s a little too early in the story to make a comment on the plot, but I do kinda like Annihilator’s snarkiness and the action sequence.

  • Dex X.

    I screamed “IT’S MONDAY” when I suddenly remembered this updates on Mondays…..:) Oh, and our silly little hero sure is determined huh? I’m feeling partial to the Supervillian though…..I hope that’s okay? I mean he’s just the cutest.

    • The Annihilator is totally OK with you thinking he’s the cutest. 😉

      • Becky

        Out of context, that statement is kind of hilarious, Alex.

  • leorising

    Okay, trying to initiate a fistfight with a guy sporting throwing knives and ninja stars on the outside of his clothing and getting frustrated because you can’t land a punch?

    Ah, youth.

  • Lorescien

    Damn. Annihilator’s eyes… I swear, I already have a fangirl thing for this guy. XD Beautiful work so far guys; and thanks for making the beginning of Spring Quarter at my university a lot better. :3

  • ithilloke

    Amazing pencil work!

  • For some reason, I still keep thinking your bad guy really looks like the goodguy hero type.  Are you sure he’s not just pretending to be evil?
    Edit: Oooh, he has a name, it’s the Annihilator. I should read more. Also, I love the Now Showing Artifice in the bg <3

    • The Annihilator is totally OK with you thinking he’s the good guy. 😉

      Glad you like the marquee!

      •  I’m so glad he’s okay with that!  I mean, if not, I might just get annihilated! XD

  • I love the traditional comic book feel.

  • Ryn

     *admiring Annihilator’s tushy in panels 3 & 4*

    Kid has no logic. he dodges big ol’ fire blast and you expect to hit him with you fists? Really?  You’re going to be one of those overeager hotshots, aren’t you.
    but i guess being able fry your opponents would make you overconfident.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Seriously, Fire-Boy? You’re trying to have a fist fight with a dude who could dodge your fireballs?! Looks like the Annihilator should teach you a lesson — a long, drawn out, sexy lesson!

    Love the facial expressions on this page — you are happily rocking my world with this comic so far. 😀

  • ErykaSoleil

    -Laughs.- I like The Annihilator already. And the fact that he’s easy on the eyes certainly doesn’t hurt, either. 🙂

  • Last panel. I was greatly distracted by Silver Fox’s package.
    Not gonna lie.

    • iTVXQ

      Glad to see I’m not the only one. LOL. I was distracted at the 2nd page aswell. Dayum.

      • iTVXQ

        Make that page 3.. Keyboard decided on not letting me decide on what page it was!

    • Ryn

      oh yeah, kid’s not the only one packin’ some heat. spandex must be embarrassing for the less endowed villains/heroes.

    • xLizardx

      I think he’s going to end up getting called “Silver Fox” more than “The Annihilator” 😀

  • Lol, pwnd. He’s not doing very well is he?
    Calm down kid!

  • Carole Henderson

    I’d like you to know this makes my dreams come true. Yaoi + SuperHeros + You guys = a much happier me <3 

    • Subhadra Erika

      true dat

  • Araceli Rodriguez

    i’m so happy that once Artifice is over we’ll have this. because, come on! superheroes!!!!!! yesss!!! 

  • Whoa, the art style suddenly changed for the first two panels!  Kyle looks like a little kid for those panels!  The Annihilator’s looking good to me 🙂  And even more pick-up lines from the older man too!  Does EVERYTHING that comes out of his mouth have a dual meaning?!

    By the way, Alex, if it won’t spoil anything, what are the ages for our two…powered friends?  Heroes?  Anti-hero and hero?

  • *facepalm* Yeah, our fiery hero is out of his league. I am SO excited for this comic, you have no idea! Can’t wait!

  • Bianca Simone

    I was getting all Campy McCamperson on Artifice and then I was like OMGEEEE IT’S TUESDAY I MISSED OUT ON TYP UPDATE ON MONDAYYYYYYYYYYYYY

    and then I realized it was Wednesday. LMAO

    ——-Dorkasaurus Rex (king of the dorkasaurs ^.^)

  • Jackson Dean

    Woo! Artifice on at the pictures. I’d sure love to see that ^^
    Is it the ‘directors cut’? Hehe.

  • xLizardx

    Alex Woolfson – will you transfer the “donate for extra pages” button to Young Protectors once Artifice wraps up? 🙂

  • Are these just straight pencils? Or has the page been inked?

    • Hi Kristin, 
      Thanks for asking.  The art for The Young Protectors is shot straight from pencils. The result is a bit of a new style for me, but it’s been great fun to see where Veronica takes it.  She’s a superstar for sure.

  • xLizardx

    I just did some Fan Art for this! Woooo! I hope Alex likes it enough to upload it. Should I share it here do you think? Maybe I should probably wait for him to give his approval.

  • Is it bad of me to want to see Kyle get spanked by our hunky bad guy?

    • No, cause now that you put the idea in my head, I’d like to see it too 😛

      • ErykaSoleil

        Fan art! 🙂

        But someone else will have to do it, because my art skills are so out of practice they basically need to start over from scratch. 🙁

  • I Love How It Says Now Showing Artifice In The Background. Yay Shameless Promotion!!!!

  • EL

    are you going to keep with the donations for extra pages for the Young Protectors?

  • SQUEEEEE “Now showing: Artifice!”  I’d pay so much money to watch that in theaters…

    • ErykaSoleil

      I’m wondering if it’s animated, CG, or live action?

      • Kid Chaos

        It’s a combination of all three!

  • severely

    Is this comic going to have a similar update schedule to Artifice: one page every Saturday and donations can earn an extra page on Wednesday?

  • And so it begins 😀

    Silver-man looks so bored hahaha~

    Though I still cant decide whether he is evil or not o.o

  • …camping.  ::looks around:: Anyone here?

  • Superjenny

    I love the marquis in the background…

  • CK

    No idea why, but I imagine that hero guy having a Scottish accent 😀

  • hhahahaha now showing artifice XD

  • I would watch the HELL outta an Artifice movie! I’d see it in theaters twice and take all my friends and buy the Director’s Cut DVDs!

  • samae

    First drowtales breaks the hearts of a thousand shippers and then this?! Say it ain’t so Jack.