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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 4

99 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 4

Hmmm. Seems like some supervillain has himself some super-speed….

And we have our very first work of Fan Art for this comic! It’s by long-time friend of Yaoi 911 Webcomics Aikka and it’s a very cute portrait of Kyle. You should definitely check it out! Thanks, Aikka!

And thank you all for your wonderful and kind comments on the first few pages of The Young Protectors. I know three pages isn’t a lot to go on, but it was a lot of fun to read your reaction to the “silver fox”. 😀 (And to my little theater marquee in-joke. Couldn’t resist there…)

Please keep letting me know what you think. I know it’ll take a little while to learn who these characters are and what’s at stake, but your comments and encouragement are a huge morale booster for me, Adam and Veronica. 🙂

And I’ll post Page 5 up next Monday! Hope to see you then!


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  • Hahaha, Kyle is me whenever I play shooter games. Just aim, blast and hope you hit… then get squished. 

    • Ryn

       *toast glass* hear hear!

    • HAHA HAHA HA. Good thing what Kyle’s aiming for seems merciful!

    • Superjenny

      Then everyone watching hopes you get sexed up…  Awkward~!

  • Jenny Blue

     Alex/Adam/Veronica, let me just say, you three are my new favorite people ~_~ I’m blinded by the awesomeness of this page.  

    • Thank you, Jenny! ::blush:: So glad you like it! 😀

      • Jenny Blue

        awww… (>^_^)> *hugs!* I’m just happy you guys are writing/penciling/coloring this! (^_^)  I hope you never get writer’s block Alex! {hugs were meant in a non-creepy way. I just like hugs! 😀 }

  • melinda stumpf

    ~~I wanna sex you up
    All night
    You make me feel real good
    I want to
    I wanna rub you down
    I wanna sex you up

    Let me take off all your clothes
    Disconnect the phone so nobody knows, yeah
    Let me light a candle so we can make it better
    Makin’ love until we drown~~

    (I couldn’t help myself)

    • Superjenny

      And the whole “light a candle” thing wouldn’t be much of a problem with these two, apparently…

      • melinda stumpf

         I know that part of the song was perfect for them

  • Enamoril

    I like that closeness right there last panel. Sexy.

  • Hot.

  • 😀 Expressions are total win. I especially like the last panel!

  • AnyOtaku

    I love the past panel, they are so close to each other!

  • Mournless

    My my, SOMEONE certianly is jumpy! XD

    Not even five pages in and I’m already eager for the next page. <3

  • Yukiness

    Finally, something good to come from Mondays.

  • I’ve always wondered how incompetent superheros avoided getting squashed.  :3

  • As much as i am enjoying this i have to ask; is that a beard or some kind of chin guard/helmet configuration, i thought at first it was hair, but it looks kinda smooth like unpolished metal.

    • It’s a beard. 🙂

      • Superjenny

        He apparently keeps it VERY trim.

  • Yum, this page is all chock full of action, tights, and abs. I think you’ve got another winner on your hands, Alex!
    Btw, looks like we might actually get to some of the really good stuff on your Kickstarter project. $18k + and we still got 20 days left (knock on wood)! Can’t wait to see where all this goes, both the new comic and the Kickstarter! Lol, never underestimate a rabid base of fangirls/boys and their addictions 🙂

    • Thank you, Jamie! 🙂

      (And yes, the first one being at 20K—I’ll put my blooper video up… Scary. LOL!)

  • mikakitten

    Heheh!! I love Kyle’s reaction (O,O)/ ….ah!! Don’t hurt him Mr.Silver fox!! ;_; he is new to this!! Love the last panel!! Poor Kyle!

  • So why is the he trying to barbecue Silver Fox? They don’t seem to know each other. Maybe Kyle is just incredibly easily startled and has a tendency to overreact. 

    Random Person: Excuse me, do you have the time?
    Kyle: AAHHH! You scared me! BURN FOR IT!

    *is waiting for the left hook*

    • Fulgin

      In all fairness, imagine you’re a brand-new super and you get tapped on the shoulder by Dr. Doom.

      • Yes. Exactly. 🙂

      • Superjenny

        Re: Dr. Doom:  The mask is all well and good, but the perfectionism is a little much.  Other than that, I have a thing for fictional, powerful men.  ~grin~

      • That’s exactly my point. Silver Fox was just leaning against the wall and offered up some banter, completely non threatening (except for being built like a brick wall).

        Hmmm… maybe Kyle actually does know him. *ponders*

  • Dex X.


  • Michele M.

    Kiss him, Silver Fox. Ya know u want to! 😉

  • Oh my, it’s getting hot in here. *shot for pun* <3

  • Erica

    .. It’s a monday….


  • Lithekitty

    That’s what she said.

  • Finzz

    Mondays just got better ^^  So Artifice is almost done, then you’ll probably move to two updates of Protectors a week?

    • Well, I’m pretty sure I’ll put up another Bonus Page widget and then we’ll see. Like I said on another page, with two artists things are more expensive for me so the bonus target would need to be higher. And I’m never going to take my readers’ amazing generosity for granted. 🙂

      • Finzz

        Well the fact that your goal for artifice has more than doubled should definitely help right? 😀 Or does all that cash already have a home?

        • Alas, that cash already is spoken for. The $7000 was the absolute minimum I could afford to create the smallest print run (and that was dipping into my savings). Now there will be a much  bigger print run (yay!) and the rest of the money will be used for other Artifice related stuff (not to mention Kickstarter fees, Amazon fees + taxes, reward fulfillment, etc.). 🙂

  • Okay please let them kiss next page! >< They are so attractive!

  • SigmundReimann

    I like ‘Quicksilver’, haha. Confident, but not arrogant. That’s the vibe I’m getting so far anyway. By the looks of it he has good reason to be confident too.

    Kyle, on the other hand, seems rather impulsive. I also get the impression he may turn out to be a bit clumsy (in the most adorable way of course).

    So far my assumptions are that Kyle is a new super hero, perhaps just received his powers or only recently decided to use them for some vigilante work. Quicksilver, however, I think is an experienced super villain who is either infamous or has had run ins with Kyle before. I wouldn’t expect someone to react in such a way unless they knew Quicksilver was a bad guy. I also get the impression that Quicksilver has learned that Kyle is rather predictable (by his smirk in panel two).

    • Yes, The Annihilator is a very experienced, much feared supervillain. 🙂

  • I’m eagerly anticipating the next page. I’m liking these characters, thus far!

  • Jen

    Goodness. I know I’m going to enjoy this as much as I have with Artifice.

  • prediction for the next panel: Rescued from someone smexy from inside the bar! Otherwise, I really don’t know why he went into the bar in the first place… Although I must say, in the alley behind the town’s gay bar is a really weird place to be practicing your powers!

  • Krista Parizek

    I like how the Annihilator almost never loses his smile. 

    • Superjenny

      I just like that smug, asshole-like smirk of his.  ~giggle~

  • Fabiana Nonato

    the first panel was just awsome. 
    YEah, My monday just got better. 

  • Jady Lyon

    After getting hooked on Artifice, trust me, I’m all over this one like white on rice. Always like me some supercilious supervillain 😛

  • Ryn

    Never startle a pyrokinetic.  ;D

    i can not get over the shininess of his armor.

  • Can someone please explain to me why it is that everything that has currently come out of the Annihilator’s mouth sounds like a sexy pick-up line?  Or just sexy lines in general?

    It’s one thing to know I’ve a pervy mind, but question is….is it just me?

    • darbanville

      you are not alone

    • Superjenny

      Nope, not just you…  =3

  • Aw, isn’t that nice. The villain is looking out for the tyke! XD

  • Becky

    Poor Kyle looks like he could be saying “Holy Crap” in just about every panel of this one… however will he extricate himself from the dastardly villan’s polo-shirt-stretching clutches??!  Staying tuned.  🙂

    • Same Protectors time!
      Same Protectors channel!

      Okay, so there’s one other superheroes thing I like. The live action Batman is soooo funny!

      • Becky

        Oh my goodness, live-action Batman is HILARIOUS!!!  <3 <3 <3

  • Hmm. I am wondering, how tall are the superhero and super villain?

    Seems the pyrotec is shorter than the speedster.  And the pyrotec seems to be between 5’6 and 6′ tall.

    • The Dapper Ginger

      This is totally just a guesstimate, but based on Pyro’s height vs. the door frame in the first comic page, I’d say he’s average or just above average-height. 5’9″-6′, I’d say, since door frames are usually about 6’6″ tall. The speed guy is probably over 6′. 6’3″-6’5″, perhaps?

      • I used the door to figure out what height the pyrotec might be too.

        I was thinking that the pyrotec looks like he might be about a foot taller than the dumpster in page 2 panel 5.  Dumpster heights seem to vary at 4’6″, 5’4″ and 6’3″.  Meanwhile I find varying heights for average exterior doors, from smallest to tallest, 6’6″, 6’8″, 7′.  He is clearly shorter than the door.

        So, I don’t imagine he is 6’4″, which means probably the dumpster is in the 4’6″ range.  He seems, to me, to be about a foot or more shorter than the door as well assuming the roof of the club is perpendicular to the door arch. (Unless the roof of the club slants upward as it protrudes from the doorway)  So, to give the widest breadth I would put him between 5’6″ and 6′

  • Jady Lyon

    Gotta like the superspeed. Really digging the superguy’s padded outfit.

  • Jady Lyon

    Hmm. Just noticed an inconsistency. On the third page, the pose of the superguy shows that he has boots to his mid-calf but you can’t see his upper right thigh. On the next page’s action, panel three shows his right boot apparently goes up to his mid thigh (solid blue). On the next panel though, only two blue rings are drawn on the upper thigh, showing the gray spandex underneath. 

    Is his costume asymmetric or did the colourist boo boo?

    • Chaucer59

      I don’t think it’s an inconsistency–just a shadow from the lower ring in frame three. Panels three and four both look like rings, tubes, or straps. I don’t think it’s a thigh- high boot. We never see the righthand side of Annihilator’s belt. The double blue strap on his right thigh could be a tie-down for a holster or a thigh-strapped dagger. It could also be some kinky garter thing.

  • YangYueLan

    ooooh, new comic. oooooh, new art style. Looks good so far Alex!

  • Ha Ha! Love his reaction! “Holy crap!” KILL IT WITH FIRE!!! XD

    • I think I should let you know that your comment made me laugh hysterically 🙂

  • fujoshifanatic

    It’s getting hot in here,
    So take off all your clothes!
    (Please? I’ll stop referencing Nelly if you do.)
    Awesome page! More please! :-3

  • Ambler

    I’m liking the fohawk/rooster hairstyle. And speaking of cocks…I meant roosters! CHILL OUT!

  • Orenda Benson

    OH MY GOSH his expression in the last panel. That smile, that eyebrow. I feel like the Annihilator is about 2 seconds away from some “inappropriate” touching. xD <3

    Also nice job so far on the new comic, Alex! It looks great, and I'm excited to read more!

    • Thank you, Orenda! I’m glad to hear it! (And I love the expression Adam drew in that last panel, too. Captures The Annihilator vibe nicely, I think…)

  • Lorescien

    Oh, baby, the Annihilator is one bloody BEAUTIFUL man… :3 Makes me sad that he isn’t real, lol.

    I’m loving this so far, guys! (But then again, I always adore superhero/supervillain comics… especially when they’re already interesting and so pretty!) Can’t wait to see more!

  • Even if he is a villain, I think I am going to like the Annihilator simply because he has one of my favourite powers.

  • I can’t say I’m entirely into it, but given how I love Artifice, I’m positive I’ll love this just as much once it gets going! I’m anxious to see more. <3

  • anonymouslizzy

    Reminds me of Wally from Young Justice

  • iTVXQ

    I’ve read Artifice for a while, and I really like it! Looking forward to see how this story will develop!

    And I haven’t commented before because disqus hates me, and I hate to make a new account.. For some reason… It works just fine commenting on Teahouse, so idk..
    Good job to all of you! 😀

    • Thank you! 

      And I’m not sure why Disqus would work differently here than at Teahouse… Hmmm…  I might need to ask Emirain if they are using any kind of secret sauce over there. (Although it might be because my comic uses a WordPress plugin and I think their webcomic app is home-grown…)

  • Okay, time  to snuggle in with our new protagonists before we have to say goodbye to the boys for now.  ;______; 

    So far, this dude is reminding me of a mega-cocky Anderson Cooper.  Heh.  

    •  Also, submitted Young Protectors to Piperka, so it should be showing up there in a few days, on the unlikely assumption that i was the first to submit it. 

  • Myrtu

    I love the art. There’s a very awesome comic book feel to it, and the colors are simply gorgeous. I am so into that. Four pages in, and I’m liking it! Can’t wait to see what happens next.

    Question: what font do you use?
    And will you be doing the bonus page donations for this comic too?

    • Yay! Glad you’re enjoying the new comic! And I feel very lucky to be able to work with Adam and Vero. 😀

      I use the font Comicrazy by Comicraft for lettering The Young Protectors.

      And yes. I think I will try the donations for bonus pages here. I’m working with two artists so things have gotten more expensive for me, so I’ll need to raise the target. But it’s been so much fun to be able to do bonus pages, I’d like to give it a try. 🙂

  • Krista Parizek

    *holding her tent and sleeping bag* Is it too early to camp?

    • Nope!  ::offers various caffeinated beverages and a selection of cheese and crackers::  I’m here too!  

  • Not sure if anyone’s camping, but I am planning on posting soonish. I’ve got an early day tomorrow and my bed is calling me… 😀

    • I’m here! *waves* Something tells me I’m not sleeping anytime soon. Thanks for the pep talk over at Artifice. It really does mean a lot.

      • It really is my pleasure, Alex. And I was serious when I said to let me know if you need anything. I’ve been out a long time, but I do remember how it was. We have a nice community here and you are a valued member of it—we’re here for you if you need us. 🙂

        Oh, and the new page is up!

        • Valued XD. Well that cheered me right up! Thanks. *goes off to read it*

  • ahhhh! I have a new comic to lust after! 8D I was so sad Artifice is ending ;w; 

  • Loreli Golden

    That last panel is awfully tasty <3

  • SolrSurfr3

    Is he always this flirty…?

    • Kid Chaos

      Gotta show the youngsters who’s boss.

  • Dee Dee

    Erm I wanted to know what the donation details are listed as, when you donate. What’s the name or company listed as? Cripes, I got so busy with real life, I never came back to check! =P


    • Dee Dee

      Nvm, I donated anyways. =P xD Evil supervillians… mmm, tempting the young and idealistic. 

  • Jesse Rusmiselle

    I take it the pyro guy knows who Mr. Shiney is? I’d hate to think his immediate reaction to a stranger learning his secret was to try and kill him…

  • Celestia’s Snout

    I can’t tell if Kyle was so offended by the man’s outfit that he just flipped out and became violent, or if he though “Roasting pan! I bet there’s a turkey in there and I’M HUNGRY!” and just went with his gut.

  • Nightshadengale

    Wait, the snazzy “The Annihilator” bubble in the first panel is new, isn’t it?

    • Jesslc

      Yeah that wasn’t there when I first read through the comic (about 2 months ago)