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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 24

73 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 24

Hmm. That’s actually is pretty good advice. For a bad guy.

Oh, and


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So… The Annihilator has just offered Kyle some villainous advice. And it looks to me like there’s still something on Kyle’s mind. What do you think Kyle will have to say to The Annihilator? Tune in for our regular Saturday update to find out!

Hope to see you then! 😉


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  • YESSSSSSSS camping paid off!! I kinda wonder what’s Anni like as a villain, since we’ve only seen him as a bit “naughty” up until now… I mean, what king of evil does he normally do? His infamous reputation couldn’t have come from teasing insecure gay guys alone. 

    • Personally, I’m praying he’s a truly horrendous villain, because that would be pretty damned boss against his affably evil personality.

      • Menolly

         I sort of hope that he’s the kind of evil that’s really good inside, like a badguy who goes around taking out political figures that do bad things but are above the law? Please? Pretty please? He seems like he’d be fantastic at being callous and a truly terrible villain, but I really want to love him (ok, so I already sort of do) and I hate feeling guilty by association for the characters I love.

        • Nope. That would just be like all other cliche Hollywood stories and comic heros. The horrible personality with a heart of gold? Over done by far. He should be a truly horrendous villain with that one lovable quirk and the little hero can’t decide whether he hates him or not.. constantly going back and forth depending on the circumstances.

  • You know, the best villains out there are those who CAN be redeemed; wonder if there is something, or someone out there who might someday, somehow be able to turn what was darkness into what is a hero. Sometimes it just takes a single person to point it out to you… then again, sometimes it’s fun to mess with the head of a young, impressionable, cute hero and convince him to come walk on the dark side– cause you know, we have cookies. ::whistles to self and sitting down for the whole ride of this one::

  • I love Annihilator’s bow!

  • They should make out again. Just saying. 

  • CommodoreZelda

    I love the Annihilator. So much. Keep corrupting that youth!!! <3

  • Jen

    From the softness in Anni’s eyes to his knowing smirk in the last panel, its all wonderful!

  • The Annihilator is officially my favorite, all time favorite, comic book villain ever. Amazing advice there, superb bow, and damn! the only thing wrong is that he’s gay and I’m a woman!  …and not comic book existing, therefore incompatible major.  But for reals, you’ve created one of my all time favorite fiction characters here, Alex, and that says a lot (considering my GoodReads profile has me listed at 181 books read and that doesn’t include all the manga i’ve read or anything i’ve read before 8th grade or anything i’ve read that wasn’t spectacular.)  So for real, amazing kudos to you!

    • Thank you very much! You’ve got me blushing here… 😀

      •  You are most welcome.  You truly deserve the praise, you’ve earned it, and far surpassed many, many, many others.  Your stories never cease to wow me and you create characters that I love, that are memorable, that have depth and feelings and grow -and that I can identify with, in the sense that we’re all a little queer here, even if they are boys XD

    • Dracon Ra

      Thoughts are free, so in my mind, he’s bisexual 😉

  • Anni = WIN with that advice. Kyle = WIN for taking that advice seriously.

    This is a great page, very human rather than just good guy v bad guy. Love it!

    • Thank you, Deejay! I’m glad you liked the update!

      • No, I didn’t like it. I love it!


        Although part of me is wondering if Anni is being so open/helpful because he thinks maybe a cute lil’ sidekick is not a bad thing. 

  • That’s…surprisingly good advice.  If you don’t take care of yourself, how will you take care of others, after all?  Shows me that A-team might not be quite as villainous as previously thought…or he’s really really good at presenting a sincere front.  Mwahahaha.  Seriously, it makes me think that A-team might have been a hero before deciding villainy (whatever the hell he does do villainously) was the better route.  I look forward to finding out!

    Also, Alex…I do love that you post early, but now I don’t get to camp…

    • Hey Summer!

      Glad to hear you’re interested in finding out more about The Annihilator. More is definitely ahead.

      And sorry about the camping. I’ve been on East Coast time for the past couple weeks but that will be changing very shortly. I promise there will be plenty of time to camp soon… You know I love campers. 😀

  • nebi_lan

    with the face on the third panel I just thought awwww <3 kind of a lovely, anyway that man is sexy ~ SEXYYY ~. We all now the good boy is looking for more 8'D and that man will be more than pleased to give it to him.

  • azurefiction

    I am a firm believe that evil gets love too, <333. XD Usually because the good guys can't admit their own feelings and evil guys have absolutely no problem of getting what they want ( whether the other party knows it or not ).

  • Welp.

    Anni trolled us all.


    Oh wait nope troll.

    Self admitting troll T.T

  • I dont trust that bottom right panel look Anni is giving…hmm…

    • DoktorNauk

      I don’t think Kyle does either.

  • If I had been in Kyle’s position, I would’ve pulled that man right back and said “I am not through with you mister.”
    That kiss was too hot to end. >.<

  • StarrySkyDancer

    LOVING this page so much!^^ They’re both so charming and cute innit^^ It even has helped me like Kyle, whom I didn’t like so much compared to our bad guy 😉

    • Hehe. Glad to hear it. Kyle will have some growing up to do in this comic, but hopefully you’ll continue to grow to like him. 🙂

  • Larne

    First I was really surprised, that this page was posted so early. Love it. Not that camping is a bad thing, but I can do without. ^^

    And again I´m amazed by the new page. *_* The facial expressions are just gorgeous.
    (I woner what Kyle is thinking. Maybe: “Wait. This should be the bad guy. I should definitly not feel this easy around him”… or something like that)
    Espacially the last panel is simply stunning. It has much emotion in it. But besides that I really love the dialoge. Both Anni and Kyle are so charming. (However Anni is even better. I like his multifarious character and can´t wait to read more about him. I bet there will be more surprises in the future… )

    Now I´m dying to know, what Kyle wants to say…  hope the week will pass by qucikly :3

  • LOVE both the content and expressions on this page– the first few panels especially may be some of my favorite so far! 

  • mikakitten

    Yeah!! I thought this page was coming next wednesday! So happy it’s come early…I’ve been having some personal problems too and ontop of that have been suffering from a cold for the past two days…so I was feeling pretty miserable and this page has cheered me up so much! :3 Anni!!! You just know Kyle’s gonna come running after you! He’s so smart! Can’t wait for saterday now hehe <3 I wonder what Kyle's gonna do? "Stop! Wait! …I wanna put myself first for once! There's a hotel near here. Teach me!" <<<< I'm hoping it'll be like this 😉

  • Yukiness

    Aww, look at KittyKat with his mini-troll face going on. He’s already learning!

  • Phoenix_xxx

    *is so happy*

  • Leigh Nelson

    Gah the Annihilator is just the cutest.

    Think it’s funny though, my mother and I were just discussing how gay men – flamboyant or not, open or not, out and proud or not – you can tell they are gay because of the twinkle in their eye. Especially the out and proud gays, it’s like a happy, “I have secrets that you will *never* know,” type of sign that is so cute ^_^ Like pannel 3.

    Just amazing.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Yay! Came back from an early morning workout and found this page as my reward. :3 That was awesome advice that Anni gave to Kyle, not only because it’s true of course, but also because it reflects the complexity and depth of Anni’s character that we are catching glimpses of right now. It’s exactly the kind of advice a “bad guy” would give–who else would tell you not to care what anyone thinks and put yourself first–but yet I have the feeling that it will affect Kyle for the better more than any other advice he’s gotten thus far in his young life. Would a truly evil person do that for another?

    I can’t wait for the next update (happy dance that it’s only a few days away) and KittyKyle’s response. And I’m so sorry you’re going through a rough patch right now Alex. *giving super-strength cyber hug* I’m sending my good thoughts out to you my dear, and hope that whatever you’re going through comes out all right in the end. Feel better; we love you and want you to be as happy as you make us every week! XOXO

    • Thank you very much for the hugs and the kind words, fujoshifanatic. They are really appreciated. 🙂 

      And I like the way you’re thinking about the “bad guy advice”. 

  • iTVXQ

    Hmm… “Now showing …fice 2”? Artifice 2? Hm? 😀 Sneaky I see. Very sneaky indeed.

    Love this page, the expressions are wonderful. And it’s nice to see that Anni isn’t a complete badass. Hey, all men need a soft side just as much as they need a bad side, right? ;D

  • What I hope is on Kyle’s mind for the next page is a question… I want him to ask: “Oh and btw… How old are you anyway?” That would be interesting. And of course it would be nice if Anni’s response was sincere to!

  • Is that a future reference for Artifice 2 I see? 😀

  • Dracon Ra

    I guess the next question will be, “So, what happens next time we meet?” or “Could we try that kiss-thing again?” 
    First one would be the typical question in a situation like this, second one, because I’d really like to see it 😉

  • I love Anni, I don’t care if he is a villain! He’s got heart, you can see that, but I still wouldn’t want to be on that man’s bad side. He’s internationally feared for a reason and I think this little scene with Kyle shows the teeny tiny tip of the iceberg when it comes to just how manipulative he can be.

  • Rex Justrex

    Words can’t describe how much I am loving this comic.  Snuck in a small donation under another name.  All I could manage at the time, but it was well worth the sacrifice.

    As an old panther myself (albeit without any superpowers) I can totally identify with Annihilator.  Those young (but totally legal sized) pups are so cute.

    • YangYueLan

       Now I have an image of a red panther tripping over paws that are to big and having its to big ears flop in its face. ^.^ Thank you!

      • Rex Justrex

         Yup, that’s me.  An old clumsy panther.  My teeth and claws aren’t so sharp anymore but those young cubs better watch out! (evil grin)

      • xLizardx

        Actually, Kyle kind of reminds me of my dog [in a good way] – they’re both extremely excitable, quite young, and have red hair [my dog is an Irish Setter] 😀

    • Thank you for the generous donation, Rex! I’m really glad that you’re enjoying the comic! 🙂

  • Ryn

    oh ho ho ho…  such a deviant look, as to say , “not done with you yet”. Annihilator’s truly a man after my own heart. “fuck the rest of the world and it’s opinions, they can kiss my ass!”.  and that bow, accepting and sarcastic. 😀

  • xLizardx

    LOVE Kyle’s expression in the first panel – it really conveys the sheepish sarcasm in his voice 😀

  • krissdevalnor

    Great page 🙂 Have to echo some of the other ppl here: the expressions in the first and last panels are excellent! Cant wait to see what will happen 🙂

  • He’s such a gentleman!  LOVE the bow.  I hope he adds an extra dollop of annihilation against rude people.  😉

    Beautifully done team TYP.

  • Et je suis enchanté pour vous rencontrer aussi, monsieur. 


    if i were Kyle, i too would be perplexed by that random display of gallantry of Annihilator’s.

    ..what shall happen next.

  • b3nc0

    Thank you all, you donors, you Veronica, you Alex & you Adam. Bonus page is bouncey day 8°)
    First panel Kyle is cute inaugurating his irony face ♥_♥
    I’m afraid Parkourman has a will-you-bite-that-hook-lil-fish face in the last panel, which is quite excellent BTW ¬¸¬

  • Heeeeeeeey… that was good advice. Hmm… what IS he up to?

  • Insigma


  • Sepherr

    His eyes in panel 3!!! Aaaahhh he’s so adorable! ^-^

  • KiannaLeigh

    Holy crap, there’s 85 dollars up in that donation bar already! Whoo….

  • There is some villainously vague advice for ya. Dude, he could mean ANYTHING with that phrasing. RUN NOW.  

  • Damn, that’s my kind of man right there. I wanna have a beer with him sometime.

  • NNNGH. Man, every other comic (including what we have of this one) that I’ve read so far is so awesome that I’m not even sure what to do with myself! You have no idea how I have longed for well-drawn, well-written “gay stories” like these…
    Oh, yeah.
    You do, actually.Ahem. Anyway, keep up the good work, hope life will be go a bit easier on ya soon <3. And thank you for exisiting, basically.

  • Sleep with him sleep with him sleep with him oh man please just like bend over before the might of the annihilator.

    • QuantumKid

      PREPARE YOUR AN– um… “ANGUS”  !!

  • YersiniaP

    Depending on my mood of the day, I find it sometimes hilarious, sometimes sad, sometimes maddening that some people do not seem to grasp the concept of this comic:
    That this is not a yaoi comic (in the original yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi – sense), where nothing else but boys getting it on with other boys, and a little pseudo-plot inbetween, happens, but that this is a comic with a story and a plot.
    And that story happens to involve gay romance and sex, but is not solely about it.
    It’s interesting to see how all those people, with the sometimes fitting names and the single-minded comments, don’t realize they have come to the wrong place if they are expecting random, plot-unrelated shagging every week.

    • VanQuinn

      Very odd that you would say people who love this comic are in the wrong place.
      If people are enjoying themselves and supporting the comic, why spoil their fun over a matter of interpretation? They love the comic for how they see it. You love it for how you see it. I don’t think it’s right to sneer at other fans for what they like and how they choose to express it.

      And anyway, these comments are much tamer than attending a BBC Sherlock slash panel full of fangirls screaming “I WANT THEM TO *** AND *** AND ***!!!” till my ears bleed. Obviously, they know Sherlock isn’t a gay porn series. They’re not misunderstanding the “concept of the show” simply because they want the characters to shag. They like Sherlock for what it is and all the fantasies it gives them. And, like with this comic, just because fans say Kyle should bend over and take it, doesn’t mean they misunderstand what the comic is about.

      • YersiniaP

        I really don’t believe me posting my opinion is going to spoil anybody’s fun!
        Yes, there’s are different interpretations of the comic, obviously, as there are everywhere where there’s an audience of more than one person.

        It’s just that I do not understand the “fuck him fuck him fuck him!!!11eleventy-one”-style comments for a comic where this is obviously not going to happen. (Not never, but just not randomly and plot-unrelated.)
        I did not sneer at anybody, nor I did not mean to say anybody wasn’t allowed to be here. I merely expressed my puzzlement over people who seemed to expect something from this comic that they are obviously not going to get.

        Amd yes, you are correct of course, the comments here are LOT tamer than elsewhere, and there are a lot less of the ones I am talking about.
        Which doesn’t change the fact that they are there, evoke a reaction in me and made me mention them.
        And I do think I have the right to say it, just as others have the right to see Kyle and the Annihilator talk and subsequently break out in fangirl-hysterics. 😉

  • only if i had money i’d give it to u

  • El Allen

    Did anyone else get a “Lar DeSouza” feel from Anni’s face in the second to last panel?

     Love it as usual, Alex. <3

  • Camping!  YAY!  It has been too long since I have been able!

  • ManicThrifts

    *grabs popcorn* Time to camp.

    • Krista Parizek

      what? this isn’t the new comic? 

  • espoirepourmesreves

    Camp camp camp o_o

  • I love his little bow …

  • L.J.

    Does the movie bulletin say Artifice 2? Is that a hint towards a possible epilogue story type thing?