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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 22

190 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 22


And hey! Look down there! We’re already halfway towards the next bonus page! WOOT!

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So, trying to figure out The Annihilator is like riding a bronco on a roller coaster. Just when I think he’s going to be all evil, he’s there with the sweet kisses. Then I think it’s going to be all sweet kisses and then he… Well, he does something else! Now this!

What do you think his next move is going to be?


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  •  It kinda makes me wonder if that gave him the push down the “super villain” path.

  • I love you Anni~ *swoons and dies*

  • The painting on this page is outstanding.

  • Awww, you’ve just Annihilator so … *human*. Well done Alex, tugging at my heart strings again!

  • YangYueLan

    Hahahaha! Yes! And with that line (panel 3) I love Anni (and the whole plot of this comic)!

  • Kel Z

    I don’t even know what this guy is up to! :: giggle :: But I’ll tell you this: if he means that, that’s hot. That’s my opinion. And his expression in the second panel. <3
    The Annihilator is hard to read, though. Hard to get an idea of what exactly he's getting at. Does he really identify with Kyle, or is this manipulation to get something else? If he really means it, why the whole thing with the kiss? It's a game. So yes, I have no idea what his next move really is. But it's going to be interesting to find out! 😀

  • ErykaSoleil

    Hmmmm . . . The Annihilator might be growing on me again. I need to think on this a while.

  • “… and besides, I really wanted a kiss and you’re so cute with the whole “newly half-heartedly peeking out of the closet” thing going on that, well, I had to go all Annihilator on you, even though I really really should have been all evil and… well, hell, want to go out to the movies? I hear that Avengers thing is kinda funny…”

    ::imp grin::

    And that’s what I want to come next, even though I know it isn’t…. ;D

    • YangYueLan

       Them watching Avengers would be epic! If Alex makes a little side story of them going to see it, I will totally buy it! But you have to make Loki’s lapels even!

      • ErykaSoleil

        While that would be totally awesome, I suspect the licensing issues involved would be a nightmare. However, a side story could be done in which they go see the movie, but none of the movie is actually shown. They could still be seated in the audience, or talking about it afterwards, etc., as long as none of the Marvel-owned characters were depicted. Alex could also go the parody route, and have a lot of fun with it while saving himself some legal grief.

        • YangYueLan

          Oh, right. Yeah, I bet Marvel is really protective. But the ‘sitting a the theater and talking about it’ works! And it solves Loki’s lapel issue!

  • Ditzite

    Is it bad that I love love love that Annihilator’s lips are set in a perpetual pout…. Maybe it just seems that way cause he is always smiling or just about to smile/smirk. Either way i like it! Also extra backstory!!!! I am such a sucker for extra backstory even tiny bits! PROLOGUE….. I think I love you! <3

  • Shiny!

    Also I totally <3 emotional manipulation… it is my favorite when writing as a bad guy ^.^

  • DoktorNauk

    I really want to believe he’s being legit in the second panel because he just seems so sincere and sweet.

  • KNT609

    Can’t tell if I should think “nice guy he was never going to tell” or “that JERK!”

  • Lesson to Kyle: Don’t believe everything the media tells you.

    This is so cool Alex.  Beautifully done.

    • Thank you, Jay. I’m glad you liked the update. 🙂

  • Omg, This guy is such a ASSHOLE and I love him for it. I love him the same reason I love Snape. Jerks are fun to read about.

    • melinda stumpf

      you took the words right out of my mouth

  • Told

  • oh my god. those legs <3333

  • aww anni. probably just thought you’d never get a kiss otherwise.

    • Coyote Osborne

      I’m going to take a wild guess that Annihilator isn’t emotionally fractured and fragile, with low self-esteem. He seems to know what he’s doing. At least with underage, inexperienced… hmmm…

      But there should be no reason for that.

      He’s sexy, and has super-powers, and has probably been on television beating up a tank or a swat team, and has an enormous bulge. I’m guessing he gets dates. ; ) There’s plenty of anarchists out there who probably think he’s sexy. And who needs “” when everyone’s seen you on the news, with your supervillain friends, turning the Eiffel tower into a giant upside-down “A” symbol? : )

  • Uhh…I just noticed…his bulge is the size of his head…

    • KBatty

       That’s why he’s lonely. Prospective partners run away screaming. lmao

  • Aikka

    Aww. xD
    More or less something i was expecting.
    Can’t wait to see the next page :>

  • StarrySkyDancer

    When I look at the size of that bulge I’m SOooooo happy I like girls XD whahahaha
    P.S. I LOVE the page^^

  • lol Kyle’s body language in the first panel: “The fuck, man? Really?” XD and I’m not sure if I should be angry with Anni or sympathetic for him. :/

  • Avengelyne

    Damn…Here I was all set up to hate the man and he has to go and prove he has a heart. =>.<=

  • mikakitten

    AWWWW!!! Love this page!! It disturbs me a little the fact that Anni looks SO cute in the last panel! 😀 I love how expressive his eyebrows are! AH!! He stole a kiss!! <3 See Kyle!! That's what you get for assuming people are evil! Sweet sexy kisses! I feel sad for Anni tho…he looks like he had a rough time when he was younger…that would be an AWSOME back story! Anni's struggles! :3 loving thie plot so far!! Kiss him again Kyle!

    • Syreen

      I always assume people are evil but I never get sweet little kisses… That’s so unfair XD

      • You just need to meet the right evil people, Syreen. 😉

  • Laurenihilation

    D’aaaaaw!!!! All the feels! <3

  • nayia

     Bad guy is good guy? Oh… :3

    • YersiniaP

      Maybe not good guy, but bad guy definitely is not an asshole.
      And damn sexy, too! 😀

      • nayia

        I always like villains, but this one is cute and charming. I love him :3

        • YersiniaP

          I have to agree! 🙂

  • Go Anni! That just totally pwned Kyle. It’s a bit like in Labyrinth where Jareth says he’s tired of living up to Sarah’s expectations. 

    *gets even bigger fangirl crush on Anni*

  • Love the full body shot of him. Really love his outfit too.

  • YersiniaP

    Damn Alex, this page is beautiful!
    Now you finally did it! You really did it! You got me hooked on Superheroes, which is totally not my genre, damn you! 😀

    I might have to give in to my best friend now, who’s been asking me to play City of Heroes with him for months!

    • Mwa ha ha. I’m glad to have got you into at least one superhero story. 😉 Thank you very much for the props!

      (And let me know if you enjoy playing City of Heroes. That game always looked interesting to me…)

      • YersiniaP

        (And let me know if you enjoy playing City of Heroes. That game always looked interesting to me…)
        Will do! 🙂

  • krissdevalnor

    yay 😀 he is damn perfect in my mind^^ great turnaround.

  • Monica

    Anni I love you man! <3  Kyle can do what ever he wants, but this girl is voting for Anni! 😀 GO GO GO Evil guy! 😀
    I really like this page, Anni show some moment for real… Can't wait until the real comic starts! 😀

  • Jen Roberts


  • GideonBD

    So the Ass-grabulator turns out to be the Aww-inducingator? And there won’t be any hot loving? I FEEL CHEATED.

    But seriously, it’s a refreshing twist, and I think this aspect of the Ass-gra- uh, the Aww-inducingator will probably ease the age gap issue for those who have it.

  • I remember feeling that way as a teen too. I was never ashamed, just terrified of the punishment in store for me if my folks found out. I was right to be fearful, it turns out. I’m glad that he’s going to keep this secret on the DL. 

    • Hey Rachel, 

      It sounds like things went badly with your folks when they found out and I’m sorry to hear that. I hope things have gotten better for you.

      • Wow, I didn’t expect a reply. Thank you Alex, for your well wishes. I’m happy to say that I’m doing fabulously now, but it took the extreme of moving across the country immediately after turning 18, and years of not speaking, for my parents to start missing their daughter. And all over the fact I was attracted to women. Never understood how parents could reject & punish their kid as they grew up over something like that, but I’ve come to terms with it. Now they’re the only ones w/ a problem 🙂

        –p.s. Thank you for sharing your amazing comics with all of us. I really appreciate all the time, effort, and love that goes into their creation. I’m a huge fan of The Young Protectors and I look forward to more. Take care Alex!

        • Very glad to hear that things are better for you now. And thank you very much for the kind words! 🙂

  • Sepherr

    Aww! He’s such a sweetheart! The second panel makes me want to give him a cuddle.
    Maybe this little insight will be the beginning of a flashback to the past to see babby Anni discovering himself as a homosexual, or maybe we’ll find out why he became a “villain”. Ooh, I’m intrigued…

  • Tristan MacAvery

    As an older gay male myself, I appreciate your observation that “…you had clearly formed such a strong opinion of me…” It’s as if age automatically takes away any sincerity or desirability, replacing it with suspicion and predation. It’s almost a joke to say “Old men need love too,” but in the gay world, it’s as if we have some sort of expiration date, after which we need to wander off into the desert, or put ourselves on an ice floe and quit polluting the youth and beauty that is, apparently, the only recourse for making the fatal error of growing older.

    Hell, I’d like to think that experience counts for something. ~_^

    • Coyote Osborne

      I thought the “you had clearly formed such a strong opinion of me” referred to the fact that the Annihilator is supposed to be a super villain.

      About the expiration date: I think if you’re in your 40’s, 50’s or 60’s or up and still trying to pick 19-year-old guys in bars, sure you might have an expiration date. But as an older gay male myself, I can’t say I feel ostracized by anyone I’d have hung out with anyway. My friends are aging along with me – some of them are older, some younger.

      I think when the _only_ place to find gay culture and society was in pick-up-spots, and in the days where everywhere that wasn’t specifically _for_ gays we had to pretend not to be gay everywhere else, we were way more socially limited. It did feel like we were isolated after we weren’t young and cute enough for dancing.

      But in at least some places, this is changing. I don’t live in one of the “gay meccas” by any means, but I do live in a place where my neighbors and coworkers don’t care whether I’m gay. I kinda wish it could be like that everywhere – not “gay-friendly” but “don’t care whether you’re gay or not.”

      One of the local political organizers out here (and not for gay politics), is a gay man in his late seventies. He’s married to a wonderful guy, and they’ve grown old together. I’m extremely proud to have them as friends, and don’t feel like they’ve expired. I don’t feel expired either.

      I know _straight_ people who are single and getting older, who feel like _they_ have hit their expiration date, sometimes, too. Our culture – and I mean our whole culture, not just gay people – seems very youth-oriented. We’re taught that looking or being young is attractive, and anything else isn’t. But it’s not true.

      Hell, I would _never_ throw Ian McKellen out of my bed (and neither would my husband, who is younger than I), should he wish to be in it. And not because he’s a movie star – because he’s attractive, witty, and awesome!

      Heck – my husband isn’t in to me because I’m physically attractive or young, heaven knows, and my friends don’t like me because I’m pretty. I’m really not. I’m an aging, heavyset guy with no chin (I like to think I have personality).

      Real friends, and real social contacts and real partners may find you attractive, but they’re not into you because of how you look or how old or young you are. If you’re worried about all the people who care about your birthdate or appearance not liking you, that’s a waste of time – because so are they!

      But then, it may depend on where you live. In many places, we _don’t_ have any place to “be gay” except the kinds of places that cater to a younger, more “how purty are ya” crowd. Or even in places where the population is so small, there’s like ten gay people. So I’m not going to say “Aw, it’s all in your head.” It’s probably not.

      I think everyone, gay or not, faces changing body image, fear of getting older, fear of not being desirable, fear of being lonely. And sometimes, we _are_ lonely.

      One of the complications, of course, is we often set our image of what traits we find desirable early in life, and don’t always update them as we age. So we see ourselves drifting further from our ideal, and our shallow, youth-oriented culture sure doesn’t help. People are taught by zillions of hours of boob-tube and movies and magazines that only people under thirty – or who can pass – deserve attention.

      But there’s also a lot of people these days developing the idea that’s dumb. That it’s okay to be older, or not physically perfect. That you need to be around people you enjoy more than people you like to look at – and even that you can like looking at people who aren’t Brad Pitt.

  • Dex X.

    OH MY GOD. He went the nice guy route! I’m not sure what I think anymore!! *sit quietly to wait for next page

  • nebi_lan

    Hahahah my my…the bad guy has such a good intention from the begining , how sweet <3, but he's definetely smart, bad ,sexy, and …smart 8D, i wonder what else can he take from the young boy <3.

  • Oh man this page made me laugh so hard. Kyle pretty much panicked himself into the blackmail corner. 😀 That’s awesome.

  • Aww, I think Anni has some serious traumas from his past… Second panel is really sad. Awesome page that proves that panic is never a good idea.

  • Doctor Arcane


  • I like this piece of exposition about Anni’s past (and his character) a lot, but it almost feels like there’s a page missing between this and the last one. I don’t know, at the end of the last page it seemed like he was gearing up to lead Kyle on for a bit longer and though I’m glad he didn’t, it doesn’t completely seem to flow. That’s my only criticism though; I like the page a lot.

    • Nadine Cavelius

      I have to agree with you. As much as I love the story so far, that’s exactly what I thought. I kept switching between those two pages, just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I guess it’s Kyle’s panicky reaction that’s missing in a way. Other than that, I particularly love this scene and the look on Anni’s face, when he talks about his painful past. I remember that pain also well enough and I can’t even begin to tell how happy I am that this time is well in the past.

    • Yeah, it was The Annihilator’s intention to make Kyle think he was going one way and then to immediately switch gears to this confession. It’s intended to be a bit more playfulness on his part.

      I hear it wasn’t successful for you in terms of the writing, but not to worry, there’s no page missing. 🙂

  • iTVXQ

    I KNEW IT. Great page, I like how we get to know our Anni a bit more… I can only imagine the fear of being exposed as homosexual. Well, anyways, great page as usual! 😀

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    Anyone else think that Anni is just lying? I mean, hello, evil! Emotionally manipulative and all that!

    I don’t myself think he is lying, just putting the speculation out there. Want to see where this goes. Awesome page.

    • Thank you, Ikaru!

      (And, of course, with a supervillain, lying is always a possibility. I’ll leave it to readers and Kyle to judge his sincerity for themselves. 😀 )

  • ithilloke

    I think I like this guy, evil or not! 😉

  • Jen

    How very human of Anni. I like that. A very well rounded evil guy. The best are. Love him even more.

  • Fabiana Nonato

    So… Anni makes me like and dislike him at the same time. STOP THIS! I can’t control my emotions! Anyway, I loved the page. 🙂

  • You have to admit, Kyle walked into this mess himself; perhaps it was a subconscious need to give into a sexy dominating male? I hope so. 😉
    This is like equal parts of “Every Breath You Take” and “Never Gonna Give You Up” with a maybe a little dash of “When You’re Evil”, at least in my head.

    Lovely page, keep up the good work! <3

  • calicoanon1

    So, it was the typical thing of a guy getting hurt because someone
    assumed the worst of him. Here’s the thing, the Annihilator is a bad
    guy, yes? But he wants to make Kyle feel guilty because Kyle
    assumed he would divulge the gay secret to “them”, (and does that even
    make sense? Who would the Annihilator tell? SuperPeople?).

    If Kyle apologizes, that would be the end of logic. Of course he would assume the worst of a BAD GUY, it’s only prudent.

    Secondly, this whole thing rests on the idea that the Annihilator holds
    something over Kyle– going to a gay bar. Only, so what? If he tells
    anyone, they probably would assume he was lying because, once again, he is a bad guy. This whole thing only goes to show how naive Kyle is, and how really gross the Annihilator is for preying on that.

    • heather.mclinton

       Thisthisthis. People generally think the worst of supervillains, especially superheroes.

  • Buhwha

    So he’s all  “:( it gets better, little kyle.” and *then* he goes onto victim blaming (which a lot of other commenters seem to be doing as well.) What next, his clothes were too seductive? (pft, those khakis -_-) I can’t even follow the thread of logic through this page if there is one.

    • In what way is he victim blaming?  Kyle had pre-conceived ideas of Annihilator’s intent and Annihilator decided to mess with his mind a bit.

    • Lawenta Elar

      Blaming the victim?
      From a certain point of view, Kyle tried to kill (or at least severely injure) Anni without provocation the moment he saw him, and all he got in return was a kiss and a bit of fondling. What is the usual penalty for attempted murder again?

      Yes, Kyle attacked because he’s convinced Anni is evil. Does he have any proof of that? We, readers, have no idea.

      No, blackmail and abuse isn’t the right thing to do, whether the victim is painfully naïve, wears sexy clothes, is mentally disabled or whatever. I agree with that. But I don’t read Anni as trying to make Kyle feel guilty, more like “you think I’m evil, so I’ll give you a small taste of what I could do if I really was evil, and then I’ll let you off the hook to make you stop and USE YOUR BRAIN THE NEXT TIME you’re told someone is your enemy!”

  • Coyote Osborne


    Best villain ever. Can I be one of his minions? I can cook!

    • Cooking is an awesome skill for a minion to have. I’ll have The Annihilator send you an application. 🙂

  • Finding out the villain ….is  actually….human after all..creeps me out and almost makes me cry at the same time.

  • Yukiness

    Everything I follow now adays is throwing emotional curveballs at me. First Teahouse, then Prince of cats, then Korra, and now this. If this gets any more emotional i might end up hacking up a lung. My feels organ can’t take much more.

    Look at Anni in panel two; look at that empathetic face! That’s the face of a man who needs a hug.

    I need a hug…(;A;)

    • Becky

      Quick, Kyle!  To the hugging!!!  🙂

      • Yukiness

        *cue batman style spinout*

  • Becky

    Poor Kyle is so confused right now.  “Uh-oh, Bad Guy! Augh, secrets! Blackmail! Yay, kissing! Wait, no deal? Waitwaitwait… NOT Blackmail? WTF?”

    He’s gonnna need a few days to sort this out.  🙂

    • Above comment is made of win!

      I get the strong feeling that Kyle’s hair should have some more blonde in it! I know it’s wrong to stereotype like that, but he just makes it so easy. He jumps at every single cue Anni sets up for him, he can only focus one one emotion at a time and he seems to forget that he’s with the Bad Guy(tm).  So while I normally root for the good guys, I am definately in Anni’s corner here.

  • Listofrandom

    If I had money I would donate, but I’m broke :C
    I love this comic, so muuch

  • Lawenta Elar

    So very interesting. You know what? I trust him. He’s supposed to be a super villain, so what? Who said he is, except that Kyle apparently thinks that of him? Where are the people he murdered, the cities he levelled, that sort of thing that would qualify him as such?

    So far we only know that Kyle recognized him as an enemy. Sadly, Kyle hasn’t shown much in way of independent thinking so far. He seems to be the type you tell: “do that, be the good guy” and he’ll do that, without ever questioning whether he’s really on the right side. So, Kyle might be very well a good guy on the evil side, and Anni might be… a questionable guy on the good side. XD Remeber what he said about freedom of information? Why would he mention that? Does anybody limit that freedom, perhaps?

    Reading this whole scene, I can’t shake the feeling Anni is trying to make Kyle THINK before he jumps to conclusions. It was a harsh lesson, granted, but at least it certainly caught Kyle’s attention. 🙂 Perhaps more than Anni expected. XD

    What Anni did wasn’t exactly right, I know. Kyle was stupid, but that doesn’t mean it was okay to blackmail him and abuse him. Still, Anni stopped soon enough for me to be able to forgive him if he keeps his word and never blackmails Kyle with this again (and never tells).

  • SomeoneK

    I just desided: Annie you are hot shit.

  • Andrew Simson


    just get together


  • Aww bless! I’m glad he wouldn’t tell. More sloppy make-outs now? I have just noticed how erratically my responses fling from serious story discussion to fangirling. 

  • Travis

    Come here to mama Travis. I’ll hug you til it’s all better Anni… <3

  • ChrisCHJ

    I am so intrigued as to where this story will take us, you’re not giving too much away and it’s driving me wild @.@ want mooore

  • RustyBurrell

    I love. The Annihilator seemed like this flawless mirror up until now. He visibly cracked in the second panel, but the crack makes him beautiful. 

    I wish I weren’t unemployed. I’d totally fill in the gap for a bonus page. Can’t wait to see where this goes.

    • Thank you, RustyBurrell! I’m glad you’re liking where we’re going with this. 🙂

  • Midwestmutt

    Kudos for giving us a supervillain who is not a stereotypical maniac who commits his dastardly deeds merely for the sake of evil. My hopes rise that TYP will be as unique and enthralling as Artifice.

    • Thank you, Midwestmutt! I’m glad you’re enjoying The Young Protectors.

      (And The Annihilator may be many things, but someone who does things just for the sake of evil? Not so much. 😀 )

  • I wanna give the Annihilator a hug in the second panel, he looks so sad, remembering his years in the closet.
    And then I wanna give him a hug for being so deliciously devious, being all “well I wasn’t gonna out you, but now that you so clearly expected that of me …” Ahhahahahahaa, I should not find that funny and yet I do!

  • pandane

    *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE*  He’s SO cute!!!! If he wasn’t gay I’d snuggle him!

  • VanQuinn

    Maybe there are no good and evil sides. Maybe it’s all shades of silver… on Anni’s sculpted, beefy thighs…

  • Erica

    awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! Anni, you’re soo awesome!! >w<

    he's not a poopoohead n e wayyy :3

  • I LOVE the tiny little details of this comic.  e.g., Kyle’s expression and subtle hand gesture in the first panel.  Though he’s barely moving, it’s clear what’s going through his head!  Namely… ‘WTF!?!?’

  • NamiSwan

    I just stumbled upon this, and I really like it :3 Can’t wait for more ^_^! 

  • it has been awhile since i commented and all i have to say is damn…. PLEASE TAKE ME IN AS YOUR APPRENTICE! I know I asked you all the time back in artifice but now i’m asking again xD pfft, but this story is cool too

    • I’m very glad you’re enjoying the new story, j.azzeh. Thank you. 😀

  • Long full-body panel is long. Those kneecaps sparkle like they’re made outta chrome.

    Also, I think people are reading waaaaay too much into this, with the whole “how do we know Annihilator’s evil” rant. This is a superhero comic and he’s named the freaking Annihilator. One does not dub themselves that name unless they want the stigma attached, and one who annihilates is probably not a saint of a citizen! That being said, I think that these characters (both of them) are much more dynamic than “good” or “evil”, and I appreciate that Alex has gone to such lengths to distinguish them as multifaceted. Just *because* Anni is the villain of this story doesn’t mean that he can’t teach Kyle a thing or two about himself along the way, and teach this naive boy how to be a more self-assured individual. And to not make so many assumptions. 😛

    • Lawenta Elar

      As the one who wrote the “how do we know Annihilator’s evil” rant, I must admit that you do have a point. XD The superhero genre tends to be like that a bit. 🙂 However, it seems to me that a well written superhero story should provoke thought. We’ll see what Alex has in store for us either way. 🙂

    • Like I’ve mentioned previously, “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.”  I get the feeling Annihilator is more of a man with a mission than a typical “villain”.  Is he annihilating lies told by the corrupt powerful?  Is he destroying their corrupt power base?  If the general populace don’t know these people/corporations/organizations are corrupt, he would look like a villain, wouldn’t he?  If they control the press, they would tell everyone he’s just a villain attacking innocent targets wouldn’t they?

      As he’s trying to tell Kyle with his actions, don’t believe everything you’re told.  He seems to be all about the truth, in a rather ruthless way.  Makes ya think, don’t it?  😉

  • It just got real Rhett Butler up in here! 

    Just have to say, I love love love the portrayal of a sexy older man in a gay comic. Sometimes gay culture is a little age-phobic. Whatever-the-sexy-silver-guys-name is, he’s handsome and virile. why is it creepy that he’s attracted to a younger, post pubescent, guy? 

    • Superjenny

      Yeah, Annihilator is pretty awesome in his own right, eh?  X3

  •  Hmmm. Interesting turn. Okay… so what next Kyle? *snerk*

  • Ha?

    Who knows what he will say next. 

  • Rex Justrex

    Anni just taught him a valuable lesson, whether he realizes it yet or not.  It’s like when you see someone tilting back in a chair and not paying attention.  Then you grab the chair and tilt it even further so they almost fall but you hold them up and say “Watch what you are doing, fool!  You might get hurt!”

    That is what us older guys are for.  Keeping the young pups from making worse mistakes.

    I’m not as cool or anywhere near as good looking as Anni, but I try to help direct the younger ones when I can.

    And I’ve been known to resort to dirty tricks just to get a point across.  But a nice guy underneath after all.

    • Shinashi

      Wow, that is truly an amazing analogy. I doubt anyone would be charging Anni with physical threat, now would they? 

      • Rex Justrex

         Since Kyle pretty much started the fight, then Anni would be blameless.  Those young pups tend to be all nerve endings and all reaction with little forethought.

        **sigh** Sometimes even knowing what I know now I would trade being old and smart for being young and full of energy.

        • Shinashi

          You’re young on the inside! 😀

  • Superjenny

    Panel 2 = So many heartstrings tugged by one facial expression.

    You guys are fantastic, and please keep up the amazing work!  CX

    • Thank you, Superjenny! We’ll try our best! 😀

  • MORE PLEASE!!!!!
    The last few pages were the sexiest kissing scenes EVER. God, I love this comic <3

  • So, is Annihilator a ‘no-kill anti-hero’ or a dangerous villain? Or something in between? He might be a great trainer for the YPs if he gets out of crime for a while…

  • Ryn

    I love this man.

    we need a mind-fuck award to give to him, maybe a medal.  Has kyle’s brain gotten the blue screen of death? *pokes* he hasn’t moved since the last panel of the previous page. :3

  • Taylee94

    Oh my god xD This makes him both more lovable and more evil xD 

    “… not gonna tell anyways, may as well get a kiss out of it >D”

  • Hrilmitzh

    and we all fall in love with him that much more.

  • …that’s a great way to smash stereotypes, my good skin-tight A-team.  Well done indeed.  

  • Kuro_Tenshi

    Is it bad that I am seriously loving the  Annihilator? I mean yeah, I get he is a bad guy, or at least he comes off that way and is Kyle’s enemy, but really? How can one not love the guy as he basically just followed the status quo and kissed our little firecracker who, might I say didn’t seem to find the little make out session to be bad so… I am loving this pair. Thats just me. ^w^

  • Okay I seriously loved this page, Alex… It was just so sweet, and made me get all warm and fuzzy feeling… I hope that some of the other comments are correct, that Annihilator is an anti-hero or whatever you’d like to call it… A ‘Villain’ according to the mainstream, but perhaps the one who is in the end morally right… I really hope so… I don’t want him and Kyle to have to fight… Haha, okay… Can’t wait for more

  • hoora for some awesome facial-expressions art!

  • wooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Beyond creeped out at the lack of awareness (or caring) that the Annihilator used the threat of outing to commit sexual assault. If this is sexy to you–if you have no idea of the history of forced outing, or the very real danger people face from it–you should still understand that coercion applied to bodily autonomy, forcing someone to do something sexual, is sexual assault. Whether the victim “enjoyed” it or not is immaterial at best and a type of victim-blaming. This wasn’t a cute scene where a potential love interest courts our hero–it was sexual assault.

    • Corey C

      Except that he never made any threats. He only ever went along with the assumptions that were made off of previous perceptions about him by Kyle. 

      Kyle was the one assuming that because Annihilator is a “bad guy” he would out him. While he did make a lie of omission and he did coerce Kyle into actually kissing him, Annihilator was not overtly threatening Kyle to do anything. Kyle’s own panic is what created the situation. Annihilator just went along with it for the sake of getting to kiss a cute guy/ getting Kyle to be more comfortable with his homosexuality.

      • Whether it was Kyle’s assumption-based panic or not, Annihilator still took advantage of it.  Your ‘excuse’ is a form of victim blaming, because someone should not feel pressured by their own thought process and fears of being outed.

        Considering this is fictional and fantasy based, I actually do enjoy the comic, Alex!  But to Corey C up there, if someone felt pressured into doing something to someone else in real life, based on assumptions or not, it’s not cool.

        •  Okay I may be sticking my hand in an anthill here but I really don’t see this as an assault.An assault implies malicious intent to inflict a high level of harm whether emotional or physical. Given Anni’s monologue up there I highly doubt that he would have pressed the issue if Kyle struggled against him. Anni did not overpower him and Kyle’s low level of resistance relegates this to dubious teasing/ low level blackmail but I still don’t see this as an assault. I am willing to be educated so please don’t flame me, if I am way off base let me know in a calm and reasonable manner.

    • Feverfew_M

      If you take a look at comments before this page, you’ll find that there isn’t a lack of awareness. Quite contrary, this was a subject of much controversy.

      And of course people can like this scene and find it cute and sexy, AND at the same time be aware of the wrongness of such a behaviour in real life. I for one can accept a lot of things in fiction and fantasy that I would find completely inacceptable in reality. In this case: both of them liked it, neither looked traumatised by the end of it, so, yes, in a fictional context, I’m very much ok with it.

    • VanQuinn

      I actually think Kyle is a hypocrite (and that’s not blaming him, but something I’ve thought since before the kiss). And maybe being a hero for gay kids is actually what he should be doing, rather than being a coward who sticks with the status quo and pretends gay kids don’t need a hero. So far, I think Kyle is someone who likes playing the role of hero while ignoring the scarier battles. He doesn’t want to stick up for himself, and he doesn’t want to stick up for other kids.

      I think Anni is teaching Kyle a valuable lesson here. Forget the assault aspect for a moment. Hasn’t someone ever been mean to you to prove a point you needed to hear? I think Kyle needed to see the blunder he made. Sure, maybe Anni could have pimp slapped him and said “Quit being a wussy!” for the same effect, but I think kissing was the better option. Anni had tried the nice approach, but it didn’t work.

      If Kyle is ever going to BE a hero (because he isn’t one right now) he needs to stick up for himself as he truly is without shame. He needs to decide that who he is, is worth fighting for.

      So even if Anni is wrongfully assaulting him, this might still be something Kyle will learn from and become stronger for. That’s not condoning assault, but recognizing that even bad events can change a person into a hero (example: Batman’s parents being murdered doesn’t mean all kids should have their parents murdered to make them into heroes. In the same way, what Anni did to Kyle might make Kyle into a better hero without condoning such actions). Maybe Kyle will learn that trembling in the closet isn’t the way to live, and that he should be fighting to make the world a place where kids don’t have to be so afraid of who they are to the point that they end up in situations like this.

      That’s my theory. I don’t know what Alex plans for the story.

    • Are you getting angry over a fictional comic? I think everyone is well aware that this would be wrong in every sense in real life, but assuming everyone is also aware that Kyle just shot fire out of his hands, I don’t think it much matters. As an audience with some common sense, I think it goes without saying that ‘you don’t sexually assault people’, but the fantasy of it in a fictional context is more than okay. If you can’t appreciate that, then I guess this comic isn’t for you~ I’ve personally seen a lot worse than a harmless little inciting. Heck, if this offends you, better get rid of your internet connection cause there’s a loooot of stuff hanging out out there billion times worse. 

    • Shinashi

      You saying that there was a lack of awareness (or caring) shows you didn’t read the comment section of any of the pages relaying this scene. 

      And, this is really just me, and I admit it’s probably eccentric and maybe even wrong, but if the ‘victim’ enjoyed it in real life, decided  NOT to press charges, does NOT think of the event as something bad and traumatic- it is not sexual assault. For me, if I was blackmailed (very wrong, yes) into kissing someone, like I’ve been blackmailed into various other things, but in the end I liked it… Well, honestly and truly (which Kyle here seems to be entertaining) I would not want my feelings muddled with some sort of moral stinginess saying I was sexually assaulted. 

      I feel that is forcing a weakness on a person that isn’t that weak. I agree this wasn’t a cute scene where a potential love interest courts our hero- it was a controversial scene where limits are pushed and we come to some realizations about relationships in the world. I personally feel this is more of a grey area than the black you are pushing. 

    • I’m sorry- did you miss the part about him being a VILLIAN. Don’t those guys do EVIL shit all the time? He’s a bad guy who did a bad thing and I honestly don’t think it’s all that shocking.

      Something good might come of an evil act in some obscure way, as does happen in real life from time to time. But I don’t think anyone who read this thought what our super villian did was “ok” because he’s a bad guy and thats what bad guys do.

      Also, if anyone knows what it’s like to be outed, or holding on to that fear I’m sure it’s Alex Woolfson. Maybe he’s been out for a long time but I asure you every gay kid has those moments where the fear of being outted is the center of their whole life. I think we all get that on some level. 

    • What is it with people thinking that just because someone includes any sort of behavior in writing or art that may be deemed unacceptable that they are condoning the action and saying “Hey, this perfectly acceptable way to act in real life!”. If the story was nothing but perfect morals and political correctness it would be dry and uninteresting as all hell. 
      Just let the story be told, if you don’t like it then all I can say is no one is forcing you to view the page. 

    • Roseland

      “If this is sexy to you…”
      Since this comic is fiction, your comment here feels like kink-shaming to me. Kinks come in different shapes and sizes. We indulge in them through fiction. 

      “Beyond creeped out at the lack of awareness (or caring)…”
      As others have mentioned, you should probably read the comments before concluding that there is a lack of awareness.

      “If you have no idea of the history of forced outing, or the very real danger people face from it…”
      I noticed that many of the commenters here are queer, so I am not sure how you conclude that people are not aware of the history of forced outing or the danger of it. 

      Personally, I can say that my first kiss was forced upon me during sexual assault when I was 13. I am also queer and have been in fear of outing way into adulthood because of the country where I grew up, and the constant threat of physical violence associated with queerness. And yet, I find this comic sexy and not triggery. Morally ambiguous, yes – but not triggery. I enjoy it greatly and look forward to reading new installments. Now, I totally get why someone would not be able to read the comic, be triggered by it, or find it morally objectionable. Both reactions, I think, are legitimate.

      • Liam’s comment:  Beyond creeped out at the lack of awareness (or caring) that the Annihilator used the threat of outing to commit sexual assault.
        Your strawman:  As others have mentioned, you should probably read the comments before concluding that there is a lack of awareness.
        Conclusion:  Argument fail.

    • Is Kyle really a “victim”?  We don’t know yet.  It really depends on whether he feels “victimized” by what occurred or not.  It’s possible he may put it into context that a whole lot worse could have happened to him and that he got off very lightly with a toss in the air, a mind game and a hot & sexy kiss.  He was obviously hoping something exciting would happen on his first time in a gay bar.  He maybe got a bit more than he bargained for but I think he might come out of it a more open minded and wiser person.

      • Perhaps we should ask the FBI if the protagonist of this story is a victim?

    • Leigh Nelson

      I must agree with Roseland. The entire basis of your comment is based on a judgemental standpoint of a person’s right and wrong – which is entirely relative.

      You can label things all you want, but then again, so can I. This is a fictional story, such as Lolita, Animal Farm, a Green Arrow comic and any other controversial work that you would like to add. Not every piece of art or literature is going to appeal to every single person, all the time. That just isn’t how it works out. Fiction is used as an escape and/or a release of inner turmoil and opinions and desires. [MODERATED TO REMOVE “YOU” STATEMENTS] In D/s relationships, and BDSM relationships, scenes like this are often scened for arousal. So again, I’m going to add that this is just as fictional as a scene between consenting adults.

      Secondly, although I was not forced into coming out at any point, I have experienced a deeply traumatic experience with a member of the opposite sex, which still often leaves me speachless while having to explain to the current partner in my life why I can’t be touched certain ways or held certain ways without collapsing into an anxiety attack. However, that being said, I’ve still always wanted to act out a similar scene to this – because it is a fantasy. Nothing here is truly, physically forced, and if you don’t agree with the way this comic is panning out, the easiest, most considerate act for you is to simply stop reading. No threat here, or anger, I just really cannot understand why there are so many people who insist on hanging around on something they don’t like, just so they can judge the people who do enjoy it.

      In BDSM (I bring it up often because I’m very interested in sex psychology, and the ideals of BDSM carry throughout many topics) the general rule of thumb is, “Your kink is not my kink, but your kink is okay.” It’s understanding that people have their own desires, and as long as it fits the Safe, Sane and Consentual rule, there is no one to say it isn’t right.

      With all that being said, building on the fictional and kink basis of this piece, and continuing the Safe, Sane and Consensual thought, I want to say that with what we have seen from the Annihilator, I am positive that if Kyle had said, “Wait, I don’t like this,” or “Stop,” or “No,” or attempted to push The Annihilator away, or showed any disinterest, The Annihilator would have stopped. He isn’t a bad man, he is just an incredibly forward man, teaching Kyle that he shouldn’t be afraid of himself for other people’s sake. Which is what I personally enjoy. So again, there is my kink. If it isn’t yours, that’s perfectly acceptable, but accusing me of being ignorant and uncaring for my interests is totally unacceptable to me.

      • theStarfly

        Very well said. 

        My mother has a problem with not understanding that power struggles and dominance can be sexy to some people- she views any sexual situation where one person has more power over the other as some sort of non-con assault.

        I’ve tried to explain to her the exact way that you did that different people like different things. I really like your phrasing of your kink is not my kink, but your kink is okay.  It’s really nicely said.


        • YersiniaP

          Oh dear, my mother is like that!
          Not only does she not understand that games of dominance and power can be a turn on, she also firmly believes that getting off on submitting in these games is a sign that someone is a weak and submissive person.

          Like when I asked her many years ago if she’d ever done any (light) bondage, like playing with handcuffs or something like that, she got all huffy and explained to me that strong women are not into that kind of shit.
          And oh god, I wasn’t into this, was I????? She raised me to be strong and independent, and not to submit to anybody!


          And she considers herself open-minded. Which curiously, she kind of is, towards my bisexuality and all.
          Oh well, mothers.

          Errr, didn’t mean for this comment to get this long, sorry! 🙂

          • theStarfly

            She sounds like a pretty cool mom, minus the not really understanding bondage things. Which is still understandable XD

          • YersiniaP

            She mostly is cool.
            She just sometimes has problems seeing things from different perspectives and accepting that some people experience things differently than she does.
            And at the same time she denies having the problem.
            It gets a little annoying at times… 😀

          • theStarfly

            That sounds like my mom.  Kudos to cool moms who think they have open minds but don’t completely!

          • Leigh Nelson

            Coming in on the end of the conversation, but I’m on the same terms as y’all. My mom is open to everything, supports all forms of sexuality (that is morally correct and legal, in otherwords, no beastiality, etc) but not with me. She actually told me many times that I needed to grow out of my sexuality. I’ll never bring up my bondage and submission interests with her, it’s just difficult enough to make sure she sees me as a person. Everybody else has her total respect. I dunno, I feel like I should have gotten used to her judgements, but anyways, she doesn’t need to know about all that with me. What a lot of people fail to understand is that it’s mostly the men and women who are raised to be strong and independent that prefer to be submissive. It’s a side that we’ve never been able to express before, which makes it so much more intimate. So I understand where y’all are coming from 🙂

          • theStarfly

            I agree. It is those who are taught otherwise that want to be submissive/dominant, in a lot of cases. 

          • YersiniaP

            My mom had to struggle to accept it when it was her own daughter, too.
            She was always tolerant towards homosexuality, I was always taught that it was somthing completely natural, and yet when I suddenly acquired a girlfriend (which came as a complete surprise for me, too…), she wasn’t fond of the idea at first.
            She tried to be supportive, but I realized she wasn’t ok with it.
            At least she admitted this herself, and eventually overcame her initial doubts.

          • “What a lot of people fail to understand is that it’s mostly the men and women who are raised to be strong and independent that prefer to be submissive”

            Thank you! *smacks hands down on table* WHY IS THIS SO DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND, SERIOUSLY.

      • YersiniaP

        I have to say, I enjoy your insightful comments every time! 🙂

        • Leigh Nelson

          Aww thank you 🙂 I always want to be helpful.

      • Hello. I am the Depotina Bot. I will now analyze your comment for [MODERATED].

        “The entire basis of your comment is based on a judgemental standpoint of a person’s right and wrong – which is entirely relative.”
        Incorrect. A person’s sense of morality is objective, but not entierly relative. The legal system opporates based on this fact.

        “This is a fictional story, such as Lolita, Animal Farm, a Green Arrow comic and any other controversial work that you would like to add.”
        Vibe detected.

        “Fiction is used as an escape and/or a release of inner turmoil and opinions and desires.”
        Vibe count: 2

        Strawman. Errant reasoning.

        Strawman. And baseless.

        “It’s understanding that people have their own desires, and as long as it fits the Safe, Sane and Consentual rule, there is no one to say it isn’t right.”
        Errant reasoning. The situation within this content is not safe or consentual thus far. Vibe count: 3

        “but accusing me of being ignorant and uncaring for my interests is totally unacceptable to me.”
        False accusations. Overreaction. Nonsensical. Vibe count: 4

        4 Vibes detected.

        • Howdy Depotina,

          Welcome to the site. 🙂 I appreciate you keeping your response about the issues that were discussed and not making a direct personal attack on another commenter. That’s definitely within the spirit of the discussion here.

          That said, the kind of “vibe” you were “detecting” in the comment felt a little too close to me to making a character judgment about the original commenter. That falls outside of the comment policy on this site so I moderated that one word. I also removed two quotes you included that I moderated from another comment.

          It’s totally OK for you to weigh in on the validity of another commenter’s arguments. But please keep even the hint of ad hominem out of any critique you post here. 

          Thank you


        • Leigh Nelson

          The legal system operates to attempt to bring everyone together in a multi-faceted swoop of justice. Which I applaud, however some perspectives on moral are left to stay relative to the “victim” or whoever was the person acted upon. For instance, sexual assault is clearly noted as being different for everyone. Everyone has their own idea of sexual assault, but the legal system does their best to stay insightful on both sides of the fence. Even here in the military, which is incredibly strict on the matter, constantly reminds everyone that some may see a compliment at work as an act of sexual harrassment, one of the commercials that plays on repeat on AFN reminds us, “The line is different for everyone.”

          It seems Alex changed the word you had used before “vibe,” however those comments were stated for defending all acts of art and the purpose of creation and integrity. Art is extremely personal and passionate – a poem, a painting, a sketch, anything along those lines – are done with a purpose that the author/artist feels is important. For instance, Alex Woolfson stated in a video concerning his previous comic, Artific, that he writes these comics to bring to light the sort of hero he wanted to see when he was growing up. I stated these things to bring the original commenter back into the realm of realizing that everyone has their own experiences, ideas, opinions, desires and passions, and he is free to express these in the realm of fiction.

          The moderated quotes that you pointed out were Strawman, were in fact that, I admit I got exceedingly frustrated with the original comment.

          Also, I stated the “Safe, Sane and Consensual,” rule to, again, keep in perspective the right and integrity of any one person, but is also a basis leading into the next paragraph. However, yes, that was a matter of perspective. Again, in the BDSM community, there are some places that ban certain scenes and acts within their own community based on their own idea of the “Safe, Sane and Consensual” rule. Which, is a matter of opinion. Back to the comic, I stated my own opinion that if Kyle had simply stated something along the lines of this: feels wrong, I don’t want to submit to you; The Annihilator would have backed off. The Annihilator is trying to teach Kyle that his own integrity and purity should be Kyle’s main concern, not that of the community he is meant to be a “hero” over.

          The issue here, is that the ideas of “consent” and “harrassment” are singular to each person based on their feelings as well as their experiences. If you wanted to split hairs, Kyle agreed to kiss The Annihilator plainly. Sure the situation is shady, but the fact of the matter is that Kyle said, “O.K.” The Annihilator did not immediately force himself onto Kyle, he waited for Kyle’s permission.

          Lastly, no I do not feel that was an overreaction. The original comment definitely thrived on “vibes.” For instance, “If this is sexy to you,” which a lead-in to which was calling any reader of the comic who was enjoying the scene ignorant and uncaring of the reality of the topic. However, I do know the reality of sexual assault, and am still enjoying the comic, as long as it is based within the realm of fiction. It may have triggered their experience, but not mine, which goes back to this being a matter of personal perspective; I am defending my own.

      • Hey Leigh,

        You make very good points here and do so clearly and trenchantly. Commentary about another person’s argument is (almost always) acceptable within my comment policy and as you know I am very supportive of thoughtful discussion on this site. I appreciate you adding to it with the good points you made.

        However, you also had a couple sentences that made assumptions about how the original commenter “must be” in the world and that falls outside what’s acceptable for my comment policy so I moderated them. I very much enjoy your contributions and understand how it can be easy to want to make assumptions about what another commenter must be like but please keep it about the issue and avoid judgments about other commenters when leaving comments on this site.



        • Leigh Nelson

          I am very sorry, I will remember to keep that in mind. Sometimes people can really frustrate me. I usually try to keep straight to my point, and I’ll be sure to stick to that from now on!

  • His face in the second panel just makes me want to hug him. 🙁 It’s been a tough world, and I imagine he grew up in a time when being gay wasn’t very accepted, so for him to come out must have been a tough battle for him.

  • Lolania

    Initially I was worried that this was going to be a dark coercion story, but now I’m eager to see what other surprises the Annihilator has in store.

  • ToryKasper

    Wow it has taken so long to write a comment; I just wanted to say, I absolutely adore this page for so many reasons.  My love for the Annihilator just keeps growing, and I love that we get to see the apparent villain’s humanity. I want to learn more about the Annihilator actually, because – and I may be completely wrong – I think there is a lot of misjudging going on.  To me, it seems like the old self-fulfilling prophecy.  People expected him to do bad things, so he did.  Now why that is, I don’t know, and I don’t even know if I’m reading it correctly, but it just seems like the self-serving, anarchist side he boasts is a farce, something of a wall to protect himself from the outside world.  More than once we’ve seen the puppy-dog expression, and maybe even bitterness at the accusations Kyle threw down upon him before covering it up with well placed sarcasm.  I am not going to enter the debate about dubious consent, sexual assault, etc, because I have my opinion on it, others have theirs, and it’s not something I want to enter a debate on.  In a strictly literary sense, I find Annihilator to be a fascinating character, and I look forward to learning his backstory, he makes me wonder: What made him the way he is? How much of him is an act?  How much about him do the heroes really “know?” and How much about him do they “assume?” Of course without the backstory it’s impossible to really know, but I would not be surprised if Annihilator’s past crimes started out as a bunch of misunderstandings, wrong place wrong time ordeals that eventually just escalated into true villainy or suspected villainy because the label had been placed upon him. 

    Now I may be far off, but I find enjoyment trying to understand why a character – especially a character like Annihilator – does what he does.  From a socio-psychological perspective he’s absolutely fascinating.  I am not saying he’s a good, (perhaps honest or even morally forthright would be better terms) man, but I don’t believe that he is in anyway evil. Selfish yes.  Sardonic, surely.  But something tells me that unlike most villains in fiction, Annihilator might have a very good reason for why he is the way he is. Now some would argue that villains have no excuses, but so far what have we really seen that’s villainous.  We have seen ambiguous coercion (and I say ambiguous because as far as we really know it could have just been a joke played off as blackmail, because Kyle never tried to refuse so rather real blackmail was involved is questionable since Kyle was the one who accused Annihilator of using blackmail in the first place), but other than that all we’ve seen is a man with a tendency towards dark humor and throwing heroes several stories up into the air, haha. 

    Now if we really want to get into psychology, there is misattribution of arousal, which could be caused by the scare of falling – a.k.a the adrenaline rush – which could cause a false sense of attraction in Kyle towards the Annihilator that can later help their relationship grow. This is a tactic used often by people courting others by taking them to a scary movie.  The scary movie (as long as it’s not too scary) can cause the same endorphins that cause arousal to run through the body because of fear that can cause a false sense of attraction towards the date. I don’t know if Annihilator was thinking about that at all, but for some reason that’s what the throw and catch made me think of, and that right there would have been the true coercion lol.  Of course… Kyle did start that fight too. And Annihilator was defending himself, and then he saved Kyle. So the way this all really looks is it’s a cause-and-effect on Kyle’s part (this is NOT blaming the victim so please don’t accuse me of that), but it seems like to Annihilator this might just be a game of some sort and he’s letting Kyle make the first moves and just following suit. Except to Kyle this is a game he wants to win, to Annihilator he just wants to have fun.  Does that make any sense at all? 

    I have NO idea if any of what I said made any sense, so in summary, as I have said often times: I love Annihilator because his character intrigues the hell out of me and I look forward to learning more about him!

    *scurries away before saying something that can be misinterpreted*

    Oh Edit: The thing I was trying to get at through that entire long rant, I think in a way, Annihilator was trying to reach out to Kyle, but didn’t really know how to other than the bait (lead you in with what you expect) and switch (surprise you with something else). I’ve seen others use the term freedom fighter, or even vigilante, I think he’s a lot more than Kyle realizes or assumes and Annihilator wants Kyle too know that. o.O I completely missed my point in the rest of that post haha… Yeah… I’m tired… I’m going to bed now.

    • samae

      Awesome like no other

  • QuantumKid

    Hey people, guess what? I learned what NSFW means today! I feel so cool now. Thanks Yaoi 911. <3

  • azurefiction

    The Annihilator may be EVIL but he is not THAT evil.

  • “Come to the super villain side. We have sweet talk.”

    • Sevilist

       And sex. Lots and lots of sex 😀

  • mikakitten

    Can’t wait for tommorow! 😀

    • mikakitten

      I wonder what Kyle is gonna say to all this! <3 do you think he'll be mad Anni tricked him into kissing him?

      •  I like that you named him Anni :}

        • mikakitten

          It’s a good name :3

  • I see several things forming here – I haven’t read ahead, so I don’t know what’s coming, but I think that Anni sees something in Kyle. For whatever purpose our Silver Fox has in dressing up in armor and terrorizing young bucks, I think that he wants Kyle as part of that plan.

    And I’m just wondering here, is it actually Word of God that he’s the ultimate big bad guy in this world? I think that Kyle’s been pretty well established as an unreliable narrator in terms of how he reads Anni..

  • Every time I reread this page I just remember that scene from the end of Labyrinth. You know when Sarah asks Jareth what he has done that has been generous and Jareth says; “*Everything*! Everything that you wanted I have done. You asked that the child be taken. I took him. You cowered before me, I was frightening. I have reordered time. I have turned the world upside down, and I have done it all for *you*! I am exhausted from living up to your expectations. Isn’t that generous?”

    I always love when stuff like that happens. You expect them to be evil and frightening, and they are evil and frightening, because one wouldn’t want to disappoint. ^_^

  • disqus_3iau8D8wm4

    I think by now everyone has formed a strong opinion of Anni..

  • Firebirds1

    Side note: I just noticed those huge unsheathed KNIVES strapped to his thigh. How’d he avoid stabbing Kyle with those on pgs 18-19? Ah well, suuuuuuper sexy anyways

  • december

    I can see now Anni is playing a confidence game. Very good.

  • Hahaha excellent

  • Red

    hahah I love it. He meant no harm,,,, well…

  • LL

    Re-reading from the beginning. Them thighs tho

    • Leyre-chan

      Same here ^^