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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 21

143 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 21


O.K. We have new Fan Art from Lance! It’s called “Who’s Your Chibi?” and you definitely need to check it out.

Also, a reader just let me know that The Young Protectors is now on TV Tropes. I love TV Tropes. You should check that out too. 🙂

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You all ROCK!

So… Hmm… He got his kiss… I wonder where The Annihilator is going with this…


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  • Jen Roberts

    Yeaaaaah, thought so. v___v

    Be strong, Kyle!

  • Poor Kyle! At least the kiss was good, right??

  • HA! He got his kiss and now he’s getting away with it!!!

  • azurefiction

    See, now. If you were out and proud he wouldn’t have anything to blackmail you with, Kyle.

    Mind you, if you were out and proud we wouldn’t have a story to read either, XD <333.

  • Oh noes xD the bad guy is so BAD! xD

  • QuantumKid



  • Laurenihilation

    Oh dear. He’s back to being the bad guy. But he’s so, so good at it. <3 

    What's going to happen now??? Oh, I don't know how I shall ever be able to make it till Saturday!!!! 

  • Linn Hansen

    I think he shouldnt be so worried about people knowing, I don’t know what year this comic is supposed to be in, or maybe it is still homophobia in the superhero-community! :O

    • Leigh Nelson

      Well unfortunately, there are still a lot of homophobia eggs. And with those eggs, when they crack everything goes to hell in a damn handbasket. As a girl, coming out was a nightmare. The problem is that no matter what you think or how positive you are, it seems to be that those you least expect are the ones who choose to help you, and the people you knew for sure would stand with you to the end that will make your life a nightmare.

      Being a military (Air Force) child made it a little easier, as the community was usually fairly accepting, but moving constantly and having to re-explain still has always made me sick to my stomach.

      One day it would be nice to have the whole world acting as an accepting and nurturing place, but, for instance, in the states with the repeal of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy, Christians from all over spoke out in volatile rage because the homosexuals were ruining the purity of what our country and military stands for.

      But coming out is the easiest way to test who are your allies and who are the villains, which is why I find this such a great story.

      Didn’t originally mean to go into full lecture mode, but I still find it so painful how judgemental everyone can be about the “choice” that our bodies force on us. Becoming straight is probably just as easy as getting longer legs or reforming the shape of your hips, but there are still so many who truly, stricly believe that it’s a choice.

      • YersiniaP

        it seems to be that those you least expect are the ones who choose to help you, and the people you knew for sure would stand with you to the end that will make your life a nightmare.

        Oh gods, this!
        I did not quite get it with the intensity you described, but mentioning, as a woman, that I had been with my girlfriend for over ten years before she ended the relationship, got me an array of peculiar reactions from people a few years ago.
        And like you said, the worst from people I would not have expected it from.
        Oddly, when I told them after their initial shock/disgust, that no, I wasn’t lesbian but bi, for many, that made it worse. 
        Like I should have been a good girl and ignored that I fell in love with another girl and gotten myself a guy instead, since I like men anyway!

        Sometimes I hate people!

        • Leigh Nelson

          Exactly, I’m bisexual as well but I don’t mention it openly. I’ve met a number of homosexuals and lesbians that told me I was a stupid trendy, a few who told me that I was just reading my body wrong and a few straight people (including my mother) tell me, “You know, it is natural to feel a connection to someone of the same sex, but that doesn’t mean you LOVE them.” Because it is so difficult to describe what I feel for women and what I feel for men, I just don’t usually mention it if I don’t have to. But I definitely understand where you’re coming from. But even given that, I find a lot of the people who are “okay” with it can be a nightmare too. I’ve had to punch one of my closest guy friends straight to the stomach because he wouldn’t get off of me, he got mad and said, “You just said you’re bi, you’ll f*ck anyone! Come on!” When I had only told him so I could get girl advice. Wrong tree, I know now.

          But that’s when I tell myself that Sarte is always right, “Hell is other people.”

          • YersiniaP

            “You just said you’re bi, you’ll f*ck anyone! Come on!”

            Yeah, I would have punched the guy, too.

            And I know what you mean with the not saying you’re bi?
            You’re right, it IS hard to explain, and you get flak from the gay and the straight side, which I find quite insulting, especially if it is from people (on both sides of the fence) that think they are so open and so tolerant.
            So while still with my girlfriend, I usually said I was in a relationship with a woman, so I wouldn’t have to admit to the bisexuality, yet didn’t have to lie and claim I was lesbian. (Not because it’s a bad thing, don’t get me wrong, but because I’m just not.)
            But when the relationship ended, for whatever reason I decided to quit the semi-deceit and be honest with people.
            Yeah, was that ever a good idea.
            Definitely agreeing with you and Sartre there!

  • grinsekatze

    haha I knew it!!! ^^

  • You know what?

    Evil makes me happy.  <3

    Seriously, i'm so glad that the Silver Fox didn't just melt into a pile of get-along-gang mush after one kiss from our sweet innocent.  He's too solid in himself and his personality, sure of his choices, and i really like that in a character.

    Even if it does mean freaking Kyle right the hell out. 😀

  • ‘Surprise! I filmed it all with my smartphone!’

    • Taylee94

      That would be so like him.

      And you know that footage would be even MORE blackmail; cause now it’s not only him being gay, but his teammates finding out that he made out with a baddie.

      This shall be fun. Maybe it’ll be an escalation to worse and worse things xD

  • Well.
    I guess he’ll just have to kiss him again and again until he decides not to tell after all.
    Damn, what a shame…

    • Leigh Nelson

      That’s inspirational ^_^

  • Aikka

    I proably should finally comment now.
    Sorry for not doing it for a few pages, Alex !

    Now… i don’t know how to start this comment without being killed by all other people here at the beggining… XD.

    I was waiting for the whole kiss thing  to end. *hides*

    Not because it wasn’t beautifully drawn… it was!
    Not because i mind looking at them kissing much or anything like that.

    Simply because… few-pages-long kisses would be good… later?

    Of course if i was reading this all at once i probably wouldn’t mind much but for now… i simply wanted for the plot to go further, not just look at nice pictures for a few updates ^-^”

    As for current page:

    We could expect that XD

    I wonder at what point Kyle  will stop fulfilling Annihilator’s demands and just say ‘whatever, tell everyone’
    Maybe that’s also the Annihilator’s purpose here… not just using Kyle.

    • Sanbai

      Hey Aikka – 

      I think Alex placed the make-out scene strategically at the beginning at the comic as a more of a honey-pot for yaoi fans – the honey came a bit late into Artifice, so it didn’t pick up the speed that it might have otherwise. Just like how an RPG videogame might have some action before it cuts back to the characters or a book features an enticing scene on the front flap, it’s a well-honed and solid strategy for attracting new readers/customers. I’m an author myself, so I completely understand – and appreciate! – some honey early on.

      And such sweet, sweet honey it is! 

      • Aikka

        Well i presonally preffered it the way it was in Artifice.

        Ok, i started to read it when around half was already made but… idk it was the story that made me read it XD And later when we could see them together… i loved it *-* <3

        here, well, it's just a nice picture to look at, but as for it's importance for the story… it could be just a few panels, not the main point of a few pages we had to wait for XD

        Anyway, i'm just  saying my opinion, I'm not going to stop reading it or attacking the author in any way and not complaining much… right? o_o

        • Sanbai

          Oh, I didn’t mean to imply you might be attacking Alex! Everyone should give their feedback if they can, it helps authors out so much! You are totally justified in any opinion you have, dearheart!

          Nice avi by the way ^_^

          • Aikka

            It’s ok. It just felt a little like if you wanted to defend Alex while there is no need to defend him “XD

            And thank you! ^_^
            I also made the heart floating and them blinking but animation won’t work here o..o

  • Monica

    I don’t understand how I can like Annihilator more and more, but I do!! He is just so darn great! =D Poor poor hero that is naive and all… OC Annihilator was gonna use that…. old experienced old chap and young insecure naive little boy… well well well… KEEP IT COMING ALEX!!

  • TROLL!!! Damn it, I feel like I should have figured that out!!! XP
    Awwww, poor Kyle looks so confuzzled.
    Hmmm….but I wonder what mister shiney (as I shall forvever call him) is planning. >:3

  • Leigh Nelson

    OMG I knew it!

    My day at work started out horribly, including an emotional breakdown when no one was looking. Thought I’d check this before I began wondering too much and it made made laugh so hard.

    Mr. Woolfson, you are my medicine ^_^ Or maybe Annihilator, but hey, he’s yours. I know the love and care and trust you have to place in characters you create, and you are simply among the best at creation.

    Now back to the comic page, Bam! Just like that I want to be Anni’s side kick. His face in that last pannel is brilliant, and the pace of this is just amazing. I’m actually not as big a fan of the long, drawn out physical scenes. I prefer – like you usually did with Artifice – the build up to, and either a small scene or the beginning and then the apparent afterwards. However, Artifice always felt like it was dragging during the rest of the story (which I never minded, just drove me insane with need for a bit). With The Young Protectors, so far everything is paced beautifully.

    Definitely reading anything you dish out!

  • StarrySkyDancer

    THAT was to be exspected;) I’m happy I got an update on my birthday haha XD Now it’s time for cake! 😛

  • Cliche as this is…but who called it?  ::raises hand:: Let’s get a showing!

    • *raises hand* 😉

      • YersiniaP

        I did! 😀

        Aww damn, replied to you instead of Summer! My bad! 😀

      • Becky

        Ooh!  Me me!  Pick me!  Oh wait, it’s just a vote.  But I still totally know the answer!

        #teacherspet #hermionegranger

    • Sanbai

      Shucks, I actually had no idea that would happen… *folds hands in lap*

  • Ohhhh dear. xD I dread to think how Kyle will react to this news. I hope he gives that presumptuous Anni what for. 8D

  • Annihilator…. I love you.

  • nayia

    Ha! He’s more evil than I think :3 I love him :3

  • Kyle’s so earnest and trusting it’s adorable! Love Anni’s evilness, too, even if he’s only pretending.

  • Elizabeth

    ASDFGHJKL; I don’t want to have to wait for the next update I wanna know what happens nooooooooow D8

  • Shasarazade

    I honestly think Annihilator’s gonna keep his mouth shut. He seemed to enjoy that kiss a little too much to simply go out and tell on him. But he sure as hell will make Kyle believe otherwise. He IS a villain after all, lol.

    • Becky

      Yeah, I think he’s teasing, too. Not just because he enjoyed Alley Snogfest 2012, but because he is out and damn proud and would probably consider going “HEY LOOK THIS GINGER KID LIKES BOYS NYAH NYAH” to be childish and dumb and sort of irrelevant–and much less nefariously fun than holding the secret and the kiss tauntingly over Kyle’s head for as long as possible.  Probably until it pushes him to the point of “Screw it.  Citizens of Metropolisville City, I like to get it on with dudes.  Dudettes, try to restrain your tears.  Other dudes, please note this as an example of the fact that dude-liking dudes are sometimes total badasses who can shoot fire out of their hands.  So if you like dudes, too, frickin’ own it, baby, instead of getting yourself into awkward pseudo-blackmaily makeout situations with your nemesis.  (Hypothetically speaking, of course.)  Also, call me.”

      • Sanbai

        I spat carrot chunks at my screen at “Alley Snogfest 2012”. You have a gift friend, if only at long-distance-making-people-choke on your hilarious comments. 

        • Becky

          Haha, thanks, I try.  🙂
          Sorry about your carrot misadventure!!

    • There is an interesting “twist” here if Anni does say anything wouldn’t he have to expose how much he enjoyed the kiss as well?

      • seekmore

        Why would the annihilator care about  what society at large thinks of him being gay? He’s an anarchist, which means he’s setting himself up against the status quo.

  • So, he has to become his secret love slave right!! >:D

  • Jen

    God, I love bad guys.
    I see Annihilator using this as even more to get to Kyle.

  • Called it.

  • Myrtu

    He’s going home and posting about it on his Facebook. Do super villains have their own social network? That would be interesting.
    I love how they go back to THAT after that kiss. Wow, really.

  • Yukiness

    Wow, what a way to shyt on Kittykat’s feelings Anni. Guessing he’s the Annihilator in all aspects of the term.

    I do love the every so hopeful look in Kyle’s eyes. Panels 2+4 are quite something. The one thing that can bother me the most about manga/anime is that they don’t always capture the subtle changes when it comes to emotional reactions. You can see how much Kyle’s hope has built up from the second panel to the forth and it is a beautiful thing.

    Can’t wait to see where this goes.

  • VanQuinn

    I love Anni’s troll face. Poor Kyle, I would’ve died on the spot if someone had done that to me after my first kiss. Yet, I strangely like seeing Kyle suffer.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Aww, poor Kyle! Hopefully this dooms you to many more kisses–at least for a while–before you get over your closeted self and just come out. 😛 I am in love with Anni–he’s so affably evil I don’t even mind him yanking on KittyKyle’s chain for a bit. In fact I’m looking forward to it, especially if he uses this for higher-stakes gambits than kisses. Oh the nefarious possibilities! ;-D

  • I laughed SO HARD on this page! I mean, I was sooooo expecting this! Seriously, I’m totally in love with Anni! Look at this face on the last panel! It’s awesome! (first Maven, now I love Anni, why can’t I just focus on the heroes!? XDDDDDDD)

    I wonder where this is going… I can’t help but think that Annihilator may have some hidden agenda here. Don’t know but I kinda hope he’s plotting something. He could just blackmail the hell out of Kyle but… Dunno. Let’s see, let’s see. Well, one thing is right: Kyle’s way too innocent! Being like this he is a walking danger to his teammates. Too easy to manipulate!

    Aw, I missed commenting… For some reason, I can’t comment when I’m reading on my tablet… Disqus never loads right 🙁

    • Mokitty

      I have the same problem. I love a good bad guy… that’s a big reason why I’m a huge fan of Joss Whedon. His villains are always fantastic.

      I hope he just tells everyone! Puts it in the tabloids or something! Then we can see the reactions of all Kyle’s superhero pals… perhaps one of his male teammates will be very pleased by the news…

  • RustyBurrell

    After that, hell, I wouldn’t CARE if he told!

    I swear I still keep track of the days of the week by when this comic is posted. It wasn’t Saturday until I saw it lol.

  • Sepherr

    Aww, Anni you big tease!! Well I’m all hyped up for the plot now, bring it on!! 😀

  • Nooooooooooo!

    Actually, wait a minute, if he uses this to make Kyle date him, or outs Kyle and Kyle’s teammates are all homophobic and kick him off the team and Kyle ends up as the Annihilator’s sidekick/partner because the World NEEDS TO PAY for its INJUSTICE and stuff … this will make me very happy indeed.
    Either way, a week is way too long to wait to find out! I’d donate more money than I did, but they didn’t give me many hours at work this week. 

  • Mokitty

    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy what’s going on right now… but honestly, I want someone else to enter the picture. Maybe another bad guy, but I’m hoping to meet Kyle’s superhero buddies. Knowing that this is just the prologue of a much longer story… I’m just itching to find out the rest!

    Also, I’m almost done sketching out my fanart. I want it to be really really good, but I’m also a little bit embarrassed for drawing it. I think I might just scrap it and go back to drawing pretty mermaids. I’m much more familiar with the female body than I am with the male, so… yeahhh….

  • Suhndog

     *Sigh*  OK..  We’ve entered the realm of extreme frustration. Not only am I now [!] hooked on this comic, the waiting periods between new pages has become totally unbearable!! Grrrrrr!!  As someone once said: ‘It hurts so good!!’  =3  This page is so ambiguous… Anything can happen! [Oh, man.. my frustration ‘barometer’ just exploded!!]  I’m just gonna sit back, chill and watch this all unfold with extreme delight! *squeal!!*  ‘Oh, the pain.. the pain!!’  LOL    Alex; you sadistic sweetie!!!  :3  >3

  • Damn, thought so!  It will be interesting to see what kind of publication he breaks the story to.  If it’s to screaming scandal rags/the equivalent of FOX News types or LGBT friendly news sources.

    Kyle is about to find out who his real friends are and who the real villains are.  Go Team TYP!

  • Hrilmitzh

    I cackled so hard at that, lol, haven’t done that in some time! I love this story…

  • Oh, I trusted him too. Oops. I always manage to forget that bad guys lie. .  . 

  • mikakitten

    Oh noooo!!!! Poor Kyle, and he looked so happy when Anni said it was good!! I LOVE panel 3….sooo cute. Gaaaaah!!! Annnniiiii!! You so evil!!! And you make it look sexy too…Kyle trusted you!! ;_; you gonna black mail him to do the sex now? Hope so :3 …but saying that, why would Kyle trust you this time? Awwwwwww….looking forwards to the next page…so good!

  • Bealtaine

    I was almost like oh looks like Anni isn’t so bad after all…this is what you get for trusting villains. For some reason I really wasn’t expecting that!

  • I think he wanted to kiss him anyways. I mean Kyle’s a healthy teenage male with superpowers and he still can’t get some action? I think he could do with coming out of the closet. I mean, obviously I would respect his wishes not to but then I am not a supervillain. Pretty sure anyone calling themselves “The Annihilator” would not share my own qualms. But apart from public opinion of him I think Kyle’s actual self would probably survive relatively unscathed. I mean he can manipulate fire! Plus, I think if your nemesis isn’t going to do anything that’s an indicator you don’t have masses to worry about. Emotional turmoil yes but physical injury? I think not. 

  • Irish Hussy

    Oh, snap! Seriously, that’s what you get for trusting a bad guy. He’s a VILLAIN, Kyle. You only deal with those all the freaking time, so why on earth would Anni be any different?

    • Looks like Kyle is new at this.  A hero in training yet.

      • Irish Hussy

        He obviously has to work on choosing who he can trust. A hero can’t be so naive. A part of me kinda feels like he could be coaxed into becoming a villain after this. 

        • Superjenny

          That would be awesome.

  • Wow, that was awesome. Really loving this, can’t wait to see what happens next.
    I think The Rock should play the Annhilator if you make a movie of this.

  • Daniela Santana


  • nebi_lan

    hahahahah omg i can’t stop laughing, his troll face in the last panel, i just love the man so much <3

  • Becky

    Kyle in the last panel:  “WTF, bro?  I thought we, like, had a moment.”

    And I love how A is totally cracking himself up with his badguy-ness.  PSYCH.

  • Roseland

    I don’t think Anni is going to tell. He’s not saying he is going to tell. Imho, he’s just playing with poor little Kyle again.

  • Epistasthai

    2nd panel: “Really?” ahahaha… Kyle looks so cute here. Until that last panel,  where his initiation into the wonderful world of blackmail becomes all too clear. And the Anni looks like he is having so much fun.

  • Ayella

    Whohoho, I love bad guys. (And yeah I know, my evil laugh sucks.)

  • Figures…the X-Files tag line still lives here “Trust No One”

  • Yay Tv tropes!

    I shall go dutifully edit the page like a good troper T.T

  • He wants teh buttsecks for teh quiet!

  • I love the look on Kyle’s face when he is getting praise for the kiss in panel two, and the hope in panel four. Anni looks just very pleased all the way through – naughty villain!

    And I checked in from France instead of concentrating on my holiday! There’s no way I’d miss this! Brilliant as ever Alex.

  • KNT609

    saw that coming

  • Ryn


     oh, this is so excellent. *bounces*

  • I knew it! I knew he’d break the rules! What else can we expect from a villian! lmao

  • thezombieminion

    Part of me wants to make that last panel a troll face 😀

  • I KNEW IT! Ugh, if I was Kyle, I’d break that guy’s nose. Effin stole his first kiss. SO not cool, Anni!

    • Trying to break the nose of someone with enhanced reflexes, damage resistance and great deal of strength… we saw how well that worked out on page 5-6!

  • YES, a TVTropes article!
    This makes it all the merrier. (◡‿◡✿)

  • Fabiana Nonato

    Oh, well, I knew… Poor Kyle. Come here with aunt Fabi, I’ll buy you a ice cream (what?)

  • Erica

    oh shiet son. XD Annihilator, you’re sneaky. Should’ve been expected, silly Kyle. I wonder what it’ll REALLY take to get him to shutup. 

  • GideonBD

    Ten bucks says Hottie McRed is gonna freak out even more and tell the Ass-grabulator that he’ll do ANYTHING to not have his secret become public knowledge. The Ass-grabulator will then show an evil smirk and say, “Well, now that you mentioned it, there IS something else you can do for me …” And soon, lots of hot loving ensues and they eventually fall hard for each other and then their teammates find out about it and all hell breaks loose.

    In other words, I effin’ love this comic and I can’t wait for more! 😀

    • fangirlin’

      Oh God I cant stop laughing!!!! Ass-grabulator! I’m so gonna call him that for the rest of my life XD

  • PomixWing

    ……So THAT’S how he’ll keep baiting him XDDD

  • Ambler

    Okay, did anyone else play that game called Bully? Because I seriously get like flashbacks to it whenever Kyle makes…pretty much any expression. Even the woeful ones. He looks so much like Jimmy, but with hair.
    (Also, whatajerk)

  • locked box

    And now we cut to the scene where anni brandishes a video of the whole makeout session and holds it over kyles head for the rest of his superhero career. Blackmail, what’s not to like?

  • awww kyle’s expression in panel two just AWWWWW

  • i now don’t like anni 🙁

  • Cue up Oingo Boingo ‘Nothing to Fear’

  • Aw MAN.  Kyle’s face is only just realizing how screwed he is.  Bad Anny!

  • …Annnnd once again The Annihilator has his troll face on.

    • CrispyChicks


  • With every page uploaded I like this comic even more than before, and it is pure, agonizing torture to wait for the next chapter! I never knew that I was a masochist…

  • jerk!

  • CookieMonsterer

    Bahaha Dick. wow. He should have seen that coming.

  • Aww. Those big trusting blue eyes in the top right panel. How could you do this to him?


    • coyoteconscious

      How could those big blue eyes pretend to be straight, when lots of gay kids without superpowers get gay-bashed?

      I’m gay. I do not have superpowers. I grew up in the 1970’s. When I saw someone being picked on for being gay (or anything else) I stuck up for them.

      I can see how super-anarchist guy might totally have a problem with that.

      He is, though, still a big fat jerk.

      • Roseland

        Thank you. Kyle’s whole “I’m supposed to be an example for children, please don’t tell anyone I’m gay” is troubling to me. Children *need* gay superheroes. I’m saying this as a queer person who’s been bullied and beaten for my queerness  (this was in another country) -so yes, a young queer superhero would have helped a lot).

        • xLizardx

          I think that’s the whole point – I know that Alex said it’s supposed to be a long story arc, but I’d bet any money that whatever happens, by the end of it all Kyle will have realised that it’s ok to be both publicly gay, and a superhero. 🙂

        • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

          I got that too. He’s begging on his knees for the ‘secret’ not to spilled and I was all “Seriously?!” THAT is what he worries about?

      • Feverfew_M

        Superpowers or not, standing up for others makes you pretty heroic in my eyes. Integrity and courage are their own kind of superpowers.

        Kyle might be a superhero in other aspects, but sadly not in this, yet. He’s still young, he’s only human, and someone obviously gave him the idea that being gay is not ok.
        But I’m sure he will grow and learn as this story progresses.

  • coyoteconscious

    I’m entirely not sure how to feel about this interaction. Since nobody has been able to make me feel that way in at least forty years, I’ll just assume it must be awesome.

    But really – I’d never kiss and tell.

  • Superjenny

    Haha, Kyle even has the hand and the eyebrows saying “WTF, Dude?!?”

    Loving the expressions, loving the characters, loving the comic.  Thank you, Alex, for writing yet another captivating comic, because Artifice was fantastically amazing.

  • Clockworkkefferson

    I’m not sure why a lot of people are so offended by the age difference here.

    Just because Kyle is young/naive does NOT mean he’s completely brain damaged. The kid has control over fire, come on now. If that whole make out scene was in anyway bad-touchy he could have just torched Annihilator while his defenses were lowered. d:

    Annnd it’s not like this comic is making all older gay men look like pedos, or something. Unless you’re really stupid, that is. He’s obviously not a completely bad old rapist. Dx If you read in between the lines he’s just trying to get Kyle maybe a foot out of the closet, or two. I’m not even that sure Annihilator is THAT old. Just because you have silver hair ≠ old  codger. 

    Also, the age difference is pretty steep, but it’s probably not any worse than Ian Mckellen and the twenty year old he brought to the Oscars with him. (Bleachhh) It’s not like it’s IMPOSSIBLE for younger people to date middle aged men. 

    SOOO the point is this comic is amazing and (some) people are overreacting a bit. 
    That’s all I have to say. *Rolls away* 
    (And I’m aware I should have posted this a couple of pages back, when the comments were covered with things like, “OMG SETTING A BAD EXAMPLE FOR THE YOUTH!” and things. Sorry.)

  • Feverfew_M

    Ha ha, Kyle should have known!
    But fortunately, Anni has nothing to win by calling the tabloids. It’s gonna be so much more fun for him to keep Kyle on his toes. 😀

    • KBatty

      I would say there’s something to be gained by calling the tabloids, although I don’t think that’s The Annihilator’s style. Completely forget the “Gasp! Kyle’s a gay boy in a straight man’s world!” premise for a moment, and you still have a hero romantically consorting with a villain.

      After all, if FDR and Hitler had been caught smooching it up back in the day, that would’ve caused all sorts of trouble (yes, I know that this is a silly and extreme example; I’m only using it to illustrate a point).

      • Feverfew_M

        Heh, “make love, not war” is always the better approach, isn’t it? 😉

        You’re probably right; there isn’t exactly nothing to win for The Annihilator. Calling the tabloids might achieve some damage to Kyle’s name, either for being gay or for ‘fraternising’ with the enemy. It might even cause dissent between the Young Protectors and thereby weaken them.

        But it also would be risky, because it is ammunition that can only be shot once. If he didn’t, indeed, record the whole encounter, it would be his own word against Kyle’s. And people/tabloids might react differently than intended. Like, “I KISSED THE BOY-HERO” SAYS SUPERVILLAIN versus BOY-HERO MOLESTED BY SUPERVILLAIN.

        All things considered, I think such a piece of information is worth more if held above a person’s head.
        And, like you said, it wouldn’t be Anni’s style from what we’ve seen of him. I don’t doubt that he has some kind of devious plan, but simply calling the tabloids would be so – inelegant. 😀

        • Are we sure Annihilator has NOTHING to gain?  Do the Young Protectors have a corporate/religious/moral group financial sponsor?  Mentor(s)/hero training coach(es)/teacher(s)? Government sanction?  What if he/she/they are Annihilator’s target and exposing Kyle’s sexuality would somehow negatively affect/embarrass them?

          Since Annihilator said “I’ve always had the greatest respect for your team of junior do-gooders.” and if we take him at his word, his potential target isn’t one of the youths in the team itself.  I think our “villain” has bigger fish to fry.

          • Feverfew_M

            Yes! Some kind of mentor would be my guess, too. Someone his own age with whom he might have a personal score to settle. This is why I’m not quite convinced Anni and Kyle will ultimately be ‘the canon couple’. 😀

            But I still believe Anni is better off keeping this ace up his sleeve, at least for now. Better to rub a thorough seduction/corruption into that person’s face than a one-off ‘misguided’ make-out session in an alley. And having something on a member of the enemy’s team could be very useful.

          • Superjenny

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          • Feverfew_M


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