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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 20

186 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 20

Ah, nose kisses. They can make me smile too.

We have new Fan Art! It’s “Chibi Annihilator” by geekypnai—The Annihilator drawn cute and ready for action. Thanks, geekypnai!



The second bonus page in two weeks! WOW! You are AMAZING!

Special thanks go out to long-time supporter Daniel N. (who makes their seventh generous donation to The Young Protectors!) and a warm welcome and grateful bow go out to new supporters Queenie C., mcsc, Alessandra G. & Sarah P. for their generous donations over the last few days!

Big hugs go out to long-time friend of The Young Protectors Chris C. for their super-generous $30 donation!

And finally, superhero strength hugs and a humble bow go out to new superfriend of The Young Protectors Bridget A. for their amazingly generous $50 donation!

Thank you all so much! I can’t believe it’s only been two weeks and here we are with another bonus page! It really is a huge morale boost—thank you!

So… Kyle seems to have tried his best to live up to his end of the bargain. What do you think? Was that “good enough”? 😉


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  • OH MY GOSH! <333333

  • Actual words, my left arsecheek.  XD

  • something about this comic is just very appealing… guess cause I like older men 😉

    • You and me both! Must be why I enjoy it so much too 😉

  • A Nose Kiss seems so odd for someone called, “The Annihilator”! But I love this. It’s so cute.

    • Becky

      Well, there’s public image, and then there’s how you kiss a boy.  😛

  • Seems like he might want to hear, “No,” so they can try a little harder….

  • OMFG. I think I’m in love with this. You. Something. *pants* That was awesome. 

  • Firekitty

    o.o No. No it wasn’t. Better try again, Kyle!

    Fess up, Alex; you read my mind when you came up with The Young Protectors, didn’t you? There’s no other way anyone could manage to cram so many of my favorite things into one story <3.

  • QuantumKid

     Why have you stopped??? You must continue, I command it! (falls off chair)

  • DoktorNauk

    I have been completely reduced to a giggling mess. I hope you’re happy.

  •  I can’t help but laugh when I see Annihilator’s grinning face. He’s just like, “Yeah, I know you liked that.” Ha. Awesome page! Can’t wait for Saturday! xD

  • Kyle is adorable!! I love these two together, even if they become enemies later on! Alex you are excelling yourself again!

    And I don’t get why people have issues with these two with some sort of age difference when there was a bigger issue of different species between Deacon and Jeff… that’s just my opinion on that.

    •  People just got nothing better to critic I guess. :

      • True, they probably don’t.

    • Thank you, Cathcer! I’m glad you’re liking these guys! 😀

  • I LOVE both their faces in that top right panel

    This is so damn hot… And makes me itch to know what’s going to happen between these two


    I read on Facebook that there was going to be an update today so I decide that I wouldn’t reading it until I finished my paper and turned it in. Hey, I take what I can get.

    Now I can’t wait until Saturday to find out how Annihilator replies.

    • I’m glad you liked it, Tanya! Good luck with your paper!

  • ….and we’re face down in reality again.  Dammit.  If that wasn’t good enough….well….

    (also, was home too late to camp 🙁  Alas)

  • Suhndog

    How fun!  Hmm..  that last panel has me a bit stumped..  Kyle’s expression seems a bit ambiguous.. Could he be probing Anni? That ‘look’ seems like he’s about to spring a trap..  or? Maybe it’s just me, but I think Kyle was playing Anni along..  I’m excited to see what’s next!!  I can take only so many ‘cliff-hangers’..  Oh, Nooooo  !!  ‘POP!!’  [insert bugle playing ‘Taps’ here…]  EEks!!  :3

  • Irish Hussy

    Well, this is a surprise update. The third panel is my favorite. Anni actually has a pretty soft expression there and Kyle seems more confident. The urge to smash Anni over the head with large planks of wood has subsided. I think it might mainly be because I’m pretty sure he’d be impervious to anything I could dish out.

  • Wow, panel 4 is just breathtaking.  So beautiful.

    So… does this mean they’re engaged now?  😉

    • Yukiness

      Du dum tis.

  • cozcoz

    as an 18 y/o I feel it is my duty to establish the fact that no 17 y/o guys dress like that these days. 

    • I don’t think this is exactly ‘the modern times’ we live in. The way Kyle’s dressed and the way the environment looks gives me the feeling the setting is more like Superman-ish, wear the times aren’t modern but aren’t exactly old. I think it’s maybe a few decades ago, at best, so it’d fit with his shirt. If it is a modern comic… I defend his clothes. I like wearing polos .__.

    • Really? There’s quite a lot of them over here…

      • cozcoz

        Are you sure they’re 17? Because if so that realllllllly surprises me. Unless they’re actually in on fashion (like: then I can’t imagine them choosing to where dress pants that colour, why not black? And I don’t think shops even sell shoes like that ( these days. 
        I do believe you, of course! I just think more than anything it looks like he’s raided his dad’s wardrobe and hence isn’t an accurate representation of what current teens wear (assuming it’s set in this time). 

        • MiscKitty

          This thread got me looking back through the archives and it seems your wish for black pants on Kyle was granted in the first panel on page 17. xD

    • Good eyes, cozcoz. The truth is his clothing here was a very deliberate choice on his part (and one he spent a great deal of time thinking about). Part of it was his desire to not appear 17 when he decided he would try to step into a gay bar tonight. But part of it is also a reflection of who he is and what he thinks it means to “dress up”. (And also, frankly, what clothes he has access to.)

      If, as his friend, you might be tempted to advise him to make different fashion choices, you would not be alone in doing so.

  • Erica

    Oh that was good enough. The nose kiss was way too adorkable!!! ah ha ha ha ha

    I love the nose kiss :33 d’aw so cute. ah ha ha

  • I’ve had a girl boner for like, the last many pages. >w<

    So… yeah, I think it was good enough. xD

  • AnyOtaku

    A nose kiss, that kiss on the lips with a smile and the 4th panel where I find Kyle really sexy and cute, he looks like he has enjoyed it and he even looks like he eabts some more hehe (fangigling). I’ve fallen in love with the comic, well actually I alredy was!
    Great job!!!

    • Thank you, AnyOtaku! I’m glad to hear the comic has won you over! 😀

  • Laurenihilation

    Ohmygawd. Annihilator’s expression in the second panel. <3<3.<

    • Hehe. I’m looking forward to the fan art, Laurenihilation. 🙂

  • melinda stumpf

    oh he so wants more

  • goooosh xD omg kyle in de 5th panel xD hes so sweet!!!

    rlly looove the comic!

  • Becky

    D’awww… smiley kisses are the bestest.  🙂


    Nose kissies and nervous/shy/vulnerable Kyle. I love the nose kiss Anni gives him, it is just so playful and cute, followed by another quick kiss. And I love just how Anni looks like the cat that got the cream in panel 5.

  • That was more than good enough! *o*
    And oh my god Anni looks like he’s SOOO proud in the 5th panel! He’s on top of his favorite cake right now.. And that nose kiss. <3

  • One word, Adorable. 

  • Yukiness

    Corruption complete.

    Seeing as our dear Anni not only gave his kittykat a very affectionate nose kiss, he also went back for another beso before pulling away. Blackmailers don’t neccisarily act to tenderly, understanding, nor affectionately towards their victums so I think Kyle doesn’t have too much to worry about.

    Unless of corse you count the army of us that has collected in the alleyway to watch

    • Becky

      Lol.  Voyeurism FTW!

      • Yukiness

        I’m feeling like some fan art right about now. To the drawing board!

    • *still lurking behind the bins in the alleyway*

  • Lol, I love panel 5 – the expressions are perfect.

    To be honest, I never really saw it properly as blackmail. The way I saw
    it was the Kyle came up with the idea and Annihilator went along with
    it for funsies to see what he could get out of the situation.

    • You’re quite right, I think. Kyle practically threw himself into this blackmail situation by revealing how he doesn’t want it to be known and how much it upsets him. Talk about revealing your weaknesses. Anni probably went with it on the fly because the situation presented itself. And real blackmail involves the threat of irreparable damage to his reputation and monetary compensation to keep it from happening. A single kiss is pittance and unless this world is much more homophobic than ours I think Kyle’s fears are a little unfounded.

    •  Yes, agreed. It was making me a little nuts when the comments section was all “Eeeeville Blackmailer!” and I was going, “But it was Kyle’s idea!” That’s kinda the MO of a villain anyway. They just do what seems fun and in their personal best interest.

  • nayia

    Ha, ha, he like it :3

    Annihilator will say “NO”, ’cause he’s evil man :3

  • “It was good enough to earn you a ticket to ROUND TWO.” Is what I want him to say. ;p

  • Anni is literally shining from pride in this 5th panel, that’s amazing XD

  • Also the add right under the comic says “DON’T MISS THE NEXT PAGE!  SUBSCRIBE TO ARTFICE VIS RSS, EMAIL, FACEBOOK,  OR TWITTER. Isn’t Artifice over? Is there more? Please god let there be more.

    • Hmm. Missed that. Thanks for pointing that out! Fixed! 😀

  • Kyle: Was that good enough?
    Anni: What do you think?
    Kyle: I’ll do better next time *pounces*
    Anni: Oooof!

  • Becky

    Oh, sure, A, push Kyle riiiiiiight up to his first little moan, and then OKAY KISS OVER THE END.  I’d say Mr. Jr. Heropants is successfully baited and hooked.  Well played.

  • Gael Mackie

    First time commenting
    on these comics, even though I’ve been hooked since pretty much the
    beginning of Artifice! 

    At any rate the first thing I want to say is that I adore this comic so far: the artwork, the characterisations, the scenario … just everything about it. As for Annihilator’s blackmailing and roughness it just fits so well from what we know of him thus far – very self-assured, risk-taking and above all a compelling Supervillain! Kyle is absoultely adorable, and I like the whole awkward, in-the-closet-virgin thing he has going on. I can’t wait to find out more about him and his team!

    But for all the rambling I could go on to do, nothing will sum up my love for this series more than what happened to me this morning: literally just as i finished reading this newest page my shockwave plug-in on my netbook crashed. I can only assume it was due to the sheer awesomeness of this comic – because of this I wasn’t even miffed that I had to wait even longer to watch a Linkara review 🙂

    Keep up the good work, Alex! I look forward to seeing where this juicy piece of webcomic will lead!

    • Thank you, Gael! I’m so glad to hear you’ve been enjoying my work and I really appreciate you taking the time to comment to let me know! (Also glad to hear your enjoying the characterization of these guys—you’ll get to see a bit more of them before the comic is over. 😉 )

      And strange that your Shockwave plugin would crash—I don’t think I have anything going on here that would interfere with that—but I’m glad you still found the page worth it! 😀

      • Gael Mackie

        It actually happens a lot at random intervals throughout the day, I just loved the timing of it and have decided to make it a kind of tag-line to convince my friends to read as well: Young Protectors is so awesome that shockwave crashed due to an awesomeness-overload 🙂

  • grinsekatze

    Annie seems to be satisfied with himself^^

  • KiannaLeigh

    OMG. I was just just all “What’s this I see? i YP page on a Wednesday? JOY.” Today I had to take the day off work to make an emergency appoint with my doctor. But thanks to this bonus pages, my day doesn’t suck like it did five minutes prior.

    And oh. Kyle seems so freaked out in panel two. It like he’s surprised Annie can be sweet.

    • Well, I’m definitely glad to hear that this page made your day a bit better, Jackeyea. And I hope you feel better very soon! 🙂

  • Kyle looks so disappointed that he pulled away.  XD

  • VanQuinn

    Amazing how Anni can grin so evilly while kissing Kyle’s nose. A rare talent. Kyle should keep him.

  • Michele M.

    Yes…yes it was, Kyle. My turn!!!!!

  • I wasn’t sure what to make of this webcomic… older guys aren’t my thing usually and I’m not use to the style of art (I enjoy it though, don’t get me wrong. Just not use to seeing it), but this has grown on me! I might be a new reader, but this comic now officially has me hooked!

  • fujoshifanatic

    0_0 Oh my. Ahem, well, I thiiiiink that was good enough, but I would need to see that again…you know…just to make sure. 😛 Seriously, this made my day on a yucky rainy morning to wake up to this. I love panels one through four–especially panel two, which I have a feeling will be the general nature of their relationship from here on out–they made my inner fangirl squee quite happily. Now I only have to wait a few more days to see what happens next.

    Thanks Alex! *runs off happily to work*

    • You’re very welcome, fujoshifanatic! Very happy to hear that this page helped get your day off to a good start. And yep, next update in less than three days! 😀

  • I love these two together! I mean I know Mr. Sliver Fox is a villain but I hope that some way some how they can stay together!

  • Flo_over

    You have a wonderful way of taking what could be simply a smutty mcsmutterpants situation and turn it into something a little bit heart warming and tender.  It shows your characters have been well thought out, well rounded, and at least vaguely honest with themselves.


    • Thank you, Flo_over. 3D characterization is very important to me—even in genre fiction. So, that’s a very nice compliment. 🙂

      •  Amen Flo_over, these characters and the writing always feel honest and genuine (genre or not!)   It’s why I keep coming back to these comics.  It’s why these pages actually affect my mood for the day 🙂

        but oh!  I miss Winona’s art.  Her facial expressions are always spot on…

  • toli Bera

    “Is that good enough?”
    “No. We’ll need to do it again. and again and again until you get it right.”

    and then they made out.

  • Oh he totally liked that.

  • b3nc0

    Nose kisses & jawline ones too :°P~
    (still in the back of my head, there’s this blackmail side of the story, really lessen my pleasure) ¦’/

    Why, Kyle, playing coy to Parkourman’s smuggishness, are we?
    ‘Was that good enough?’ for a kiss or for his part of the blackmail ¬_¬

    WOOOHOOO!!! Ete is before Artifice on TWC, congrats, I guess b^^d

  • It’s guys like the Annihilator that make me wish i was a gay dude and not a bi chick T.T

    • Caroline Siemers

      Amen to that T.T

      • I’m so glad I’m not the only one…T.T

    • CrispyChicks

       I know that feel, bro.

  • Jen

    Omg, that look in Kyle’s face. What a naughty boy! So devious!

  • ithilloke

    I think that would be a “yes”. 🙂

  • Is it sad that, today in the world of “gay men in comics,” this bonus page makes me so much happier than Northstar’s wedding? 

  • I love the 4th panel it looks SEXY (SEXY AND I KNOW IT)

  • Ryn

    awwwkward. XD

    *squishes Kyle’s cheeks* too damn cute in that last panel.

  • Well, there was real dialogue–one sentence in one panel, to be exact. Even with the lack of speech, and maybe even /because/ of it, this page really made my day. I can’t recall any two people looking more adorable. C:

  • Vaan_Lohengrin

    was good enough for me 

    • Superjenny

      Not me.  I think that requires a mulligan.  Do the whole thing over again, I say!

      ~watches intently with popcorn~

  • YangYueLan

    I like panel 4. I am a sucker for eye contact. 

  • I think he may live to see another day…but he sure looked scared through most of it!

  • krissdevalnor

    “awwwwww” perfect ending of a perfect kiss^^ cant wait to see what happens

  • CookieMonsterer

    In panel five I think “Damn he is tall” And cant help but notice the giant bulge in his suit. That might just be me, but still. Love this comic already. Was kind of Ehh about it in the beginning, but now I am getting into it. Its goood.

    • Glad to hear you’re getting into it, CookieMonsterer. 🙂

    • Superjenny

      Nope, definitely not just you.

  • HermeticallySealed

    I think Kyle liked it more than he wanted to. lol

    • Becky

      Most definitely.

  • Either he is tall or Kyle is short. Kyle looks like he is afraid that his nose will get bitten off in panel 2

  • Kit the Coyote

    That look on his face in the last panel is just begging for the answer to be no.

  • Gaz Hawkins

    and he has his legs crossed because he is trying to hide the raging boner he has after that kiss (and the grope we did not see)

    • Becky

      Yuuuuuuuuup.  😀

  • Kuraen

    You have to kiss again just to make certain… XP

  • Awsm4all

    Well, like your Artifice comic, I can already see this is going to be an addiction of mine. Once I get settled after moving and get more money, we’ll have to see what I can do about donations. ;D

    • Very glad to hear you’re enjoying it, Awsm4all! 🙂

  • I love this page. Ill be donating as soon as i get extra money im gunna do a nice big donation if i can ^^

    • Very glad to hear you’re liking the new page, Shadow! 😀

  • Well! That would prove it to ME! I think Kyle reeeeaaaally liked it, a lot! Maybe even enough to ask for another kiss or a date. Bu-ut… I think Anni had a benign ulterior motive. He was helping Kyle find, capture, and hang on to his self-confidence. An older guy being wily in boosting a closet-case’s morale.

    Or else he was lulling Kyle into false security in order to do something dastardly…

    Ah well, I can only wait and read on. Thanks for the awesome entertainment!

    • You’re very welcome, Megan! Glad you’re finding The Young Protectors entertaining! 😀

  • Roseland

    Oooh, I love me a villain with a delicious sense of humor! 😀

  • Okay: I am grinning, big time. Annihilator, you’ve won me over at last. The second and third panels are just too damn cute to sense any malice or villainy coming from him any more, at least not directed towards Kyle 😛 and I like how he stands apart from him looking very, very pleased with himself. Which he should be, considering he just snogged the hell out of that boy.

  • mikakitten

    OH WOW!!!! Now THAT was a cute page!!! It’s like neither of them wanted it to stop! :3 this is just too cute. Heheh Kyle is so adorable! “Um…please say it wasn’t good enough so we can do it again :3” hehehehe!! LOVE it!! I love Anni! <3 the way he teases with neck kisses and then a nose kiss…but then give Kyle one more kiss just to make up for it. I think they were both kinda sad it ended. WANTS MORE!!! Can't wait until Saterday! :3

  • Panel 5 voice-over: “Kyle is hypnotised as the Silver Bulge (TM) absorbs the final traces of his intellect. Soon he will be naught but ginger putty in Silver Fox’s eager hands…”

    … couldn’t resist 😉

    • Lillexe

      Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice 😀

    • Monica

       YES! that bulge… :3 He must have a small soccer ball under there XD

  • Ambler

    I dunno if I could make out with a guy who had such a surgically shaved beard. He looks like a robot. And who would want to snog/have sex with a robot? I mean, it’s not like there’s ever been a comic that I can think of where a strapping young lad of a human falls in love with something like, I dunno, an android soldier who’s named Deacon and has the pectorals of a Grecian warrior.

    • Your comment MADE MY LIFE I SWEAR. X’D

    • Monica

       It’s not a shaved head, it’s back slick! 😀

    • Becky

      Yay, Grecian warriors!

      Did I say “yay”?  I meant “yum”.  😛

  • Is anyone else getting a blank page for ~5 seconds until it pops up, even after the page has loaded? This is happening to me when it’s loaded already and I come back from being in another tab. That combined with the load time is making trying to read the archives a little frustrating. 🙁

  • Ack! The nose kiss is what got me! Followed by his face in that last panel…..Nnnngh…..why do you people excel at cute things that give me feels? <3

  • Monica

    Ohh Annihilator…  You can kidnap me anytime…
    OK you got me hooked on this now Alex! Darn you! GIMME MORE!!

  • Avengelyne

    Aaaaaand right back to shy and sweet. Gods Kyle is so adorable I want one.

  • mikakitten

    I have to admit…I think this is the cutest page…Ever…

  • panel 4:
    you’ve got my heart pumpin like i’ve been working out

  • i’m shrieking like a crazy fan-girl right now.
    oh wait, i am one!

  • StarrySkyDancer

    Oehh this means that the new page is going to be up on my birthday^^ Best. birthday. Present.Ever

  • Can Kyle be his evil sidekick/boytoy now, please? 

    • “Only the dark fires of Ginger Cub could ever tuly melt the ice-cold heart of the Silver Fox.”

  • OH MY GOD KYLE MY PRECIOUS BABY! LET ME HOLD YOU! today we take a break from cerebral analysis of the content and give way to a fountain of squee.

  • Donated $11. A combination of OCD at seeing $49 in the counter and my desire for more of these interesting characters made me do it.

  • I love Kyle’s “Please don’t eat my face” expression in panel two. Damn, I almost can’t wait for Saturday (but I have to).

    Tee-hee, nose kisses are sweet! 😀

  • ErykaSoleil

    -Tsk.- I take off from the internet for a few days to help my husband get the house set up how we want it, and you sneak a bonus page in? That’s pretty awesome, actually. 🙂

    So is the next update going to be the front page of the local tabloid, showing an 8″x10″ color glossy photograph of our red-headed hero being a floozy? XD

  • I dunnow if that was good enough kyle.

    Based on where your eyes are pointing, it seems that was good, but sure as hell not enough.

  • Bealtaine

    Oh Kyle …I keep thinking you’ve hit your cute quotient but you just keep getting more adorable!

  • Taylee94

    I just love how smug the Annihilator looks xD And how fast it seems that Kyle moved away when he finally came to xD

    Love the comic 😀  

  • Bianca Simone

    Awww, Kyle is still an awkward teenager!  I think Annihilator is just trying to help him come out (HA!) of his shell.

  • Maybe it’s just me, but I kinda realized who Annihilator reminds me of. Macbeth from the Gargoyles TV show. A more trimmed up Macbeth.

    And now Macbeth’s voice is the one I hear for Anni. Never mind the only dialogue on here was from Kyle…

    • I totally have that in my head now. XD

      • Mwahaha! My plan! It is WORKING.

        I mean. *cough* Yays! I’m not the only one.

        <.< Yup. That was allllllll I wrote. Yup. Ignore that top line. ;p

    • VanQuinn

       I always thought he was the hottest character…

  • Vinctia Valentine

    Why is the fourth panel making me all “ASDFGHKJL”… megusta

    • YangYueLan

       I am totally with you on the fourth panel. So cute! ^.^

  • streetwalkersan

    I’m absolutely in love with that third panel and, more specifically, Kyle’s little smile there! <3 Smiling while kissing makes for an absolutely tinglingly romantic and beautiful picture…

  • YangYueLan

    There is some serous height difference in panel 5. Was this height difference there the whole time? *goes back to look* Edit: Yes, its there, we just haven’t gotten to see them standing next to each other with out being in a crouched fighting position.

  • Thanatopia

    Well, I’d say that’s quite the kiss. 🙂

    But due to the pleasure/pain causality theory of literature, something will explode soon.  What, exactly, remains to be seen. *cue the ominous thunder*

  • Roseland

    I hope there’ll be a new page soon! I want to know Anni’s answer 🙂 🙂

  • Lillexe

    Weeeeeeeeeeell look at that smug smile in panel 5. 😀

  • Late to camp, might crash.  Too much overtime….

  • Camping.

    Where did the morality arguments go OAO.

    • Laurenihilation

      Probably under Kyle’s tongue and into Anni’s pants. 😀

      • ManicThrifts

        This comment made my day.

        • Laurenihilation

          I’m glad! XD

  • Zee

    Does… he look a little “smug” to you?
    That’s definitely some smugness going on.
    Oh, you dodgy boy.

    • which one 😕

    • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

      I see the smug too. The second to last panel just screams it. It really does. And Kyle looks so bashful and eager to please. Adorable. XD

  • awww panel 4 soo cute

  • oh my f-ing god he just screams pedophile, i have to suck in my stomach just so i won’t have a baby barf

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    Nose kisses! <3

  • Ffff. Kyle. Stop being exactly like my boyfriend D:

  • I just love how you can tell the story just by expressions, I mean, there’s so much going on here on this page I feel like looking at it over and over again XD

  • For fans it was plenty enough!!

  • Panel three is my favorite. That little mischievous grin on his face is just great.

  • SolrSurfr3

    XD Oh, as if you didn’t love it, Kyle!

  • DarkFeanix21

    That’ll do, Kyle. That’ll do.

    (For now)

  • TravelerOfWebcomics

    dat bulge

    what is air

  • Ree


  • *sparkle sparkle* says Anni as Kyle looks embarrassed XD

  • Axis Rhys

    kyles loving it in panel 4. kyle you naughty boy.

    • devil_woman_24

      That was my favorite part on this page! Kyle looks so cute!

      • Axis Rhys

        he is :3. btw love your cain and abel photo <3.

        • devil_woman_24

          Thanks xD is a cropped version a fanart made by hamlet

  • Madock345

    Reading through old comics, this was an awesome sequence, but there’s no excuse for a lack of boner on Kyle in panel 6.

  • devil_woman_24

    Panel 4 is the best!

    • Red Dahl

      the first for panels are sexy but I have to agree with you there

      • devil_woman_24

        I do love all the panels but the 4th is my favorite :3

        • Red Dahl

          I agree with you there! Everytime I see it I fan girl out and wish that was me in kyle’s place!