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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 2



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  • Kristi Schoenhaar

    Hehe. He looks so happy-dorky in panel 5. He really has this face. -> :-D

  • contagiousoup

    LOL Now Showing: Artifice 2 

    • Alex Woolfson

      Hehe. :)

  • WillemRhys

    Lol, Artifice 2. I wonder if that is supposed to give us some sort of idea. . .

  • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

    whee! Artifice 2! :D

  • Ayella

    Hahaha, not only has Artifice been filmed, but there is a sequel as well. Oh, lately all my dreams come true. ;-)

    • Alex Woolfson

      Mine as well. :D

  • mikakitten

    YAY!!!! Firey hair! Firey powers!! HE KEEPS GETTIN BETTER!! Me wants to know his naaaaame!! :) <3

    • Jenny Blue

      It’s Kyle! it has the name a little bit above the donation thingy, like this: 
      Posted on March 14, 2012 by Alex Woolfson | From The Young Protectors | Part of Engaging The Enemy: Chapter One | Featuring Kyle. there ya go! ^_^

  • Lithekitty

    Love the nod to artifice thar!

  • Ryn

    heh, a ref to Artifice and ‘Heros’.

    • Alex Woolfson


  • Jenny Blue

    oooh! aaah! O.O preeettttyyy…. :D I can’t stop smiling!!!!!! It looks gorgeous! (or mebbe  I just like flames. a lot. hmmmm… XD and can you tell me where I can buy tickets to that movie? :D

    • Alex Woolfson

      If only I could… ;)

      • Jenny Blue

        oh well, no one would be able to watch it 
        ’cause all your fans would be squealing through the whole thing! at least I would… :D And I’m still smiling! what would I do without your comics? hmmm.. probably get more sleep, but who needs sleep! gooooo alex!

        • Alex Woolfson

          Hehe. Thank you.

          • Jenny Blue

            ‘welcome! :D

  • Trayvon Dante Brock

    Wait. Cute AND pyromancer? Pssh, I’m sold.

  • Lorescien

    Ginger. Adorable. Pyromancer. And what makes this even better? That movie sign in the background. ;) I’d love to see that if it ever happened.

    SUDDEN THOUGHT. I totally wanna see Artifice as a live-action film. Screw so many peoples’ prejudices against homosexuality, I’d go to see it a thousand times just to show my support! (But only if it was accurate and didn’t have douchy people as the actors, of course. :P) Would that be at all possible…? :3

    • Alex Woolfson

      It would be something I might be interested in seeing too. And anything’s possible. ;)

      • The Doctor

        >o>  Well…my friend [who looks scary like Deacon] and I /are/ planning to cosplay Jeff and Deacon this summer.  Maybe we’ll record something and put it on youtube.  XD  A fake movie trailer.  >:3

        • Ayella

          Now I would love to see THAT in the fan art section!

        • Alex Woolfson

          Now, that sounds like a lot of fun. :)

    • Becky

      Totally, Lorescien! I am excited for the day that stories like Artifice are made into Hollywood blockbusters.  :)  AND for the day that such stories are correctly categorized as “smart sci-fi”, and Netflix stops suggesting scores of “Gritty Gay/Lesbian Dramas!” to me “because of my interest in Torchwood and Doctor Who”.  Wtf, Netflix?  I love to see gay characters getting the chance to be genuinely awesome heroes, but c’mon, Torchwood is just intelligent and slightly-goofy sci-fi, not a dedicated study on sexuality and society.  “Gritty Dramas” are not really my style.  (As their computers should be able to deduce from my religious watching of Phineas & Ferb.  :P )  [/tangential rant]

      And Alex, looks like TYP is shaping up to be another intriguing tale!  Can’t wait to see where it goes.  Keep up the excellent work!  <3

      • Alex Woolfson

        Thank you, Becky! :D (And I too would love to see blockbusters with heroes, the heroes, be guys who happen to like other guys. Some day, maybe…. :) )

        • Becky


    • AnyOtaku

      I have though of that too… I mean it would be really awesome to see Artifice turned into a movie, with good actors and the same story. One day, I’ll work for the movies (i hope so) and I think it would be brilliant to make a movie like this… of course that if it would be possible, I’d love to make one with this! 
      And even tough there are still people who don’t like “gays”, I think it would be possitivetly apreciated for most of the public =D
      Yup, it would be really cool!

  • Cheezie

    Aahahaha “YES!”

    I’ll so love this.

    • Alex Woolfson

      Thank you, Cheezie! :D

  • tzelemel

    So, going to a gay bar gives you superpowers? Cool. Must go more often.

    • Alex Woolfson

      Worked for me.

    • strangeangel24601

      Sounds legit.

    • Celestia’s Snout

      Power to suppress your gag reflex.

      • Maria White

        No no no, I got that power from Reddit.

        But when i went to my first bar I was able to induce amnesia.

  • Ayashi Otaku Shabazz

    “Now showing Artifice 2″ I love it!! lol

    • Dex X.

      I just noticed that! :D

      • Alex Woolfson


  • Alex S

    Love the fire effect. And is Artifice 2 a hint of something to come? Are you making a sequel?

    • Alex Woolfson

      No plans for that right now. But I’d love to. :)

  • AnyOtaku

    God! I love the ” Now showing artifice 2″!

  • singerblooming


  • ScreamingFurby

    Artifice 2: Electric Boogaloo 

  • Tavi_the_Witch


    Is this a clue? and hint? yes, please? maybe?

  • Myrtu


    And fire. I like fire :>

    • Carole Henderson

       What he said x2

  • Gustavo Schnurr Siqueira

    I got confused…In the last page I thought he had got into the bar… But in this page…he didn’t.

    So what happened? o.O

    • Audrey Pond

      It’s my understanding that this is after going into the bar; Celebrating, I think.

    • Kid Chaos

      So, he got a phone number?

  • Sara O’Connor

    Oh my god, can I go see that movie?

  • Saberri

    Let’s all go see Artifice 2! :D Field trip!

  • SolrSurfr3

    One ticket to the movie, please. :D
    But first…

  • nailalian

    Artifice 2………..ahhhh yes please

  • BatSpork

    Hah. Love the Artifice 2 showing at the movie theater. Amazing <3 I agree with nailalain. Yes, please!

  • D.j. Herron

    Looks like Im going to the theatre XD
    Hells yes Artifice 2

  • Cynzia Lombi

    YES. Best movie of the summer? Blockbuster hit? I THINK SO. <3 Artifice 2 has a lovely ring to it.

  • Maria Squishy Mackay

    Nice touch in the background with Artifice 2 made me laugh :D

    • Chester

      Me too xD

  • Lisa Halsell

     the fire spells out YES! i see what you did there
    and i like it.

  • ℜεx GαηчMε∂ε. (Super Hero.)

    YA TAAAAA!!!

  • ManicThrifts


  • Madara Uchiha

    I would totally go see that movie….X333

  • Jackal

    I saw that my first time through, right after finishing Artifice for the first time, so I was like, “I C WHAT YOU DID THAR!”

  • Miri

    I’ve just noticed that the fire spells “Yes”!