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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 18

277 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 18

WOAH! Slow down there, Wolfy McWolfishface! Everyone was talking about how pleased and relieved they were with your sweet and gentle nature on the last page and then you have to go throw Kyle up against a wall and passionately kiss him! Now what will people say? °o°

And will you look at that! It’s been just a week and we’re almost halfway to the next bonus page! WOOT!

Special thanks go out to long-time supporters Vanessa B. and Alicia H. (who makes their second donation in a row!) and a warm welcome and grateful bow go out to new supporters Marinette M. and Klara F. (who made two donations in the same week!) for their generous donations over the last few days!

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And finally, superhero-strength hugs and a fist-pumping cheer go out to new superfriend of The Young Protectors James I. for their amazingly generous $50 donation! Holy cow, thank you, James!

Thank you all so much! It’s a huge morale boost for Adam, Vero and me to get that kind of response and it helps to make these pages possible in a very real way. You all ROCK! 😀

So… is this the full extent of The Annihilator’s villainy? Or does he have yet another trick up his sleeve? And more importantly, will there be actual lines of dialogue on the next page? Tune in next Saturday to find out!

Hope to see you there! 😀


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  • Wow, Kyle must have been doing a good job of kissing back!  lol!

  • Travis

    Oh what I would give to be Kyle… *sigh* But wow. this page is fantastic, no need for dialogue, just keep this coming 😉

  • Alex, I love you… and the artists too but mostly you Alex for having this vision!

    The Annihilator looks slightly evil in the second panel but *fans self* makes him much hotter. Kyle you lucky, lucky man! <3 😉

    • Thank you, Cathcer! I’m glad you’re enjoying the ride. 😀

  • Oh dear *swoons*

  • Erica

    ARGH, MY FEELS. punched me in the gut. XD

    > w>


    this makes me feel… feels. XDD

    me gusta. indeed. me gusta mucho. This is… posted very early than what im used to! i was like EH? it’s only friday! and then i realized it’s almost 2 at my place. xD

  • Strange, I thought it was Kyle who was supposed to bring on the heat… 😉


    • Laurenihilation

      Free internets? I think yes. 

  • Ditzite

    I will be over here dancing in joy! Tooo much to say about all the loves I feel for this page! Lets just simplify it down to the fact that it made me do an evil villain laugh that quickly broke down into fangirlish squees of salacious delight! Going to bed now to dream sweet/ naughty dreams!

  • In the current vernacular…::iz ded::

    I’ll come back and be more coherent later.

  • The temperature sure is picking up. I had to turn on my fan.


  • Suhndog

    Wow!  I get the impression that there’s a sinister progression taking place. Just a kiss? Hmmm, I don’t think soooooo……  It would be cool to see if their super-powers kick-in, and something extraordinary ensues.. umm, thermonuclear?! LOL.. I’m excited to see how this situation plays out! Go! Go! Go!  BRB.. Cold shower needed.. heh!

  • I can honestly say…. I did not expect that! But why didn’t I expect that? He’s a villain after all! It would just make sense for him to pin Kyle against a wall. Oh man! I can’t wait for the next page!!!

  • Panel two: RAPE FACEEEEEEEE *lololololo*

  • Gares H.

    I died, maybe i will reborn next week just  to see the next page lol

  • soooooo hot! *fans self*

    and i love how Kyle is really getting into it with the hand on the head in that last panel!

    i didnt think the Annihilator’s expression was evil per-say in the second panel just a bit mischievous in wanting to turn up the heat.

    Now I really really really want to see them become a couple somehow in this series! Ofcourse I’m sure we’ll see some more strife: perhaps Kyle has a freak-out about how much he liked the kiss, problems coming out to/getting caught by team members, maybe Ani does have some ulterior motive, but its more anti-hero than evil and still loves Kyle, and Kyle doubts him and they get into a fight and then Kyle finds out how wrong he was and they has hot make-up sexy times?!?! *daydreams*

    …..*ahem* sorry about degenerating into a rant xD

    I cant believe how invested i am already in the characters! Maybe its because Artifice was so good but I have a feeling that this will be equally so or even more 😀

    • Thank you, Jessica! I’m very glad to hear you’re into it! 🙂 (And I enjoyed your little daydream fanfiction there… 😉 )

  • melinda stumpf

    thing are heating up

  • I dunno,  a lot of people are saying Annihilator in the second panel looks evil. I think he just looks more almost, like, playful, I guess would be the right word. 

    Seriously loving these two though. I sense hilarious awkwardness in Kyle’s future XDDD

  • Monica

    YES!! GO GO GO Annihilator! 😀 

  • DemureDesire

    “Now what will people say?”

    Well, this people will say she wishes she was Kyle! LOL

    Seriously, why does the villain have to be so sexy?

  • HisAdamant

    Better stop Annihilator’s hands before they go farther south of your waist, Kyle–

    Oh, shit. They’ve got a taste for blood now, no stopping them. 

  • :’D Anni’s smile in the second panel is so damn funny. Very sexy last panel, too… ♥ Can’t wait for the next page! Yay!

  • No more dialogue. Just kissing for the entire rest of the story.

  • It’s my favorite kind of kissing all slow burning and cozy. Start off sweet and gentle and then *wham* grab his cute butt, throw him against the wall and french kiss him like there’s no tomorrow! Yum!!
    But, I keep expecting Kyle’s hair to burst into flame at some point! Maybe I’ve just read too many comic books, lol.

    • XD That would be too funny!

    • TwoWayStar

       Hmm, maybe then the Annihilator would find him..

      *puts on sunglassesglasses*

      too hot to handle.


  • Jasmine Spears

    Alex, I think you may have Butts Disease. All you can think about, and all you persuade your illustrators to draw… is butts.

    /lurker’s first comment
    //also have Butts Disease

    •  All webcomic artists eventually succumb to Butts Disease. It is inevitable.

    • Truth be told, I believe I have Face Disease and Biceps Disease—that’s where I might use my Art Director powers for evil because I tend to find those the sexiest parts on a guy. The “Butts Disease” you mention probably has more to do with the “R-rated” nature of my comics than where my thoughts dwell. 

      But I’m glad you’re liking what you see and I appreciate you taking the time to finally comment! 😀

  • Laurenihilation

    Actually, it hasn’t even been a week and the bar is already at 150. XD Congratz! I would totally donate money if I had it! 

    I absolutely love this page. To be honest, I don’t really analyze things very much; I like to go with the flow, and I LOVE this flow. >D ‘Specially the butt-grabbing, up-against-the-wall action!!
    Oh look, grunting. 

  • AnyOtaku

    When I saw the first panel I though that Anni eas going to try to rape him! But I’m quite happy seeing that he just wanted to make the kiss more hot and passionate… If there isn’t any dialogue the next page, and the following, I’d actually be pretty happy about it!

  • And you just pull me in even deeper…

  • Hmm. I was doing some hopeful self-narration until the fourth panel (“then Kyle learned lightning powers and Annihilator’s head exploded”). That sort of rough behavior without consent is way out of the question, especially with an inexperienced kid.

    At least Kyle isn’t displeased. Fourth panel expression and head grab translate from non spoken language to spoken language: “Oh, HELL YES”.

  • CK

    Oh yeah, definitely approving of this! 😀

  • Avengelyne

    Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh so HOT! And is it just me or does Annihilator have this “cat that got the cream with a canary in the middle” look to him in panel 2 and 3? =O.O;=

  • grinsekatze

    uuuh the man takes charge of the situation. just when i thought i couldn’t love him more!! that little wall throwing can’t hurt Kyle, he’s a hero, he knows worse. xD
    that kiss is so passionate. I really want to see the next page. like RIGHT NOW!! ^^

  • That is one helluva first kiss…I am so jealous of the energetic-up-against-the-brick-wall kissing, right now.


    •  Right? Makes most of our own first kisses seem downright dull in comparison, hah.

      •  Seriously.  My first kiss was not good.  Thank goodness I was able to move past it. 😉

  • iTVXQ

    For some reason, I feel like the song that has been stuck in my brain for the past two days is very appropriate for this page.
    YOU GOT TO PUMP IT UPGood way to start a saturday morning, that’s for sure 😀

  • Oh my… Oh oh oh my…. I usually try to think before making a comment and write something of substance… But at the moment, I can’t think. This page destroyed my thinking. Good thing summer vacation is almost here…
    Oh my… Oh oh oh my…. 

  • So what happened to kissing and nothing more? I’m preety sure coping a feel and pinning someone against a wall counts as “somthing more”. Not that I’m complaining…

    • Jen Roberts

       Well, he IS a bad guy. Like he’s going to keep his word? Especially to a hero?

    • Howdy Vincent! 

      If it’s not too much trouble, could you please shoot me an email using the Email Alex link on the top of the page? I can’t find another way to contact you and I’d like to ask you a favor concerning my upcoming printing of Artifice. 🙂



  • Myrtu

    1. °o°  That is the cutest smiley ever. I will steal it from you.
    2. Alex, why does my Firefox spell check switch into French when I come to this site? Every single time. And just for this site, too. It’s only supposed to switch on French sites, and it doesn’t even do it then!
    3. Wow, Mr. Annihilator! What happened to just a kiss? Kyle doesn’t seem to mind (anymore). I like how Kyle is all GASP, then forgets about it/doesn’t care anymore when Mr. A goes back in for the kiss. Hey, would it make me a creeper if I said Kyle has a nice butt?
    And thank you, for the lack of grunting. While these words are not… pretty, they are not ugly either.

    And totally unrelated, but somewhat serious, question for you: why did you choose to write comics, instead of writing a more ‘traditional’ story? Comics are fun, but a lot of super creative people who lack drawing skills go for written stories instead. Are you more of a visual person? And I actually don’t know if you can draw. Huh. I should ask.

    • 1. Feel free.
      2. It’s because of the kissing.
      3. IMHO, it doesn’t make you a creeper. Adam draws good tush.
      4. You’re welcome.
      5. I actually do write prose fiction every now and then (and have an idea for a novel I’ll eventually get to.) But primarily I’m a visual storyteller—when I’m coming up with a story, I “see” it clearly in my head and want to share it in that form. It’s why I started writing and directing plays as a teenager, films in my twenties and now comics.  So, yes, I’d say in terms of my storytelling, I’m definitely more of a visual person. 🙂

      • Myrtu

        2. That makes no sense. I’ll take it.
        3. Oh yes, he does.
        5. Oh, I see! That’s interesting. Do you ever put up your prose fiction to read, or just webcomics? (I admit, prose fiction doesn’t get as big an audience as webcomics on the internet.) Well, I’m glad you’re a visual storytelled. I do enjoy your webcomics~

        Oh, and this comic reminded me of a movie I watched a few months ago. En Forelskelse, a short Danish film. It’s got a (brief) romance between a teenage boy and a 40-something year old man. It sounds weird to a lot of people, but I really did like this movie, and the way the “romance” was handled, and the actual message of the movie. I really recommend it, if you’d like to watch it.
        It was only a few months ago, so I’m sure it’s still up online. The subs were done by a fan of the movie, so not the best. I was reminded of this movie while reading the comments on this page. yay!

  • Up against the wall just yesssssss, I looooove this update! :DDDDDD

  • Shasarazade

    Oh, my goodness…I don’t mind at all that Annihilator suddenly got aggressive. His initial slow approach was what made Kyle calm and really taste his kiss. So when he gets rough, groping him unexpectedly and thrusting him against the wall, Kyle’s still craving the kiss when he leans back on.

    I love the attention to detail. I couldn’t help but notice that Annihilator doesn’t just grab Kyle’s butt. When he thrusts him against the wall in panel 3 he’s between Kyle’s legs. It takes bumping-n-grinding to another level, huh? And to see Kyle grab him and pull him in tighter for the kiss, despite the roughness…wow, it just makes the page so much hotter.

    Excellent work, and I can’t wait until next week!!

  • krissdevalnor

    so hot! damn… I missed the last page, so I read the entire kssing scene in one go O.O I can’t wait to see what will happen between these two afterwards. Will they juts part and then that’s it or will they bpth end up as villains?

  • Oh wow! This is a wow words failed…

    *goes for a quiet lie-down in a darkened room*

    *pulls self together*

    I think Kyle’s first kiss is the type of kiss we all wish we had! I don’t think Anni will have any problem believing that Kyle is really into it. 

  • speaksenglish705

    I think you would get far more donations if you reduced it back to $250.  It’s discouraging when it gets set so high.  

    • KBatty

       As nice as it would be to put it back down to $250, Alex already produces these pages at a deficit. With Artifice he only had to pay Winona, but this time around he’s got both Adam on illustration and Veronica on colour, which is subsequently more expensive.

  • Unnnffffff that was hot. Very very hot. 😀 I WANT TO SEE MORE.

  • I was just thinking of the possibility of someone catching them in the act and now this is in my head:

    “I saw Kylie kissing Silver Fox
    In a darkened alleyway that night….”

  • Jen Roberts

    “Wolfy McWolfishface”
    I can’t help being worried for Kyle. I don’t think this’ll end well (but I’m a worrywart).

    •  Yeah, but while he IS a totally inexperienced virgin, he’s not an idiot, nor completely helpless. If things go too far he can run; he’s given up his part of the deal already 😛

  • Tristan MacAvery

    Offhand, I think someone likes it… ^_^

  • cloudleo22

    hmm its a great page today xD but the open eye in panel four is a bit awkward lol

  • YangYueLan

    Super Booty Grab!!!!

  • Sepherr

    Aaah so amazing!! I’m not surprised that the donations have increased with this steamy action! Only thing bugging me is how their heads keep flicking sides, but I guess we gotta see both of their expressions. And wow what amazing expressions they are, and I didn’t know Kyle had such muscular arms!

    • Yes. Even though he doesn’t have a 3% bodyfat, gym body, Kyle is physically strong. (In the script, I asked for a late teens “farmboy” build.) I love what Adam did with that in the last panel. 😀

  • Dex X.


  • lolcat baka


  • Yukiness

    I knew Annihilator was a muffin man! I know a fellow muffin man when I see one. I can’t blame him; Kyle has some cute muffins.

    I do enjoy the sudden burst of passion and I find it very realistic. He had to let Kyle know that he wasn’t going to harm him in any way before really letting out the big guns, so to speak. Well that, and you can never go wrong with some leg vicing.
    Kyle’s wrist in the last panel, despite it’s wonkyness, doesn’t bother me at all. Out of all the joints in the human body, the wrist is the hardest to nail down. It is very endearing to see a master artist make a booboo now and again.

    Awesome page Alex, Adam, and Veronica. Cannot wait to see what you dish out next.

  • Haha! Wolfy McWolfishface!  I think cunning Wolfy is going to manipulate his way into naive Kyles pants.  I can picture Kyle thinking something like “He’s so bad, but it feels so good…”

  • Remember how Annihilator told Kyle that he had to kiss him and the conditions of that kiss were to make it a deep passionate kiss that he had make believable?

    Mission accomplished!! Level up bonus acquired!

    This is going to be so so so worth the drama, because frankly, Kyle can’t help himself(his hand is on the back of silver fox’s head; big CLUE)…nor can Annihilator from “handling” the goods. (Come on, we all saw that pun coming.)

    For some reason, that last panel just makes me wanna find someone wearing Polo Blue and sniff them. I bet that man smells REALLY good. *wipes drool from her face*

    Awesome page! 🙂 Time, fast forward to next week!!!

    • Thank you, KittyMayhem!

      (And you’re right, The Annihilator smells fantastic. He wouldn’t have it any other way.)

      • A good smelling man, villian or not, is worth the time to stop and inhale that scented goodness. 

        And bravo to you and your addressing the many comments that come about. 🙂 You make many good points, and the fact of the matter is that this is “fiction”. I wish people would remember that and see that no one is trying to promote anything in particular. It’s supposed to be entertainment…and good grace, this is MUCH better than watching reality television. ^-^

        Cheers my good man and much love to you and your companions in this entertaining crime. I hope to see much more and I hope to comment frequently…and when I get some mula, donate. 😀

        • Thank you for the love and the props re: my responses, KittyMayhem. It’s much appreciated. 🙂

  • cozcoz

    Here’s hoping it’ll get less creepy from here on in.

  • God this is Great!
    They make a really nice couple!!!!

  • Oh my! <3

  • Theory for next week:
    My idea is that The Annihilator has liked Kyle from before but was not sure on how to approach him because he was gay, but when seeing him at the gay bar he saw this is as his chance to get with him and used the evil idea of blackmail to get what he wants from him like a kiss.

    What i believe is going to happen next week is that the Annihilator will slip something in his mouth knocking him out, take him away somewhere, and then they both have some WILD HOT SEX, which i am really hoping for!!!!!!!!!

  • Do y’all see him smiling in the second and third panel smiling with so much evil or evily

  • makes u wonder whats his thinking? 😮

  • Fabiana Nonato

    Oh, god… my ovaries… just exploded… made my day. I’m going back to my bed. 

  • VanQuinn

    This is exactly what I wanted today, thank you.

    Just a theory, but I think Mr. Wolf will leave Kyle hanging. Kyle said he wanted nothing more than a kiss, but I think we all know now that him saying that was just to deflect responsibility. If Mr. Wolf stops short now that he’s crossed the first boundary, I think we’ll see Kyle bite his words. I’m pretty sure Kyle just wants the Annihilator to be the bad guy as an excuse to do the unthinkable, and Anni is partly playing along and partly teaching Kyle a lesson.

    • You’re very welcome, VanQuinn. Glad you liked it! 🙂

  • Annihilator, your plan better be to JUST ruffle those young closeted feathers and leave when Kyle’s all hot and bothered, or this is gonna get real squicky for some of us real fast. 😛

    •  Glad I’m not the only one. Guess for me since I’m closer to the Annihilator’s age him messing around with someone that young isn’t something I’m comfortable with.

    • ironbanana

      not for all of us though. certainly not for me when *I* was 17!!

  • speaksenglish705

    I think you would receive more donations if you lowered the amount per bonus page back to $250.  It is discouraging that it is set so high.  

    •  I assumed he raised it because with Artifice we had a bonus page every week which was awesome for us, but forced the people making the comic to work twice as fast as they planned to.

      •  IIRC, Alex’s comics are already complete (as in all the work from the artists is in hand) before he starts posting.  This comic has two artists to pay instead of just one; much higher costs, and therefore a higher bonus bar.  It’s set to about a break-even (or a little less) per page. 

    • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

       The Young Protectors is more expensive per page to make, if I remember correctly. The cost of the bonus page is higher because of that.

    • xLizardx

      I asked about this before, and Alex explained that it cost more because there are twice as many artists working on it (for Artifice, the lineart and colouring were done by the same person – for YP it’s two different people).

  • QuantumKid

    THIS IS SO AMAZING!! Thank you! <3

  • slash_addict

    wow, damn, that is fantastically  hot.

  • I disagree; even though he kind of slammed him into a wall, I’m pretty sure that superheroes and villains can withstand that kind of pain a bit more than the rest of us, being super and having to deal with fighting each other on a regular basis and all. Also, Annihilator went right back to being gentle. Yes, he was forceful at first, but, hey, if they’re both (more than) okay with it, and we’re all (more than) okay with it. why not?

  • OrangeNarcolepsy

    I dunno if anyone’s thought of this yet, BUT I suspect this might be what happened prior to this: 

    Mr. SilverWolf was feelin kinda lonely – as someone mentioned before, it’d be difficult for a super villain/superhero to fall in love with a normal human because of all the complications involved. I assume that he may not be too keen on anyone else in his super villain league, SO he went out for an evil stroll to the gay bar. While on this evil stroll, he sees a red head ( they tend to stand out in crowds ), figured he was a cutie to have some fun with, followed him, and then saw kyle do his victory fire hands. Mr. Parkour realizes that kyle is one of the do-gooders and figures it’s his lucky day~! Then he goes in to foolin around with him like the dastardly sexy man he is.

    in short – kyle, if you’d kept your fire where it belongs, then you wouldnt have the stress of trying to keep this man’s mouth shut. . . with your own mouth. I doubt Mr.Handsome knew your identity beforehand. You coulda just been like “AH! creepy old man!!” and then ran. but no. you didnt.

    not that i’m complaining. I love a good super snog just as much as the next person 😀

  • ironbanana

    ok you can just keep this going for 5 more pages. We’ll wait. 

  • Whoa… wow…. that just surprised both of us…. 

  • schmzowow

    NOBODY FLICKS MY BUTT WITHOUT MY CONSENT… kyle yells as he goes all firebender on Anni

    • I don’t think he “flicked” Kyle’s butt, it looks like he grabbed Kyle by the butt to hoist Kyle’s legs around his waist.  That way Annihilator doesn’t have to bend down to kiss Kyle.  😀

      • schmzowow

        … that was an adventure time quote

  • SigmundReimann

    And that is, most certainly, the kiss of a pervert. Once again, I have been caught off guard…

  • Bailey Carswell

    Hmm… Anni is quickly approaching critical pedo levels. It may look like Kyle’s actually into it at first, but notice he’s kinda got pissed off eyebrow scrunching after Annihilator breaks the deal and it’s no longer ‘nothing more’ than a deep, passionate kiss- especially panel 4 where you can see he’s got total ragerage eyes. I get the feeling the head grab is just like “Okay I’m being passionate can I go home.” But I mean, come on Kyle, what were you expecting… He’s the villain. He lies.

    • Shinashi

      Pedo? Are you sure you mean pedo, because they’re already kissing… It’s been pedo.

      And if you do mean pedo as I think you do, why do you think so?

      • KBatty

         Can I just point out that this is Ephebophilia and not Pedophilia? kthnx

    • hey, show me where it says kyles age. if you cant [MODERATED DUE TO COMMENT POLICY], if you can, search shotacon on a yaoi site and see some real pedos. eather way, imma trololololol.

      • It’s OK to disagree here, but I have a strict comment policy (please see the FAQ). I’m sure you didn’t mean any harm, but when you respond to other commenters, please use a respectful tone. Thanks! 🙂

        • d’aaw. im sorry….marcie typed that (multy-personality disorder…)

  • Chaucer59

    Approaching? I’d say the old guy passed the Pervy Old Troll line back when he leered while promising not to tell. Ick. I’m fifty-three, and this guy gives ME the creeps.

    • dfrjkhgd oidokjfvlkd

      If you dont like, then don’t read, dude. Simple as that. c;

      •  You can like a story and not care for a particular character.  It’s a sign of great writing. 

        • This is very much true. Thank you for making that point. 🙂

          So far, folks have been pretty respectful on here of other people’s views, but just in case there is any doubt: I find it perfectly OK for folks to express discomfort with what this supervillain or any of my other characters are doing and this comment section is a welcoming place for ALL respectfully stated viewpoints. It’s OK to disagree with one another but if the comments get disrespectful or approaching a personal attack on another commenter, I will use my powers as moderator to remedy the situation as I see fit.

          So… disagree if you’d like. Support my writing choices if you’d like (that’s always nice. 🙂 ) But if you choose to do so, please be sure you do it in a respectful manner that keeps our welcoming tone here. 

          • Chaucer59

            Yeah. What Jennifer said. The guy’s supposed to be a villain. Aren’t I supposed to dislike the villain?

          • Fine by me. 🙂

  • Shinashi

    Sweet heavens, this is quite attractive. Even though Annihilator broke the deal, Kyle’s not punching him in the face or even pushing him away or looking angry (at least not to me). Just enough non-consensual happenings to get the gears rolling, and make me question my own likes and dislikes, yes. Let’s see… 

  • Instant brain melt. I love this page. I love these guys. And I definitely love Anni. Also, the age difference doesn’t bother me one bit like some readers here. On the contrary, it made me fall in love with this comic.

  • a le

    Did anyone else notice that shadow in the 5th panel? Is someone peeping in (besides us) on this super steamy scene? Will Kyle ever learn how to make the perfect Mille-fueille?? Tune in next time for another episode of The Young Protectors!

    • no you’re not the only one, in the last panel it also looks like their scratching their head trying to figure out what is going on. Either that is a story detail or just something the colorer did by mistake…

    • thats me, watching like a fangirl and then cheering.^^

  • psiquest

    So… my guess is that in 3-4 pages, we’ll get to see what kind of “gadgets” Annihilator keeps in that utility belt. Either that or a massive explosion. Or a squad of ninja zombie kittens.

    • SPOILER ALERT: It’s ninja zombie kittens.

      • Becky



  • DoktorNauk

    I just realized it appears that Kyle’s legs are around our silver fox’s waist. Unf!!!!

  • DayiaKnyte

    I already know that I am going to get a lot of flack from this.But, I am going to have to pass on this one.Yes, I am one of those few that are uncomfortable with the age difference, simply because hetro or homo – there are laws about underage sex (regardless of the fact that many states have age of consent being 16) where the “child” is under 18 and there is more then a four year age gap.That, and right now in our political climate were the Fundamentalists paint gays as child molesting predators with an agenda … I don’t see this doing anymore then encouraging the stereotype.

    I’d feel the same way if it were 40 something man pursuing a 16-year-old female cheerleader in the 10th grade.

    • Shinashi

      It’s unfortunate you feel that way. 

    • I’ve known 16 year old cheerleaders who pursued 40-something guys, and got exactly what they wanted. You’re saying this like there aren’t any cases of underage girls wanting it.

      The Fundies are wrong, people with a brain know they’re wrong, and as far as I’m concerned, they can kiss my trunk (yeah I’m watching my language, you’re welcome).

    • Howdy DayiaKnyte,

      I hear you. And while I will regret not having your positive presence here if you choose to pass on reading this, I know that my comics aren’t for everyone and that just because readers like some of my work, doesn’t mean that they’ll like all of my comics. If you’re not comfortable reading this story, I can totally respect that. 

      (And I expect all the other commenters here to do so as well. Respectful disagreement with another commenter is, of course, fine. “Flack” or anything like it will not be tolerated. This hasn’t been a problem so far, but just making that clear. 🙂 )

      It’s, of course, an interesting question whether showing a romantic interaction between a 17-year old gay guy and a much older man does nothing more than “encourage stereotypes”.  It’s something I actually thought about quite a bit.

      I know that in writing this scene my own internalized homophobia came up and I had to ask myself if what I was doing was supporting hateful stereotypes. And here’s what I came up with: We see depictions of straight teen romance all the time. A fully adult woman hitting on an older teen is certainly considered acceptable fodder for fantasy in our culture even, sometimes especially, when she is in a position of power. (Heck, Dawson’s Creek’s 10th Grader Pacey J. Witter lost his virginity to his 36-year-old English teacher in 1998 on Prime Time TV!)

      I grew up at a time when there was a lot of Anita Bryant-style “gay men are predators” hate speech. It almost prevented me from writing this scene, even though what happens here sets up some essential (and hopefully interesting) plot developments later (and riffs off of something from a mainstream superhero comic I loved as a kid that featured another hetero adult/teen relationship.) But then I asked myself—if the scene were between a young man and an older woman would I give it a second thought? Would I have such trepidation for writing it? For me, the answer was no. It was the same-sex element that was making it feel especially provocative to me. It was this baggage. And I decided that was not the right thing to inform my judgment.

      You may of course draw a different conclusion. I hear that from your perspective that such a scene still would be unpalatable even if Kyle were a 17-year old girl (or I assume if this scene took place between a 17-year-old boy and a super-powerful, adult woman). But in terms of “encouraging stereotypes”, my own opinion is that self-censorship in an attempt to present a stereotype-free image is a losing game—be that in forbidding drag-queens from participating in pride parades or in not showing a provocative older-younger relationship in a comic. While it is important to me that the tone and content of my work does not present people as mere stereotypes, crazy haters will always find reasons to hate regardless of how reasonable anyone is. (Just look at those still clinging to “birther” arguments despite the now very public documentation of Obama’s birth certificate.) In the end, I don’t think prejudice is overcome through “good behavior” on our parts. I think it is overcome by living openly with integrity and by being ourselves.

      And in this case, for me, that means writing a story that has a provocative scene with two guys I wouldn’t give a second thought about if it were a hetero interaction. 🙂

      Thank you again for your thoughtful comment. I do hope to see you here again. And if you choose not to, then in the comments section of one of my future comics.

      • Ah, I was wondering how much classic Teen Titans influenced this comic. Is the hetero relationship you mentioned from childhood Slade/Deathstroke and Terra? She was 17 or even younger and clearly had a sexual relationship with the grey haired villain. 

        Evidence, for non-comic fans: 
        Terra as Teen Titan:
        Terra with an open robe:
        Terra saying that she and Slade were lovers: 

        I mean, a lot of comic fans DO find that interaction creepy, but I think it was supposed to say something about the characters and their motivations in the comic as well. (And it was the 80s… with that in mind, though, the 2000s Teen Titans Go cartoon version of Terra, even younger looking/more vulnerable was FAR, far creepier…)

        I personally don’t have QUITE the same feeling about Kyle. Anni is playing on his insecurity with his sexuality (which is dubious consent at best) but as we saw from Kyle’s powers, he physically can take care of himself. There IS a power-play worry here, but I think it will work itself out as the story continues. Either Kyle liked it or he didn’t. If he feels violated, then that’s a different story. Personal perception has a lot to do with it. I’d say, from body language, Kyle isn’t going to lose sleep over the consent/manipulation itself and more about the implications… especially given that Anni is, well, evil. 😉 

        Love the comic, Alex! Hope to see how the YP team dynamic plays into this, though– as much as I love the hot kissing, I’m itching for super hero plot!

        • Yes. The Judas Contract. Terra was actually fifteen… And I agree with you—it was definitely meant to say something about the motivations of the characters in that book. Something I liked about that story. 🙂

          I’m delighted to hear you’re enjoying the comic! And not to worry, there will be plenty of super-hero plot ahead, especially in the later chapters. 😀

      • DayiaKnyte

        Thank you for your response. I think my biggest problem, is not whether YOU are feeding into the Homosexual stereo types … but rather this:The Fundies, no matter what we may want them to kiss, are still able to pass laws and block bills that allow gays their Civil rights. They are using everthing from the Bible to we are perverts. Until such time that I have my Civil rights … I just hate seeing anything that seems to blatonly confirm there fears of our “agenda”. Based on how things have gone down here in Denver CO, I can see these idiots using your comic as proof to continue there stance on preventing me my rights. Not your intention at all … but they would so use it.Perfect example, your site is blocked from my job. Reason?Not because it is a comic site nor due to mature themes. Nope, your blocked because this is concidered a pornographic site. I read that I thought … REALLY!?!

        But this comes from the same society that says at 18 your can Star in porn and we will pay to film and photograph you. BUT … you can’t buy it till your 21. Or I can be arrested for soliciting a prostitute (and they for prostitution) if I pay someone to have sex. BUT … I can pay person A and Person B to have sex (as long as they are  18) … film it … have them sign off on it … and sell it on the internet, that’s legal and fine.

        It makes NO sense … but there it is.So, while I say knock yourself out and have fun … I still have to worry how the Idiots who STILL MAKE THE LAWS are going to view things like this when casting judgment/laws.

        • Yep, I think I got your meaning from your original post and was trying my best to address it. Let me just say that I’m very sympathetic to where you are coming from—and, in fact, there was a time in my life where I would have agreed with you.

          But now, my thoughts on this have changed. Now, I don’t think that the way to make changes in society and in the law is by presenting a squeaky clean image until we finally get the rights we deserve. I think the way to effect change in this area is to demand to be treated as equals and to accept nothing less. And modifying our behavior out of a fear it might “confirm fears” of some kind of “agenda” from “idiots” only makes those haters stronger and more confident in the exercise of their power, IMHO.

          For example, a smart person could certainly make an argument that DC and Marvel shouldn’t have shown images of gay characters in their comics because the One Million Moms used those images to launch a press release about how such characters might recruit children into the homosexual lifestyle. It gave that hate group “ammunition” and yet again brought up the issue of children somehow being seduced into the “homosexual lifestyle” into public discussion.

          But in the end, I don’t think that DC and Marvel have done the wrong thing here. I think, in the end, it helps us more to have these issues openly discussed and exposed to sunlight than to try to hope nobody brings it up. People and corporations (like JC Penny) are, IMHO, listening to groups like the One Million Moms less and less because when their ideas are given voice, they sound ridiculous and hateful to reasonable people. And it would be my belief that they would suffer a similar fate if they chose to cite one scene they saw in a webcomic online as “proof” of anything. 

          But regardless of whether I’m right about that, I do think that if we choose to wait until the “idiots” no longer have any political power before speaking up and demanding equal treatment—yes, even equal treatment in terms of what kinds of stories we’re allowed to tell about our own lives—there will never come a time when those “idiots” don’t have such political power.

          Rights aren’t things you can ask the majority nicely for and hope to receive. Rights are what no human being should ever be denied. Yes, we need to fight those who choose to exercise their power to try to deny the inalienable rights of others. But I do not believe it helps us to preemptively deny those rights to ourselves in the hopes of not stirring up a hornet’s nest. Haters will find things to justify their views in the most innocent of activities—the way to ensure equal treatment is by following our own consciences, not theirs.

          My beliefs, anyway. 🙂

        • Roseland

          The problem is, that no matter what we do, the Fundies are still going to push those laws. It’s not our behavior, it’s our very existence that threatens them. There is no way for us to be accepted as “good queers”. They fight the very existence of queer people.

          The fundies are bullies. Fighting back, imho, involves living our lives fully, and demanding and claiming rights to the same liberties – and the same relationships – as hetero folks.

          The question about the scenario of the Young Protectors should be, do *you* personally view it as morally problematic (due to age difference, dubious consent, whatever), not what other people will think. 

          Just my 2c.

    • TwoWayStar

       Well actually I think it’d be more fair to say a 40 something WOMAN pursuing a 16 year old female cheerleader in the 10th grade.

      Then again I’m on the “It’s fiction I don’t care” side so maybe I’m being unfair lawlz.

  • dfrjkhgd oidokjfvlkd

    Screw everyone getting all uppity about the age difference. 1) It is a comic. 2) He only has a short way to go til he’s legal… and 3) It is nice to see that there is a couple that isn’t a generic pretty boy same age comic! I am loving it and I support this fully 110 %!

  • i really love this…..*spams yaoi hating friends with this* any way, awesome comic, and i wish i could donate but at my age, im broke^^

  • Legal is 18 in most places. Even 17 is an age of consent in most places. Heck, in some states, 14 is the age of consent to get MARRIED, with parental permission. Age is a number when attraction is concerned. As long as Kyle has no objections, it’s copacetic. It’s not like he doesn’t have the strength and will to throw the Wolfman off him. Hell, all he has to do is get his hands inside those clothes and start scorching. Fried weiner, anyone?

  • Ryn

    Yaaawhoooo! *snaps photos* 😀

    on the apparent age issue. i honestly don’t care. put aside the modern would views for just a click. 🙂

    medieval time had girls as young as twelve getting married and raising kids. victorian women were generally married by 13-14. they had adult responsibilities and mind sets. they weren’t running around playing they were working along side their mothers(or fathers if boy, but they generally didn’t get married until later in life because they were working and establishing themselves in society.) physical age isn’t everything, my sister is twenty and mentally she still seems about 13. 
    granted in places like India women as young as 12 are still getting married, but they are raised in a different environment and are mentally prepared for it. could today’s brat handle the same? pphhht, yeah right! its the modern world’s perception that has changed. hell in japan(but not all of it) the age of consent is thirteen.

    my point is; if the younger partner is mature enough(and has gone through puberty) and is willing, and the elder partner genuinely cares and not using them. then i see no issue.

    now everybody relax and enjoy the pretty men.

    p.s. the first real crush i had was on an actor that was 47 and was playing a character in his late 60s ; i was 12. and I still think the man is sexy. ;D

    p.p.s it’s Liam Neeson

    • Corey C

      Well EVERYONE thinks Liam Neeson is sexy, regardless of age.

      • Becky

        Shhhh, let them think their Old Man Crush is special… lol.

        • Damn. I remember when Liam Neeson was the new kid on the acting block…

          • Liam Neeson would be welcome in my house, or any other horizontal flat surface in said house.  As would Misha Collins, point of fact.  Also, admittedly, I was the teenager who totally wanted to cuddle Sean Connery.  Man is HOT.  I don’t even care that he’s old enough to be my….well, both my father and my grandfather!

      • Mokitty

        *meekly raises hand*  …I don’t… I mean, he just doesn’t do it for me…

        I think my first crush on an actor was Misha Collins, who plays Castiel on Supernatural. And, well, he’s not exactly OLD, but he’s definitely… older… and most of my actor crushes are on older men just because pretty much everyone is older than me. *sigh* Gotta love ’em, though…

  • I say: HOORAY. 😀

  • nebi_lan

    Hohoho~ this is unexpected but pretty well accepted, thank you <3 ~

  • Midwestmutt

    Just noticed that TYP now has its own voting link to top web comics.

    • Yep. Thanks to all who kept reminding me to get on that. 🙂

  • does this read right to left or left to right?

    • Laurenihilation

      Left to right.

      •  Although i see why someone would ask; i just tried looking at the panels the other way, and muchas smooches makes sense in either direction.  Heh.

  • leigh.bogle3234

    I’ve always had a hero + villain fantasy so I’m loving this comic so far. I was a little surprised by the age gap, but if these two are going to be a couple, I’m just really excited to see how that develops. I think the biggest issue would be the vast difference in their idea of justice, rather than their ages.

  • Wow… Jeez. That guy turns into more and more of a dirty, old creeper with every page. (So not fooled by the previous page.)

  • fujoshifanatic

    Oh I am so liking this! Anni’s face in panels two and three; he is evily awesome! And I love how we see Kyle’s thoughts going from “What the-” in panel four to “This shouldn’t be happening! I shouldn’t be liking this!” in panel five to “Aw fuck it! This feels too good!” in panel six. The subtlety with which those emotions are drawn are truly wonderful!

    I am officially jealous of Kyle; my first kiss happened at that age, and it really sucked compared to this! The dude was truly a creeper (he totally planted on on me by surprise with no warning), and I ended up kicking him in the nads to get him off of me! It still pains me to have to count that as my first kiss, but I more than made up for it with subsequent partners. ;-P

    As for the age difference debate that has been going on here, I think it’s all a matter of perception and each individual’s bias towards the subject. I can see to an extent why some people might be uncomfortable with the concept of Anni and Kyle’s age difference in respect to the possible power/authority disparity that it might represent in many real-life situations. I myself might feel a little squicky if Kyle were portrayed as a tiny, frail, young-looking little 17-year-old child instead of a big, strapping farm boy that I guessed was 20-something before his age was revealed. But I think your response to DaiyaKnyte’s comment was spot on and sums up how I feel about the issue Alex, so rock on with this story. 🙂

    Heck, no one seems to have a problem with the fact that in Artifice, Deacon’s actual chronological age was three to Jeff’s 19, so why all the hoopla? It really is all about perception. If neither of their ages were revealed, or Anni’s age were something outlandish (like 2,500 or something because he is immortal), I believe there would be less of a fuss here. This is a fantasy for heaven’s sake! Just sit back and enjoy the sexy ride. 🙂

    • VanQuinn

      I was wondering about Deacon’s age and how that factored. He said repeatedly that he was emotionally undeveloped. In my own writing, I have a genetically engineered soldier that’s ten but is physically over twenty. So I wondered if anyone would find it dubious that this physically developed but emotionally undeveloped guy fell in love with someone.

      • ErykaSoleil

        Are you asking if anybody found it dubious with Deacon, or if anybody would find it dubious with your genetically engineered character?

        • VanQuinn

           Both. I mean, there isn’t much of a difference.

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

            Having actually roleplayed a character fitting that description who actually did fall in love with someone about Jeff’s age, yeah it does leave niggling thoughts in the back of my head.

            First, it’s kind of hard to define age-appropriate for a character who is so young mentally in some ways, but mentally ancient in others.

            A further difficulty is the disparate mental ages. How much does a twenty year old really have in common with a ten year old?

            More importantly, if they weren’t raised by a loving family, but essentially by a government or corporation that taught them very little aside from how to kill, are they really capable of comprehending love?

            Arguably, their first experience of love would be rather like imprinting. This means there’s a possibility of the relationship having an unrecognized parent/child dynamic going on. The mental ten year old probably isn’t capable of comprehending that dynamic if he’s been intentionally emotionally stunted by his creators. There’s a real chance that the more experienced partner won’t understand the ramifications of the mental ten year old’s lack of experience in attachment.

            Honestly, my character never made that leap of logic. He never really saw the problems with the relationship he was forming, he had no yardstick to measure it against. Luckily for my particular character, it worked out okay.

    • Thank you, fujoshifanatic! I’m glad that you’ve been enjoying the comic—and my responses here in the comments. Again, you’ve given another thoughtful play-by-play of this page. 🙂

      And it’s funny you bring up the 2,500 years old immortal. A friend of mine believes the same thing, bringing up how the relationship between 17-year-old mortal Bella and centuries old Edward seems to be far less of a big deal than what’s going between these two super-powerful guys here, mere decades apart. It’s certainly an interesting thing to think about.

  • Tai

    uuuh a wild one 😛 You see this is the reason why i like older guys they just KNOW what to do… and god this is just soo sexy… you see if someone would do that to me i would rape them in that instand! BUT OH WELL! 

    For some reason i feel like the next page is gonne be with a bit less action D: 
    oh come on he is an older guy they alway pull the best tricks the last minute! 😀 cant wait for the next page keep it up guys!

    • gmatt1

       someones in the mood 😉

  • Gaz Hawkins

    what will people say? I say kiss hard, fuck harder 🙂
    I mean, 18 pages in and no skin (god I hope they are both sexy, hairy fuckers)  HEHEHE, you should set a comic in a all male nudist resort or on a planet where clothes are outlawed or something

  • Feverfew_M

    These two are so hot together! Love the gentle start on the last page and how they are both getting really into it.
    I don’t think Anni is creepy, at all. They’re just getting carried away, and Kyle obviously likes it as much as Anni. And Kyle is very much a young man, not a child. Gosh, I love how strong he looks in the last panel! I hope there will be a larger panel, where we can see Kyle’s legs around Anni’s waist. Mmh! 🙂

    •  We are veering dangerously close to bara here, aren’t we.  ;D

      • Feverfew_M

        And that certainly isn’t a bad thing! 😀

      • ironbanana

        o god hopefully

  • Leigh Nelson

    I knew the grunting comment on the last page was made with reason. Yummy ^_^ Noisy boys are just yummy!

  • Kyle’s not even doing it anymore in the hopes that Anni won’t out him.
    He’s doing it because he likes BOIIIS
    Just look at his morals being replaced with rersponsive carnal lust.

    This makes me feel even more correct.

    I hooked up with an older guy last week.  I know just what Kyle’s going through
    “sweet jesus, this man knows how to gnash teeth!”
    excellent fanservice with the ass-grabbing.  Sexy older men know just how to make young boys feel like a virgin
    …touched for the very first time~

    on another non-musical side note, sex sells, Alex. Naturally people are gonna throw money at some steamy goodness. Take strippers, for example ;D
    but seriously, good for you -^.^-

  • I think everyone else got to the consent-age debate and just basic “uh, hot!” before me, so I’ll just add that I love the comic “bam” symbols/coloring when Annihilator grabs Kyle’s ass and slams him against the wall. Made me smile and think it adds some classic camp/superhero feel to this scene. 

  • This is too hot for my young, innocent eyes.

    EDIT: Also, DAT ASS.

  • Becky

    If this were real life, I would heartily disapprove of the coercive and non-asky way that this is going down, but… 1) Superhero fiction ain’t real life, 2) The Annihilator is (at least partly) a villain, so who expects him to be a gentleman about it? and 3) BOYS KISSING.  So to conclude, I am glad that Kyle appears to, in fact, “like it”.  😀

    Even though I suspect that he is going to get burned–so to speak.

    • Luci2k

      Plus comic years are like dog years so he’s really well past the age of consent.

  • Superjenny

    …And it was good.

  • SteveMcSheffrey

    The bad guy isn’t hot enough to get my mind off of the fact this is non-consensual.  Hotness usually helps me get past that in fictional settings.  It also doesn’t help that I don’t know anything at all about either guy besides they like guys and one is a villain…

    • Leigh Nelson

      Well I dunno, I think at this point it really is consensual because only the first kiss was demanded, now Kyle is allowing it to continue. I have the feeling that if he said “No!” The Annihilator would stop.

      • ErykaSoleil

        Ehhhhhh . . . there’s a difference between “consensual” and “allowing it to happen”. Admittedly, Kyle could have been unwilling and then decided this was the most amazing thing ever after the kissing started; or maybe he was just pretending to put up a fight (he never actually said he -didn’t- want to kiss The Annihilator). But the blackmail element still makes me a bit uncomfortable.

    • JM

      I agree, the Annihilator looks like a creepy dude with hair that looks like it could actually be some kind of helmet, I’m not sure. Muscular, but still creepy. I’m all for the hot villains, but so far he hasn’t done anything to really make me like him or root for this to go any further.

  • Bealtaine

    Oh dear now I’m worried…couldn’t this just be a simple hero/villain tryst without any ulterior motive?

  • That was really hot. My stomach did something and my lungs did something and it was awesome. 

  • Holy carp! <3!  Still likes it, Mikey, so keep going!

    Also, in first panel: DAT ASS. :B *shot*

  • My pants feel funny.

  • coyoteconscious

    I can’t decide whether to be horrified, or think this is incredibly hot. That means y’all did an excellent job.

  • Ok, I’m convince. I can’t wait to see the next page. Keep up the good work. 😀

  • Irish Hussy

    So, Anni’s evil smirk makes me wanna punch him in the second panel. He’s too cocky for his own good. As much as I wanna smack that smug grin off his face with a 2×4, I can’t help but like him. How does that work?

    • Because Irish…he’s a sexy, controlling, manipulating supervillian…who wouldn’t want him to do bad things to someone. He holds you down and pins himself on top of you, then he starts kissing your body as he grinds against you…the sensation just paralyzes you and you can’t do anything about it….sorry tmi

      • xLizardx

        Why Bryan… sounds like you have a crush 😀 But yes, when you put it like that, he is rather crush-worthy. 

      •  WOW BRYAN! You totally have a crush on this silver fox. I think he’s pretty sexy too but you just made him ten times more sexy.

      • Irish Hussy

        Woooooooow. XD 

      •  heeeheee. I have a pretty wild mind…though I am a classically trained musician as a vocalist and the Romantic Era things I had to sing…will naturally rape you mind in seconds after understanding it.

  • I’ve finally resurrected myself from my being “ded!”  My comment?  I want to know what hair products A-team uses because Kyle looks like he’s trying to get a grip (like I know I’d want to do if a kiss was that good/good looking) and failing miserably.  Did he just use shellac?  

    Also, much like Jeff’s clothing in Artifice (long may it wave!), Kyle’s clothing simply does not do him justice.  Seeing that shirt pull tight the way it is (well done, Adam!) is rather mouth-watering.  I also am not feeling bad about appreciating Kyle’s inherent innocent sexiness because, in the last few pages, it occurred to me that if Kyle and A-team hadn’t been discussing it, no one would ever have guessed that Kyle was anything other than someone legally able to consent.  

    Waiting eagerly for Saturday, for more reasons than this, though this is one of the best ones.  PRIDE is this weekend for me!  I’m totally going 🙂

  • Feverfew_M

    Just went to have a look at Teahouse for the umpteenth time, and holy cow, Alex, the new TYP ad is HOT!!!!!!!
    Is that what we’re going to see on the next page? *drools in anticipation*

  • iTVXQ

    Oh god, the teaser pic on Teahouse. I’m going to die. I want the next paaaaage, and saturday is so far away ;___; looking forward to it!

    • I just saw this teaser, too! I’m so excited, can’t wait for the next page!!

      • AnimeBlade

        I was so hopeful it was already a page when I saw that DX
        (Haven’t been keeping up to date… so that whenever I venture back, there’s a couple pages.)

        • I just popped over to Teahouse for my Thursday jollies and saw the teaser pic for TYP. OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!! Just HOW hot is that image. And now if you’ll excuse me, I just have to pop back to the Teahouse for another look. Just to make sure.

  • Caitlyn Williams

    -giggles hysterically and evily- come on A-team just lure him in with the kissing thats right he has no idea just la-de-da kissing then BAM! throw him in your awesome supervillian car and take him to your hide out and chain him to the bed hehehehehehehe

  • Yeah, NOW what will people say?

    People: More, prs. Thank you, prs.

  • AnimeBlade

    I thought it was supposed to be A kiss… I saw nothing of ‘make-out session’. I would have been camping otherwise, lol.

  • See, I was thinking the bad guy (who’s name I cant remember) just had silver hair and was only about mid 30’s…is he older than that? Either way, I don’t really care. XD If Alex is old enough to be saving lives and putting himself in danger, he’s old enough to kiss whoever he wants.

    • Shinashi

      I’ve been thinking that as well. I’ve seen so many cartoons, comics, movies where kids are putting their lives on the line, but as soon as they chance upon a romantic relationship- OH, NO! lol

  • JM

    Hmm. I’ve been reading this since Artifice ended and have waited until now to comment. Alex, while I’m happy you started a new comic and can’t wait to see where it goes, I’m looking forward to getting more into the actual story. I know people are really into these fanservice moments, but I for one don’t feel like I know enough about these characters to care that they’re making out. Who is the Annihilator, really, and who is Kyle? I admit I haven’t fully read your blurbs on each page, so if the information is in there and I’m missing it, I feel like the details, not to mention some more dramatic tension, need to be in the story before I get all excited about two boys making out. I trust that it’s going somewhere interesting, but I hope it gets there soon. Keep it up, and I look forward to reading more.

    • leigh.bogle3234


    • I’m also looking forward to seeing where all this is going. I’m hoping (and assuming) it’s not a stereotypical BL romance story. Gotta get some substance going soon!

    • ErykaSoleil

      I agree on wanting more story and less . . . um, “action” right up front. Also nice to see other people feel the same.

    • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

       I’m struggling to connect with this story too. I’m sure in print it probably doesn’t suffer much, because this bit would go by in a flash, but with the one a week rate online, it’s too light on the character/reader attachment. I like the visuals, but I’m not really eager for a new page like I was with Artifice, probably because I just don’t really care enough about the characters.

  • Dex X.

    As usual Alex, I trust you to throw down some pages to an awesome comic. I expect this from you, because it’s you…and YOUR comic. You don’t have to do anything for us, though just being yourself is gift enough as it is. Ahaa, just felt the need to post some love since I’m feeling some negativity from the feedback (both on age and otherwise). 

    Just do your thing! 😉 

  • Laurenihilation

    Haha, I keep going to check this comic right after checking Teahouse, only to recall that this comic is updated on Saturdays… Why will the fact not stick?? XD 

    And that teasing advertisement on the side of the page. T-T TEASES, ALL OF YOU. 

    • KrisYWC

      IT IS A TEASE! I’m sure it is a bit of a spoiler for the next page. 

      • Laurenihilation

        Well I certainly hope so! >=D

    • krissdevalnor

      haha same here XD 

  • last panel is to die for, i love how they are wrapped around each other and poor Kyle is holding on for dear life as he’s snogged to death. Plus Kyle cupping the back of Anni’s head is just icing on the cake!!!!

  • geneticsgirl

    OMG I was just on Teahouse and I saw an ad for Young Protectors where Ani was kissing Kyle’s neck! Kyle had this look of ecstasy on his face…. it was awesome! I hope that is what we have to look forward to on Saturday. squeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • llbutters

    Since when has this comic been in existence and why did I only discover it today!???

    Looks like I came across this at the right moment though, wow… I love it already.
    I’ve missed you Alex!

    • llbutters

      And can I just say that I find the whole “forbidden” aspect of this budding relationship – partially due to age gap and gender issues but mostly due to the hero/villain dynamic – really, really sexy?

      Cause I just did.

  • I sincerely hope that this will not be the last of villainous bottom groping. There just isn’t enough of that in the world these days, I tell ya. It’s a dying art. ^_^

  • Is it too early to camp? XD 

  • I’m definitely digging this comic right now. So glad I found it. :3

  • Solitaire42

    I like Artifice…this one I’m finding a bit offensive.  Yes, Kyle should learn to embrace who he is…however, being coerced/blackmailed like that is not okay and not the least bit sexy.  Even with the right intentions, the actions are still forcible, making Kyle feel trapped and compelled to act.  Sorry, but sexual assault is not sexy.

    • …The Annihilator is a VILLIAN. Morals mean nothing in his world.

      • Solitaire42

        I understand that, but being excited/turned on about watching someone being forced is not okay.  This is promoting the misconception that “if I keep forcing them and they eventually yield, it’s okay and it’s sexually desirable” which fosters an environment that is permissive to sexual harassment, assault and rape.

        • leajo

          Really, we all know assault and rape are bad.  People are taking this comic WAY too seriously.  If this offends you, I think you may need to reevaluate your life. It’s a comic. Chill.

          • Pinsdrop

             I don’t think you have the authority to say whether anyone needs to reevaluate their lives quite honestly. What are you, some god-like creature that’s understood human values, issues and problems and understood everything about them? What gives YOU the right to say such a thing?
            And no, not everyone knows that assault and rape are bad, otherwise it wouldn’t happen as much as it does in real life (and yes, some people know it’s bad and still do it, but some tortured minds see it as being A-ok). You don’t represent everyone here, you don’t get to make those calls.

          • All right, folks. I’ve been keeping my eye on this thread and it’s coming dangerously close to falling outside of my comment policy.

            As I’ve said, in this comment section, it’s absolutely cool for folks to express how the events of this comic are making them feel and to talk about how they believe its themes apply to the wider world. And it’s absolutely OK for folks to disagree here so long as it’s done with a tone of respect. A good rule of thumb is to avoid “you” statements and to keep it about your own feelings.

            But statements like

            “being excited/turned on about watching someone being forced is not okay.”

            “I think you may need to reevaluate your life. It’s a comic. Chill.”

            “What are you, some god-like creature that’s understood human values, issues and problems and understood everything about them?”

            are at best very provocative and could certainly all be taken as personal attacks and character judgments.

            It’s totally cool to debate here whether it is ever acceptable to show elements of blackmail or coercion in a fictional work with romantic themes. It’s cool to express how a scene like this that involves the threat of blackmail makes you feel. It’s even cool to speculate about the impact that reading such a scene in a comic might have on the choices of real people in the real world. 

            But in this comment section, it is not OK to tell others here how you think they should feel. And when disagreeing with someone on this site, it is not OK to use anything less than a respectful tone. All of us, including myself, need to be especially careful of this when we are discussing issues that have a lot of emotional charge.

            One of the very special things about the community on this site is the respect that everyone shows to each other, even when debating these hot button issues. Let’s keep it that way, please. 🙂

          • Oh, yes, Alex, very well said.

          • leajo

            Right, well, I do see what you mean about the reevaluate your life thing.  It was meant was a joke.  Sarcasm doesn’t filter through well in comments.
            As for “everyone knows assault and rape are bad,” I was meaning that in a very broad statement.  If polled, the vast majority of US citizens would respond it’s a bad thing.  Yes, I recognise certain individuals don’t think it’s bad, and “tortured minds” aren’t in the right state of mind anyway.
            Sorry if I offended you or anyone else.

          • Pinsdrop

             It’s okay, no worries, I’m glad you took it so well actually, it’s nice seeing some understanding people on comment sections, on other sites people react so horribly to criticism, so thanks for answering that way, it’s great 🙂

        • People are fully capable of making the distinction between real life and fantasy. Enjoying something in fiction does not mean we want it to happen in real life. 

        • writerjinx

          Just as a side note, there are many communities where power play is acceptable, so long as there is consent. While actual force (as in leading to non-consenting rape) is considered amoral, being turned on by watching someone be forced into something is quite common, as is being turned on by being forced to do something yourself. It’s like many of the readers have said, this is fantasy, and there is fantasy for a reason. If the majority of us acted on every “amoral” fantasy, there would be no need for fiction.

  • Fuu Kujaku

    Woah, this is insanely sexy… I am guessing a lot of people just found this today, (teahousefc!) myself one of them and… woah… a touch of superhero based groping is what i’m all about right now!

  • No, NO NOOOOOOO it can’t stop there, that’s cruel! I WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!?!?!

    • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

       Hopefully nothing involving jackasses and honeycombs.

  • Mariana Naranjo

    I just see the banner in teahouse and woah! Why isn´t that scene in the comic? 
    And about the “moral” aspect about this whole (sexy!) kiss thing, i think that being Anni a supervillian, he probably doesn`t care at all.
    But most important, people, this is a comic! Of course raping is pretty bad, but it´s a common recurse, for example, in mangas. And that is not reallity! Besides, this never could happen cause superheroes and supervillians doesnt exist (A shame, i will became evil only to be close to The Annihilator)
    And last, Sir, congratulations for the great job! Your’s and drawer’s, this is completly awesome. (And sorry if i hurt someone eyes, mi english isn’t quite good)

    • AnyOtaku

      I just went there and saw the banner too! God it looks so hot… It will probably be in the next few pages. This may sound stupid but whoever makes the banners they are so great! I mean I became fan of artifice for the image o the banner and now seeing it with Young Protectora is.. I LOVE THIS WEBSITE COMICS!!

  • Chester

    Finally got to reading this after Aritifice. Liking it so far! You guys are doing great jobs and I can’t wait for more!

  • Gosh, I really need more of this comic. I bet our bad guy here is going to tell anyway.


    CLIFF HANGER!!!1!!!!!!

  • Just found The young Protectors today, and I really like it so far.
    While I saw others in the comments talking about how close this might be to rape or not, I think it is just hilarious.
    There was not one moment when Kyle (? not sure about the names here yet) could not just have walked away and denied everything that might or might not have been written in the press.
    But Annihilator just playing with those stupid fears and propably also the boys secret wishes is really funny.
    (And before someone calls me bad things about not understanding the situation, I just can’t remember being that insecure before I had my outing.)

    Can’t wait for the plot to start 🙂

  • hersourness

    This is what we would call ” Dubious Consent”, which is something I live off of, thank you. As there aren’t any more panels to examine, there is no way to definitively prove that boy isn’t just doing what he’s told, versus responding positively to the attention. However, as I personally think the boy is into it, both sides of the argument win as this can be considered(at least in some states/countries) as statutory rape.

    Now that my two cents have been deposited, I’d also like to say I like this comic, the idea behind it, the art style, and the dirty old man. I can’t wait for more content.

  • ThatOddGuy

    *Weeps uncontrolably* 


    *Looks at artifice*

    ….a killer robot….

    *Looks back.*

    Damn it…

    In all seriousness, I really don’t think Kyle is enjoying this… maybe last panel, but if you study his face this time around…

    My guess is that this pushes him farther into the closet…

    *Sigh* No, I don’t really believe that’ll happen…

    P.S the scenery is reminding me of ‘Tough’….oh Tough….how I miss you soo…..DX

    • heather.mclinton

       Yeah, I miss Tough too. Any word on that?

  • I have a seven hour shift on Saturday.  They are our busiest days, and I have come to hate them.  I have to close that day too, which is awful.
    But then I remember the next page is coming out that day and all I can think is “OHMYGODICANNOTWAITFORSATURDAY!!!”

  • Whoa!

    Now one of my fav day is saturday *grinning*

  • Pinsdrop

    I’m feeling the same as some other people are concerning the comic. I don’t know how many readers actually do feel the same way, clearly not a majority, but here goes.
    After reading Artifice I can’t help but feel SO, SO dissapointed. I mean, does no-one realise that this is wrong? That blackmailing someone for the sake of physical pleasure isn’t morally acceptable? Sure Kyle didn’t put up much of a fight, but having an older, clearly stronger man force you to submit isn’t hot, it’s wrong.
    Sure, it’s only a comic, but to me it’s not as respectable, it’s not something to be proud of liking, I’m I don’t like seeing people support/accept/glamorize actions which are just so wrong.

    • Sevilist

       As true as that may be you must remember that our older male is a super villian. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care about what’s morally acceptable or not. Kyle didn’t want this either, he’s doing it to save his own image. And…it’s literature. Do you put down a fighting action story the moment it hits the climax because ‘violence like this isn’t morally acceptable grumble grumble’ Furthermore, whose to say that they won’t be completely in love by the end of the comic? (The past comics here on yaoi 911 usually end exactly like that) Also, look at the last panel. Kyle clearly doesn’t care anymore or feel like he’s in any immediate danger. Or he just doesn’t care at all. Ether way he seems to be more then happy to push Anni forward. This isn’t rape any more, this is consented sex with a younger teen who may already be legal in multiple states. There are also many other things that can be pointed out here, along with the fact that you could say the same for Batman when it comes to what is morally acceptable (Beating people into unconsciousness with no legal authority or action taken beforehand, then restraining them against their will, also making a young boy do the same and teaching him how to do so. But he’s still considered a ‘superhero’ and is one of the most popular if not the most popular in our current day and age AND is sometimes considered to be more of a beacon of light then superman. Probably because it’s never freaking sunny in Gotham for more then 10 minutes but let’s stay on topic.)
      That’s just my two cents. (Oh god. Long long post…fingers…dying.)

      • dfrjkhgd oidokjfvlkd

        Well said! ~Claps.~ 8D

      • Becky

        Can I just casually point out that, at least on the pages I’m looking at, there is currently no sex being had?  Mr. Annihilator may be a villain, but he DID only require “a kiss”.  I assume that this alleyway encounter won’t be progressing past the make-out stage.  “Leave ’em wanting more”, as they say in villain school.  And author school, at that.  🙂

    • StarrySkyDancer

      Even though I do not share your opinion on his matter I guess you do have a point that this comic might not be for everyone. I personally can look at this like work of fiction in which one can enjoy some slight disturbing fantasy one m,ight have, without ever wanting it in real life. If this was a real life situation I’d totally disapprove of this (but then again he’s a supervillain so what’d you exspect ;)) but since this is a comic and I’m sure things will work out, I can enjoy this and even think this is a bit… 😉 I guess to some people it may seem a bit twisted that I can enjoy reading this when it’s a fake story but feel like it’s a bit different when it would be some real boy beiing pushed against a wall in an alley by some bulky older guy as a way of keeping his mouth shut….but then again some people might recognise this way of thinking 😉

    • Shinashi

      I don’t see how you can be in any sort of American mansex supporting environment and not know that many of the fans love this sort of situation. 

      The only reason I really like this is because they will probably like each other to some extent in the end. It’s just part of the yaoi canon. When I first encountered this, I was scared of my fellow peers, and then I realized that it almost always ended well. When it didn’t, I was quite cautious for awhile. But this, to me, is obviously going to end on a mutual note (or it already has if you see it that way, which I do).

    • YersiniaP

      I think it’s almost ironic that you are bringing up Artifice as a comparison.
      So Deacon beating Jeff up at their first meeting was ok because it was “just” violence, and Deacon threatening to torture Jeff if he didn’t stop crying was also ok because it was just emotional cruelty?

      But blackmailing someone for a smooch is morally unacceptable for you, so much that you have to whine about it?

      I agree that in real life, I’d not be to pleased with someone pulling a stunt like the Annihilator – on myself or anybody else.
      But like someone else said below, it’s a comic, and not reality.
      And while you might think it’s wrong, it IS hot for other people, in a strictly fantasy way. Not because they think blackmail is cool, but because it’s a superhero yaoi comic.

      It does not have to stick to the same moral code we do in our daily lives.

      • Solitaire42

        The difference in Artifice is that when Deacon beat up Jeff, they were adversaries.  When Deacon became curious about Jeff and stopped seeing him as an adversary, he didn’t force himself on Jeff or use his position as captor to make Jeff do what he wanted.  He approached him respectfully and let Jeff make the choice.  It could be argued that by that point Jeff may have been suffering from a sort of Stockholm’s…but it didn’t seem to be the case.  They both had normal anxieties entering into a sexual relationship with the other regarding the others’ motives, however there was no sense of coercion or exploitation the way that there is in this comic.

        • Becky

          … aren’t The Annihilator and Kyle currently adversaries as well?

    • My take on it is that Kyle actually wants Anni to hit on him, especially once Anni started doing so. It’s pretty pathetic that Kyle even bothered arguing when he went along with this ridiculous blackmail scheme anyways. As I said on another page, if you don’t want to get outed as gay you don’t go NEAR a gay bar. Kyle isn’t being forced into jack. He wants this. If anything he was arguing more with himself than the guy standing across from him.

      • leajo

        Exactly my thoughts!

      • heather.mclinton

         I’m on the “it’s just a fantasy, it’s fine” side, but this comment sits really wrong with me. I’m enjoying the story, but in real life this would be immoral and illegal and wrong, and this “but the victim secretly wants it” bullshit is victim-blamey and repulsive.

  • Ambler

    The bicep-to-panel ratio is astounding in this comic.

    • Becky

      Haha, for reals.  🙂

  • Guest

    Really love it so far… looking forward to read this 🙂

  • I like where this page is going.  A lot.  I won’t lie, I like the artwork in this much more than the artwork in Artifice…really pumped about this comic.

  • This whole situation is highly disturbing to me…

    Older man blackmales a teen-to-twenty-something kid still in the closet into making out with him, and it looks like he doesn’t want to stop there. Do not want!

  • Ah, camp, how I have longed for thee this entire week of over-work…

  • As I camp I’m going to point something out. This is firstly Yaoi, and as such I think we should keep in mind that the most COMMON plot for Yaoi goes.

    1.Mr. Seme sees Mr. Uke
    2.Stuff Happens
    3.Mr. Seme rapes Mr. Uke.
    4.More stuff happens, either denial on Mr. Seme’s part, possible blackmail, or more rape.
    5.Then quite a long time later they fall in love.

    Honestly this is pretty light comparatively.

    • Solitaire42

      I suppose my concern isn’t so much with the comic itself, but the reaction of so many that this is attractive and stimulating.
      As you point out that this is a common theme in yaoi…that’s even more disturbing.  There should be a sense of condemnation at the repugnance of “more stuff happens, either denial on Mr. Seme’s part, possible blackmail, or more rape.”  It shouldn’t be a shrug and a hey it happens and it’s just fantasy. It’s still promoting the mindset that this sort of fantasy is acceptable, which can lead to some people taking it further and thinking that the action itself is acceptable since so many people share the fantasy.  It gives that illusion to whatever degree that “it’s okay to force myself on him now because he will eventually love me in the end.” I’m sure there’s a lot of rapists out there that told themselves that about their victims.

      So I get the motive as a plot device, but it shouldn’t be a “hey, that’s really hot” plot device.  It should be a “this kid is in trouble and the bad guy really is a very bad guy for doing this to someone” device.

      A little bit of slap and tickle is sexy.  I don’t think rough is a bad thing, but it has to stem from mutual consent of both parties.  Not one exploiting the fears and coercing the victim to take what they want regardless of the other person’s feelings.  And that is what is going on here.  Which, again, is not sexy.  It’s reprehensible.  Trying to convince yourself that it’s okay because he liked it after the fact is even more so.


      • YersiniaP

        I think the main problem here is that you apparently don’t get that this is attractive and stimulating for many people, because it is a fantasy.

        We’re not going, “Oh no, that boy’s in trouble!”, because it is not real, we are not witnessing this in real life, but we are reading/seeing this in a comic.
        And to be quite frank, a lot of us would love to be in Kyle’s place at this moment.
        Not because we want to be kiss-raped or blackmailed in reality, but because it is a fantasy. In our heads.
        And quite frankly, yes, it IS a lot of fun, to entertain yourself, in your head, with things like that.

        Of course, this isn’t everybody’s cup of tea – I know and respect that. And it obviously isn’t yours. That’s fine with me, really!
        But you do not seem to grasp just why, and how, this could be sexy for other people. Please, leave us to our fantasies, and entertain yours and we can all get along happily? 🙂

      • Camping again wooooo.

        Honestly I’m just trying to be genre savvy, and I’m not saying in real life this would be good.

        But standard yaoi? How many couples do you know where they started off as rapist and rapee.

        Genre Saviness is all I’m really citing.

  • i sooooooooooooooooooooooooo want to be handled like that!!!!!!

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    Annihilator seems to be enjoying this a great deal…I keep waitiing for him to break out into maniacal laughter.

  • Well, that was one word balloon – it counts, I suppose. 🙂

    I’m liking that Kyle has decided not to back down. He giving as good as he gets, and man, that’s some awesome presents for the rest of us!!

    Love the musculature on Kyle’s arm in that last frame – reminds us that he may be a teen, and inexperienced, but he’s by no means weak or helpless. Great subtext.

  • Emiko


  • Red Dahl

    Where can I get some lip action like that!?!?!?

  • Red

    Ohhh my god! I want some!

  • Goddess Of Applesauce

    Child please. He’s so old y u do dis?

    • Curt Clark

      In Kyle’s defense, Duncan is a total silver fox. Also we didn’t know yet just how wrong this would go.

  • camolot the creator

    And then they just do it.
    Right there.
    In that dirty alleyway.

    Man, and I thought furries had it bad.