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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 17

171 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 17

And then they kissed.

Oh, and look!


Thanks to your super-generous donations, in addition to the regular Saturday update (which will be page 18), I’m posting up Page 17 early this week! WOOT! 😀

Special thanks and a warm welcome go out to new supporters Caroline O., Suzie S. & Andy B. for their generous donations over the last few days! It’s very exciting that we’ve hit our next bonus page so soon and I really appreciate your and the other donators’ awesome generosity. Thank you all so much!

OK, now! Looks like Kyle is gamely going to try to live up to The Annihilator’s ungentlemanly demands. Is this so wrong it’s right or is this just plain wrong? You make the call!

And tune in this Saturday for actual words in word balloons! Or at least grunting or something…

Hope to see you then!


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  • QuantumKid

    YES!!!! AT LAST!!! This…Is….soooooooo…….I-I  can’t take it!!!!!!!!! (Dies)

  • So wrong, it’s right!  Yum!

  • Laurenihilation

    jkohigfugifyuogytvui *NOSEBLEED*
    So wrong it’s right. SO RIGHT. 
    Worth the wait!!!


  • aahhhhh!! they kissed!!!! *squeals with joy*

    i dont think kyle is finding it a hardship at all ;P

    so hot!!! I’ll just stare at the page a little while more thanks ~_^

    cant wait to see Saturday’s page now!

  • The Annihilator may look like some old guy… but DAYUM. That last panel facial expression as me swallowing really hard and holding my breath. Hoooooooot~!

  • It’s not wrong… it’s JUST RIGHT!
    Take all my monies; I want more bonus pages and perverted kisses, woo~

    *can’t stop staring at it* …word balloons are overrated.

  • Yeah my Brain just shut down. It’s too hot, the ethics have slipped past me.

    Now if we go by typical bad yaoi plot they fall in love and have sex later. But that’s not going to happen.

    I hope.

    Well ok maybe part of me is still just like THAT WOULD BE SO HOT. Yeah my mind is now permanently in the gutter.

    • Ditzite

      Welcome! Here is your complementary gift basket! We hope you thoroughly enjoy your stay!

  • The last panel made me squeel THIS loud I bet the neighbours heard it. This page is pure WIN!!! ♥  

  • Eisheth

    What a perfect page for a bonus!

  • VanQuinn

    Oh please, please, please, PLEASE let there be grunting on the next page.

  • GRUNTING. I could live with that.

  • grinsekatze

    grunting??? I’ll be there! (I would be there either way) xD 

  • I’m sorry, Alex, did you say something?  *stares at the extremely smokin hot page again*   Very very very nice work on this page Adam and Veronica!  Damn, that guy can kiss! Hell, I can almost taste from here, lol ><;

  • Travis

    teeheehehe… I love it. I was going crazy waiting for this to actually happen! Well Played Alex, Well played

  • AnyOtaku

    Wow what an amazing page and an amazing kiss! Somehow I though that at the end there wouldn’t be a kiss, but it’s actually pretty great!

  • Ditzite

    Hehehe I was just sitting in my chair bouncing up and down chanting ‘Kissing kissing kissing kissing…..’ while I waited for the page to load and first thing outta my mouth after “YES!!!! He likes it he really likes it!’ Now I need to go apologize to the rest of the household for waking them up! XD This nevertheless has put the top on my yaoi wedding cake for the day! Maybe I need to cut back on the yaoi…. Naw!

    • Heh. Always glad to be responsible for waking up the house. 😉

  • Wow, panels 4 & 6 are just beautiful.  Breathtaking WOW.  Thanks Alex, Adam and Veronica.

    • You’re very welcome, Jay. I’m really glad you like the page! 🙂

  • Well, this certainly put a nice glimmer to writing a paper on the accreditation of hospitals for my Healthcare Legal Concepts class.

    And I congratulate you if you actually made it through the sentence without falling asleep.

    Hey, I’m all for them falling in love, but I think it would end up bad for both of them as I’m sure at some point, they’ll be on opposite sides of the battlefield. Of course, I love a little angst in my stories so I freely admit to being biased. (Take that, Anni!) Anyways, love the page. I need a job so I can donate…

  • Yay! 😀 About bloody time!

    Oh look Kyle, you’re enjoying it!

  • melinda stumpf

    finally they kiss took them long enough 

  • xLizardx

    Yaaaay! Finally! [That’s not an indictment of the build-up by the way, this wouldn’t be so satisfying without it being the culmination of all that sexual tension… not to mention innuendo on Annihilator’s part] 😀 The final panel is my favourite, where Kyle seems to be forgetting his anxieties and losing himself in the moment, and Mr. Fox’s expression almost mirrors his.

  • woo hoo!!  Oh man, I was SO waiting for this. Older guys FTW. Lucky kid, he gets to have his first kiss with someone who knows what he’s doing…and will hopefully put every bit of that knowledge to good use. >:-)

  • Once again, American citizen Summer has, for the second time with the same author, fainted from excessive nosebleeding in a pool of her own blood.  Stay tuned for updates.

    • Heh. Glad you like the update, Summer. 🙂

      • Like indeed.  I wasn’t sure how well this was going to go over….and the answer is well.  Very well.  Two pints worth of A+ well.

  • Lukka Rookswood

    I approve of this. I hope page 18 shows more tongue. 

  • Megan Quint

    This whole time I was weirded out by how pervy I thought it was, but I think after actually seeing it I’ve changed my mind…

  • Oh… Oh mai…. Oh I can forgive this page for not having any word bubbles. This is an important moment at least for the never-before-kissed Kyle and it should be treated with quiet respect….. But I’m still gonna scream like a little girl over it. 
    I don’t think this is wrong at all but if it IS wrong, I’d say it just makes it even more right. Can’t wait for the next page!

  • Eeee! Hot even if it is an innocent page!

  • Myrtu

    I hope the word ‘grunt’ is not used on the actual page on Saturday. It’s an ugly word, I don’t like it  D:< As much as the idea of grunting sounds awesome, the word is… unappealing.
    BUT HEY, THIS PAGE ISN'T. It's really cute. The age difference is unimportant. Kyle seems to like the kiss~

    • Sanbai

      Myrtu is right! I don’t want no grunts! I want me some “”UNNNGGGHHHH!” or some “AAAAAAAHHHNNNNNNNNGGGG!!” Maybe a little “MMMMMMPHH!” I demand onomatopoeias! We don’t want something so imprecise as a mere “grunt”!

      Wait, I’m not the only one who reads the entire comic out loud in front of her computer, right? >>

    • SPOILER ALERT: The word “grunt” is not used on the next page.

      • Myrtu

        Thank you Alex. Now, I can sleep in peace. (You know what? I’m not going to sleep tonight. I’ll be waiting for the next page!)

  • iTVXQ

    Oh my.

  • CK

    Oh I like! 

  • mikakitten

    YEEEE!!! Love!!! <3 This is awsome!! Love Love Love!!! I wonder what Kyle's gonna think after his first kiss :3 this is just too delicious!! Bravo!! Do you think Kyle's gonna melt Anni's heart a little? Or is he just too plain evil and going to take advantage of the situation…? Will Kyle start having feelings for Anni after this….? Perhaps he's a devilishly good kisser!! EEP! LOVING this! Can't wait until Saterday now <3


    First a short kiss, pause, then kiss again. I think Kyle is enjoying that kiss even more than Anni is. I love how Kyle goes from nervous to shocked to really into it. And panel 5 where Kyle’s hand is on Anni’s shoulder – he isn’t faking his enjoyment there! He can’t be! And Hell, just how turned on is Anni?!

    Brilliant page Alex, Adam and Veronica!

    • Thank you, Deejay! (And I love that hand in Panel 5, too. 🙂 )

  • Yukiness

    *stands up and appluades you all*

  • I’m stupid, so consider my question that. 

    But have you written a comic on these guys before? Mikakitten makes it sounds like she knows of events that makes Anni a really evil person. 

    Despite you saying he was a bad guy at the start of this story, he hasn’t come across to me as being that bad of a guy.

    That aside,

    The kiss that has been talked about for weeks happened and I was almost too embarrassed for Kyle to look. 🙂 

    My only … thing… is that in the last panel they appeared to be the same height. I’m sure we see a very good reason for that in the next post. 🙂 

    • b3nc0

       Maybe they’re flying right to cloud nine *u*

    • Nope. This is the first time I’ve written a story with these guys. And, as far as I know, the only folks who know for sure what’s going to happen in the future besides me are Adam, Veronica and my beta reader. 🙂

  • And tune in this Saturday for actual words in word balloons! Or at least grunting or something…

    Bahahaha. XDD I’m so looking forward to Saturday!!

  • FaolanSwift

    And somewhere in the shadows . . . 

    . . . someone has a camera.

  • L.O.V.E. this page.

    My favorite part is that Kyle still hasn’t upheld his side of the bargain, because Mr. Shiny very explicitly stipulated that Kyle was to kiss him. However, Kyle is definitely the one being snogged senseless.  Oh, I can’t wait for this little game to play out. >:-}

    • b3nc0

      Isn’t the 2d kiss in the 5th panel engaged by Kyle? With his hand holding more than pushing on Parkourman’s shoulder, being smaler doesn’t help showing being the snogger ¨3

    •  Didn’t Mr. Shiny change his mind about that once he found out Kyle had never kissed before? On the previous page, he told Kyle to just follow his lead and make him believe he liked it.

      •  I’d say you both have very valid points…of course, He’s The Villain, so he can work this anyway he likes…or anyway I like…I would totally go along with that. 😉 lol

  • b3nc0

    Wasn’t it supposed to be JUST /ONE/ KISS?

    I love Kyle’s shocked realization of how good Parkourman is at this kind of activity =°O

  • Shasarazade

    I love the progression of their facial expressions through each panel. Kyle looks so nervous and uncomfortable at first, and the Annihilator looks…devilish, for the lack of a better term. Then both of their features soften as they get into it. It makes it seem like to me that they both reeealy like it, and the kiss is affecting them both as opposed to just one of them. Once it ends though I can imagine that the mood will be less than pleasant, but in this moment it’s all about the kiss.

    Awesome, awesome job!

  • b3nc0

    Yeay, ete vote button!!! little dance with my mouse before clicking :°):°)

    Have I had a site, page or anything, I’d tote put a banner-link to The Young Protectors

  • Syreen

    THIS page… It’s beautiful.

  • Jen Roberts

    oh my /Takei

  • ithilloke

    HOW could this be wrong?!

  • CotinaS

    Alew,Adam, and Veronica ya’ll did a wonderful job on this page^_^.

    I love how Kyle is all terrified in the first two panel while Annihilator is really smug then by the forth,fifth,and sixth panels those feelings are replaced with surprise and longing.

    This is definitely not how Kyle imagined his first kiss but I think he’s enjoying himself^^.

    • Thank you, CotinaS! (And I like your play-by-play. 🙂 )

  • slash_addict



  • looks like 
    Annihilator is one hell of a good kisser! ^^ I love this page.

  • Phoenix_xxx

    Right! Very very right!! (Kyle thinks so too x3)

  • Erica

    last panel. Annihilator/Silver Fox finally doesn’t have a knit in his brow. Lookin kinda like they BOTH like that. >:] YESH. MWAHAHA YESH. Best Bonus page. XPP I have torn feelings of hoping that this isn’t just a one time thing. Im not sure if it’d be cliche to have Kyle super into it in the next page and then realize last minute before n e thing else can happen then be in denial about liking what just happened running away then meeting up with annihilator countless times on countless missions and have the same thing happen over and over except getting progressively worse until one day annihilator HAS to save Kyle because everyone in his ‘squad'[team… group, w.e. lol] is in a predicament and he finds a shaken up Kyle scared shitless about the situation, embracing onto Mr. Fox [this is shorter to type. xD] in fear and relief, then mr. fox, finally having kyle in the palm of his hand, takes him and kyle finally gets to properly enjoy each others bodily connections without any denial and so forth…. but…. iunno if this is cliche XDDD OR if there’ll be a whole new person who takes Kyle away but… I’m honestly rooting for the whole Annihilator-Kyle thing…
    oh and also, I keep having no time/being lazy about commenting properly about the whole age thing… there’s nothing wrong with the age gap if it’s huge. Just because Kyle is almost 18 17 whatever… it doesn’t mean he or whoever is older can’t be into one another. Like for me, I legitimately have an undying love for someone who is 38 turning 39 this year.  I’m 19 turning 20. Obviously if you do the math that’s 19 years apart. I mean he may be an actor/musician/model, but if i seriously knew who he was and had a friendship with him I would honestly pursue him. He may not pursue me… but… whtever >_> ): Reading things like this makes me feel like I’m not crazy for liking someone crazy older. I’ve like others that is significantly older too. Married men even. = I have a lil girl crush on someone who’s turning 31 this september. >_> Call me a freak if anyone wants, but fact of the matter is, love has no boundaries. It’s corny to say, but it really doesnt. If you truly love someone, small obstacles like being older, being ill, having any flawed body part[s], whatever it may be, it can be overcomed. Now, I seriously thank whoever has read this far in my comment. XD :3

    • Charlot Kristensen

      I totally agree with you 🙂

    • Hey Erica! Thank you for sharing your experience—I’m glad if reading this makes you feel like you’re not alone. You’re right—there are all kinds of healthy ways to love in this world. (And I love the fanfiction you wrote in your first paragraph. :D)

  • omg! oh_my_fu**ing_god!
     hot *__*

  • I think this was all the better for all those pages leading us up to it. I’d say the majority of readers were hunched over their computers like me just waiting for them to finally kiss. 

  • Andre Yunker

    SO HOT!!! Yes! 😀

    This great!!!  I certainly hope they in the long run, they do more than just kiss! Haha

  • It’s like the exact opposite of lolita! XD  I was so excited for this! 😀  I wonder if Kyle will fall for him now and they’ll get to be a couple~  <3

  • Hmm, yes.
    I approve of this.

    It’s amazing how just a kiss can be so hot x.x

  • Ryn

    *Insert fangirl squeal here*

    somebody’s going to be craving Annihilator kisses after this. ^^

  • right right right!

  • Gods this is great!
    Wonderful Work and Wonderful Story so far.
    Mmmm I see emotional conflict with Kyle… the other is like a bad guy and he’s a good guy… I love it!
    I hope they get together.

    • Thank you, VilleyS. I’m glad you’re enjoying the comic. 🙂

  • Your news posts always make me giggle, Alex. I will be sure to stay tuned for word balloons and/or grunting. But y’know, the grunting can be sexy too.

    • I’m glad to hear you find my notes amusing, Amber. I try. 😉

  • Midwestmutt

    Get a room, horndogs! …no really, I want them to.

  • Gaz Hawkins

    and the grope, don’t forget the grope – when guys kiss they will ALWAYS grope each other (or they better LOL)

    no, no room, do it right there, in the ally!!!
    or fly to a roof top and get naked 🙂

  • ThatOddGuy

    AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *Burns in the sunlight*

    I hope this isn’t a regular thing….X_X

    Side note: I think Silver may dye his hair….

    Main point: I don’t see this ending well…one of the Cockroach’s are going to tell…..

  • I was not into it.  I did not the thought of old man kissing.
    But…well shit, it’s so wrong it IS right.

  • Lance Gilroy


    • Howdy Lance!

      I’m not sure if this will ever get to you, but I’d like to use part of one of your comments in the upcoming printed version of Artifice. Could you please contact me using the Email Alex link at the top of this page?



  • Can’t tell what people think of this in the recent comments; there seems to be a lot of internal conflict of some kind, but /I/ definitely like it, no doubt there.

    I /am/ somewhat questioning my integrity, though. Perhaps I’d find anything acceptable if a few, hot yaoi scenes are thrown in. xD

    • Luci2k

      I think I will have more of a problem with it if it goes beyond a kiss. Anything more would be too predatory and creepy.

      • b3nc0

        I wasn’t in favor of this blackmailed kiss, but if the next step is consensual, I’d say go for it ♥

        • Agreed; if both willingly jump into a relationship (probably just casual sex at first, I’d predict), then I’m more than fine with it. Hope it won’t result to anything like rape at some point, though, like the majority of those yaoi OVA’s that I keep watching where the dominant, basically evil guy does whatever the hell he pleases.

          … I really fail at finding good yaoi video material.

  • Luci2k

    Well, I don’t know if the Annihilator believes him, but I do.

  • There’s nothing hotter than a really powerful muscle guy being gentle.  Damn that’s hot!

    • Feverfew_M

      Especially if the recipient of that gentleness is a supposed enemy!

  • ErykaSoleil

    -Sighs and shakes head.- Kyle, if you weren’t just a beautifully illustrated figment of Alex’s imagination, I would slap you so hard right now.

    Cameras. People haz dem.

    • Bianca Simone

      Hahaha Eryka I love your comments XD

  • Kyle’s a good kisser for being a total n00b… took me a lot of practice to get to that level. X)

    • Leigh Nelson

      It takes less practice when you’ve got an amazing teacher, I bet. Kyle’s so lucky ^_^ But then, so are we because we have a window into his little shame ;D

  • Finzz

    Bulge <3  There's no question there's a connection between them, it's great.  I love it so much, thanks for having your creations come to life and then sharing them with us, you're the best ^^  

    • You’re very welcome, Finzz. I’m very glad you’re enjoying it. 🙂

  • OroroNebbia

    Gosh! I was waiting for the kiss, and is just so pretty, i simply love this two with a passion, I can wait for the next page, and the next move of this two~ Awesome work~ 

  • Color me not shocked at all that most of the age gap complaints are gone now that we’ve finally gotten to the fun part.

  • Holy shit. 

    The whole age difference thing was bothering me a bit, but this just blew me away. OMG. I can’t even tell what panel is my favorite, because they’re all just incredible.

  • HermeticallySealed

    I don’t think Kyle has to pretend to be enjoying it. 

  • Avengelyne

    Ok this page wins, and I totally love Kyle’s “Oh shit this is really happening” face in panel 3.

  • gmatt1

    Is it….Is it bad that i want to join them for a three-way frenching :F

  • Hey Mikey, He likes it, he likes it!!

    Can I just say that body language speaks volumes? What villian in this world who was dead set on getting what they want would tip someone’s chin gently? No sir, a true villian who does not give a flying F*** would have grabbed that boys face, shoved his tongue down his throat and had that boy’s pants down in seconds. Nope, I think mister Annihilator has something else up his sleeve…and it could be some type of feelings…or maybe he’s luring the fly to the honey in the best way possible. Either way, this page is like a gentle transition from surprised to whoa…wow…more…please! Maybe not in that order, but…you know what I mean. 🙂 

    On that note, I’m going to eat some Life and mark this page as “awesome” and “worth the wait” cause the next page will be brilliant and a marker for crap to really hit the fan!

    *bounces* Can’t waiit~~!

    • Leigh Nelson

      That’s not totally true, villains are great with manipulation as well. Which I don’t like the idea of here, it actually gave me a really icky feeling in my tummy ): lol

  • Kyle might be new to this…reminds me of…me and what happened when I experienced my first  french kiss…after I said some thingto the effect of..just one more thing….and I had to bend hm down to my level (he was over 6′ tall and I’m 5′ 6″) and I followed his example…boy! was that sweet.

  • And, boooom, I’m having a nosebleed now. I’ll be back in a minute. 
    Kyle run for your virginity! Seriously, dude, run!

  • fujoshifanatic

    YAAAAAAS LAWD! *sung in my best Gospel voice* I love, Love, LOVE the play of emotions on Kyle’s face as the kiss plays out, from complete fear in panel two to total wanton abandon in panel six; Adam and Veronica did masterful work here!

    I can’t believe that Anni’s intentions are completely nefarious–not after the enticingly gentle way in which he seems to be easing Kyle into manhood. I think it would be awesome if Annie accidentally caught a case of the feels during his games with Kyle. Since he would most likely have to hide that fact as the villain, it would just add to their already smoking chemistry and make for some really interesting scenes between him and clueless Kyle. I can see all kinds of possibilities with this liaison, and I approve.

    Well done Alex! I’m looking forward to next Saturday, and some possible grunting, and definitely more tongue! 😛

    • Thank you, fujoshifanatic! New page up in just over 24 hours… 😉

  • In case you were wondering, yes I am still following your webcomics. 🙂 and 

    GPOIHXPOHPFOIHGPONDSNPOSIHAPOH -faints with nosebleed- I have been following your updates, and I received the update today while on my lunchbreak. My reaction: “-evil snicker and blush-” also your authors commentary made me lol. The whole grunting/slash/word bubbles comment xD 

    I really can’t wait for the next update!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! -bounce bounce bounce hop hop-

    • Hey, Thomas! Good to see you again! 🙂

      Very glad to hear I was able to give you a chuckle in the commentary and a nosebleed over lunch.

  • lolabola1

    When I read this page, I unconsciously said “TEEE, Yaaaay.” Caught myself saying it, and said, “The fuck?” all the same, i love this page.

  • The gentle doesn’t surprise me one bit and I feel certain Kyle is going to be re-thinking all this Villain Vs Hero stuff very soon. Anni seems more open, more responsive and may I even go so far as to say a better person than whom Kyle hangs out with on a regular basis. 

    If Anni had been a true “evil” character he would have destroyed Kyle right then and there at the beginning and not make snarky comments about his age and press for the kiss.  He’s not really a bad guy, he just hated society’s shackles and threw them off.

    The pure emotion on Anni’s face in the kissing panels is just… agh.  He’s clearly calm and showing a more open expression than normal.  I have a feeling though someone from the team is going to show up, knock them apart and “rescue” Kyle. 

    Oh well, it was beautiful while it lasted.

    • Leigh Nelson

      Well, we don’t really know who Kyle hangs out with yet, or what they are like. We just know that Kyle wasn’t ready to accept himself, that doesn’t mean his team is just as close-minded. However, I do agree that I expected the gentleness.

  • Razaki Arkawa

    Very passionate, you are

  • WOOOOOO!!!!! I nearly woke up my family lol.

  • SigmundReimann

    That is, in no way, the kiss of a pervert. This totally caught me off guard. So gentle.

  • Mephisto_Pheles

    Woooow, the look on Annihilator’s face. Wow. All I got to say. 

    • b3nc0

       Parkourman’s face seems all softened from panel 4 onward =^__^=

  • peanut5507

    Welp. I’m officially addicted to this comic.

  • ok, panel 5 he’s managing to look like he likes it, lol

  • “Hey Mikey! I think he likes it!” 100 points to the person who can guess what that qoute is from XD

    • b3nc0

      There are actually two answers, me thinks, I, therefore, claim 200 points ^^

      But I’ll let time for others to put answers…

    • KBatty

       Life brand cereal, circa… 1970. Hailed as one of the most famous TV advertisements of all time. 😉

  • Where did Anni’s left hand go from Kyle’s hair, I wonder. Wais…t? Hip?…
    Anyway, must say I used to not really find Anni particularly attractive, all because of these cheezy villaneous expressions he kept on pulling all the time. But now… that he finally – and suddenly – lets it drop, and begins to at least seem to be a normal person… My, I am swept.
    And – I was only now struck by the idea that maybe he doesn’t care at all for the whole hero-villain thing in regards to Kyle, that that was just a chat-up line kind of thing (which Kyle apparently does not suspect). And I’m hoping that he simply plainly likes Kyle, and that’s his way of doing things, and he’s not really that evil at all. 

  • Also – without the smirks, Anni doesn’t look half as old. Or maybe he isn’t…

  • Tai

    awwwwwwwwwww……. yea this reminded me kinda of my first kiss from a men 

  • no Kyle! don’t give in so easily! make him work for it! 

  • FFFFFF, YES.  I love these two.

  • Shinashi

    He looks so worried, then surprised, then he relaxes! 

    This is one of my best fantasies come true. *Really* Thank you. 

  • Daaaaaaaaaaang, you know how to make a potentially creepy situation just dang hot!  Whew!

  • we don;t actually know the villans age yet for all we know his powers which considering he resisted fire he has some mite have made his hair grey heck he mite be wolverine from x-men and his physical apperence is frozen at a certain age who knows but still now mater how old he is that is one hot kiss

  • Meeeeeeeps. I dunno… something about this page is so creepy. And yet so hot at the same time. I’m totally confused right now! *whimper* But more keen than I’ve ever been to see where this is going. What on earth is he planning?!?!
    Makes me wish I wasn’t so damn broke; I’d be able to donate towards a bonus page.
    Alas… one month old twins are a major drain on the purse. -_-

  • StarrySkyDancer

    I might be totally wrong, but I had the feeling it might not be so easy for the annihilator to find people to be close to like this. I mean with him being a supervillain-type-a-guy who is super strong, fast, etc. At least Kyle understands what it is to have superpowers. (At least I’m guessing that not everybody in their world has x-menesque powers) But this might just be me overthinking stuff again 😉

  • Hot wrong hot wrong hot wrong … stop confusing me, Mr. Woolfson!

  • Bealtaine

    I think …well I don’t know what I think…so much confusion!No Kyle went for it so it’s GL!

  • Too early to camp? (Because I’m already roasting marshmallows by the camp fire)

    • Yukiness

      No, it’s definately not. (I brought chocolate and graham crackers!)

      • I come bearing chocolates with raspberry filling, pasta, and water!

        • and I bring the most important thing needed for a good camp… COFFEE!! =D

  • Yukiness

    *throws roses at you while someone hands you and award shaped like the Annihilator giving a thumbs up*
    Speech, speech!

  • Finals are in town and I just got my internet fix- I had no idea so much highly anticipated kissing was waiting for me!  <3

  • I…am most content. Most content.


  • Superjenny

    Victory and glory!  o/

  • Becky

    Sooo… I just now noticed that Kyle’s pants are a different color on this page?  Huh.  Strange.

  • This page is actually ridiculously beautiful. I just love how Kyle’s expression changes from panel to panel. He looks so scared at first, but by the end of the page, he’s so… comfortable. All I can figure is, there must be a hell of a lot of emotion in that kiss for Anni to be able to smash Kyle’s defenses like that. It’s not exactly a cakewalk setting a guy like that at ease.

  • *FAP FAP FAP* goes my weasel!

  • jo, jo, jo… I LOVE this comic. so expresive..

  • SolrSurfr3

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    Also a shout out to the artists – a webcomic is as dependent on it’s artists as its writers, and the glorious way the expressions tell whole paragraphs of the story without words is truly remarkable. Bravo all around!

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