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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 15

238 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 15

Ah, yes… I certainly remember my first blackmailed kiss… Good times…

We have new Fan Art by Christy! Something that reveals that The Annihilator’s intentions (and evil) go far beyond blackmail… Check it out. 🙂

And Holy Cow! The donation bar is now up to $325, well past the 3/4 mark! That means that the next bonus page is just $75 away!

Special thanks go out to long-time supporter Sola B. (who made their third donation to The Young Protectors!) and a warm welcome and grateful bow go out to new supporters Vanessa B., Eli M., Dianne F., Kara S., Lucy W., Chris C., Julia B. & Michele M. for their generous donations over the last few days!

And superhero strength hugs go out to long-time super-friend of The Young Protectors Daniel N. who made two donations this week—a $25 donation and a $30 one (making this their 5th amazingly generous donation so far)! Thank you so much, Daniel! You ROCK! 🙂

Thank you all so, so much for your amazing generosity! I can’t believe we’re coming up on another bonus page so soon!

So… the comments have been very interesting lately. Seems like The Annihilator is quite the controversial figure. Some find him “creepy”, while others find him “charming”. Some find him “sexy”, while others think he’s far too “old” to be kissable. Some are dreading what he’s going to do next, while others can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

I don’t image that this page, which reveals Kyle’s true age and lack of romantic experience, is likely to heal that divide. 😉 But I will say I’ve very much enjoyed your intelligent discussion about this. Some of you have quite accurately clued into some of the subtler motivations behind The Annihilator’s behavior here (which is always gratifying for a writer to see). And all of you have expressed your differing views with a tone of respect and thoughtfulness that highlights one of the many things I love about the community we’ve created here.

We’re only 15 pages in. Whether The Annihilator and Kyle should ever be a “canon couple” (or frankly, whether they even will be) is obviously still widely open for debate. But it’s definitely a lot of fun to hear your thoughts about it. 🙂

EDIT 5/31/12 9:42 A.M: DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! Thanks to your generous donations, we’ve yet again hit the donation target and that means that in addition to the regular update this Saturday (Page 16), there will be an additional BONUS update (page 17) on Wednesday, June 6th! (An update I think a good number of you will enjoy… 😉 ) WOOT! You all ROCK! Thank you so much!


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  • OK, he’s 17 and he went into a bar… does that mean he’s done the un-heroic thing of getting a fake ID…?  Or in their world is the legal drinking age 17?  That would be rather progressive for a homophobic society.

    • ErykaSoleil

      21+ is just for drinking alcohol, though. Especially when the bar is small, the age for general admittance can easily be 17 or 18. Under those rules, I was able to go see a few bands that I really liked, well before I turned 21. When that’s the case, my experience has been that the people 21+ either got different-colored stamps on their hand, or they got some obnoxiously bright wrist band to make it clearly visible to the bartender (and prevent constant ID checking in bad lighting).

      We also need to remember that this story may or may not be set in a reality similar to ours. Maybe the legal drinking age here is 18, and the legal age for consent and voting is 12. We just don’t know.

      • “Maybe… the legal age for consent and voting is 12.”

        Hmm. I’m not sure which thought scares me more… 😉

    • Aikka

      It’s probably just as Eryka said


      in general, i don’t understand why it would be so suprising to be legal drinking age.

      Here where i live, it’s 18.

      and it’s like that in many other countries.

      I think there are countries where it’s even 16.

      So 21 is one of the higher ones…

      • Yes, in Switzerland the legal drinking age is 16 🙂 well, at least that’s what my Swiss friend told me… 

    • For what it’s worth, the drinking age in this state is not 17. He, like many of us when we were younger, did indeed get a fake ID.

      • ErykaSoleil

        -Gasps!- Oh, Kyle. -Parent voice.- I’m so disappointed in you right now . . .

        So The Annihilator has double the blackmail options at this point: On the one hand, closet case got caught going into a gay bar. On the other, do-gooder got caught using a fake ID to get into -any- bar.

      • lol!  I hope Annihilator teases him about that too!

  • You snarky snarky bastard! lol, loving this new guy XD

  • …so now we learn our favorite flame-haired pyromancer isn’t even legal.  And that he’s not kissed anyone.  Clearly the young men and women he’s gone to school with are blind.  I’D totally kiss him.

    Great.  I’m as bad as A-team, wanting to snog a minor.  

    I have to say that the sadistic amusement on A-team’s face isn’t making me dislike him (somehow), but this is beginning to almost feel like older brother ribbing.  It’s a bit confusing.  Is he enjoying the schadenfreude or is he doing the “I’m never going to let you forget this for the rest of your life” thing?  There is a difference!

    So, good update.  As always, there are more questions than answers, but I can live with that for now 🙂

    • Thank you, Summer! I’m glad you’re enjoying the comic! 🙂

  • Ditzite

    Can’t really blame Kyle for being nervous the Annihilator has lips that just don’t quit! I mean seriously I just love the coloring and shading on that man! So much love! Also if they don’t become a canon pairing I and I am sure many others will just have to ship the heck outta them! X3

  • He’s like an amused white siberian tiger.  lol!

    I’m almost getting a “mentor” set-up vibe here.  Like he’s testing Kyle.

  • GRRR! Damned virgins! I hope the Silver Fox fixes that, lol. X3

    • ErykaSoleil

      What’s wrong with staying a virgin? It’s a very personal decision.

  • it’s like statutory rape! 😛

    • Amerou

       …. teeechnically, it’s only statutory rape in Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, North Dakota, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin or Pennsylvania. (Age of consent in those states is 18; every other state in the US, assuming we *are* in the US, is either 17 or 16.) I don’t recall anything stating where Young Protectors is taking place, but since it’s a reasonably sized metropolitan area, my bets are something like New York or Chicago (both age of consent 17)…. which would conveniently mean that Kyle is completely legal for naughty activities!

      Poor kid has *no idea* what he’s in for.

      • ErykaSoleil

        I love you for that first paragraph. <3

      • Well, I live in California…maybe they could be in San Francisco…? i don’t know. i think my intention with the comment was to point out the predatory age discrepancy. i find Annihilator’s behavior to be borderline crass. i’m probably thinking too seriously about it.  

      • seekmore

        Actually, a lot of states have stricter laws governing same-sex sexual encounters. Take Texas: The age of consent in Texas is 17 (Texas Penal Code Section 21.11). However, “…It is an affirmative defense to prosecution under this section that the actor…was not more than three years older than the victim and of the opposite sex…”

        Meaning, a 17 year old and a 16 year old can have sex and not be charged with a crime…unless they both happen to be boys. Or both are girls.

        Not that this proves you wrong. You just have to look closely at each jurisdiction and how they word their laws.

  • Avengelyne

    Aww how cute! Kyle’s pouting. And is it just me or does Foxy look like he just got the best birthday present ever? 

  • Syreen

    Kiss already! 😀

  • 😀 Kyle doesn’t say he doesn’t WANT to kiss Anni – he just doesn’t know how. Oh-oh, there are interesting pages coming on… 😉

    • Gares H.

      I know right? I’m getting very curious on whats coming next 😛

  • Gares H.

    Alex!!! I need more smoochies >3<!!!

  • grinsekatze

    Silverfox has the time of his life!! xD And can Kyle be any cuter??? I don’t know how I will manage to wait a whole week for the next page, it feels like an eternity because I want to see it so bad right now!!!!!! Alex, what are you doing to me?? 😉

    • Hopefully good things, grinsekatze! I’m glad to hear you’re looking forward to what’s coming next!

  • I see some comments about him being too old for love COME ON GUYS OLD PEOPLE NEED LOVE TOO! especially if they got bodies like that. no love for the silver fox? 

    •  Your comment made me laugh so hard! And yeah let’s love old sexy oh-my-god-that-body people! It’s just fair ;D

  • Oh Anni… that smirk in panel two is just priceless… 

    I actually thought Kyle was maybe 19 or 20… But heck, this makes him even more precious! And I think Anni is dancing around inside his own head of joy right now. I mean, he must be really lucky to find such a perfect candidate for a blackmail kiss… And speaking of kisses JUST KISS I NEED TO SEE IT!

    The close-ups on this page is by the way wonderful and a treat to look at! <3

  • Aikka

     1st panel Kyle… so cute *-* XD

    as for the 3rd one… I know it’s different,  but it reminds me of “NO.” rage face…. XD

    ( )

    If Annihilator and Kyle are going to be a canon couple here… well that will be a test for Alex “XD

    We still don’t know how old is Annihilator but probably the age difference is huge…

    and that’s not what i like to read, but i know, that when the writing is good, i start to like things i usualy don’t like. 🙂

    If not then i am really curious what it will be o…o

    I try to not assume things and simply read and wait,

    that’s why i don’t comment much *hides* o..o

    • Heh. I see the resemblance with that “rage face”. 🙂

      And you’ll have to keep letting me know what you think as the story progresses…

      • Aikka

        ‘Have to’ Alex? xP
        and how are you going to make me do that? 😉

        Don’t worry. I will 🙂
        Or at least will try… “XD

  • xLizardx

    He’s legal in the UK! Haha. I’m still liking the new developments, though I think, even if his hair belies his true number of years, in this instance Mr. Fox must be breaking the “half your age plus 7” guide for dating people younger than oneself 😛 But hey, it’s a webcomic, and we can all indulge in a little fantasising – I think quite a lot of us, when we were 17, would have enjoyed a sexy, slightly older guy or girl taking advantage of us, just a little. Of course, I may be being subjective there. 🙂

    Anyhoo! I’ve been avoiding saying this – it seems more than slightly hypocritical, because I haven’t donated [I’m a student and skint] but…. I REALLY hope there’s a bonus page on Wednesday 😛

    I’d also like to complement Alex, Adam, and Veronica on the timely nature of their updates – it’s something I guess most people don’t think about, until an update is missed, but you ALWAYS update when you say you will, and very early on the appointed day as well [since I’m looking at this page in the morning, in Britain, which must be quite a few hours ahead of you]. 

    I was thinking about it because a few of the other comics I follow have had problems with missed or delayed updates, or worse, promised updates failing to appear – and it occurred to be that neither Artifice, or now Young Protectors, have [to my recollection] ever had a missed or delayed update. You always post new pages when you say you will, and I guess maybe that sounds like a small thing, but considering the amount of work involved, I don’t think it is, so… erm… thankyou! I think all the readers very much appreciate it. And it’s consistent really with the professional attitude with which you seem to approach your website/ work in general.

    Erm. Yes, sorry for the randomness there, I’ll go back to smirking at Kyle’s bashfulness now. 😀

    • Aikka

      Well, you know how it is… Artifice and TYP spoiled us, we already treat “Awesomely written beautifully drawn reguraly updated comic” as a default thing here, so we rarely mention that ^_^””

      • Thank you, Aikka. 🙂

        • Aikka

           You’re very welcome, i’m just honest 😉

    • True, there has never being a late page that I can remember of on Artifice e TYP. I don’t even bother to look at my RSS feed to see if there’s an update. I just come here, I know that there will be a new page. <3

    • Heh. I hadn’t heard about that “half your age plus 7” rule. But I could see how that makes sense from 14-40. 🙂 (And you’re right—The Annihilator probably wouldn’t have much of a problem breaking many rules… 😉 )

      Also, thank you so much for the props about the timely updates! Your kind words are actually very timely. Last night I was exhausted after a long, long work week. And when I got home, I just passed out in bed. But the page was not ready. (See “long, long work week”.) I briefly rose to consciousness at 10:00 P.M. and every fiber in my body cried out for me to stay in bed, but I knew there would be campers and I didn’t want to disappoint y’all. So, off to my computer I crawled…

      Of course, life happens. Servers crash. Etc. I can’t guarantee I’ll never ever miss a deadline. But it is very important to me to do what I say I’m going to do. Especially when it’s for my awesome readers.  It makes me feel good to hear that it’s noticed and appreciated. Thank you. 🙂

  • KBatty

    I love how indignant Kyle gets in panel five. Makes me chuckle.

    • b3nc0

       He reminds me of my nephew insisting he’s four /and a half/ ^^

    • Hehe. 😉 (I kinda like that moment too…)

  • Amerou

    Oh, this is priceless. That last panel, you can practically hear Annihilator thinking, “This is going to be like shooting gingers in a barrel.”

  • Maybe it’s cultural or something but I see no problem at all at dating an older person. I’m mean, it’s not like there will be no talk about it and some people will be against it, but I think it’s acceptable. It’s becoming even quite common.

    Also so many people talking about being ‘legal’. C’mon, guys different countries, different laws. In Brazil it’s 18 but you can vote at 16 and consenting age is 14 (it’s a lil’ bit more complicated than that actually but it’s basically that). Laws can be extremely different. In some countries it wouldn’t even matter his age, since kissing would be illegal because they are both men (shame on this countries!).

    And it’s hard to say if they should be a canon couple: we haven’t see any other characters so far, we don’t know if Kyle has some crush or what kind of person Anni is exactly. Who knows? But I sure as hell want to see that kiss happening!

    Ps: Oh Kyle stop being so adorable!
    Ps 2: Oh The Annihilator stop being so damn sexy.

  • b3nc0

    Just wanting to testify that some people grew white hair quite early, my dad was like Parkourman in his mid- to late-thirties & I’m on my way to have mine white in my fourties (even though waaaayyy thiner) :°(
    & he got no wrinkle nor sign of recessing hairline & bald patch.

    Pouty Kyle is yummy ¦°c

    • ErykaSoleil

      That’s o.k. I found several white hairs on my head around Easter, and I’m only 28. I proceeded to get it professionally dyed to a very unnatural shade of red. XD

      • Aikka

         I’m 23 and i found one……..

  • b3nc0


  • b3nc0


  • b3nc0


  • b3nc0


    • Alex. Must. Get. On. That.

      (I did the first step! I’ve finally created some link/ad banners for The Young Protectors! Look for those on the Link page soon…)

      • b3nc0

         I knew senseless harassment would bore fruits!!! Thankeee X°D

        • b3nc0

           wait, wait,wait, how soon is soon?

  • b3nc0

    with nice art please
    sorry, had a chat on livestream yesterday & kept the posting at each pause reflex, you can delete those as I can’t #¨#

    • ErykaSoleil

      I think it added to the effect. 🙂

  • drewjewel2000

    This reminds me so much of Queer as Folk an amazing tv show. But i love where this is going not so happy that you are holding us to the edge of our seats Alex! 🙁

    • I remember that show…the Brian/Justin connection almost sent me over the edge….I was sooo attracted to Justin and he deserved to be coddled and then loved gently and THEN ___d into oblivion…good times thanks for the reminder.

    • Glad you’re liking where it’s going, drewjewel2000! (And sorry for the damage to your seat! 😉 )

  • lydia B.

    How old do you think the annihilator actually is? I mean, to me, with the gray hair and the face, he looks around fifty (but then again my judgement might be affected by the fact that my 67 year old dad doesn’t have any gray in his hair) 50 to me is way too old for a seventeen year old. 

    • ErykaSoleil

      I’ve been wondering that too. The Annihilator said himself that he’s an “old man” a few pages back, but if Kyle is only 17, “old” could be 35. :p

      • Michele M.

        Old could be 35? I hope not! I’m almost 33! ^^;;

        • b3nc0

           I understand Erika writing ‘for a 17yo, 35 could be old’.
          From my 35y POW, 17 /is/ young ^^;;

          • ErykaSoleil

            That’s what I was going for, yes. I personally tend to view “old” as “anybody older than my mother”, who is in her 60s now. 🙂

      • I think he was being sarcastic.  From the teenage perspective, anyone over 30 is often considered “old”.

  • Too old to be kissable!? These people have obviously never seen David Bowie, because that man is over 60 something now and I’m only 23 and I would kiss that man till he called security. :* I’m totally in support of Kyle and the Annihilator >:D

    • Heh. How about Kyle and David Bowie?

      • Or Annihilator and David Bowie. I’m fine with two silver foxes (even though Mr. Bowie won’t let himself go grey :P)

      • ErykaSoleil

        Except then I’d have to hate Kyle for living my dream. 😉

  • fujoshifanatic

    Awww! Can Kyle get any cuter? And in the third panel he looks every bit his age minus ten with that little pout! :-3 I do get the feeling that Anni will be a mentor of sorts for young Kyle, and that will be very fun to see develop. As for the age gap thing, I think it depends on the two individuals, where they are at in life, and what their expectations are entering into the situation.

    My first time was with someone younger than me, and I still remember it fondly. I was curious about sex (I was 19) and wanted to see what it was about, so I found someone I liked who was really sweet, nice, willing and who just happened to be a couple of years younger than me, and we had fun figuring things out. It helped that I had done my research about protection and the “mechanics” of things beforehand, so it was a very pleasurable and stress-free experience for both of us.

    We didn’t end up going out or anything (that was not my intention), but it was amusing to see him blossom from a young boy into a young man, in part because of the open and honest way in which we approached the whole situation. It was especially funny to see how in awe his little mates were around us for the next few weeks as well! I ran into him by chance around 12 or so years later, and he actually thanked me; he said the things he learned being with me helped make him a good lover, and a better boyfriend, to the people he had been with since that time.

    Since then I’ve dated people both older and younger than me; the age difference being as little as 2 to as much as 20 years between us. I have always tried to follow two rules in each situation: keep both your eyes open and your intentions clear; and if you are the older person, leave the younger person better and with a little more wisdom than when you found them. While I don’t think May-December romances generally work out in the long run (too many issues get in the way the greater the age gap is), it doesn’t mean that they are all by default creepy pedotastic assaults on the younger people involved. I think they can be important learning experiences if both sides are mature enough to handle the issues, expectations and shelf life involved in such a relationship.

    With that in mind, I don’t think I would be against seeing these two get together for a little bit. Kyle (“Hey, my ginger short-and-curlies came in yesterday! Neato!”) could certainly learn a thing or two from the Silver Fox (Come here little boy; I’ll show you something NICE!”), but I don’t think it would be fair to Kyle for them to become a canon couple. The power dynamic between them right now would be too great, and he would miss out on exploring all there is to sample in the world of potential lovers, which is what you’re supposed to do when you’re young, clueless and horny. I think Anni will simply help Kyle come into his own in accepting himself, and if he and Kyle (and we!) can get some jollies from the process, all the better for the both of them. 🙂

    • I’m glad to hear you and your partner had such a good first experience, fujoshifanatic. It does sound very sweet. Thank you for sharing it. 🙂

      (And I’m enjoying your speculation about these two as well…)

    • ErykaSoleil

      That was a very good explanation of age dynamics. Nicely done.

  • I simply love that pouty look Kyle has in the third panel! So perfect to convey the mixture of emotions!

  • Oh he’s such a tease! I’m loving this all the way! 😀

  • justjmarie

    I am a firm believer that Annihilator isn’t as old as one would think.  The white hair isn’t necessarily indicative of geriatric status!  Call me a nerd but I have to point out a popular superhero graced with luscious white locks…Storm, (ya know…X-Men…).

    If my math is correct, Storm was only about 25 when she reached superhero status ( white hair and all!). 

    I realize that this is totally comparing bananas and bagels…I just had to throw it out there.

    NOT that I think he is a spring chicken…He seems a bit more…seasoned than that.

    I am in favor of a little Annihilator/Kyle action, puts ‘getting to know your enemy’ on a whole new (not to mention seriously hot) level. I am also in favor of this NOT being a canon relationship…just an educational experience for my little ginger friend.

    Hell, I’d let him teach me a thing or two.

    Another beautiful page.  Like a junkie I keep coming back for more!  I am also enjoying all of the thought provoking comments, almost as good as the comic itself!

    • Thank you, justjmarie! 

      (And yes, the comments on these pages really are at least half the fun. I feel so lucky with the community we have here….)

  • Does anyone notice that the Annihilator looks like he’s breaking the 4th wall in the last panel?

  • ithilloke

    Far too old?! Hardly! I guess I fall into the “Charming” camp. 🙂

  • *singsong*  Kyle and Annihilator up against the wall… *snerk*

    I’m loving this as much as the last one. ^__^ I’m hoping a certain grey haired handsome villain is up to the task of teaching the fiery rookie everything there is about kissing…and other things. XD

    I wonder how complicated a kiss will make life for everyone…I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE!! 

    • Yukiness

      Please finish that song

      • Kyle and Annihilator up against the wall
        Kissing and groping, and screwing for all
        First comes the moaning
        Then comes the groaning
        Then come the fan girl screams for the hot boning!

        It would be more lewd…but…^-^;;

        • Yukiness

          You, Madam, are a genius.

    • Yay! Glad you’re enjoying it, Kittymayhem!

      (And a kiss can make life very complicated indeed…)

  • thisboybroken

    Panel 3 is too cute! Kiss him, kiss him!

  • Noooo, stop dragging it out and kiss already </3

  • Pricetag

    Nothing has happened in 15 pages. Where is some plot…

    • Totally agree. This comic is really boring and meaningless.

      The dialogs are cheap and the course of action too…

      • Alas, I’m sorry that The Young Protectors isn’t working for you guys.

        Might I suggest you check out:

        Minor Acts of Heroism

        Fine art, an interesting plot and, IMHO, very funny, well-written dialogue.

  • Alright…. I’ve gone back and re-read.  I don’t think our favorite silver fox is all that old.  The silver hair… or whatever it is… is about the only think about his face that makes him look older.  Looking at just his face I see a man in his prime but that can be anything from late 20s to his 40s.  So instead of a possible May/September relationship… we could be looking at something like a May/July relationship. ^.^  So older but not necessarily horribly so.  I am kinda hoping the silver thing is not his real hair or it is something he can disguise when out of the costume.

    Also…. Can Kyle get any more adorable?  I want to teach him a thing or two myself.

  • Finzz

     Pouting in panel 3 😀  You know, I have to be honest and say I’m still not sure what his intentions are, though I have an idea.  It’ll be interesting to see which way you take it, cuz they’re all interesting with the characters you’ve come up with ^^

  • Yukiness

    Panel 3…kyle’s face…those cheeks…so much cute

    Reading this makes me wonder what’s so strange about not ever having been kissed by that age. I’m not that much older than Kyle and I’ve also never been kissed/been on a date/ever had a romantic relationship or anything like that, and I too recieve the same “WHUUUUT?!” response. I don’t understand. When you’re seventeen, is having been kissed a requirement? Loving the realism in both Kyle’s sheepish body language and aggitation as well as Anni’s mischevious expression.

    I also like the tension build up here Alex. It’s reminding me of Artiface in the best way.

    • Even though I had a kiss of sorts in middle school (with a girl), it also wasn’t until I was older than Kyle that I had what I consider my first “real” kiss. (With the bells going off, etc.) Not strange, but statistically unusual… 🙂

      And thank you very much for the props, Yukiness! It makes me very happy to hear you’re enjoying the comic!

      • Yukiness

        Bells going off…?

        • I didn’t have a first kiss until I was 18, Yuki.  Dunno.  I think the kissing curve is probably just different for everyone.  When I was in junior high, I saw fifth and sixth graders snogging.  Generational gaps these days are just getting wider and wider, even though the age differences themselves are narrower and narrower.

        • ErykaSoleil

          I.e., you get a tingle down your spine and your brain just kind of misfires for a few moments because everything has just clicked for you like it does automatically for the heroines in the romance novels. It’s definitely not something that happens with every kiss (for most people, anyway), and it may not even happen consistently with the same person kissing you. It’s just one of Those Things, like Love: You’ll know it when it really happens to you, and you shouldn’t try to rush it. 🙂

    • Aikka

      And i was wondering before if there will be some discussion about kissing under that page hah….

      Personally i had my first kiss when i was… 16 i think.
       (1 year more or less, too lazy to count years now)

      BUT if i wouldn’t met my (now ex)bf back then I wouldn’t be suprised if up to now i wouldn’t even kiss anyone. Why?
      Because i simply… wasn’t one of these girls that desperately wanted a bf, were thinking mostly about that and all… i think it proves that too that now when my relationship is over i did not have any other one for around… 2-3 years? hah “XD

      My love-life is boring, really….

      And, answering your question,
      looking what’s happening in the society now?
      Soon they will look like that at you, when you will say that you’re 16 and a virgin, not even asking about kissing heh.

  • cat_girl_26

    Hmmm, I’m torn now! I was under the assumption before that Kyle was in his early 20s and Anni in his late 40s to 50s. (I know his hair is white, but his facial features are still very strong, no lines or anything, and his body is smokin’ so I’m assuming he’s not ancient.) With Kyle still being a minor, it has me hoping that his 18th birthday is just around the corner because I still think a pairing of these two would be VERY cool (not just because I find Anni incredibly sexy, but also because of the superhero/supervillain dynamic.)

    Anyone else a fan of Dan Savage? I’m getting a lot of “campsite rule” vibes. If Kyle/Annihilator can’t have a forever relationship, I still think Anni could teach Kyle a thing or two, open up his eyes not only in terms of sexuality but also in terms of how morality is not black and white (this being a superhero comic, after all) and leave having made a difference for the better.

     I’m not sure yet if I want to see Kyle turn tail and run for the hills, or step forward and plant one on the silver fox. Third possibility that might solidify Anni’s bad rep (because so far he seems pretty civil), Kyle agrees to the kiss and Anni brushes him off completely. 

    Anyway, I’ll be looking forward to the next update to see where this goes!

    • Yep, I’m certainly familiar with Dan Savage and his “campsite rules” of leaving a younger partner better than you found her or him. Seems like good advice. I wonder if The Annihilator will follow it… 😉

      And I’m glad to hear you’re looking forward to what’s next! 😀

    • ErykaSoleil

      Hmmm . . . I hadn’t thought of that third possibility. That would be an interesting turn of events.

  • I have kissed and been kissed many times from childhood on up BUT one time..I was almost 30 when one kiss sent a certain electricity through me like never before….and no I was not french kissing a live light socket! One person who knew how to give a kiss left me weak in the knees and wanting another….sadly it was the last kiss before he walked out of my life for good….but to this day I remember where I was what lead up to it and how it made me feel, and I will never forget how it made me feel.

    • Yeah. I had a similar experience (although I was younger than 30 when it happened.) For a long time I thought that saying about “bells going off when you kiss” was a myth, until this one day….
      A really good kiss with someone you really like can be amazing. 😀

  • wait he is seventeen and he just went into a gay bar? how does that work out? Because that’s not fair I had to wait tell I was twenty one haha! what town is this so I know to keep my kids int he future far far from it @_@.

    • Superjenny

      You went to a gay bar at 21…  XD  Man, I’ve never been to one!  And I’m 28!

      • its time to fix this, go on a pub crawl!! bring your loudest girl friend as security and just get drunk!

    • ErykaSoleil

      According to Alex in one of the earlier comments for this page, it works with a fake ID. :p

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    • Michele M.


  • mikakitten

    Aaaah!!! Kyle’s virgin kiss!! Will he give it to Anni!? I MUST KNOW!!! <3 Just one more day….

  • Michele M.

    Does a first kiss count if you are a toddler and ur kissing ur cousin? LOL
    My Mom has pictures of me kissing one of my cousins. Its really embarrassing….

    BTW, how old IS the Silver Fox??

  • Ryn

    wow, jailbait here is a virgin in every sense. i’d say good going, but he doesn’t look all that happy about it.^^ Annihilater on the other hand seems to be barely containing himself.  he gets to completely corrupt this tasty morsel all

  • The foot tipped up is so seriously adorable. Glad he’s legal. Go any lower than 16 and I raise hell.  
    GSM thought Ginger was even YOUNGER? Evil Old Giant Shiny Man is a cradle robber, indeed.  
    Come to think of it… isn’t it that while it’s common in many U.S. states for 16 to be legal, isn’t it only legal if the partner is of similar age? I know in one state at least you have to be 18 for same sex intercourse. ‘:-/

    • KBatty

      Not sure about the US, but in Canada the age of consent was only raised to 16 in 2008. Prior to this, the age of consent had been 14 years old (from 1892 onward). A 16-year-old in Canada can consent to sexual activity with any partner 16 years of age or older.

      The current exceptions on this rule are called Close Age Exceptions, where people ages 14 and 15 can give legal consent to any partner less than five years older, and people ages 12 and 13 can give consent to partners less than two years older.

      The Close Age Exception has its own exception for people ages 14 and 15, stating that if they are married a partner can be more than five years older. Of course, such a marriage requires parental consent and there are often other legal stipulations as well.

      Of course, those are just the basics. There’s more to it than that, but it’s all out there in the googleverse to be had.

      • Becky

        Wow, here is America I’m pretty sure we’ll NEVER see the legislative powers-that-be making ANY laws that admit to, let alone allow for, 12 and 13-year-olds making conscious sexual decisions.  Which is totally super, since in lots of states they ALSO fail to teach them about sexual safety!  YAY!!!

        • KBatty

          I can fully understand why it’s an astonishing law to some (or probably for many) people. It’s hard not to have conflicting feelings about the regulations. I understand that the laws are intended to have both leniency and protection in mind, but it gets to be a touchy subject when you get into such young ages.

          That being said, I can remember basic sexual health being taught routinely as early as the fifth grade in school and developing into a fully detailed sexual education course that discussed pretty much anything a person could ever want to know by the seventh grade.

          No one wants 12-year-olds to be having sex first nor last, but if a 12 and 14-year-old decide they’re going to explore their sexuality with each other, they will likely find a way come hell or high water. Does that necessarily mean that a 14-year-old is of the mental and psychological capacity to understand the laws and their ramifications, and that he or she would bear a legal responsibility? I personally would be inclined to say that in most instances the answer is no (of course there are always exceptions), which is why there’s conditional legislation for such situations.

          These people are children, and they’re generally not even yet aware of the laws that protect or restrict them, so a conditional law seems like a reasonable and cautious way to approach the situation without ruining the lives of curious youth by sending them to juvenile detention for exploring their bodies. Sometimes it does have bad outcomes—accidental pregnancies definitely happen, I’m sure—but ultimately I think the law can only do so much, and that education and parental guidance have to do the rest.

          I can’t even imagine being a law-maker sitting down to figure out how to approach such a subject, really. Scary to think about sometimes.

          • xLizardx

            That was a very well considered and astute response – intriguing too, for as far as I’m aware, there is only one age of consent in the UK. Although unless one person is substantially older, I doubt anyone would report someone for having underage sex, a legal leeway for certain situations seems like a logical approach: for example if a 15 and 16 year old have sex, no way should it be classed as statutory rape. Canada seems to have it’s head screwed on in this regard! 

            Most people I know had sex for the first time around the ages of 15 -17, though some certainly were sexually active younger, and quite a few decided to leave it longer. As you say, it would be ridiculous to persecute teenagers for, well, being teenagers. Law ought to be applied with common sense, not just a literal interpretation of the statute, I believe. 🙂

          • agree.

            In Denmark the age limit is 15. 

          • So, the laws in place are there to protect the rare cases of children that explore sex early? I can understand that. I don’t think sex should in any way be encouraged in general, but I understand its importance in people’s lives. 
            Education about sex should be taught early, though. There have been more than enough studies that prove sex education is needed to decrease teen pregnancies. 
            Adults portraying children intentually sexy-sexy in media? Sorry, most people will raise hell about that in the modern world. 

            I don’t troll places I can stay away from, but keep the X rated child drawings in the creepy Internet circles and away from me, thanks.   

          • KBatty

            Agreed, and in that vein, Canada has extensive regulations on what is considered obscene material, and it also has strict laws regarding violent and sexual crimes, including crimes against minors. In fact, those laws and regulations have been becoming increasingly strict in recent years, and in my opinion, for the better.

          • ErykaSoleil

            I would have to disagree with you on stricter obscenity laws being a good thing across the board. I’m specifically thinking of the Remy Couture case that’s currently playing out in the courtroom. Do I like a lot of his work? Not really. But I get really twitchy when any government tries to cut down someone who is expressing themselves using prosthetics and fake gore.

          • KBatty

             I am not well-informed on the Remy Couture case so I can’t offer much in the way of an opinion regarding it specifically, but a quick google search does reveal that he’s obviously pushing some limits regarding Canadian obscenity laws. More specifically, I think this might be where — by legal definition — he’s on thin ice:

            Section 163(8) of the criminal code states that if a
            dominant characteristic of the publication is the undue, or the combination of sex and at least one
            of crime, horror, cruelty or violence, then it is considered an obscenity.

            Not having seen his work, I don’t know if the above accurately applies to him or not. It just seems that from my limited exploration (it’s around 7am. I will learn more later) that this is the most likely conflict with the law that he would face. Whether or not it warrants a morality trial… well, that’s another matter entirely. It is very likely that there are other ways the law could have pursued the matter, but I would imagine that once INTERPOL is involved, everyone gets their dander up.

            Along a similar vein, the second Human Centipede film was banned in the UK and Australia initially. It had to undergo extensive editing to get a release in either place because it was considered too “revolting”. Further to this, in the US release complimentary barf bags were given out with the expectation that viewing the film would in fact make people quite ill. Perhaps merely editing Remy’s content would have been enough to avoid all of this, but since his work was not released through a film board (as far as I know; if I’m wrong this is a whole new ball game), he unfortunately did not have the protection of screeners to tell him whether or not his work would face legal reprimand.

            Long story short, I’m not necessarily saying I like that some people are silenced by obscenity censorship, but I can circumstantially respect that sometimes it has to happen. Likewise I acknowledge that it introduces us as citizens to a slippery slope because if we allow censorship, we open ourselves to alienation at the hands of those same laws. For me, this is a hard topic to work through and take a singular firm stance on, because every situation is different.

          • ErykaSoleil

            I think that is the rule they’re citing, and I can’t hate on them too much for busting him. The sticky thing is that–if I understand correctly–he made the film in his native Canada, but showed it elsewhere (which is why INTERPOL is involved). I appreciate that if you have the rules in place, you have to defend them and deal with challenges as they arise. However, I am also a hardcore defender of freedom of speech and expression, even when I really dislike what you have to say. I’m not totally up in arms about the case, just watching it and checking in now and then to see how it’s going–it may or may not have professional repercussions for me and friends of mine here in the States, simply by what precedent it ends up setting.

          • KBatty

             I agree with that sentiment entirely. Such things usually send me into a dystopian future rant about what Bradbury and Orwell and a hundred other authors were trying to warn us about. Frankly, with the state of affairs in Canada, it’s feeling more and more like an Orwellian society every day.

          • ErykaSoleil

            I don’t think it’s all that rare for children to be exploring sex that early. I’ve known several people who lost their virginity well before they turned 16, and I’ve met an uncomfortably high number of girls who had their first child at 14 or 15. My sex ed (or “family life”, as my school system called it) instructor told us once about how she had had a pregnant 6th grader in her class the previous year.

            I dont know what the school systems anywhere are doing now (I graduated high school in ’01), but I started getting sex ed classes in elementary school. At that point, it was just separating the boys and the girls and telling us what our parts were called, and things like, “This is how your period will be. This is how a tampon works.” There were a few things that stayed consistent every year: boys and girls were separated; we had to have a signed note from our parents saying whether they were allowing us to participate or didn’t want us to be in it; we could not take our notebook for the class outside the door, and had to hand them over to be destroyed at the end of the semester; and they literally suspended people caught discussing the material outside of that class (not even kidding).

            As for children being portrayed sexily by the media, I would direct you to Bratz dolls, and suggest you look at the Tween costumes being sold through Costume Super Center (among others–scroll down, to things like the “Major Flirt” costume):


            I don’t think people get nearly as riled up about this as they should be. I cannot count how many times my husband and I have been out to the grocery store, and had our jaws drop at how scantly clad the elementary school girls are these days. What’s really amazing is how many of their parents would probably be the first to say nasty things if they saw an adult wearing a scaled-up version of the same outfit.

            (Did you read all that? Kudos to you!)

          • KBatty

             For the record, I think Bratz dolls are utterly horrific little things, and with the way some of the kids are dressing these days… well let’s just say my mother would have skinned me and hanged me out to dry if I’d tried to dress like that. Looking at that costume site, it seems as though there’s a boycott on pants, and an intent in instilling the notion that Hallowe’en is an excuse to be skanky. Terrible, really.

          • ErykaSoleil

            Agreed. I do wish my parents had explained a bit more at the time about why they wouldn’t let me wear shorter skirts in my teens; I suspect I might have worn a little more clothing in college.

          • KBatty

            I hear that, too.

            And can I also point out that the participants of this conversation have  collectively broken the rules of the internet by carrying out civilized discussion online? Hahaha. 😉

          • ErykaSoleil


          • Studies I’ve read seemed to say that outside of the south, cases of very early sexual exploration are less common in the U.S. and that the most common age for loosing virginity is seventeen. Sixteen also seems pretty common.
            Bratz dolls. YUCK.
            I have to say that at early ages children don’t think of pretty little short skirts as anything but pretty, so I’m okay with certain levels of skin showing. On the other hand: fourteen-year-olds putting on what is virtually stripper-wear! Parents should care about how their children look!
            (I read your whole post, of course. :-D)

          • ErykaSoleil

            I admit that I haven’t read many studies on the loss-of-virginity ages. This is partly because I was in classes surveyed for similar things while I was in school, and I know that many of my friends lied through their teeth to either skew the results (for laughs) or because they didn’t believe it was really confidential. Plus, I -did- grow up in VA . . . :p

            The little girl costumes didn’t bother me terribly, because their skirts seemed to mostly be about knee-length or longer. But several of the tween costumes gave me fits last night–my poor husband glanced over my shoulder at one point and commented that he’d -love- to see me in one or two of those . . . then he realized I was looking at kids who weren’t even in their teens yet. Poor hubby. :/ That led to a brief conversation about what we’ll do if/when our daughter asks to wear something like that when she gets older. -Groans and reaches for an Ibuprofen.-

          • In 2010 my mom once saw a picture of that Twilight boy who played the werewolf. I sadly had to inform her after she said he was attractive, “He’s a year younger than me!!” 

            Then we got to have a good laugh and shudder (laughdder hahaha) at this picture: 


    •  In australia the age of consent is… i do believe it’s 10? BUT the partner also has to be over 10 and within two years in age. This is valid up until 16 when you can have sex with anyone older so long as they aren’t a teacher/police officer/person of authority until you are 18 and can sleep with whoever you like.

  • OrangeNarcolepsy

    Being a 22 year old kissing-virgin, i know how awkward and embarrassing this must be for poor Kyle. After lasting so long, you want it to be even more special 🙂

    Though kyle doesnt know how lucky he is. Mr. SilverFox is charismatic, strong, agile, fast, and is obviously experienced in the ways of the world. KYLE, YOU LUCKY DOG, YOU!!! *shakes fist*

  • Yukiness

    Why not all three?

  • Seventeen… Bless… Awwww

    I don’t know for sure, but did the balance of power just shift slightly? Is Anni looking at being almost a mentor to Kyle, rather than just getting a quick thrill? In the UK, the age of consent for sex (gay or straight) is sixteen so Anni isn’t quite so bad!

  • ThatOddGuy

    I’m still cracking up over the Pilates picture….X3

    Oh, and bad GSM! BAAAAD! *Slaps*

    Is it wrong that I’m secretly waiting for Deacon to knock him out? Wouldn’t that be awesome fanart?


    • Awesome crossover XD it’s so right!

      lol and ye the pilates is still on my mind too

  • Becky

    I think the word for the Annihilator’s personality is “smarmy”.  At least a little bit.  🙂

  • Mephisto_Pheles

    I am in love with The Annihilator. Whether you pair him with Kyle or not, he should turn out with someone! I mean. Hot damn. 8D

  • Becky

    Also, don’t feel bad, Kyle!  I was twenty-one before I ever really kissed someone! (Assuming kindergarten cheek-pecking doesn’t count, lol.) And to date, (nearly twenty-five, now) my full record only amounts to two total kiss-ees! No worries.  🙂

  • KariRedlock

    <—-never been kissed
    …is 18….
    forever alone

    • ErykaSoleil

      I really hope you’re kidding with that last line. Otherwise, you and I need to have a chat.

      • KariRedlock

        turning 19 soon ;n; never been in a relationship either

  • I was eighteen before I dared kiss anybody and it wasn’t even all that nice. -_- My advice… don’t rush it, people. It will come when it comes and is far more likely to be enjoyable if not rushed.
    By the way… there is some fabulous fan art going on. Hats off to the incredible artists lurking in these pages. 🙂

  • HermeticallySealed

    I love that first panel so much.

  • Midwestmutt

    Classic teenage postures!

  • Elizabeth Susko

    so am i…. >:3

    • QuantumKid

       me too!! And Ive never been kissed either!

    • QuantumKid

       Me too! And I’ve never been kissed either. Dude up there, I know how you feel, man.

  •  Eww 17? That would turn me off.. but eh, whatever floats his boat lmao

  • DayiaKnyte

    While many states have age of consent as low as 16,Many still have a cap on the age diffrence for anyone under 18 … and even if the 17 year old concents, if they are still living with their parent or guardian, they can press charges.Been to many stories in the news about teachers having affairs with 17 and 18 year old students mostly focusing on abuse of power and ADULTS having sex with MINORS. 18 seems to be the magic number … anything under and your bordering on sexual misconduct with a minor. I guess we will see just how bad of a bad guy this man really is.(I do find it interesting that in any media, young adults can die bloody horrible deaths and no one bats and eye … kiss them and all hell breaks loose).

    With that said … I will just have to sit back and see how this transpires.

    • ErykaSoleil

      While you are mostly correct, I would like to point out that even college professors can get into a heap of trouble for sleeping with adult students. When it comes to school or work, it’s the fact that the teacher/employer has a “position of power” over the other, regardless of ages involved.

      Most states do have an age difference cap when there is a minor involved (even when you’re 4 months away from turning 18), but the media tends to sensationalize the “abuse of power” and “adult sleeping with a minor” aspects simply because it slings more mud and sells more stories.

  • Bailey Carswell

    I just caught up after missing like two month’s worth of updates and oh my God I don’t know whether this is hilarious or yummy or terrifying. Mister Annihilator Sir you are just a little bit rapey.

  • Delerian Crow

    The age controversy in the comments section is making me kind of …sad/annoyed/vaguely amused. Oh well maybe his 18th birthday is tomorrow guys. Then you can shut up.

    • ErykaSoleil

      Haha! Agreed. Several of the comments here about the age difference being creepy, remind me of when I was dating (and engaged for a while to) a guy 8 years older than me. When we started dating, I was 19 and he was 27, and several of my friends found the difference incredibly disturbing.

  • VanQuinn

    I have a crack theory: Just before they kiss, Kyle is going to wake up realizing it was all a dream about his repressed sexual fantasies. And the real Annihilator is completely oblivious to Kyle’s existence and doesn’t talk like this at all.

    I kissed someone much older than I was at 17, but he had been a very caring person that always tried to get me to live better. And he was amazingly good at kissing. So I do think such relationships don’t always end badly or involve an abuse of power. It depends on how good of a person the older individual is. I don’t know enough about Anni to say if he is bad or not, but he has yet to do anything that struck me as on the level of master villain. So far it’s more on the level of a toying just to embarrass Kyle.

    Crack theory #2: The hero that secretly loves Kyle is going to witness this kiss between Anni and Kyle (le gasp!).

    • ErykaSoleil

      Ha! I really like your first theory. I will laugh so hard if you’re right. 🙂

  • mikakitten

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! It’s monday!! Looking forwards to the page!! 😀

  • Bealtaine

    Kyle if you don’t stop doing cute things , my head is going to explode from the adorableness of it(love, love, LOVED the first panel .)
    Now that he hasn’t been kissed before ,I’ve changed my mind about that kiss.It’s probably a bigger deal to Kyle in light of his never kissed anyone thing.
    Annihilator, he is SEVENTEEN-back off a bit , don’t be that creepy guy in the club hitting on people young enough to be his kid.You know you’re better than that!

  • mikakitten

    Gah!! I may just be  a romantic but I WANTS it to happen 🙂

    • b3nc0

       Sorry,  but can’t see in what this prospect can be romantic :'[

      • I can!  Gr!

      • mikakitten

        Lol…I said I’M a romantic…I just wanna see em kiss 🙂

  • mikakitten

    Does anyone know if it is update day? Sorry…just so excited 😀 hope it’s today! x x x

    EDIT: Oh no! Sorry! Saw that it’s saterday updates…silly me. ;_; oh I is sad now…was looking forwards to it!! C’mon donation bar!! 😀 wish I could donate… but I don’t have a job until I finish uni… sigh…

    • Hrilmitzh

       Even then it’ll probably be rough finding one…. good luck to you in your education and all that follows 😛

      • mikakitten

        Hahah! I know man….one BA, a MA, and MFA (so techniqually 3 degrees) I BETTER get a job now! :'( Lol! Fingers crossed! If there is anyone out there who works for a university here in cyber space  and needs a tutor/lecturer in creative writing…. I am REALLY available! 😀

  • You’re totally right, Alex– now that Kyle’s age is nailed down, Annihilator’s giving off kind of a pedo vibe to me. I’ve seen the comments and I agree that the situation is uncomfortable and that this kind of blackmail is horrible, but…

    He’s the villain, guys. Isn’t that what he’s supposed to do? Evoke feelings in the protagonist and the reader of discomfort, fear, intimidation, or even hatred? I’d say that’s being accomplished here.

    • ErykaSoleil

      True enough. We’re not saying he’s a crappy bad guy; we’re just commenting on how we feel about what he’s doing. The whole point of a bad guy is to be -bad-, and blackmail certainly qualifies.

  • Annihilator is an EXCELLENT villain.  I don’t like the blackmail/pedo vibes, but I have faith that you will salvage this situation so it’s not so weird and creepifying.

  • Corey C

    Actually I am not getting much of a pedo-vibe from him. I can’t help but think Annihilator is just one of those odd men that gray REALLY early. My guess is mid-20’s possibly oldest at 35 or 37?

    On the flip side the situation is a little creepy. 

    •  Flip back through some of the earlier pages and you’ll see clear wrinkle lines in his forehead and around his eyes and mouth, whereas Kyle’s face is drawn perfectly smooth most of the time. Also, copious amounts of arm hair. XD

      • ErykaSoleil

        Oh, please! If you think The Annihilator has “copious amounts of arm hair”, you should see the men in my family! The Wolf Man ain’t got -nothin’- on the men in my family . . . 😛

        • Erica

          i have copius amounts of arm hair and im 19 and a girl 😐

          • KBatty

             I lol’d.

        •  Hah, I am not saying his arm hair is a bad thing. He’s obviously very masculine, and my dad is very hairy too. I’m just trying to point out that the people arguing that Annihilator is in his early twenties also are looking at things a little skewed.

      • Corey C

        Your point? Do the men in your life not grow arm hair until middle age or something?

        My dad is barely even 35 and his arms look like ferrets.

        •  Well 35 is about where I’d place Anni. What I’m confused about is how you’re all jumping to defend his age, like him being almost middle-aged is a bad thing? Why is it so terrible for him, as the villain, to be acting predatory? Just because some of us are pointing out what he’s doing doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy him or the comic, so relax.

      • I was turned on by the guys in highschool who had the full on arm hair.  There were at least 3 I remember in grade 11 & 12.

  • Why does everyoen think he’s old because of gray hair? It could just be gray/silver because he’s a villain with Silver as his theme color. There are villains with bright green hair, after all. I don’t really feel the pedo vibes in here either, unless the kid is under the age of consent…

    • HermeticallySealed

       I went to school with a boy who was a grade below me and already had salt and pepper hair.  I ran into him about 3 years later, and didn’t recognize him as he was solid white. 21 years old with hair like a 60 year old.

    •  Tis not just the grey hair, it’s the hair everywhere else, the muscles, and the lines in his face. Yes, he *could* be only in his late twenties, but with how he’s talking and all the other factors added together I’m thinking late thirties/forties.

      • I remember a number of guys guys back in highschool with rather furry arms and legs and even one or two with full-on chest hair.

        His face doesn’t look particularily lined, mostly just “expression” lines.

    • ErykaSoleil

      For me, it’s because on page 13 he said, “Hmm. What -does- the evil, old man want from the little hero boy?” I don’t doubt that he was playing up the age difference for effect, but it did make me wonder.

      • b3nc0

         thought he was being sarcastic

  • grinsekatze

    Pedo vibe?????? I don’t get that at all. He’s seventeen, he’s not a little boy anymore. And I feel kinda sorry for Annie – he is not that old. 🙁 But maybe that’s just me because I like older guys myself haha^^
    The only bad thing is the blackmail issue… But I can’t deny that I think that even that is totally hot! xD As long as it is fictional and I trust the author this stuff really pushes my buttons!

  • ManicThrifts

    Hey, we might get an extra page next week! 

  • A side-note comment about Kyle’s age, unrelated to the immediate situation at hand– how the heck did he get into a gay bar at his age? 😛 must be a skeezy place to not check for an ID…

    • ErykaSoleil

      According to Alex’s response to a much earlier comment on this page, Kyle used a fake ID.

      • The Annihilator has GOT to get in a dig about that!  A hero using fake ID?!

  • I ship this so hard, my Titanic destroys the glacier.   Cannot wait for the update.

    • VanQuinn

       I will board this ship. *salutes*

      And if it should sink, I will sink with it.

  • Fifteen pages. Sigh–guess I’m coming to the dead-end of the most recent upload, not to mention the beginning of regularly checking back for new content. Not that it’s not worth it; this could definitely be going somewhere. And the old guy? I might have grumbled when I first realized that he was gay, because I knew–I just KNEW–that he would ask the teenager for to perform some kind of sexual act. I’m not put off by it, since it’s all a matter of whether or not I’m going to like how this guy treats this innocent kid which will determine how I feel about this character.

    By the way, the Artifice 2 header? Hell, yeah, I’d enjoy seeing something like that on the big screens. Considering how many yaoi fans there are out there, including the closeted ones, I’m not sure how profitable it would be in the box office. Online or paperback is certainly good enough. ^^ (In fact, I think I’ve grown quite fond of the artwork–it was a bit strange for me at first, but now, I don’t think that I’d want a motion picture to possibly change it in any way.)

    …Yikes. Long response. Sorry ’bout that. :3

  • Gares H.

    I cant wait the next page… u better show me some sexy kiss now!!! >:U hahahaha JK excelent job in this comic really :3!!

  • Re the age – he’s not 12, honestly. People used to be adults by 16 back in the day, married with kids and all. A girl not wed by 18 would be pitied as a hopeless spinster. It’s all quite relative and depends on the person and the current norm in the society. Kyle’s obviously grown up enough to want to go to a bar and meet people (despite all his obvious worries) – and once you’re at that point, whether the other person is the same age or not, who cares.
    And as for Anni, what kind of a villain would he be if he didn’t taunt at least a bit? Especially after he’s already foregone the opportunity to let Kyle break all the bones in his body falling. I mean, if he didn’t take advantage at this point, he may as well sit down with Kyle for a heartfelt older-mentor talk about accepting who you are blablabla

    •  I think a lot of us are arguing the same point but not realizing we are. Just because there’s a significant age gap of probably ten years or more doesn’t mean the Annihilator is an actual pedophile or a complete slimeball, but the possible triggers are there for people who are picking up on them, that’s all. Obviously he’s not wanting to hurt Kyle, but simply emotionally manipulate him a little. But yes, he’s the villain, and he can frankly do whatever the fuck he wants.

  • freak

    I think the age difference between this guys is really sexy. 😉 But I hope the villian won’t be TOO mean to the little firefly. xD

  • I think it’s hilarious how so many people are arguing about the age difference about some guys who only exist in a comic. Seriously, nobody get’s hurt if these guys get drawn when the kiss (or have sex or whatever) they.are.not.real. So stop bragging about an age difference and start enjoying the style of drawing, the way the colours are matched up and how everything fits together and the story of course 🙂

    • kiebeau

      well, that being true why not draw Kyle as 21? i was quite happy with him being 19-22ish. but i admit, i find him being 17 a bit squicky.
      Older virgins are much sexier, my last boyfriend was still a virgin at 26.
      At 17 Kyle should be playing kiss chase in the school yard.
      Edit: i just read that, i guess he is playing kiss chase . . .

      • Then just imagine that he is 19-22ish 🙂 I mean, most guys who are aged between 17-22 doesn’t look very different imo (I hope you understand what I mean, I’m not a native english speaker and don’t know how to descripe it better).

    • Erica

      … they’re not real?! LET ME DREAM ; ^ ;

  • I don’t get any sex predator vibes from The Silver Fox (somebody else called him that in the comments and I can’t really be troubled to remember his actual name after that). He’s not trying to manipulate Kyle particularly or groom him for anything, he’s just jerking him around. That just makes him…a jerk. I don’t think we’ve seen enough to indicate that he’s actually genuinely interested in Kyle. He’s just annoyed at his hypocrisy. Wasn’t there a line somewhere that made The Young Protectors sound vaguely homophobic? Or at least Kyle thinks they would be?

    Anyway, my confusion about this age difference debate comes from all this talk of hair color. Because…it’s metal right? Maybe it was discussed earlier in the comments and I missed it but at first I assumed that was a helmet of some kind. Now it’s clear that it is part of his body, or melded to him somehow. His hair isn’t silver with age, it’s silver because it’s mythril or adamantium or something right?

    • that is a good point. I had assumed that the Annihilator was much older since his hair is silver, but if it’s not silver from age but something else… then my brain stops over thinking and I can imagine the age difference not being so bad. After all, he doesn’t have like… any wrinkles…

    • Silver Mouri

      Even if it was his hair some people do naturally grey early in life. One of my good friends is 27 (Or 26 I’m not sure) and he already has grey hair. He was going grey back when Him and I were still in high school together. It really depends on the family genes. 

      Because of the way he was drawn I was guessing him to be around at least 40 maybe at the oldest, and I’m probably way off. It DID look like a Helmet instead of his hair though. 

  • Just reread the whole thing and I think that Kyle’s reaction has (for totally understandable reasons) been a little hysterical. The blackmail thing wasn’t even the bad guy’s idea. Kyle came up with it himself.

  • Shinashi

    I think of the age difference like this: if Kyle were to murder someone, he would probably go to jail and everyone would blame him for his actions; he can join the military with parental consent, and he’s old enough to have sex in several states. I think he’s ready to have sex with anyone he wants. And if The Annihilator wants someone young then whatevs; it’ll be nice if that was what he was really seeing in Kyle if he ever found him sexually attractive and wasn’t just effin’ around with him. 

    I find the dynamics of their relationship suuuuuuuper hot! Experience x inexperience (on whatever level) has always been something to me, lol. It will be cool if they became a canon couple. 

  • So when do they get engaged already?!?  The story is called Engaging the Enemy…  😉

  • Andre Yunker

     I don’t know if I would say they should be a long term couple, but I definitely think the idea of Annihilator being a mentor (of the sexual variety) to Kyle is very, very hot!  Lots of young gay men have relationships with older gay men… It goes all the way back to Ancient Greece, haha… So I hope we do get to seem some action between these two 😀

    But I wouldn’t say they need to end up being a ‘Couple’

  • cue dateline NBC… 

  • mikakitten

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  • Leigh Nelson

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  • Feverfew_M

    Even with the age-difference, I could totally ship these two.
    But somehow I’ve got a feeling they’re not going to end up as a canon couple. Let’s wait who else is going to enter the picture…

    Anni’s face in panel 4 is great! I see a bit compassion and concern there – makes me love him all the more. Also, his lips look utterly kissable. 🙂

  • Can’t wait to see what happens next. I’ll bet that he gets all up in Kyle’s personal space but that we’ll have to wait another week before the big kissing scene. Whatever’s on the next page I’m sure it’ll be amazing though~

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  • ThatOddGuy

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  • QuantumKid

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  • SolrSurfr3

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  • Kyle shouldn’t feel ashamed. I was 19 before I ever kissed anyone ^^;

  • He’s 17? And the villain thought he was 16! Ewww, back off, perv! Wait until he’s of age!
    … oh who am I kidding, I’m loving every panel of this …

    • zoe macey

       If it makes you feel better you can pretend its set in England?, Age of consent is 16  (Quite weird really as we can only drink when we hit 18) lol

      • It’s 16 in Canada too

  • Red

    Haha I just started reading this cause many people I follow here reads it and I love how the big guys trolls the kid. That face on third panel is sooo cute!

  • Quinn Wendland

    Well, definitely sexy to me…

  • Quinn Wendland

    Well, definitely sexy to me…

  • Goddess Of Applesauce


  • camolot the creator


  • Faye

    Ew… Read this far and stopping. This is predatory and gives me the creeps. Not to mention he’s just a kid at 17 and the villain is like old enough to be his father

  • Backup Account 3

    this is not okay. this is not okay. this is just villainizing people of the LGBT+ community, and for the last many pages i have been hoping that this was NOT going to happen. No.

    • A.M. Fals

      I don’t think you can handle this comic. My recommendation is to stop reading it.

      Some of us appreciate that gay men are portrayed beyond stereotypes–as imperfect heroes and as thoughtful villains. I’m rereading this part because Anni is my favorite character. He forces Kyle to expand his worldview and encourages the teen to accept himself.

      But if the villain as a love interest is too much for you, then you’re not going to see any good that comes or of their relationship.