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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 14

173 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 14

I am not one to cast aspersions on my fellow man, but I dare say you, Sir, are no gentleman! Yes, I dare say that, indeed!


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So… fine, upstanding human being that The Annihilator is, he’s given our hero a couple options. If you were Kyle, what choice would you make?


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  • Mildmay Foxe

    Someone’s desperate for some lovin’.

  • Ooi~! So spicy! Poor little Kyle, so flustered. >w<

  • LOL.  Oh, sure, nothing makes me want to passionately kiss someone like being blackmailed…

    • ErykaSoleil

      Heehee! You made me chuckle, Summer. 🙂

      • Thanks, Eryka!  I do try. 🙂

  • Oh, good ol’ fashioned blackmail! I love it!

  • I hope they’re not the canon couple. He’s way too old for this kid, it would be really creepy, especially if THIS is how things start.

    • seekmore

       “way too old”? We don’t have ages for them. Kyle has to be legal, and The Annhilator is obviously older, but this is superhero land. A muscular dude with white hair and a smirk could be any age. 35. 58. 254.

      “especially if THIS is how things start.” Because yeah, being taken hostage by a  sexually curious homicidal robot reeks of healthy relationship dynamics.

      • Jen Roberts

        I don’t recall Deacon coercing an unwilling Jeff though. Deacon initially wanted Jeff for different reasons, and it was only after getting to know him that things…shifted. I’m not saying that it WAS a healthy way to begin a relationship, but that doesn’t mean that THIS is, either. And there’s a very unsettling feeling (for me, at least) about this setup.

        Given that The Annihilator is the bad guy, and all of what’s happened in the pages leading up to this, I’m guessing that’s what Alex is going for. So if some of us are a little…apprehensive, that’s completely understandable. I’m still going to read it! I am really enjoying the characterizations and the art, and, let’s face it, I am hopelessly hooked on Alex’s writing by now. But I can see where Mea’s coming from.

        • Hm.  I dunno, it’s not like Annihilator killed everyone Kyle ever knew right in front of him, then threatened to torture him before killing him… and then suddenly switch gears in a mind-game, manipulative way and then seduce him… oh wait…

          I’d say give the big ol’ blackmail kisser a chance.  😉

          • The Annihilator wanted me to commend your sensible instincts and cogent reasoning.

        • Yes, while I’m intending the tone of this scene to be somewhat light and humorous (instead of, say, dark and traumatic), considering what’s going on, I’d actually be surprised if at least some readers weren’t a bit apprehensive. 

          The Annihilator is a super-villain. Kyle is clearly much younger (and appears, at least on some level, innocent). The threat of blackmail is involved. Yes, this is fiction and yes, there can be fun in watching bad people do bad things and yes, hopefully the tone of this feels more Joss Whedon than Lars Von Trier… But I, like you, can certainly see where Mea is coming from. That reaction is not unanticipated nor is it unwelcome.

          This scene is meant to set up a much larger story. One that involves several chapters. I can certainly understand that it might be fun to debate whether these two would make a healthy or appealing “canon couple”. But at this point in the story, as the writer, I’m not asking for anyone to root for that. Or to root against that. My only hope, for now, is that you find what’s going on interesting enough to want to turn the page. 😉 

          BTW, both you and Jay and seekmore are making good points about what happened in Artifice. I will admit I find that kind of ambiguity interesting. Particularly because it does lead to such interesting discussion…

      • Heh. Very well put. 😀

  • charms419

    and kiss~

  • ErykaSoleil

    Oi. Knowing nothing else about the world in which they’re living, I can’t say whether it would be more unpleasant to be outed as gay, or to be caught kissing The Annihilator by some random passerby or unseen security camera. Still not a fan of the blackmail approach (I know, I know, The Annihilator is supposed to be the bad guy, yeah, yeah.), but the second panel made me giggle a little bit.

    I’m not liking the full-on views of The Annihilator on this page, but everything else looks great (love the artwork in that second panel, by the way). Hooray for Adam and Veronica!

    Alex, the opening line for your comments tonight cracked me up. 🙂 And, in response to what you said on the previous page’s comments: Of course I’ll hang around until the story has a chance to flesh out some more. I trust you Alex. 🙂

    • Jen Roberts

       I was going to leave a separate comment, but you already said everything I wanted to say. EVERYTHING. And probably with far less babbling than I would normally do.

      • ErykaSoleil

        -Blushes.- Thank you for the compliment, there. 🙂

    • Monica

       Why would it be unpleasant to kiss Annihilator? :O

      • ErykaSoleil

        I wasn’t saying the act itself would be unpleasant. Rather, I was commenting on how it could be very damaging to Kyle if he were to kiss The Annihilator, and someone who happened to be out walking his dog popped out his cell phone and took a picture.  Or if a nearby business happened to have a security camera that caught it on tape, and that footage were then leaked to the local press. How would Kyle’s teammates respond to something like that? How would the average citizen feel to discover that one of their heros was smooching THE bad guy? It would be like the people of Metropolis waking up one morning to a front-page picture of Superman getting cuddly with Lex Luthor.

        • Heck, how about Annihilator recording it himself as further blackmail material!  He seems to be a WikiLeaks/Anonymous “information is power” anarchist type guy.  Maybe the world needs to know the truth about it’s heroes… 😉

    • Glad to get a giggle out of you with Panel 2 and my note., ErykaSoleil. And I appreciate you giving me and this story a little time before you make up your mind. Hopefully, it will win you over, because I certainly love your presence here. 🙂

      • ErykaSoleil

        Awwww. Alex, you make me blush. 🙂

  • Not your strongest page so far.  Maybe it was the antici…pation?  Don’t get me wrong, the artwork is still killer but things were building so well and this page just kinda put the brakes on a bit.  I thought Annihilator had more of a killer edge.  This reads like his self-esteem needs a bit of work!  Dude, you’re hot, he’s flustered, you don’t need to overtalk it- that just leads to foot in mouth disease. Just go for it and leave him wanting more!

  • Avengelyne

    Oh now that’s just mean….and I’d totaly take the kiss. Hoping he’d drop it after that.

    • ErykaSoleil

      In our reality, unfortunately, something as simple as a kiss is almost never the end of the blackmailing. It’s more like the predator testing the waters because he/she knows better than to jump right in with the heavier stuff.

  • Monica

    OMG what a wimp Kyle is ! XD Silly little stupid boy!  KISS KISS KISS KISS!!

  • Braddow

     The Annihilator does it right, I think (well, more or less). He seems to believe the world would be a better place if people like Kyle outed themselves – but he does not force him to out himself, instead he forces him to come in touch with his own desires, just for a moment. That can start all sorts of personal growth or such things. And while he is rough, he clearly seems to try to not go further than kyle can handle it.

  • CK

    Now THAT I want to see!

  • All this sure is making my squealy teen-girl gizzard shiver but I don’t know if it makes a whole lot of sense. Being the bad guy and instead of using the blackmail for something useful, he just takes a kiss. But I guess there’s no real need to complain since I don’t know this world or the characters that well yet.

    Still a big plus from my teen-girl gizzard… I think the Annihilator is very cute in this page!

  • I think I’ve got the “Batman Forever” soundtrack playing in my head…

  • grinsekatze

    I CAN’T wait for the next page. Silverfox is kinda awesome with all his conditions!^^ Maybe that is not an evil plan at all but his tactic to hit on guys he finds attractive! xD hahaha Nice!! I am sure it works half of the time 😉
    Alex, your comic is wonderful and I am enjoying every page so far. 🙂

    • Thank you, grinsekatze! I’m really glad you’re enjoying it! 🙂

  • cozcoz

    is Silver lonely or something…. idgi 

  • Riiight…because you can always believe what you read in the tabloids. Like that one I read about the moon exploding in 3 months. Which was over 5 years ago. Very believable. But luckily for Parkourman, Kyle seems to be a bit dense.
    On a side note I am a bit dissapointed that he asked for the kiss flatout. It just seems kinda childish and fan-service-y. Rather than just say he wanted a kiss he could have manipulated the situation better to get the kiss. I know no real information has been given on the Annihilator but that already seems out of character. Ah well, maybe its just me. Still a great story so far.

    • j chan

      I’m with you on this, actually.  Depending on how long this particular comic is, though, it might have been the easiest way.  Still, it seems more of a fan service.

      • Sanbai

        Arrg! I’m torn between the “Yeah, this is kinda rushed” and “OMG GIMME THAT KISS SCENE RAWR!” Alex is appealing to both my intellectual and my banal! Talented he is…

    • Glad you’re enjoying the story, Vincent. (And you’ll have to let me know in future chapters whether you feel his actions here are OOC.)

      BTW, there is an intentional act of fanservice in this story, but this page isn’t it. (It’s not in this chapter.) I’ve always been amused by fanservice in anime so I thought I would include it at least once in one of my stories. You’ll definitely know it when you see it… 😉 

      • Sanbai

        I have to wait a WHOLE CHAPTER FOR THE SERVICE????? *sniff* I-I think I’ll be okay…

  • What choice I would make? Look at The Anihilator?! He wouldn’t even need to ask me to kiss him u-u

    Ok, joke aside, blackmail! That’s interesting. Not exactly the kiss thing but where this will lead. I mean, if he’s blackmailing him once, he can blackmail him twice. With more material, if Kyle actually agrees to kiss him. So… Where is this leading? Now that I want to know!

    (And it’s like 7am of the morning of a Saturday in Brazil and I woke up thinking about the update. And Diablo III. I believe I have a problem… LOL)

    • Sanbai

      I like your problems. Let’s share!

    • Heh. I like your problem, too, Alis. 🙂

    • ErykaSoleil

      Totally understand your problem, as well. 🙂

  • Amerou

    Everyone aboard the Schadenfreude Express! *gets her conductor’s hat*

    Seriously, I can’t be the only one laughing maniacally as they read this page.

    • Andr913

      I get to be the guy who shovels the coal while cackling evilly!

  • Best blackmail ever! I love how he goes about doing it, too. He plays poor little fire-boy so well. I love it! I’m excited for the next release (as always), and I can’t wait to see what happens and how the “agreement” works out.

  • Erica

    omg. YES. deep. passionate. mmmmmmm lol

  • Andre Yunker

    Do it Kyle! Do eet!

    It’s not like you don’t find this guy hot!  How could you resist him! xD

  • oh dear god i love blackmail!!!!!
    I’m gonna be on pins and needles till the next page.

  • OrangeNarcolepsy

    If from now until Wednesday, 20 of us donated $10, then we could easily reach that update 🙂  

    OR if 40 of us donated $5 then we could reach it, too.

    I know the economy is bad, but I can certainly spare 5 bucks. 

    *chants* KISS! KISS! KISS! KISS! woo!! 

    • OrangeNarcolepsy

      . . . unfortunately, i am having a TERRIBLE time verifying my card and linking my bank account to paypal. I cant donate right away. . . but eventually, i can! <_< 

      • Yikes, I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble, OrangeNarcolepsy. But thank you for wanting to support this comic! 🙂

  • Hmm The Annihiator could get anyone he wants.  But he’s picking on Kyle…
    It’s like he’s riding on the hope that he can abuse Kyles highly implicit sexuality, like “you’ll do it because you’re gay, and I think you should learn just what ‘gay’ means”.
    Because it’s not like Annihilator’s desperate for some action of anything.  He could walk into that club annd get young boys goin “MOMMA LIKE” easy XD

    • Hmm, indeed. 😉

    •  Oh god yes! xD

      He’d have his arms full in moments

      • Sanbai

        And I get the feeling he could spread them VERY wide! XD! I can’t stop grinning at the idea of Mr. Shiny scooping up about 6 hawt boys in one swoop…

  • Ditzite

    The Annihilator is a guy who likes to train them…. Hehehehee I approve! So much! Its not just the fact I have been reading a metric buttload of yaoi eithere!

    • Sanbai

      A…a metric buttload? I can’t like your comment enough here!

    • Sarah Schaller

       The proper measurement is actually a Metric Shitton, but it’s an easy mistake to make. All is forgiven.

      • Lance Gilroy

        nope, speaking as a canadian, definitely metric fuckton

  • b3nc0

    I don’t want /this/ kiss to happen ;;_;; , at all ´n`, never, °^°

    Or only if this is some sort of sick thourough roleplaying game & they already intimately know each other ?_?

    Come ooon, it’s his goddam /first/ kiss, have mercy, will you, no, not you Parcourman, I meant Alex!

    Oh, & don’t forget the vote button, maybe before the next bonus page ;°)

    • Alas, it’s not always easy being a character in one of my stories, Benoit… 😉

      And yes! Thank you for reminding me! Must get on that! (But first I have to create some link banners. MUST. GET. ON. THAT!)

  • SH_Marr

    Honestly, that guy is a total creep…

  • omg! what a creep! 

  • iTVXQ

    Kiss him, kiss him, kiss him…. >8D

  • Dex X.


  • If I were Kyle, I wouldn’t have gotten into this situation, because I wouldn’t have gotten into random fights.  XD  But the situation as it is, I’d kiss him.

  • *drop dead* OMG, kyle, run to protect your virginity! Seriously.

    • ErykaSoleil

      Just because he’s still in the closet doesn’t mean he hasn’t had an intimate relationship before (he probably hasn’t, but we shouldn’t jump to conclusions here).

  • thisboybroken

    Totally, kiss him!!! But blackmail is bad and he shouldn’t not be proud of his sexuality! so, Go ahead call the tabloids!! 😀

    • ErykaSoleil

      In our reality, where you live can have a huge impact on how your sexuality is accepted by those around you. The fact that Kyle has even a bit of hesitation about coming out means that there is at least a perception of negative stigma.

  • melinda stumpf

    i say kiss him then you can fun your fun latter when It starts to heat up

  • TailKinker42

    Kissing under duress is wrong… and sorta hot.

  • xLizardx

    I think Mr. Fox knows that Kyle won’t lower his inhibitions without a very good reason – in effect, he’s giving Kyle both an excuse, and someone to blame for finally giving in to what he truly wants. Also, I think he realises that Kyle will probably continue to repress his sexuality, even when given an excuse to surrender to his fantasies, unless Mr. Fox is very… thorough with his conditions.

    …In other news, I REALLY hope there’s a bonus page next week 😛

    • I totally agree! It’s like, either way, Kyle needs to face his true self. Kiss – and most likely enjoy 😉 – him and never be able to deny his true desires again, or face the public announcement and never be able to deny his true desires to the rest of the world…

  • rayrayravona

    This is giving me such a rapey vibe. I’m extremely uncomfortable with it. :/

    • I thought I was the only one. It rubs the wrong way, right? “Hey, let me blackmail you into kissing me – or I´m gonna forcibly out you!”

      • ErykaSoleil

        Oh, no; definitely not the only one. I’ve posted some comments over the last few pages about how Kyle’s situation has been making my stomach turn over, and Alex has been kind enough to reply to a few of them.

        However, I am willing to hang in and see how this resolves–it may be that The Annihilator is trying to make Kyle realize how dangerous it is to cover up your true self to such extremes. Also, the fact that I am feeling real-world anxiety over fictional characters speaks highly of Alex’s abilities.

        •  Oh cool, so he´s answering? That´s nice. I think it´s awesome when the autor gets back to his audience and tries to solve issues. Kudos to him!

          Yeah I´m gonna read on, too; but it´s with very mixed feelings. I also get that covering up your true self is not a good thing to do; but also – he´s 17. He may be curious and not really sure of what label to put on himself. Sure, he could be gay, but he could also be .. not.

          I think my main issue is that it´s reminding me of the seme-uke-dynamics of mangas. Where the seme sometimes has to “convince” the uke with forced kissing, hugs etc until the uke “gives in because he likes it”; and all the fangirls on the sidelines go crazy. Or at least; this is how it feels for me when I read through the comments here.

          But as you said – making me feel anxiety over fictional charakters so much is not easy xDD Go, Alex.

          • Howdy benzinhuhn!

            It’s actually no accident that this chapter is reminding you of “seme-uke-dynamics”. As I am someone who is writing for a yaoi audience (not exclusively, but my current brand is “Yaoi 911” 🙂 ), I wanted to experiment a bit with those dynamics in this story, at least in the beginning. You’re not going to see the violent non-con of some other works here, but unlike with Deacon in Artifice—who makes it very clear that nothing sexual would happen without Jeff’s mutual interest—the dynamic here between experienced supervillain and inexperienced superhero would be more ambiguous. Ultimately, I was curious to see where that might go if the characters were more three dimensional instead of seme/uke types.

            Of course, that narrative choice is going to work better for some readers than others. And ultimately, my interest in that trope only extends so far (the stakes change and increase quite a bit throughout this multi-chapter story). But I thought it would be interesting to explore, at least in the beginning. It has certainly led to interesting discussions. 🙂

            There is also a very interesting discussion to be had around whether a typical 17 year old would still be too young to know their own sexual orientation. Growing up, I found the experience was often different for boys than it was for girls, with boys being very clear about their sexual interests by their early to mid teens (although often struggling, sometimes taking many years, to accept them) and with girls getting clear about that later in life. Part of that has to do with the questions young people are asked by their peers (when I grew up, girls were often asked “Who would you want to marry?” while boys were often asked “Who would you want to have sex with?”—both would not necessarily lead to the same answers!), but there might be other factors as well. 

            Now, I have met boys who “had no clue” they were gay until their early twenties and I’ve met girls who knew for sure they were lesbian or bisexual by 12—human sexuality is very diverse—but in my experience, most gay guys I’ve met would have been very clear that they had an exclusive (or nearly exclusive) interest in men by 17. The hard part of labeling themselves was actually all the negative connotations of the label, not clarity about who they had feelings for. Anyway, food for thought and discussion. 🙂

            Thank you for the props and the thoughtful comment!

  • I’m not going to lie.

    I’m digging this.

  • Bealtaine

    Kyle should go for it! Kisses aren’t a big deal, a spread in the tabloids that you don’t want is a whole other ball game. I think the Fox will feel bad about it later though  🙂

  • Yukiness

    That dead serious face made me cry.

    I can’t help but love that oddly specific detail of Annie’s demands. It’s a little surprising that he didn’t say,”And I want the baba (spit) to dribble out the left corner of my mouth. Not the right! If it’s the right we will have an issue.” Also surprised that he didn’t mention the chocolate. I wonder how he’d react if Kyle pulled a fast one like that. Even though the odds don’t seem very favorable to our little KittyKat now, its much better stakes than something like “spread your legs or so-and-so gets it”.

    Just to screw with Annie, Kyle should pounce on him like a cat does to a cat tree and suck that face like a starved leech.

    You can do it Kyle! Suck that face!

  • An utter blackmailing bastard. I’LL say,call the tabloids,you pathetic ####er!

  • VanQuinn

    I kind of think the Annihilator isn’t blackmailing Kyle so much as getting some playful revenge for the way Kyle has treated him till now. That is, Kyle’s not very bright and assumes a lot… so the Annihilator is playing along with his expectations (“You want me to blackmail? Fine, I’ll blackmail you”). I don’t think he intended to blackmail Kyle at all when they met, but the boy so far isn’t open to seeing the man as anything but evil. Perhaps the kiss will open his mind?

  • RustyBurrell

    I totally can’t see the Annihilator as a villain, at least not completely. He’s too cute, in a mean way!

    • Ryn

      I’m hoping for anti-hero in a mean way myself. so much fun when they’re bad.

      • RustyBurrell

        Yes! Anti-hero is precisely the vibe I get from him!

    • HermeticallySealed

       Same here.  He seems like a bad guy by default because of his anarchist leanings.  But I’m thinking he’s going to end up helping Kyle accept himself.

      • ErykaSoleil

        The anarchistic leanings didn’t turn me off to him at all, but the blackmailing for a kiss certainly did.

  • I love how in panel 5 it looks like The Annihilator is displaying his “wares”, so to speak, with the hand framing, and Kyle is obviously looking down… window shopping, maybe? =3

    • Ryn

      as if his wares weren’t already on display. heh

    •  I…. totally thought the same thing.  “Kiss you with tongue where, dude?  That -is- rather forward….”

  • fujoshifanatic

    What choice would I make? As if there is one! I’d be snogging the bastard before he finished the statement — then maybe I’d deck him while he was caught off guard if it was good enough. 😛

    I don’t know if Kyle is up to meeting Anni’s very specific demands, *giggle*  but I can’t wait to find out!

    •  You know what?  I like the way you think. 

    •  Omg, you made me laugh so hard I choked on my cookie ><;

      • Yukiness

        As someone who has recently done the same (but with japanese coffee) I have recently adopted this rule:

        When reading and Alex Woolfson comic, do not eat or be within the process of devouring food items. Your computer/tablet/internet enabling device will thank you and your esophogas will thank you too.

        • ErykaSoleil

          And your nose! Don’t forget the nose! (I cannot count how many times my younger self learned that carbonated beverages giggled up the nose were terribly unpleasant.)

          • Yukiness

            Alex has already made me shoot food out my nose and the coffee (Pokka Vanilla) did indeed escape that way with some explosive results. I have learned that carbonated beverages are not nearly as painful as cereal (more specifically cinnamon toast crunch), ice cream (pain that is equivalent to getting punched in the face by the hulk with cold hands), and tootsie rolls.

        • ErykaSoleil

          Also, thank you for making me aware of Japanese coffee. I am now spending some quality time with Google on the subject. 🙂

  • Ryn

    As hot as i think he is, I don’t think i could do it. I’m a ‘look but don’t touch’ kinda person. But I’m soooo looking forward to Kyle getting ravaged. ^^ hee

  • OroroNebbia

    Gosh! Just kiss him already!! I really want to see what is going to happen in the next page! This is going to be awesome!

  • PFFTT. I’m dead. Someone get a crash cart. Good Lord. Fourth panel got me. I love him, “Bad Guy” or no. 

  • Oh god – no going ‘yuck’ – I about died, that was great, LOL.  Dancing in my seat waiting for kissing, now! There is just something about that lovely, evil old man that makes my heart go pitter pat and root for him. ^_^

    • mewta

       I know right? Big ole tuff guy just wants some loving XD And the whole good/evil crossover is so wonderful 🙂

      Btw, hi long time no see twisted! When are you gonna update TLPH? *puppy eyes*

  • oh, come on, people! author simply wants us to die of impatience.
    at least, i’m already close to this))
    and, oh merlin, this age gap makes me tremble *__*

  • mewta

    Yeah that’s the way….blackmail yourself into his heart XD

    Loving this. You’re so awesome Alex. 😀

  • I would give anything in the world to see Red’s wibbleface in that last panel. 

    “But… but you can’t!  You can’t make me do what i really wanted to do and came here kind of hoping for in the deepest garment-bag of my closeted heart!”

    Oh, no.  Not that.  Anything but that. 

    • ErykaSoleil

      Haha! The “garment-bag” comment made me chuckle, and think of the old Br’er Rabbit folk tales: “PLEASE don’t throw me in that briar patch!” 🙂


  •  I totally *heart* this comic… except for one thing. The use of the color black, or rather non-use of the color within the panels. Your pencilist is doing a great job with their clean pencils, but I really wish there was an inker to make the artwork look really sharp and slick.

    • ErykaSoleil

      Personally, I like the lack of inking. I don’t think the “slick” look would compliment this style very well, and I feel like crisper outlines would make it look a bit flatter and more . . . well, comic-booky. I’m kind of enjoying the softer effect.

  • Feverfew_M

    I get the feeling that Anni is like, ‘Blackmail, huh? Well, cutie, if that’s how you want to play it, I can give you that.’ He’s so used to being the bad guy that he doesn’t give a sh*t.

    Which makes me think that The Annihilator must have been where Kyle is now when he was a kid – a young gay guy with superpowers and the likely very high ideals that teens tend to have. Was it lack of acceptance that made him develop his ‘anarchistic’ f*ck-you-all-I’ll-take-what-I-want-attitude?

    I noticed that he didn’t disagree with Kyle’s assessment that a hero can’t be gay. Maybe that wasn’t just because he wanted to get into Kyle’s pants faster, but also because that’s exactly what he thinks: don’t expect society to accept a gay hero. Been there, done that, got the supervillain-outfit. 🙁

    I hope that Kyle has a better support system in his teammates than he himself knows, right now. Can’t wait to meet them.

    And now that I’m done overanalysing things – I want to see that kiss!!! <3<3<3 😀

  • With all the right qualifiers to that request, one has to wonder… how many times has the Annihilator done this? XD

  • mikakitten

    GAH!!! KISSSSSSSS!!! :3 Do it Kyle do it!! He’s just too charming! <3

  • I love how people are abbreviating the Annihilator’s name as Anni… kinda reminds me of Little Orphan Annie, or Annie, Get Your Gun, makes me smile. 

    And some have commented on the art, saying that it needs inked in dark bold lines… well I like it as is.  It seems a more modern take on traditional “comic book” style.  To me it makes it seem more artistic and less ‘cartoon-ey’.

    Great job Alex, Adam, and Veronica! 

  • Nahika Blanchet

    This is not how you go around asking for kisses, Anni.  I’ll be honest… This guy is making me feel uncomfortable in the iffy sort of way. I guess kinda like Kyle. If I were Kyle, I’d probably think about it for a good long minute, kiss him, and mope about it afterwords ^^;;

    • mikakitten

      Awww!! Hehe! I see your point of view…but I am glad we are of the same oppinion for the conclusion! :3

  • mikakitten

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  • Oh my!

    Seriously though. GSM is proving more and more to be a total ass.


  • Side thought: Kyle doesn’t seem to have a costume. I’d dig the heck out of it if his and his team’s crime fighting was all done in casual dress.

    Incidentally this is exactly the reason (the thing about being a role model is not a good reason, of course) to wear a mask if a super hero doesn’t want his personal life mixed with his public image. Or as a kiss shield…

    GSM doesn’t wear a mask either. How does take a walk in a park or whatever without being arrested?

    • ErykaSoleil

      Same way Superman just puts on a suit and glasses to become Clark Kent. Oh, and he tucks that little curl back in with the rest of his hair. :p

      • Ambler

        *Curl falls out*

        • ErykaSoleil


          I would “like” that multiple times, if I could.

    • I believe Alex mentioned we will see Kyle’s costume in the next chapter…?  (Please correct me if I’m wrong.)  As a “freedom of information” kind of guy, I think Annihilator probably doesn’t care about hiding his identity.

    • xLizardx

      Kyle’s not on duty atm, so I think that explains the lack of costume. Still, his powers are pretty awesome – I hope they run with the flame thing and give him an appropriately awesome costume 😀

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    Creepy old guy is creepy.

    • Jake Menn

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      • ErykaSoleil

        No, but it would awesome to see him trying to take the deed to Kyle’s ranch. 🙂

        • Ambler

          Or running his hand all over dat community chest.

      • Ambler

        :O Mr. Monopoly isn’t evil!

        Or as ripped, for that matter. Plus, his pimp cane makes him classy. I had no mention of a cane.

  • I wonder if we’re looking at this wrong. What if Kyle and Anni are already lovers and this is a bit of role-playing? 

    • ErykaSoleil

      It is a possibility, but I don’t think that’s the case here. (Was it you, or someone else, who posed this idea a little earlier?)

      • It wasn’t me, it was just something that occurred to me as I re-read the last few pages. I should pay more attention to the comments! It just suddenly seemed to me to be a bit of a coincidence that Anni just happens to be hanging round the same bar that Kyle goes to.

  • …Alright.  I’m in love.  I want more. 😀
    As for your question, if Mr. Annihilator was a young sexy evil man I’d have already been on him. :B Buuuuuuut this is a whole different case.  Personally, I think he should just let the guy tell whoever he wants.  So long as Kyle keeps saving people (or whatever it is he does…) they’ll eventually stop caring.  The world is changing after all.
    (That and I just couldn’t kiss an old guy…>.<)

    •  Can’t kiss an old guy?  Oh, honey.  You are missing out. 

    • He’s a sexy older man, aka a Silver Fox. If he had black hair I don’t think so many people would think of him as “old”–but more sexy older man for me! :* Pucker up Kyle! 

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      On Saturdays. About 9 o’clock in the morning for me in Europe. So I guess that’s about midnight PST?

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  • I actually don’t find anni that creepy. who are we to say he’s old? I have an uncle that went gray in high school.

    • VanQuinn

      I agree. Aside from his hair, there’s nothing really old about Anni. He’s as muscular as Hercules, has a full set of teeth, no liver spots, and he can parkour his way up a building. Consider me swooned.

      If Anni was a 500 year old vampire with long black hair, I wonder if we’d be getting the same complaints?

      • ErykaSoleil

        Not trying to speak for anybody else here, just my opinion: The Annihilator’s looks are not what I find creepy about him. What I -do- find creepy is that he’s going the sexual blackmail route with Kyle.

        I’ve seen this scenario played out in real life a few times; it is incredibly disturbing, with a high probability of long-term emotional damage (even when it is “just a kiss”). I really liked The Annihilator until he started down this path, even when he casually tossed Kyle up in the air a few stories.

        Yes, I certainly -would- feel the same way about a young-looking, sexy vampire. I have the same twisted-stomach response any time I see this sort of thing happen, regardless of the sex, age, social status, and/or gender of either person involved.

  • Michele M.

    I like where this is going. And no, I don’t think the Silver Fox is creepy. I think he is pretty hot and like the sexual tension.

  • I have a friend with gray hair and he’s in his twenties! Looks are so deceiving these days. Middle school girls where I live could walk into a college bar. Scary fact. And Anni [as one and all seem to call him here], is a hot older man. A tad creepy, evil and certainly charming with his smarter-than-thou one-uppers, but definitely miles past attractive. As for the blackmail route, he could have done way worse than ask for a kiss. A “kiss” could have a way bigger affect on Kyle than a number of things that might have been asked of him. Fresh, young, impressionable, “in the closet”… Annihilator knows this is a big thing for the poor guy. Embarrassing, on a number of levels and staggering, considering whom is demanding him to pucker up.

    heee~ I’m so glad I found Artifice, finished reading [finally] and discovered this new beauty! Congrats on everything, Alex!

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  • I’d enjoy seeing whether Annihilator goes ‘less evil’ while Kyle gets less ‘locked in’ to some arbitrary government-sponsored ethic and more into some useful heroics. Shadow and light make meaningful images out of each other…

  • Irish Hussy

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    Also, I thought it was pretty ironic that Kyle’s a flamer in more ways than one. 

  • As opposed to “creepy” or “this ain’t right” or “forced/OOC,” I’m seeing it from an entirely different angle. The guy’s a supervillain. That he would even *bother* to squeal to any sort of press or authorities about Kyle’s sexuality is a laugh all by itself, nevermind that nobody would believe him. Or care. Is Kyle reeeally that insecure? Or as someone else here put it, dense? But seriously, if you don’t want outed, you don’t go NEAR a gay bar. Plus, Annihilator is laying it on ridiculously strong and Kyle is actually going with it. Honestly something tells me Kyle WANTS that kiss. XD

    On with the show. :3

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      I’ll be kind of pseudo-camping, because I’ll be in and out. But I’m hovering as best I can!

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  • ManicThrifts

    Not sure what’s best about this comic: The fantastic storyline, the brilliant art, or Alex’s hilarious commentary. 

  • I don’t want to be so negative about this but SHEESH…is that ALL “gay comics” are about, anymore? Kissing, making out, SEX? I really was expecting more from this but we’re at 14 pages all for a kiss…and blackmailing him about being a gay hero? With Anderson Cooper, Neil Patrick Harris and other public figures announcing their homosexuality all over the place – isn’t this passe, already?

    I adore your art but this story is just lame. The sexual aspect is tired and panders to the basest of plot devices and if I wanted to read this kind of thing, I’d be reading a “Class Comics” sex-a-thon book.

    I really expected more.

    • I agree. Completely. The only thing I see forthcoming is anticipation for MOAR SEX! :DDDD … You know? Like that’s all we ever think about. Sex. Sex sex sex. I’ll be honest with you, I think about way more than sex, and I certainly like reading stories that grab me by the balls and demand my attention. Things that make me attached to the characters and anticipate more than just MOAR SEX! :DDDD.. You know? :/ 

      • camolot the creator

        We’re humans. We’re hardwired to think MOAR SECKS all the time.
        All the time… *sigh*…

    • Omar Cantu

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