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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 13

175 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 13

Gosh, I totally didn’t see that coming…

And lookey down there—we’re already at $161 dollars towards the next bonus page! Woot!

Special thanks go out to long-time supporter Christopher M. who makes their fourth donation to The Young Protectors and their third in three weeks! Thanks, Christopher!

And big, big, super-grateful hugs go out to Justin M., Justin C. and Daniel N. for their super-generous $25 donations! (And this makes Daniel’s third super-generous donation to The Young Protectors so far! Thank you, Daniel!)

I’ve been so buried under things with my day job, this has been a bit of a low morale week for me and your generous donations have been such a huge boost, you don’t even know. Thank you all so, so much! 😀

In other news, ComicMix is asking people to vote for their favorite NSFW webcomic and Artifice has now made it to the second round. But that means we’re now up against the most popular NSFW webcomic on the web, Oglaf! I’m sure no one expects Artifice to beat Oglaf, but I’ll never underestimate our awesome readers. 🙂 If you’d like to show your support, please vote for Artifice over at ComicMix.

So… The Annihilator has made a rather provocative request. I wonder how our hero will respond?


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  • Krista Parizek

    O.O !!!!! *insert a fangirl squeal of delight here* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee XD 

    Pay up Kyle! >8D

  • ThatOddGuy

    …..Huh. Well…….uh…huh….*dies*

    Oh Kyle, poor, poor Kyle….

  • Jen Roberts

    LOL oh you’re in trouble now, Kyle! Annihilator’s face in the next to last panel…oh my /Takei

  • asdhiuaysdffygyfa *screaming* I. LOVE. THIS. COMIC!

  • lol!  Awesome.  Annihilator is being so gentlemanly about it!  (Other than the tossing in the air bit of course.  lol!)

  • melinda stumpf

    kiss plz kiss 

  • Annihilator Says:  Om nom nom nom

  • I adore your coloring. nice bomb drop here 😀

    • Thank you! (And I really like what Vero did with the coloring on this page too! I especially love how she rendered Kyle’s arms in Panel 4. 🙂 )

  • …okay, I did NOT see that coming.  A-team, you really have weird requests.  Failing weird requests, you have someone standing by with a camera so that everyone can see our favorite Flying Trapeeze Boy snogging you.

  • DoktorNauk

    I figured it would be sexual but innocent. I love this pairing.

  • SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! **Fan girl squeal** KISS HIM! X3

  • arobynbird

    Poor boy looks so confused  its allways so fun to corrupt the innocent… he relly didnt plan this out   any time you go to a new club you need to have two things 1 your pick up lines 2 a resoponce incase some one hists on you   

  • Okay I admit I shouted at the screen. Why did the page end there?

    Another fabulous cliffhanger Alex, and I’m intrigued where Kyle will go from here!

    • Thank you, Cathcer! I’m glad you’re looking forward to what’s coming next!

  • Each page has made me laugh harder which is okay because my neighbors all seem to be deaf. Even at 3 in the morning. Anyways…This one made me laugh hard enough scare my poor cat who was sleeping next to me.
    I am torn though. Part of me wants to see the kiss. Part of me wants Kyle to say the heck with it, I’m fine if you tell everyone I went to the gay bar, might be good for kids to know that. And then there’s that part of me that want to see the poor kid burst into flames of embarrassment. Honestly, I don’t know which one of those is the cruelest.

    • I’m glad this got a chuckle out of you, Tanya! And we’ll just have to see how Kyle reacts……

  • snager

    :V called it
    this makes me feel rather uncomfortable if i might say.

  • Oh, Alex.  You just gave all the fangirls erections and pretty much cemented the bonus page donations for oh, the next 3 pages?  lol.  Woo-hoo!   By the way, thanks for the heads up about voting. Of course, I had to cast my vote for Menage a 3, as it’s my fave, and while I love Oglaf, I consider it more of a comic STRIP than an actual comic, so of course, Artifice got my vote 🙂

    • Thank you for the vote, Mykle! And yes, I’ve really enjoyed Menage a 3 too! 

      (If only there were romantic scenes with Junghan…. lol)

  • grinsekatze

    aaww Alex, my love for you and your work increased just because of this page. The evil villain wants a kiss from the hero. That is kinda cute. Even more so because I felt really sorry for hero-boy who looks so defeated in the first panels 🙁 I think a kiss might cheer him up!^^ 

    • Yay! I’m glad you liked the update, grinsekatze! (And Kyle does look like he might need some cheering up… 😉 )

  • Aww Oh that is just all kinds of cute!! XD

  • I don’t even know which way to giggle about this.  I really don’t.

  • Aikka

    Haha, cute ^-^

    can’t wait to see the next page… “XD

  • YES!!! 😀 Alex, you do know how to make my day!

  • AnyOtaku

    I knes it, I knew it! Anhiliator waited unt Kyle stoped talking to tell him that hehe this evil man is sure becoming a favourite character =D
    But I’m not sure if there will come a relationship from this… At least not a romantic one.
    Oh and again, thanks for making gay superheroes a possible thing! This, Artifice and the others comics are sure hellping people and making them understand that anybody can love anybody, no matter the sex.

    • You’re welcome, AnyOtaku. 🙂 I’m glad you’re enjoying The Annihilator. He certainly enjoys himself. 😉

      (And we’ll just have to see what kind of relationship, if any, comes out of this interaction…)

  • Sadly what Parkourman meant was he wanted a Hershey Kiss, his favorite candy. Too bad his intentions are misinterpreted and now that shady, sneaky, schemeing Kyle character will take advantage of his vulnerable state to shove his tongue down his throte…wait, I think I got somthing mixed up here…

    • It’s like you can read The Annihilator’s mind…

  • azurefiction

    If this does lead to an older / younger relationship I will love you forever, Alex, <3333.

  • Midwestmutt

    Oh yeah, we’re talking yaoi, baby!

    • Maybe if Parkourman looked like a 13 year old girl it would be yaoi…

      • Midwestmutt

        Perhaps that is why Kyle did not notice him in the bar. Supers tend to be fast at costume changes.

  • Oh, Foxy. 
    You’re so evil.  
    And scary.
    I might just run home crying.

  • I’d love to see them kiss…. Would totally make my day…

    Panel 4 though makes me even more intrested in seeing the Annihilator in action with those fancy throwing knives… And that shiny fish scale armour makes me wonder if he’s good at swimming. His whole design leaves me with alot of wondering!

    Can’t wait for the next page! <3

    • Glad to hear it, Klara! (And you might very well get to see those knives in action some time…)

  • Araceli Rodriguez

    i squealed a bit. just a teensy bit. ok, a lot

  • Annihilator, you must be the most evil villain that ever walk the earth, for sure *nods*

    I love this page.

    • I’m glad you like the page, kati_mtl! 

      And they do say the devil is a charming man… 😉

  • D D

    I feel like this lighthearted tone fits your style better. One of my problems with Artifice was how dire the situation was mixed with the fact that the characters were way too blase about it when they were playing hide the weasel. It sort of read like a cheesy ’80s movie, which felt a bit inappropriate to the theme and story. But here, it really works! I don’t mean that in a malicious way, it’s just an encouragement to find styles that work for you. Even if something darker happens in this comic (which I hope it does as I love that stuff), it won’t feel as uncomfortably unrealistic because they aren’t hooking up *during* that dark event. All of that aside, I have a thing for superheroes, and I’m really digging the villain/young, unassuming hero thing. XD I have my fingers crossed for this one!

    • I’m glad the tone is working for you more here, D D and that you’re liking the set -up. I hope you continue to enjoy it! 🙂

  • On one hand i really don’t like when creepy old guys try and manipulate anything sexual out of young kids… (not a big fan of old guys. Older yes, old no.)

    On the other hand this does seem a very villainous thing to do 😀

    • I get the feeling he’s not really that old, it’s just his hair is silver.  Kinda like Anderson Cooper.  He’s being sarcastic the way he keeps calling himself “the evil, old man” because he’s probably trying to point out to Kyle not to judge the book by it’s cover.

      • Or that he’s just older in general. I dunno, i imagine the Annihilator to have the voice of Macbeth from Gargoyles. I’m pretty sure he isn’t Scottish but that’s what my mind has decided. Thus, he is old lol.

  • Amerou

    Oh dude, Kyle, you are so screwed.

    (Hopefully in the literal sense.)

  • Teeheeeee! XD poor Kyle and his naive ways. Great work as always, I find myself loving this more and more with every page ^^

  • RustyBurrell

    I found the last panel – in contrast with everything that has happened thus far – adorable, lol

  • samae

    (o(o(o.o)o)o)   < readers.

  • Dex X.

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. The “Oh I know!” Panel is my favorite panel EVER.

  • ManicThrifts

    The last three panels are my favorites so far 😀
    (Maybe because The Annihilator is totally awesome?)

  • charms419

    And kiss~

  • I knew it! I was sooo sure he was after our sweet hero… erm… Kiss. He <3

  • Michele M.

    A kiss! -thinking naughty thoughts- just a kiss?

  • fujoshifanatic

    Truth be told, I think Kyle is getting quite the deal here–a kiss from Mr. Shiny Silver Fox doesn’t sound like such a bad thing at all. Though I get the feeling that that’s just the down payment on the total cost of the Annihilator’s silence! Here’s to hoping that Kyle will make progressively larger payments as the story unfolds. ;-P

  • Andre Yunker

    I’LL KISS HIM!!!

    Hell I’d do a lot more xD

  • HermeticallySealed

    I have a feeling the “villain” is actually likely to end up being a mentor who helps Kyle become a better hero and role model, even if his intentions aren’t all altruistic. 

  • Erica

    heheheee hey Kyle, at least he didn’t unleash that behemoth in his spandex and tell you to suck it >_> Artifice is currently at 25% while OGLAF is 75% COMEONUGAIZZ moar votes >:U lolol on a side note KISSY FACEEE!!! O 3 O *kissu kissu* XP

  • Hey Kyle, there are gay kids who need heros to look up to too.  You and Annihilator need to make “It Gets Better” vids.  😉

    • My thoughts exactly.  There are no champions or heroes for gay kids to look up to, these days.  Other than a few odd comic book heroes you rarely see, there’s just no role models for them.

      • The Teen Titans got an openly gay teammate after their reboot and there’s always Northstar from Alpha Flight. They’re the only two mainstream gay guys I can think of, though, so I most certainly see your point.

      • I actually meant Kyle & Annihilator should do it for the kids within their own, comic book world.  Though we need more gay superhero characters in the comics medium for kids out in the real world too!

  • Guest

    EVIL OLDE MAN… I love you in the big panel! What terrific inking/shading. Don’t hang your head boy, it’ll be all right 🙂

  • Midwestmutt

    I must admit I was sceptical about TYP at first since my preference is sci-fi over supers but this comic is getting its hooks into me. I am wondering what Kyles’ super costume looks like. Also, I think the Annihilator has a very bird-of-prey look in the “oh I know” panel.

    • I’m glad to hear you’re starting to get into it, Midwestmutt. 🙂 (And you’ll get to see Kyle’s costume in Chapter 2….)

  • Gotta admit I wasn’t too sure about the Annihilator the first couple of pages, but he’s shaping up to be pure comedic gold 😛

    I’m curious to see where you’re going, with a set-up like this 🙂

    • In the Annihilator’s case, I’d actually say comedic SILVER but I totally agree with you!

      • Leigh Nelson

        I agree too, I was kind of afraid of him being the cheesy bad guy, but I just love him ^_^ I would start evil doing just for his humor.

    • Hehe. Thank you, Anouk! He’s a lot of fun to write. 😉

  • Damn he looks scary in the “oh I know” panel! I wouldn’t trust that kiss Kyle!!!

  • Hey, what if GSM isn’t Kyle’s type? I mean, he’s a hero and he’s a villain. Evil doing might be a TOTAL turn off for him.

    Kyle: A kiss? With YOU? Puh-leez, girlfriend. 

  • I think he needs to find out what a kiss is, first. XD

  • Avengelyne

    Hmmm…I always thought he’s just take what he wanted, but seeing this I becomes clear it’d be more fun if Fox coned him into doing what he want…you know being evil and all =>.<=

    • Bianca Simone

      It’s easier to get someone to do something when you convince them that THEY came up with the idea 😉

    • That might indeed be more fun… 😉

  • Suhndog

    Oh, my! As I notice the gradual change in the Annihilator’s expressions from first to last pane, you can see the serpent is about to strike! The juxtaposition of the two totally opposite expressions between Kyle and Annihilator’s in the last pane really create’s an ominous air! The Annihilator’s face in the last pane really looks so devious, controlling and forceful! Very nice build-up, visually and emotionally! The ‘Toy-ing’ phase is about to change! …. Mmmmmm! Yea!

  • Suhndog

    Can’t wait, can’t wait!!

  • Sam

    We all know what panel 4 Kyle is really looking at… 😀

    As much as this page is leading up to a nice, sexy kiss, for me it’s also really driving home Kyle’s and his society’s negative attitudes toward homosexuality.  I know other pages have done that as well, but the “I’m supposed to be a hero… Other kids look up to me…” line really got to me 🙁

    • Yukiness

      It’s like David Bowie’s in Labryth, you cannot tear your eyes away once it’s on screen. It’s hypnotic.

    • That line gets to me too….

  • And BAM! the plot thickness lawl

  • Gares H.

    YES!!!!! i love the comic XD!

  • May I just say how much I love “Evil, old men?” A LOT. That evil old man is the reason good heroes go bad, in the best possible ways. >:-)

  • omgomgomg!
    looking forward to see the next page!mb, i hope so,  ther’ll be a hoooot kiss)

  • Yukiness

    A note to the readers, Don’t drink Pokka coffee while reading Alex’s work. Your computer monitor, keyboard and nose will thank you. LFMF.
    On a slightly more serious matter, I love the last two panels. Previously, I mentioned something about a grinch face and I’m happy to see the Shin-ihilator’s. His grinch face came out a whole lot better than I imagined it. The first panel is amazing. That sihoette is astounding. Style points for Adam and Veronica here. The increased amount of background from the last page also helps flesh out the characters (for me anyway). While the blue toned background is cool, the characters appear to be floating about in nothingness. It takes their prescence away from them (for me anyway). Overall, awesome sauce guys.

    (sorry for the late comment. My internet descided to fail right when I went to comment)

    • LOL. (Hysterical—and thank you for teaching me what LFMF is!)

      And I’m really glad you liked what Adam and Vero did here! 😀

      • Yukiness

        Thus, I have converted another.

    • You can save the keyboard with a Keyskin and the monitor with some saran-wrap preventively tacked over the screen, but your nose is on its own!

  • I’m waiting for this to stop seeming completely farcical and start having substance.  The other comics I’ve seen on this site are superb, so I’m hoping it’s just a matter of time.

    • Leigh Nelson

      Well I mean a major part of a comic is to understand it’s character’s mental and emotional stance. Look at Batman, sure in the movies it’s mostly fighting, but in the comics a lot of it is dealing with inner turmoil, assessing his stance, addressing his difficulties. Some of the X-Men issues were solely based around their relationships and life within the mansion together. This just seems more obnoxious because we only get one page at a time…

  • Monica

    *giggle* awww I so love that old chap! 😀 

  • If Kyle won’t do it I will. You don’t say no to a kiss from a silver fox. 

  • OroroNebbia

    I can´t wait for the next page~ I love this comic so far~ 

    • Thank you, OroroNebbia! I’m really glad to hear it! (And next page up in less than 48 hours!)

  • KBatty

    Dearest Annihilator;

    I am disappointed in you. Well, not really—that just seemed like the appropriate response to this situation. You could be using your evil to do all sorts of interesting things, and instead you are harrassing some kid in a back alley. Sir, I think you need a hobby. Have you ever considered macramé? If you could find a way to work explosives into it, it would be a great weapon. No one ever expects exploding macramé.

    Best regards.


    • Syreen

       He has a hobby! It’s harrassing some kid in a back alley 😉

    • Feverfew_M

      Hee, I hope Kyle is his new hobby!
      But hey, if he took up macramé too, he could combine the two and get shibari. 😀

    • KBatty is batty!  Awesome.

    • Or the Spanish Inquisition, for that matter… 😉

      • Yukiness

        Alex, you just used a Monty Python reference and if you keep being this awesome the internet might explode.

        • And now it is time for the penguin on top of your computer monitor to explode!

          • strangeangel24601

            How did you know that was going to happen?!

    • The Spanish Inquisition ALWAYS expects exploding macramé.

  • Feverfew_M

    “A what?!” lol, Kyle is so cute!
    The Annihilator reminds me of a big, lazy predator who has come out to play a bit with a mouse. Love his amused look in panel 2!
    I guess ‘Anni’ thinks it would be fun to try and corrupt the innocent little hero-boy a bit. Well, I really hope the corrupting will go both ways in the end…

    • 🙂

    • Love to see Kyle convince Annihilator to take a no-kill oath in exchange for some good ‘over 18’ sexual action as Kyle learns better how to focus his firepower… Annihilator should remain an independent or ‘anti hero’ but shouldn’t be any sort of ‘evil bad guy’, he’d serve his own cause well by stabilising his hunting ground with the inadvertent assistance of his sporadic allies the Young Protectors. He’d still be able to rob criminals with impunity and sneak off with poorly guarded or unattended wealth as appropriate. I’m reminded of various ‘hero for hire’ situations like ‘Edge the Demonhunter’, ‘Ronin Galaxy’, or ‘Luke Cage’.

  • ooh this is going to be goood^^ *looking very much forward to next week*

    • Yay! Glad to hear it, Christina! (And next page up in less than 48 hours!)

  • Ryn

    *laughs* pucker up pretty boy. ^^  i was half expecting Annihilator to demand a date, but think that may come later. No way is Kyle getting off the hook with just a kiss.

    i think A’s suit gets shinier with each page.

  • BeautifulBodaciousBetti

    Two hot guys kissing…oh yeah!

  • Bealtaine

    I literally put my hands to my face and shook my head at the sheer adorableness of Kyle- he is such a sweetie!Tbh I think the gray fox was being pretty nice…he could have asked for anything!

  • Shinashi

     This is the most attractive almost-couple since PB&J. Exceedingly interesting premise. I’ve always wanted comics where being gay isn’t the sole focus. Most media- if the gay person is the main character, it is all about being a homosexual in real life. Every. Single. Time. Not like I want the conflict to go away like it doesn’t exist, but to have it the main plot all the time is tiring. Good to see it being done this way.

    • I’m right there with you, Shinashi. I’m certainly OK with stories that accept the reality of being gay in a realistic, homophobic world (although I also like fantasy/sci-fi stories where that isn’t the case), but at this point, having the character’s homosexuality be the main event is both old and for me off-putting—it’s a bit like saying their sexuality trumps everything else about them.

      One of my goals was to have action stories with characters who just happen to be gay (and who were allowed to have the same, if not better, romances than what typical straight action-heroes get). I’m glad to hear that there are others out there who might like the same thing. 🙂

      • Shinashi

        “Who just happen to be gay” and “sexuality trumps” are exact words I and my brother have used. I’m happy to see such a compelling agreement. 😀

  • I found this comic while looking for places on Project Wonderful to advertise, but now I’m legitimately hooked? It’s so nice to see a good solid plot linked with gay romance! Not that there’s anything wrong with comics that are straight up romance, but it’s really satisfying to see a story you can get into and excited about and nervous over, too. We’re not very far into The Young Protectors yet, but since you’ve already shown you write a meeaaan comic book, there’s no doubt this will be awesome as well!
    Plus, affably evil supervillians!

    • Yay! Glad to hear you’re enjoying The Young Protectors, Sammy! It’s always great to get props from another creator. 🙂

      (And yes, I love me the charming supervillains, too! Obviously, I suppose… 😉 )

      • Monica

        When did super villains start to save young obnoxious heroes? I think it’s the other way around… the charming gentleman is the real hero, and the hotheaded boy is just a brat boy who don’t know what he are or should do XD

  • Suhndog

    I wonder what type of ‘Orca’ the Annihilator is… An Orca plays with his food live, then kills it, followed by either playing with it some more to entice ‘others’ before eating it’, – or – plays with it and eats it .. Period. Hmmm… Either way, it’s going to attract ‘others’, friend and/or foe… I’m loving the setting for great possibilities! I’m really exited at how well this comic is evolving! I think Alex, you’re a bit of an Orca, also! Heh…

    • Was that in reply to one of my remarks that Annihilator is smarter than a shark – and breathes air?

      • Suhndog

        No, but a shark, for sure… Orca’s (Shamu) tend to look kinda friendly, yet they can be sadistic and ruthless when eating..

        • ErykaSoleil

          Not a shark–too smart. I’d buy orca, except those whales tend to work in groups, and “play” with their food as a team. (I -might- have been scarred by the Discovery Channel as a child . . . )

  • Mephisto_Pheles

    Found this off of Teahouse, there was an ad for Artiface, looked at that one, was not EXTREMELY interested in that one… but this one, this one I like for sure! It looks very old comic book style, and I am loving it!

    • Heh, I was reading ‘Artifice’ and followed a link to ‘Teahouse’ which I also enjoy. The sexual affairs of a HORAR (HOmolog Replacement Army Recruit) and a civilian dissident lover – and of a legal cat house and its clients – and now with YP it’s a great start on a rather nonstandard superhero tale much like what we used to play with Champions or Mutants&Masterminds. Great shows!

  • justjmarie

    Alex…I think I love that big, sexy brain of yours!  I see myself enjoying this just as much as (if not more than…*gasp*) Artifice.  I can’t wait to see what you do with the plot!  I also have to give some love to Adam and Veronica…this art is amazing.  The eyebrows on our boys alone could tell an intriguing story. 

    I thought for sure I was going to die a little when Artifice ended…Thanks for for the life support!

    Also, thanks for the ginger love…I sure do love a ginger!

    • You’re very welcome, justjmarie. Thank you for all the love! I’m very glad to hear you’re enjoying The Young Protectors—and its ginger eyebrows! 😉

  • Blackmail for a kiss?Why,the ol’wolf!

  • Oooo looks like I managed to sneak a peep in at just the right time! I’ve been missing this comic so much, its lovely to come back and find such a lovely page.

    A kiss eh? *grin* Go on Kyle… what’s the worse that can happen? Right? ^_^

    • Cue up Oingo Boingo ‘Nothing to Fear’

  • Well, looks like I have yet another favorite comic floating along the web. Very good work.

    • Thank you, Megan! I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying it! 😀

  • ErykaSoleil

    I’m really not keen on the direction this seems to be going, but I will give it a while to flesh out, and see where it goes. I’m hoping that the Annihilator is just trying to teach Kyle a lesson about how he should be more careful about which “secrets” he thinks are worth protecting, and to what extent.

    • I hear you, ErykaSoleil. If you can stomach it, I’d ask that you stick with the comic at least until the end of this first chapter, which is also the end of the scene. I can’t guarantee that The Young Protectors will win you over— The Annihilator is who he is 🙂 —but by then, I think you’ll have a better feeling for the overall tone.  And then, of course, in Chapter 2, we begin to meet the other Young Protectors and the stakes start to get raised a bit, so there’s some different kinds of fun there. 😀

  • cat_girl_26

    I really am a little bit in love with The Annihilator and I’m really, REALLY excited to read a superhero comic with gay relationships, but I’m a little worried that things are maybe going a bit fast? Happening a bit too easily? I’m not sure either of those expressed my feelings. I think I’ll love this no matter what (I really enjoyed Artifice and I’m a sucker for young/older man pairings and it’s SO hard to find quality ones) but I guess I’ll just go on record saying I hope the characters develop a little more complexity as their own people before we see them in the tangle that a relationship is sure to bring. 

    • Howdy cat_girl_26! I’m glad you’re liking what you’re seeing here! 

      And while the tone of the first part of this story will continue to be light, I actually share your desire for at least some complexity and character development before a true romantic relationship begins. As the chapters unfold, you’ll have to let me know if the relationships I’ll depict live up to your hopes. 🙂

  • Heehee oh Annihilator, you filthy man~
    I get the feeling he’s trying to get Kyle to indulge a little in boy culture. Then he’ll lead him on by being a daddy of some sorts only to leave him discreetly after Kyle undergoes serious character developement by coming to terms with his identity.
    He’s dastardly, isn’t he? Even if i’m wrong, I love him :3

  • Camping.  Ah, Friday, you never come soon enough for me.

  • Kyle reminds me of Billy Kaplan (Wiccan) from the Young Avengers!!!! I love them both so very much!!! They’re both so sweet and cute!!! But Billy has an overprotective, amazing boyfriend. And an obnoxious twin brother. And a mother who almost destroyed the world for them twice. And a grandfather who is Magneto… Point in case, they’re both delicious!!! I want to hug Kyle into oblivion!! Your stories and comics are really amazing!!!!!

  • SolrSurfr3

    Lol, well I’d say it’s a pretty fair trade.
    *grabs camera* Make sure to use tongue! XD

  • alkdfaklalfj111180809aflkjalfka

  • HoneyThistle

    I KNEW it; dirty old man!

  • Firekitty

    This page nearly made me drop my tablet. Not because it was remotely surprising, but because I was laughing so hard. <3

  • ManicThrifts

    I love this page so much.
    What if I just
    made it my school computer background

  •  “I’m supposed to be a hero… other kids look up to me…”
    “You should have thought of that before you walked into a gay bar to check out the boys”

    Sorry, what the fsck!?

  • Celestia’s Snout

    “A what?!”

    You know, I could read this as Kyle being shocked by the request, but given the level of intelligence he generally displays, I can also read this as Kyle thinking “kiss” is some bizarre new foreign thing he’s never heard of before.

  • KanjiLikesBoys

    i love the third panel. You can see how powerless and desperate he feels just from the framing

  • Crestlinger

    …and added to the webcomics bin. Well played.

  • Goddess Of Applesauce

    That’s pedophilia sir.

    • camolot the creator

      But our young man WAS in a bar…
      So really, the villain’s covered no matter what happens.

  • NO

    alright but :WHAT thHEUFUCKK
    thats guys like double his age