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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 12

137 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 12

But… will you betray your teammates, Kyle?

ComicMix is asking people to vote for their favorite NSFW webcomic and Artifice has now made it to the second round. But that means we’re now up against the most popular NSFW webcomic on the web, Oglaf! I’m sure no one expects Artifice to beat Oglaf, but I’ll never underestimate our awesome readers. 🙂 If you’d like to show your support, please vote for Artifice over at ComicMix.

And we had our very first bonus page on Wednesday (page 11!) and we’re now already at $84 towards the next bonus page!

Special thanks go out to long-time supporter Christopher M. (who makes their third donation to The Young Protectors and their second in two weeks!) and a warm welcome and grateful bow go out to new supporter Nadine C. for their generous donations over the last few days!

And super-hero strength hugs go out to Jennifer M. for their amazingly generous $50 donation (their second super-generous donation in a week!)

It was a lot of fun to post a page up early (giving me the chance to post two pages in one week!) Thank you all so much!

So, Kyle is standing up for himself! Is this the end of The Annihilator’s “evil plan”?


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  • Ditzite

    Oh happy birthday to me!

    • Ditzite

      That boy is steppin in it deep and I can’t wait to see his reaction when he realizes what he may be agreeing too!*dances happily*

      Also First!!!

    •  Aw, happy birthday!

    • Very happy birthday, Ditzite! I hope you have a great day! 😀

  • Yes Kyle, fall into his verbal trap so that when he closes the net you can sputter and gasp before realizing you stepped in of your own free will *eg*

  • I voted for Artifice 😀

    And oh Kyle you are too cute!

    • Thanks for the vote, Cathcer!

      (And on behalf of Kyle: ::blush::) 😉

  • Aikka


    even if he didn’t have ANY plans you are giving him ideas by yourself… XD

    -but not saying he didn’t-

    If i would ever meet you, i just run away not talk to you Kyle.
    Even if i just say ‘hi’ i risk being attacked with fire and then accused of many things no matter if i did plan to do something or not… o.o””

  • grinsekatze

    “I don’t care what you do”… the most dangerous sentence!!^^ haha i love kyle, he is a little naive but seems to be very enthusiastic (even if a little bit of a drama queen) but together this is all very cute. and i also love his beautiful hair. it looks so soft xD

    • Thank you, grinsekatze. I’m glad you’re enjoying it! 🙂

  • ohhhhhh Kyle, you really are he of wee brain and large mouth. LOL I have yet to root for the bad guy, but I’m currently firmly on team Annihilator… he’s too darn smarmy cute. ;D And, of course, voted for Artifice 😀

    • Both The Annihilator and I thank you for the vote of confidence, Anne. 😀

  • arobynbird

    Annihilator: *moves in realy close* and if I just wanted to take advantage of YOU?
    Kyle: *blikn* *blink* Wait are you HITTING on me?

  • Haha, Kyle, you are so dumbcute.

  • arobynbird

    its intersting that Kyle never considers that the Annihilator just wants to take physical advantage. eather he is RELLY new at this or has self estem problems.

    •  He’s totally new.  He’s so new that his mom hasn’t peeled the price sticker off his behind yet. 

  • Good boy, Kyle, just tell him everything he could possibly do to you. 😀

  • Lord, lord.  Are all pyros such drama queens?  Remind me to kick the Human Torch off my team when i get home.   Also, it took me this long to realize that the Silver Fox has the same blue eyes that Kyle does.  Feelin’ the derp. 

    C’mon, Foxy, take him out for coffee or something.  Yanking your boy around in an alleyway is a crappy first date.  (or is it?)

  • Feverfew_M

    In the first panel The Annihilator almost looks a bit hurt. No wonder, so far he hasn’t even done so much as threaten Kyle. Maybe he just wanted to have a nice conversation!? … yeah, sure! XD

    Still, normally you need a reason to kill someone, dear Kyle, not to let them live. Killing everyone is a bit bothersome, even for a supervillain. Plus, dead people are no fun!
    Can’t wait to see what the ‘evil, old man’ is really up to.

  • xLizardx

    Mwahahahahaha, oh-uh Kyle… you’ve put your foot in it there XD

  • fujoshifanatic

    Yay! It’s my birthday today, and I get two pages of Artifice!  Oh Kyle, you need to learn that when a super villain asks ‘Is that your only condition?’ it’s your cue to stop and think for a second before you answer. You’re probably going to regret your words in the final panel — though I’m hoping we won’t if it leads to some juicy black mail-y shenanigans between you and the Annihilator! 😛 I rarely root for the bad guy, but Mr. Shiny Silver Fox is too charming to resist! I can’t wait to see what nefarious plan he has in store for Kyle.

    Awesome pages as always, Alex! A great way to start the b-day festivities! :-3

    • Happy birthday, fujoshifanatic! Glad you’re enjoying The Annihilator and the new page. 🙂 I hope you have a fantastic day!

  • Shiny’s expression third panel: It’s so cute how you’re stupid. 😀

    So, I take it ginger is a part of this league of “Young Protectors”? I wonder what stuff they get up to.

  • Chaucer59

    I’m so confused. Kyle’s one of the good guys? So, this is some Rush Limbaughesque alternate universe in which self-hating, closet-hugging fags and homophobes are the heroes? Is Kyle also a Republican congressman and son of an Evangelist preacher? What next, a scene in a Minneapolis airport toilet?

    •     Yeah, I can agree with you on that- the self a hating closet-hugging and all non-gays are homophobes mind sets *are* repetitive and dated.
         BUT I also know that there are pockets of society that keep that mind set as the norm standard. I’m going to assume that Kyle is from one of those pockets and his youth *angst* keeps his head up his ass so he keeps defaulting to the norm.

    • D.E. Thatcher

      I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it was up to you to decide when someone should or shouldn’t feel safe enough to be out of the closet.  

      Since when are homophobia and conditions unsafe for queer people part of an incomprehensible alternate reality?

    • Feverfew_M

      Hm, I don’t see Kyle as self-hating, and we haven’t got much of a clue, right now, how homophobic or not his environment is. What I see is just a very young man who’s confused and scared of revealing something he himself isn’t quite comfortable with, yet.

      I actually prefer an insecure hero, who can grow and develop throughout the story (as I am sure Kyle will), to a perfect, flawless hero. But, as they say, ymmv.

    • Guest

      [EDIT – SENTENCE DELETED B/C IT WAS IN VIOLATION OF COMMENT POLICY] It’s just an ordinary guy (if I may say so) who happens to have superpowers and to also be, as many people right now in this space-time of ours, ashamed of his sexuality. In all (good) stories super-heroes have their flaws, they are just humans. Why do you seem to imply that being the good guy here he should be the champion of the gay cause? He’s a kid, everyone has their phases.

  • If he is a smart ‘evil’ anarchist, that would be the answer he was looking for.

    • DemureDesire

       That was my thought… Sexy has idjit just where he wants him…. er, almost.

  • KBatty

    Dear Kyle, you are acting like a weiner. Sincerely, the audience.

  • shadow_cat101

    he should have giving more conditions. i can see it all now. he’s screwed….

  • I think that’s Annihilator’s invitation to say “OK” and plant on him the most toe curling, swoon inducing, eyes rolling back in his head, fireworks going off kiss experience ever.  Gr!

  • kiebeau

    Walked right into that one . . .

  • Yukiness

    Oh Kyle, stating “I don’t care what you do-etc” is an invitation in evil language. That’s no different than saying, “I’ll do anything if you would/won’t etc, etc”
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the next page is followed by glomps via the Annihilator.

    He looks like the kind of guy who like sexy glomps

  • Catherine Allen

    Kyle’s _so_ sure that he’s the only one that could be gay… that he’s missing the obvious reason for the Annihilator’s interest and attention.  Man-o, I wish that wasn’t so familiar…  he’s going to be enormously embarrassed in about 6 months time. 

    Hopefully he’ll be well and truly screwed by then too! 😉

    (am I truly the only one that feels sorry for Kyle at this point?)

  • Michele M.

    I <3 panel 5!!

    • Sarina Culcasi

       Panel 5 is great, but you have to love what Kyle says in Panel 6! “I don’t care what you do” is just too perfect!

  • ithilloke

    I wish all evil old men looked like him! rrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrr…

    And yes, vote for Artifice! It’s only 7 votes ahead at this point!

  • thisboybroken

    Does this mean all old leather daddy’s are evil???? lol

  • snager

    black mailing someone into dating you is HIGHLY immoral :U
    but he is a bad guy, soooo…

    • Oh, ew. I wouldn’t have any choice but to hate Giant Shiny Man, then! That would be bad when I’ve already given him such a great nickname. D-:/

  • Annihilator is so sexy. I have a thing for older men, and he is just perfect <3
    Kyle – how could he be so innocent (oblivious) in this day and age?
    Can't wait for another page. I rarely comment, but I'm always very happy when there is an update.

    • Thank you, kati_mtl! It makes me happy to hear you’re enjoying the comic! 🙂

    • I’ve been thinking Kyle is a crayon box short one crayon here. He could just have his strung up nature, youthful energy, and fear mixed together that’s clouding his judgement right now, but that’s just a hypothesis. 😉

  • Am I the only one voting for a Kyle with back against the wall, hands pinned above head, Annihilator’s tongue going for the tonsils kiss on the next page?

    • Sarina Culcasi

       Can I like your comment a million times? I was thinking of the SAME THING! I hope he does kiss and grope him in the next page! X3 Kyle’s asking for it!

    • Ryn

      AMEN SISTER!!!! 😀

    • How would that be okay in this situation?

      …Oh. Sorry. Did me and my non romance novel based logic crash a party? :-p

  • Sam

    I really like Kyle’s lightbulb/idea/epiphany face in panel 3 😀  I also like how oblivious he is to the little wheels turning in the Annihilator’s head in panel 5, along with the Annihilator’s expression in panel 5.  I don’t know why the art on this page is sticking out to me so much more than the art from the previous pages, but I think all the facial expressions here are just fantastic 😀

  • Epistasthai

    It’s so interesting/amusing to watch Kyle’s emotions in his facial expressions. And it is very amusing/interesting to watch, as Sam said below, “the little wheels turning in the Annihilator’s head…”. Kyle is heading straight where the Annhilator wants, and is completely unaware about this. But it is cute to see such unawareness once in a while.

  • ThatOddGuy

    *Sigh* Kyle’s not very bright, is he? I’m guessing that’s why The Prince of Persia went after him…

  • Ryn

    *giggling* Oh. My. God! he just-!  XD

    ahem, kyle, THINK before you SPEAK.  but i am sooo looking forward to the results, heh.

  • Dearest Kyle; I adore you.  Truly.  I do adore you.  But let us fact check for a moment. Not only has he NOT really done anything to you (short of turning you into a non-version of Johnny Storm), he also hasn’t made any threats yet.

    Seriously, dude, keep this up and I’m going to ask someone to make sure your roots aren’t showing blond-like colors.

    Lovely and chuckle worthy as always 🙂

  • charms419

    Kyle’s bad at this whole negotiation thing.

  • Wait, i want to tot up all the goofy nicknames we’ve concocted for these two in the span of twelve pages.

    The Annihilator: 

    – Silver Fox (Foxy)
    – Prince of Persia
    – Parkourman
    – Shiny (Shiny McBulge?)
    – One-Man A-Team
    – Giant Shiny Man (GSM)
    – Annie (haha)


    – Pyro
    – Ginger
    – Drama Queen
    – Weiner xD
    – Dumbcute

    What did i miss?

    • I keep calling the Annihilator “the one man A-team.”

      •  Okay, added that one.  I just think it’s funny that we’re all “wat u mean address them by name”

    • Feverfew_M

      Hee, what a fun post! I think I saw Foxy and A-man around, somewhere.
      And I’m trying really hard NOT to start calling him Annie. 😀

      •  I think he totally needs to be Annie.  That can be his drag stage name: Annie Way Youplease. 

        • Feverfew_M

          The Annihilator in drag – I think my brain just melted at the mental image! XD
          Fanart, anyone?

          • If it were Annie Witch Way, we could put him in a cute-witch costume.
            Annie Wonder – Wonder Woman? xD

          • Feverfew_M

            LOL, Wonder Woman’s outfit is even more daring than what he is wearing now! But I guess he could pull off the hot-pants-look.
            And if we get started on witches and broomsticks, Alex will probably throw us out! XD

          • I just… it’s drag queen names. I can’t help myself: it’s like a disease. I break out in them like buboes.

          • Feverfew_M

            Oh, then I hope there is no cure… 😉

      • The Annihilator is a bit of a pain in the butt to type, right? So, Adam started calling The Annihilator “Anni” in our back-and-forth notes and it kind of stuck with us. Even now, my Autotext word for “The Annihilator” is “anni”. True story. 😉

        • Feverfew_M

          Good to hear I’m not the only one.
          “Anni” is really kinda obvious, isn’t it? 🙂

    • I think I’ve seen: Giant Shiny Man aka GSM on here too.  lol!

    •  Dumbcute? XD Prince of Persia? XD

  • err kyle he can black mail you in to a nice little slave boy now if the only thing you won’t do is betray your team mates you mite find your ass sore in a few days XD hes not really good at thinking ahead is he poor lad

  • Krista Parizek

    After reading some of the comments and reading this comic…Oh Kyle, you’re so dumb cute that you made me realize just how young you really are. How old is Kyle here? And the Annihilator?

    • Those answers will be revealed in future pages. 🙂

  • Bealtaine

    The annihilator is being so sneaky here!Kyle really doesn’t see what he’s getting himself into, does he?:)

  • Dear Kyle, way to give the enemy all sorts of ideas XD

  • Adnoxaei

    I keep feeling that this is going to turn into blackmail sex.

    devious silver fox + young ginger with a secret = Porn

    I suppose my mind is just too dirty for this story lol

    • ….I’ve sort of been assuming that’s where this is going, too. 

  • Hrilmitzh

    At the end there I started to cackle a bit.

  • I bet Silver Fox has the ability to absorb the intelligence of his foes into the Silver Bulge (TM). And that’s why it’s gotten so big! It all makes perfect sense!

    •  I’m pretty sure I just about died laughing at the Silver Buldge (TM).  Actually, I’m still laughing.  I’ll type later when I stop (if I stop…)

  • Guest

    OH LAWD did he just present an Engraved Invitation for an interrogation session… xD

  • i see whats about to happen ;p

  • I just let out an unintentional ‘squee’ at that last line hehe. If what I think is gonna happen actually happens ima be SO HAPPY! 😀

  • Gares H.

    Must… see…. Shirtless Anihilator *¬*

  • An attractive, gay ginger, yay! Too bad I can’t seem to find any of those in Texas

    •  I know one in Dallas, but he is, of course, taken.  The other cute gay ginger in Texas is a girl. Alas. 

  • Midwestmutt

    I can’t decide if The Annihilator looks amused or hopeful in  panel five.

  • Evil, old man is sexy. I’m just sayin’.

  • I’m personally hoping this story gets going in the direction of crime
    fiction more than romance. Action movie style and that sort of thing.

    Like, Ginger accidentally gets roped into being mistaken for the one
    committing a crime, and the public starts seeing him as Shiny’s second hand man.
    Then there will be all this drama and whatnot and hehehehehehe.
    (Shutting up.)

  • It’s like Kyle can’t stop talking and the Annihilator just smiles and waits for all the dumbcute words that pour out from the youngster’s mouth… I’m very curious as to see what the rest of the cast will be like!

  • To camp, for camp, for CABARE—oops, wrong spot. 😛  Camping!

    • …aaaand I just realized there’s no bonus page this Weds.  This must be spillover from Artifice.  Oh well.  I’m camping anyway.

  • b3nc0

    I just realise I hadn’t left no comment yet, ‘t must be for the immediate Artifice vote at comicmix -_-
    So Kyle has some backbone left in him, which enthuse The Annihilator but not as much as his lack of wittiness or imagination ¬_¬

  • b3nc0

    Yep, & now the canon probe (Shh, it won’t hurt baby) for a ETE vote button X’)

  • meep

  • Orenda Benson

    This page leads to the best love-hate relationship the city has ever seen. “Enemies by day and lovers by night, the Silver Fox and the Flamer battle it out in the streets and the bedroom!”

    (Sorry about the names, I couldn’t really think of anything better for Kyle xD)

  • ErykaSoleil

    -Gasps!- Artifice is up against Oglaf this round? Good job, Alex and Winona (and everybody who’s voted so far)! -Groans.- Decisions, decisions . . . I love both of them, for totally different reasons. I think I’ll throw my support to Artifice, though–Oglaf is funny and I enjoy it, but Artifice is pretty close to my heart for more serious reasons.

    As for the last two updates of TYP, I am a little apprehensive. It literally twists my stomach to see how upset Kyle is about possibly being outed, because I’ve been there and done that (not with being gay, but the fear can apply to lots of “secrets”). I see from reading the comments lately that there are people rooting for this to turn erotic and/or romantic very soon, but I’d really rather it stick to plot and character development for now. I’ve always preferred a strong story with a touch of romance over a heavy romantic/erotic theme that just happens to have a plot tagging along for the ride, but that’s just me.

    • Thanks for the vote, ErykaSoleil! 🙂 And yes, I tend to prefer that kind of story too—although in the case of this multi-chapter story, compared to Artifice, there will more romantic themes up front with the plot stakes increasing as we go along. Hopefully, you’ll still find the journey fun. 🙂

    • Agreeing fullheartedly here. I prefer stuff that leans in the opposite direction of romance.

      I find it works even better for me when it’s side characters matching up, too. Dunno why. I really dig it when characters that should be an item are brought together in a tasteful way, though!

      As I mentioned before, I called the couple in The Full Monty. When they get together during my first viewing of the film I may have cheered. ;-D    

  • Erica

    …. Annihilator is totally plotting for Kyle’s ass 😐
    lulz. :3

  • *le gasp*!

    NEWBIE HERE! Your comics are FLAWLESS! I love them >3 <

  • elijah elquest

    lol dude clam down. no one cares if you are gay.

  • i am anticipating le sexy times

  • Eze_stryker

    Still really not looking forward to them as a couple. I loved Artifice but I might have to drop this one. Sorry Alex, I support your movement for realistic gay comics, but these two as a couple really bother me. 

    • I totally understand, Eze_stryker. I’ve said it about Artifice and I’ll say it about The Young Protectors: my comics aren’t for everyone. 

      Yes, this multi-chapter comic becomes about a lot more than just these two and yes their dynamic changes throughout the comic, but the first part of it is a lot about them and if seeing them interact really bothers you, I can completely understand not wanting to continue. In the first part of Artifice, after Deacon had bashed Jeff up against a wall and threatened him with torture, there were readers who commented that they could never support Deacon & Jeff as a couple and if that was what I had in mind, they wouldn’t continue reading.

      Reading webcomics should be fun. I respected those readers’s good judgment about how best to spend their time and, of course, I’ll respect yours. I very much appreciate that you support my broader goals and, if you decide to move on, hopefully you’ll find my next comic more to your taste. 🙂

      • Eze_stryker

         I wish I could say it was the violence… With Jeff & Deacon, the relationship made sense. They were trapped alone together and Deacon was really exploring his emotions. Jeff was allowed to live a life without threat of ridicule.  It could be that this relationship between Kyle and The Annihilator seems a little forced- as if it were less genuine and more to push the story. I would equate this to the one brief interaction Gambit had with Rouge and they became a cannon couple even after she completely betrayed and left him to die in Antarctica. The pairing, thus far in the comic infancy just doesn’t make sense. It feels like it’s hooking up a villain and a hero because they happened to go to the same bar and thus they’re the only gay super options for each other. That’s like saying I should have dated the only other bisexual in my tiny town because what other option did I have? Who cares if that’s the only thing we have in common?

        I’ll keep holding on for a little while to see if my feelings change and perhaps this comic goes a different way than it seems to be. If not though, I will gladly be back for more of your comics later. I do truly enjoy your work and admire the movement you had with this. My partner and I write many stories together along this similar thought that homosexual relations should be portrayed just like everything else so you do have my unending support.

        • It’s certainly my hope that as the story progresses readers find motivations for my characters’ actions that go beyond author’s convenience, but I hear you that at least in these first 12 pages, you aren’t seeing them yet. 🙂 It’s also my hope that the future actions Kyle and The Annihilator take and the choices they make will feel plausible, but again, I hear you that with what you know so far, that making the two of them a canon couple at this point would feel forced.

          For what it’s worth, as it was my intention to create a comic with a more traditional yaoi beginning which I then expanded out from, I probably wouldn’t expect the next few pages to change your mind. What comes later? Maybe so. You’ll have to let me know if you leave and check back in after a couple chapters. 🙂

          But again, I very much appreciate the kind words and the support for what I’m trying to do. It will be a little while before I launch another webcomic, but the one I have in mind would I think be more like what you are looking for.

          • Just a note, in response to a previous comment- Rogue and Gambit were always my favorites. Not without their ups and downs, plot-wise- but I come back to Marvel for them, even though I’m busy reading subtext into Superman and Batman’s BFFdom all the time. 

            But, Rogue and Gambit. I love them (Ultimate X-Men, Cry Wolf is a great example). Because even though their allegiances differ, they don’t belong with anyone else. In spite of themselves, they find that they complete one another. Even Rogue’s whoops-I-sucked-your-life-out powers couldn’t stop that. 

            To be fair, I’m a romantic. Totally on-board with Young Protectors and all that is to come.

          • Thank you, Paige. Very glad to have you on board. 🙂

        • Odd.  I’m finding this just as intriguing Artifice.  Is what’s bothering you the fact that Annihilator is older and more experienced than Kyle?  Or that he’s a big burly, damage resistant muscle hunk while Kyle is a slim, unable to defend himself against him youth?  Or is it the stereotype of the hero/villain slash set-up?  If Artifice is anything to go by, and I suspect it is, 😉 I think Alex may turn some stereotypes on their heads.  Brace for plot twists!

          My analysis so far: Annihilator spots a cute ginger “new gay” scoping out the bar and decides to get to know him better.  We don’t know yet if he recognized Kyle as a Young Protector right off the bat or if Kyle outed himself with that little flaming celebration in the alley. (Hey Alex, does Kyle wear a mask to protect his identity while in hero mode?)

          Kyle only knows Annihilator is a villain and a rather dangerous one at that so automatically goes on the attack.  Annihilator’s reactions and attitude of arch amusement in response to Kyle’s panic and drama brings a famous phrase to mind (at least to my mind anyway): One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.  There is more going on with him than we know.  Alex has much more to tell us about his world and how they fit into it.

          As for a typical yaoi situation… We don’t know if that’s what it will be either.  A big twist could be that Annihilator is a big ol’ muscle power bottom who likes to be dominated by flaming youths on the side.  I’ve met a few big butch gay bodybuilder types who, erm… love a good prostate massage.  There are all types in this world.

          It’s possible Annihilator has been alone as a gay person within the superpowered community.  Just finding another, even if Kyle is younger and a “hero”, is what draws them together and I’m finding this VERY intriguing.

  • Kitkat822

    Hey I’ve never commented here before but I just wanted to say I’ve read artifice and Oglaf and I’ll definately vote for you!
    Keep up the good work seeing a new page brightens up my week 🙂

    • Yay! That makes me very happy to hear, Kitkat822. Thank you! 😀

  • I liked Jeff and Deacon. Deacon was very interesting as far as cloned human things go, but Annihilator looks like he’s going to be a hoot! I’m loving where this is going.

    I plan to follow this if only because I think there need to be more gay superhero stories. I mean, spandex, muscles, machismo…come on. This genre is begging for it.

    • Thank you, JulesRivera! I’m delighted to hear you’re enjoying the new comic and looking forward to more. 🙂 New page is going up tonight!

  • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

    Artifice vs Oglaf? Oh god why? I actually voted for both of them in the previous round. But I think Artifice needs my vote this time. It actually has a plot and sticks to it. Oglaf had a plot, once, but, like me, I think it lost the plot.

    Anyway, I’m just gonna pile this firewood up so the campers can build themselves a nice lil campfire to make s’mores over. I’m not sure if I’ll be joining them later, I’ve been a bit busy for camping for anything.

  • It makes me sad that Artifice is losing to Oglaf by a large margin
    And even more sad that Niels lost to Blooming Faeries

  • Midwestmutt

    C’mon campers, It’s payday. Pony up some bonus comic dough!

  • Krista Parizek

    *chilling out in a camping chair using a cooler as an ottoman* Camping camping caaampiiiinng! <3 *sippin' on a coke* It's Saturdaaaaay 🙂

  • Okay, ACTUALLY camping this time.  ::blushes::  I shall hope for as many donations as Artifice had, so that my accidental early arrival…wouldn’t be so accidental.

  • New page up shortly… 🙂

    • Krista Parizek


  • ManicThrifts

    I love The Annihilator’s facial expressions 😀

  • Mikael Bergkvist

    This is really about time. The other, secret, identity, the one in the closet, has been a part of superheroes from day one, starting with Superman and Clark Kent. 
    The mild mannered reporter who is afraid the public will find out.. I can’t believe that no-one has made the connection before.

    • Guest

      jeeze yer right.. so many are closeted ‘by day’… meanwhile the ‘dressing room’ phone booth gets more and more crowded…

  • The villein’s  face in the bottom left-hand panel is probably my favorite so far. It’s a fantastic image and I love the laughter you can see in his eyes.

  • Kyle comes off as kind of a dump blonde sometimes. 

  • AC♥Bear

    I’m not sure if it’s just the increase in talent in the art style or what; but looking back at the beginning… these pages look totally different from how I remember; but then again, the dialogue is completely different, too. Were the pages re-done to match their conversation?