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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 11

88 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 11

Evil people are such meanies…

We have new Fan Art from jcords! It’s a really nice portrait of Kyle called “Flame On”. You should definitely go check it out!



The very first The Young Protectors bonus page ever! And we’re now at $30 towards the next bonus page!

Special thanks go out to long-time supporter Esperanza V. (who makes their 2nd donation to The Young Protectors!) and a warm welcome and grateful bow go out to new supporter Darren C. for their generous donations over the last few days!

Big hugs go out to Sean M. for their super-generous $25 donation!

And superhero strength hugs go out to Safiya M. whose $63 donation (their 2nd donation to The Young Protectors!) put us over the top for this bonus page and also to M Raymond V. whose $50 donation blasted well beyond that!

It’s so exciting to be able to post a bonus page after just 10 pages (that’s almost twice as fast as it took with Artifice!) Your support is a HUGE morale booster to me, Adam and Vero and it’s tons of fun to be able to post up a page early. THANK YOU ALL SO, SO MUCH!

So… what do you think? Does Kyle have The Annihilator’s number?


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  • Syreen

    There are two reasons why I love your comics: the first is of course because they are good. The other: those arms! Oh my, look at those arms! I want to lurke in every scene and just touching arms 😀

    • Hehe. Thank you.

      I love the way Adam and Vero do arms too, actually. One of my favorite things, actually. No lie. So, whose arms would you prefer to touch—The Annihilator’s or Kyle’s? 🙂

      • Syreen

        I prefer more muscles, so it would be the Annihilator’s. I wouldn’t care if he throws me off the Earth, I would touch! XD

  • I still can’t believe I didn’t manage to camp tonight, but DAMN, this page is hilarious.  The line, “you don’t beg for your life, but THIS you beg for?!” made me laugh very very hard.  So, clearly, Kyle would probably die right on the spot if it would help his cause with the one man A-team.  I really wondered during the first couple of pages whether or not he was cheering about the gay bar (which, admittedly, I didn’t really clue into until someone else’s comment; yay situational awareness) or about the fact that he managed to get his flaming powers working reliably.  Practice practice practice.

    I personally wonder how Kyle’s going to get the A-man to not tell anyone, particularly in light of the fact that he’s a walking billboard for informational largesse.  And large other stuff too :  ::physically rips eyes away::

    • Sam

      Yep.  As I was reading this page I thought, “It’s back…”

    • Hehe. Glad to give you a laugh, Summer. 🙂

      And yes, it would seem like Kyle has a tough job ahead of him…

  •  Heeheee I love it. XD

  • Bonus page!! *squees*

    Kyle is just too cute. I love him, he’s right up there with Deacon as my favourite character that you’ve created (unfortunately edged out Jeff! And I just finished re-reading Artifice too).

    • Hehe. Glad you like the Kyle-ster. (And Jeff will learn to forgive you. In time. 😉 )

  • Ditzite

    Naw but I have the strangest feeling he will have him on speed dial soon! Muahahaha! I can hope!

    Also…. Huzzah for lack of codpiece! I have a dirty mind and this made it infinitely worse! Thank you!!!!

  • Been a while since The Annihilator has been a teen/young adult, I see.;)

    The angst! You tell I might as WELL be dead! Dead would be preferable to even the idea of anyone finding out! My life is over! Kill me now!XD

    Ah those days…I do not miss them.

    • Yes. Me, neither. But I do remember them rather well…

  • Jady Lyon

    muahah! melodrama much? 

  • RustyBurrell

    That Annihilator is a handsome devil…

  • KBatty

    Last panel:
    Kyle = Power!Angst
    Annhilator = “…uh-huh. About that…”

    Yay for bonus pages! You donators are amazing.

    In unrelated news, The Annihlator’s side profile in panel two immediately reminded me of Ganondorf (LoZ: OoT), so that was my early morning chuckle to myself. That’s a good sign, though. As a kid I thought Ganondorf was pretty darn evil, after all.

    • Sam

      Yes!  I think it’s the sneer combined with his square jaw and chinstrap-type beard.  Definitely Ganondorf-y  🙂

  • Aikka

    Haha xD
    Evility lvl: highschool

    Kyle, you’re doing exactly what you shouldn’t if you don’t want him to tell.

  • Yukiness

    YAY BONUS PAGE! (Still so very spoiled by Artifice)

    I like this page considering the fact that the Annihilator finally has that hint of danger presented. Exspecially in the second panel, because if there is anything that movies have taught us is that villians who invade the personal facial space of heros use that opportunity to utilize their deep voices to their full potential. You can feel the intensity; his voice as it resonates deeply through the air, a subtle hint of mischeviousness behind a smile one feels might spread just as easily at the sight of your mangled corpse. I can feel the guy’s breath in this panel and I’m torn between the possiblilities of it smelling like cigars and beer (but the great, illegal kind) or minty freshness.

    On the other hand, Kyle’s angsty, typical teenaged boy spaz moment in the last panel saddens me. It is indeed ironic that most men would beg for their lives while Kyle is begging not to be outed on his homosexuality. That hints well to the possible home enviornment (assuming he lives in one) or social enviornment he lives in (small town with small town views, subburbs where people live on a “don’t ask, don’t tell” system, the other Young Protectors might give him shit for it, etc). Even a gay supervillian couldn’t help but empathize. Who knows, the Annihilator might see the younger part of himself in Kyle right now, who pleaded just as desperately as the boy does now.

    • Heh. I like your description of The Annihilator’s intensity. 🙂

      And yep, this does say something about Kyle’s world…

  • ThatOddGuy

    Something about this makes me want to slap Kyle…no clue why…

    Hmm… unsaid but implied blackmail? Honestly, seeing how Kyle is so terrified now, I can totally see him avoiding Anarchist-iPhone-dude as to avoid getting on his bad side, even if he promises not to tell…

    And what if A-Ip-D in’t the true villain? what if he’s just a foot soldier for some kind of crazy, powerful…something.

    Or what if he wasn’t the only guy Kyle new in the bar?

    I must wonder why A-Ip-D was able to find him….*Glares at Kyle* What did I tell you abotut wearing a mask….??

  • Sam

    That’s not the answer I was expecting at all.  I wasn’t really expecting him to make a big speech about acceptance and pride, either, but I didn’t expect this.  It made me chuckle a little.

    Kyle: “So you don’t care who knows you’re gay?”
    Annihilator: “Nope.  It’s because I’m an anarchist.”

    I like how masterfully he shifted the focus of the conversation back to Kyle while just as masterfully demonstrating (for the hundredth time, haha) that he’s the one in the position of power.  He studied hard at bad guy school 😀

  • This is gorgeous! So so gorgeous!@Sam_Whistlepig:disqus  I love where this is going! *squee*  Now then, off to work pretending I didn’t leave late just to load and read this page!

    • Hehe. Thank you! (And I hope you weren’t too late to work!)

  • iTVXQ

    Kyle is such a dramaqueen xD

    And yay, bonuspage! 😀

  • Faye Phillips

    That cod piece… could it be any bigger? Lol I think Kyle is a bit screwed in more than one sense of the word. 

    • dereule101

      “That cod piece… could it be any bigger?”

      God, I hope so. Just kidding!

  • Erica

    OMG, that’s funny! XD He’s freakin out man. Absolutely freakin out! lolol

    Annihilator’s prolly snickerin that he’s got kyle wrapped around his lil finger. XPP

    Don’t worry Kyle, he’s not gunna tell. He just likes to see someone squirm in angst and you’re just giving him exactly what he wants. 😀

  • Cherrt

    Hey Alex, loving the new comic. How come you haven’t got a link to this comic on your
    main site ( The Young Protectors kind of a little maze to get to. 

    • Thank you for the props! And thanks for reminding me to get on updating my blog’s menu. Fixed! 😀

  • Syanana

    LOL. He’s so dramatic -shakes head- so cute.

  • b3nc0

    The Annihilator-Parkourman-A-iP-Dude seems to ponder/wonder/snicker at Kyle’s scale of priorities in panel 3.

  • b3nc0

    Oh, yeah, how about a Top Web Comics vote button? I still vote for Artifice now & then, but can’t wait to publicise my love for this guys…

    • Yep, yep, on the list… Thank you for reminding me… 🙂

  • I see what you did there, Annihilator–it is indeed messed up that that is what he’d beg for. ^_^

    Hrm.  Well, I don’t think Annihilator will go all hush-hush about it unless he’s more into Kyle than is apparent… but I also don’t think he’d go up to some random street-walking person and say ‘Hey, Kyle is gay.  Spread the word.’ …Actually, if he did that, every Kyle in the city would suddenly be fending off sexuality queries.  It’d be like a meme.  I can totally see him doing that. XD

  • ToryKasper

    For some reason this page has me giggling like mad.  Annihilator is indeed a trixy man isn’t he, haha. Annihilator does indeed have a valid point.  Sadly I am not in the mental state of mind to give a thoughtful comment, though there is much I would like to say about this page.  I am enjoying Annihilator more and more with every page, he’s just so different from the usual run-of-the-mill villains/perceived villains.  He’s almost… charming! Hahaha, in a deviant/anarchist sort of way.  I know I’m going to look forward to seeing Annihilator throughout this comic. 

    As for Kyle, I’m still sort of dancing around making an opinion on him, because so far, we haven’t really seen much of the poor hero beyond his insecurity, where Annihilator has exerted his power over the entire scene.  I’m really interested in seeing how it all plays out, though alas I am not certain I am rooting for the hero ;D Hahaha.  Loving this comic, and it’s quickly becoming my favorite webcomic, I just have this place in my heart for super-heroes and super-villains.  

    Also, I’m ridiculously in love with Annihilator’s suit. Just sayin’.

    • Yay! Glad you’re enjoying The Young Protectors, ToryKasper! The Annihilator does have a certain charm, doesn’t he?

      (And thank you also for introducing me to a new word. “Trixy”…)

  • Holy mighty cod piece there Sliver Fox! Wow…I’m sorry…what? You were speaking???

    • Ryn

      i think when he finally gets naked, kyle just might faint from fright. XD

  • Can you BE more dramatic, Kyle?  I think not.  I look forward to the mocking he shall receive.

  • ithilloke

    Wow…over-react much? I think Kyle has misjudged his “opponent” completely!

  • Michele M.

    …..Or he just wants to sex you up, Kyle. Some men are rough with their foreplay. 😉

  • Feverfew_M

    It’s kinda sad how terrified Kyle is of other people finding out. I really hope his little do-gooder friends are better than he seems to think they are.

  • dereule101

    Gay Rule #1: Never* out another gay!

    *Politicians with anti-gay agendas excluded.

    • Jen Roberts

       Well, he IS the baddie…

  • Jen Roberts

    Y’know, he brings up an interesting point: dying? Oh yeah, I accept that, it sucks, but what’re you gonna do? But being outed? OH NO ANYTHING BUT THAT PLEASE!

    I mean, I can get where Kyle’s coming from; we all have secrets. I can think back to certain moments in my life that STILL make me want to sink into the floor just REMEMBERING them, let alone living them at the time. (And I’ve never had to deal with “coming out”; I can’t even begin to imagine how scary that must be for many people!)

    But the point remains that treating being outed as a fate worse than death is pretty effed-up…which, of course, points to the effed-up societal and cultural norms that make that seem perfectly reasonable to an otherwise sane individual (as I’m assuming Kyle is).

    • Feverfew_M

      On the other hand, societal norms can’t be too bad in a world where ‘Artifice’ was successful enough as a movie to allow the production of a sequel. 🙂

      Still, being different in any way is always a scary thing, especially for young people.

  • SteveMcSheffrey

    I need a little more context to care about either of these guys.  Maybe a lot for the anarchist.   That visual works against caring honestly.  From your previous story I know pay off is coming but this is a very slow start…

    • YangYueLan

      Agreed.  I am almost sure that I will like this story as much as Artifice, but I just dont have enough comic to learn to care for them. Guess I will just have to keep reading.

      • I certainly hope that you and @SteveMcSheffrey:disqus  wind up liking The Young Protectors as much as you liked Artifice. This is only page 10 of the first chapter of a multi-chapter work, so that’s definitely possible. 🙂 Certainly, there were many folks who didn’t invest in Artifice (and Jeff especially) until after page 33 or even later. And we’ve barely gotten started here; there are definitely a lot of fun things ahead.

        But The Young Protectors is also different from Artifice in a number of ways. In addition to being a much longer story, how the stakes are revealed is quite different. Within the first 11 pages of Artifice, we knew that the stakes were life or death (for Deacon, at least). While the stakes grow throughout The Young Protectors, they certainly don’t start out as life or death. Also, while I do eventually go to some dark places with The Young Protectors (this is me, after all), the tone starts out much, much lighter than Artifice. Finally, in terms of characters, The Annihilator is a very different person from Deacon (or Maven, for that matter) and Kyle is quite different than Jeff. And instead of just focusing on three characters like I did with Artifice, as this story progresses, the other Young Protectors become important as well, making The Young Protectors more of an ensemble story.

        All this is to say, just like I said with Artifice, I know this comic won’t be for everyone. I’d like to think that ultimately it will be just as fun a ride as Artifice was. But the pleasures and payoffs will be different. So I’ll completely understand if it evokes different reactions. I very much appreciate both of you giving it a chance. 🙂

  • snager

    and then they kissed…..(?)

    • b3nc0

      Might be the only way to shut Kyle up ¨3

  • Ryn


    kyle has quite the self image issue don’t he. poor kyle, he doesn’t release the total worthlessness of the opinions of self involved drek. *pets kyle* maybe i should explain to him the insignificance of human existence in comparison to the scheme of the universe? i wonder if he’s this dramatic about everything?  “Oh GOD, i burnt my TOOOOOAST!!!!”

    and anarchist? interesting word choice. he’s not a villain, he’s an advocate to free the people from an oppressive system. though after learning about the UN’s Agenda 21, i’m apt to support him.

  • b3nc0

    Just got the mail announcing the page update & wanted to warn that the ‘head’ link sent to Artifice ¬_¬

    Intended to post this yesterday but must have forgotten to click the button m(__)m

    • Good catch. Another thing to add to the list! 🙂

  • …please tell me that it’s going to be something like “I’ll keep your secret–if you become my lover!” I think that would be a pretty fair deal–I mean, he’s a silver fox of a villain! 

    • Bianca Simone

      For some reason, I started singing spice girls when I read this… “if you wanna be my lovah…” 😉

  • Bianca Simone

    Kyle is very dramatic… lol!
    Alex, I just remembered something I thought of while you were posting Artifice (but since I started reading when you were posting at page, I dunno, 87 or something, I never thought to ask).  Are bonus comics an ‘extra’ page between two pages (ie whenever there is a bonus page we get a little more back story?) OR is a bonus page the next page but posted sooner?  Or, is it a little of both? 🙂

    • Good question. When it comes to my comics, I write everything out far in advance and try to tell the story in as tight a way as possible, so bonus pages are actually the next page posted early (which gives me the opportunity to post two pages of the comic in one week.) I don’t create any extra filler pages or anything like that. 🙂

  • CottonCory

    Dramatic much 😀

  • “Evil?”  lol! “Dear boy, such drama!”

    Hm…. “anarchist”.  I wonder if Annihilator is fighting against a repressive society?  And why do I get the feeling he’s about to show Kyle how many shades of grey there actually are in his little black & white world?  Or should I say a rainbow of colours…?  😉

  • Well, it’s shaping up to be good. I just would rather Kyle take it up the butt than Annihilator.

  • “Does this first panel make my crotch buldge obscenely? Yes? Good.”

    Wow Kyle is such a drama llama. I don’t even know what that is, but I get the feeling he’s one of whatever it is.

  • I still get the impression that Annihilator is more an ‘antihero’ than a villain. Anarchist who robs crooked unions, corrupt politicians, drug cartels, and bent foreclosure-happy banks. Sure he keeps most of the gains for himself; the exposed crooks aren’t able to make a valid claim to it. Welcome to the real world where fancy chivalrous or honour codes are left behind in the comics and real ‘heroes’ work for profit and reputation!

  • starlingfeathers

    I get the feeling Kyle has a flair for the melodramatic.

  • Fulgin

    *rolls out a groundcloth*  I can NOT be the first camper here….

    •  So it seems. I’ll join you now, so that you aren’t all alone ^^

  • zoe macey

    Awww I just wanna give him a hug 🙁 love the storyline and artwork !!

  • zoe macey

    Hang on bonus page?? I’ve been to caught up in uni work to notice I missed the upload on wednesday

  • amber kuskie

    im willing to bet, alex woolfson, that half if not all your readers are thinking this is gonna go the way about all yaois go, with kyle doing a ‘dirty deed’ for annihilator. But you might just throw us a curve ball huh? make us think we know whats gonna happen then BAM oh didnt see that comin’!
    ~<3 love your comics
    hopeless slave to your comics

    • Hehe. Thank you, Amber. It’s indeed possible that I might have a curve ball or two in store for our heroes. (And perhaps even a couple dirty deeds as well…) There are six chapters to this story. Lots of things can happen. 😉

      I’m very glad to hear you’re liking the comics! Thank you for letting me know! 😀

  • Dex X.

    First panel. Can’t stop staring at that bulge……..

  • Hmmm.  I’m a little saddened here.  Kyle, I thiink I just lost most of what respect I had for you.  And honestly, I’m not sensing any real “villainy” in Annihilator right now.  To be honest, I feel like I’m reading a Rusty Collins (X-Factor)/Terminator (Titans) slash.  Which in itself isn’t a totally bad thing.  I always liked that undercurrent of Deathstroke having a hard-on for the Titans.   I’m trying to kill you to make you better kinda mentality.  Personally, I have my ideas on where I would like this to go, but we’ll see.  …err, no killing btw.

    Alex, as always, you got me waiting to see.  >:-)

  • Camping!  Every time I see that look on Kyle’s face in the last panel, I crack up 🙂  I give the official stamp of approval for the art (I have always appreciated it.  It’s just been unofficial).

  • Okay haw. Haw haw haw haaaaaaww. Should and shouldn’t be laughing at the same time haaaaaww. So, is ginger’s family “traditional”? Is he still in high school? Dude, the kid’s just a literal kid, then. Lighten up on the emotional little guy, Shiny.

    GSM’s expression in the last panel is so, “hoooo boy.”  (Laughs more.)

  • haha oh god poor poor Kyle XD

  • Monica

    The annihilator is doing the tub-esock  down his pants trick… but with a football!

  • JP

    I totally heard Sean Connery in my head when I read, “You don’t beg for your life, but this… this you beg for.” xD He would be awesome as Annie in the movie release, if there ever is one.

  • Skittles 4ever

    Panel 4 sounds like something I would say a lot. Just for fun. ^_^

  • Hahahahahaa!

  • camolot the creator

    He just puts up with these junior heroes, doesn’t he? He could crush them if he was determined enough.