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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Interlude One—Title Page

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Between Chapter One and Chapter Two of the “Engaging The Enemy” arc of the superhero comic The Young Protectors, we have a brief Interlude. The Young Protectors is written and published by me, Alex Woolfson. Pencils are by Adam DeKraker and colors are by Veronica Gandini.

I very much hope you enjoy it!

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  • This page confused me for a couple minutes because it shows so big on my screen.
    I thought it was the old front page, and that it was switching all the way back to the begining when going one page back.
    Coud I suggest making this interlude page a slightly different color? or insert the ‘Interlude’ at the top or something like that? I had to scroll down to even notice that it was the interlude insert page.