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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Interlude One—Page 8

123 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Interlude One—Page 8

Based on the comments on the last page (where many of you formed a similar interpretation of Commander’s shower quip), it seems like y’all just might have a kindred spirit in Spooky. 😉

(Also, I again have to give mad props to both Adam and Vero for their amazing work on these pages. Of course I love how Commander looks in that last panel, but look at Commander in the one before it. The note in my script for her was “If we see her, there’s feisty fire in her eyes, but no real anger. A cat staring down a tasty mouse.” Even with her small in the panel, that’s clearly a “cat staring down a tasty mouse!” Hehe. I am so lucky to be able to work with them 🙂 )

This weekend (April 27 & 28) I’m at the Stumptown Comic Fest in Portland, OR! (I’m sharing a booth with Northwest Press, so look for their signage.) I’ll have Artifice books and other The Young Protectors goodies, so if you’re in the neighborhood, please stop by and say hello!

We had our third bonus page in a row on Wednesday, and thanks to your amazing donations, in addition to our regular Saturday updates, there will be a bonus page next Wednesday, May 1st (page 9!), yet another bonus page on May 8th (page 11!) and look below, we’re already at $257 towards the bonus page after that!

Special thanks and big hugs go out to long-time friends of The Young Protectors Marc B. and Robert B. for their super-generous $25 donations! (And this makes Marc’s sixth and Robert’s thirteenth super-generous donations to this comic!)

And ZOMG, jaw-still-on-the-floor, very, very grateful SUPERHERO-strength hugs go out to constant MEGA-friend Nicolas F. for their stunningly-generous $200 donation, their seventh $200 donation in a row in the last three weeks! O_O You ROCK THE WORLD, Nicolas! Thank you so, so much!

Thank you all so much for your amazingly generous support! I’m having so much fun sharing this Interlude with you and it’s even more fun to be able to share it with you twice a week! You are AWESOME! 😀

So! It seems Spooky has decided to tease Commander a little. Judging from the reactions of the other boys, it’s not something they would ever dare do. Will Spooky survive this interaction? Or will Commander, in fact, break him in half?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you then! 🙂

DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! Edit 4/28/13 12:46 AM: YOU’VE DONE IT AGAIN! Thanks to your amazingly generous donations, we’ve yet again tipped over the donation target, so that means that in addition to the bonus page next Wednesday, May 1st (page 9!) and a bonus page on May 8th (page 11!), there will be yet another bonus page on Wednesday, May 15th! What an awesome birthday present you’re giving me today! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! 😀

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  • RayaChel .

    I love that woman, I knew she loves it secretly like all of us and denying it just like the rest because she’s too embrassed or shy.

    • A-actually… I’m pretty sure she sincerely gives no damns at all. o___o;;

      If Commander really wanted them all in the shower, they’d be there right now, squeaking an occasional “Yes, ma’am!” between scrubs.

  • I love this woman… glad that she lives in a reality that DOES allow women to train as SEALs. Now… can we get back to Anni doing evil? ::grin::

  • Jen Roberts

    And I say again: God DAMN I love the Commander. Also I will do everything in my power to resist saying “Commander Amanda” over and over again just because it rhymes. ^_^ But I can make no promises on my willpower.

  • Ahahaha, the commander just makes me grin. Love her!

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    Oh, I love this woman more and more with every page.

  • Tessa

    Tsunami’s pouting in the background OMG XD

  • fujoshifanatic

    Ooh! So much visual candy on this page! The monitor in panel one! Spooky’s wonderfully pervy mind! And Commanda! Every time I think I couldn’t love her more Alex, you up the ante on her cool factor! I love the look on her face in the second to last panel–Spooky must be crazy brave or dumb right now, because even the rest of the boys, including Tsunami, are looking at him like they’re saying, “Oh no he didn’t!” And that “Chile, please!” look in the last panel? I would pay to get that as my wallpaper, speech bubble and all!

    • Exactly what I was thinking. They all know what the Spook’s just let himself in for… and they’re just waiting for the Commander to deliver the goods.

      I can just imagine Fluke’s satisfied face after she drops that line. “Ah.. there it is.”

    • actually Tsunami’s face reminds me of a Muppet’s angry/rage face.

    • Thank you, fujoshifanatic! I’m glad you’re enjoying Commander. 😀

      (And Spooky doesn’t have a whole lot of fear. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing depends on what he’s facing… 😉 )

  • KiannaLeigh

    Meep! (/_\) I’m scared of Commander now …. or at least scared of her ever being mad at me.

  • Miss Maven is not amused by your foolishness, mister Clear Heels Boy.

    Don’t make her break out the Red Speech-balloon Outline next!!


    (but, why the threat of violence?
    doth thou protesteth much, m’lady?)

    • KiannaLeigh

      Not the red speech-balloon outline! I’m already shaking! T_T This chic make wanna … hug her! ::pervert grin:: But then run if that makes her mad at me.

  • Tiyou5

    There is a butt right by Spook’s mouth in that top panel.

  • Dang, Alex! You’ve gone and given us another take-no-prisoners, kick ass woman to look up to! Amazing job to everyone! The artwork, color and writing just keep getting better!

    Btw, I hope you know I am stashing away money like a squirrel in winter so that I can get a package of awesome from the KS you’re gonna do for TYP!

    • Hehe. Thank you, Jamie! I’m glad you’re enjoying Commander—she’s a lot of fun for me to write. 🙂

      (And glad to hear you’re looking forward to the The Young Protectors Kickstarter. It’s slowly baking in the oven right now…..)

  • uptheplatoon

    love that Kyle and Fluke are like “you risk your life teasing her, we’ll be over here looking at porn of us together” until he takes it too far. Well Fluke anyway.

  • Guest

    Oh, Spooky. Who’s the top now? xD

    • This opens up a realm of possible imagery, such as Commander with a strap-on.

      Just sayin’. :p

    • Somehow, in poking around the disqus dashboard, I managed to take the name off my own post. Wat?

    • Ha!

  • Hyperminimalism

    Hgnn!!! I am in Portland and I went to the Stumptown Comic fest last year, so I’ll definitely try to make my way there again this year! ie. tomorrow or Sunday. 😀

  • “next up on the Young Protectors: Yaoi Edition web site — it is Tsunami’s turn to be on the bottom.

    “(we don’t call her The Commander for nothin’!)”

    ** with a special guest appearance from the elusive Flyboy, hanging from the ceiling!

  • Ooooh.. When the tough gets going, she’s gonna be rough. They might just find themselves all going towards the shower 😉

    Be carefull, Spooky, she might just whoop your ass, and it’s not gonna be a spanking for being naughty *lol*

  • God just love the page! I had just about the worst day yesterday and have been depressed. But this page just brought a smile to my face thank you Alex for this wonderful comic.

    • You’re very welcome. I’m glad it brought you that smile! 😀

      • 🙂 can’t wait to see more of this wonderful comic!

  • melinda stumpf

    well Spooky you never know there maybe some of the Commander with the bad girls online you just have to look.

    Now again I will say this again I want Spooky’s hat.

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      I want SPOOKY!…but then I always was a dreamer;)

  • Guest

    My favorite character in this comic would be a woman.

  • Wow another update?

    Ok well all I have to say about the last panel, to be precise, is.

    With a napkin.

  • Sanbai

    …aaaannd Fluke just keeps powering away at more images in the background. Dedication!

  • booklover320

    This page is made of pure awesomeness. I love Spooky!

  • KrisYWC

    OMG, Magic boy? Hilarious!

  • Caffienated

    The Commander just gave me a female boner. *giggles*

  • Bien Batol

    I love Tsunami’s look in the 4th panel, smug and satisfied, like he gained an ally.

  • Incognito

    So, does the commander have any super powers? Last we saw her she was “commanding” the others but she didn’t actually -do- anything. Did I miss something or is this being set up as some big reveal?

    • Nightshadengale

      She mentioned having telepathy…

      • Kiri

        If she has telepathy – then she knows what’s going on in Kyle’s head….

        • Takehai

          Only if she went looking. Most of the time the rules of superheroes with telepathy are that they don’t pry into other people’s secrets. Maybe if she believed Kyle was a danger to the team or had his mind tampered with, such as by a certain supervillain. . . :>

      • Incognito

        Do you remember which page mentioned her telepathy? Or is there a character section?

  • That awkward moment you want to say something really witty and all you can think of is “It’s awesome that we finally get to see some doujin of Kyle.”

    And I love kick-ass females! Commander is my new hero XD

  • Interpolation

    Well, I guess we know what Spooky fantasizes about. He is definitely asking for it.

  • Ouch!

  • Whoelsetherealone

    I think the website they are watching is Deviantart…

    • really? I assumed it was Y! Gallery

      • Whoelsetherealone

        Ah also… didn’t know this one, but after checking it… it’s probably true…

  • haha Xd sounds like a conversation I had with a friend a month ago.

  • Feverfew_M

    Maybe ‘Commanda’ (thanks, fujoshifanatic! :D) prefers girls and that’s why she’s so unimpressed by the boys’ antics. Maybe that’s also why she leads an all men team — no distractions.
    And until someone proves me wrong I’ll be happily sitting here imagining various ways for her to clash with Sircea…

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      It is possible…that she has a hidden camera in the shower room to “keep an eye” on the boys already. As for Sircea…I picture those two as sisters…one on the good side the other on the bad side….just a thought. Mental imagery is really good today!

  • JJxxxx

    Yeah… I really think we should get a bonus bonus page that just shows them all showering together….

    • Ethereal Ascent

      I really agree with this ^_^

      • JJxxxx

        It would be great wallpaper…

    • Jac

      We ought to make some of this “fan art” that they found 😉

  • amanda

    lol love it!!!!

  • xLizardx

    If this was a tv show, Spooky would currently be the most likely character to get his own spin-off series 😀

  • AeryonSun

    Last panel = love. Damn she looks sexy as hell there!

  • the only missing now is fly boy. Something tells me he’s gonna walk in at the last second and look around at everyone and say “What’d I miss?”

    • Jac

      “You missed ALL THE PORN dude”

      • FB: “NOT THE PORN”
        Tsunami: “IT WAS FUCKING HOMO PORN!”
        FB: “Dude I’m gay, I love homo porn.”
        Everyone else: “…”

  • DarkFeanix21

    I am now a little bit in love with the Commander. And a little bit scared of her.

    • Jac

      I am equally terrified and attracted. I bet she’s really good at putting people’s sexualities into question…. Not unlike Benedict Cumberbatch. Except prettier and more badass.

  • Jac

    So far, it seems we’ve been able to predict every sassy thing Spooky says…. Is he one of us?!

  • Spooky: Marry me.

  • Fyrekat42

    Well, that just solidified my next cosplay choice. We even share the same name. ;D

    • I’d love pics if you make that happen. 🙂

      • Fyrekat42

        Sure thing! Just need to work a few more miles into my runs so my ass can pull off skin tight white pants by July! ;D

  • ThanGOTD

    I don’t think the Annhilator would appreciate that picture on the screen.

  • ACK! Scary Maven face!

  • Erica

    omg. Amanda. ah ha ha ha ha ha love it. Tsunami and Amanda. omg. SHE TOTALLY DOMINATES HIM. MWAHAHHAHAHA ok. my otp might be getting a lil outta hand with the more i figure stuff out. ah ha ha ha

  • I have a strange feeling that we might just see Commander checking out porn of her teammates late at night when nobody’s around

  • Spooky, we all just love you. I love how even though Commander is still talking, they’re still looking at the pictures. Just like regular teenagers who drown out their parents lectures. X)

  • Shinashi

    Tsunami be like, “I’ll judge the hell out of you.”

    I thought the Commander was a teenager- was she a special agent in the Navy Seals? 😀

    • Chibi

      mm I’m guessing she is older then them probably not by too much >> which is probably why she is a commander … she is at least a lot more mature then them lol

      • LimpBiskit

        I’m thinking the Commander thing is related to her psychic powers, though..

    • Commander is actually in her early twenties now, but her arrangement with the Seals took place when she was younger and was “special” in a number of ways. Something we might learn more about in an upcoming scene. 🙂

      • Takehai

        You know what would be cool while you are considering that line-up of all the characters? Listing their ages as well. . . 😉 (Maybe even a mini-bio if it doesn’t really spoil too much?)
        We know Commander is in her early twenties now, Kyle is about to turn 18, and Duncan is 58. I’m hazarding a guess that Spooky is probably one of the older members (maybe around 20-21), maybe Fluke as well. Tsunami is a little hard to tell, but I’m leaning toward younger maybe around same age as Kyle. Flyboy I haven’t seen enough of yet to guess.
        Anybody else want to put their guesses out there?

        • If you read some of Alex’s earlier pages, I think he mentioned teen heroes have to wear masks and adults have to have their faces shown. That means Red Hot, Fluke and Flyboy are still under 18 (or 19?) while Commander, Spooky and Tsunami are 20-somethings.

  • Commander. I now lesbian you.

  • Amy Huntley

    rofl! <3 the commander. And Spooks I think actually wants them all to shower together. And poor in denial Tsunami: "It's so wrong… but I cannot look away…."

  • The moment an awesome character in an awesome comic has the same name as you.

  • Yukiness

    He’s a Fundashi?! I have a deep love for this guy now. I wish he were real so we can trade porn

  • Lulzlullylulz

    Commander’s last line essentially equals “I can and will make you my b***h.”
    Spooky…would probably be okay with that.

  • Joey

    Oh poo. This is humorous. xD

  • do we get a new page today? For some reason I thought new pages for this comic were on saturday but could be confused with Doctor who saturday ;). I cant wait to see what happens next 😀

    • Howdy Camille!

      The official update day is Saturday, but sometimes I post a little early, especially if I’m going to be swamped on Saturday proper. So, for example, I posted this page up on Friday evening PST because I’m here at the Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland, OR.

  • Soubi

    DAYUMN, Do not mess with her.

  • Frank T

    Hahahahaha! My god that expression in the last panel! I love it, a cross between amusement and disgust at his audacity. Brilliantly done.

  • Tessa

    Is anyone else wondering where Flyboy is?

  • AutumnCrusader

    The Spooky doth protest too much, methinks

  • makoto

    where has flyboy been for all of this?

  • Oh, good lord I love Spooky. XD

  • Oh my god! Tsunami’s face! LMFAO, that just made my day!

  • Chibi

    mm just wondering … where is flyboy? >>

  • Tharja

    She could probably break him in half with her mind! Kickass!

  • Kater Canter

    And then The Commander inadvertantly revealed my fantasy.

  • only for eleven months~~ only!

    no kidding though that is enough time to become a lethal device of pain, you tell spoky!

  • I’m fallin in love for The Commander, She can break me anytime! Hahaha Really i can see her being the one on top!!

  • Look at how cranky he looks in the background!!! XD

  • Shii

    tsu’s angry face is priceless in here “I DO NOT APPROVE!!!” xD

    • I think Tsu needs a nice BJ to make him feel better

      • Jac

        We should help him out with that. Fan-artists? Fly, my pretties! *cackles*

  • Feverfew_M

    Birthday? Congratulations!!! I hope it is a very happy one! <3

  • melinda stumpf

    Hay Alex I made spookys hat will send you and pic when I get my camera back

  • Axis Rhys

    kyle is so into this.

  • vyloran

    I’m excited about the bonus page on May 8th. I’m going to pretend it is part of my birthday celebration that day. I too am a Taurus.

  • And here I thought my love for Spooky and Commander couldn’t get any stronger than it already was. Silly me. *proposes to both of them*

  • oww…. poor spook..

  • oww…. poor spook..

  • oww…. poor spook..

  • Curt Clark

    See previous comment two comics ago about the Commander being perfect and amazing and I love her. 😀

    This whole scene with the yaoi site was what cemented me on this comic for the long haul. I absolutely adore everyone on the team, something I don’t even say about most big-name comic company superteams.