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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Interlude One—Page 7

85 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Interlude One—Page 7

Wait. Did Commander just call her teammates… stinky?

Some news! I’m going to be at the Stumptown Comic Fest this weekend (April 27th and 28th) in Portland, OR with my buddy Zan at the Northwest Press booth. I’ll have Artifice books for sale and The Young Protectors goodies as well. If you’re in the neighborhood, please stop by and say hello!

We have new Fan Art by Kinzie K.: it’s an image of “Young Annihilator”, a portrait of him from his younger days! Do check it out.

Oh, I keep meaning to mention that folks seem to have been busy over at The Young Protectors TV Tropes page. Lots of new entries, lots of fun new topics to waste a day exploring! 😀 (Although, just for the record, the Stealth Pun of Kyle being flaming is pure fanon. That thought hadn’t even occurred to me until you all called it out in the comments.)

And hey,


The third bonus page in a row! And thanks to your amazing donations, in addition to our regular Saturday updates, there will be a bonus page next Wednesday, May 1st (page 9!) and there is yet another bonus page in the bank for May 8th (page 11!) WOO HOO!

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So! Seens like everyone’s sharing their fantasies now! Can this get any hotter?! What more exciting things will be revealed about our heroes?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there!

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  • AuroraMoon

    Yeah, I would definitely say it’s almost exactly like how men imagine two women together. a lot of the time it’s usually very unrealistic as the actual people would probably never act like that in real life…. but that’s really not the point of a fantasy, is it? 😉

    • KiannaLeigh


      • i just realized something:

        it really is not a frequent occurrence for me to “ship” any people (who ordinarily wouldn’t deign touch one another in real life) who i know, at all

        jeez, i’m boring. . . . .

  • toli Bera

    best way for them to all shower on the same day is to get them to shower together #BestAtPlans

    • I would find it hilarious seeing all the amazing ways they hide naughty bits that page, maybe make it a full page on a bonus day? I need something for my background 🙂

      • Actually hiding naughty bits in a shower scene is as easy as adding steam.

        • Steam, a few towels dangling casually in just the right place, legs raised just enough to conceal, soap suds…

    • Oh that’s a recipe for Red Hot spontaneously combusting…

      I remember as a teen not daring to peek in the after gym class showers, to avoid any possible… reaction. Pure terror at the thought of how the other boys would react helped.

      • Wayne Lunkwitz

        I didn’t have a choice but the after class shower….it was impossible to not see what the others were packing….my revenge is that those who are still living are now fat and middle aged. I may be middle aged but I never got fat.

    • fujoshifanatic

      Best. Solution. Ever!

  • Jen Roberts

    God, I love the Commander. xD

  • The shower comment has me in stitches. xD

  • Laurenihilation

    I like Spooky. Spooky good peeps. 😀
    Hoping to see you in Portland this weekend!!
    And I am loving Commander’s sense of humor. XD

  • Commander: delivering the smackdown without effort. That backhand was full of knuckles. xD

  • amanda

    lol I love this!!!

  • amanda

    what is kyle staring at in the first panel??

    • Watching for Tsunami’s reaction to Spooky spelling out to Commander what it is they’re looking at?

      • amanda

        cool. at first I thought that but for some reason I thought he walked another way 🙂

  • Sabishiioni

    Just when I thought I couldn’t love the Commander anymore than I already do, she pops off with that line.

  • booklover320

    Kyle’s face cracks me up! As does the Commander! Too much time on our hands indeed, lol.

  • Niggle

    Oh dear, the dialogue. So funny. Last panel got me laughing out loud. XD

  • KiannaLeigh

    Commander! Seriously, you think they stink? … Wait … DO they stink. … Ewww …

    • Krondor2000

      Honey, they’re BOYS!! Duh!!

      • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

        …not all boys stink! Some smell simply lovely… but that comes at a price – forget it if you want time in the morning to tszuj yourself up in a hurry though, you’re competing for the mirrors and the bathroom!

  • Wow, Spooky. I love when a man has an epiphany. It’s so sexy 😉

    Commander, love her retorts. Such a small request for a fantasy. Wonder how much it would take to be reality? *lol*.
    How easily Spooky just ask that. Either he has no sense of boundaries and/or he’s just very open about anything.

    I think this scene shows how much they kinda are a family to eachother – despite having some secrets to eachother (like all families have), it’s like watching a family gathering.. with the extra addition of them being superheroes 😀

  • KrisYWC

    So much sass!

  • Reminds me of Science Bros! fanfics 😀

  • This page has *so* many great one liners! I love it! From Spooky’s lines, to Commander’s, especially her last one!

    • Like, Dear Alex, you way outdid yourself on great one liner’s this page!

  • Selim Nagisokrov


  • Jac

    Oh goodness.

    I think I love her.

  • The stealth pun was so stealthy even you missed it? 😉

    Commander is awesomely snarktastic!

  • Lulzlullylulz

    I wonder if Spooky will retort with a line like “That could be arranged.” [insert sleazy smirk here wink wink] Granted, I’m pretty sure Commander would just cuff him on the back of his head for that, but it would be worth it.

  • uptheplatoon

    With lots of soap suds and ass slapping? Cause I could get on board with that.

  • It’s exactly like that Spooky! Exactly like that! And speaking as someone who enjoys imagining both, I can guarantee you its hot either way 😀

    Anyway, Spooky keep up your awesomely awesome open-mindedness, and I foresee many more hilarious pages in our future.

    Also, second best quote in this webcomic thus far “My biggest fantasy is that all of you actually manage to take a shower on the same day.” Still steadfast in its place of honor at number one is, “Don’t be a dick!” XD

  • Interpolation

    Spooky subscribes to the classic boy logic: If a female bestows any attention on you, any kind of attention whatsoever, good, bad or pornographic, then it means you are the man.
    Tsunami is shy.

    • Becky

      It’s a good thing that Spooky IS the man, then, or that logic could be problematic. 🙂

  • I remember having this exact same conversation in high school. Small world.

  • And with that line, I’m officially sold to the Commander. Although Spooky will forever be my perfect best friend. LET ME HUG YOU BOTH YOU TWO.

  • Guest

    *GASP* She said it!

  • haha XD great page (again)

  • Incognito

    I love how she’s using an old-time-y map to do some legitimate work while the boys are using an ultra-high-tech computer to surf the web and look at porn.

  • BurstThrough

    Locker Room/Showers scenario! Would never expect that from her!! :p

  • strangeangel24601

    Considering how unfazed the Commander is by Spooky’s revelation, I’m sure she knows all about this sort of thing. 😉

  • John

    I guess they ARE hormonal teenagers, but I’m fascinated at the implication of some sort of rota system for using the shower…

  • I interpreted that statement as them all in one huge shower together. Then I reread and realised that was not quite what she meant…

    And yet I still plan to keep my headcannon in which the Commander ships not one or two of them, but all of them at once.

  • Ethereal Ascent

    Yeah, I totally read her comment as all of them showing together…to which I’m sure Spooky would have a fantastic remark!

  • I bet when she’s alone she watches gay porn or contribute.

  • Kit

    I am overly amused by Red’s face in panel 2

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    I wonder if Kyle would still throw sparks under the shower head? Just wondering….because my mind is wandering;)

  • That’s it, Spooky is my favourite.

  • Erica

    dayum, she just tossed that Commander humor on urrone!! XPP She don’t be playin them games >:] it’s good to get a close up of everyone’s face now =]

  • fujoshifanatic

    The Commander’s comments gave me a permanent lady boner for her! Spooky’s comments and questions remind me of the conversations I love to instigate with my friends. This page rocks on so many levels (Kyle’s face in panel 2 — X-D). I’m loving the dialogue here; such a great glimpse into their personalities without feeling expository in any way. Well done! 🙂

  • b3nc0

    Well, if it’s the same shower… It sounds quite the gay fantasy, to me…

  • kireb

    :O such a dirty reply! she should be ashamed of herself.

  • I love the Commander. <3 It's nice to read a strong lady who also isn't bothering to scold the boys for being…well, silly teenage boys.

  • bibliophile41

    Obviously, Commander meant them showering together…

  • What was Red Hot looking at? I wanna see!!! lol >.>

  • Rachel Ndeto

    Now THAT is a realistic woman…

  • JM

    Spooky is clearly the coolest of them all. Also, I wonder what Kyle is looking at. Could it be a cross-over picture of him and a certain supervillian? 🙂

  • DarkFeanix21

    Ha! Commander is awesome.

  • to use the words of the great Google Search Engine:

    Did you mean, My biggest fantasy is that all of you actually shower together, while very conscientiously “dropping the soap” several times during the org—err, clean-up?

  • Fangirls. We can drive people crazy. X3

  • Derkins

    anyone else notice how Kyle has been silent through all of this? That, and his eyes are bugging out of his head looking at that computer screen. 🙂

  • Chris Woodworth

    Okay, I’m so sorry for pointing this out.
    But I can’t stop laughing at Kyle’s face in the second panel.

  • any word on what is happening in that one thumbnail with the light foot and the chocolate calf?

    look, i know you’ve been intentionally avoiding putting tsun-tsun and flamerion together, mister woolfson.
    but i guess that’s what makes you truly the master of evil, yeah?

  • Am I the only one who doesn’t want them all to make friendly in the shower? The only one who should be seeing Kyle naked is Duncan!! All of Red Hot belongs to super sexy super villain Mr. Annihilator!

  • Pashakitty

    Red’s eyes look a bit… um… derpy in panel two.

  • oh my god spooky! you are my forward thinking hero!!!

  • JittlersJinx

    Kekeke I love Commander <3

  • xsarabellax


  • Soubi

    The fact he’s asking her about her gay fantasies about them speaks volumes. I cannot love this more if I tried.

  • Oh, yeah, that’s my fantasy too. XD

  • dominique

    Hey i kinda noticed something…i sound stupid but hey, is it in dollas because you make this in america,only saying because i cant find any made in England. Hummm but anyway great comic loving it i bearly get through the week waiting for the next page!!

  • Axis Rhys

    i love kyles face in the second panel XD, priceless.

  • Multiple active teenage boys in a combined space…? Yeah it’s gonna get, lets say.. ripe..

    Beautiful page as always..

    • Becky

      Eww, totally. Commander should institute mandatory morning showers, haha.

  • Becky

    SPOOKY, now that I know you are 20 years old, get your mind away from those high school girls! Naughty.

  • Becky

    Not all homophobia automatically indicates latent homosexual tendencies!! (Although I do like your metaphor. 😀 ) In my experience/opinion, it usually just arises from the same fears that cause most human aversions–the unknown, the different-from-me, intimacy… etc. It’s possible that Tsunami bats for Kyle’s team, of course, but I’d guess that he’s probably just your typical young man who hasn’t yet become comfortable with publicly discussing his own or other people’s sexualities. Probably he grew up in a family environment that assumed heterosexuality as the norm, and he hasn’t gone through the transition of actually thinking about WHY he was taught that being gay is “weird”, and deciding for himself that it isn’t. Unless they are raised by parents who actively engage in discussion about sexuality and social norms and prejudices and all that, it takes a lot of kids most of adolescence or even into adulthood to reconcile their knee-jerk cultural opinions to what they really think about sexuality and other controversial issues.

  • Johndar

    I love this chapter, it’s the first time we’ve seen what Kyle’s teammates personalities are like.

  • Ree

    Welp Commander just jumped to the top of my favorite characters list too. Screw it, I love everyone in this comic too much to pick favorites 😀

  • June

    Ahahah, did fujoshi friends of yours inspire you for that ?
    that’s cool, we always glad to see how characters we ship react in front of our art x)
    thanks for that !

  • Noriam Gutierrez

    Leave it to the Asian to be so brilliant. Genius, Spooky.

  • Harry Underwood

    *shots fired*

  • Missy_Z

    I like that in hindsight after the bonus comic the real answer to Spooky’s question is yes, yes she does. She probably has an account on that website too, or would if it wasn’t too unprofessional.