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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Interlude One—Page 6

113 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Interlude One—Page 6

Just for the record, Spooky doesn’t get on computers very much…

We have new Fan Art from Reese, an artist who had a chance to meet The Young Protectors‘s penciler Adam at the Roundtable he did last week. And so he decided to paint Kyle in Adam’s image! It’s uncanny! You definitely need to check this out.

As I mentioned on Wednesday, Artifice is now shipping from Amazon so if you’ve been wanting a copy, now’s your chance. 🙂

We have new translators: Goethe who has started translating The Young Protectors into Russian and David who is translating Artifice into Italian. Meanwhile, Skaro is on a roll, blasting through translating Artifice into Spanish (Skaro is already up to page 49!) Check out their fine work using the drop-down menu under the comic pages and let your non-English-speaking friends know that it’s there!

Finally, we just had a bonus page this Wednesday; thanks to your generous donations, we already have one in the bank for next Wednesday, and good gosh! another in the bank for May 1st and look below: we’re already at $245 towards the bonus page after that! YOU’RE UNSTOPPABLE!

Special thanks go out to long-time supporters Jon-Carl L. (who makes their third generous donation to The Young Protectors!) and a warm welcome and grateful bow go out to new supporter (but long-time commenter) Rusty B. for their generous donations over the last few days!

Big hugs go out to long-time friends of The Young Protectors Lisa G. & Robert B. for their super-generous $25 donations! (And this makes Robert’s eleventh and Lisa’s twenty-first super-generous donation to this comic!)

And my jaw is on the floor and my head is just as deeply bowed in gratitude to world-class MEGA-friend Nicolas F. whose stunningly generous $200 donation marks their fifth $200 donation in 14 days!!! I don’t know how you do it, Nicolas, but I love you for it! Thank you so, so much! You are ROCK STAR AMAZING!

Thank you all so much for your generous donations! I wasn’t sure how you would react to a scene of AlexHumor interrupting your Kyle/The Annihilator special time, but your generosity in donations and your kind words in the comments make it seem like you’re having as much fun reading this scene as I had writing it. And that puts a big smile on my face. 😀

So! Spooky might have been able to set-up poor, sweet, innocent Tsunami, but I was pretty sure that my smart readers would be hip to what he was up to, and you did not disappoint! I loved reading all the zingers you came up with for him! Now that Commander is in the room, does this mean funtime is over? Or is it only just beginning?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there!

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  • Oh Spooky, how I love you. Absolutely no shame and an awesome sense of humor all on top of an open mind. Methinks Kyle might have a strong ally in Spooky if he ever decided to come out.

  • Well, the internet is for porn after all!

    Also, the topping line was fantastic. So many giggles. <3

  • DarkJokerOfAmuro

    YES!!!!! WE ALL KNEW IT BUT STILL!!!!! 😀

  • Oh, Spooks. We love you. But sometimes, you’re too honest. I’d love to see her reaction to the porn, and maybe one of Kyle and someone. 😉
    Ahhhh if only.

  • bobbyjoeguy

    uh oh, looks like someone has some internalized homophobia to deal with…. poor Tsunami…

  • Erica

    omg, she’l totally put in her own humor somehow ah ha ha ha ha. Awww and Tsunami is so shy. hehe especially when The Commander walked in hahaha. [in case no one knows, i have this otp of tsu and commander >_> iunno why. lololol]

  • Oh, Spooky. You are like a child at play.

    (at play at a hentai carnival, but nonetheless.)

    • KiannaLeigh

      “hentai carnival”, nice one.

  • Commander needs to go join in looking at that stuff! 😀

    • CommodoreZelda

      *five minutes later*
      Commander: “…I’ll be in my bunk.”

  • goddesstio

    Don’t we have two bonus pages in the bank already, plus the $245? I know on your last post it read that we’re getting one on Wednesday and the one after that (May 1st). So we’re paying toward the eighth, right?

    • Oops! You’re right! Good catch! I can barely keep up with y’all’s amazing generosity! I’ll change that in my note! 😀

      • goddesstio

        Hehe, we’re just determined to get as much YP as fast as we can

        • Can’t really be helped can it? What with how totally and completely awesome this webcomic is. I mean, I’m just salivating for the the day it becomes a physical book I can buy. It needs a place of honor next to my autographed copy of Artifice!

  • Lol, yeah we pretty much guessed. But it was fun to see which of us got close!

    Hmm, I don’t think the fun is going to stop just because she walked in the room. Love how Spooky just blurts it out and how unfazed Commander is by their porn surfing! You can almost hear the sarcasm dripping off her words as she blithely goes about her business.

  • uptheplatoon

    Love Kyle’s smile in panel 3, and I bet Commander will find this funny as all get out when she finds out it’s gay porn starring the boys themselves.

  • Becky

    CALLED IT! Haha. I wish Spooky wasn’t fictional, ’cause I am convinced that being bros with him would be a great time. <3

  • She’s just all: ‘sure you are, carry on’ *lol*

    Boys will be boys and as the leader of the group and only female, I doubt much will surprise or faze her anymore 😉

    At some point you just end up being ‘one of the boys’. I like how open they are about it and just keep going like it’s nothing.. even though Tsunami is over there pouting.

    OH! If she’s gonna mess with them now and look at the screen going: ‘I made that one’ .. or giving opinions in who should be on top, then I’m gonna laugh my ass off.

  • aretoo

    Hm… seems like a rather dangerous time for Kyle to have a spandex suit… 😉

  • GiovanniBoss

    I can’t stop thinking of Carmen Sandiego when I see Commander. I even hear the voice from the animated series. xD

    Since you keep mentioning the translations, I couldn’t help but notice you still haven’t got a translator to portuguese. Brazillian portuguese, that is. Well, I can translate everything if needed and/or wanted. If you’re okay with that, that is, too.

    I, however, have absolutely no talent at all at editing images should this translation include actually editing the comics with the translated text.

    Well, getting back to this page, I guess this is the first page in a while that makes me so eager for the next one I feel like I can’t wait. Usually I don’t let myself feel that way since I never donated. Rest assured if I ever do donate to any webcomic, yours is first in line, even before the one that actually brought me here, QC.

    • We actually do have someone who has been contributing Portuguese translations to The Young Protectors — reader Hazy. (If you check out the Available Transcripts drop-down menu on the first few pages, you’ll see their work. 🙂 )

      But if you’d like to contribute translations as well, “many hands make light work” as they say. Send me an email using the link above and we’ll get you set up with an account.

      Thank you very much for the offer to translate. Glad you like the new page!

  • Lulzlullylulz

    Meanwhile, Fluke’s just a few clicks away from the commander’s personal porn stash which would probably explain the real reason she has full body photos of the team on the walls (i.e. reference material). Could there be a fan-girl in their midst?

    Ha ha, that would be awesome if it were true. Anyway, keep up the good work!


    • Gavin Wheeler

      Whaddaya mean a few clicks? Who do you THINK owns, runs and produced most of the porn on that site they are looking at? 😉

  • Incognito

    Hm – I think you left out a word in the Commander’s last sentence. Wouldn’t it be correct if she said *the* budget, as opposed to how it is now?

    “So glad I spent budget…”
    “So glad I spent the budget…”

    I don’t think saying that you spent budget on something is proper English no matter the context but maybe that’s just her quirky speech pattern or maybe English was her second language – just figured I should mention something.

    • Yami_no_Ite

      I think it makes sense. Because if she said “the budget” to me that implies that she spent the entire budget on the computer rather than just some of the budget.

      • Lady Mania

        Exactly what I was thinking as well.

    • AeeDee

      An alternate way to phrase it (that still avoids the implication of spending ALL of the budget), would be “So glad I spent budget money…” although it may feel a tad redundant.

    • It’s the way she would say it, so it’s intentional. But thanks for keeping an eye out! 🙂

  • amanda

    LOL!!! I KNEW IT!!! I like spooks he reminds me of a few friends I have.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Spooky is so cool! And way to go for making Kyle feel a little bit better about his situation (at least judging from his expression in panel three), even if you don’t know it yet. And way to go Commander for understanding and not being phased by boys and their antics! She’s truly my kind of girl, and I’m kind of hoping she likes girls too (please Alex?). Poor Tsunami! I hope you get over your issues with gay folk and those who love them soon; you seem like a really nice guy and I would hate to see you detract from that with misguided homophobia. 🙁

  • Meng Ling

    I don’t think that just because Tsunami isn’t really cool with the gay porn means that he’s homophobic. I mean, he COULD be, but honestly, think about it. A lot of people would be really uncomfortable seeing pictures of themselves in sexual positions with their friends. He’d probably be just as uncomfortable if it was the Commander in that pic with him.

    On a side note, I <3 Spooky so, so much. XD

    • Honestly it may not even be that he isn’t cool with gay porn. It could be that he feels violated because he portrayed very realistically, in sexual positions with people he is close to and feels they should feel violated as well.

  • Aaand we called it! Bless Spooky, really. He’s just so precious and comfortable with himself, makes me wish all people were like that. No wonder he’s my favourite character.

    (And I still want to steal his hat.)

  • AeryonSun

    The Commander! I’m not sure, but I reeeally hope she’s Native American! Glad to see her again!

    • She is. 🙂

      • AeryonSun

        Your answer just made my day! Thank you so much for the diversity of this comic.

  • Caffienated

    What if leader is a closet fanartist on the website? *eyebrow waggle*

    Anyway, is there a height chart somewhere showing how tall all of the villain’s and super hero’s are? From my perspective, I picture everyone taller than me since I’m a shorty (5’1”) :p

    • Nightshadengale

      Gods, I hope not. I like her so far, and I find girls who slash people they know in real life really creepy. (I mean, I’m sure I would find it creepy if a guy did it too, but I’ve never run into one.)

      • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

        I agree, writing/drawing slash of people you know in real life definitely crosses into creepy stalker territory for me.

        • Interpolation

          Agreed. Imagine if one of your friends was drawing explicit drawings of you with one of your other friends. That crosses so many lines of f***ed up.

    • I haven’t posted a height chart. That’s not a bad idea, actually. I’ll add it to the list. 🙂

  • Foxy

    And there goes Kyle, giving a big happy grin with how his other team mates are taking the use of over imaginary fan girls drawing porn pictures and posting them on either Tumblr or Y-Gallery.

  • Beth Chandler

    Commander has got that experienced-mom thing down, in dealing with the boys. And despite all our (often correct) speculation about what Spooky would say, it’s still grin worthy–with a lot of credit going to Adam and Veronica for their great art!

    • Indeed, yes! Adam and Vero did a fantastic job with this page! 😀

  • Commander is going to show the boys where the real yaoi/bara action is.

    (“This is why I am in charge.”)

    Tsunami’s gonna drown everyone, at this rate.

    Thenceforth we’ll have a new duo: the Tsunamilator!

    • KiannaLeigh

      Oh, Duncan could show that big boy a thing or two, I’d wager.

  • Lady Mania

    Spooks is by far my new favorite character. I just adore him so much.

  • David

    “We’re looking at porn on the internet!”
    Well, I can relate with Commander on that not being surprising.

    Also, Tsunami seems pretty pissed… I bet he IS gay, but he’s uncomfortable with telling it!

    Third planel… Kyle is smiling VERY nervously. Poor guy. D:

  • am i bad for relishing in tsunami’s distraught state of mind?

    (i mean, it’s always fun, taunting a big lug of a bully.
    isn’t it?

    maybe he should wear a shirt and stop looking like he’s playing pocket polo


    • KiannaLeigh

      No, no. Revel in your sadistic tendencies, Bro. Revel in them!

    • Katana_X

      Who is he bullying? He’s close minded, sure, but he probably assumes everyone in the room is straight. I think there’s a difference between being an unwitting jackass and being a bully. But, yes, it is fun to watch him squirm.

      • he looks like he would be a bully, should Chocolate Downpour be inclined to indulge in the dark side.


        haven’t you seen him domineering everyone, thus far, in the young protectors, katana?

        (them muscles ain’t fer show, i reckon)

        • Strangely, not every big muscle guy is a bully. I’ve met a few who love being bottoms.

          • as have i.

            however, i was relegating my commentary (which was forged in jest and in theory) to just tsunami, within the particular context of seeing his responses to this specific situation.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    I even forgot Saturday is posting day here….phone call to an elderly relative had my mind all booked up. This has me wondering…since she is the boss…I’m sure she knew every last detail about all of them before they were made part of the team?

  • dracarys

    God, now I want to see Spoonami ♥ haha Look at their personality, they would be a great couple.

    • Interpolation

      And then comes the crucial question: Who would top?

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    A bunch of us totally called that. XD haha.

  • She is so completely unfazed by her childish comrades XD I somehow doubt the fun is over. From the sounds of it, Spook is going to just make everything worse and worse.

  • janae hoskins

    she does not even care anymore! lol

  • JittlersJinx

    Commander is awesome. I love how she’s just so used to their ridiculousness. Though she doesn’t know what kind of porn yet >_< Spooky is hands down one of my favorite characters, how can he not be? I love his awesomely silly attitude <33 Tsunami needs to loosen up. How long have they been together? He should know better by now that Spooky is gonna keep pulling his tail ^o^

  • Shinashi

    No, Spook. You would not be on top. *fantasizes*

  • I love how she totally doesn’t care that they are looking at porn. xD

  • YangYueLan

    “The internet is for porn!” I listened to this song HOURS before I looked at the page.

  • anthony murray

    is anyone else getting worried about
    kyle getting a hard-on in his superhero tights??

  • avstron

    Poor girl, having to deal with 4 teen boys all alone… I feel bad for her XD

  • Skye

    I can’t find these translated pages you speak of =/

    • It’s not the pages itself that’s translated but the text in them. Find the line just under the page that say:
      ‘Read transcripts of this page in different languages: Available transcripts’.
      Click on that. Many comics will have that if fans offer to help translate the pages in some language. It’s rare that the texts is translated on the page directly, because it will mean more work time/site space required for the artist.
      (Edit: the later pages doesn’t have a transcript yet, but the first ones do as Alex gets them sent and insert them)

      • Thank you, DanishWolf. That sums things up perfectly. 🙂

  • Rina

    Totally guessed what spooky would say! yes!

  • Soubi

    LOL, perfect.

  • ME24601

    I’m going to get a lot of use out of the “We’re looking at porn on the internet” panel as a reaction image…

    • just remember to quote the source 🙂

    • Hehe. Yep, I was definitely aware of the possibilities there. I’ve even toyed with the idea of using it for a T-shirt. 😀

      (And yep, if you can let folks know where you found it, that would be much appreciated!)

      • ME24601

        I tend to recommend this and Artifice whenever the subject of gay webcomics comes up on the various imageboards I go on, so I definitely will.

  • Insigma

    Greatest line ever.

  • Bien Batol

    Oh Tsunami, you are all sorts of adorable, pouting the way you do.

  • Xyle

    I’d like to say that despite being a hetero man I think this is amazing well written comic blending a solid mix of tongue-in-cheek humor and dynamic character development.

    I’m not a fan of the romance genre as a whole so the concept of reading one that has a Yaoi theme has no bearing about how much I enjoy the series.
    I’m Very happy that I’m reading a super hero comic that has a focus on the heroes as people with their own lives outside of their “costume time”.
    I am especially happy that the romance scenes that are portrayed are tasteful and not just porn.Too much of any the alternative-lifestyle media is centered around how that single point defines the entire story.One of my best friends is gay but that one point does not fully encompass who he is.I also have a friend that a writer that writes fiction that has the main characters as gay but, that fact is the same as saying his character has blue eye. I’m going to recommend this series to all my friends but, I know that those two is particular with absolutely love this series.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you very much, Xyle, for the very kind words! I’m delighted that you’re connecting with the characters and story here—as a gay guy whose favorite movie is Bound (with two lesbian heroes), I can definitely appreciate (and am flattered by) someone who appreciates this story on its own merits. (I also appreciate your offer to help get the word out; that’s always the hardest part!)

      I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know you’re enjoying what I’m trying to do here. You’ve put a big smile on my face. 😀

  • fariasrv
  • Lunam_Kardas

    I just got the image of Anni gleefully running this site as a little hobby. I have no idea why.


  • XD Called it. And the last panel was awesome.

  • JJCalem

    Where does the budget for super heros come from anyway? Goverment funding? Merchandise?

    • ad revenue from the commander’s personal sites

  • I can’t believe it! Just got the email that you’re coming to the Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland! Was being floppy on going, now I definetely am! (just a train ride away 😀 )

  • *throws hands up/ turns in a slow circle*

    Yes. Thank you Spooks.

  • Pashakitty

    So much win in this page I don’t even know where to begin!

  • JB Sanders

    Don’t know if you saw this yet or not, Mr Woolfson, but Artifice got a write-up (a really, really good write-up, I think) in the Atlantic.

    • Yes, I did see that! And there was a review in The Advocate yesterday (and a couple other places) as well. It was a really awesome day!

  • RustyBurrell

    She reminds me of Carmen Sandiego

  • 1111

    I feel sorry for Tsunami or for any kids who feel pressured into joking around about, or looking at, or generally having to explain about, sex when it’s uncomfortable… you’d be surprised what is really going on w/ who..

  • Jasmine

    When the page before this one came out, my roommate struck the same pose that Spooks is doing now, and said the same thing. When we saw the page today, I started laughing so hard. Best part was my roommate was wearing her dark hoodie, white shirt today so we could go out running with the dogs… and we just started laughing. This was soooo great!!

    • That’s awesome1 Does she like cosplay? 😉

      • Jasmine

        She does! She should do Spooks, she’s on his brainwave. She even stands like he does in the 4th panel, arms on the hips like that…. xD

        • If she chooses to cosplay Spooky, I want pics! 😀

          • Jasmine

            I’ll definitely catch one of her off guard, examining her sprinkler-system project. xD

  • ShadowKat

    Ha! I KNEW that Spook’s reaction would be something along those lines! Burn with the SHAME all you Spooky-Is-Total-Homophope People! SHAAAAAME!

  • Hazard

    Haha, I love Commander here. “Hey! We’re looking at gay porn of ourselves!” “That’s nice.”

  • Exex

    It’s official, I love Spooks!

  • Johndar

    I love how Spooks doesn’t even try to hide it lol

  • Ree

    Spooky is quickly becoming my favorite character. He’s so darn ADORABLE.

  • Phyre Storm

    You know, I think Tsunami may actually be gay or bi too. I’m getting a bit of a “Methinks he doth protest too much” feeling.

  • Curt Clark

    The Commander is wonderful in that “only sane girl in a yaoi comic” way and I love everything about her. ^_^