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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Interlude One—Page 5

142 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Interlude One—Page 5

“Messed up” like, it’s so wrong, it’s so right? 😀

We have some fantastic new Fan Art by DeanDraws—a full-body shot of Kyle in uniform. You owe it to yourself to check it out!

And exciting news: Artifice is now shipping from Amazon! Go get yourself your copy right now! 😀

Oh, and


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So! Tsunami seems to have won Spooky over to his way of thinking! What will this mean for Kyle? And more importantly, does this mean we’re going to stop seeing all these naked, sexy pictures?!

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • CommodoreZelda


  • Nightshadengale

    That smug smile in the last panel is amazing.

  • CommodoreZelda

    Poor Kyle looks so worried… I’m worried too, hun…

  • Dat… dat ankle grip…

  • Personally I think at this point Tsunami needs to take a chill pill or something. I wonder what would happen if their fearless leader walked in right now.

  • nebi_lan

    hahaha that finger is just not showing me the fun part 😀

    • Feverfew_M

      Strange, it’s pointing directly at it… ;D

  • Becky

    Hahaha, “Spoonami”? They have special pairing names! <3

    And I sure hope the end of Spook's sentence is headed towards something like this:
    "That's messed up! I should so be on top!" or
    "That's messed up! I'd totally go for Red Hot."
    Don't join the Dark Side, Spooky!

    • I was thinking he’d say: “That’s messed up! Cause you so are not my type!”

      • or “Dude that’s messed up! I’m bigger than that!” (use a dirty mind)

        • Becky

          Actually yeah, I can see that being his objection. 😛

        • Feverfew_M

          Ha, this one is perfect!

        • Feverfew_M

          On the other hand, what about:
          “That’s messed up! No one could even walk with such a trunk!”

          • SleepingDragon

            Yeah, I totally expect him to turn it into a topping joke, or an anatomy or, my personal bet, a perspective one… or about the pairing not being consistent and Tsunami being unfaithful.
            Also, must be one uncomfortable boner for Kyle, unless he’s too stressed to even think about it.

      • Koe

        Perhaps, but I’m thinking: “That’s messed up! I would so be topping!”

        And great story so far, Alex! Thanks!

        • You’re welcome, Koe! I’m glad you’re enjoying it! 😀

      • “That’s messed up! I’m not doing it in the bedroom like one of those old married couples! I wanna do it in the living room, like a real bachelor!”

    • Great minds totally think alike, ‘cos i just posted nearly the exact same thing before seeing your comment a minute earlier. >__>;; Sorry about that.

    • Feverfew_M

      Or “That’s messed up! I’d never wear my cap in bed!”

      This is a fun game!

    • “That’s messed up. Obviously Fluke and I are a better pairing.”
      “That’s messed up. Your powers mean that you are Kyle are a better pairing.”

    • Feverfew_M

      “That’s messed up! The angle in this one is totally off!”

    • Your first suggestion was SO my first thought! xD

    • No no.
      Join the Dark Side. Or maybe be in that middle gray area with me.
      It’s ok to swing both ways, there, Spook!

      • Becky

        By “The Dark Side”, I meant the Evil Republic of Homophobia…

    • Haha I am thinking along the same lines :)) he is going to say, why is it that you are always the top on these pictures :))

    • I love the name “Spoonami”!
      I want to know the rest of the combination names…
      Hot Wave?
      Hot Spook?

      • you forgot about fly boy in those combos

        • Hot Fly?

          • ashes

            Threeway pairing between Fly Boy, Spook, and Fluke is just Flook.

  • Erica

    man im just thinking about how awkward kyle feels. if not awkward then even more SCARED to come out to his group. Especially with how Tsunami’s been reacting, Kyle’s gotta be thinking “Oh man, If i ever tell these guys that I’M gay they might react this way!” I’d like to believe that they’re not like that, but with these reactions, poor Kyle can only assume. I mean, he nearly died when Duncanni caught him at the gay bar. Kyle really doesn’t want to be exposed, really doesn’t want to be judged, but man… with Tsunami and Spook’s reactions, Kyle’s probably feeling like they’re already judging him without even directly doing so. >_< Poor baby kyle :c RUN INTO DUNCANNI'S ARMS, HE'LL KEEP YOU SAFE AND WARM IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE!! <3

    • I feel like the negative reaction is more like, “Ew, I’d never bang any of YOU.”

      Which may very well hold true…except on internet fansites… 😀

  • Malisa Adams

    I love this!!! reminds me of Supernatural where they discovered win-cest!!

    • OH GOD! I remember that episode! They were so disturbed!

  • Paulina

    I´m sure he will say something like: “that´s messed up.. it should be you and —-” or “me and —–” XD just my thoughts

  • okay, now that i’m a little more coherent:

    Bets on Spooky saying something like, “That’s messed up! *I* should be on top!!” ?

    Edit: WHOOPS. Great minds think alike. xD That’ll teach me to refresh!

  • amanda

    ah oh kyle looks really concerned now….
    lol for some reason I am picturing spooks making a smartass omment about how he would be on top! lol!!!
    love this
    ! thanks alex cant wait for next update!!!

    • You’re very welcome. I’m glad you’re liking this! 😀

  • Becky

    After going back through the previous couple of pages… Is this website, like, TsunamiIronicallyTopsEveryone(dot)com? Or does he just happen to be a favorite with the Yaoi Ladies due to his perpetual shirtlessness and rippling musculature?

    • Feverfew_M

      Oh, I can totally see fangirls making Tsunami an exclusive top. You know, there seems to be this law in yaoi that makes it illegal for the bigger guys to bottom. It’s probably physically impossible – or it would make the universe implode, or something. 😉

    • making the bigger guy bottom in yaoi is like dividing by zero. You don’t do it, you just don’t. (As for me, I quite like to see the big/bulky/butch guys bottom, but it’s a tacit law in cliché made-by-girls-for-girls art, big guys always top, skinny guys always bottom. That and flowers in the background)

      • You guys… you guys need more bara. xD

        • Feverfew_M

          Got recs?

          • Uselessly, i do not, as bara isn’t really my bag, but it comes up semi-regularly in the LJ scan communities, or did so in the past. There are always burly bottoms, since… everyone is burly.

  • amanda

    im really curious how he ever found this website…. lol I just thought of the platinum priestess uploading a Duncan and kyle pic!! lol!! liked to see those reactions. especially kyles lol

    • Eisheth

      Spooky seems like the kind of fellow who Googles himself on a pretty regular basis.

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      I think it is a very private joke among all of them…..just leading to something “hot” involving Kyle which may include starting a fire…with only one stick!

  • Oh Kyle honey, you look like you need a hug. *raises hand to volunteer*

    (Really hope Spooky is going to say something witty on the next page)

    • anthony murray

      As a guy that wheres all of his baseball caps backwards I’m waiting on him to go “How do they expect my hat to stay on against the pillow like that? its completely unrealistic.” or somthing off the wall like that

      • It’s “Messed Up” because he thinks they got the roles backwards. 🙂

      • Yami_no_Ite

        Yes! I looked at the pic and wondered the same thing. How is he managing to keep his hat on backwards during such vigorous activity?

  • Wait until they discover shipping! Hahahaha!!

  • Tsunami’s expression is priceless. Oh my god.
    Love it! I can hardly wait until the next page! 🙂

  • All the suggestions in my head of how Spooky will continue that sentense
    ….but looking at the other comments made I can see lots of us think alike, and I could come up with more suggestions XD

    So instead I want to point out that’s the most brillant covering up of the naughty bits in this comic so far *LOL*

    Tsunami look so smug in the last frame. I bet that will last til the next words coming out of Spooky’s mouth.
    Poor Kyle, all he does is staying quiet and watching the scene unfold. He went from enthusiastic to worried pretty quick. Will anyone start noticing soon?

    I have to say someone made Kyle’s ..feet.. pretty big though 😉

  • OH, and i finally got my copy of Artifice yesterday: squeeee! So looking forward to re-reading it, and it looks gorgeous.

    • Yay! Glad to hear it (and so glad you think it’s gorgeous!) I hope you enjoy it! 😀

  • RustyBurrell

    Dammit Tsunami, move your damn finger!

  • Obviously Spooky is going to point out that he should be the top in Saturday’s page. Tsunami will be all “WHAT?!” But yeah, Spooky seems cool so I think he’ll say something awesome like that. I do feel bad for Kyle though, he looked like someone kicked his puppy.

    I wonder if Spooky will be “using his creative imagination” thinking about the fangirls later. 😉

    • Yami_no_Ite

      Yes. I am waiting for spooks to pop out that line on Saturday’s page. At
      least, I am hoping that he comes up with some flippant answer.

  • I have loved all the art work for both Artifice and the Young Protectors… but i’ve got to say the interlude hits a little too close to home and at least one of your artists knows what Kyle’s side of this scene is like… that look that Kyle can’t quite keep off his face, that look that you cannot prevent from showing, so you twist it to something that might be taken for confusion or vague disturbance… that is only the faintest sign of what’s going on inside… a gut wrenching, nauseating, virtually paralyzing fear that these people who are trusted friends might find out the secret and be saying the same things about him when they do… and keeping the secret is paramount to keeping the life you have…

    • It does hit close to home, but at the same time I think that is why I enjoy this comic so much. Having to hide who you are from those around you while they express their disgust is possibly the worst feeling I have ever had.
      The way it is being portrayed in this comic is amazing.

      • Wayne Lunkwitz

        Try hiding the fact that you are one of “THEM” and the fact that the guy you fell for was of a different race (Think Tsunami) with a Father who was VERY racially biased.

        • Oh, I understand, though not nearly as firmly as I like to believe.

          My parents are against gay…anything. They found out I was bisexual and seeing a woman during the Arizona vote against gay marriage. They were major proponents of this cause. I was emotionally abused for the better part of a year before I broke it off with her. I still regret that. After dating a black man last year, I got a talking to from my mother (who actually supports gay rights- my dad and stepmom don’t) about how I ought to stay within my own race if I’m going to date because all black men will do is get me pregnant and leave me flat.

          • …. Seriously, the only polite response I have for these attitudes is that your family members lead very unexamined lives.

            My own mother has said some extraordinary, hurtful things about my (trans, disabled) husband, but she’s the only one in the family, and she’s never made it her business to deny anyone’s civil rights.

          • Oh, I agree with you completely. I have a good amount of family that are very understanding, caring and genuinely don’t care about that, but a good amount of immediate family do. I tend not to make friends with people like that though.

            So this does hit close to home with the attitudes, and I can relate to Kyle in that aspect. Good writing allows for people from all walks of like to enjoy this. 🙂

      • Thank you, Kinzie. 🙂

    • Yep. It was a very common experience for me growing up, when the phrase “Don’t be gay!” and jokes about gays and gay sex seemed all around me, even among my closest friends. That anxiety and the desire to hide the anxiety which only creates more anxiety. This is a comedy scene, but what Kyle is experiencing at this moment is just as important. As many have pointed out in the comments, objectively we can’t be sure how the others would really react to Kyle coming out based on what they are seeing here. But for Kyle, their interactions and reactions would absolutely play into that fear.

      It’s an essential part of the story to show that here (and important to me personally to show) and Adam is doing an totally awesome job with it. 🙂

  • (my god.

    tsunami is just plugging all the holes in the gang, ain’t he??


    meanwhile: smugly-triumphant nipple !!


    “That’s messed up!

    “I am supposed to be the one on top of mister Chocolate Downpour, over there.


    i imagine that kyle’s thinking, You lucky son of a bitch… …I wanted Tsunami to make me his fire hydrant. . . . .

    (ノ ゜Д゜)ノ ︵ ┻━┻

    …i can’t think of a suitable fan nickname for those two, though.

    how does Ginger Monsoon strike you guys?

    or Sizzlin’ Rayne?

    • Feverfew_M

      Ha, good ones! Hm, how about Steaming Hot? Hot Tats?

      Or – ugh – Fire-water. That would be really bad, but fangirls can get silly…

      • (if only tsunami was an ice-elemental

        then we could call those two “Been Gay”!

        {drat, alex: foiled, again!!})

        well, they’re not quite yet 21..
        ..seeing as this is taking place in Chicago, United States, we might need to wait 3 – 4 more years before. . . . .Fire Water can be a thing.

        i reck’n.

        • Feverfew_M

          OMG, I didn’t even know about that before! Were people hurt? (I’m an ocean away and we don’t get all the news from the US.)
          I was merely thinking about strong liquor…

          • (a couple of people so far have died — 100+ were injured)

            why were we thinkin’ about strong liquor, Ff_M?

          • Feverfew_M

            Fire-water, as in ‘western’-movie slang for whiskey.

            But wait, are we talking about Boston, now, or about the warehouse-fire in Chicago? ‘Cause, of course we got the horrifying news from Boston…

          • there might have been a snafu in communication.

            (i don’t happen to know anything about any recent warehouse fires in chicago — although i am imagining chicago is the location of the head•quarters of The Young Protectors’)

            we wouldn’t want minors (much less superheroes) to go namin’ themselves after whiskey — i speculate.

            not that it would really bother me, per se.. ..but we know that not everyone is responsible with their drinkin’

          • Feverfew_M

            There seems to have been one in January, but as the media seem more concerned about the way the building looked afterwards – covered in ice – I hope there wasn’t anybody hurt

          • wow.

            that-all really looks like it comes from the set of a somewhatly-morbid movie…

            …i never seen anything like that, but once: from an actual movie, whose title i forget, that dealt with an icy apocalypse

            i definitely did not have that in mind, earlier this morning, FfM

      • Nightshadengale


        • Feverfew_M

          Brilliant!!! I love this one!

  • Yami_no_Ite

    Hmm…. I’m in total agreement that Kyle is freaked out about the reactions of his team mates. What I am really hoping is that this thing that will be going on with Duncan will be really good for him with that, and will help him to get over any bad reactions that might occur when the secret comes out.

  • I’m now waiting for Fluke to say, “Hey, check out this orgy scene by… Kommand Grrl…?!” *gasp!*


  • arobynbird

    I hate to say it but I kind of agree with the boys. It is messed up. I don’t think Id react any different to finding pics of me with some one of a gender I wan not attracted to. … Ok so that doesn’t apply to ME, I like both. Still I can understand how weird that would be. Epically if the other person in the pic is right there. Gay bashing is bad, but seeing your self in porn is messed up. Although that is the price of fame.

  • I hope Tsunami comes around. He’s actually my kinda guy from the little we’ve seen of him. Who knows, but a guy can hope!

  • kat kat

    not sure why but i imagine spookie to have “a come back” after that instead of a complaint

  • melinda stumpf

    damn that finger its blocking the goods

  • Monica

    Poor Kyle… surrounded by ignorant homophobic guys… Guess he have to go find a broad shoulder to cry on.. right under an old face with silver grey hair… AMIRGT?

    • Nightshadengale

      I don’t think finding it creepy that someone drew porn of you necessarily constitutes homophobia…

      • TwoWayStar

        but if you’re a 17 yr old boy terrified his friends will find out he’s gay, this will jump you straight to the conclusion they find gay people disgusting even if its not accurate for the circumstances

        • Nightshadengale

          I don’t disagree with that, but I think the original poster was herself interpreting their reactions as homophobia rather than saying that’s how Kyle must be seeing it.

          • TwoWayStar

            [basically i am really dumb and tired here]

          • TwoWayStar

            okay no ignore that i just realized i am talking to you wow

            yeah im dumb and i am stressing about finals and studying and writing papers, im no longer making sense

            im sorry for my stupidity *falls to your feet* please accept my apologies T_T

    • AC♥Bear

      With Nightshade. On top of being drawn into porn, he’s being drawn as gay with friends/team mates. There might be some family relation between one of them, and it’s remained a secret :P. That could end up extremely creepy.

      I’m okay with Tsunami not liking this. It contributes to what people in reality would be like in this sort of situation. Spooks and Fluke are people who’d probably make light of the situation. Judging by so far, Spooks is fine enough with the Male x Male factor. His sentence is most likely not finish and he’s just pulling Tsunami’s strings :P.

      And if he is uncomfortable with homosexuality, it still doesn’t make him homophobic.

  • iTVXQ

    That’s some serious cockblocking fingers. Literally COCKblocking.

  • GiovanniBoss

    I wonder why sometimes Tsunami’s tattoos seem dark black while sometimes they seem… faded. Do they change over time, according to his emotions, or whatever, they just got drawn differently? I find it hard to believe that’s an oversight considering the art here is so amazing, though. xD

    Now about the comic itself, the thing that worries me most isn’t Tsunami over there. Even though he himself got pretty disturbed with the gay porn, he seems not the kind of person who’d just turn his back on Kyle. Instead, I think he’ll probably be shocked once finds out his teammate is indeed gay, but also will come to terms with it pretty fast. So far we haven’t seen any hate speech or such.

    Spooks there also doesn’t worries me at all, he does seem the kind of guy who is gonna be all: “Hey, Kyle, you should have told you were gay before, I would have gotten so many more girls if I didn’t leave the ones interested in you alone… geez… Now you will come over with me to get all those. Yes, now. Oh, don’t worry, man, I’ll leave any guy interested in me to you, so it’s a fair trade, huh?”

    Fluke does worry me a bit, though. He strikes me as the kind of guy who thinks: “Oh, it’s fine, funny.” Just while it’s fiction. He does strike me as someone who’d help kyle, but get somewhat colder towards him. The kind of person who thinks they’re doing a favor in accepting you for what you are, when they’re only exercising common respect.

    • ericksontama

      I can’t help but agree with that observation. Tsunami is indeed a loyalty and honor kind of guy in my opinion and Spooky just doesn’t seem to care one way or the other. Fluke, on the other hand, definitely seems like the kind of guy who might not be as comfortable with it if it’s not a joke. Not sure about Commander’s and Flyboy’s reactions, though.

      • Of course speaking of Commander and Flyboy, one has to wonder why we haven’t seen Flyboy on that sight. Or is there something about flyboy we don’t know. Is Flyboy really fly’transgender’ f to m

        • Becky

          Maybe, but I think it’s probably just because he’s really young. Alex mentioned in comments that he’s only 15ish. I don’t know about high-school-aged yaoi artists, but I’D certainly feel pretty uncomfortable about drawing porn starring a 15-year-old kid. He also might not have the same kind of fangirl following if he’s new to the group or The Ladies still just see him as a little boy.

    • Yami_no_Ite

      Huh. You’re right about the tattoos. Now I am curious to see what that is all about because I totally agree with you about the color variations not being an oversight.

  • Foxy

    I feel like I’m the only one who is noticing Kyle’s face with their reactions.

    • Of course you’re not. You can see the emotions he is going through very well through the way Adam is drawing him. A couple people mentioned that below.

  • Vincent

    Of course that is messed up. Everyone knows Spook is a top. Duh.

    Or maybe it’s because the artist left out his third nipple?

  • fujoshifanatic

    I am loving all the guesses as to what Spooky will say is messed up on the next page! I am split between him and Fluke being a better pairing or him being the top, but what I would really like him to say would be something along the lines of thinking Kyle and he would be a hotter pairing–imagine the faces Kyle would make at that remark! X-D And it figures that the dude who is least happy with all this attention is the one to be featured with every damn body, and quite awesomely I might add, except for the clever cockblocking! Listen up Tsunami, the yaoi fangirls are telling you something, and it’s to get over yourself and enjoy the love. 😛

  • Caffienated

    Should I feel bad that I wanna see a fanart of someone on top of Tsunami now?
    Switch it up! :p

    *hides from the big tattooed teen*

  • Gletters

    Awww, there’s just so much emotion portrayed in Kyle’s face right there…..

  • Kit the Coyote

    His next line should be:

    “Oh Dude, you’re right! That’s messed up!” … It should be Kyle! 🙂

  • Okay, today’s game is “guess the end of Spook’s sentence”! I’d go for “That’s messed up, she got your tats all wrong” or “That’s messed up, I’m way bigger than *this*. Don’t go for the asian stereotypes girl!”

    This is hilarious, we need more of these pictures.

    • Kit the Coyote

      Now that I think about it, its probably going to be something along the lines of “I should be on top”

  • Noooo Censor McHand returns! And Damn Spooky, I hope you’re just joking in that last panel, I agree with Becky and co, it ought to lead into some quip about Spook being a pitcher not a catcher or somesuch. X3 I have such high hopes for you, Spooks! He seems really easygoing so far. Come on Fluke….weigh in on this, too.

  • Poor Kyle…

  • Lady Mania

    Oh i can’t wait to see Tsunami’s face on the next page when Sooky says something like “Your tats are all wrong!” Or “My legs can’t bend that way!” or something else about angles. This is great.

  • YES! Tsunami needs to bottom next. lol! I don’t want to find out if any of the YP would be anything but homophobic. Not yet. I want the whole only the super villain understands me scenario play out.

  • Can we go back to hurting Tsunami’s virgin eyes now?

    • SamuelDerek

      Why can I not like this more then one time. Whyyyyy. xD

  • I’m gonna join everyone else in really hoping Spooky’s saying it’s messed up because of perspective, who’s on top, who’s paired with who, or something! (Please, Alex, please don’t break my heart! Please let it be one of these things!)

  • Soubi

    I’d appreciate if if you’d move your finger, Tsunami.

  • ericksontama

    Due to Spooky’s humorous and laid-back demeanor, I think he’s gonna comment that the artist got the angle or a proportion wrong.

    • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

      Yeah, I was imagining him continuing with “-I should be on top!”

  • R-kun

    Nice use of finger covers

  • arobynbird

    Off topic. It just occurred to me, that Kyle’s “combustion” problem could be a great cover. Not that any one should ever have to hide. And even though its really embarrassing the whole making out with him equals a hospital trip is a good reason to keep his team mates from pestering him about not dating any girls.

  • b3nc0

    “Yeah‼ I should sooooo be on top‼‼”
    Will you post bigger versions of those in the fanart gallery?

    • KiannaLeigh

      Yep … That quote was exactly what I saw coming too. I’m glad I’m not alone in that respect. teehee

  • Cman65

    If you where that big you would be getting MORE

  • Gin

    I think he’ll comment on the size of his artistically drawn man meat and the lack of size it has compared to the other.

  • Nancy

    Last window; priceless xD

  • kireb

    he is right. it is totally messed up.
    3 pics staring Tsunami but only as a top? yaoi fan girls just cant be count on…

  • you know… it almost looks like Tsunami is checking out Kyle’s ass… ALMOST.

  • BurstThrough

    Joke about art, dick size, unfairness of Tsunami ALWAYS on top or that it looks like rape in 3..2..1…

  • Michayla Cuthbertson


  • RustyBurrell

    Off and on, I imagine Tsunami’s voice as the Principal Lewis from American Dad…

    • Kiki

      Oh my goodness. Now I’m hearing it too. IT WON’T STOP!

  • I would say “Why are you complaining? You’re top dog in all of these!” XD

    And NOOOOO! Poor Kyle!!! I feel like giving him a huge, supportive hug. D8 Hearing his team mates talk like that makes me sad. 🙁

  • I’m enjoying the speculation about the punchline, but I really hope it’s *not* “I should be on top”. It should be something about angles or proportions or something else, but a top/bottom joke would (a) not be as funny, (c) be rather unkind and not help Tsunami’s discomfort, and (c) be the most obvious. I think Spook can do better than that. I hope so, anyway.


  • Vik-Thor

    Definitely enjoying the expressions in the past hew pages!
    Vote for my favorite comic – The Young Protectors

  • lol I bet he says he should be the one on top xp

  • Taylee94

    I want the rest of the comment to be along the lines of “You’re not my type” or even better, “I have higher standards than that!”

    • Shinashi


  • RustyBurrell

    I’ve been reading your work forever now. Feels good to finally be able to donate to the bonus page 🙂

  • Tsunami, get your damn hand out of the way!

  • “That’s messed up…. I should be on top!”

  • Toni Schlotter

    …um..did anyone notice spooks looks surprised in the sex pic? maybe even upset or scared? that online artist in the pic think tsunami would rape him

  • 1111

    ^ E40 look: “He’s queer as a box of Apple Jacks!” But Tsunami by the window uncomfortable made me sad!

  • Ree

    Oh my god, that does not say spoonami, does it? These pages are cracking my shit up.

  • Holy Shit! I just saw SPOONAMI for the first time! I love re-reading this comic.