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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Interlude One—Page 4

192 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Interlude One—Page 4

I think I’m kinda OK with it, actually. Maybe even more than OK…

(And I love Adam and Vero. They do such amazing work. They make our guys so cute… 🙂 )


I’m going to be at Bookish Beasts (NSFW link) in San Francisco this Sunday (4/14/13)! It takes place at the Center for Sex and Culture at 1349 Mission St. from noon – 6:00 P.M. and I’ll be selling (and signing!) advance copies of Artifice as well as cool new The Young Protectors and Artifice merchandise. It looks like it’s going to be a good time, so if you’re in the Bay Area, please stop by and say hi!

The reader translators have been working like fiends over the last couple weeks! Warm thanks go out to Skaro for translating Artifice pages into Spanish, David M. for translating The Young Protectors into Spanish, Zebrakatten for translating The Young Protectors into Danish and WTCelesta for translating Artifice into Russian! Be sure to click the Available Transcripts drop-down menu under the pages to see their work and if you have friends who don’t speak English who would be helped by these translations, please let them know they are there!

I’d like to also give a little heads up that I’ve started work on creating a Kickstarter campaign to release the Prologue, Chapter 1 and this Interlude of The Young Protectors as a premium quality printed book, just like I did with Artifice. If that’s something you’d be interested in, keep your eye on this spot. I should be announcing its launch in a few weeks…

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So! We finally get to see a bit more clearly what our heroes have been seeing on screen! And that leads to many questions: Is that something you like seeing or should I just blur that naughty stuff out next time? Is Spooky really OK with this? Will he decide to give up his career as a superhero to become a professional art critic? And will Kyle ever be able to wrap his head around the fact that “girls made these”?

Tune in on Wednesday to find out the answer to these and other burning questions! Hope to see you there!

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  • DarkJokerOfAmuro

    Just amazing XDDD

  • Erica

    omg. lol poor tsunami. welp, XD i have a feeling that it woulda been awesome to use our fanart if only it didn’t all consist of duncanni and kyle XDD

  • Ian Fox

    OMG! I’d totally buy that hat if you made it! 😀

  • melinda stumpf

    oh my god his hat want it so bad

  • nebi_lan

    I want the link of that that page hahaha

  • Never ever underestimate the yaoi fangirls Kyle! LMAO <3

    For the love of everything, don’t blur the naughty bits 😉

    The fact that Fluke and Spooky are technically discussing the art and positions in the sex scenes drawn just crack me up.
    The images they look all look at.. ohlalaa~ .. uhm well maybe the funny Kyle image is just funny, but the set of his firm ‘buns’ just above it rules it out 😉

    Tsunami is far from amused though… and he’s even so well drawn.

    P.S. I want Spooky’s cap.

  • rawr

    Oh god, don’t you dare blur anything out.

  • fujoshifanatic

    “Is that something you like seeing or should I just blur that naughty stuff out next time?”

    That was a rhetorical question, right? You just made my day with that oh so yummy page! X-D Panel four is just exquisite, and not just for the obvious reason. I hope I’m not the only one who finds Spooky’s hat (as well as his astute critique of the fan art) so fan-freaking-tastic! So well done!

    Now Kyle knows about us fujoshis! He better hope the ones in his universe don’t find out about Annihilator, else he’s going to find all his bizznast out on Front Street–in living color and (hopefully) from awesome angles (but then again, that may give him some ideas for next week…;-P)!

    • Very glad you like the update, fujoshifanatic! And yes, I promise that question was rhetorical. 😉

  • Yami_no_Ite

    Heh. I think that we are all liking this little interlude storyline, if the backlog of bonus pages waiting is any indication. I do like this story because, one, it is funny, and two, it really does give us a good insight into their personalities and maybe it will be some indication of what will happen when it gets out that Kyle is gay. Because of course that will happen since it will create drama and we all love drama.

    • Thank you, Yami_no_Ite! It was definitely my hope to help y’all get to know the team a little better—and make you laugh. 😉

  • That weirdly visceral popping sound? Yeah, that was all the fangirls asplode.

  • So is Spooky a detective, too?

    • kaycee1967

      You hear the Scooby-Doo theme too?

  • Yes Yes YES. Kyle’s face, the fact that you made it so it was girls drawing the porn, the way Spooky is discussing the art. Just YES. Thank you.

    • You’re welcome. I’ve been really looking forward to sharing this scene with y’all. 🙂

  • Niggle

    I’m surprised no one has commented on the thumbnails in panel four of a surprised Kyle and someone’s hand on his shoulder, probably Tsunami. And that bum! So funny. The whole page is funny, I love Kyle’s face in panel two.

    Love the dialogue, too, of course. I love how they’re so relaxed about it, excepting poor uncomfortable Tsunami, who I am afraid is going to get more angry and his inner homophobe might come out. I’d love it if Kyle, without thinking, admits that he’s gay. That would stop Tsunami short and hopefully get him to rethink his prejudices. But I kinda think not.

    And do you need to ask about blurring? The answer should be obvious. ;D

    • Thank you, Niggle. Glad you’re liking the words. Very fun to write.

      And yes, I think Adam and Vero did a great job selling both the sexy and the humor I was going for. I asked for a lot of tricky expressions and Adam nailed every one. And Vero always makes every page come alive. Happy Writer Alex.

      • Niggle

        You’re welcome. Good art and good dialogue is a combo that makes it delightful to read. I read quite a few online comics, but there’s only a few that make me giddy when there are updates and this is one of them. 😀 (I’ve probably said that before, but it’s worth repeating.)

  • bobbyjoeguy

    Ok, something about the phrase, “hard perspective” is just way too funny…

  • YangYueLan

    Damn it! I’m in SF, and I would love to see you/buy a book, but the Cherry Blossom festival is going on that weekend and I can only go Sunday. (Japan town and the Bookish Beasts thing is not an easy commute) That, and I dont think I really want to go to Mission and 9th that late in the day.

    • Well I’d love to see you too, but I’ll understand if you can’t make it. (Although in my experience, Mission and 9th isn’t all that bad; it’s essentially just off Van Ness, 6th street is where it gets sketchy.) Hope you’re able to make it work, though!

      • YangYueLan

        Ok, I should be able to stop by in the afternoon. I just have to find the right bus line from Japan town to down town.

        • Awesome! Be sure to mention your Disqus username when you come by my table. 🙂

  • xLizardx

    I now think that they’re doing it deliberately, to tease Tsunami. He seems like it would be easy to, for want of a better expression, yank his chain. 🙂

  • KrisYWC

    Spooks I love you. Also, is Spooks wearing a hat with a picture of himself?

    • There’s a story about that cap. Maybe Spooky will share it with you sometime. 🙂

  • yes.

    it appears that The Womenfolk are bigger perverts than us guys are.


    :: trains his eye on Kianna ::

    . . . . .
    not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    nor is there anything wrong with chibi-kyle’s making that same expression as he had in panel 3, in the previous page — yes: i too would lose my shit, if tsunami grabs me, and………



    move out the way, dude.
    you’re not The ⓟⓛⓐⓣⓘⓝⓤⓜ ⓟⓡⓘⓔⓢⓣⓔⓢⓢ, so quit blocking the view!
    we gotta see you cooling tsunami’s fire in his nether-region!

    (actually…al, since you’ve been kinda spoiling me, lately…..can you direct a little something with The Spookster in it, too?

    like, maybe, with tsun-tsun dominating both spookar and kyle?

    purty please?)

    • I’ll see what I can do, Rex. 😉

      • <3 ♥ <3 (with some additional pura-pura sparkles!)

      • KiannaLeigh

        So much pura-pura sparkles, in exchange for AU side stories Or this comic lasting a really long time. Or you posting another comic (something gothic would be fun). Whatever works.

        • This “Engaging the Enemy” arc has four more chapters to go after this Interlude. And I have some other stories with these guys brewing in my head if Adam and Vero are up for it once we finish this arc. So it should last at least a little while. 🙂

          And I do have a pretty good idea what my next new comic would be, but my hands are currently full with The Young Protectors and the official book launch of Artifice on May 1st.

          Glad both those things would appeal to you, though! 😀

          • KiannaLeigh

            Eeeeee! I’m thrilled, thrilled, thrilled! So thrilled. Eeeee! XD

      • I second the Spooks notion! Please? He’s a favorite of mine. And no blurring! 😉 The strategically placed objects are entertaining. Like his finger is perfect. It just adds to the comic.

    • Feverfew_M

      it appears that The Womenfolk are bigger perverts than us guys are.
      Heh, of course we are. Did you ever doubt it? 😉

    • KiannaLeigh

      OMG, OMG, OMG! Yes! Side comic full of … ahh! Yes!

      Also, pervert? Me!? Heh-heh. Is true!

      • let us both be perverts now, and into the future, your Hentainess!

        with alex playing the role of the Enabler.


        • KiannaLeigh

          Oh he is soo an Enabler! But we love him for it.

    • well we are bigger perverts because it lies in our nature, to think more of what we want, or rather, we would beg for what we want, and ofcourse, men and women alike have sexual fantasies, but when a women want it bad…a women want it bad!

      • oh, stop..’re gonna definitely make me turn Bi if you keep that sort of talk up, caroline !!

        • XD oh well well you know…*giggle snort*

          • i should never underestimate the power of The Womenfolk™, eh?

          • we women are brain ninjas…we can just say a tiny comment like “your as stupid as your father” or whatever…that a ticking time bomb….Its gonna be in your brain in like..a day or two..and you walk around..trying to find out what it means..and that shit can explode anytime, and by that time, were over it and totally satisfied. XD and your all messed up.

          • T_T…

          • sorry – i subscribe to the comments and this crossed my in box, and so i just had to jump in – i don’t think that women are necessarily more “brain ninjas” than men. granted, women are more verbal than men, and i mean that in the sense that scientific research has demonstrated that women are more verbally inclined then men…however i think that when it comes to being manipulative or whatever with words, while maybe women are more likely to be adept at this, men are no strangers to the clever turn of a phrase…case in point? Oscar Wilde… 🙂

  • (p.s. — “kim chen yaoi” didn’t turn up anything relevant to TYP: so, don’t google her


  • kaycee1967


    • Shocking, right?!

      • Indeed. This is not lady-like behavior!
        (Another reason to do it, if you ask me)

  • CommodoreZelda

    LOVE IT!

  • CJ

    Oh wow, that is probably the most revealing pic I’ve seen in this comic, not to mention HOT, starring Tsunami!

    So this picture made Tsunami cried Jesus? There’s god in porn indeed 😀

    The irony is, since the artist of the reality in this comic as well as the comic in this comic are the same person, I figure we are looking at something rather ‘realistic’ portrait of the boys, relatively speaking. 🙂

  • Celestia’s Snout

    Between the art critique, the strategically placed dickfinger censor, and the hat, Spooky’s officially cemented as my favorite. He’s adorable and hilarious. Also hilarious, “chibi-style” Kyle.

  • Becky

    Oh come on, Tsunami. Calm down. Can’t you see your boys are chill? Ain’t nobody gonna jump on you and grab your naughty bits or nothin’.

  • Kingsley Wolfe

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Spook’s enjoyment of these is simply from an artistic standpoint. I mean, I wouldn’t MIND if he ended up gay or bi (more for me to drool over), but something tells me this is an art thing rather than a sexuality thing.

    Either way, Spooks remains my favourite character.

  • Jason Arilani

    I see a Butt! Who’s butt is it? I must know…..

    • Celestia’s Snout

      I think a page or two back, one of the thumbnails showed what looked like Spooky in a pose with his back to the camera. Could be his butt.

  • Feverfew_M

    So, is Spooky’s outfit inspired by a childhood hero?
    Also, I’m totally in love with Tsunami’s expression in the “fanart”, such a contrast with his “rl” consternation.
    And yes, Kyle, girls are strange that way… 😀

    • That might indeed be so, but the hero would not be the one on his cap. 🙂

  • I am loving this side story! I love the humor and they way it reveals their characters through the different reactions everyone is having. I love Spooks’ reaction in particular. This page is just beautiful. Also, I think (whether he is bi or not) that Spooks has figured out the shocking truth that girls who are attracted to guys find it hot to imagine them having sex with each other (more eye candy for them to look at). And that means that girls drawing erotic drawing of them having sex with each other means that girls are fantasizing about them!
    Oh, and no blurring!

    • Thank you! Glad you’re liking the Interlude! (And OK, no blurring… 😉 )

  • I love the thumbnail pics!

  • Gryphongirl2

    And so the fangirls (and boys!) rose to the occasion and created a website of superhero porn to mirror the comic world. Or maybe they just expanded their deviantART galleries a little. Anyway, Alex’s wish came true when a MASSIVE gallery of Young Protectors hard yaoi porn of “really good art” with perspective hard enough to pull off, er, with “hard perspective”, er, perspective so hard we had to pull something off. Anyway, there was hardness and plenty of stuff got off…I mean, came off.

  • toli Bera

    It’s just Art Tsu. it’s not like it’ll sneak up on you and become cannon. the rest of the guys are just goofin’ around. relax. you can deal with the wang-in-schnoofter another day.

  • KhepriRa

    I totally love Spooky’s hat!

  • bibliophile41

    lol, even hat!Spooky seems excited about that fanart!

  • Spooks reaction might also link to the level of maturity and comfort in his own sexuality. He might be straight but has no probs with others fantasising about being with him. Tsunami might either be closeted or just cannot accept that anyone would see him as not a macho man.

    • Celestia’s Snout

      Why do I suddenly picture it being a misleading drama bomb set-up?

      “Tsunami, nobody’s saying you’re gay-”

      “I am gay! But I don’t date black guys! Or white guys!”

      Cue saxophone music as he and Spooky stare each other down.

      • LOVE that. Just the right amount of funny. 😛

  • Effie Ray

    What I want to know is what he searched to lead him to that kind of website o.0

  • I’m just so so in love with this interlude. xD

  • Zaga

    Hush, Tsunami, or we’ll keep clicking thumbnails ’till we find pictures of you bottomming. Preferably for a sheep (in the crossover erotic/pastoral fanfic category on that website), and Fluke and Spooky will keep admiring it even longer since I bet it would require lots of artistic ability to make it look realistic. It’s a tricky pose after all.

    What do you say? Ah, yeah. Suddenly the picture of you and Fluke doesn’t look so bad, does it? 🙂

    • KiannaLeigh

      What the hell sort of image did you just put in my head?

  • Ethereal Ascent

    Definitely no blurring!

    I’m loving the way they are just casually discussing the art and perspectives as if it weren’t images of them at all.

    Kyle’s face when at the idea that girls drew it – priceless!

    Of course, Tsunami not only isn’t happy about it but he also seems even more annoyed that he’s the only one annoyed.

  • XxNightwingxX

    Does Spooky have a picture of himself on his cap? That’s so epic. I love him even more now.

  • Rontex

    In panel 4 I think Spooky meant to say “I think that’d be a hard POSITION to pull off”, just sayin

    • Celestia’s Snout

      Considering he’s discussing the art style, he most likely meant what he said.

      • Probably. Because that position really isn’t hard. 😉

        • …it just MAKES people har… *cough!*… that way… 😉

  • The hat: Spooky Jones- occult investigator? Does he have his own cartoon series and merchandise? Lol!

    • You’re not far off, actually. His work outside of The Young Protectors does involve what are essentially “occult investigations.” And out of all The Young Protectors, for various reasons, Spooky does have the most “fame.” (Something that I look forward to exploring in future comics.)

      There is indeed Spooky merch out there in my world and a cartoon series has been proposed to him more than once, but all that stuff is pretty far off his radar. He has other priorities. He wears this cap for a specific reason and it’s not about money. 🙂

      • I bet if you look closely at the image of Spooky on the hat, there is a tiny image of Spooky on the hat… recursive infinity…

        How very “The Mouse and His Child”. 😉

  • Is it Kyle’s birthday yet?

  • xsarabellax

    I need Spooky to move his hand out of the way in the 4th panel!

  • booklover320

    I’m ok with it!! Hopefully this will help Kyle when/however he comes out to them. And on a personal note, I don’t mind seeing the naughty bits at all! 😉

  • Noooo blurring, for the love of purple, DON’T DO IT DX It would just ruin the effect of any future religious experiences if we didn’t get to see what caused it.

    But Spooky is definitely really into it. He’ll probably stay a superhero but I bet he’ll do a little critiquing on the side. And no, Kyle will clearly never fully understand that most of the girls in this universe are (even secretly) yaoi fangirls.

  • KiannaLeigh

    Why is Spooks wearing his own hat? By that I mean: “Why the fuck is his own picture on his hat?!” Who wears their own merch? Spooks seriously!

    • Celestia’s Snout

      Hey, if I looked that adorable, I’d wear me on myself all the time too.

      • Are you happy to see a bit more of Spooky in this Interlude, CS? 🙂

        • Celestia’s Snout

          Hell yes. Very grateful, thank you.

      • KiannaLeigh

        Very good point!

  • Dex X.

    I love that Spook’s reaction is all….let’s discuss perspective. rofl. So great.

  • ‘The number one fan site for Young Protector erotic fanart!’ LOL!!!
    This page is just full of amazing details. SO great! And yes, I’ll add my cheers for the hat and how much I would want one… but then I’d like a chibi in-costume Kyle even more. 😉 Great work and can’t wait to see where this goes

  • Firebirds1

    I have this suspicion that there’s gonna be some Kyle/Anni fan art on the website (*crosses fingers* please please please…)

  • Lady Mania

    Oh I love Spook’s reaction, looking at it artistically. That is just awesome.

  • cozcoz

    I really hope you’re not trying to play Tsunami off as homophobic. There’s a huge difference with being uncomfortable with something and discriminating against the minority represented. A lot of people, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, would be very uncomfortable seeing this kind of explicit content. Particularly since the friends they’re depicted being sexual with are present in the room too.

    • Celestia’s Snout

      It’s pretty ambiguous as to which it is at the moment. And come on, Alex isn’t dumb. He knows there’s a difference between the two reactions, but they AREN’T mutually exclusive (nor do they always have to go hand-in-hand, either). Give him a little more credit than that.

      • cozcoz

        Obviously. I never stated that he can’t be homophobic? I did say, however, that this kind of reaction shouldn’t be used as evidence of homophobia.
        And I would like to give him a little more credit, but so far this story romanticises a relationship, initiated by blackmail, between a 17 y/o-still coming to terms with his sexuality- and a 70 y/o man.

        • Celestia’s Snout

          I know what you said. I can read, of course. I read that you’re jumping to a conclusion based on something currently not cemented either way. You’re not being fair, you’re freaking out over what you ASSUME will happen.

          And really, again, give him credit – there’s a distinct possibility (that quite a few of us are speculating) that there’s manipulation going on. Of course, we could always be wrong, but so could you. After all, Kyle IS shown as being pretty naive, and taking things at face value can’t really be wise. Sometimes things aren’t what they seem. If it bugs you so much, though, who’s holding a gun to your head and making you read?

          (And technically, I believe he’s 58, not 70.)

          • cozcoz

            No lol, I did not jump to a conclusion. Jumping to a conclusion would be to *assert* one outcome as fact. If you can read then please re-look over and acknowledge I used the word hope (speculative, not conclusive). Freaking out? You’re the one getting up in arms over someone addressing a legitimate issue. I didn’t realise this line of discussion was to be discouraged here (I believed the contrary given how seriously Alex does take the feedback provided.)

            Okay, wait – let me understand this – if I have the slightest thing negative to say about a comic that means I don’t like it? That I’m forcing myself to read it? Who’s jumping to conclusions now? Pro-tip: you can enjoy something even if there are aspects you’re not sure of. As for Kyle being naive, so what? He’s 17 – an adolescent – meaning it is fully acceptable for him to not know better. And quite frankly what you’re doing is victim-blaming (“he’s 17, naive, and should know better”). You do realise he can not legally consent to an intimate relationship with Silver, right?

          • All right, you two. This is getting a bit heated and, while it hasn’t crossed the line yet, it seems a good time to remind folks of my comment policy here on this site: debating ideas is awesome, personal attacks are never acceptable; when in disagreement, everyone is expected to treat each other with a tone of respect (which is best done, IMHO, by assuming that the person you are disagreeing with comes to their conclusions in good faith and with good intelligence and by making that tone clear and sincere in your responses. Ideally, keep it about “I” statements, if you find you’re using the word “you” a lot, exercise caution: ahead be dragons.)

            Just to make things clear about my policy in this case: it is of course perfectly OK to question my writing choices in this comic, just as it is perfectly OK to defend them. But when doing so, keep it about the ideas. If you find yourself, ascribing emotional motivations to your debate partner or critiquing their ability to understand the obvious, that’s a warning sign you’ve wandered away from that, in tone, if not in substance as well.

            We have a wonderful community here in this comment section with exceptionally thoughtful and considerate discussion. As moderator, I will do what I need to do to protect that. As I’ve said, no one’s crossed the line yet, but if you wish to continue debating either of the topics raised in this thread, I expect you to do so while clearly keeping a tone of respect for each other. Understood?

  • janae hoskins

    i sorta draw stuff like that

    • Feverfew_M

      What? Where? Link, please!

  • KNT609

    oh Anti-gay guy go away. No one is listening… least no one reading this comic…

  • I think spooky’s hat won the face off. Part of me is now currently even more interested in why Fluke was looking up gay porn of his teammates. Was he looking for fan art of himself and just stumbled on it or was it intentional?

    • I dunno, man. To test your theory, i picked a random celebrity, stuck their name in Google with the term +sexy, and the third result was a tumblr page which included fanart and RPS. So maybe he wasn’t actually working too hard…

      • I love that you did that test. 😀

        • I was curious as to how hard it would actually be! I mean, if he was just looking to find out if the public thought he was cute… mystery solved, Fluke. Mystery. Solved.

          • Even less difficult factoring in his powers… 😀

  • And here we have the time-honored tradition of characters in a series coming across a doujinshi website entirely devoted to gay porn of said characters who found it. XD

    But this page begs the question, is Tsunami so disgusted because of the gayness or that he’s included in it?

    Also, have any of the on that website fan girls decided Red Hot and The Annihilator would make the beautiful couple us fair readers know they do?

  • Yukiness

    I want that FlukeWave picture to be a real thing. I’d make it my desktop wall paper so fast.

    • FlukeWave! I love this pairing name so hard. We’re going to need the full gamut by the end of this interlude, you realize…

  • Pleeeeease do a kickstarter! 😀

    • Working on that now. I’m glad to hear that’s something you would like! 🙂

  • uhh.. well i guess i was wrong.

    Alex manages to pull me from my commentary silence, which i swore i probably wouldn’t break after my super epic long comment…but here i am.

    i just love how you, Alex, manage to fold into the story something commonplace like porn/erotica and yet give it a slight twist and at the same time, use it to further (whether intentional or not) the basic humanity of the characters occupying this world you are revealing to us.

    that is all.

    just wanted to say how impressed i am that you are totally meeting, if not exceeding my conjecture, that is- “Young Protectors” is really establishing its own voice within a parade of otherwise tired voices that are beating the same dead horse of heroes and villains.

    you manage to just spin us a world that turns entirely to its own beat 🙂


    • Thank you, Daniel!

      And you’re right—in addition to having an opportunity for a little AlexHumor, the main reason for this short detour is to get to know the other members of the team as people, ideally as “real” people with their own little virtues and flaws and quirks (the “basic humanity” you mentioned.) In a superhero story, it’s of course fun to play with God-like archetypes, but ultimately it’s the humanity of these characters that most interests me. I’m glad it’s something that appeals to you too and that you’re enjoying me exploring it a bit. 😀

  • 3 steps to making the best superhero comics: make superhero comic. have one guy naked for most of first chapter, and continue after with the group looking at gay porn of themselves.

  • Caffienated

    My predicting senses are tingling. Are we going to see an Anni/Kyle fanart in this side comic? =3

  • Oh god, as a fanartist I feel so… I don’t know, this is so funny! Seriously, I’m cracking up here! But that’s my deafult reaction when people finds out that I draw – and read – m/m pr0n stuff. Being a girl and all. I love it when people gets all “mah god, woman liiiiike that kinda things? O:”. 100% gold.

    Poooor Tsunami looks so totally offended! Kinda makes me feel guilty for all my past fanarts and… No. Not really. Not at all. But it makes me wonder if he’ll be trouble trouble once Kyle comes out for their team. Ouch.

    And it’s so awesome that Fluke and Spooky are ok with the stuff! Or that they aren’t taking it too seriously at least.

    And Spooky dear TAKE YA HAND OUT OF MAH VIEW, MAN!

    • My creative writing class recently found out I wrote m/m erotic stories…for money. THAT was an awkward moment. XD!

      • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

        lol, I bet they view it as literary prostitution. Must be awkward for them!

        • Mmmm a little! They brought in one of my free stories from my lj and asked if it was me.
          The series is about the porn industry. Its a Viewfinder fanfiction…

          • Oooohh, man, a Viewfinder story? Of all the ones for them to pick up… well. I guess it could have been Harry Potter. Or Teen Wolf. Or, in an especially memorable accidental outing of one friend’s stories, Phantom of the Opera.

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

            I’ve never seen Viewfinder, but I’ll take your word for it.

            Suddenly, I feel lucky in that writing erotica is not my forte. I tried once, and I just couldn’t write erotica worth a darn. It was hot, but it was also the clumsiest fiction I’d ever written – it promptly got deleted, and I promised myself I’d never do that again. It was just such a clunky piece of writing that I’d have been embarrassed to share it. Now drawing erotica, that I think I could do.

          • You can look up my lj using my name. It’s not my best work, but yeah. Still graphic enough. They brought in my chapter that was 3p double pen ((by fan request)) which is… yeah…
            Anyway! I’m ok at drawing smut too XD.

  • Nina Kopotko

    I have one question only. Why is he wearing a helmet?

    • In case it gets REALLY INTENSE.

      (It’s a part of his hero costume to hide his face, seen at the beginning of chapter 1)

  • I think we’re about to find out who Kyle’s potential allies are in this room. It would be a shame if he still felt shy of coming out after this. Hopefully he’ll realize that he does have people he can trust with his secret <3 And I adore Spook's curiosity. He's soooooo adorbs!

    • Shinashi

      I really like this comment. I find it clever, and if Alex meant this scene for that purpose, that is totally more awesome

  • Me talking to my best gay friend today about teahouse and young protectors: “YOUR reading yaio?… Isnt that a little weird?” He was teasing not actually meaning it lol.

  • Lunam_Kardas

    Oh look, they found Deviantart.

  • Btw, Alex, please don’t blur XD! I’m amused by Adam’s increasingly talented item placement to hide the naughty bits but as a whole, I’m against censorship. >_<

    • It’s Alex’s choice to keep the soft-R rating overall, if i recall.

      The day Adam uses a chainsaw or a skyscraper to hide the goods, i… i think we’ll all be sent home afterwards. xD

      • Oh, of course it is! He just asked what we thought. I don’t want Alex or Adam to do something they do not want to.
        and omg. Dat visual!

        • Man; i was just going through the comments mindlessly, and by this time had forgotten what the announcement actually asked. Herpa-derp.

        • goddesstio

          I agree. I don’t mind living with soft-R rating if that’s what Alex is comfortable, but if he’s giving us a choice and asking for input, I’m all for tasteful nudity. I think a story can be amazing and have great sex scenes in it too, and the story’s already amazing here, so… 😉

          • I completely agree.
            I have other stories that I read online with (maybe not pointless) but gratuitous nudity. Some artful nudity is welcome and can enhance a story as well.

  • ShadowKat

    I love how Spooks doesn’t even bat an eye at these things…and Paul just seems a little flattered and amused at it all. I think they’re not gay (sadly) probably just accepting people mature enough not to take it seriously, but immature enough to still find it funny that people are making porn of them. think about it, if you found porn of yourself, you’d probably either think “Oh god, some people are sick, making this shit about people they’ve never met” or “DUDE, some girls think that we’re hot enough that they want to see us naked and sweaty! AWESOME!” Also, Fluke and Tsumami seem really popular subjects for this XD

    • Becky

      I’m still flirting with the idea that Paul/Fluke may have slight leanings towards menfolk, just because he seems to be the most genuinely curious and interested in the comics (besides blushing Kyle), in between amused faces. Poor Tsunami appears to be Straightest Straight from Straightsville. And I agree that Spooky’s probably straight-up straight as well, but I’d like to think he’s also the sort of guy who’ll high-five a bro for getting laid no matter whether he banged a lady or another dude.

      • ShadowKat

        Yeah, Spooky just seems like one of those cool guys that’s almost never fazed by anything. As long as you’re a good friend, he doesn’t give a damn if you’re gay, straight, or whatever. He’s just so laid back. Also, “Straightest Straight from Straightsville” is awesome and I’m totally stealing that from you.

  • Vincent

    Woah. It’s is a comic within a comic. The comic book characters are viewing themselves as comic book characters. The Fourth Wall didn’t just get knocked down, but it as bulldozed and steamrolled afterwards…and then possibly dynamited.

    But more importantly: Naked Tsunami, hells yeah!

    However, the way things are going, my hopes of Kyle leaving the Annihilator for Tsunami seem to be fizzling. There’s still the off chance Tsunami is just a serious closet case but…yeah, wishful thinking.

    • chances are, tsunami is as straight as they come

      i guess that might be for the best…
      …but. . . . .you have to wonder one more thing: did kyle ever have a crush on tsun-tsun?

      (did kyle know tsunny before duncanhi?)

  • Shinashi

    Someone had a really good comment and I can’t really think of anything except, don’t block out the naughty bits c:

  • YangYueLan

    It was really nice seeing you, Alex, at the mini con. I am glad I could get my copy of Artifice.

    • It was awesome seeing you too. Thank you so much for stopping by! I’m glad you could make the hike across town! 😀

  • Edvard

    since english is not my native languange I do not have enought words to say how i like this comics. you make me want to see much more (if you know what i mean) 😉

    • Thank you, Edward! I’m glad to hear you’re liking what I’m doing (and eager to see more! 😉 )

  • Haha omg, he is so embarrassed. That’s cute.

  • “You’re totally OK with this…”

    Well, A bunch of women think that the four of you are so hot, you need to be porn stars and wear no cloths. And they draw really well, give you big dicks and make you prettier than you really are.(not that it really is possible, but hey, that’s not part of the point)

    So, yeah. I think the guys are OK with it. 🙂

  • This is really cool, though it would have been better if you got someone else to draw the fanart. Would have made it pop out more, you know? Two types of styles that should that the comic is reality, but what’s on the computer is fantasy. I’m not surprised at all that it’s Tsunami that’s the homophob.

  • So when do we get to see some hero/villain slash? Tsunami and Annihilator doing some naked wrestling… *nosebleed!*

    • Feverfew_M

      OMG. Want! <3<3<3

      I think Tsunami wouldn't take this too well, though. 😀

      On a more serious note: in their world Anni would be a real life villain. Everyone loves the fictional villains, but do real ones have a "fandom", too? Are there people making porn of criminals and dictators? … Do I want to know?… Probably not.

      • A good point, Feverfew. 🙂

      • i know for a fact that there is a whole fetish culture around certain…shall we say controversial figures both real and imagined…one that i see often here and there is a fetish with Nazism and then by extension, Hitler (although to my knowledge it’s more a fascination with say the SS uniforms)…

        • Feverfew_M

          See, I knew I didn’t really want to know. ;D

  • i’m just laughing at how casually fluke has his ankles to the air for water boy.

    like it’s just the most natural thing.

    meanwhile, fluke hasn’t actually given his opinion on being the bottom for tsunami.

    (“i don’t have to: because now my Powers of Luck are cemented for the next 22 years!!”)

  • I fell absolutely in love with this webcomic back in november and have loved it since. This is probably one of the best webcomics on the internet right now 🙂

    • Well, thank you, Megan. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! 😀

  • janae hoskins

    i dont really think its not really weird, i actually like it

  • CommodoreZelda

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  • xTammyVx

    You want my opinion?
    Don’t blur them!

  • Rena

    hells yah, givin’ props to the fangirls! high five~!! X3 (seriously, i cant stop grining ^_^)

  • I love Spooky’s reaction to this. That’d totally be me in that situation, like, “Oh hey, look at that perspective!”

    I can kinda get Tsunami though. I mean, much as I hate the hate against the gay, if someone drew porn of me getting it on with my friends that I’m not sexually attracted to (male or female), I’d be a little not okay with it. Then again, they’d have to be, like, stalking me to do that. And these guys are heros and famous, so no stalking there. Hmm… that brings an interesting thought to it though, I think. The whole is Tsunami just feeling hate towards the gay or to the idea of him getting it on with his good friends.

    • Becky

      Pitfalls of Fame No. 73: unwanted casting in the fantasies of strangers…

  • Yoya Toya Vinson

    I hope my name doesn’t pop up… Just wait until they find about the GUYS who draw them

  • Jonafrin

    I’m so sad because I live in the Bay Area and I didn’t read that you were here til today! 🙁

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