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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Interlude One—Page 3

174 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Interlude One—Page 3

Gah! Are we ever going to get to see what Tsunami is seeing? I mean, like, up close?! Listen to him! What he’s seeing is so cool he’s having some kind of religious experience…. O_O


First, I want to let you know that our very own Adam DeKraker is part of a roundtable discussion in New York called “SHOULD YOU BE BLACKLISTED, MR. CARD?” this Wednesday (4/10/13) night! Here are the deets:

DC Comics set off a firestorm in the comic book community when it hired Orscon Scott Card, a bestselling author who is also an anti-gay activist, to write a Superman story. But should authors once again be blacklisted due to their political affiliations?

While everyone on our panel supports gay rights and same-sex marriage, not everyone believes publishers should black-list people who hold opposing viewpoints – and if you think you know who takes which position, you’re probably wrong.

Adam will be talking about this from his perspective as a gay creator and he’ll also be giving out very cool The Young Protectors art cards! If you are in the neighborhood, please check it out and say hi!

(Speaking of Adam, I just have to say I love what he’s doing with these pages. Panel 2 captured the exact gag I was going for in my script. It’s so much fun to be able to work with such incredible talents like him and Vero on this project!)

As for me, I’m going to be at an 18+ convention in San Francisco this Sunday (4/14/13)! Bookish Beasts (link is NSFW) takes place at the Center for Sex and Culture at 1349 Mission St. from noon – 6:00 P.M. and I’ll be selling (and signing!) advance copies of Artifice as well as cool new The Young Protectors and Artifice merchandise. It looks like it’s going to be a good time, so if you’re in the Bay Area, please stop by and say hi!

And finally,


You’ve also funded a bonus page for next Wednesday the 17th (page 5!) and look below, we’ve already got money in the kitty towards the bonus page after that! You all rock! 😀

Special thanks go out to long-time supporters Veronika K. (who makes their second generous donation to The Young Protectors!) & Raili B. (who makes their fifth generous donation to The Young Protectors!) and a warm welcome and grateful bow go out to new supporters Ian R. & Christina F. for their generous donations over the last few days!

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Thank you all so much for your amazing support! A bonus page for this week and one in the bank—incredible! And I’m delighted you picked this scene to accelerate with bonus pages. Interlude One is the most fun for me out of all the scenes that will be in the first book (Prologue, Chapter 1 and Interlude 1), so being able to share it with you more quickly is a special treat for me. Thank you!

So! Looks like it’s a guy-on-guy porn art site Fluke stumbled on. Will this turn out well for Kyle and his buddies? And will we actually get to see what they are seeing?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 🙂

DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! 4/12/13 12:43 PM: Wow! Thanks to your amazingly generous donations, we’ve just blown past the donation target! That means that in addition to tonight’s regular update (page 4!) and Wednesday’s bonus page (page 5!), there will be an additional bonus page (page 7!) on Wednesday, April 24th! WOO HOO! YOU ALL ROCK SO MUCH! THANK YOU! 😀

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  • CommodoreZelda

    In panel 3, Kyle is looking awfully worried about Tsunami’s reaction to this… but the other two are taking it extremely well!

  • I’m loving all the reactions! And I’m definitely glad to see at least one who is opposed to it, because it’s closer to the truth of the world that way. I know this is fantasy and not supposed to be like the world, but I still find it strange when everyone is all “Yeah, okay, cool. Two guys, got it.” I don’t think we’ll ever live in that utopia. I mean, after all, everyone has different levels of comfort. So this is very refreshing to me. C:

  • dominoKEI

    Is that tumblr on the screen I see…..??~!

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if it is. You can find just about everything on tumblr and porn floads pretty much free on there 🙂

      The fan crack pairings art on there sometimes scare even me *lol*

      • dominoKEI

        Tumblr porn is good shiz. It’s generally not so asshole-ish as regular porn. It’s pretty artsy if you find the good stuff

  • *LOL* Tsunami’s reaction have me sitting here at 6am laughing my tired ass off. He’s like scarred for life xD

    Love how Fluke is having so much fun seing himself with Tsunami on screen. He and Spooky are cracking up about this. I agree, I want to see what they’re watching now!

    Fun aside. I can’t help notice Kyle’s reaction to a more an more unhappy and bad reacting Tsunami. Where the other guyas are pretty relaxed about this, Tsunami is NOT.
    I’m sure Kyle, being gay, is taking notice of this. Tsunami might not be the first guy he should ever come out of the closet to… or the second either.

    • Niggle

      I feel silly, but I just realized you don’t call yourself the DanishWolf for nothing. XD ~waves from six hours behind you~

      • Yup. The new disqus has removed my ‘The country, not the pastry’ note that I had after my name *lol*
        ~Waves back from Denmark~

        • Niggle

          So funny, I never thought of the pastry. I haven’t eaten on in ages. ~waves from New York, not the city~

          • Wow, a fellow non-NYC New Yorker! Rare that I find them online! 😀

          • Niggle

            Hello! fellow non-NYC New Yorker. It’s kinda funny how many who live in the US assume NYC when you say New York, so when someone doesn’t even live in the US I make the distinction, just in case.

          • xLizardx

            I would have assumed the city – after all, we don’t have states over here, and counties usually have a suffix after the main city’s name, for example: Nottingham –> Nottinghamshire, York –> Yorkshire, Oxford –> Oxfordshire. There are, of course, exceptions however. I have no idea what the county of London is called… just greater London, I think.

          • Niggle

            Yeah, most people assume city, the city is much more famous than the state it’s in, as well as the capitol, Albany. You’re lucky, the US is not nearly that straightforward and sensible, some states are very different from others. But I gotta say New York might be the weirdest.

            To preface: a town in New York is a division of local government within a county and they contain hamlets (unincorporated) and villages (incorporated), but only border cities.

            The city of Johnstown is bordered by the Town of Johnstown in Fulton county. But the city of Fulton, which is close by, is in Oswego County, and Town of Fulton is in Schoharie County. But Oswego is also a city, bordered by the Town of Oswego and is actually in Oswego County. And Schoharie is also a village in the Town of Schoharie in Schoharie County. There’s also a Schoharie Valley and Creek.

            Now that I’ve broken your brain I’ll be off! ~runs away~

          • I know, seriously! It’s like the city is the only part of the state that exists to people who have never heard of the Adirondack region. LOL

        • ithilloke

          Waves from the U.S., wishing I was back in Denmark!

    • CommodoreZelda

      Do you ever sleep, Danish?

    • Tsunami would be the FIRST ONE I’d come out to…the other 2 are having so much fun with the porn I’d honestly be afraid if I told them I had a b/f, they’d be trying to spy on me to see the fun! 😛

      • Celestia’s Snout

        Spooky seems so eager about all this that I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d want to join.

    • Kyle might also be nervous, as he might get a stiffy from it, and as we all know, wood + skin tight suit = oh no!

  • Wow… I am a huge fan of Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game, I mean, the book had a huge impact on me, but I had no idea that he is an anti-gay activist. Well, learned something new today, sadly. Hmm… How strange. The creator of Ender is anti-gay… Hmm.

    • Yea, he’s on the board of directors of the “National Organization for Marriage”- an organization dedicated to creating laws in the USA preventing same-sex couples from marrying (Like Prop 8 and DOMA). He also personally believes homosexuality only comes about through sexual abuse and seduction. Check out Wikipedia on him as well as NOM. There are footnote links for the sceptical verifying the articles.

      • Becky

        I am occasionally surprised by finding what appears to be a well-balanced and fairly-depicted gay or bisexual character in his books… but somehow bad things tend to happen to those dudes. Things like impotence. Or death. It’s rather distressing.

      • Thank you. I was not skeptical, just to clarify. I was genuinely surprised that the same person who would deny another human the right to love whoever they choose to love, would write such a complex and beautiful character as Ender. People are complicated.

  • Niggle

    Wow, what could Tsunami be looking at?!?! He’s already seen himself depicted with one of his teammates of the same gender and managed to only be disturbed and disgusted, what could be worse for him???? Suggestions anyone?

    Hilarious page, Adam. hehe

    • For some reason I have a feeling it’s him getting topped by one of the other guys. Maybe Kyle from the reaction and look he’s giving Tsunami.

      … or maybe it’s just tentacles XD

      • Rontex

        Or maybe Tsunami is getting spit roasted and it’s actually one of his fantasy’s?

        • Niggle


      • Niggle

        All good options, we will have to wait and see. Cookies for the person who comes the closest. XD

    • Celestia’s Snout

      Tsunami in a wig and corset, whipping his wee-wee all about.

      A blonde Marilyn Monroe wig.

  • Erica
  • So is Tsunami disgusted by gay porn or just that people are making gay porn of him? I’ve always felt weird about fan-works of real people having sex because it feels like a violation of some kind.

    • dereule101

      I wondered that, too, and I agree about the violate-y feelings surrounding real people’s likenesses being cobbled into pornography. It always makes me uncomfortable when I see it. I don’t know which direction the comic is taking, but I know that I would be disgusted/offended by having my likeness abused that way, regardless of the situation in which depicted.

    • Celestia’s Snout

      I’m wondering the same thing. I mean, he may not be comfortable with gay people – not everyone is, unfortunately, but circumstance and environment and whatnot – but he might not really care so much about that particular bit as the fact that he’s being depicted in explicit fanart by some stranger, banging his friends (or anyone). Hell, I’M gay and I’d be weirded out if I found fanart of me screwing around with ANYONE, stranger or not, male or female. (Then again, Tsunami’s essentially a public figure in that universe, so for him, it’s kind of inevitable. No less weird, though.)

    • Sile

      I agree, given what he said a few days ago, he’s probably straight, so to see porn of himself with other men probably makes him uncomfortable, since he’s just no wired that way. He doesn’t seem to have anything against gays specifically, he probably just doesn’t want to think about anal sex. Also, knowing that there are people out there making art or writing smut about you (and people you work with or are friends with) would make just about anyone uncomfortable, like their identity and self-perception has been stolen and violated.
      Either way, it’s probably a complicated set of feelings.
      I’m sure Fluke and Spooks probably feel similarly (we’ll probably find out later, I’m just guessing) but they’re taking it as a joke right now, like: “LOL, that’s crazy!”

  • KrisYWC

    OMG Spooks I love you!

  • Lady Mania

    Kyle looks soo uncomfortable here. And Tsunami has me in stitches, poor guy. Curious though, makes me wonder if he’s disgusted by being paired with his friends, or at gay porn in general. The other two seem to be getting a kick out of it.

  • Axis Rhys

    i love how hes like “click another one!”. tsunami does not look pleased. i cant wait to see what this page they clicked on is! alex always delivers on time :D! *thumbs up.*

  • I wonder if the artist has Tsunami displaying “spooge bending” powers from his shocked reaction at the end there.

    Also loving Kyle’s wary, corner of the eye glance at Tsunami in panel 3. Very well done.

  • Roseland

    Hah, I was right – Tsunami is topping someone, though not Red Hot …yet….judging from Tsunami’s wonderful expressions, the best is yet to come!

  • Eisheth

    If cocking my head at weird angles, squinting my eyes, and concentrating
    *really* hard could actually help me see what was on that screen, I’d
    be a lot less frustrated right now. >.<

    Tsunami behaving badly in 3…2…1…

  • Patrick Wohl

    I. Can. Not. Breathe.

  • YG_Frenchie

    Uh oh. I’m getting bad feels about Kyle’s feels right now 🙁 I want to hug him.

    I love how the other two guys are almost impressed with what they see. Let’s hope they’re cool with all of it.

  • And now I have a whole tragic scenario in my head, where Tsunami turns out to be a raging homophobe, poor Kyle loses all the confidence he’s gained so far and cancels the date with Anni, and we are back to the starting point… I so hope my angst senses are tingling wrong this time!

  • uptheplatoon

    I know it’s a werid thing to notice here but does Spooky have a picture of himself on his hat?
    And I for one would bet it’s tentacles but who can say for sure.

    • There’s a story about the image on Spooky’s cap. Maybe he’ll share it with you some time. 🙂

  • I feel as if some one already made a comment about tsunami and his face winning the contest, I feel he won the contest two years running with this second photo

  • I’m kind of scared to see what Tsunami’s reaction will be, especially seeing Kyle’s expression as he is standing next to him.
    These are amazingly drawn, though, and I’m looking forward to more. <3

  • kat kat

    i got the feeling tsunami saw himself bottom and i CAN’T WAIT to see that lol

  • Becky

    Judging by Kyle’s apparent discomfort, I’d guess he hasn’t discussed his predilection for dudes with his teammates, although two of them seem like they’d be totally cool about it. Maybe he’s aware of Tsunami’s prejudices? Or maybe Tsunami is just weirded out by unknowingly starring in porn, and Kyle just lives in the closet due to teenage shyness.

    Looks like Fluke and Spooks aren’t sex-shy, though! I like these guys more all the time. 🙂

  • Yami_no_Ite

    So i’m checking out facebook after having just gotten home from school, and I see that a new page has been posted, and immediately I go into happy musthavemusthavemusthave mode and can’t get to my webcomics tab fast enough to see the new page. 😀

    Two things that stuck out for me was definitely Kyles face in panel three, where he is looking at Tsunami very worriedly. Definitely unsure about how he would react should he learn of Kyle’s secret. But is he reacting like this because he is completely against gays, or because he is against seeing himself as that way because he is straight? I am hoping that he will be somewhat accepting of Kyle when it comes out he is gay. Cause sooner or later it is gonna come out. Gotta have the drams from that going on. And also, I love Tsunami’s expression in the last panel. I burst out laughing when I saw that.

  • Oh God lol Tsunami’s face. I can’t -rolls around laughing- I love how the Asian is all up to seeing the porn. “Click on another one!” I can’t.
    I’m laughing so hard over here

  • Feverfew_M

    Love how Paul and Spooky are just so comfortable with themselves that they can find it all incredibly funny. Tsunami on the other hand doesn’t seem to be cool with what they found. Too close to home, maybe? It doesn’t even have to be ‘the gay thing’ per se; he didn’t seem comfortable about being the center of attention before, so seeing himself pictured like this might just make him feel violated.
    For poor Kyle this must be so awkward. Neither Tsunami’s obvious disgust nor Paul’s and Spooky’s amusement can be very reassuring for him.

    • That’s very insightful about how this is for Kyle, Feverfew. Certainly amusement on the surface seems better than disgust, but when you’re a closeted gay guy, you look for every signal and it’s not the same thing as acceptance.

      Everyone in our comment section here is giving very thoughtful reactions to, well, everyone’s reactions on the page above—and as you can see from the difference of opinion, none of what we’ve seen is necessarily damning, even for Tsunami. But reassuring for Kyle? Not so much, either. So, good point.

    • dereule101

      Right? When I was in high school, I was keenly observant of
      (and stayed closeted due to) my straight peers’ reactions to the topic
      of homosexuality. There were those who saw gays as disgusting and
      morally reprehensible, but I’d say it was more humiliating to have peers
      who thought being gay was some humorously pathetic invitation to
      mockery. That may not be what Kyle’s team members believe, but I’m sure it might seem that way to him.

  • First, I love this comic! Second, this is my first time commenting, I usually just lurk, but I thought I’d input a little theory.
    Tsunami might be so uncomfortable being depicted in gay porn because he, like Kyle, is in the closet. I know that before I came to terms with being a raging homo(best realization ever), I was pretty much a total homophobe just because of how uncomfortable thinking about (much less seeing) “gay” made me feel.
    Anyway, maybe being grossed out it his “beard” or he’s afraid he’s been caught red handed… or maybe some of it’s real. ;p
    Keep up the good work, I love where this is going so far!

    • Thank you, Buffy! Glad you decided to comment; I really appreciate you letting me know you’re enjoying the work and you make a good point. 🙂 I think a lot of queer folk go through a “homophobic” phase, however brief.

      I hope you continue to enjoy the comic!

      • Derkins

        That phenomenon is the first stage of immersion into a cultural identity. People buy into stereotypes at first which can cause them to totally reject or avoid that identity. It’s the same with race, and other issues; you have to realize you have at least some level of prejudice in order to confront it, and become more tolerant or even learn appreciation. It can take years to ultimately internalize, and obviously some people never get there, like with other models of human development ( think Maslow’s hierarchy of needs), while others progress through the stages easily and naturally. So. Yeah. There’s that. *Removes teacher hat* Sorry if that’s a bit of a sterile approach to the subject.

  • I’m going to try to make it to the roundtable! It means at-the-door ticket prices, but it would be cool to support Adam and hear the discussion, since it’s something I’ve always felt conflicted about. Any other NYCers thinking of turning up?

    • Feverfew_M

      Hope you’re going to report how it went.

      • I’ll probably be able to make it, so I will!

      • Am here crazy early; there’s a few people here already, and Adam just arrived. Yay!

  • thatguy

    Looking at Tsunami’s face and hand positions in panel 3 makes me think he’s trying hard not to get a stiffy lol.

    • Rontex

      thought the EXACT thing!

  • cinamongirl

    Paul is enjoying this way too much

  • Aww… I think I cracked a rib from laughing at Tsunami’s many expansions.
    Unleash the gay-fanart! (mostly on Tsunami)

  • Shinashi

    I like how so many are talking about Tsunami but are really like Spook XD

    Click another one! Enlarge it! See if Tsunami’s got wood!

  • Zana Starzia

    That just made my morining. 🙂

  • This is waaay too funny. xD I love this interlude!

  • amanda damron

    ah oh kyle dosent look very comfratable with how tsunami looks but i wouldn’t either. i hope this doesnt de-rail someones birthday plans… for both thier sakes. lol ;D!

  • RustyBurrell

    Omg that last panel XD

  • AeryonSun

    I’m more worried about Fluke and Spooks reactions than Tsunami. I have a feeling the other two are just trying to seem cool with it. Like nervous laughter when an uncomfortable subject comes up. It’s not funny, but you’re not about to get into it either. Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like Tsunami is the only one being honest right now…

  • Amber Rose

    That’s not just your leg that’s Tsunami is helping you with, my friend. Unless you mean your third leg. 😀

  • booklover320

    Hahahaha, love it! I also like how surprised Kyle looks with the way Spooky and Fluke are reacting. And hopefully Tsunami will come around soon (so to speak).

  • Meghalodon

    Jesus cant help you now

  • Celestia’s Snout

    Look on the bright side, Kyle, Spooky’s practically getting a boner over this shit, and Fluke’s all “Hell yeah, more like DONG Protectors amirite?”, so you’re like 3-against-one. (Not counting Commander and Flyboy.)

    Though I kinda feel for Tsunami. If someone were showing me stuff I was uncomfortable with, especially if it was fanart of me banging one of my friends, I wouldn’t be terribly thrilled.

    On the other hand, note he hasn’t walked away yet. He certainly could.

    • goddesstio

      I’m willing to bet Commander RUNS the website, so I think the odds are ever in his favor.

      • Celestia’s Snout

        Her favor.

        • goddesstio

          I meant that commander is probably on Kyle’s side, which would make it 4 against one, with the odds in his (Kyle’s) favor.

          • Celestia’s Snout

            Ah. Makes more sense that way.

  • Suhndog

    Wow, Oh my; .. For the 1st. time in this comic, we can see [albeit small] some ‘action’ on the monitor in panel one! Hmm Big things come in Big/Small packages?! Heh.. Kyle’s expressions are priceless.. In panel 3 especially! Kudos to the art team! Kyle’s expression seems that of ‘Whoa” – Maybe embarrassment for Tsunami, maybe a bit of learning something new – since he hasn’t had any 1st.-hand experiences.. and maybe also a dash of ‘Who’s afraid of the Big Brown Bear’!!? I never expected such a maelstrom of reactions! I’m excited to see how all this plays out – and changes the team’s cohesiveness!

    Alex, you are so cool at presenting a masterful maelstrom! Keep it up , uh, heh – [Did I say that??!]

    • Suhndog

      OK, I haven’t had my coffee yet.. I just noticed Kyle’s hands in panel 3.. I get the impression he’s having a bit of a fantasy! Think so? …..

      • Celestia’s Snout

        Looks like Kyle’s wringing his hands. I can’t help but think he’s thinking: “Am I allowed to look at this? I’m a minor! What if I get arrested for being porn I’m looking at?!”

        • Suhndog

          To me, it looks like he’s holding ‘something’ with one hand, and ‘petting’ it with the other.. Squee ..

    • Glad you’re enjoying the work, Suhndog. 🙂

  • Jasper Heinrichs

    The way Kyle is looking at Tsunami makes me think that he’s about to back away slowly,almost be outed,then someone’ll come a crashing through the door and be all like ‘Guys!No porn!’. That’s what I think.

  • So, I’m curious, I noticed that Tsunami, Commander, and Spooky Jones don’t seem to bother hiding their faces in superhero persona, but Fly-boy, Red Hot, and Fluke do. Is there an “out v. closeted” analogue going on here regarding secret identities for superheroes?

    • Celestia’s Snout

      Could be like the whole Sailor Moon deal, where for whatever reason, they can’t be identified in their superhero persona anyhow due to magic and shit, but some of them opt to chuck a mask on anyway.

    • Not intentionally. What is true is that Flyboy, Red Hot and Fluke are the under-18 members of the team and that in my world, the United States has very specific and protective laws regarding minors who use their powers “for the benefit of the community.” And several of those laws are in place to protect their identity and privacy. It is illegal under most circumstances for a minor team member’s costume not to conceal or at least obscure their face. (There are also fierce penalties to media outlets who reveal the identities of minors.)

      Many adult heroes, though, do not have secret identities. Those who do work masked are often viewed with suspicion and with the current media culture, it is actually very difficult to maintain that secret for long. Both Tsunami and Commander do have private lives that they work to keep private—and Commander has connections that keeps both their real names and addresses out of the papers—but those with authority certainly know who they are. And as for Spooky—he’s actually Spooky Jones 24-7, so there is no difference between his superhero and personal identity.

      • So we’re in a world that registers superheroes. Makes sense to me. I always thought that in a world with people that have these kind of powers, there would never really be any question that the various national governments of the world would keep track of them/regulate their activities.
        It’s always been my opinion that, in a world with any kind of supernatural or extra-ordinary aspects, there would be a government agency to regulate them. If there really are/were psychics or ghosts or superheroes or alien visitors, the government would devote resources to research, regulation, investigation and enforcement.

  • This page is just so amazing for so many reasons. Tsunami’s reaction is part hilarious, part cringe, but totally understandable (I’d be a little grossed out too of porn of me and my friends 😐 ). Kyle’s expressions are PRICELESS. In panel 1 he’s like “ohhhh, I thought this was cool at first but maybe…uh” then in panel 3 he’s like “shit, what if he knows?! I’m just going to back away slowly…”
    But my favourite part of this is Fluke’s reaction. Just. so. amazing.

    • KiannaLeigh

      You know, when you put it that way: “porn of me and my friends :-|” it sort of makes sense that he’d be completely freaked out. >_< icky.

  • Kingsley Wolfe

    Fluke and Spooks are totally making these pages. Excellent work.

  • Hmmm Yeah. Tsunami is definitely going to be a problem I think when Kyle comes out. Then again, I am a straight female who is very supportive of LGBT rights, but I am VERY straight. I don’t find women attractive at all. So while i appreciate the aesthetic of women in nude poses for art, the more sexualized women are, the more unappealing I find it. I have literally curled my lip at a very graphic drawing of a young woman once.

    So there is the slightest possibility that while Tsunami is grossed out by the fan art, he doesn’t actually find homosexuality problematic. He just doesn’t want to see penises. Though I seriously doubt that is what is going on here, one likes to look at the optimistic side.

    • KiannaLeigh

      I so hope you’re right!

    • Sile

      Good point. He probably also doesn’t want to think of his friends or himself in that position (haha, a pun) either. It’s a little violating.

  • Sebbers

    Honestly, I don’t think Tsunami is necessarily a homophobe. I mean, he might be, but not because of this. I’m a guy, and I am gay. I have a ton of female friends that I am super close with. I also have some platonic male friends. And in either case, I would be weirded out to see pictures or stories about me getting it on with my friends. So I don’t think his reaction is really weird… He probably never thought of them that way and so it’s creepy for him.

    Plus, there are some people who support LGBT rights, but would never personally sleep with someone of the same sex. It’s less “ewwww gays” and more “this is something really graphic and personal, that is portraying me incorrectly.” So, I’m going to wait before I label him a bad guy.

    • Interpolation

      I’m holding out on labeling as well, but I’m also noting that Tsunami was pretty mellow about the whole porn thing until the thumbnail was enlarged. On the other hand seeing is something different.

    • Celestia’s Snout

      Get outta my mind.

      But really, I think you may be right. Tsunami’s reacting the same way I think most sane people, gay or straight, homophobic or not, would react in such a situation (and whether or not the porn was gay, straight, bisexual, or other in nature). Whether or not he gives two shits about WHO’S gay is a different matter that doesn’t really have as much to do with his reactions as it may seem. He could still be uncomfortable with or just plain enraged by gay people, but I wouldn’t call it based on this.

  • Ahaha, I like how curious they are about it! xD

  • (tsunami, doing his best “balrog” {or M. Bison, for those in the know} impression)

    i think…the reason kyle’s looking kinda worried in panel three is, there is a depiction of tsunami fornicating with the spring rolls.
    and we ain’t got time for that.


    can this food stuff never catch a break??)

    mark my words: we’re gonna see that red hot and tsunami, totally, are elementally boning each other.

    that’s why it’s getting so steamy in here.

    since i’m at it..
    ..alex, would you care to explain what water boy is doing, off-screen, that makes him lie down, bare-footed?

    • KiannaLeigh

      Looks like this page is “your-webcomic-boyfriend” centric. Aren’t you happy bro!?

      I know I am …. XD But on a serious note: LEAVE THE SPRING ROLLS ALONE! Haven’t they suffered enough?

      • uh huh!

        i’m in paradise: it’s like a party in my mouth !!

        i really wasn’t expecting the big conservative lug to get so much attention — i did expect alex to throw in a multi-page diversion from the “main story” (for which i could have placed a bet and won some money, if i had been thinking. . . . .)

        were you channeling chris crocker just now, your Hentainess?

        • KiannaLeigh

          It’s a party … in your mouth? Really? Cause I’m thinkin’ it should be more party-n-da-pants about this time.

          • (as we are in polite company here at the young protectors’ forum, i am not at liberty to divulge the details of my social event, at present.


            let’s just say, there’s too much confetti floating around, now.)

            so, are you feeling any better now, KiLe?

          • KiannaLeigh

            0_o Well … Ha! At least you’re having a good time. Happy Endings all around,eh? ^_^

            Also: yep. Nothing like Alien-abduction as seduction to get you in a good mood! Sure my poor character thought he was losing his mind for a while, but spanking is always fun.

          • (jeesh.

            i need someone to spank. . . . .)

            (. . . . .alien…abduction?)

            . . . . .in all seriousness, i propose that alex makes an original story featuring the exploits of [an alternate universe] tsunami.

            i think it might be interesting, even if the audience might be a little more limited for the big lug.

          • KiannaLeigh

            Thumbs up for AU!Tsunami. Plus it was more, “I like you so I’m going to throw you over my shoulder and then ravish you later, okay?” than “Beem me up, Scottie.”

          • 🙂


            congrats, Sis!

            i should draw up some fan-art of this.

            (queues up MSPaint ’95)

          • KiannaLeigh

            … you should read things before you fan-art them, Bro. Heh >_> Though I doubt any of the content would freak you out, El Hentoro™.

          • (what should i be reading?)

            i’m an old, salty veteran.

            not much is capable is fazing me.


            i reckon the same is likely true for you as well, aye?

          • KiannaLeigh

            You’re salty… I don’t know why but that sounded soooo dirty to me. XD It was funny.

            And yea, very little fazes me. There was one scene in an erotic novel “Beauty’s Punishment” that made me go “What?! Eww!! T_T” but it involved a bad female slave, a punishing mistress of that slave and the mistress’s cat so …. yea. Think what you will of that. But the “pony” parts were fun. I’d like a carriage pulled by naked harnessed hot guys. Mmmmmm. And while I’m at it, nakes chicks to clean my house! Yea!

            Plus, the story is a secret! No! Kidding. Actually I’m not allowed to post it publicly yet. Not for a few more weeks.

          • (p’raps such was m`intention, m`lady.


            {although i really was going for the traditional maritime sense of saltiness — i promise})

            it is nice when you can encounter something that makes ya gasp or exclaim “well, get the fuck outta here”; in that regard, i’d place myself at being a 6.7 – 7.4 on the jadedness scale

            thus, i fear to know what a cat has anything to do with a bad slave.. ..please tell me.

            ditto here about being ferried by naked harnessed hot guys: i think i’d reward them with blowjobs or something
            (:: blush ::)
            (on the other hand.. ..i guess i’m not quite as bi as i thought i was — i have a problem being able to imagine all the T&A roaming my halls..
  ’s complicated, Sis)

            please take your time — my rudimentary MSPaint ’95 sketches can wait!
            (i’ll just let m’imagination do its thing, for the interim)

          • KiannaLeigh

            Ehh, I’m think I’m pretty high on that Jaded Scale too. So here goes: Beauty (as this trilogy is a retelling of the Sleep Beauty tale) is punished by being hit with a paddle – which of course she gets hot off of being a pleasure slave. Then her owner – some tavern owner lady – puts butter on … areas. Cats like butter. Cat lick butter. Yea.

            And don’t be upset over your mono-sexuality. I’m so bi, I’m pan-sexual. But that’s just how I roll, Salty El Hentoro.

            Lastly, I’ll probably drop that link whenever my story gets freed from bondage. …. *snrk* Bondage …

          • your brother had a pretty busy day today — El Hentoro Salino feels sooo productive !!

            and a little giggly, imagining a cat’s licking up a lady’s nether•regions as punishment.

            actually, considering the anatomy of a feline’s tongue. . . . .

            . . . . .it’s weird, KiLe, because i’m really, technically, not monosexual.
            it’s a little simpler to explain using this figure: i reckon i’m 94 – 98% gay

            please drop her on me like she’s hot, Mistress Hentaina — show me yer moves!

          • KiannaLeigh

            Busy? You’ve been working then? I hope your not over-working yourself, even if you are being productive.

            On another note, I’m interested in your self-knowledge of your sexual ratios. (Well that sounded dirtier than it should have.) I think it’s very important for people to know where they stand in that respect. For instance, I am VERY bi-sexual, while my girlfriend is VERY VERY VERY VULGARLY gay. She sounds like a frat boy when she talks about women. But at the same time, she has this weird fantasy about pegging a man. I think she was a dominate gay-man in her last life ….

          • working on a couple of, uh, “house chores”
            (still lack actual employ as of now)

            after the slaughter that was my previous job, i’m still a little burnt out sis

            so you’re interested in that, eh — ya lascivious minx?

            it’s just a little something that i came up with, a few years ago, during some reflection i was doing on the kinsey scale, whilst on “time•out”; you seem to be a 50/50, whereäs The Lady… a hard read.
            you got yourself a Stud, eh?

          • KiannaLeigh

            Ah, yes. The Lady is a hard read in many respects. But I think anyone simpler would find my difficult to be around.

            In other news – other news? oh well – I hope you relax a little bro. Burn out can be a bitch and so hard to bounce back from.

          • (what should i be reading?)

            i am an old, salty veteran.

            not much is capable of fazing me, your Hentainess™.

            i might assume the same is true for you as well?

  • anthony murray

    OMG Spooks’ face in the third panel is awesome!! :3

  • Incognito

    In reality, Fluke is secretly filming a reaction video for “Two Girls One Cup” and that’s what Tsunami is looking at in the last panel.

  • Kiki

    So just happened to stumble upon this today. Got to this page and went, “Wait, why are there no more pages!?!” SO then I went and read Artifice, and came back an re-read this (cuz this is obviously how I should be spending my time with a Chinese test in the morning and a paper due tomorrow)

    Just want to say, I love this storyline so far. I love Kyle and his story and his struggles and how the art and the storytelling work together to convey his thoughts and emotions. It’s really powerful I feel. I am not gay myself but I have family members who are and I just don’t see what the big deal is. So you like someone of the same gender. Good for you. I like someone of the opposite gender. Good for me. Let’s be friends? Ok? Ok.

    I am definitely looking forward to what’s going to happen next and how the story will continue to evolve.

    Couple side notes: Panel 3? Poor baby Kyle! Can I give you a hug? Also, I wish I could go to the SF discussion and tell you how much I like your work in person. Unfortunately I’m stuck on this campus without a car and I don’t fancy taking the CalTrain to SF by myself. Just know that I do appreciate your work and you’ve gained a new and eager fan!

    • Howdy Kiki!

      Welcome! I’m really glad you found us and are enjoying my comics! Thank you for taking the time to write such a thoughtful (and kind) comment.

      And I understand about not wanting to take the train alone. Hopefully with more warning, you’ll be able to come to my next Con in the Bay Area. 🙂

      Good luck on that Chinese test!

  • Oh wow, its worse than DA. They found yaoi.y-gallery! XD

    Tsunami you have to stop with the facial expressions. I’m dying from hysteria. Kyle looks kinda disappointed there. I wonder why. lol ^^

    • Kyle’s mind: “Lets hope Duncan doesn’t do that to me… Or maybe it just looks more complex then necessary? I’ll have to ask him about that…”

  • I saw Kyle’s face in panel three and just went “Awwww.” Poor Kyle. He needs somebody besides the supervillain to tell him it’s OK to be gay.

    • Yes. 🙂

    • slightly_bonzai

      make him watch Avenue Q!! XD

  • CJ

    It’s always fun to startle a big guy 🙂

    I don’t blame Tsunami. Gay isn’t for everyone, porn isn’t for everyone, and some dislike both, each to their own. I know friend who’d find sexing amongst straight people to be disgusting.

  • I agree agree wholeheartedly with Tsunami. Buttsex can get kind of gross if you keep it up for too long. It doesn’t feel too good if the top’s being disgusting about the whole concept of having sex, as well 😛

  • HermeticallySealed

    Poor Kyle. The way he’s side-eyeing Tsunami you can see him starting to freak out inside.

  • It kind of reminds me of those sites that say they have porn of famous celebrities but they’re really bad photo-shopped knock offs…

  • The roundtable was pretty cool! A fair few more people showed up than i expected, and while pretty much everyone agreed that OSC is a d-bag, there was a lot of interesting free speech vs moral obligation discussion, and a great big segue into diversity in hiring in mainstream comics (aka: none) and stories as properties.

    And, of course, Adam was super-nice and is just adorbs, and it was fun to tell him face-to-face how much we love his contributions and make the team work too hard. <3 I couldn't stay too long afterward to chat, since i live an hour away, but there was at least one other YP fan there! (i didn't catch your name, dude, i'm sorry. You're a big gadget geek and an aspiring artist.)

    Aaaand i kind of wanted to abscond with all the art cards, but i refrained from being a greedy guts. Heh. [clutches her share.]

    • Thank you so much for the report, Sola! I wish I could have been there; it sounds really interesting!

      Two questions for you:

      1) Can you tell us any more about what was said about diversity in hiring?


      2) Which art cards did you choose? 😀

      • Oh, yeah: one of the older panelists (i forget his name – like everyone else’s – but he’s writing for Life with Archie) noted things like in a creative industry, you tend to want to hire and work with the people you know, and if you’ve got a bunch of old white hetero guys, they essentially hire other old white hetero guys because that’s who they know. There’s also the fact that old comic book nerds are often enough just not very nice people, and their opinions of anyone different from themselves can be – [cough.] Also not nice.

        Then a big reminder about the corporate nature of comic book publishers these days; they’re no longer independent, having been bought out by big media companies, and they’re obligated to bend to corporate culture, which is extremely risk-averse (a gay or girl writer might sell ten less books because someone, somewhere might get their panties in a knot? Forget it.) and prone to limiting creative expression: if hiring decisions are made by non-creatives outside the department, then they will make risk-averse decisions without considering the impact on the industry, only on the bottom line. Also noted: the irony that while front characters are more diverse than ever, they’re all still being written by old white hetero dudes. Even Supergirl, which kind of blew my mind.

        There are houses that have broken away from this a bit – i think Dark Horse and/or Image was mentioned – but neither of them are DC/Marvel, at least not yet.

        And my art cards! I got the Priestess (of course), Anni’s headshot, and one other which i’ve completely forgotten because i’ve been up for 24 hours now i’ll look in my wallet in the morning. ;__;

        • Very interesting. Thank you! 🙂

        • Feverfew_M

          Hope you got a good rest by now. And thanks for the interesting report!

          That’s one thing I really like about the internet – that it gives people a platform who wouldn’t have gotten a chance with the big mainstream media companies. There’s a lot of rubbish in the net, too, but I’ve also found a lot of good stuff created with dedication and heart’s blood, and mostly undiluted by commercial interest. And if it resonates with people, it’s going to have a fanbase and even sell. *eyes her copy of Artifice*

          • Hopefully there will be a few more of those; judging by the angle of the pictures, that was from one of the two bloggers who were sitting next to me, and there were at least two more in the row ahead. Yay!

    • Thanks for coming out to the panel, Sola! It was a pleasure to get a chance to meet and chat with you in person. Glad you liked the cards! 🙂

      YP fans are the coolest.

  • KNT609

    HIDE IT!~!! HIDE IT QUICK!… oh wait you can’t in a skin-tight suit… RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!

  • SPM

    I’m actually finding Tsunami’s reactions very worrying, and not funny at all, at least on this page…

    He looks down-right angry in panels 1 and 3, as opposed to more disgusted/shocked in panels 2 and 4. This could, yes, be partially because it’s HIMSELF depicted in these images, but I think his reaction and word choice is a tad too strong for it to be JUST that. And I think Kyle realizes this, considering his facial reaction in panel 3…poor guy…I feel that Tsunami is going to cause some conflict when Kyle inevitable comes out (or is forced out) to the team (and that’s not even considering the whole supervillain boyfriend deal).

    On another note, I’m absolutely loving this comic!!! =D the art and writing are just fantastic!! Thanks so much for making this =) =)

    • You’re very welcome, SPM! Thank you for the thoughtful comment. I’m so glad that you’re enjoying The Young Protectors!

  • fujoshifanatic

    I am loving the page this week (Kyle’s + Tsunami’s expressions = Priceless!), but I am loving the comments just as much! Reading all the reactions, whether funny, insightful, off the wall, or just plain zingers (the Jesus one made my day!), makes my experience with this comic all the more pleasurable when I visit. I may have missed that fascinating round table mentioned below, but I so appreciate the little virtual round table that happens here once and (yay!) twice a week with all you folks. Kudos to all of you YP fans for making this possible, and of course Alex and his team for facilitating this possibility each and every week. *ends warm and fuzzies gush*

    • Our readers are really awesome, exceptionally awesome—both in person and on this site. I agree that the comments section here is especially thoughtful and I always look forward to hearing what everyone has to say. The way you all engage with this work makes me really happy and it’s your cogent (and often funny!) responses that make releasing this comic as a webcomic tons of fun for me. So let me second those kudos! 🙂

  • Katana_X

    This is so sad because it’s obviously going to end badly for Kyle’s psychological state. I’m not even faulting Tsunami, because if a stranger had graphically depicted me having sex with a close male friend (even though I’m heterosexual woman) I would be horrified and disgusted. It’s icky, sexuality has nothing to do with it. But my guess is Tsunami is going to go off the deep end trying to prove he’s super-not-gay.

  • Jason

    I’m hoping it’s a “that’s DISGUSTING that they’re drawing porn of me with my totally platonic buddy!” rather than “that’s DISGUSTING that it’s two dudes!”

    Because I gotta say. I’d probably have the first reaction to finding explicit porn of me with… most of my buddies. Just. Eurgh.

    But yeah, only time will reveal more. Looking forward to it!

  • bibliophile41

    I wonder if that’s supposed to be tumblr…

  • Cman65

    Not everybody likes porn, But I say “SHOW ME THE KINKY SHIT”

  • LauraMoyer

    So… I’m just saying, April 13 s my birthday and… well… I wouldn’t be oppossed to you making my dreams come true by SHOWING me a piece of the “Tsunami Experience”… >.>

    • Hmm. I wonder if I might be able to grant this birthday wish…. 🙂

      • LauraMoyer

        OMG THANK YOU O///O

  • Wait… shouldn’t Tsunami be saying “Oh, Kanaloa!” or call upon one of the other traditional Hawaiian gods instead of Jesus…? 😉

    • dereule101

      Because, as someone of Polynesian descent, he must automatically worship them and not Jesus?

      • That and his magic tattoos might have some connection to ancestral Hawaiian beliefs?

    • Feverfew_M

      I had wondered about that, too, especially because of the magic tattoos, as you also pointed out below. Then I did a bit of “research” (i.e. google, wikipedia… ;)) and found out that over 98 % of Samoans are indeed of Christian belief, with some old traditions woven in. So Alex seems to know his stuff, and we get to learn something. 🙂

  • Soubi

    Priceless reaction from Tsunami. He’s hiding his happiness now, but just you wait…he’s going to storm away and find a private spot to furiously fap. He’s turned on, he can’t lie by acting horrified. Just saying.

  • BurstThrough

    I can see both his hands and he’s giving… something waaay better.
    Enough with jokes I seriously sympathize with Kyle right now… afraid to give any signs with what he says or does imagining how his friends might turn against him if he fails and also analysing if he can trust his friends and come out and in pannel three it also seems like he doesn’t know what to do with his hands.
    That’s cute(and also looks like an effective way to block Spooky’s pelvis) he would have a good oportunity to tell them but I think Tsunami is going to close that window.
    Made another joke._(._.)_

  • Yukiness

    Oh god, I can’t breathe. Tsunami reminds me of my friend’s reaction when we had to cut through the other side of 34th st Manhattan (the most gay friendly part of NYC).

  • j-lee-d

    If mr. Card were not actually an anti-gay ACTIVIST I would feel more comfortable about the DC situation. I think it’s one thing to have an opion, but to be outspoken againts your own potential reading audience really rubs me the wrong way.

    I’m sure he has no trouble earning his living from the very people he’s so againts. If i even read DC I would not pick up his work and i have never and will never read Ender’s Game.

  • I saw you say “that will be in the first book”, I am likely behind of reading your blog and half the exciting announcements below the comics, so could you direct me on where to shovel money at you to make these books happen? 🙂 I am a huge fan of having hard copies of these guys, hoping to show it to my gay-friendly comic store owner to see if he would be interested in a bulk order down the road to carry in his shop.

    • Hehe. Thank you very much for the enthusiasm! That feels good! 😀

      And after hearing back from readers that there is some interest in a printed copy of these chapters of The Young Protectors, I’m right now hard at work on creating a Kickstarter campaign to try to make that book possible (just like I did for Artifice.) I should have it ready in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for it! 😀

  • I just had the most AWFUL day at work. Only you can make me happy Alex. D:

    • If that is the case, then happiness is less than ten minutes away. 🙂

      (Sorry you had a bad day. Hope things turn around fast for you! TGIF!)

  • some kid

    Tsunami’s probably more disturbed that he’s being drawn naked. Not everyone is cool with that. Probably more what Mickey B said and that it feels like a violation because it’s a fan-work of a real person. Well in terms of this comic’s world, he’s a real person. Plus, he may not be into the dudes there. It might be the equivalent of staring at incest. So many reasons.

  • Johndar

    I like Fluke’s reaction here. He just thinks it’s funny and doesn’t really care, even though he’s looking at a picture of himself getting it from his buddy. It really shows that he’s secure with himself that he isn’t defensive about it.

    I actually drew a whole yaoi comic that paired up my to heterosexual male friends, because we always joked they wanted each other. They both just found it hilarious lol

  • Demie Duken

    I really want to use that last panel as a reaction image. So very much.

  • Harry Underwood

    Lawd hammercy…

  • GL1TCH

    There are no words to describe how much I love this comic!!!!!!!

  • Saxi

    So strait? Or just way closeted? *Cheshire cat grin*

  • Kattriella

    I’m laughing so hard I actually choked on my own saliva.