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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Interlude One—Page 15

40 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Interlude One—Page 15

Flyboy! A young girl’s life is at stake! Pay attention!

So…. I hope to have something really fun to announce to you all with the next page update. I’m still dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s so I can’t officially announce it yet, but if you like The Young Protectors, please be sure you check in on Saturday morning for the next update. There are limited quantities involved so you won’t want to miss this!

Oh, and…


Our seventh bonus page in a row! Thanks to your generous donations, there will be yet another bonus page on Wednesday, May 29th. And look below! We’re already at $90 towards the bonus page after that!

Special thanks go out to long-time supporter Martin K. for their generous donation made in the last few days (and this makes Martin’s second generous donation to The Young Protectors!)

Big hugs go out to long-time friend of The Young Protectors Christopher C. for their super-generous $25 donation, their second generous donation to this comic!

And finally, superhero-strength hugs go out to new super-friend Kawika W. for their amazingly generous $50 donation! Thank you so, so much, Kawika!

Thank you all so much for your very generous support!

All righty! Looks like our Interlude is coming in for a landing. How will this little scene conclude? And what awesome announcement do I have in store for y’all?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! Edit 5/23/13 6:05 PM: YOU’VE DONE IT AGAIN! The donation bar has yet again tipped past its target! That means that in addition to our regular Saturday updates and a bonus page on Wednesday, May 29th, there will be an additional bonus page on Wednesday, June 5th! Thank you all so much! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • Ohhhh, and then things get interesting…

    Both in comic and in your announcement! Cannot wait for Saturday twice and much now!

  • Hey all, I survived the nasty Oklahoma weather!
    Aww, look at Flyboy’s pouty little face! So cute 🙂
    Oh and btw, I wish I looked as good in white pants as Commanda does!
    Kudos to Adam for those amazing angles! I love the way it swoops around as if I’m watching anime! (It would be my fave, well after “Artifice” anyway)

    • Glad to hear you’re OK, Jamie!

      (And yes, I’m loving the “camera-work” that Adam does with The Young Protectors!)

  • toli Bera

    Dude, Seriously, Head in the game here.

  • Pillamelai

    Smiling Daria?

    • kireb

      i was thinking about Daria too XD but ofc, she is not smiling. must be an illusion 😮

  • The second panel is amazing. There is so much going on and yet Adam has made it so that Kyle is still the focus of the page. Amazing.

    I love the progression of the story through the jokes. 🙂

  • I find Kyle really hot in that second panel <3

    And Flyboy is just fixated on the computer *lol*. It's calling him. They shouldn't leave him alone in that room for more than 10secs right now … no, make that 5secs XD
    Tsu's words made sure Flyboy WANTS to know now, but no time for porn right now.

    Team Young Protectors to the rescue!

    • b3nc0

      I had to go back on the page coz my eyes were glued on FlyB & Tsu and I missed this totally gorgeously hunky Kyle 8°P~

  • KiannaLeigh

    Flyboy is so not paying attention. I get it, you’re curious. But save it for when I girl’s life is not on the line. Save the girl, then surf porn, FlyB.

  • No! No Flyboy! Bad!

  • b3nc0

    Someone’s not focused ¬_¬ Haaaa, the attractivness of forbiden…

  • Missy_Z

    “If you like The Young Protectors, please be sure you check in
    on Saturday morning for the next update. There are limited quantities
    involved so you won’t want to miss this!”

    Oh lord now I am not going to sleep until the Saturday update just to make sure I don’t miss whatever this is.

    • Hehe. Glad to hear it! 😀 (But get some sleep. It will be good for you to be rested!)

  • amanda damron

    he wants to know sooooo bad!! lol!!

  • I have not seen anyone pout as much as Flyboy since my eight year old brother pouted at the dinner table; my little brother got antsy when he finished dinner and wanted to go watch TV but my Mom doesn’t let him leave till we all finish. Before any of us could even catch him, he slips under the dinner table and crawls out.
    All I can imagine Flyboy doing are the same adorably forgivable tactics my eight year old brother does when he doesn’t get his way.

    • You notice him staring at the computer too?? I mean he kept looking at it the entire time. I bet he’s thinking about sneaking in at night or something,

      • Then we question: can you put a fifteen year old on time out?

        Nope. Never. But I bet Tsunami can give him a heck of a noogie (like, earthquake-skull-cracking)

  • Kavi

    Lol poor Flyboy hes so curious.

  • YangYueLan

    Some one asked me (it must have been a few days ago) what my ‘YP’ key chain was and I got to explain.

    Yay! New page!

    • That’s awesome! I think that’s the first time I’ve heard of that and it makes me very happy.

  • Kat

    Looks like SOMEONE’S thinking about taking a peek anyway. Flyboy is certainly distracted by the computer. Heh…

  • Nightshadengale

    So do people deliberately seek out the Young Protectors when a mission involves something on fire, or is this just a coincidence?

    • Seeing as The Young Protectors includes both Kyle and Tsunami, they definitely do come to mind when fire is involved. There are other Search and Rescue missions they are asked to come in on, too, but if there is fire, they are likely to be the first call. 🙂

  • Khun David

    It seems we are getting quite ahead in bonus pages. At this pace, you are going to have to start posting three times a week.

  • Look at Kyle’s Hero Face in that last panel! “A forest fire? That is relevant to my interests!”

    • karmelion

      Haha! “Hero Face” I totally get what you mean! Must. Save. Innocents. In. Danger.

    • Heh. I also like “Hero Face.” I’ll have to remember that! 😀

  • wow thanks for the update, However I thinks some ones mind is not on the job a head of them..

    • I agree, if he’s the tech guy he will find a way to see what they saw. how old is he anyway?

      • Johndar

        Alex said in one of the comments he’s 15.

        • Isn’t it normal for 15 year old boys to stare at porn no matter what it is? Also why block him from two men doing it would it be fine if it was women?

  • karmelion

    I absolutely love the angle shot of Kyle in panel 2. It came together perfectly- the line of his cheekbone and jaw, and his shoulders and posture are incredibly masculine and appealing. Youth and athleticism in one. LOVE.

  • Why was everyone so worried about Flyboy? Is he super homophobic? O.O

    • b3nc0

      Methink they belive he’s still Captain Innocent…

    • Bruce Wayne

      I think it’s because he’s a minor :3

  • Xan San

    omg things just got real! I’m at the edge of my seat, we gotta find her!

  • slothvegas

    Special announcement! What could it be…preorders for a Chapter 1 book? That dossier on the Annihilator? Whatever it is, I’m looking forward to it!

    I just started reading a week ago, but I already love this comic. The art is wonderful, and Alex’s writing is funny and touching and very authentic. I actually wonder – Alex, have you ever talked about what writing a comic entails, in a post here or an interview somewhere? I’ve never tried writing for a comic, so I’m curious about the process, like whether you specify to the artists which bits of dialogue go in which panels, and if you have pretty clear ideas of what you want those panels to look like. Or if you all kind of bounce ideas back and forth until you have a layout that works for everyone? It just seems to me that it would be difficult to really streamline your dialogue so as not to clutter the page with text, but at the same time have the information you need present and natural-sounding. I really have an enormous amount of respect for what you do and how well you do it – and that goes for Adam and Veronica, too.

    Done gushing? Done gushing. I’m looking forward to Saturday!

    • Howdy slothvegas! Welcome! And thank you so much for the very kind words! I’m delighted that you’re enjoying what we’re trying to do here.

      There are a few places I talk about my work process both on the scripts and also with the artists (including at some length in the back of the printed Artifice book .) But I also have a bunch of articles on my Tumblr page where I respond to readers’ questions about that.

      If you’re thinking you might want to write a webcomic of your own, you might start with this post I wrote a little while back:

      Hope that helps! And thanks again! 😀