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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Interlude One—Page 14

84 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Interlude One—Page 14

Work? What is this “work” thing you speak of, Commander?

We have new Fan Art by Unicorn Master, a sweet image of The Annihilator and a shirtless Kyle. Do check it out.

Also, it looks like Amazon is running a 25% off sale on Artifice. So if you’ve been thinking about grabbing a copy, now would be a good time!

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So! Looks like Flyboy’s innocence has been protected by Tsunami’s brotherly affection. Phew! And now Commander has returned with papers in hand. Has she found some old school ink-and-paper yaoi to share with the guys? And if so, what kind of “work” will she be expecting these boys to perform?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • Aww that was sorta cute.

  • Damn.. Tsu is taking the sight of those images hard.
    “It will ruin your life”.. aww, come on now. Like THAT is gonna stop Flyboy from being curious. Just the opposite.

    • “Gibbs-smack!” Yes, I get that urge too! Love this community soooo much!

  • I can understand the sentiment, but my own point of view is that you can never, ever keep information from a human being who desire it, and not be wrong about that.
    We live by our ability to manage and deal with information. Birds fly, Wolfs hunt, and this is what humans do. To keep information from anyone is a hostile act, It’s about executing power over that person, in a matter directly concerning his/her survival.

  • Surly Shirley

    I just realized I am sooo the Commander. lol Except I’d be all up in the porn excitement but then allll business. haha

  • fujoshifanatic

    Okay…Flyboy can wait to see what they were looking at. Now we get to see them do some super hero work! I like this; usually you don’t see too much of the behind the scenes planning that I imagine would go on behind successful hero missions. Usually the focus is on the actual “charging in” of the heroes into the fray, which is dramatic and fun and all, but I’m the sort of nerd who likes to see how they make the decisions to do what they do to save the day, especially if it involves interactions between such colorful characters as these. 🙂

  • Chibi

    Tsunami … really >> don’t spread your hate!! ::kicks:: SPREAD THE LOVE!! …. any really … like that is going to keep him from looking >> it’s like when someone tells you not to do something … you just want to do it more

  • (silly Tsun-Tsun: TV Tropes will ruin your life.

    not bara/yaoi.)

    you know what’s ruining my life?
    not being 17 and having a piece of tsunami’s poonami.. ..punani.

    :: blush ::

  • YAY! A new page! 😀

  • YangYueLan

    I do like that not everyone is gay or accepting. I find that is just as fake as an all strait world. That said, Damn it, Tsunami! Stop being so damn insecure, you are just being pathetic.

  • Oh Commander. Do you really believe they can keep it straight face and serious for long enough to go through those papers? I doubt it.

    Now, how long will it take before someone says something with humor again? *CoughSpookyCough*

  • DarkJokerOfAmuro

    Flyboy’s cute XD too bad he’s only 15… he seems to be a packing if you now what I mean ;)…. oh my god…. IM A PERV!!!!! XD

    • Summer

      If you’re one, I’m one too. We’re in good company.

      • Madock345

        Perv #3, checking in.

    • Then I’ll be the biggest perv in pointing out that at the age of 15, he’s still a growing boy… and that I’ve just had that thought.

      …. I’ll just go stand overhere now XD

      • Meghalodon

        Gold Perv standing by

    • All the guys (except maybe Spooky) are probably wearing jockstrap cups in case of supervillain knee to the groin. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was standard issue with any hero uniform. lol!

  • strangeangel24601

    Umm, Tsunami? You do realize that you just made him ten times more curious and determined to find out what you guys were looking at, right?

  • Summer

    …why does this adorable and very young teenager have this incredibly kissable mouth? Yikes. Also, in comparison to Tall, Dark and Tattooed, EVERYONE’s a little buddy.

  • Shinashi

    You mean Tsunami’s homophobic affection…

  • Bien Batol

    Rainy Sky = Tsunami + Flyboy
    ….Too soon?

  • Thank you Alex for effectively disproving my theory that Tsunami wasn’t a huge homophobe, and just thought boys were ucky. I’m not being sarcastic, either. The possibility was driving me nuts. Now I know it is not the case.

    I would just like to say that I started reading erotica when I was 12, and he really messed up my brain. However, I really think that hiding this stuff from Flyboy is just going to make him curious. Honestly, I can easily see Mitch waiting for everyone else to leave and then checking the computer history. It would take less then 10 seconds.

    OOO I want to see that now! XD

    Also, why does the cutest member of the team have to be nearly a decade younger than me?! That’s not fair 🙁

  • Does he think it is messed up and twisted because it is a homosexual act or does he think that because it is art of him and the others?
    I feel very bad for Kyle having to hear this, especially if those questions are running through his mind as well. He already has a hard enough time as is.

  • Fazzey

    Tsunami’s tattoos lead in a nice pattern….Draws the attention well. *grins evilly* Do they just stop? And who did those for him?

  • Interpolation

    Alex, I’d be careful about making such insinuations about Amanda’s “work” expectations. I mean… if she can break magic boy in half…

    Actually, I think a lot of people are in danger.

    Also, I want to hug Flyboy. I’m not sure what I want to do with Tsunami… but I want to do something… I just don’t know what.

  • Monica

    Hihi, I see Spooky’s butt *giggle*

  • december

    So Tsu, are you ruined for life now?

  • Kiri

    Not everyone says what they mean, and not everyone would say things in just that way if they knew it would hurt others. I’m willing to wait and see what Alex has for us with Tsunami. That face in panel 4 is not one of a hater.

  • Caffienated

    Ok, so there’s Mitch (Flyboy), Paul (Fluke) and Kyle (Red Hot). I wonder when we’ll learn the real names of the others. *ponders* Oh yes, Duncan (Anni) and Sircea (The Platinum Priestess)

    Ahh….I keep referring to TMNT for some of their personalities. I see Tsunami as Raph atm, Flyboy as Mikey/possible Donatello mix and…The Commander as Leo.

    The rest I can’t categorize yet. =/

  • sincostax

    Okay, not gonna lie — third panel? I sooooo ship flyboy and tsunami. So much. They should be a thing

    • Zachary Lucido

      when I was 12 I had a good idea of what I wanted to do with other boys. At 9 there was a strong physical drive to do ….something. These 2 are 15 and 18/19? Considering they face death often, they should be mature enough to court each other. bigger problem is that they are coworkers AND roomates.

  • Klaus Ole Kristiansen

    Isn’t “little buddy” incredibly condescending? Or is just because in my own language “little friend” is a common way to address a young child?

    • Wayne Ligon

      Nah, ‘Little Buddy’ is just a term of affection or friendship. Also, Tsumani might be making an ironic cultural reference to the TV show Gilligan’s Island.

    • Meghalodon

      Well, Tsunami is older than he by quite a bit, and he is technically still considered young in our society. Either way, its not condescending, its…..hmm……appropriate.

  • Klaus Ole Kristiansen

    I wonder about the organisation of the Young Protectors. Commander is not just a superhero name, she actually commands them. And she is not only their tactical commander, she alone decides how to spend their budget. Who appointed her boss? Who are paying the bills?

  • thebitterfig

    Commander and Chilaquiles. A great way to start the morning.

  • Lesson for today, kids: gay porn will ruin your lives.
    Look at us, browsing the internet for some m/m smut, loving nice butts and hard abs (and other hard stuff too)
    We are ruined! Ruined!
    But ruined soooo goood


    • Tsu is aware of the fact that we can just show him the porn, first hand, right?

  • Kavi

    “Your first mission for the day is to go out and attend a drag workshop!” HAHA!. OOOH bonus page on the 22nd? Thats my birthday!!!! Woo!! I love how Tsunami and flyboys expression really shows a strong bond. I get a hint that there may be more hiding under the “bromance” they share. 😀 Plus Tsunami’s tattoos are inticing, 😛 (jus sayin) lol

    • Glad you’re enjoying the update, Kavi! Happy birthday wishes in advance! 😀

  • We all know Flyboy will check it out once everyone leave. Curiosity will get the better of anyone. ^^

  • Brian Findlay

    Has Adam threatened to throttle you yet if he has to draw Tsunami’s tattoo’s more than necessary? xD They’re beautiful and quite intricate, it would be such a shame to hide that art from wanting eyes ^^

    • No throttling threats yet. The design is his. 🙂

  • Yukiness

    Alex, how did you know sale is my favorite word?

  • So… No demons, right?
    Oh, And for the record, Tsu, We know about the gay porn stock under your bed.

  • S+

    I find it interesting that most everyone seems to be focusing on
    Tsunami’s attitude as “homophobic.” Is it not reasonable that a person
    might think it inappropriate for a 15 year old to see sexually explicit
    images? Maybe the audience here are too young to remember, but there was
    a time not that long ago when that was a majority opinion. Also, might
    he not find it yucky to see himself and his friends depicted in such
    acts? Might a reasonable (non-homophobic , even) person be repelled by

    I shall answer my own questions: Yes, a reasonable (even non-homophobic) person might.

    • KiannaLeigh

      Honestly I don’t think most people found it homophobic so much as internalized homophobic; as in he really, really liked it.

    • MCSC

      I don’t have a problem with Tsunami thinking that a 15 yo should not look at sexually explicit material. What I have a problem with is that he has seemingly expressed his dislike, if not full on disgust, for the gay pornography.

      “That’s disgusting!” page 3

      “The thought that a bunch of guys are out there drawing these things…” page 4 (I think.)

      And those are the actual quotes not the other pages/panels where it is just a word or two but much more about the look.
      He didn’t seem to have an issue with the idea of looking at porn with girls back in page 2, so I am not led to believe that he has an issue with pornography in general, only gay pornography.

      Tsunami says “It’s messed up and twisted” and “Dude, it’ll ruin your life.”

      So my issue with Tsunami isn’t that he personally has an issue with gay pornography but that he is expressing himself so negatively and “advising” Flyboy, who likely looks up to Tsunami, that he would ruin his life simply by viewing it.

      So, it isn’t that Tsunami doesn’t want a 15-year-old to see pornography; it’s his attitude toward what he’d just seen that upsets me toward him.

      • Klaus Ole Kristiansen

        Is he disgusted because it is male/male? Or is he disgusted because he and people he knows are in it? And even if it is the sex of the participants that is the problem, may he not be OK with gay love, even though he has a negative gut reaction to actually seeing explicit gay sex scenes?

        • Clef

          As a fanfic writer, when I was growing up I stuck to ONLY fictional series, books, animated TV shows, because it made me very uncomfortable to imagine using real people in erotica fiction. As someone who works in the entertainment business, I might run into these people, you know? Keep a separation of work and play. So I understand Tsunami’s disgusted “OMG that’s ME–WTF??? kind of reaction. That’s not me! Why are you thinking this about me? How do you–what the–? I don’t EVEN!” Really, how often do you wander around work thinking about your co-workers flagrante delicto? Ever? I certainly don’t. That alone would make me not want to look at the images. So I wouldn’t hate on Tsu too much for being squicked by the images.

          • Firekitty

            THIS. I’ve grown out of feeling creepy about fics based on live-action shows and movies, but the very *thought* of RPS still makes me cringe.

      • Firekitty

        I don’t think his reaction is unreasonable, given that it’s porn of him and his friends that he didn’t consent to, and also not the sort of porn he’s into (or not the sort of porn he wants to admit to being into, if you like?).

        Though even if it weren’t people he knew…I’d be grossed out, and say so, if someone surprised me with…well…live action porn of any sort, really. Most of it’s pretty gross :P. And while my straight male friends are surprisingly comfortable joking about yaoi with me, I wouldn’t expect them to respond politely if I started randomly flashing graphic images at them (Though if they start messing with my phone or reading material without asking, they deserve any trauma they get).

    • Meghalodon

      Youre Obviously not a boy, because boys find sexually explicit materials on their own at even younger ages -_-

      • Howdy Meghalodon,

        I know you didn’t mean any harm here and that this is meant to be a light comment. 🙂 Please just be a little careful about those “you”-statements. Let’s just keep it about the ideas and the “I”-statements in the comments here. We can’t really know what people are really like IRL from a few words in a comments section and talking about the ideas is the whole point anyway.

        And to your point, I myself found and sought out explicit material at a much younger age than Flyboy. 🙂 Whether Tsunami is doing the right thing here or not, I’ll leave to the general discussion of awesome readers like yourself and S+…

      • S+

        Knowing male psychology rather intimately, from the inside out, I would agree with the statement I have head “Once a boy, always a boy… even when he’s really 97 years old.” So I will have to disagree with you: I am a boy. I will not argue with you about boys seeking out sexually explicit material from a young age; that goes without saying. My comment had to do with whether T’s desire not to expose a 15 yo to sexually explicit material necessarily made him homophobic.

    • Zachary Lucido

      They wouldn’t be being reasonae about sex. Normalizing sex is supposed to help keep sex normal. Remember that in that all too recent time you speak of, being raped was far more shameful than comitting rape, and the standered reaction to an allegation of child molestation was “Not in my family.”
      For millennia society has been in denial about sex. Now we are working on acceptance of the realities of sex.

    • Chibi

      mmm people are focusing on how he said it. I think a lot find it cute how he is acting like a big brother it just the words he used to shield said little brother from porn are very much showing off his homophobic ways. Luckily Flyboy doesn’t realize that they are homophobic because… he doesn’t know what they were looking at lol. Soooo all he knows is they were looking at something that was icky (which is most definitely was not lol) .. according to Tsunami. Tsunami seems to be the only one taking things seriously and showing strong homophobic opinions which also effects how people view his comments and also a factor in why so many are focusing in on his attitude. Either way I wouldn’t take comments too seriously no one is trying to offend anyone and most of it is all in good fun.

  • amanda damron

    AAHHHHH ! let him see it! that’s not fair everyone but him got to. lol!! ;D

  • melinda stumpf

    he is going to look at anyway

  • Lunam_Kardas

    O_O well Tsunami… unless that’s all just a rather huge protective codpiece you’re wearing…I think I see why they made you the ‘top’ in these various scenarios…

    • Chibi

      lol love how you ignore all the emotions and expressions on the page and focusing on the crouches XD nice

      they are all pretty big I think judging from the other pages XD and their crouches LETS RATE THEM IN SIZE!!! lol WHO WILL BE ON TOP!

      • Lunam_Kardas

        Crouches? …no on is crouching in this pag- OH you mean crotch! Lol what can I say, I’m still laughing over the fact that they found fan art of themselves.

        • Chibi

          oops XD typo

  • Jesslc

    Commander’s asking them “Can we get to work now?” rather than telling them…? I find that rather unexpected after the hardass impression I’d formed of her.

    • yalalala

      I read it in a sarcastic tone, which fits.

      • Exactly. There really is only one right (and safe) answer to that question. 🙂

  • PretendtheEnds

    Aww with as angry as I am at my love for being so close minded, his face is just so sweet and loving on this page it made me melt! Mmm that man is delicious

  • Kiri

    Well the thought in my head, is if his feelings towards his fellow team-members are like brothers… then what he’s seeing is a form of incest in his mind, and I’ve known a straight man to have a strong negative reaction to the thought of him having sex with a friend he viewed as a sister. (Strong as in he wanted to throw up). So I think there are many ways of interpreting his behaviour – and while it’s easy to categorise people as homophobes, or homophiles – the truth is often way more grey and spectrum-y than that. So yeah. Tsu can be all gay, homophobe or any shade in between and we don’t have a huge amount of information yet to go on.

  • Meghalodon

    I have this sneaking suspicion that Commander is someone’s mom, like maybe Flyboy….she just feels Motherly to me

    • Hair colour aside, it’s possible I guess.

      I mean, she wouldn’t be the first mom to do something for her son and have it change into something else or so much bigger. Nor would she be the only mom out there to kick butt.

      How about this?

      She was young, Very young when she hand him. In fact it wasn’t even her idea. Big gov conspiracy thing. Any way, white walls and not knowing where she is and what is going on and 9 months later she has a boy. She get’s to name him, but not long after they placed her in a military school to keep track of her for a number of reasons. She did very well. Fought for her kid years later, after she tracks him down, but still works with the gov to help found YP.

      What do you think? 🙂

      • mogoskier

        While I like the idea I don’t think that could be true. Alex said in a past comment that Commander was in her early 20’s and flyboy is 15. For the timing to be right she would have to be 10 or younger to have him. I think there is some type of blood relation there but it probley brother and sister.

        • Meghalodon

          Ahh See I havent read any of the info on them, I just kinda leapt into the story where Kyle is standing out front of PEARLS. She looks/acts/feels much older though, like late forties; to me at least. Nice conjecture though

        • Sorry. I thought she was way older than 20.

          It doesn’t really matter. I was just talking off the top of my head. 🙂

  • L. Fernau

    just out of curiosity how long is this interlude going to be? i was interested in the original story and look forward to seeing where that goes.

    • Not much longer. As I said in the notes on the first page, this Interlude will be significantly shorter than the Prologue. 🙂

    • i had an inkling al was gonna “conveniently” interrupt our vicarious romp with the titanium titillator and flamerion..

      ..but i had only joked it were to be for 6 – 7 pages.

  • You’re very welcome, Clef! I’m glad you’re enjoying my characters! I’m having a lot of fun writing them, especially in a scene like this! 🙂

  • imajustcurious

    I don’t think Tsunami is being homophobic. I had the same reaction looking at grandma porn.

    Some people aren’t just comfortable looking at sex.

  • Talea Fraemohs-Mitchell

    I just now discovered this comic thanks to that Cheezburger post a while back.

    Oh, no. It’s okay. I didn’t really need to study for finals anyway.

  • Curt Clark

    Tsunami is the no-fun guy. :p

    I don’t think he’s a bad person, just that he has some issues to work through regarding gayness, especially in the kids he supervises.