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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Interlude One—Page 13

128 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Interlude One—Page 13

Why do I get the impression that Commander’s quick reaction here comes from hard-won experience?

I had an absolutely wonderful time at TCAF this weekend. It was totally awesome to get the chance to meet so many of you. You’re all so sweet and cool! I’m still grinning thinking about it. Thank you so much for stopping by! 😀

Superhero-reader ckazka has been blasting through pages like a rocket, creating a bunch of excellent translations of The Young Protectors pages into German, getting all the way up to page 36 of Chapter One. Be sure to check out those translations using the Available Transcripts drop-down menu right underneath each comic page and, in the comments, please let all the translators know that you appreciate their hard work!

Oh and


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Thank you all so much for your amazingly generous support!

So! Seems Commander has put the kibosh on Spooky’s helpful idea. Does that mean that Flyboy’s loss of innocence is assured? And if so, how long will it be before he is dating a supervillain of his own?!

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 🙂

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  • Tyler B

    Obsession is checking this website every five minutes since midnight to see the updated page before bed. Thank you for this comic series, I’m seriously enjoying it.

    • That makes me really happy to hear, Tyler! I’m very glad to hear you’re liking it!

  • fujoshifanatic

    Ha! Somehow I love the fact that Spooky can summon demons! Now that Commanda has laid down the law (red outline balloon and everything!), Flyboy’s loss of innocence is assured–unless Kyle accidentally torches the computer (hey, she said no one could *eat* the equipment, but she said nothing about anyone *burning* it!) We’ll see on Saturday! 😛

    Glad you had a good time at TCAF (yet another one I have to put on my con list!), but we’re even more glad to have you back Alex!

    • Thank you, fujoshifanatic! It’s good to be back!

  • Yeah extra update on my birthday! Giggled so hard! <3

  • I didn’t expect “It would be a very small demon” … That’s too funny.

  • melinda stumpf

    Damn her vulcan hearing

  • Jen Roberts

    And I say again DO A DAMN GOOGLE SEARCH xD You’re superheroes! Be Resourceful! …and no summoning demons in the house.

    And I also say again, GODDAMN I LOVE COMMANDER

  • Rachel Ndeto

    Ha! Spooky knows just the right buttons to push…

    Take the entendres as you will.

  • nebi_lan

    it’s just a small demon! come on!

  • Lol, this reminds me a bit of Invader Zim for some reason. That’s a good thing by the way, Alex. I love the team dynamic/dysfunctional family feel you’ve got going on here. Commanda must have the same exasperated affection for them that I have with my family.
    It’s a circus without the tent most times.

    • strangeangel24601

      And now I’m reading Spooky’s lines in Gir’s voice. Thanks.

    • Hehe. Glad you’re liking the dynamic, Jamie! (And “circus without the tent” would be a perfect way to sum up Commander’s own understanding. :D)

  • DemureDesire

    I woke up my housemate and had to clean nacho cheese, sour cream, and chili off my screen — but it was worth it. This may be my favorite page so far. (Well, until the next one, that is.)

  • Hazard

    Ahhh, Spooky’s a guy after my own heart. “Just a -little- demon…”

  • Madock345

    Flyboy is much too sexy for a fifteen year old. It makes me feel creepy, especially with that zipper running all the way down his front… Damn.

    • Just because he’s adorable doesn’t mean you have to sleep with him. Or even fantasize, to be safe!

      • Feverfew_M

        Puppies are adorable. Flyboy is hot! 😀
        For fantasy-purposes I therefore suggest a “three-years-later…”-strategy.

    • AuroraMoon

      Just picture Flyboy and Red getting together. they’re in the same age range, and I don’t think it would be weird to fantasize about two teenagers getting it on with each other, right? After all, that scenario would have nothing to do with you at all…. you could just enjoy it as a steamy, coming of age story with two teenagers experimenting to find out what they liked…. 😛

      • Madock345

        Oh, I like the way you think!

      • strangeangel24601

        Mmmm, mutual exploration… If fantasizing about that is weird, then I don’t want to be normal.

  • strangeangel24601

    Why do I get the feeling that this isn’t the first time Spooky and Commander have had this conversation?

  • Lilka Lilianna

    And that’s how you prove that you are a badass character – you own the scene without even showing in it once. Way to go, Commander!

  • amanda damron

    LOL!!!! IM DYING!!!!!

  • Yami_no_Ite

    It is official. Not that it wasn’t already. But I love Spooks. He is awesome. “Just a small one.”

  • Summer

    Wow. Unexpectedly, Flyboy is younger than I thought he would be. Is he close to Kyle in age? Also, it seems that (if someone hasn’t posted this ahead of me) that the Commander has the power of the Red Balloon as her own.

    • Flyboy is almost 3 years younger than Kyle. He’s always been the “kid” of the group.

      • Summer

        Oh, so young! It’s odd, though; when he’s wearing the full kit, he really does look older.

  • It’s official: SPOOKY IS MY FAVORITE!

    • Poppyjaz

      have to totally agree! <3

  • RustyBurrell

    Tsunami’s got a nice ass >.>

  • I’m sorry. I just can’t remember anything about the last chapter. Something about China, and a witch maybe? I just don’t remember what it had to do with Spooky. Spooky is so awesome I can’t remember any other character’s names.

    I want “Spooky and the Commander” to be a 70’s era buddy cop show where they ride around in a talking car fighting crime.

    • strangeangel24601

      I’d watch it!

    • Heh. Request noted. 😉

  • Jesslc

    “But Mummmmm… You never let me summon demons to eat our equipment!. 🙁 ”

    “I said No, Spooky!”

    • Feverfew_M

      “But ALL my friends are allowed to summon demons to eat their equipment!”

      • toli Bera

        “and if All your friends jumped off a bridge…. we’d just be down to flyboy.”

        • LOL! Very well played.

        • Feverfew_M

          “Okay, okay, I get it. No bridge diving, check.
          …but can I summon that demon, now?” *innocent look*

      • Zachary Lucido

        Why else would they major in conjuration?

    • Ha! Nice!

  • Feverfew_M

    “And if so, how long will it be before he is dating a supervillain of his own?!”
    Exactly how many sexy gay supervillains are there in that universe of yours, Alex? 😉

    • I wonder if we’ll find out… 😉

      • Feverfew_M

        Darn, I’m starting to suspect I might be living in the wrong reality… 😀

        • KiannaLeigh

          I figured that out as soon as the Platinum Priestess showed up. ╥﹏╥ not fair…

  • Spooky, just when I thought I couldn’t like him more he comes up with this brillant solution to the problem 😀

    LOL the looks in panel 3. Commander is clearly clever enough to not be too far away when they’re all around.

  • That’s it! I officially love Spooky. His reaction to the Commander lol. “Just a little one!”
    Alex, can I have him? I promise to treat him well. Walk him every day and feed him. Pretty please?

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      But it wouldn’t take a growing demon long to devour the computer….cell phones….and anything else electrical that isn’t nailed down…Think “little Shop of Horrors as the plant grew… “Feed me….FEED ME!” as for “back sides” I would have a hard time deciding which one first but once I did… would be down hill from there!

      • Heh. You aren’t far wrong about what would happen with that demon… 😀

    • Hehe. Well, he’s not mine to give. He’s his own man. But if you asked him nicely, he’d almost certainly be up for grabbing a slice of pizza with you. How you decide to introduce the leash is up to you… 😉

  • Jules

    So its a comic about superpowers, but all I can think is “What teenage boy doesn’t know how to clear porn from their history?”.

  • Monica

    Gosh I juts LOVE Spooky’s face in the last two panels! Priceless!!

  • YersiniaP

    Oh gods, I know exactly how Commander feels!

    I’m a kindergarten teacher.

  • Can I just say, Spooky is my fave? Out of everyone. Yes 😀

  • I like how the website on the computer screen is this one!!

  • Ethereal Ascent

    I just love Spooky! His faces in the last two panels!

    “It would just be a very small demon.”

    And Commander trying to make them behave XD

  • toli Bera

    why do I expect the next line to be the old classic monotone “Yes Mom.”

  • DarkJokerOfAmuro

    yeah i’m starting to think that I would totally do Spooky XD

  • YangYueLan

    yeah, Spooky is quickly becoming a fav.

  • HOW old is Spooky here? I’m starting to feel like a ‘cougar’ for liking him so much XD

    Knowing that Flyboy has just turned 15 which must make Fluke around 17 soon, and Kyle is 17.. Tsunami and Spooky are the oldest of the guys – but it can’t be THAT much older, right?
    Also would love to know how old Commander is. If it’s only Spooky who might have a crush on her (and she sees him as too young) or if they’re more like family.
    SO MANY QUESTIONS I’ve gotten from this interlude 🙂

    • Spooky is 20 years old. And he likes women with experience, so I like your odds, if you decided to take a shot. 😉

      As for the other questions, they shall be revealed in time. 😀

      • Hmm, I’ll go with 18 is legal and not the ‘Half your age + 7 years’ thing in this case XD

        And he’s no longer a teenager.. it gets better and better
        *turns down the brightness of the cougar sign a couple notches*

        • Hehe. Glad to hear his real age makes him more appealing. 🙂 Not sure if this helps or hurts but out of everyone on the team, he has the most… experience… as well.

          And this concept of “the cougar sign” is a new one for me. I’ll have to look out for those on the highway…

      • Feverfew_M

        Hmm, he likes women with experience and told Kyle some incriminating stories about Sircea?! My mind starts working rapidly, here…

  • please allow me to bring you the following update regarding our favourite big lug, tsunami: dat ass!!

    man . . . it’s too bad we never got to see those cakes during this interlude … Mmm-hm.

    beefy chocolate cakes.™

    (i wish to thank you, alex, for letting the commander show off what she’d learned from dr. maven — by-the-by


    That made my day.

    {You monkeys.})

    • 🙂

    • KiannaLeigh

      My first reaction to your post was: “Bro! Really! All that cute in Flyboy and you talk about Tsun’s ass?!” And then I actually went back up and looked at it. Yea. Nevermind what what said. DAT ASS! I can’t yell ’cause I’m voiceless right now but: “Yea! DAT ASS!” Teehee

      • i know the little squirt is not an innocent, non-sexual, sex-innocent, sex-negative guy..

        ..but as cute as he is, i still wish to hold off on my lascivities towards flyboy, at least until he … becomes 17.



        as glad as i am that you’ve seen the light, i wish to know what had happened to your voice?
        what did you do?

        • KiannaLeigh

          I had a terrible attack of seasonal allergies which quickly escalated into an infection. But the preferred story among my co-works is that I went to a rave on a weeknight and did unmentionable things there which led to my loss of voice. 😉

          In unrelated news. I wanted some juice today. But instead of the work bringing to mind sweet delicious goodness, it brought to mind salty delicious goodness. :-/ That wasn’t the juice I wanted.


          • i, uh…


            i like your co-workers!

            (just joshing.)

            i don’t know what i’m going to do with you, Sis.

            however, i think it’s … … i like gals who swallow.

            Juice, i mean.

          • KiannaLeigh

            Aa! You! I!

            Why do you do this to me Bro? Things just get sticky when you’re involved.

          • (i have stocks invested in Caress soap, you see…)

          • KiannaLeigh

            Figures. I should have know you’d be that devious you villain you.

          • i’ve..

            ..i’ve been a naughty. . . . .

            . . . . .


  • I am in love with this comic. I am like a kid in a candy store every Wednesday and Saturday, just waiting for the updates!! 😛 LoL.

    Spooky is probably my second favorite person in this comic. I do love Duncan though. He is sinister and seemingly sincere. Though I am still unsure of his intentions. (Also, I love the shared name between the two comics by two WAY different characters)

    Kyle is so easy to relate too. I mean this whole time with the gay porn I would probably be like… crud… gunna die… they are gunna find out…. shiz shiz shiz! but he keeps so calm about it and even semi jokes around. Its kinda cool 😛

    And OMEGERD sorry for the long comment XD

    • Nothing to apologize for, Amaya! I’m very glad you’re enjoying the comic—and its characters! 😀

  • Haha! I LOVE Commander! She is the best!

    I also love Spooky “It would just be a very SMALL demon”

    Oh I can’t wait to see what happens!!!

  • Chibi

    aww poor flyboy he is like the little brother who always misses out …

  • Okay Alex I think on this one that the young flyboy needs to turn out and be either gay or bi! as he is very cute and I think him and our main HOT (no pun intended) character could become friends.

    • Duly noted. 🙂 Are you voting for them as a couple or just as LGBT allies?

      • KiannaLeigh

        I vote allies!

      • I would go for allies, granted if the love between him and are super villain turns sour then he what the heck maybe they could have a relationship. Nothing like turning a bi guy gay. LOL

  • Seriously loving this comic!

  • KiannaLeigh

    I lost my voice today I can’t even squeal at this page. But I’m still squealing on the inside. Anyway, I hope fly boy dates a supervillain too! Not ’cause I think i would be hot (though it would). I just think that would be cute. The young team member with few prejudices innocently dating the forbidden lover. It would be adorable!

    …. Wow. That’s the most I’ve said all day … >_>

  • Bien Batol

    Oh man, Tsunami, why are you such a protective older brother type? Stop hitting all of my buttons, you and are your tight butt.

  • Oh God, I laughed SO HARD at this page. Yes, I quite literally LOL’ed.This page is absolute gold.

    “It would be just a very small demon.”


    • Thank you, Darkflame. Glad you liked the update! 😀

  • Cman65

    but summoning Demons fixes EVERYTHING ! ! ! Till they try to eat your face.

  • I read this page three times and i craked up each time. Lovin this comic.

    • Yay! Glad to hear it! Just the reaction I was hoping for. 🙂

  • (i know i haven’t lavished the sort of attention on fluke, as i’ve the other members of Our Gang, but that’s only because i look at fluke as being like a brother to me.

    the little brother.. ..which i never had. . . . .)

  • Thank you so much, Kavi! I’m really glad you’re enjoying my work!

    And yes, I feel very lucky being able to attract such talented folks to work on my comics. Look at those expressions on this whole page. And the coloring! Adam, Vero and Winona all quite literally made my dreams come true. I’m glad you think they are amazing too!

  • Mmm mm! Bootie-licious!

  • Alexander

    Whats wrong with teenagers seeing porn? Raise your hand if you saw porn before you became a teenager.

    • i sure as hell did

      not only did i “see” it, i sought it out.

      (i am 31 now, by the by)

      • Yeah….I’m totally *not* the person who buys yaoi for people who are
        not 18 yet. >.> As I had someone do for me when I was still too
        “innocent” to see such things. xD

    • Meg Mun

      Most people feel the need to “protect” the youngest people around. Flyboy is the baby of the group.

    • YersiniaP

      I think there’s a difference between a teenager looking at or reading porn, and someone who is older showing it to them.
      No, I don’t think it is a big deal here, but in general… yeah no.
      I’m ok with teens checking out porn, but I sure as hell wouldn’t provide them with it.

  • Damien_C

    I haven’t commented on this in a while and I apologize for that. Both previous times I have commented at length about the villains in the story and how much I approve- this time I comment because Spooky Jones is officially my favourite character of any online comic ever. Any of them. Including Teahouse, Starfighter, Questionable Content, etc. Spooky Jones takes the cake because he handles homosexuality as it SHOULD be handled- as not a big deal. He’s capable of seeing himself in those situations and not getting uncomfortable despite being straight. He can even joke and laugh about it. This is exactly what the comic book community needs to help it along the trail to a whole new dynamic of gays in comic books and gay superheroes. It’s IMPORTANT, and Spooky is important. I love that. You guys are doing an amazing thing here and it’s a shame there isn’t more exposure for it. I even love the dynamic with Tsunami expressing the opposite emotion- horror- at finding out he’s in gay porn. It makes it relatable to more straight guys so they can identify with this big Samoan guy, like, eeeeeeeew how terrible, but at the same time uses humor to diffuse the situation and explain another viewpoint.

    I don’t know if I’ve mentioned in my previous comments how important I think Young Protectors is, but I do. I genuinely believe it’s a perfectly written comic book that happens to have gay men in it. But it doesn’t JUST have gay men and the fact that they are gay, while being a major plot point, is not the ONLY point. There is fighting, quips, hot women, hot men, humor, and it’s visually stunning. I love everything about this. As a long time fan of comic books I would love to go to my local shop and find this on the rack next to Hulk and Spider-Man. It would please me to no end.

    In short, Young Protectors is underrated and spectacularly made. I deeply approve. I even show it to all my straight friends and tell them WHY it’s such a great comic. Because it is. You light up my life with this. Keep it up, guys! Thanks for all of your dedication and hard work!

    • Well, heck, this just totally made my day. There are times when being a creative person has its challenges and I wish I could frame this up and put it on the wall next to my computer.

      You totally get what I’m trying to do here. And (I don’t think this is a spoiler), you’re getting why it’s important Spooky is here too. Yes, he’s here because he’s a fun character and fun for me to write and it makes sense to me for story reasons (past and future) that he’d be on the team. Good story reasons always need to come first. But there’s a deeper reason why I have a straight character like this in The Young Protectors and you’ve stated it very eloquently. This Interlude is, of course, meant to be funny and is also meant to help readers get to know the other characters who will become increasingly important as the Engaging the Enemy arc continues, but I do have larger reasons why I create the things I do. Reasons that are very important to me. And it feels good that you feel I’m doing an OK job with that.

      Anyway, thank you so much for taking the time to write such an awesome comment. You really made me feel good. 🙂

      (Thank you for also helping to spread the word about this comic. That’s the hardest part and I really appreciate it.)

  • Meg Mun

    Oh yeah… just a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitle one… *snark* Poor girl, she has to keep all those boys in line.

  • Erica

    …. don’t let Flyboy date Platinum Priestess. Please. don’t. XD

    Flyboy, you can make better efforts than that. and no. Spooks, calm yourself. no small big medium mini demons eating anything lol flyboy would fly over and shove a floating foot up ur bootyhole. XD

  • Erica

    i can’t get over spooks’ face in the last two panels XD woooo, they’re adorable.

  • Soubi

    Don’t mess with her, boys. Just don’t. If you ever wanna see the light of day again, remain calm and demon-free.

  • Chibi

    aww come on guys let him see be fair

  • Great work!
    I say this both as an artist as well as a young gay male.
    But I do have to say that I like the parts with the group teasing each other (the whole last segment) more than the romancing parts with Annihilator. Not that they don’t have merit. 🙂

    Keep it up!

    • Thank you, James! I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the comic… and the AlexHumor. 😉

      • My pleasure Alex! Can’t wait to see what happens next. 😉

  • I love Fluke’s “shit’s gonna hit the fan” expression in panel 3. lol!

  • XD I love spooks. ‘what about a small demon. it wouldn’t do much damage.’

  • the page is glitched I can’t see it o:

  • Hahahahah

  • krissdevalnor

    reading a lot of the comic again and these scenes in the HQ/dorm are brilliant! (so are the rest, but these are the funniest, while the others are more hot/action) Your writing skills are amazing!

  • Jojolightningfingers

    oh my gosh is mitch using his power to try and see. that’s precious.

  • Zephyr10101

    just a small demon?