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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Interlude One—Page 12

94 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Interlude One—Page 12

For some reason, I get the idea that Commander follows up most of her reactions to the boys by muttering “You monkeys…”

OMG! This is the HUNDREDTH PAGE OF THE YOUNG PROTECTORS! Woo hoo! Thank you so much for sticking with us for the last year!

I’m here at the Toronto Comics Arts Festival this weekend (the 11th and 12th). TCAF is free to the public and is hosted at the Toronto Reference Library and tons of cool creators will be there. I’ll have Artifice books for sale as well as some nifty The Young Protectors goodies. I’m going to be at table 204 on the 2nd Floor. If you’re going to be in the neighborhood, please stop by and say hi!

We had our fifth bonus page in a row on Wednesday. Thanks to your generous donations, there will be another bonus page on Wednesday, May 15th (page 13!) and yet another bonus page on May 22nd (page 15!). And look below! We’re already at $132 towards the bonus page after that!

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Thank you all so much for your amazingly generous support of this comic! One hundred pages and it never would have happened without your amazing support and encouragement! You all ROCK!

So! The sexy page has been closed! Does that mean the end of fun times for our jolly team? And more importantly, does that mean that Flyboy’s innocent eyes will remain protected?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there!

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  • Let’s face it guys: he’ll find the porn.
    And read maybe.
    Hell, he may even enjoyed it!
    (what if he’s part of the fandom I can’t even)

  • Jen Roberts

    Google “How to delete computer history” – DONE!
    Yeesh, c’mon, y’all are superheroes! You can figure this stuff out!

    LOL @ Commander’s exit line.

  • strangeangel24601

    And most importantly, will they be able to find it again?

  • amanda damron

    lol!!! the dilemma!! I love how she just walks out like this is a normal everyday thing!!

  • LOL I just love how casual Commander is taking this.

    So.. after them ogling all over this and they panic when Flyboy shows up XD
    I wonder where they set the age line for ‘we can *corrupt/ him now’.

    Wait.. Fluke can find the porn, but he doesn’t know how to delete the history?
    Priorities are showing there, but he gotta learn to cover it up ^_^

    About covering it up.. Tsunami’s size is pretty good when covering up a screen – if just Flyboy couldn’t leave the ground to look 😉

    • Actually, SOMEONE probably avoids sites like that since he can’t get any… relief from the… tension they’d induce.

      • I can’t help believing he must have been curious anyway. Just like looking at the site they just did, looking at other stuff have probably happened.
        I mean, the very first scene on this comic is Kyle taking his chance going into a gay bar which ends with a kiss with Anni out back. I doubt that’s the first time he’s come across anything gay.
        He can still look but not touch 😉

  • Feverfew_M

    Haha, I love how Flyboy can easily look over big Tsunami blocking his line of sight by flying. It’s such a normal teen reaction in that situation, even when he’s using super-powers.
    And Flyboy is the computer expert? LOL, figures.
    Kinda cute how all these barely adult guys are trying to protect the innocence of their slightly younger peer.

  • Heh, Tsunami’s reaction make me think of someone going: ‘Abort, shut it down, abort! We can still save this ones’ innocence. It’s not too late for him!

    Hmm.. why do I suddently doubt that Flyboy is the most innocent there despite his age and them trying to ‘protect’ him.
    Fluke might not know how to delete the computers’ history, but if Flyboy is their computer expert – then they’re already way to late there. Not much inocence left XD

    Flyboy knows how to delete HIS tracks!

    • That’s what I thought. If he’s the computer expert, his innocence is long gone. 🙂

      When I heard that I thought. “So screwed.”

  • Jules Jones

    Happy centenary. 🙂

    Private browsing, guys, private browsing… Not that I bother with that, I merely use multiple user accounts. And having to work out how to use a left-handed mouse generally encourages people to go along with my suggestion that they just give me a second or two to switch into the guest account for them. :->

  • Feverfew_M

    Hehe, I wonder how much of their reaction is “protect the innocent from the porn” and how much is “gosh, I don’t want the kid to see ME like this!”

  • Congrats for this 1OOth page ! I can’t wait to read more 🙂

    • Thank you very much, Marc! (And I’m glad to hear you’re eager for more! 😀 )

  • Monica

    Congrats to the 100 pages! Can’t believe how fast time flies! 😀

    How sweet, the care about young innocent Flyboy XD Still, I can’t get over how lovely Spooky seams! <3

  • Caffienated

    Lol! So he’s the ‘Mikey’ of the group it seems with some Donatello on the side.

  • Flyboy you youngin! And computer geek. Hehehe he just gets cuter and cuter. =))

  • Midwestmutt

    Ha!,Tsunami looks butt nekkid in panel three.

  • toli Bera

    Woo 100! *Bakes another ‘Hunks jump out’ cake*

    ok, so you go tools, clear recent history, and click ALL the boxes. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Maggerz

    What teenage boy doesn’t know how to delete his browsing history?

    • Maybe it’s not the loss Flyboys’ innocence they should worry about 🙂

    • Ian Love

      You’d be surprised how useless some people can be with computers.

  • Taylee94

    Its amusing that Kyle’s not all relieved, it’s reflexive to delete the history xD

  • Tsu: “Four of you already saw my secret gay fantasies. THERE WILL NOT BE A FIFTH!”

  • fujoshifanatic

    Congratulations on 100 pages of TYP Alex! Thank you for making my initiation into the super hero genre so awesome! Hope you’re having fun at TCAF!

    And Flyboy is their computer expert? Dudes, he’s probably seen ALL of that before, and you guys should really learn how to perform basic browser necessities if you’re going to go porn watching!

    Commanda is totally the coolest boss evah! But then you should know what you’ve signed up for (and have the patience for it) if you choose to work with a bunch of teenaged dudes, no?

    • Thank you so much, fujoshifanatic! Glad to have tempted you over into the superhero genre. And I had a great time at TCAF. (Just starting my journey home now.)

      (And yes, Commander knew exactly what she was signing up for. 😉 )

  • Jac

    He doesn’t know how to delete a computer’s history. That’s adorable.

    • KiannaLeigh

      Oh My goodness! We’re at 100 pages already! Time flies when things are awesome. Good work Alex, Adam and Veronica. You guys should come up with some sort of team name. Team Fantastic? How about Team Epic. Hmmm … I’ll think of something. I swear. Too bad Team Shameless is already taken by the girls over at Misadventure Central.

      Oh! Team Foxy! You guys can be Team Foxy!

      • Jac

        I like Team Foxy. I think our friend Spoony would approve.

      • Thank you so much, KiannaLeigh! And Team Foxy, huh? Let me think about that… 😉

  • Ian Love

    Protecting innocence, I think it’s just Tsunami trying to save face, and to protect his image. This is more of a holy shit, I don’t want anyone else to know we were looking at gay porn of ourselves because holy shit that is awkward. I find it surprising that’s there been 100 pages of this amazing comic, gosh it’s been great so far can’t wait to see what Alex creates in the upcoming pages.

    • I’m glad you’ve been enjoying The Young Protectors!

  • Flyboy is adorableeeee

  • ladysaya

    i think even if he deleted the history the computer expert could find a way to bring it up…. you boys are all screwed…

    • Interpolation

      …He’s going to find you screwing.

  • Trying to hide your browser history from a computer expert is like trying to hide something from a bloodhound. You might get them off your trail for a little while, but in the end, they find it.

    • Haha, how are they gonna get him off their trail when they are yelling about hiding something while he is in the same room XD

  • Meg Mun

    Happy 100, Alex! Here’s to hundreds more! Salud!

  • HAPPY 100th Alex and crew!!!!

    But I must ask? How YOUNG is Flyboy? I mean, how much younger can he be than the rest of the team?

    • Fly boy is 15. I believe Alex mentioned that in his commentary in the previous strip.

      • I just went back to look and saw that it was the first thing in the commentary. Now I just feel silly.

    • Thank you so much, Holly! 😀 (And it seems you already got your question answered.)

  • 100, eh?

    this-all shall definitely make for a stellar compendium, al!

    but, seriously? 15?

    “innocence” does not apply to a lad who roams the mean streets of chicago.

    maybe fluke should accidentally format the entire Young Protectors’ hard drive in the process of “erasing” the history.
    (such certainly should be a boon for him, right??)

    quick, spooky!
    make the monitor disappear!

    • Thinking of how I was at 15 … um … yeah. Innocent may not be quite the word I would use! Still, I wouldn’t purposefully allow a 15 year old to view that material while I was sitting there. I’m sure he can enjoy it much better after I’m out of the room anyway!

      • hey.

        back in my time:
        i’ve seen a couple of middle school girls drop out because of pregnancy.
        i’ve seen a few middle schoolers smoke.
        i’ve heard a few middle schoolers brag about having sex.
        middle schoolers.
        as in, not even 14 yet.


        although, yeah..’s true: i wouldn’t knowingly let someone younger than i look at “that stuff.”
        not unless the young’n´s already demonstrated to me as much proficiency in understanding what he sees, as i.

        (the Information Age, ladies and germs.)

  • Yaay happy 100 pages! I wanted to say so earlier, but Ive been kind of loopy on painkillers for a couple of days, heh.

    The Tsunami doth protest far, far too much. xD

    • Feverfew_M

      Ugh, sounds bad. Are you ok again?

      • Oh, no, I’m totally fine! Just sleeping a lot and hoping the itchy stage of this stupid incision healing passes soon. :3

    • Thank you! (And I hope you feel better very soon!)

  • xsarabellax

    Woo Hoo to 100 quality pages!!!!

  • Yukiness

    Yay for 100 *throws confetti*
    I’m hoping by next week the local comic shop will finally have Artifice on the shelf. I have been bothering the hell outta those people so I’m sure they want it just to get me out of their hair.

    • Thank you, Yukiness! Which comic shop is local for you?

      • Yukiness

        That would be Forbidden Planet

  • Bianca Simone

    YAY Happy Hundred, Alex!!! <3

  • Bailey Carswell

    I can’t wait for the inevitable panel where Flyboy says, “Oh, yeah, you guys didn’t know about this site?”

  • No computer expert ever in the history of EVER doesn’t know about the Depths of The Web. Flyboy is probably the least innocent of them all. 😉

  • sarahdaffin_18

    Well…you’re close Flyboy ;P
    And well done on 100 pages 🙂

  • Soubi

    Wait ’till Flyboy finds this page. Magic gon’ happen.

  • and then flyboy gets on the computer and says, “huh, I didn’t know all of you were gay. More girls for me.”

  • though I have to say I love Tsunami’s reaction. “We’re not looking at anything… in fact we’ve all spontaneously gone blind… except for fluke… who is doing research on a possible cause/cure.” That should be what he said.

  • KrisYWC

    This whole scene is so hilarious.

  • thisboybroken

    Alex I have something I would like to mail you. Do you have a P.O. box that I can send it to. I swear it’s not stalker-ish or a bomb. It is a really great Artifice print cutout in a frame. Anyway, I want you to have it. How can I make that happen???

    • Aw, that’s very sweet of you! My mailing address is 584 Castro Street #548, San Francisco, CA 94114.

      • All right: you heard it. Everyone, quick: start sending mash notes, cards full of unannounced glitter, and shiny rocks. 😀

      • O.o OMG your not really living in “THE” Castrostreet in SanFRan or,or,OR?

        • I did live right on Castro Street for a few years, but now that’s just my mailing address. 🙂

      • strangeangel24601

        You certainly are a trusting soul, Mr. Woolfson. I wish I had your faith in humanity.

  • Oh no! Delete the History!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! DELETE THE HISTORY!! D8

  • Dun dun duuuuuuunnnnnn!! *dramatic music*

  • Sorry about that! 😉

  • Rachel Ndeto

    Aww, they’re so protective of him. It’s cute.

    Especially cute since he probably found that site three weeks after they became public superheroes.

  • Fluke could always zap the computer with some bad luck that Flyboy could never find the site until he turns at least 16 or something… lol!

    • strangeangel24601

      Actually, since it’s Fluke’s bad luck, wouldn’t that just take him right to it?

  • Chibi

    major fail on not being able to delete the history >> major fail
    apparently they need to take some computer lessons >>

    • Zachary Lucido

      The router history is still accessible. Good luck clearing that!

      They are all in high school. They talk about masturbation constantly there. Why are they trying to hide this?

  • Chibi

    You should put up character profiles so we know the ages of everyone and some background information >> because if we didn’t read your comment below we would have never known Flyboy was 15 which is why everyone is trying to hide this from him … I would even include them in the book maybe one day

    • I have something special planned for sharing character stats, etc. but a character page like you suggest is also likely in the future. 🙂

      • Chibi

        okay ^_^

  • Meghalodon

    Oh my god, Fluke in the last panel, oh my god, that face, oh my god.

  • Katana_X

    It takes a computer expert to delete browser history? I thought all teenagers learned how to do that…

  • Johndar

    I love Comander here. She doesn’t give a single f*ck

  • Ree

    Awww, baby Flyboy! He’s a 15-year-old guy, though – pretty sure he’s already seen what there is to see!

  • Ashley Winter

    you just want to see kyle and Duncan get it on. 😛

  • Johndar

    You seriously don’t know how to delete the history? That doesn’t take an expert, Fluke! It’s basic 101!

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  • Curt Clark

    Commander ending every sentence with “you MONKEYS” is my new headcanon.