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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Flyboy Bonus Comic—Page 48

175 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Flyboy Bonus Comic—Page 48

Could you say no to Mitch?

You can still pre-order copies of The Young Protectors Volume One and other Kickstarter rewards. Watch this video for more information about that.

Also, The Young Protectors penciler Adam DeKraker and I will be at Ahn Con 2016 in Kansas City, MO this weekend and we’re going to have Artifice graphic novels and special advance copies of The Young Protectors Volume One for sale. (And we’ll be happy to sign your books!)

Ahn Con is an LGBT comic convention, and this year they are focusing on Heroes and Villains. It’s rare for us to get to a convention in the Midwest U.S. And since we’re on different coasts, this is only the second Con Adam and I have ever done together. So the experience should be very special all around. It’d be great to see some friendly faces, so if you’re nearby, please visit our table and say hi! 🙂

So! Cory knows about The Young Protectors members from fansites on the Internet. He’s agreed to move into the mansion. And he never could say “no” to Mitch — what kind of questions did Mitch ask him in the past? Will Mitch really be back as soon as he can? And how will they leave things now that Mitch has to go?

The holidays are now over so we’re now back on our regular schedule — tune in this Saturday to find out! (And there are only two pages left of the Flyboy Bonus comic before Chapter 4 begins and we find out what The Annihilator and The Platinum Priestess have been up to since we left them — hope to see you there!)



  • davefragments

    That’s so sweet. But in a few hours: trouble

    • I showed up two minutes late xD Congratz.

      • davefragments

        I looked up and “poof” it was there.

        • Me too!

          • Chris Dangerfield

            I wish you and Dave would stop speaking euphemistically about old lurve encounters. This page is steamy enough. 😀

          • 😛

          • davefragments

            The truth is quite a bit less romantic. The ending of THE USUAL SUSPECTS was on and that signature line — The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that…(he makes a poof gestures while blown got his fingers) — he is gone.

          • Chris Dangerfield

            Ahahahahaha… gad I loved that film.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Trouble in a flying car get’s a free-pass… 🙂

  • Yay!

  • Mitch…Uh you should grab him and kiss him after those words from Cory. Then you say: Awesome!!

    • Yep. *nods* That is totally what is going to happen.

      • Chris Dangerfield

        This vision has now been chiseled into Doki’s head-canon and cannot be erased. LET IT BE WRITTEN. LET IT BE DONE! 🙂

  • Mitch with his sincere face, and those eyes.. I totally get Cory.

  • Michael

    Cruel, cruel writers. Why dost thou tempt me with daydreams of a Cory/Mitch/Kyle cuddlemess?

    • ….now that would be nice!

      • Klaus

        Cory/Mitch/Kyle/Doki cuddlemess?

    • kamishiro

      Polyamory is the answer. When Cory and Mitchel became older and legal, of course.

      • Michael

        The ‘older and legal’ bit is why the writers are so cruel. What’s that, minimum of 4 years assuming Cory is 14ish. I’m not patient enough for that, I want my cute superheroic threeway NOW. 🙁

        • kamishiro

          there is something called flashfoward *—* that’s what i’m putting my hope on it to hold on xD

  • Nate

    Lovely facial expressions in this. Especially Cory’s grin in the last panel.

    Mitch definitely has a “saving people thing”. Even when he’s worried about Kyle, he wants to save Cory too. He’s a good boy…

    And a fine man.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Oh nice. You get a sincere, “Dawwwwwww…” for that. 😀

  • Adam Black

    Someone Explain the writing in the Moon…

    • Nate

      When the moon hits your eye,
      Like a big pizza pie,
      That’s amore!

      • Adam Black

        Its only the Apocalypse, laugh it up

        • Chris Dangerfield

          I survived high-school……… bring it.

    • davefragments


    • Saxon_Brenton

      Huh. Didn’t notice that on the first read through. I’ll put my facetious guess on ‘magic circle with inscribed runes around the inside edge’.

    • I’m telling ya. That moon is SO a spy for George. It has craters that show off as runes and everything. It’s so busted! I tell ya 😛

      • Adam Black

        @H@disqus_5yYGRkSeuL:disqus we may have george sign

    • Madock345

      Side effect of a portal to hell being recently opened?

    • Chris Dangerfield

      GFE in his “earth” disguise?

  • kuku

    Aw, sweeties.

  • *smiles* Yes, I doubt anyone could say no to Mitch when he uses that face. ^_^

    • stickfigurefairytales


  • So Cory and Mitch haven’t talked for around three years, but Cory has been checking up on what Mitch has been doing during that time.

    Aww, now I’m extra happy they met again. They’ve missed each other so much. First proof was how easy Mitch recognized his voice, then how fast Cory recognized him back, and Mitch’s fast reaction to make sure Cory wouldn’t go away again -talking to parents and eagerly asking him to stay.

    That kiss they shared pretty fast just topped it off. That’s friendship and love. DAMN villains for bad timing, and them taking over the world.

    Oh, and a P.S. I wonder. Of course Cory has seen the ‘normal’ fansites to follow Mitch, but have he seen the other ones too ;-p
    P.P.S. yes, Kyle is cute, but Coryb telling Mitch that he’s noticed that just as Mitch is leaving. Tsk, tsk, tsk LOL

    • Adam Black

      He probably writes the other one

      • Michael

        “My Evening With Flyboy, a True Story by User:Coryboy01”

        • Chris Dangerfield

          me: So, Cory, Mitch and Harry Potter walk into a bar…

          fanfic reader: Been done…

          • Michael

            … where One Direction and Fifty Seconds of Summer are competing in a rock-off…

            (It’s an AU, so in this universe they can actually do music)

    • A very fun analysis, Danish. 🙂

  • Michael

    In honour of the final page of Mitch’s story, I have made a thing.

    I seriously need to get an imgur or something, because Photobucket gets more terrible with each passing year.

    • Ha! That’s awesome! I love it. 🙂

      • Michael

        Glad you think so ^_^ Feel free to add it to the fanart page, if art it can be called…

        • Please send me the JPEG at alex at, and I’ll do that. 🙂

          • Michael


    • Ahaha.. I love it. It had to be made 😀

    • fujoshifanatic


    • Chris Dangerfield

      Wins the internet for today… well done good Michael! Well done.

      • Michael

        Thanks! Do I have to give it back in the morning, ready for the next winner? Or do I get to keep it until a new winner is declared? Do I get my name on a little plaque on the base of the internet, or is it more of a symbolic thing?

        • Chris Dangerfield

          I don’t have all the answers, but I DO know that obnoxious amounts of confetti and the excessive pride of elder relatives is involved (?). I hope that helps.

    • Doki loves Mitch, likes Cory….HATES Titanic….Doki is unsure how she feels about this…

      • Michael

        *Pictures Mitch serenading Cory one night with the karaoke machine*

        Near, far, wherever you are

        I believe that the heart does go on

        *Cody joins in to make it a duet*

        Once more you open the door

        And you’re here in my heart

        And my heart will go on and on

      • timemonkey

        Good news, it sinks. And since Mitch can fly there won’t be a downside for the boys.

  • Toli Bera

    hmmm… could Cory be up for a poly? it would be quite the twist, and not just me reading way way WAY too much into things.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Running off on a slight tangent from what DanishWolf wrote below about the websites about Young Protectors: I wonder how much relative popularity as media personality Flyboy and the Young Protectors get, as relative curiosities in the adult-dominated superhero profession.

    In particular I wonder how much ‘identification character’ plays into public perception. It isn’t quite an applicable situation, but consider the notion of writers and/or studio excs producing TV and movies trying to use a range of types of characters (by age, gender, ethnicity, orientation, personality type, etc) to appeal to a number of demographics.

    Of course, within the Young Protectors universe none of the heroes are fictional characters, but for media marketing purposes they can be ‘packaged’ a certain way. This came up in the PS238 comic recently, where one of the heroes explained to 84 that he played the part of the hot-headed hero purely for his media performance (which would’ve gotten revealed to the world when it turned out that the mission they were on was being broadcast live by the villain… Always assume the microphone is live…)

    Anyway, I think it’s safe to assume that lots of kids look up to various adult heroes in the YP-verse like (hastily makes up names) Captain Minnesota or Beefjerky Man in the same way that kids in real life play at being Superman or Batman or Spiderman. But how many identify with the Young Protectors team members simply because they *are* young, and therefore closer to their age? And on a related note, since we know that the Young Protectors team has enough media visibility to be generating websites and fansites (of all sorts, hem hem), Commander would almost certainly have a media manager. Her familiarity with Spooky and his animated series and the caps would ensure that. This further makes me wonder how the Young Protectors are marketed.

    • Madock345

      Spooky has an animated series? 0.0

      I must have missed that reference somehow.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        I’m pretty sure that the reference is in one of the Spooky text stories (I want to say the one about how he got his cap), but now Danish and yourself have me worrying that I may have got the specific details wrong. Let me doublecheck the source material.

        • Oh yeah. I’d forgotten that part. I should read that story again. An animated series and a tv-show. Quote the popular superhero 🙂

    • I missed or forgot the animated series too. I know he has some kind of tv-show.

    • A very interesting analysis, Saxon. And good questions. 🙂

  • Awww. My goodness, these two are so cute! Gotta say, though, seeing this also wrecks my heart. Fly Boy got shot and fell from the sky when we last we saw him (Fighting the Supervillains). What if he doesn’t make it back? Duh, dun, DUN!

    Jk. He’s gotta make it back. He’s just gonna be seriously injured…. right? Just… just got the wind knocked out of him?…. He just can’t keep Cory waiting! Cory, have faith in him!

    • Madock345

      If Alex kills off Mitch, I will hunt him down in person and slip an extremely strongly worded letter under his door. Inside an envelope full of glitter!

      • Connor

        Your wrath is truly intimidating. Nobody deserves to be glittered, even if they do kill someone!

        • Chris Dangerfield

          I consider it the snail-mail version of a nuclear deterrent.

          • Michael

            Find out where he lives, get schematics for his house, and yarnbomb every external surface including windows, posts, gutters, downpipes, stair railings, and the roof itself. In clashing colours.

          • Chris Dangerfield

            Well clearly, that’s a more Sircea-style solution, but you’d have to get everyone up to yarn-con level-1 to get a real global catastrophe going. 🙂

      • Chris Dangerfield

        Brutal… but I like it. Carry on.

    • If Spooky had not interfered, Mitch would be dead. As of the end of Chapt 3 he is alive. Will he remain so? …….He had better…..

  • Madock345

    *alright,* FINE. I’ll live in your stupid mansion. God, the things I have to do…

  • Connor

    More on the topic hit on earlier by Saxon and Danish:

    I imagine that the YPs have been getting a larger-than usual share of media coverage lately, on account of being present. The whole crisis of infinite earths thing (Wait… wrong comics universe. That other crisis thing.) makes for the occasional exciting news article, I’m sure, but for the most part it means that all of the major super teams are out of the public eye. So boring things like a search and rescue team are filling the gap.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Aww, the cute factor on this page has me shooting glitter and rainbows out of my ears because my head can’t contain them! The coy way that Cory is asking Mitch, “Do you think Kyle is cute?” in panel two is so sweet! And the way he calls him Mitchell in the last panel; I can just imagine how his voice dropped there, to an octave that is just begging for a goodbye kiss…there will be a goodbye kiss, right? Please? *crosses fingers*

    Oh Alex, you are certainly setting us up to be in a right frothy frenzy of anticipation by the time we get back to the main story arc, especially considering where you left us (and poor Mitch!). If my nails don’t grow back because I’ve gnawed them all off, I hold you and the TYP crew responsible!

    Have fun at Ahn Con! Hope it will be successful and lead to many more joint appearances with you and Adam, and hopefully someday Vera can join in on the fun!

    • Hehe. Fun to read your reaction to this page… and to Cory. 🙂 Glad you’re looking forward to the beginning of Chapter 4. And thank you for the good luck wishes! I’m really looking forward to it. Adam’s a lot of fun to hang out with. 🙂

  • Jeldenil

    I am so rooting for these two, it’s so cute. And ni Corey, Kyle is the last one to be jealous of eiggt now…

  • Safyrah Steel

    “OK. Good. Cool!” best line ever… posting this on tumblr we need more readers in here.

    • Spreading the word is the hardest part for me, so that’s much appreciated. 🙂

      • Safyrah Steel

        Although I have no followers I shall try my best. Ever since this comic was a one chapter project I’ve made it my mission to create; it became an inspiration. Thank you so much and I hope at some point we could maybe collaborate. Farfetched but we can always hope, right?

        • Chris Dangerfield

          True that! Reposting Alex’s selects on Tumblr is such easy fun because Adam & Vero’s panels are always gorgeous and they just come out so appealing. So, no matter what your Tumblr “style” is, I agree, let’s keep putting out the good word!

          • Safyrah Steel

            That would be amazing… would you imagine this going all across the world with millions waiting every Saturday? Just amazing!

  • Chris Dangerfield

    Okay this page is like ginormous amounts of adorbs and deserves a super sappy TL:DR picking apart.

    Thank you three so much for knowing just how to leave this moment, so our hearts can start the new year just right. Honestly, couldn’t camp tonight or write properly because I was being a decent partner and “l-i-s-t-e-n-i-n-g” to a lot of work-stuff, because if you want the relationship you gotta go there even if it’s testosterone-based. HA! Harsh truths.

    I promise to come back and get all gay and emo about this page after some sleep.

    Seriously, thank you Alex, Adam and Vero for this backstory, this lovely page… and Alex for making this sucker weave into the main story this way you deserve some really delicious fattening food. The kind that breaks your new year’s resolutions… I’m just sayin’ because it’s true!

    • Thank you, Chris! I look forward to the TL;DR! 🙂

  • Shiny Gwilly

    awww, yes, no one can say no to that face even if they tried
    also interesting comment for Cory to make there, maybe Mitch didn’t notice ;D
    now one last kiss before he flies off, even a peck on the cheek would work
    hope everyone has had a good end and start of the year 😀

  • Klaus

    So Kyle’s name is not so very secret.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Good point. Well, we’ve already seen that the heroes have been a bit loose with their secret identities (in public, at the building fire in chapter 1), so I suppose this is the to-be-expected result. I mean, Annihilator indicated that the identities of the under-age heroes are suppressed in the media, but it’s not unreasonable that once that sort of information gets out into the internet then it will be darn-near impossible to keep fully suppressed.

  • SofiaT

    Is Cory fishing? Because it seems to me like he’s fishing (and I detect some jealousy too)

    • Michael

      He’s got a fleet of fishing boats in that second panel. Mitch ain’t nibbling, though, his head’s in Hero Mode.

      • Chris Dangerfield

        ‘Fishing’ / ‘Shipping’ — You so potato and I say potahto. That said, you’re right. He’s working the second panel like a stair-master after one’s New Year’s resolutions. LOL.

  • Madock345

    It just occured to me that Flyboy came to save Kyle fresh off of making out with a super villain himself. Cory is technically a supervillain at this point, yeah?

    • SofiaT

      Supervillain in training? Kinda like Kylo.

      And a bit emo like Kylo too…

    • Chris Dangerfield

      We won’t know if he’s a Duncan class super villain (I mean ‘significantly’ super) until he’s old enough for one of those nsfw romance cards like our little Annihilator.

      So, people are just going to have to wait a few years to know the size of Cory’s evil… okay? 😀

      • Falconfly

        The lack of shota severely upsets me.

      • I never thought to look at Cory through the Evil Lenses……. *puts them on* *takes them off* *puts them on* *takes them off*
        I think I may like the potential plot twist Cory could bring. >:)

      • Klaus

        Kært barn har mange navne, as we say in these parts. I have heard many names for it, but “evil” is new to me.

        • Chris Dangerfield

          HA… well it’s it’s good to know that even in Denmark (right?), my euphemisms are a bit wonky. 😀

          • Klaus


          • As Klaus said in Danish: Loved child (or thing) has many names.

            Though, I’m sure we couiæd come up with just an many for someone we’d want to kick 😉

    • Klaus

      This raises the question: what have the other four been doing?

  • bronakopdin

    “Sorry, Cory!” — “Damn it, Janet!… I meant Mitchell” now it just misses “I love youuuu” there 😀 well he already calls him prince, that’s a nice start 🙂

    They’re both so cute ^^ Just as last page Cory still has that little somewhat anxious/jealous expression in his face when he talks about Kyle >/////<

    Really wondering whether he meant "those" fansites we saw in our interlude though ^^

    Seeing their promise now I feel even more bad for both that MItch got knocked out so bad at the end of last chapter :'(

  • Tyler Griffin

    Let’s see; we have Kyle, the half-demon consort of Duncan; Mitch, with his technically criminal “moonlighting”; and now Corey, the Mob robbing telepathic natural disaster… Ale, are you CERTAIN that this is a Super HERO team and not some overly complicated, reverse psychology recruitment front that PP is running to keep herself amused on her off days? 😛

    • telekinetic*

      • Tyler Griffin

        You are correct! This is what I get for typing after a 12 hours shift

  • Pikinanou

    He did the puppy dog eyes thing! Who could resist that?! Even PP would probably melt in front of it XD

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Well, maybe not PP.

      • Tyler Griffin

        Not unless it was @Sapfo

  • Jason Wexler

    Could you say no to Mitch?

    I am old enough to be his father, so yes.

  • Fabulous Alien

    Poor Cory, he’s trapped! It’s truly impossible to say no to Mitch’s puppy eyes, so now he *has* to do what he says, whether he likes it or not. Of course, if you think about it, living in a mansion and waiting for your superhero boyfriend to come back and kiss you senseless doesn’t seem all that bad…

    • timemonkey

      Unless some Platinum bitch witch blasts him with magic and he doesn’t come home.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    I like where this is going…..but I have to agree with Jason…..heck , I could pass for his Grandfather…..and that’s just creepy!

    • Tyler Griffin

      you can still celebrate the beauty of young love! They are young, and in… er.. well, lust IS a starting point, and definitely care about each other. That’s worth celebrating 😛

  • Paul D’Arbonne

    “Sigh, fiiiiine. I guess I’ll go live with you possible hot new boyfriend.”

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Yay! Go Mitch with your powers of convincing!

  • Cman65

    Flyboy’s eyes almost as good as Redhot’s butt

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  • Megan Staples

    Aaaaaaaaaw! 🙂

  • Jason Moon

    Bet ya can’t stay mad at him, either…

  • Chris Dangerfield

    Thanks again Alex. I know I’m repeating myself, but what makes this page really special is also part and parcel with the whole of this small story. Of course I shall yack further… but I must say… well done!

    On the whole, it’s that you made these two very young men walk a shifting emotional line that is so appealing and yearning and aspirational and hopeful and innocent, sexy in the good way, needy in the good way and still showing all the signs of being nervous and not sure what to do. LIKE ON EVERY DATE I’VE EVER BEEN ON. LOL. Some of us just never were ‘playahs’. 😀

    That is a lot of emo-layers to balance. Thankfully you hired good actors for these two characters. I think they’re walking the emo-lines just right. 😀

    Panel #1: I love that at this worst moment, there is no question that Mitch is going to put his team first. Hey, he rescued Cory. Dude is going to be an awesome super hero.

    I think Mitch’s shock at the previous page was very understandable. Sworn to secrecy by Kyle, Paul couldn’t tell.. Now… okay… if I was Mitch, secretly gay and desperate to be “in” with my team. I’d crush on Kyle too. Kyle is cute AND nice. We all know that that is an evil insidious combination, which has destroyed the resolve of many of us in our lives. LOL.

    So, here, Mitch’s concern makes perfect sense. Then also the more Senior (read:bossy) Paul called HIM. MITCH is NEEDED. Not just the kid brother at this moment… HE IS NEEEEDED!

    Every younger brother/sister who’s every reaaaaalllly wanted to hang with the olders know what a big deal it IS. Of course Mitch has to go.

    I love how bad he feels telling Cory. He knows things are delicate with Cory right now. Worst timing and all that, but…

    I love that, in the last page and this one, Cory’s body language radiates that he’s reminded what a loser he is. He’d forgotten for a second — with all that awesome kissing. But here it is. Kissing sometimes shuts my higher brain functions down too, so, I totally relate to this phenomenon.

    So, Cory’s head goes down, shoulders come up, side-eyes. He know’s it’s time for him to go, because the Prince of the Frickin’ World has to go be awesome and save someone just like he had to bail out loser Cory.

    Isn’t that like life? What’s actually in our brains about what people think of us is often the opposite of what they actually DO think of us. Cory is beating himself up internally and Mitch just wants to kiss him. HA. We humans make it so hard.

    Panel #2: In this panel, Cory is so beautifully drawn and colored that I want a print!! So sweet. So kind. Trying hard to rally and be a little fun/flirty and not be a total loser. Still, if those puppy dog eyes were staring me down, leaving would be rough. I love that Cory is strong enough to say that another guy is “cute.” It’s fun and shows how hard he’s trying to be funny and that he really IS cool with the gay thing. Often young gay people take a while to feel comfortable talking openly about what they “see” and “appreciate”. The world often tells us that to talk about “gay” is NOT welcome.

    It’s that idea that by existing we’re pushing our “gay agenda” down everyone’s throats, when the majority simply can comprehend what being force-fed “straight”, in every way, 24/7 is infinitely worse. So bravo Cory for being able to just admit that Kyle is cute. Again a reason to love this comic. It’s so the world that needs to keep coming to us in the LGBTQIA universe.

    Such good panel, right down to Vero’s always divine night skies and that building with the glowing windows on the right for balance. Cory is absolutely the focus of the panel, but that building just keeps the night alive and the frame balanced. It’s beautiful, all the way around.

    Panel #3: Mitch is a good man. He’s being honest — that nothing could pull him away from Cory at this delicate (I mean kissing damnit) moment with a crow-bar. Except that a super close friend (one he’s probably had certain dreams about) is in real trouble. I love how bad Mitch needs Cory to understand.

    Panel #4: Great choice of the the long down-shot here. Cory’s body language which says half is mind is male and stupid, “Dude, be a man and get outta here. Your friend, Mitch, is successful and he’s important. You shouldn’t be dragging him down.” Young male pride — if you could bottle it, IQ points would drop instantly.

    However, the other half of Cory’s brain is listening with some maturity and thinking that, with Diego in the hospital, “Damn-it, I’ve got nowhere to go, and I don’t WANT to go, I want to see Mitch, wash my shirt, shower and then kiss him some more.” Both their postures and that gentle shoulder touch just show how hard they’re trying not to screw up this moment.

    Panel #5: Mitch means it and he’s strong enough to really ask. Cory is scared. A life on the streets will beat the hope outta anyone, but (even in profile) I love that you can see how bad he wants to stay with Mitch for oh so many reasons.

    And I do love Adam and Vero’s beautiful eldritch moon. (a few people already said this below) Obviously GFE in disguise watching over them (kidding). It’s pure romance of the sweetest kind.

    Panel #6: Love Cory’s sly grin. ALEX, I LOVE YOUR REUSE OF THE FRICKIN’ PRINCE line. Used here in this funny and positive way, we can understand why this monicker didn’t bother Mitch the first time. It’s an old joke between them. And I love that Cory uses this to help him handle his own misplaced male pride. It allows him to do what he really wants (needs) to.

    And then Mitch (once again) flashes young and whips out that Shakespearean line… “Cool!.” Love it. So 15 years-old. Just perfect.

    All I can say is thank you guys for this swell D’awww-filled page. I’m so glad Saturday is barreling down on us. It’s getting close. I mean, golly, how many of them can Sircea have killed by now? It’s terrible, we really need to check up on them. (snort)

    • Michael

      This is excellent, excellent commentary.

    • And thank you for this wonderful, thoughtful play-by-play. I love all of it and it’s put a huge grin on my face after a long day. Really nice. 🙂

  • blkwhtrbbt

    Do your artist(s) use face models?

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Okay, super confidential, but YES they do. And butt-models and washboard stomach models. I think Paul has his own, “awesome” vinyl figurine that Adam uses constantly to make him hot, hot, hot.

      Now, I did a cameo in the Spooky Bonus comic. Remember the severed Demon head? YEAHHHHH! I know right? That was me. I thought they nailed it. Apparently Adam kept wanted to purdy it up, but Alex stood firm. So, I really do see something of myself in the book. I highly recommend it. The person who modelled for Laampros… lucky arsehole! No no I’m really happy for him.

      I’m just really grateful that Adam and Very know how to get what they need from this devout fandom. Hope that helps. LOL!

      • Klaus

        You may want to edit that “Very”.

        • Chris Dangerfield

          indeed. thanks.

      • Michael

        Where does one apply to be a model for TYP characters? Or to get a cameo? Is it a Patreon reward?

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Ummmmmm “shower scenes in space.” Nom nom nom…
      Well it’s true! I mean naked men and angst. Honestly, it’s tough to go on.

      • Deimos goodness ^_^

        • Doki is getting spoiled 😉

          First a Mitch bonuys story,and just as that is about to finish, we get som Deimos backstory on Starfighter.

  • Mia

    This just makes me depressed considering in the timeline…he was possibly just hit with PPs mojo and hurt. D= And now I’m rooting for these two, and all the feels are just TOO much. Alex, you tricky enthralling writer, you. D< So looking forward to the next update <3

    • Thank you for the kind words, Mia! 🙂

      • Mia

        My pleasure, Alex <3

  • Kate G

    You know what really stinks? When you come to camp because you think it’s Friday and it’s really Thursday. Stupid bladder/kidney infection! Now I have my timelines all screwed up!!!!! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

    • Michael

      Camping doesn’t stop, it just slows down.

      • Kate G

        This…this is true.

  • Jojolightningfingers

    the purest ship. <3

  • This storyline is so overdone – it shows either that the writer doesn’t know what to do with the original line, is stalling like CRAZY, or is hoping for a comic deal.
    Fly-Boy has sex, we get it. He’s not sexing Kyle, so really we don’t care who the newb is no matter the TWENTY FOUR WEEKS wasted to tell this story. I’ll get hate, but not even Image use to drag things out this long. DANG… Bird Boy’s story moves faster (it’s a beautiful online comic) than this and that’s saying something!

    • Derkins

      Um. Mods? We do have a culture of respect in this comment forum, just so’s ya know. So instead of getting defensive about this comic that I hold so much esteem for, I’ll just say – there are a great many people who couldn’t disagree more with each of the points made here, and voice those opinions as passionately, quite regularly. To each their own! One can always find something on the internet that isn’t up their alley. Though it’s undeniable this (free!) work is a great undertaking, and to totally write it off is not giving it any credit for it’s achievements, regardless of whether it’s up your alley or not.

      * Disagreement points: Sex has been in no way a part of this arc, aside from some vague innuendo about youthful exploratory experiences that already happened, that lead only to light kissing (and being a yaoi comic, that should be expected eventually).
      This story has been about fly boy’s true heroic albeit reckless nature (he saved a ton of people, including mobsters – against all odds), and an opportunity for some fleshing out of his character and past that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to see in the main storyline. Kyle is incapable of a sexual relationship, and is older anyway, so it has already been established that they are in no way going to be an item, and it would be inappropriate anyway. Mitch having a boyfriend his own age wouldn’t effect that in any way. Mitch being gay was a way for him to have a teammate that could relate to Kyle…
      Actually. Have you read this comic all the way through from the start? You seem to have missed some really big details that preface this arc and make it fun. So sorry you missed out on the good stuff that this story was really about! I’m kind of boggled by it, personally. But then, like you said, you knew people were going to disagree with you.

      • Michael

        Another point, it’s been shown in previous interlude chapters which are a regular and planned part of the series that information presented in the flashback interludes is often vital to understanding the actions and motivations of characters in the “main” storyline chapters. For example, given that a large story-arc of the series is the sexuality and relationships of the main characters, the first interlude (after chapter 1) gave us new perspective on how those relationships might play out and the attitudes and approaches/perspectives of the main group. Which sheds new light on behaviours and dialogue in following chapters. and the second interlude givers vital backstory and insight into Spooky’s character and motivations and history, which gives new light on his actions and dialogue on the previous and following chapters of the main story.

        So the interlude (“bonus”) comics have been very carefully planned, are important for a thorough understanding of the main comic, and have been mapped out and scripted well in advance of release.

        Like Derkins alluded to, I’m not sure exactly what you think this comic is about or where its focus “should” be, as a thorough reading of the comic in its entirety shows balanced and focused storytelling that employs lots of complex, interwoven character arcs, Chekhov’s Guns, red herrings, flashbacks (like the interlude chapters) and other interesting devices to tell the story of many individual characters, not just one “main” character that the others revolve around.

        • Kate G

          YES! Soap opera! STAR WARS!

        • Derkins

          Thanks for filling all that in! Well put

    • Klaus

      In this forum, you are far more likely to get polite disagreement than hate.

    • Plot driven stories most often moves forward faster than a character driven story (as this is). That’s all I want to add to the comments made on how the comic is made. Personally I love how this comic is told, even as I’m eager to know more of the main story, as probably all readers of this are.

      As for the critique of Alex, he can answer that himself if he wants to. Getting hate for it? No, you’re allowed to have your opinion; but I will say I highly dissagree.

  • davefragments

    It’s Friday and I should be back to camp in a couple hours.
    The thought of the hour is musical and it’s BIRDLAND …

  • I’m looking forward to camping. Today the printer gods decided that our printer needed to die. Sigh. Spent a good portion of the day trying to find a replacement which the rest of the universe thought was funny. Grrr. But we found one. So yay!! Take that printer gods.

    Granted the dead printer lasted two years which for us is a record. Who knew printing coffee and shipping labels was such hard work.

    • Michael

      Later today (probably after the new page) I’ll be showing a friend of my mother’s how to install a card reader and extract photos from her camera card.

      Can’t you just sense my enthusiasm and excitement?


      • Never the funnest of jobs.

        • Michael

          I just hope she isn’t completely clueless.

          At the very least she was savvy enough to know that she should seek advice before attempting something she doesn’t know how to do, so I’m hoping she’ll be a bit more cluey than some of the people I’ve tried to help with computer stuff.

    • davefragments

      I gave up on printers a long time ago. Although, I don’t need labels for things.

    • Michael

      Gods don’t have anything to do with printers.

      • Sure they do. Mercury, god of communication etc. Bastard is going backwards and messing everything up.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        I dunno about that. I’m thinking that whatever god has the portfolio of ‘technology’ is kind of the the Queen of the Sea in the Pratchett Discworld novels: has a stranglehold on an area of life that are large number of humans can’t ignore and goes out of its way to make life difficult so that people propiate it out of desperation. The attempt by humans to dismiss the problem with printers as mere ‘hauntings’ looks to me like a desperate attempt to pretend the problem is smaller and hopefully manageable.

  • davefragments

    I’m looking forward to page 49.

  • Michael

    Random video of the day:


    • davefragments

      That’s different.

      • Michael

        It certainly is. I don’t know what he was expecting.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    A number of people have commented on the puppy dog eyes that Mitch uses of Cory (including the text comments below the comic). For those of you who don’t read the story scripts via Patreon or don’t have access to them, I think you’ll find the description amusing/cute/likely to induce diabetic coma:

    Panel 5. Two shot. Flyboy moves in, bends his knees a little, looks up at Cory’s face, and tries to catch his eyes. This is important. Flyboy is like an eager puppy who won’t be ignored. Cory glances back at his crouching friend, his resolve melting.

    Now, does that count as a super-POWER or a super-SKILL, I wonder…

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Okay, I just took some medicine for my cold, so we’ll see how long I last, but I’m here for camping!

    • *gives Sticky some honeyed tea* Poor Sticky. I hope the cold isn’t too bad.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Aw, thanks. *sips tea contentedly* It’s not nearly as bad as the last one I had – this one is more annoying than anything else.

    • Kate G

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      • stickfigurefairytales

        Also I hope you get better soon too.

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  • davefragments
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    HOly crow this is still going on?

  • KuroRiya

    Just out of curiosity, do you think you’ll be doing Ahn Con again? I missed it this year, and actually just discovered this comic this week. It’d be awesome if I could meet you next year, but I understand that’s a bit of a trip!

    Also, since I’m in the process of commenting, I have absolutely devoured all of what’s out so far! This little side story with Mitch is one of my favorite parts, hence why I’m rereading and noticing you were in my area at all. I’m looking forward to the next update!

    • Howdy KuroRiya,

      Due to the expense of getting out there, both of the times I’ve been to Ahn Con has been as an invited guest. But I’ve had a good time both times, so if they invite Adam and I out again, I’d be happy to go. Maybe in 2018 when Volume Two is out? 🙂

      And thank you so much for your very kind words. I’m very proud of this side story, and I’m so glad to hear it’s one of your favorite parts! 🙂