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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Flyboy Bonus Comic—Page 45

245 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Flyboy Bonus Comic—Page 45

Dads have the worst timing…

First off, let’s all wish long-time commenter and long-time The Young Protectors supporter, Gryphongirl, a very happy birthday! I am so glad that you are with us on this journey, Gryphongirl! It’s so good to know you! May this next year be totally awesome for you! 😀

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Watch the video above and then hop on over to my pre-order page and check things out!

So! More kissing! More sweetness! And a parental interruption! (Gosh darn it!) Why do I get the feeling that right now Mitch doesn’t give a damn how Cory smells? How was this second kiss? (Or is it the third?) And what could Mitch’s Dad possibly have to say that’s worth stopping for?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀


  • Nooo, not now! Damn that phone.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Soooo… it’s not gonna be the kissing that distracts them from Flyboy’s earlier offer to help Cory, it’s gonna be a phone call.

  • A coat grab kiss!! Whoooboy!

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Oh Flyboy, you smoothie.

  • davefragments

    He can always ignore the cellphone or just let it ring.

    • Of course there would be a lovely lecture for that bit of mischief.

      “But we were kissing, Dad.”
      Dad stare.

      • davefragments

        I was watching President Obama’s press conference today and one of the reporters in the room had left the ringer on his cellphone and tried to ignore it… He got a presidential mention.
        Years ago, one Sunday at the Symphony, I thought I heard a single beep from my cellphone but it was off. So at intermission, I turned it on to see if I had any messages and the older couple next to me, the husband said “He’s got one like yours, maybe he knows…” turns out, she had the exact same model and didn’t know how to turn it off. It was a flip phone and she had it between her palms, shoved into her purse, and under a coat to be sure it couldn’t be heard.

        • I can remember back when I was 16ish (might have been 17) I went to see Dances with Wolves in the theater (shhhh). Didn’t know the thing was an eternity in length (that movie would not end I swear). I was of course yelled at wondering where I was, there were a bunch of missed calls on the car phone (yes, kiddies cell phones weren’t always mobile, they were stuck in the car.) Parents don’t like kids not picking up the phone.

          • davefragments

            This season’s concerts, when the voice comes on at the start of the concert to turn off all electronics, you can hear a couple hundred cellphones chirping as they shut down. It’s too comical.

          • How time sure does change. lol

          • Kate G

            HA HA HA HA HA. At least everyone was kind enough to turn their phone off you know. Even at my college choir concerts, there is always that ONE ASSHOLE who refuses to turn off (or at least turn it to vibrate) their phone.

            I get it. Some people are doctors and need to have their phone physically on. That’s why you can turn the vibrate mode on. That’s why that mode EXISTS. But do you really need to have your tune on all the way to the highest level while we are singing? Apparently some people think so. I was singing an incredibly difficult, 8 part a cappella piece whose name I cannot remember to this day because all I hear is the Verizon cell phone going off. GRRRR.

          • davefragments

            My adventures in cellphones have mostly been with what I affectionately refer to as the “sea of blue hair” at the Symphony and stage plays.
            It was mostly older people who just took years to figure out what those damn little phones with our the cord were.
            My Mother treated the cellphone I bought her as something alien until she discovered that she could call Aunt Lena in Chicago for free (on my minutes) and then it was a wonderful invention. Wink wink wink…

          • Chris Dangerfield

            It’s one of my favorite moments in the film, WALL STREET 2 (?), when an aged Michael Douglas leaves the prison and they return his belongings and one is a HUGE giant ancient mobile phone that looks like a loaf of bread. So so funny.

          • davefragments

            I had a Motorola brick with the inch thick battery that I kept in the glove compartment of my car but that was 1998 or 1990. It cost 75 cents a minute to make a call and (surprise, surprise) the tunnels in Pittsburgh (both a mile long) had cellphone reception.

          • Kate G

            My grandpa just got a cellular phone a few years ago…and he still hasn’t upgraded to a smart phone. He refuses to get a computer too. He’s stuck in the years of old (he doesn’t even have WiFi. Ugh, no wifi. What do we do without Wifi or, as I call it, Wee fee.) It can get very boring visiting Grampy. It’s like, “Grampy, you know there is this thing called the Internet. It’s amazing. Even Grams became enthralled with it.” LOL.

          • Chris Dangerfield

            HA! So, true.

        • Chris Dangerfield

          Oh just be in a huge meeting with your CEO talking and your phone goes off and he stops…….. LOOKS at you and says, “Go ahead, we’ll all wait.”

          That was the last time that happened to me. 🙁

  • Sapfo

    Oh sweetness, he is good 🙂

  • Wayne Small

    Hey Alex are you going to put the pdf version on Amazon soon

    • You mean of the Vol. 1 book here, right?
      My guess would be it will be up for digital sale after the physical copies have been shipped out in the early spring.

    • Danish is right. There will be a Kindle version, but it won’t be available for sale until the Kickstarter backers get their books. So, not until Sprint at at least.

      Hope that helps! 🙂

  • Kate G

    NO NOT THE PHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE! Damn the phone. Don’t answer the goddamned phone! Ignore the phone! Go back to kissing hiiiiiiim! *grabs phone* *throws it off the roof* *hears satisfied crunch* GO BACK TO KISSING!

    And I continue to say, this song is like the Cory/Mitch song for me. Excuse me while I sing it for the 30 thousandth time:


    Seriously, thank you so much Alex for the lovely birthday wishes. I haven’t been around lately but will definitely get back here on a more regular basis. And I’m so proud to support this great comic 😀

    • And another Happy Happy for this page!

      • Thank you, Admiral!

        • Hope it’s been a good day!

          • It’s been low key and ordinary. Tomorrow I’ll hang with my family.

          • Low key isn’t a terrible thing. I always like my birthday to be non-eventive

          • Chris Dangerfield

            In fact, that is often the present itself. 😀

          • Indeed!!

          • Chris Dangerfield

            I suspect you are my sister from different parents. You understand all the essential things. 😀

          • Ha! Of course. 😛

    • Sapfo

      Happy birthday to you GG!
      I wish I could poop over and have a bit of strawberry cake with you. But I will eat some here in your honor 😀

      • Would love to have you over, for sure. I do miss all of you. We’d have a lovely little party, wouldn’t we?

        • Sapfo

          We would! We go to that place that have the good cakes or have some afternoon tea. We be rolling balls in no time 😀

          • Chris Dangerfield

            “rolling balls” hmmmmmm…….. ooookay.

          • TEA! YES!

    • Tyler Griffin

      Happy happy birthday

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Happppppppy Bday dear G-girl… happy bday to you.

    • Happy Birthday, GG (or almost birthday where you are now). I hope you have an awesome day coming despite you not feeling so well lately.
      Enjoy your special day, and a big birthday hug from here *HUGS*

      • Big hugs back! Thank you, Danish. Wish you were here or I was there 🙂

        • Me too! I would have loved to celebrate with you. So happy we got to meet a few months ago. So far away already.

    • You’re very welcome, GryphonGirl. I really appreciate your support!

      And I meant what I said up there — I am so happy to have you with us here. (And to get a chance to see you at YaoiCon!) I hope you have a really awesome birthday and a really awesome upcoming year! 😀

    • purplefoxglove

      Happy birthday!!! 😀 And don’t worry: the birthday child is never late 😉

    • Chris Dangerfield

      No, it’s the birthday MONTH… so you are NEVER late.

    • Keneu

      Happy belated birthday! I hope it was a nice day for you.

  • Zephyr10101

    Screams in happiness

  • Connor

    Of course.

  • Chris Dangerfield

    I swear, people only phone me when I’m already on with some else. This is perfectly 2015… still sometimes, one just HAS to let it roll-over to voice mail.

    I’ll try to say something wiser tomorrow. However these two are way too adorbs for words. 😀 Thanks you guys for all the fun. 🙂

  • I just went back and looked at older chapters (before I read Alex’ page notes).

    This probably is a month or two before, if Alex isn’t throwing a (very possible) decoy, but for a few minutes I was wondering if it would be Paul or Spooky on the phone there, not Mitch’s dad, asking for the help they needed at the start of chapter 3 – when they were going to get Kyle.
    There’s a full moon the night Kyle went to hell as well. That’s what I went back to look for. So technically this could be – or maybe rather it could have been – the very same night.
    Then again, it would have meant that Mitch went and did this right after celebrating Kyle’s birthday earlier in the evening (I asume he was invited), so it was probably far out anyway.

    But this COULD be the full moon that happens only a month before all hell breaks loose.

    • That is a very interesting theory, Danish. I like the thought that went into it.

    • Connor

      I really hope it’s the same full moon. It would lend the whole storyline a nice bit of chaos.

      • Oh yeah, it COULD still be the same moon actually, but maybe the night before chaos started. There’s that possibility too. In my tired mind I forgot that a full moon doesn’t go away that fast LOL

      • Klaus

        Poor Cory. Mitch would have to abandon him and rush to Kyle’s rescue.

        • Chris Dangerfield

          No, let’s imagine that Cory has just gotten two Mitch kisses and his mind is reeling from the events of the evening. Remember we went from Mitch floating and overhearing – to chaos – to fugue – to rescue – to KISSING!!! Dude needs a shower, a clean shirt, some food and sleep and then more kissing later.

          It could be all good. 🙂 Yeah?

    • Karl Webster

      I especially like this theory because it plays so well into Mitch’s new-found confidence in supporting Kyle by coming out about his own sexuality a little later.

    • Toli Bera

      I’m guessing it’s the same night. the time sort of links up.

      they celebrate,
      Kyle says he needs to call it an early night… because reasons.
      Mitch takes this as a chance to do some vigilante stuff.
      this scene is happening as the hell date.

      • Klaus

        Could be. Then again, maybe not.

        • Chris Dangerfield

          Way to nail the jello to the wall Klaus. Love it. 😀

    • Keneu

      But then Flyboy would have almost no time to sleep, no?

  • Connor

    What exactly is going on with Mitch’s hair? Does he dye it dark blue or something? I’d always just figured it was black, but with the two of them so close together the difference between their hair can’t just be an effect of lighting.

    I’ve gone back and checked a few spots in the archives, and his hair is always slightly blue there, too. Didn’t even notice until now.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      I don’t have a sensible, in-universe answer – but out-of-universe I’ve always assumed that it’s another sly reference to Superman/Superboy.

      • Chris Dangerfield

        Conspiracy theory #23? Flyboy is actually Superboy, but suppressing his awesome strength………… hmmmmm. 😀

    • Klaus

      It is not just those two. Black haired people have always had different colored highligts in this comic. Look at these three, e.g.:

    • It’s a classic coloring convention in comics for black hair. As Saxon points out, It’s frequently done with Superman/Superboy:

      Blue is also Flyboy’s “color.” And I’ve always thought of him as kinda super… 😉

      • Klaus

        And green is Spooky’s color.

      • Chris Dangerfield

        Just to add… Pure black is VERY hard, if not almost impossible, to achieve in both the digital and phsyical (film print) world. Something about the technicalities. Often selecting pure “black” gets you something slightly purple or (as in this case) blue. I’ve known artists to work themselves to death for black and still have problems.

        Then, there are the problems with selecting black in your digital space (as Vero may do) only to have something much different appear in print, when the novels are physically made.

        Just sharing to say that this is a very very well known issue in the art/tv/film world and artists do their best, but there are often (read: always) variations between selected colors and LUT (look up tables) that match inks to the digital colors selected.

        I’ve known very talented art directors to go slightly insane over this issue. I give all my sympathies to Alex and Vero on their journey to print.

        Go team!

  • Thank you, Dave!

  • LimpBiskit

    A question begs – When I filled out the form for Kickstarter shipping, it only listed 4 packs of trading cards, I thought the $20 level included ALL the cards..? The Bonus cards are included in the confirmation letter but are not on the form. Are these not going to be included in my package? I’d like to have this clarified.

    • The 5th and special deck of NSFW trading cards that Alex made extra, and seperate, those you have to buy as an add-on if you want them.
      The NSFW cards wasn’t part of the kickstarter where we unlocked 36 cards (4*9 cards), but some Alex has done besides that. Only way to get the 5th set of cards is to buy them.

      • It’s explained in the email, update 113, we got from the kickstarter.
        You’ll have to buy that extra set for $5, but as a backer you’ll get it along with your purchased pledge package without extra shipping added.

        • LimpBiskit

          So what are the ‘bonus’ cards mentioned, then? Sounds like a bonus deck to me but oh well.

          • Uuh, have to admit I can’t answer that one. Not sure if it’s a glitch. I bought the add-on (the extra cards), so my survey reply came out differently.
            I’d go with what’s in your specific order description (the 4 decks), also since Alex said they needed to be bought as an add-on.

          • LimpBiskit

            Kind of disappointed, since that’s what its always shown on the Kickstarter listing, before anyone knew how many would even be printed. But looking at the date on that, this is a much smaller disappointment by scale.

      • LimpBiskit

        After waiting this long to get my stuff, I’m good on paying for anything else. Thanks for the reply, though.

    • The “Bonus Cards” are those that were unlocked as stretch goals during the campaign. If you look under the Stretch Goals heading on the main campaign page, you’ll see this line: “Here are the current BONUS REWARDS you can now receive in addition to the regular pledge rewards:” and those rewards include the cards in the POWERS, ROMANCE, FIRST TIME, and ORIGIN CARD packs (36 cards in all).

      For all the rewards that were unlocked during the campaign, please see this page:

      The 18+ CARD pack are not bonus cards or a bonus reward that was unlocked during the campaign. They are new merchandise that is costing me thousands of dollars of my own money to print. It is my hope that there will be some folks who will find them appealing.

      I hope that clears things up. Thank you, as always, for your generous backing. 🙂

      • LimpBiskit

        Thanks, that’s helpful 🙂
        Can’t afford it right now, but hopefully they’ll be around when I can.

  • Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday Dear Gryphon
    Happy Birthday to you

  • Sargon

    i have a feeling that’s fluke and this happened right on Kyle’s brithday.

  • sstogner1

    Happy Birthday Gryphonigirl. I bought my self a signed copy of volume one to celebrate

  • Jeldenil

    Am I the only one getting an ominous feeling about Diego? :S

    • >.> Well, maybe not anymore, now that you’ve mentioned it.
      I’ll go with knowing that Diego was stable, and hope that hasn’t changed. With my own theory that it technically could be a YP member on the phone, I’m now waiting to see what next page will bring.
      I really hope it IS Mitch’s dad now, and that it’s not bad news.

  • Klaus

    Happy Birthday Gryphonigirl Best wishes for the next year.

  • Michael

    … Fourth try’s the charm, eh?

  • Klaus

    This layout is very clever. It is not easy to fit one large and an odd number of small pictures on a page.

    • Kate G

      I love how the three smaller panels become the “building” on the far right. I love that about comics. You can force panels to become objects and create many scenes by forcing the viewer to look at the panels in many directions.

  • Right, that’s my Kickstarter survey done. 🙂 My only problem is that BackerKit doesn’t seem to have a way to tell it to use a different billing address on the debit card for buying add-ons. And my US bank cards are still registered to a US address (because US banks apparently can’t cope with the idea of people having a US account but no longer having a permanent US address…).

    • Howdy Jules!

      Please reach out to BackerKit directly using the Help link I showed in the video. I’m sure they’ve encountered this situation before. If you continue to run into roadblocks, though, please let me know and I’ll try to help figure something out. 🙂

  • bronakopdin

    Happy Happy Birthday Gryphongirl 🙂

    We are even blessed with a second kiss, so nice 😀
    I can totally relate to Cory though! I would be embarrassed, too >////<
    Even better that Mitch doesn't care ^^
    but that parental timing thing… surely unfortunate xD

    • You’re so sweet! Thanks for the good wishes.

  • TwilightDreamer

    Happy Birthday Gryphongirl 🙂

    *squeeee!!!!!* Yaaaayyy!! 😀 Is there a time/date by which preorders need to be made?
    Love this page as much as the last one 😀 this whole scene has been one of the best in the entire series 🙂

  • Nate

    I wonder… could it be Paul? Calling Mitch in to provide transport when they fetched Kyle from the mountains? I thought this story took place before the main one, but I don’t know how long….

    It does look like Mitch is getting good at this kissing thing. 😉

    (Oh, and Happy Birthday, Gryphongirl <3 )

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Kissing… well never really enough practice, but still practice makes perfect. 🙂

    • Thank you, Nate!

  • Melinda M

    So many people with ominous, scurry predictions. I hope it’s just Mitch’s dad. *sits in the corner*

  • Cman65

    I can rember the second man I kissed, I 16 he was 21 he told me for a guy who had not done much I was very good

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Well, honestly, it doesn’t get better than that. A kiss AND a good review. Nice.

  • Pikinanou

    I bet his dad wants to know how Diego is doing 🙂 Great page, I love it! (like I always do 😛 )

  • Toli Bera

    Just a thought: For flying through the brainado that Cory kicked up… Mitch looks surprisingly healthy.

    is this Mitch getting the call about Kyle being in Anni’s warehouse?

    • Klaus

      A change of clothes has done wonders for his look.

    • Jason Wexler

      That was my thought as well.

    • ChibE

      Oooh, I make that connection. Now I’m even more excited to see the next page.

    • Tyler Griffin

      That never even crossed my mind, but that would definitely be INTERESTING. Would also explain why Mitch was so easily distracted while carrying the car…

      • Toli Bera

        Shock+Make out interruptions. the worst

  • Dennis Grace

    Biggest drawback of cell phones: being cock-blocked by Dad.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      It’s a special Dad skill. Sorta psychic and sorta practical and only missed when Dad is not long with you……… so enjoy it while you can. LOL.

  • Fabulous Alien

    I’m so loving all the kissing, but then that phone call… Ugh!

    • Chris Dangerfield

      I swear that no one will call me for hours, until either my arms are full of groceries, or I’m speaking with someone else on the phone… it’s infuriating. Blarg!

  • JozefAL

    You mean that Mitch doesn’t have special ringtones for different callers?

    • He does not. In fact, this was the only ringtone he thought was OK. 🙂

      • Chris Dangerfield

        One does not assign “Betcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me.” to one’s father as a ringtone. (Word to the wise). 😀

        • Biippa

          Is it bad that I want to do that now just to have my dad call me at work and be like “oh yeah, that’s my dad” ?

          I made the mistake of having Markiplier shouting “I’M KING OF THE SQUIRRELS” as my text tone and forgetting the ringer was all the way up a few days ago. Someone texted me while I was taking a customer’s order and the first thing their son said was “man I wanna bang Markiplier” and his dad said “don’t we all?” It was… Probably the best day ever in the history of Wendy’s.

        • Klaus

          One of my colleagues has, or used to have, a ringtone with an alarm siren and a voice saying “It’s the wife! It’s the wife!”.

        • Don’t cha? 😉

        • Tyler Griffin

          My best friend has me set with “They’re coming to take me away haha. They’re coming to take me away hehe, ho ho, haha! To the funny Farm!”

      • A lot of phones come with some pretty crappy pre-set ringtones

  • im so happy that their happy

  • Thank you!

  • Klaus

    Wallpaper, stained glass window, etc.

    • Chris Dangerfield


  • Klaus


  • That’s awesome! Congrats to them!

  • Shinashi

    Congrats to them! Yaaaaay!

  • Shinashi

    Ooo, pretty spicy!

  • Yay! Congratulations to them! 🙂

  • Shiny Gwilly

    aw, look at Mitch acting all cool and shit cuz he gets to kiss Cory again (and as many times as he wants probably)
    i would be the same if i got the chance dkfjgd
    i’m sure this story/part of the story is coming to a close soon, so we’ll just see who’s calling…

  • TwoWayStar

    Aww congratulations to them!!! nice feelings all around!!

  • Chris Dangerfield

    You know, it’s true. It’s an amazing revelation, when you are gay, to discover that you can kiss the person you LIKE as many times as you want (remember you’ve waited YEARS for this moment) and they are (probably) going to be more than okay with that… until their lips get sore. HA!

    Kissing and hand-holding are the absolute best. 🙂

  • Chris Dangerfield

    Oh such giant congratulations. May they be as happy as we’ve been. Even if the couple isn’t religious (we’re not), it’s still a very special moment just to realize someone is willing to grow old and happy with you.

    Please give them our very best wishes!

    Edit: Like this page… it all starts with a kiss. 😀

  • Kat

    Is it weird that I wondered if he’s brushed his teeth lately? Yes, random thought. I don’t normally comment, but I have been reading this since it started.

    • Klaus

      No. it is not wierd. <who knows what he has been eating? His teeth may be in a bad shape.

      • Chris Dangerfield

        Nawwwww… super teeth, always white and minty fresh!

  • Jason Moon

    Alex, have you considered selling the trade paperback with a digital copy of the PDF/kindle version of vol.1?

    “Fly me to the moon…”

    • I’ll be releasing a Kindle version of TYP Vol. One in the Spring after the Kickstarter backers have been sent their books. But right now, I’m just focused on the physical book. 🙂

  • ChibE

    Congratulations to them both!

  • ChibE

    The two of them are adorable together. I hope this isn’t the hospital saying something is wrong with his brother.

  • Congratulation to your brother and his partner!

  • Keneu

    I love Mitch’s expressions in this page – the character acting is always great, but to me, Flyboy really stands out here. 🙂

  • Jojolightningfingers

    Ahaha, yes, the ever-present cockblocking phone call 😀 I love it

  • Darkflame173

    They are so adorable I feel the need to punch a wall or something…

  • Pinkfeiry

    oh come on!

  • Klaus

    Maybe it is someone who wants to sell something.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Maybe it’s the crack marketing team from Ashley Madison . com missing their target audience by just a teensy tiny bit. 😀

  • Chris Dangerfield


  • Chris Dangerfield

    By the way, oh resident Time Lord (and I’m looking at you Klaus), so as we near our return to armageddon, how long ago in TYP TIME has it been since the hell date? Was that still… LAST NIGHT.

    Honestly, I need to get back on track here. Thank you kindly.

    • Well, not Klaus here, but since I’m a fellow Dane I decided that I’d do as well (also since I was suspected of being the 12th doctor before the real one was revealed xD)..

      We left off, at main comic, at the day after the most evil first date, as you remembered. Less than a full day after we wanted to chase Duncan with a pitchfork (and still do btw).

      • Chris Dangerfield

        Thank you. I’ve given Klaus the day off for the holidays. He’ll be returning to TIME LORD duties shortly. Thank you all.

        I know he’s knocked out, but if I’m Kyle… I’m still cranky!

  • Kate G

    Is it camping time? If it is, is anyone interested in babysitting a 34 pound, black, white and tan, almost 12 year old Decker Rat Terrier for a day that’s a cancer survivor? She’s on a limited fridge-only diet but enjoys short walks (so walkable weather is a must about now), lots of cuddles, demands to sleep with you at night with her blankey (comes with blankey) and her limited ingredient treats (she’ll come with those; you must purchase the food.)


    P.S. In all honesty, I would never send her to anyone, not even for a day as I worry about her like crazy, but sometimes I just have to vent it all out. She’s suffering from cabin fever and I’ve had it up to here. I’ve got to find some boredom busters for her because it’s too cold for walks for her.

  • Journey Saintel

    Ready for my second camp! (What an amazing comic & a welcoming community!)

  • Journey Saintel

    Ready for my second camp! (What an amazing comic & a welcoming community!)

    • Heyla, good to have you! Have some digital brownies.

      • Journey Saintel

        Thank you!

    • Pietro7

      I brought hot cocoa – does anyone have marshmallows?

      • Kate G

        I have soft peppermint puffs?

        • Pietro7

          Peppermint puffs are good in cocoa! Thanks muchly.

          • Kate G

            I love peppermint puffs. I eat them by the handful. I went to the barn last week and my horse thought I had candy canes on me. NOPE, it’s just me and the peppermint puffs! They’re addicting!

  • Kate G

    Camping time….and I still have a dog suffering from cabin fever. To those who say cabin fever doesn’t exist….I beg to differ. I have Exhibit A right at my feet. It. Exists.

  • Well again, mein fiends! It has been a while. How goes?

    • DONALD!!! How are you?

      • I’m viable. 🙂 Thank you for asking, ma chere Admiral. My health, it’s up and down. I look forward to when I can spend time with the gang.

        • And we look forward to when you can spend time with us once more, dear sir!

    • Kate G


      • Thanks Kate, you gave me a big smile!

        • Kate G

          It’s been a while. How have you been?

          • Functioning within acceptable perimeters, thank you. Nice to be back!

          • Kate G

            Always a good thing to be functioning within at least acceptable limits. It’s when you wake up and you’re running on empty that it sucks. Or when you feel like the Tin Man and need some oil in your joints. LOL.

          • Both of those apply to me more often than not.

          • Kate G

            Oh, I know, me too. I have lupus so it’s like, “Wake up, wake up, wake up…no energy I’ll back to sleep.” *tosses over* *goes back to sleep* Or, “Wake up, wake up, wake up, I promise you won’t hurt as much if you get you’re medicine.” *walks very slowly down the stairs* DOES NOT FEEL BETTER upon taking medicine as it’s the wrong time of day for medicine. *Grabs ice pack* *moans*

          • I empathize with your plight, Kate. I appreciate your taking some of your “feel better” time to respond to me. It means a lot to me, thank you.

          • Kate G

            I am always here to empathize and whine with you, Donald. I’m always available to get your ass off the floor and moving too. Just don’t ask me to give you an emotional pick-me-up tomorrow as I had an intense horse lesson and I don’t have a massage tomorrow so I know I’ll be flat on my back whining for someone to rub my legs. Now, if you want to whine with me about aching legs and sore backs, you can come join me. 😀

          • Misery loves company, ke’chara. Move over and I’m happy to invent new obscene metaphors to describe pain with you.

          • *squee!*

            *grabs Donald and doesn’t let him go*

          • URK! Good grip…Doki! 😉

          • You used ke’chara. This made Doki very very happy.

          • Would you like to be my ke’chara, Doki?

          • *blushes*

          • Kate G

            HEY! *moves for Donald* Okay, fine. We’ll share him. Scooch over. *shoves Doki over to end of couch* Donald goes in the middle. Now, pick a movie. Anyone up for Chuck Jones’ version of the Grinch?

          • ….There is only Chuck Jones’ Grinch.

          • Kate G

            Ah, but you forget the live action version with Jim Carrey. Not as good as the cartoon, but it has its spot in the line up.

          • Doesn’t. Exist.

            Not in Doki’s world.

          • Kate G

            Ha ha. Obscene metaphors. I’d like to get obscene with you. 😉

          • As Uncle George says, “Oh, MYYY….”

          • Kate G


    • Nice to see you back, Donald.

      • Thank you, Danish. I’m not sure if anyone might take this seriously, but I truly miss when I can’t spend time with my TYP friends.

    • You’re back! Yay!

      • DOKI!!! <3 GLOMP!!! <3

        • *glomps back* It is good to see you back! You have been greatly missed hun!

  • davefragments

    I’ll be back in less than an hour.
    I gotta wrap gifts after shopping.

  • Kate G

    Ah, the joy of a quiet house. <-has kicked her dog to her father's room

    What's a family Christmas tradition in your house (for those celebrating Christmas)?

  • Chris Dangerfield

    OMG… here it is 6pm and counting… and no new page yet.

    Clearly Team-Woolfson is slacking terribly. Well, I can’t promise what’s going to happen now. Armageddon, catastrophe, chaos, rain of frogs, cats and dogs becoming friends… Laampros may feel a bit overshadowed, so to speak.

    I mean, it’s obviously END OF DAYS.

    I’ll check back in a few minutes to see if the world still exists. 😀

    • Nate

      “Dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!”

      • Chris Dangerfield

        I love that you understand! 😀

    • Kate G

      Well, it’s only 9 here. I think the last one posted around 10:30 PM CST.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Oh Chris. Your transparent attempt to goad Alex into posting early won’t work, you know.

      • Chris Dangerfield

        So true. Well, can’t blame a guy for trying. Right?

  • Nate

    Can’t camp tonight. Had to do some late work at the office, and I’m fried. Still hoping for more Cute™.

    • Kate G


      I love your icon. It’s adorable. 🙂

      • Nate

        Thanks. I like adorable. 🙂

  • davefragments

    I can’t take politics anymore today. It’s sunk into the gutter.
    I can’t watch police programs at Christmas because killings and all that Harsh my mellow.
    So I’ll put on ANT MAN and half watch it again tonight.
    And Camp.

    • Kate G

      There’s a debate tonight? *blinks*
      I’m on the Internet and listening to….what is it that I’m listening to? Some garbage on The U. I should turn on the ID channel to be honest.

      • davefragments

        No, just news stories. I can’t take it anymore. IT’s like they want to spoil my Christmas spirit.

        • Kate G

          Ah, the news. Always a cheer sucker. The family Christmas spirit has been watching murder shows centering around Christmastime on the Investigation Discovery (ID) Channel. This year, we’re tired of the Christmas movies…except the ones we must absolutely watch like The Grinch (Chuck Jones version), The Nutcracker (I YT one or see it in person every year), A Christmas Carol (one of the hundreds of versions) and the Charlie Brown version. LOL. Oh, and Home Alone!

          • davefragments

            I could take the Nutcracker because I like the music and the dancing is interesting (I’m not a ballet man)…
            But this daily scream festival of politics in the gutter is ridiculous.

          • Kate G

            Oh, I know. It’s because of the election year. Ugh.

            I don’t remember much of my ballet, but I just love watching it. The Nutcracker is my favorite because I performed in it as a kid. I can watch it about 100 times and not tire of it. There are so many versions of it someone is bound to find their favorite. Most people love the 1993 Balanchine version where Macauley Caulkin is the Nutcracker and I love that version too, but the Bolshoi from 1989 is a favorite of mine. (Both are on YT but the Balanchine has two parts cut from it.) I haven’t watched the Mariinsky version yet. I watched a Russian ballet Classique version and that version was BAAAAAAD. Some of the dancers didn’t know their parts fully and all of the ballerinas just land loudly on their feet which just makes for horrible watching. Pointe shoes do make noise when a ballerina lands, but a ballerina is supposed to be light enough so they don’t ECHO. Oh, that was such a bad version. I winced all the way through it. So bad. SOOOOOOO BAD!

          • davefragments

            I’m a guy that can’t dance. You have better insights.

          • Michael

            I’m a guy that can’t dance alone. Partnered dancing FTW.

          • Kate G

            Bah, I used to be able to dance. I haven’t danced in a LOOOOONG WHILE. We’re talking….since I was 8.

    • Ant Man is good to taking the mind off things.

      • davefragments

        A lot more Michael Douglas than I thought it would have.

        • They did a great job making him look young in the beginning.

          • davefragments

            That surprised me. It’s a good makeup job.

          • Me too. Of course I also enjoyed Paul Rudd shirtless. 😀

          • davefragments

            He is cute. I like the “dog” at the end of the movie.

          • Ha! Yes. The daughter was pretty awesome loving all the weirdness.

          • davefragments

            I laughed out loud at the Thomas the Tank Engine…

          • The whole scene in the daughter’s room was equivalent, in my opinion, to Hulk smashing Loki in the first avengers.

          • davefragments

            Yes. Little girl pink and dollies are always a fun backdrop for fights. Cognitive dissonance.

  • davefragments

    I discovered a book in the bookstore of very wrong answers to exam questions:

    Q: John’s net pay is $150 and his deductions are $28. What is his gross pay?
    A: The money he spends on porn magazines

    Q: What is a mandatory deduction from John’s pay?
    A: Beer

    Q: State one voluntary deduction that John may or may not pay?
    A: Tax

  • davefragments

    Patreon is rumbling…

    • Saxon_Brenton

      [snerk] Well, that confirms *that* particular question of continuity, doesn’t it?

  • Michael

    AAAAAAA I forgot about camping! Hope I’m not too late, but the page is already up on Patreon, so I think maybe I am.

    • Kate G

      Nope, not on here. Curses me for no patreon. I want to seeeeeeeeeeeee.

      • Michael

        Is good. Is Don.

        If you were Australian of or above a certain age, you would be laughing right now.

        • Kate G

          It always pops up here on the Net when I’m in the middle of a comment too. Never fails.

  • Kate G
  • Journey Saintel

    Whoa! I almost fell asleep, there. (Better grab a S’more.)

  • Bifrons